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hi nostale one fan your game change the icebreaker or add. this concept http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0ONGOTMxo8 ....its like a dota defend your tower but this is different of frozen crown coz family and member will be enemy its kind a random.. this time the mount will be use and pots. the starting lv 50-70 and lv 71-99. and the main tower it should have a drop gold and etc wins or lose reward same instant battle. or unique item or ring note no monster this map only players. here map http://img824.imageshack.us/img824/2500/icebreakerj.jpg i hope you like my suggestion i want to pass this suggest to Mr. Jimi Yun
submitted by bonebuto to nostale

Nintendo Direct 12.18.13 - Discussion Thread

Hey guys! Sylverstone here.
First off, apologies for not making this thread sooner - had a long sleep, missed the live Direct, and spent the past 30 minutes watching the show on YouTube.
While I can't liveblog now, I can offer up a discussion thread so that we can still dive into the deeper details which transpired today.
Again, many sincere apologies, and I look forward to talking with you folks today.
If you miss today's Direct (like I did initially), then follow this link for your 30 minutes of Nintendo goodness.
Just a couple of ground rules: no personal attacks of any kind, keep your contained in this thread, and as a plea from myself (and the mods), if you're going to make link posts for any of the news that we get today from the show, title your post accordingly, use the appropriate link flair and spruce it up a bit so that it looks approachable.
We're looking to use these posts to foster further discussion for these games and if you are brave enough to take on this mantle, then you're helping us in keeping all the clutter to a minimum (and we thank you for that). Any duplicate posts will be removed.
EDIT: Whilst checking the "new" queue, I realized that there were discussion threads which I didn't see off the bat before creating this one. Hippokrates and Spectre_II, thank you very much for starting it off - I will add Hippo's table here (with a few edits for clarity), and the talking points from Spectre's thread.
Game Release Date Notes
Hyrule Warriors 2014 Final name is still being decided. Its a spinoff (inspired by Tecmo Koei's Warriors series) and not related to the LoZ series
Kirby Triple Deluxe 2014 Kirby has a special Hypernova sucking ability and a Kirby Smash Bros. Mini game
Yoshi’s New Island Spring 2014 Takashi Tezuka will be producing the game, with Nintendo EAD lending Arzest a hand in development
Chibi Robo Photofinder January 9th 2014 NostalJunk
Pokemon Bank/ Poke Transporter January 30th You get Celebi if you use the software by September 30th 2014
Bravely Default February 7 2014 Earn Sleep points for every 8 hours played. Or buy them through in game microtransactions
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze February 21st 2014 Cranky Kong is a playable character. Also for every 100 bananas collected, you can use a special power (Kong-Pow) that changes the enemies on screen into items
Sonic Lost World DLC Today First DLC is FREE. It's based on Yoshi's Island. Second one will be based off Hyrule. Iwata did not say if it would be free
Wii Sports Club - Golf Today Free 24 hour trial, even if you used it before. The original 9 courses + 9 redone courses from the Famicom's US Gold Course Game
NES Remix Today Random mix of classic scenes from past NES games. The twist? The games are slightly different
Dr. Luigi December 31 2013 New 'L' Shaped piece as well as new game mode
Mario Kart Spring 2014 Trolls at Nintendo heh; Rosalina will be in Super Smash and Mario Kart
  • What was your favorite part? Hyrule Warriors? Smash/MK8? Dr. Luigi? NES Remix? Bravely Default?
  • Did you enjoy today's Direct overall? Satisfied? Disappointed?
submitted by Sylverstone14 to wiiu

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