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Do the Maths 2020; SEN Transport; Hidden Value: the role and future of maintained nursery schools. BNN Bloomberg's closing bell update: October 21, 2020 top article. The unprecedented control measures including suspension of all urban transportation have apparently been successful in preventing further spreading of SARS-CoV-2 to other cities. It's so deadly you need a test to find out whether you have it. If you want to live, either: go back to school, get a job in a supermarket or join the Police. See more of Cities XL on Facebook Eae filhao so no compiuter. Cities XL Keygen For PC Download Current Status – Checked daily.

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Watch Live TV Channels Online Free Sports TV And News TV. COVID-19 cases and six new deaths. As of March 21, 2020, several cities around the world have locked down in addition to Wuhan. Asia Today: Sri Lanka to strictly enforce virus regulations this hyperlink. Fibre broadband, digital TV, landline phone and mobile services from Virgin Media. Dr. Deena Hinshaw, Alberta's chief medical officer of health, repeated in a tweet an earlier message that the.

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Still under quarantine and looking for stuff to watch? Let me suggest some matches/shows for ya.

Hey there Squared Circle, I'm just a random nobody who really likes pro wrestling. We're all dealing with this corona virus and most of us are still stuck inside. If not also dealing with other issues. Lots of people are looking to kill time with professional wrestling, but sometimes you just don't know what to watch. Maybe you want something new, but don't know where to start. Considering how much wrestling we have access to in 2020, it can be a daunting task. With that said, I'd like to recommend some personal favorites that I would check out if you have the time. For some of these, I won't have exact dates, but I'll do my best to give show titles, episode numbers, or dates if I can.
Fair warning, I'll be trying to cover some lesser known stuff, in addition to things that are widely known and talked about. I will also be talking about a few streaming services outside of the Network, so some of these will be behind a paywall.
With that said, let's do this.
  • Minoru Suzuki vs Josh Barnett(Game Changer Wrestling: Bloodsport)
Some of you might know this, but regardless, it's worth a watch. Game Changer Wrestling during last year's Mania weekend booked the second "Bloodsport" event, which is a worked shoot style show. Lots of grappling, strikes, and hard hitting affairs. This one was capped off by Suzuki vs Barnett, in a match that truly captivated the audience and tore the house down.
  • Samoa Joe vs Necro Butcher(IWA: Mid South Something to Prove):
Another match that people probably have heard of, but I definitely can't talk about it enough. Slight backstory, Joe was hot at Necro for how he treated the ROH students at CHIKARA's Tag World event in 2005. Necro and Man Man Pondo absolutely beat the snot out of Matt Turner and Anthony Franco. These two men met at the ECW arena in 2005 and it was an absolute war.
  • Terry Gordy vs Raven( ECW Hardcore TV): This comes from 1996, it's on an episode of Hardcore TV. I believe it's in the 70's and it's a match that I had on a random best of ECW tape I got at one of their houseshows. Gordy takes Raven on a tour of the ECW arena and beats him from pillar to post, it's nothing amazing, but it's still a fun little match and it has post match stuff that really kicks off the Raven/Sandman angle involving Sandman's son.
  • Chris Jericho vs 2 Cold Scorpio vs Pitbull #2 vs Shane Douglas(ECW Hardcore TV): This also comes from an episode of ECW TV, but it's also on the Bloodsport DVD that came out like a decade or so ago. It's a fantastic four corners match for the ECW television title. It gets a bit much at the end, but it's still a great match that sees a little bit of everything. It's right before of right after the episode that features Gordy/Raven.
  • Super Dragon/Excalibur vs El Generico/Kevin Steen(Combat Zone Wrestling's Cage of Death 6)
This was at CZW's annual Cage of Death show, which as a whole, was a pretty solid show and something I'd recommend. It's available on CZWstudios as well as on Highspots streaming service. This was my first real introduction to all 4 men here. Coming off the heels of two four ways a few shows earlier, one featuring four southern California guys and the other featuring four Canadian guys. These guys set out to tear the house down and they succeeded.
  • Nick Gage vs Rickey Shane Page(Game Changer Wrestling's Run Rickey Run): It may not have the impact without watching the angle that leads to this. But, to give a brief run down. RSP attacks Gage at the Nick Gage Invitational deathmatch tournament and steals the GCW title, which Gage had held for well over a year at that point. RSP would parade around with the title and taunt Gage, taking the belt all over the world, which Gage couldn't because of his felony bank robbing charge. Gage would be dethroned by AJ Gray in Nashville after interference by RSP's Ohio goons. RSP would cash in a title match immediately after the fact and become the official GCW champion.
Beatdowns, hiding behind goons, sneak attacks, and more would bring us to this event. In Atlantic city, in front of a rabid crowd that wanted to see Page get his ass kicked and Gage reclaiming his title, these two had one of the best matches I've ever seen live. It's a deathmatch and it does have tons of over booking, but it works and it's one of the best matches of 2020, although there isn't much on that list all things considered. Available on FITE and the whole show is worth it, definitely worth checking out.
  • Chris Dickinson vs Jordan Oliver(GCW's Halloween Frightfest): Last year, for Halloween, GCW went to the Voltage Lounge in Philly and had a fun show, which is the norm for them at this point. One of the matches on the show was Chris Dickinson vs Jordan Oliver. Prior to the match, Dickinson played a promo on his phone that was not audible at all. But it was clear, Oliver had disrespected Dickinson and other's who paved the way for the 20 year old kid to be where he was. From the opening bell, Dickinson absolutely mauls Oliver. Oliver managing barley to get in offense here and there, but he is ultimately made to be Dickinson's bitch and it's wonderful.
  • Yoshiaki Yago vs Necro Butcher(CHIKARA Tag World Grand Prix 2006, Night Three)
I didn't know about Yago prior to watching these sets of shows, but he's kinda like Suzuki. Just a mean son of a bitch who hits hard. So, on Night Three, you take a man who can absorb pain and dish out punishment in Necro and put him up against a man who hits hard and just wants to murder people. It's not as brutal as Joe/Necro, but it's still a hard hitting affair that's short to boot, which makes it an easy watch.
  • Samoan Swat Team/Fabulous Freebirds vs Road Warriors/Midnight Express/Steve Williams(War Games, Great American Bash 89)
When people think of the War Games as a match type, they probably think of the modern NXT ones, the original ones with Dusty and friends vs the Horsemen, the amazing 92 one, and probably the NWO vs WCW ones. Not saying this one doesn't get any love, but it's a really great match. A plethora of great workers, inside one of the most brutal match types, what's not to love?
  • WWF Superstars(1993): This one is cheating a bit, as it's full shows and a selection of shows, not just one singular show. But, I'm currently watching them myself, The Network has about a year's worth of Superstars from the early 90's. Starting with somewhere in 92 and bleeding into 93, right around Mania 9.
I started at the beginning of 93, after watching most of the 92 ones earlier. It's 90's WWF, squash matches, wacky characters, neon. Nothing ground breaking, but it's still fun. Each show breezes by and the hour doesn't seem like an hour at all. You get some squashes by guys like Yokozuna, Mr. Perfect, Bam Bam, Razor, Steiners, and other noteworthy talent. But, you also get squashes from some of the characters like Repo Man, Kamala, Doink, and Damian Demento. Plus, you get awesome promos by Bob Backlund, really good stuff... Also, you get some strong angles between Crush and Doink and Yoko/Jim Duggan. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but it's enjoyable to me.
  • 20 Man X Division Gauntlet for the Gold(NWA-TNA Victory Road 2004)
The opening bout to the very first 3 hour TNA PPV, a fast paced 20 man gauntlet for the gold. Which, if you've never seen one, is basically a Royal Rumble until it gets to the last 2 people, which then turns into a one on one match. You get a handful of TNA regulars, Amazing Red, Michael Shane, Kazarian, Sabin, and others. But there's a nice array of freelance talent, like Matt Sydal, Jason Cross, LA Parka(or LA Park, it's one of em), and others.
*Taka Michinoku/Dick Togo/Terry Boy vs Gran Hamada/Great Sasuke/Masato Yakushiji
If you know about ECW, you probably know about the Michinoku Pro Six man tag at Barely Legal. Prior to that, they ran a preview match between similar teams. I've only seen it once admittedly, so I can't really talk about it's quality. I do recall it dragging a bit towards the end. But, it's worth talking about as it's a decent counter part to the Barely Legal six man.
  • F.I.S.T vs the Briscoe Brothers(CHIKARA's Maximum Overdraft event)
At this time, Gran Akuma and Icarus were the CHIKARA tag team champions and we got a bit of a dream match, at least for CHIKARA fans. As they would step into the ring with Mark and Jay, who were obviously bigger names than them. So this was a chance for F.I.S.T to prove themselves and really stake claim as one of the best tag teams on the indies.
  • Amazing Red vs Jose Maximo vs Joel Maximo vs Chris Devine vs Quiet Storm vs Brian XL( Ring of Honor Era of Honor Begins)
The very first ROH show. The triple threat main event is the standout of this shows, Bryan Danielson/Low-Ki/Christopher Daniels tore the roof off the joint and truly ushered in an a new era of pro wrestling. But on the undercard, these six man had a fast paced scramble. These six would have several matches across the indies at the time, all were revolutionary and exciting, at least to me. But, I wanted to include at least one ROH match on the list.
  • Megumi Kudo vs Combat Toyoda(No Rope Exploding Barbwire Deathmatch, FMW)
Not sure on the date, but I remember having this on an FMW tape back in the day. One of the most memorable matches of the promotion. This is Toyoda's retirement match and they didn't cut any corners, going all out here.
Other than that, I'd like to list a fantastic youtube channel in
  • Indieuploader:
This guy has uploaded a nice array of FMW, W*ING, and IWA Japan shows, as well as some other stuff here and there. It's a great look into the 90's era of hardcore wrestling from Japan. You get guys like Hayabusa, Mr. Pogo, Masato Tanaka, Leatherface, and many others from that time frame.
And finally, I've pimped this out a lot ,but I can't stress how good of a service it is for indie wrestling.
  • Independentwrestling.TV: This service is fantastic, 10 bucks a month gets you a wide array of indie wrestling and more from the past 20 years. Before the shutdown, they were streaming shows from various promotions live, which was a plus. They have CHIKARA, a selection of GCW, CZW(Although I'd suggest Highspots or CZWstudios, as they have more of a library from them. Also Highspots for IWA:MS from around the mid 2000's, which was a strong time for them), Beyond Wrestling, Black Label Pro, and many others. Recently striking a deal with Senda Girls and they are streaming older events daily. Upcoming is a large collection of tournaments, including the Ted Petty Invitational 2004 one of the highly regarded indie tournaments and CHIKARA's tag world 2005. Fantastic service that always has something new to watch.
Thank you for reading and I hope if you checked out anything I recommended here, you enjoyed it.
submitted by Crissxfire to SquaredCircle

2020 Pre-Season Predictions

In 2020 the world will see construction of 178 roller coasters according to the roller coaster database. This seems to be a year where we are getting quality over quantity as many people in the roller coaster community predict that 2020 will be the best year for coasters. In this report I will talk about my thoughts of the 2020 coaster year with it’s new coasters, to be removed coasters, acquisitions and ratings. Let's predict 2020.
As of now we know 178 coasters are planned to open in 2020. Here I will talk about 32 of them ranking from best to worst.
  1. Noisette Express, a ART Engineering Gmbh Family Coaster Going to Nigoland with probably the simplest layout for a family Coaster with a turn and helix.
  2. Kersplash, a E&F Miler Industries Water Coaster going to Edaville Family Theme Park, that is a mobius loop coaster with a unique first drop and splash down
  3. Primordial, a ART Engineering Gmbh Shooting Indoor Coaster going to Lagoon Amusement Park, a version of Wonder Mountain Guardian but in Utah and with a different theme
  4. Storm Chaser, a Mack Rides Gmbh & Co KG Spinning Coaster, going to Paultons Park, this is a clone of Sierra Sidewinder at Knotts Berry Farm
  5. Unknown, a Mack Rides Gmbh & Co KG Spinning Coaster, going to Enchanted Kingdom, The Coaster’s layout is Unknown but is similar to the twist layout that some Mack Rides Spinning Coasters have
  6. Objectif Mars, a Intamin Amusement Rides Spinning Coaster, going to Futuroscope, it winds around its own station, theme building and queue line with a tire launch and vertical drop track
  7. Ice Breaker, a Premier Rides Sky Rocket going to SeaWorld Orlando, that has a Beyond Vertical Back Spike, Top Hat, Jr Immelmann and a few Hills and a quad LIM Launch
  8. Vipere, a Intamin Amusement Rides 32 meter Zacspin going to La Ronde, this is Six Flags’ attempt to take a second attempt to have a coaster not be affected by California Law
  9. Unknown a Beijing Shibolai Amusement Equipment Flying Coaster going to Fuhua Amusement Park, A Chinese version of the Zamperla Flying Coaster*
  10. Aquaman: Power Wave is a Mack Rides Gmbh & Co KG Powersplash 217m going to Six Flags Over Texas, a smaller version of Pulsar at Walibi Holland
  11. Vertika is a Gerstlauer Amusement Rides Gmbh Custom Euro-Fighter going to La Recre des 3 Cures, A bigger version of the standard Euro-Fighter
  12. Unknown is a Gerstlauer Amusement Rides Gmbh Infinity Coaster going to Powerland, which is basically a small scale version of Karnan at Hansa Park
  13. Hals-Uber-Kopf is a Vekoma Suspended Thrill Coaster going to Erlebnispark Tripsdrill, which is a Suspended Family Coaster but, with inversions
  14. Mission Ferrari is a Dynamic Attractions SFX Coaster going to Ferrari World Abu Dubai, a more thrilling version of Objectif Mars
  15. Unknown is a Vekoma Top Gun Launch Coaster going to Fantawild looking like*
  16. Unknown is a Vekoma Energy Storm going to Fantawild looking like*
  17. Unknown is a Vekoma FireStorm going to Vinpearl Land which looks like large version of 18 & 19
  18. Twin Dragons is a Beijing Shibolai Amusement Equipment Dueling Dragons going to Oriental Neverland-Coldplay Kingdom, it is a version of Intamin’s Dueling Dragons*
  19. Unknown is a Intamin Amusement Rides 10 Inversion Coaster (Rev.B) going to Flamingo Land which is a 10 Inversion Coaster but with a different drop and cable lift
  20. Texas Stingray is a Great Coasters International Incorporated Wooden Coaster operating at Seaworld San Antonio which is a standard compact GCI Woodie
  21. Unknown is a Mack Rides Gmbh & Co KG Blue-Fire Multi-Launch going to Dreamworld, a Mack Rides Blue Fire Clone with a spinning back car because, Australia
  22. Launch Coaster is a S&S Sansei Technologies Air Launch Coaster Sun Tzu Cultural Park is a Two-Lap Air Launch Coaster*
  23. Leviathan is a Martin & Vleminelix and Gravity Group LLC going to Sea World which is a triple lap layout with a backwards facing back car because, again, Australia
  24. Emperor is a Bolliger & Mabillard Dive Coaster going to SeaWorld San Diego, a small scale B&M Dive Coaster
  25. Jersey Devil Coaster is a Rocky Mountain Construction Raptor Coaster going to Six Flags Great Adventure which its layout looks one of a Prototype Raptor but as a Double Out & Back
  26. Abyssus is a Vekoma Shockwave going to Energylandia, with vekoma’s largest layout yet and a a twisterish layout
  27. F.L.Y.is a Vekoma 3rd Generation Flying Dutchman going to
  28. Unknown is a Bolliger & Mabillard Hypercoaster going to Hot Go Dreamworld that is a small version of Shambhala*
  29. Iron Gwazi is a Rocky Mountain Construction Ibox Coaster going to Busch Gardens tampa which is a hyper coaster with a twister layout
  30. Candymonium is a B&M Hyper going to Hersheypark being a coaster with an extended out and back Layout and might be the 2nd best coaster in Pennsylvania behind Phantom’s Revenge
  31. Orion is a B&M Giga Coaster going to Kings Island being an 8 hill out and back layout
  32. Pantheon is a Intamin Multi launch coming to Busch Gardens pantheon with an emphasis on being classified as all-around
*These Coasters Might be Delay due to the CoronaVirus/COVID 19
Dishonorable Mention: Coast Rider because of the awful leg bars
  1. Incredi Coaster is located at California’s Adventure and is one of disney's most disliked coaster due to its poor attempt at a wooden coaster. Disney can replace this with a Family Friendly Mack Rides Multi-Launch
  2. Cedar Creek Mine Ride is located a Cedar Point is a Mine Train but is overshadowed by Gemini and Steel Vengeance at the same park in which Cedar Creek Mine Ride could be replaced with a more modern Zierer, Mack Rides, Zamperla or Bolliger & Mabillard Family Coaster
  3. Goliath is located at Six Flags New England is in a technical nutshell, breakdown the ride. The coaster is always shut down or open once a week due to technical difficulties with the trains which makes the ride uncomfortable (the trains) but, with the Premier Rides HQ nearby (5.25 hours away) it does not seem too likely.
  4. Sea Serpent is located at Morey’s Piers is the first Vekoma Boomerang of 30 in the US and is known as one of the worst boomerangs in the US and has the original Trains with hard over the shoulder restraints but because of the opening of Runaway Tram at the same park
  5. Colossus at Thorpe Park is an Intamin 10 Inversion Coaster Rev.A which is the same thing as the coaster going to flamingo land in the UK but with a slow chain lift, a wonky drop, rough ride and Hard over the shoulder restraints
  6. Superman: Escape From Krypton is and Intamin Reverse Freefall Coaster which a poor reputation because all other good hypers, gigas and stratos are better than it
  7. Ninja at Six Flags St Louis is an Arrow Dynamics and a Vekoma Looping coaster with an almost unfixable reputation due to it being a fusion of two different kinds of Coasters (a Vekoma MK-1200 and an Arrow Custom Looper) by two different companies (Arrow and Vekoma)
  8. Thunderhawk Bird of Prey is an S&S Sansei Technologies Wooden Coaster comparable to California Great America’s Grizzly. To Quote a Roller Coaster YouTuber “It was not designed to be a family coaster, but that is how it rides,”. A Rocky Mountain Construction Conversion would be a no brain considering the HQ is 5 hours from the park
  9. Kong is a Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in northern california is a SLC Notorious for its uncomfort and making riders either get beat up or ride defensively
  10. X Coaster is a Maurer Rides Gmbh SkyLoop XT 150 at Magic Springs and is considered the best Maurer Coaster in the USA but would fit in one sencernario.
This list is only for the Cedar Fair Chain as they have not acquired a park in 15 year and after their yearly profits increased 190 Million Dollars last year, this would be the perfect opportunity to buy a new dry park
  1. Lagoon in Farmington Utah. Lagoon could be a successful family park which is something cedar fair does not have. It also has a public draw for Cannibal the parks signature hyper coaster with a 116 degree drop and was 2015’s second most sought after coaster behind Fury 325.
  2. Silverwood in Athol Idaho. Silverwood is the largest park in the Pacific Northwest Region. According to the Triple Five Group, Silverwood is the most popular attraction in the state of Idaho. The only downside is the relatively low attendance
  3. Wonderland in Amarillo Texas. This park Can be related to the Schlitterbahn water parks in Texas. The park is small but, cedar fair can help it expand.
  4. Indiana Beach in Monticello Indiana. Earlier this year Apex announced that Indiana Beach would be closing. This investment could draw people away from Six flags Great America and would allow Michigan’s Adventure to be moved to a more accessible area. The only problem is it has a very close proximity to Cedar Point
  5. Mt Olympus in Dells Wisconsin. This is arguably the main park in the state of Wisconsin and with Cedar Fairs business model they could do well
Top 50 Steel Coasters:
Millennium Force, Cedar Point, 2000, Intamin Giga
Fury 325, Carowinds, 2015, B&M Hyper(Giga)
Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point, 2018, RMC I-Box Hybrid
Superman: The Ride, Six Flags New England, 2000, Intamin Mega
Expedition GeForce, Holiday Park (Germany), 2001, Intamin Mega
Iron Rattler, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, 2013, RMC Terrain I-Box Hybrid
Twisted Colossus, Six Flags Magic Mountain, 2015, RMC Mobius Loop I-Box Hybrid
Iron Gwazi, Busch Gardens Tampa, 2020, RMC I-Box Hybrid
Leviathan, Canada’s Wonderland, 2012, B&M Hyper(Giga)
Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure, 2001, B&M Hyper
Pantheon, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, 2020, Intamin Blitz
Orion, Kings Island, 2020, B&M Hyper(Giga)
Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion, 2009, Intamin Giga
Phantom’s Revenge, Kennywood, 1991-2000, Arrow & Morgan Terrain Hyper
Maverick, Cedar Point, 2007, Intamin Blitz
Diamondback, Kings Island, 2009, B&M Hyper
Mako, Seaworld Orlando, 2016, B&M Hyper
Nemesis, Alton Towers, 1994, B&M Invert
Taron, Phantasialand, 2016, Intamin Blitz
Magnum XL 200, Cedar Point, 1989, Arrow Dynamic Hyper
Helix, Liseberg, 2014, Mack Rides Launch Coaster
Steel Dragon 2000, Nagashima Spa Land, 2000, Morgan Giga
Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point, 2003, Intamin Hydraulic Accelerator
Time Traveler, Silver Dollar City, 2018, Mack Rides Xtreme Spinner
Cannibal, Lagoon, 2015, ARTEngineering+Lagoon Coaster
X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain, 2002, Arrow Dynamics 4th Dimension
Jersey Devil Coaster, Six Flags Great Adventure, 2020, RMC Raptor
New Texas Giant, Six Flags Over Texas, 2011, RMC I-Box Hybrid
Skyrush, Hersheypark, 2012, Intamin Wing
Intimidator, Carowinds, 2009, B&M Hyper
Behemoth, Canada’s Wonderland, ----, B&M Hyper
Goliath, Six Flags Over Georgia, 2006, B&M Hyper
Montu, Busch Gardens Tampa, 1996, B&M Invert
Alpengeist, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, 1998, B&M Invert
Banshee, Kings Island, 2014, B&M Invert
Yukon Striker, Canada’s Wonderland, 2019, B&M Dive
TRON, Shanghai Disneyland, 2016 Vekoma Motorbike
Cheetah Hunt, Busch Gardens Tampa, 2011, Intamin Blitz
Twisted Timbers, Kings Dominion, 2018, RMC I-Box Hybrid
Eejanaika, Fuji-Q Highland, 2006, S&S Sansei 4th Dimension
Wicked Cyclone, Six Flags New England, 2015, RMC I-Box Hybrid
Kumba, Busch Gardens Tampa, 1993, B&M Sit-Down
Blue Fire, Europa-Park, 2009, Mack Rides Launch Coaster
Steel Curtain, Kennywood, 2019, S&S XXL El Loco (To put it bluntly)
Black Mamba, Phastasialand, 2006, B&M Invert
Whizzer, Six Flags Great America, 1976, Schwartzkopf Extended Jumbo Jet
Full Throttle, Six Flags Magic Mountain, 2013, Premier Rides Sky Rocket III
Raging Bull, Six Flags Great America, 1999, B&M Hyper
Lisebergbanan, Liseberg, 1987, Schwarzkopf Mine Train
Lightning Run, Kentucky Kingdom, 2014, Chance Morgan Hyper GTX
Top 50 Wood
Voyage, Holiday World (Indiana), 2006, Gravitykraft Corporation
El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure, 2006, Intamin
Phoenix, Knoebels, 1971, PTC
Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce, 2000, CCI
Beast, Kings Island, 1971, In-House
Ghostrider, Knott’s Berry Farm, 1998 & 2016, CCI+GCI
Lightning Rod, Dollywood, 2017, RMC Launched
Outlaw Run, Silver Dollar City, 2013, RMC
Ravine Flyer II, Waldameer, 2009, Gravitykraft Corporation
Mystic Timbers, Kings Island, 2017, GCI
Gold Striker, California’s Great America, 2014, GCI
Thunderhead, Dollywood, 2004, GCI
Colossus-Kampf Der Giganten, Heide Park Resort, 2001, Intamin
Lightning Racer, Hersheypark, 2001, GCI
Shivering Timbers, Michigan’s Adventure, 1998, CCI
WildFire, Kolmarden, 2018, RMC
Texas Stingray, Seaworld San Antonio, 2020, GCI
Giant Dipper, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, 1924, Authur Looff
Thunderbolt, Kennywood, 1924, Andy Vettel
Comet, Great Escape, 1994, PTC
Wood Coaster, Knight Valley, 2011, GCI
Raven, Holiday World (Indiana), 1995, CCI
T Express, Everland, 2008, Intamin
Wodan Timbur Coaster, Europa-Park, 2012, GCI
Renegade, Valleyfair, 2009, GCI
Troy, Toverland, 2007, GCI
Boss, Six Flags St Louis,
Goliath, Six Flags Great America, 2014, RMC
Cyclone, Luna Park (Brooklyn), 1927, Harry G. Traver
Prowler, Worlds Of Fun, 2009, GCI
Balder, Liseberg, 2003, Intamin
Boardwalk Bullet, Kemah Boardwalk, 2007, Gravitykraft Corporation
Coaster, Playland, 1958, Harry G Traver
Flying Turns, Kneobels, 2016, PTC
Rampage, Alabama Adventure, 1998, CCI
Cu Chullan, Tayto Park, 2015, Gravitykraft Corporation
Legend, Holiday World (Indiana), 2000, CCI
Hades 360, Mt Olympus, 2013, Gravitykraft Corporation
American Thunder, Six Flags St Louis, 2009, GCI
Blue Streak, Conneaut Lake, 1938, Edward A. Vettel
Racer, Kings Island, 1975, PTC
Wickerman, Alton Towers, 2018, GCI
Blue Streak, Cedar Point, 1964, PTC
Megafobia, Oakwood Theme Park, 1995, CCI
Rutschebanen, Tivoli Gardens, 1914, L.A. Thompson
White Lightnin, Fun Spot America, 2013, GCI
Leap-The-Dips, Lakemont Park, 1902, Edward Joe Morris
El Toro, Freizeitpark Plohn, 2009, GCI
Twister, Grona Lund, 2011, Gravitykraft Corporation
Switchback, ZDT’s Amusement Park, 2016, Gravitykraft Corporation
Refurbishments (For the decade):
-Millennium Force will celebrate its 20th birthday with a partalial re-track an more modern Intamin trains
-Superman: The Ride will get trains with new restraints and structurally rattleless
-Magnum XL-200 will get a full retrack by Chance Morgan
-Hydra the Revenge will get a partial Retrack
-Racer 75 will receive one of the first GCI steel track
-Thunderhawk will get a SLC train with vest restraints
-Shivering Timbers will get either a GCI or Gravity Group retrack and new trains
-American Eagle will be RMC-ed
-Boss will be RMC-ed but will have a layout similar to the one it has now
-Goliath (New England) will get new Vekoma Giant Inverted Boomerang Trains
-The Two Six Flags Mind Erasers will get new trains
-Scream! Will be relocated to Six Flags Over Texas
-Thunderbolt (New Englnad) will get a retrack and new PTC Trains with a seatbelt and buzz bars
-Whizzer will be torn down but be reconstructed as the exact same coaster but as a Zierer Custom Force Coaster
-Limit will be moved from Heide Park to Chessington World Of Adventure and will get new track and trains
-Colossus will be converted from a 10 Inversion Rev.A to a Rev.B
-Both the OCT Group and Fantawild will do major refurbishment on their parks to make a name for themselves when they open their gates in 2021
-Boulder Dash will get a Gravity Group full retrack and new trains
-Lucky luke will get new trains
-Racer (Kennywood) will get a RMC Conversion but keep its layout
-Wildcat (Lake Compounce will be RMCed
Keep in mind that these are all predictions of how these will occur or how they will rank. If you have a different opinion please share it. And Finally, I hope this is one of the best years for everyone going to an amusement park
All information was gathered from Amusement Today and RCDB
submitted by Helix_On_The_Hill to rollercoasters

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