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I feel defeated after my break up, I'm trying to improve myself but I can't seem to do it.

Hello Guys, Well, This is my very first post. I'm new here. I'm having problems with myself and I tried talking to relatives, I tried journaling and still do. I watch videos, but I feel nothing anymore. I've been trying hard to get my life back on track but I guess I'm still having problem with myself. So, I'm going to explain my situation for the past two years. (I'm only human, So please, I just need support at this point in my life.)

I am a 21 year old male, I weigh about 143.00 LBS, I'm 5'10, Slim but medium toned build, Copper colored skin, Brown eyes, full lips and a temper fade with twist. I feel lost in my life, and let me tell you why.

My relationship & life.
Well first of all, I just got out of a 2 year L.D.R. in February, She lives in Jersey city and I live in Maryland. We first met online back in 2013, When I was dating another girl who lived in another state when I was 14. Now, You guys are thinking 'What the hell were you doing in a LDR while you were 14? I would've been having fun at that time!' Well (Side story) , I got out of a really bad break up in my freshman year of high school from another girl that I dated. I was super depressed and I was looking to talk to anybody to get my mind off of this girl so I met this girl named Isys over facebook. We skyped, ooVoo, Blah, Blah, Blah but anyways, Isys friend, Who we will call 'Brittney'.

Brittney was one of here friends who was just in the background in our 'relationship'. She was a FaceBook friend of Isys and constantly used to hit me up. At first, I thought that she was annoying but again, She grew on me as time flew by. Anyways, A couple months down the road, Isys dumps me to pursue her modeling career and cut off every single of her so called 'Facebook' Friends off. I was slightly heartbroken and Brittney was upset because Isys had switched up on her too, Me and Brittney talked for a little bit after the breakup but after that, Contact ceased. 3 years later, I'm on Instagram one day and I get a message from Brittney, She was happy to talk to me and I was happy to hear from her. Now, In this point, I was living in west palm beach, florida while she was in jersey city, This was literally the last person who I EVER thought I'd fall HARD for. We started talking about Isys and how we used to have group conversations, Phone calls, ETC. We were talking every other night until the day I had got my phone stolen, Then, The contact ceased once more. Another 3 years pass by, So again, I forgot all about her. One day, I was on Instagram just scrolling until I seen a girl on my IG timeline, She was cute so, I hit her up on her line and asked her 'what was good'. She instantly responded quickly, We instantly started to talk about interesting shit. I told her to call me, She said sure and when she called me, Brittney name and number popped up. I was confused and it was Brittney, I was confused at first, and when I said " You have the same number as a friend (I stated the name) She automatically laughed and confessed it's her, She explained to me that she made a catfish page to stalk her ex at the time who cheated and broke up with her, At the time she told me she was 18 and I was 19 at the time.

We slowly just started to pick up where we left at, Everyday we were talking on the phone, Until the sun would rise. She used to call me to tell me good morning, I called her to see if she was alright. We talked so much, I started to understand her more and more, and the more I understood her, The more I realized I liked her. I slowly started falling for her until one day I told her how I felt, She was surprised because she felt the same exact way about me. I popped the question and she told me she would love to be my girlfriend, So we started dating on
08/29/17. I was super excited, everyday we would just talk non stop, everyday . In the very beginning of our relationship, She wasn't in school and she told me how she dropped out, She was living in Harlem at the time and how she didn't want to move back to jersey city to pursue her education because she didn't want to deal with the kind of kids in her school, etc. I supported her going back to high school and she did, I was legit happy for her and her going back to school. We were doing fine, But, Myself, I didn't have none of my G.E.D.'s at the moment, I wasn't working until November of 2017...I was a High school dropout, I didn't really have any ambition or goals at that particular time in my life. I was really focused on Brittney and our relationship, I wanted to strive but I got scared on how it would affect our relationship as a whole. So, I ended up working in target for a minute until they terminated me because they thought I had smoked a jay before work (Which I do on occasions, but this definitely wasn't one of those times) And I had to take a drug test, So I had failed but ended up getting a job at micky D's the same week. I was trying to study for my GED but I legit but I felt confused on how to balance my work, study and relationship on balance, But the more I focused on Brittney. I just ended up not even focusing on my GED during the half of our relationship. So anyways, Our relationship is going good. I trust her, She's going to school doing her thing and I'm trying to do mine. So, Everything is good up until the middle of march; One night I'm on Instagram and I see another page with her picture on it, So I instantly clicked on it, cause I was curious. The first thing I see is a picture of 2 people kissing heavy and under the picture the captions says 'Want <3', I instantly screenshot the Instagram page and confront her about it; she tells me that she made the page and 'Forgot' to tell me about it. I get upset because the way how my mind is set up; If were in a LDR, There can't be NO miscommunication, let alone, You had a instagram page that you made and never told me about it? Was I wrong to act out like that? Anyways, I feel some kind of way about it and I'm on the verge of breaking up with her because I automatically seen that as a red flag, I told her that 'We probably couldn't work out because that was a violation of trust, and she could've told me that'. As soon as I said that, She started to cry over the phone, I felt bad so I just told her not to do it again. She told me that she was sorry and that it wouldn't happen again, after that, We were 'Good' Again. I went to work, I tried to study and I talked to her. That's what my days consist of. We started talking about actually meeting each other for the first time, We weren't sure about how we would do it. If i'd come up to jersey or she come down here, We just didn't know how it would work. My Second eldest brother offered to use his place as a place to stay for both of us. I told her about it and she agreed, I offered to pay for her ticked 4 times but she declined and said she will pay for it. Our relationship was really good at this point (Or I thought it was at the time), But my life wasn't. I couldn't keep money in my bank account for shit, Knowing that she'd be coming down in june. I ended up leaving McDonald to work at Chipotle across the street, I was working another job. A couple of months pass by, She graduated from high school. I was happy but I was sad that I couldn't go to her graduation or prom because of work. I really thought I missed out on a big part of her life, But, I was still happy that after all these years we were meeting...Her birthday passes and so does mine (Both Gemini's) and the day that she comes down is here! I've been waiting for this day all year, I automatically pack up my clothes, I get paid that friday. Everything is going good, Until she calls me to tell me that she missed her bus from Newark to DC; I instantly get upset because we've been planning the trip since march, And on top of that, I knew she wasn't the type to be punctual. She tells me that she can get her ticket changed for Saturday, So we wait the next day. She fell asleep and missed the next bus, I got upset again. She said she can change her ticket ONE LAST TIME and that was for Monday, So, We headed for Monday.

Monday comes around, She calls me to tell me that she's on her way to Maryland. I was fucking ecstatic, My eldest brother picked me up after work and we rode all the way down to the silver spring greyhound station. Me, My brother and HIS girlfriend are all waiting for her. At the time, He really wasn't supposed to be driving, His headlights were fucked up, No insurance, Limited gas in his tank until I paid. She tells me that she in DC, The bus took her to DC... I just got so upset for some reason. I don't know what it was but I just started to punch the wooden gate because we all knew that getting her from DC was a risk, So, I told me other brother to uber her out to his house. So, We head over to my brothers house, As soon as we pull up, I see her grabbing her bags out the trunk. I was so stunned at her beauty, She got her things out and I crept up behind her and said 'Let me get that for you ma'am' She turned around and gave me a big smile and hugged me, We looked at each other and we made out in the parking lot for about a good minute or two. I was just happy she was here, She was telling me how cute I looked in person, We walked up the stairs as i was helping her with her bags, As soon as we hit the house everybody introduced themselves. I rolled a nice little blunt and smoked it with my brothers now Ex-girlfriend as she sat on my lap and played with my hair. A few minutes later, Every one in the house but us goes to bed, You should already know what went down after that. But, Just that whole week was magical. I felt bad because I really didn't have money to take her out and show her around DC, She said that she didn't care as long as we got to see each other and spend time, That's all she cared about. I really loved and miss that first day she came down here. We took a lot of pictures, made a lot of videos. It was dope, After that, Our relationship was more than fantastic. But, I still didn't have MY LIFE together.

All was good until august, Our second conflict; Brittney told me that she would be going to bronx to go see a girlfriend, I said that's cool, I don't care, Have fun, Just call me and text to make sure you good. She'd always text me, She was the type of person that me, her friends and her used to always talk on the phone, doing a 3 way call. She used to call me whenever and whatever time,Regardless of who she was with. So, When the first week, That Monday, We had talked like normal that morning, Just as the usual. Then, She just stopped texting me out of that week. Her phone was on, and rang every time, but she didn't answer. It was whatever at first, She's going to hit me up. I text her to see if she was alright, If anything, She's going to hit me up in the morning no big deal. The next morning hits, No answer. So, I'm like Ok, It's cool. I called her friend who will call 'Ashley', I called Ashley to see if she spoke to Brittney, Ashley tells me that she hasn't talked to Brittney ever since she left for the Bronx, She told me how Brittney was acting fake ever since she TURNED 18 and how she said that she was hanging around girl who she didn't know for that long, How she lied to her grandma about staying at Ashley's house when she really went to the Bronx. The thing that caught me was when she said Britney turned 18, But Britney told me at the beginning of our relationship that she was 18, and the fact that Ashley kept saying it really raised a second red flag. So, I posted a PSA on her instagram (We had the passwords to each others IG) saying that Britney went missing cause no one herd from her in days, A couple of hours later, She posted on her story about how she not missing and how she okay. I called her, She was really upset at the fact that I did that, but through out all of that I asked her 'Hey, How come Ashley keep telling me your turned 18?' She automatically hangs up the phone, I get upset. I call her a couple of times, She get's mad at me because i got concerned so we ended up having a huge argument online, I said some really shallow shit. She said some really shallow shit, We were going full blast on each other. I told her fuck it, Call me so we can talk through this shit and let it get be in the past. She say's okay, But NEVER called that night. So I wait until the next morning, It's the same shit, She said she was going to call me to talk about it, She never called. At that point, I just blocked her from all social media. I wasn't going for none of it, And If I wasn't so stupid, I should've left it like that and never looked back. I still had her Instagram password to be nosy, At first, She posted on her stories said that she was single and how happy she was to be single again. But then, More and more she started to say how she fucked up and how she doesn't even care about herself anymore, When she said that, That shit broke me. I never want her to feel that way, not even about me. I ended up getting a friend request from this strange page, I was talking about how I miss her on my stories and how I never really wanted to break up but just talk. All of a sudden I get a message from that page saying 'Then why don't we talk, Please call me.' I instantly called, She told me that she was mad at me for posting that story. She sent me some videos from her trip to the Bronx, She told me that she was sorry and that we should just get back together, So we did. We rekindled and everybody was fine, September came around and I ended up passing two out of 4 of my GED test. I had to brush up on my history (Which was weird because I was good at history) I was about to start a new job at walmart, I mean, Things were looking up until I got kicked out over a fight at my aunts at the time, And at this point in my life, that was the second place I stayed at.

My girlfriend was willing to try to call my aunt to tell her how much I need that job and a place to stay but, I declined. I had somewhat of a setback by losing that job but, When I got kicked out, I went to go live with my second eldest brother. We ended up setting My third GED test up and I passed it, We went into PG plaza mall and celebrated with Mall food. At this point, I had to find a job because I wasn't working. I applied everywhere until Boston market hired me, It wasn't the best job but it got me somewhat out of my situation, and I met my closet best friend 'Cho' as we will call him. But anyways, I got 3/4ths of me GED, I have a job and I feel like I'm getting somewhere in my life. I got hired at the right time, Thanksgiving. They were passing us ALL THE HOURS, I was working like 40 a week during thanksgiving, Due to the pre-packaged meals we had. However, During the course of my relationship, I was feeling more and more depressed because of the situations that I caught Brittney in REALLY questioned her loyalty to the point where I was in her instgram DM's every 5 seconds waiting for her to message another guy, During this time I caught her with a whole nother facebook, She really deleted her original facebook and made a new one because i BLOCKED her off the old one and her old chat head from messenger said that her old Facebook was completely gone, her new facebook exposed her actual age and all. She just turned 18 on june first, I screenshot it and sent it to her. She called me and I told her why she ain't never told me about the facebook and why did she lie about her age. She said she only used that Facebook to 'hit up' Ashley, and she lied about her age because she was nervous that I was going to leave her because I jokingly told her once that I could never date a 17 year old ( was 19 at the time when I said it) but again, I took her back. Then I caught a profile of her on porn hub, She said she was 'taken' as relationship status and there was no videos on it. But she literally had a photo that she sent me on. I was about to fucking snap and I asked her about it, She told me that she watch porn and use that account to save videos. You see where I'm getting at? It gets to a point where I legit get paranoid, Impulsive and erratic in my behavior. I started too check her Instagram DM's EVERYDAY, I blew up her phone all the time to see what she was doing and who she was with. It just got worse, around the end of November of 2018 to March of 2019 was the hardest. I was struggling not only in my relationship but myself, I have one more test on the GED but it's in my weakest subject and I Just never got around to it. Brittney just started to act funny in my eyes, She started posting pics in her booty shorts, this and that on IG. This is where my insecurity starts to come into play, Because she never really started to do this in a relationship til now, My job started to giving me less and less hours, I started to indulge in Weed/porn more, I tried calling her but her conversations started to become dryer and dryer, She was talking less and showing more, I pointed it out but the one problem we had in our relationship was actual serious communication, Anytime that she'd do something that I didn't like, I'd tell her about it, and to her, that's just me 'Telling her how I feel' Not telling her what she is doing is affecting our relationship and fucking us up. In January I ended up quitting my job at Boston market even before I found another job because it was that bad, My friend ended up getting a job at ROTI in DC and set me up for an interview, I was happy as hell and I thought I had it, But, I guess I was too nervous and they told me that they weren't even interested. At that point, there was no point of living. I was done with life, I tried to kick it's ass and it fucked me up. On February 30th, 2019, I tried my second attempt. My life wasn't going right, I had no job, No diploma, No anything. I just felt defeated, I ended up downing, I shit you not, a whole thing of Tylenol AM/PM tablets around 2:00 A.M. that morning, I woke up around 6:00 Am, Feeling dizzy and nauseous. My brother was starting his new job at a car wash. He woke me up for something, I don't know what it was but I do remember trying to stand up and I feel down feeling discombobulated, My brother didn't know what happened and asked if I was okay. I told him I was fine, But I just wasn't. He left out and I passed out, I keep feeling a twitching sensation either in my liver or kidney, Whatever it was, I could feel it spasm, And really violently. I realized that what I did...It wasn't right, I went to my brothers EX who was 5 months with my nephew at the time (and I still feel bad for putting that much stress on her) That I swallowed a whole thing of Tylenol, We ended up going to one of the worst hospitals in PG COUNTY. At this point, I'm getting cold. My sister is telling me that I'm cold and my heart is pounding hard as hell, I felt faint & pale, I close my eyes and tell GOD that I made a mistake, I realized my mistake and I'm willing to correct my mistake. All of a sudden, I felt strong enough to leave the hospital cause it was literally THE WORST hospital in the area. We had to sneak out of the hospital, Anyhow, My brother finds out, He's upset. We have a long talk, Very long talk. After that, I go to sleep. The next day, Brittney calls me acting very funny, like extremely nice like how am I doing, What am I doing and how I feel, I tell her I feel good...She goes silent for 5 second before telling me that she knew what I tried to do that, She tells me that she understand life gets hard but I just need to find better ways to cope with it and that she was scared when she found out. After that, Our relationship was 'Good', I started to journal by this time to help keep my thoughts at bay and not overthink at night. It gotten to a point in my relationship that I just can't trust her but at the same time, I was scared to let her go, I became so INSECURE through finding many things that she hid from me during our relationship. I felt like she was talking to somebody, And honestly, Porn did have a LOT to do with my paranoia and insecurity, I've tried the no fap movement but I still not only struggle with that but the abuse of weed really got me, I couldn't stop thinking WHAT SHE WAS DOING.

I legit abandoned ship on myself, I had goals that I wasn't focused on because I was worried about who she was with. Why she was with them, Blah, Blah, Blah. I let the overthinking and the negative thoughts run my mind. Well, I ended up getting hired at a bowling alley out college park, MD. Things were looking good AND she was coming down for the baby shower on the 5th of may, We already planned it out. My relationship with Brittney at the time was fairly good. She ended up coming down here for the B.S., I had a really good week with her. Our relationship was good until august, when I got my job. I'm trying to be more organized, At this point in my life, I know what I want to do with it, It's just doing I suppose. I just got hired at a new restaurant in DC, I got two jobs. I'm about to go into boxing. I try to stay positive same time, My life is just fucking, After boxing, I was checking my phone for her, When I was sleep I was thinking about her. I just kept thinking about Brittney. I'm seeing that more and more she started to become distant, I started to become more impulsive; I was blowing up her phone. She hit me up less, but always post stories. At this point, We just arguing every day because I feel like anything I said to her just came in one ear and out the other. More and More, I'd tried to talk about how are relationship is going. She was always bad with identifying her relationship problems. She changed her password because i guess she got tired of me always on her Instagram, She started posting more of those sexual memes and posting a whole bunch of emojis. She always used to tag me in those memes in her stories on IG, but at this point, I don't even think people knew that she was my girl anymore because she barley had pics of us on her IG like i did mine, regardless of the situation. This is where most of our problems came, because I felt like i was putting my all into the relationship and she wasn't trying any more. We broke up multiple times during the end of December, but in February we broke it off for good. but, Before all that, She said that she was about to go see a therapist. I was happy for her, because she needed it. But, I never realized how much I needed it. I was hoping that this would help our relationship get better, but it went way left. Convo's got one sided, I was trying so hard to hold on to the relationship that wasn't even there. I ended up breaking it off with her on February 10th, 2020 because I ended up finding a picture of her under a guy 'friends' photos saying 'Damn, *heart eyes emoji* at this point (And I ended up finding out that she commented that under his photo literally after the very first situation, Around the 28th of April 2018) , I already knew what it was and confronted her. She was telling me that's how she supports her 'Male friends' And blah, Blah, Blah. I was just done with her after that. Christmas I bought her clothes for her, I got her two necklaces during our relationship. I tried to make her happy anyway that I could, but I was sacrificing mines.

Now, I'm here. for the past 3 months now, I've been in a limbo. I lost my job due to covid-19, It always felt like I was drowning inside; I was stalking her page hard for the 2 months that we broke up. I tried so hard to not give in but, I just couldn't resist. I was blowing up her phone like a madman. I was a wreck, and I still feel like I am. I got three journals, A lot of nootropics for my brain, Barbell and whey protein. However, I still find myself thinking about her. I have a journal for self improvement but, I still find myself thinking about her a lot. I wanted to self- analyze, and I realized that I feel like I won't ever get my last GED because of my math, I can't even sit down to do it, I did get hired at amazon, but again...I feel empty. I see how she was living her life, not caring about me. I still used to try to talk to her even after the breakup, cause she said she wanted to still stay 'Friends' but, I still felt it being one sided. She posting on her instagram, but any time i tried to call, She wouldn't respond. She used to hit me up to say hi, I responded and she never responded the whole day. When she would say she'd call, I'd never hear from her. I just kept holding on until I just decided to delete all social media, I lost my phone during a fist fight on saturday,Which I was kind of upset about, but at the same time, I was realived because I don't have to keep checking my phone to see if she hit me up. She working two jobs, I helped her out with her goals are last week being together. I realized that, I KNOW what I need to do to get to where I need to go, but, WHY can't I PULL MYSELF to do what I need to do without worrying about what she's doing; I'm trying to join the air force to travel the world and learn martial arts while travling and learning coding. I have one more test, but, I can never pull myself to do it because I always find myself on her instagram. I tried to read but, Again, I always find myself distracted on IG! I want to move on but I feel very beta right now, I used to not care but, This was different. I see how she's moving on and I feel stuck in my situation, My intellectual side know's what I need to do, but something emotionally is holding me from reaching my highest potential. She left, I don't have to worry about her so I have all the free time in the world but, something is still stopping me from doing what I need to do. I broke down crying in my brothers kitchen monday because I just felt defeated. I try to focus on myself and try to do better but I always find myself doing the same shit, I ended up quitting cigarettes for vaping and nicotine patches. It's been a month, I've recently got hired at amazon. but, I still feel stagnant. How should I carry it from now on. I have goals and ambition, I want to become the best version of myself but dealing with reality of MYSELF is hard. How do I just become great again?
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[Week #2 of 4] Taking a new business from $0 to $1,000 in profit

Hey all, Tim here again. Last Thursday, I posted week 1 of 4 of my live case study here.
The following post is week #2. Hope you enjoy it!


After some nice days off, I went back on it, removed the store password and set the store live.
I picked Shopify’s $29 / month basic plan. I didn’t need more at that point.
Before I started promoting the store, I wanted to make sure everything is running smoothly. Especially the order process. So I did a test order to check all the payment gateways.
In the past, I often had issues with Klarna. And again, Klarna actually didn’t work (for whatsoever reasons). I tried to call them but couldn’t reach anyone. So I was forced to start without Klarna and find a solution to that later.
Overall I was happy with the store. Nothing special but I was confident that it would work. However, the more I looked at the logo, the more I hated it.
So I downloaded a simple neon logo from Adobe Stock (I still had free credits from the trial) and used this as my logo.

Creating a Customer Persona

Having finally set up the complete store, it was time for me to think about the target audience.
But who are the people that will buy my stuff?
To answer this question, I created a customer persona (aka. my “dream customer”). This person is totally made up and had the purpose to help me get the right message to the right people.
I opened Canva, picked a template and created my customer persona.
Say hi to Melissa.
From now on, I will have Melissa in my mind whenever I create something new for my business. Whether that’s an email, a social media post or adding new products.
I will always ask myself “will Melissa like this?” if the answer is “yes!”, I will go ahead.

The Foundation of my Marketing

Having everything set up and live, it was time to think about my marketing and starting the first attempts to make sales.
When it comes to marketing, I always have the same approach:
  1. Set a goal + deadline
  2. Create a marketing idea plan with all possible ideas
  3. Pick 2-3 that seems the most promising
  4. Execute (every day for at least 14 days)
It’s very simple and effective.
If it works out, awesome! Double down! If it doesn’t work out, don’t worry: Just pick something else.
At some point, something will work out. It’s actually that simple. You just have to continue.
Okay, enough motivational speeches for now…
So I set up my usual marketing idea plan. I did this in Notion. Here’s a short explainer video.
Considering all the circumstances of this live case study (just a few days left, no real budget), It turned out that running a giveaway, email marketing, and having an own affiliate program seemed the most promising.
It was time to execute.

Building my Affiliate Army

The first thing I wanted to do was to set up my own affiliate program.
Set up wise it wasn’t that hard. I just had to install an affiliate app from the Shopify app store. I picked “Affiliatly”. It has a nice 90-day free trial and has all the features I need.
The “issue” with own affiliate programs is the promotion. Where do I find people who want to promote my store?
Usually, affiliate marketers are well educated people who know their stuff. Winning these people for my store would be the best. Unfortunately, these people also know about dropshipping. This means they don’t need someone like me who’s in the middle.
That being said, I need people who haven’t heard about dropshipping but also could be able and willing to promote someone else’s business. Easier said than done.
Here are a few ideas:
  • Friends of mine
  • Micro influencer
  • Students
  • Customers
Except from customers, I could do all of it straight away.
I asked a few friends:
Me: “Yo, interested to make some money? I just started a new online store and need some help promoting it. I will give you 20% of the sales you’re making.”
Him: “Sounds nice, what do I have to do?”
I reached out to micro-influencer on Instagram:
Opening message:
Me: “Hey Sarah, how are you? We’re currently looking for a promotion manager for our online store. Meaning you can promote our products to your audience and will get 20% in commission from us. How does that sound to you?”
I also wanted to post something similar to German student Facebook groups. But all admins deleted these kind of posts instantly and I even got banned from 6 out of 8 groups I joined. Seems I have to find a different way to approach students.
At the end of the day I had 3 friends and 5 micro-influencers joined. Not bad at all.
Note: I sent Instagram direct messages to around 141 people to get 5 to join my affiliate program. Be careful when sending DMs on Instagram. You can get blocked very fast.

Running a Giveaway

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Right, everyone loves some good freebies.
My plan was to start a giveaway that attracts many potential customers. To enter the giveaway, people have to enter their email address. I will then use these emails to promote my store. It’s a pretty straight forward plan that worked out very well in the past for me.
Since I’m limited on the budget and only had $176.10 left in the pocket, I didn’t want to spend more than $70 on the prize.
When it comes to running a successful giveaway, the prize itself is super important. It should be something your audience loves and isn’t very useful to the vast majority of people (don’t give away Amazon gift cards).
Finding such a prize can be tricky.
I grabbed my customer persona and thought “what kind of things want Melissa in her life?”
  • Expensive candles
  • Makeup
  • Designer software
  • Things for artists
  • Creative coffee mugs
Honestly, I had no idea.
Candles and makeup seemed the most interesting to me. Without any further thinking, I picked the makeup and looked up some potential prizes.
To run the giveaway I used KingSumo. It’s a solid free alternative to Gleam (if I would have more money to spend, I’d picked Gleam here).
After designing a cover with Canva and embedding the giveaway on my store, I was (almost) ready to promote it.
Doing giveaways can lead to a good amount of new email addresses. Unfortunately, most of them are trash and will never be interested in what you do. Since owning a big email list that isn’t very active can become expensive and hurt my overall deliverability, I don’t even want them to be part of my main email list.
Here’s what I did:
First, I created a free SendFox account (up to 4,000 free emails), then I connected KingSumo to SendFox so I can send all emails for the giveaway through SendFox. As soon as the winner is picked and I can see what emails can be useful for my business, I will only export the good ones and push them into my main list.

Free Giveaway Promotion

I had no traffic on my site and just hoping that someone will stumble upon this giveaway isn’t very smart. So I picked a few websites and communities where I can promote the giveaway for free.
Note: My giveaway will only run in Germany. Unfortunately, there are not many good sites where you can promote a German giveaway. However, if you run an international giveaway (especially USA and Canada), there are TONS of websites where you can promote your giveaway for free.
For Germany, I could only find one legit looking website and a handful of Facebook groups.
I wasn’t sure about this but since all participants will get bonus entries for referring people there was a fair chance to attract at least some people. Also, my giveaway will run for 14 days. This is enough time to make adjustments if things won’t work out.
To make sure every store visitor will know about my giveaway, I installed the Sumo Shopify app and created a call to action pop-up.
In addition to that, I also set up an automated email (trigger: 1 day after subscription) that is letting customers and subscribers know about the giveaway.

The First Sale(s)

I wasn’t working on the store when a notification on my phone popped up.
I just made my first order!
3 products worth €35.88 ($42.42)!
Two days after launching the store, still in the free trial and without spending any money on ads.
This first sale came from a micro-influencer (1,531 followers) who did 14 stories on Instagram.
Luckily, the day wasn’t over. At the end of the first day, I made €76.75 in sales. Solid start.
The other three sales came also from other affiliates. So far, the affiliate program was working.
The first sales are always exciting. No matter how many sales you’ve made before with other stores. And with that excitement, I stopped working for that day.
Time spent in week two: around 5 hours
Money spent in week two: €71.90 ($85.04)
Revenue in week two: €76.75 ($90.78)

Stay tuned for week number 3 (will be published October 29, 2020)

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