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MMORPG'S Not in Steam

Sooo some people doesn't like the free MMORPG'S in Steam so i thought that i could make a list of Free MMORPG'S not in Steam! (Btw i've played all these games and they should all get a try)
Genshin Impact
Age Of Wushu
AIKA Online
Angels Online
Auro Kingdom
Black Gold Online
Blade & Soul
Cabal Online
Cloud Nine
Conquer Online
Doom Warrior
Dragon Oath
Dungeons & Dragons Online
Echo Of Soul
Eden Eternal
Forsaken World
GodsWar Online
Grand Fantasia
Honkai Impact 3rd
Kal Online
Last Chaos
I will come back to this list and update it along the way :)
Hope you find something u could try out and play!
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Review of #616 Ribbonmania 2014 + #619 2015 New Year Ribbon

First, a quick comment on the main event of #610 Gifu Ribbon from December 7th, 2014.
The Triangle Ribbon match opened in a hilarious way with Konaka on the turnbuckle, upside down clapping along to Neko's entrance music with his feet as the ref watched in amazement. Insane core strength on that guy. Neko got absolutely dumped on with streamers, more than some people get in a retirement match. I expected Choun (who was a smug jerk the whole match, though he had some nice flying kicks) to get a second defense and continue her chase. I don't have much to say about the match until the end, when Konaka pulled out a brutal move I can't even name and then did a sort of sitting cannonball from the rop onto Neko, followed by Choun's top rope foot stomp. Somehow she lived, fought back and won. She was too tired to play in the victory streamers and began a promo entirely in cat sounds, until Meari came in and gave her a can of beer. After a big drink she gained the ability to talk as a human, to thank her hometown crowd for coming and hold back tears, then expressing her happiness before signalling the handshake music. Very sweet and I watched it again after it ended. The show was okay but I was mostly interested in seeing the main before I started the following. *inhale*

Ribbonmania 2014:

Show started with greetings in the ring. I think I spot trainee Maika during introductions.

Match 1: Shuu Shibutani & Kyuuri vs Cherry & Maya Yukihi

Enjoyable because of Cherry's antics. She makes a great bully against Kyuuri, and is on more even footing with Shuu. One of her favorite techniques got used against her when she took a double gut punch, but Kyuuri was tossed out of the ring by Shuu when their dual submission didn't work out. Yuki got her rookie stuff in and fought Kyuuri for the closing sequence, with neither able to keep the other stuck long enough for a three count. Cherry entered and bodyslammed Kyuuri so that Yuki could do a (very long, very slow) setup for her Snowton Bomb. Maybe the first one? I don't know. It won the match for their team.
I have not been able to find something in Kyuuri's fights to like yet, I've thought of her as limited and clunky from 2013 to now. I know it does get better, but I haven't reached that point yet. Something will click eventually.

Match 2: Meari Naito & Neko Nitta vs 235 & Akane Fujita

Meari's last Korakuen show, days from retirement. 235 is in an adorable teal/gold skirted dress, reminiscent of Jasmine. Neko is happy to exchange handshakes while Meari wants nothing to do with it, but also volunteers to be the first fighter - and signals for a mic. She doesn't get even a sentence out before a fight starts anyway after Akane moves towards her holding a bundle of party crackers and gets dropkicked in the back. A large portion of the match is the two teams trying to use the crackers on eachother in turn, but being interrupted by attacks. 235 takes some tail whips and lets Akane enter, who then faces Meari directly and doesn't fare well. Meari picks Neko up and uses her as a powerbomb weapon on 235, then Neko enters the ring with a giant golden party cracker and gives it to Meari. She detonates it on her teammate accidentally, sending confetti everywhere. Neko was outside keeping Akane away from entering the ring to help 235, who took a bunch of moves and then tapped in a camel clutch variation while surrounded by colorful ribbons.
I was in the dark on what the crackers were supposed to be for, or what was said after the match, until I read the results page on the main Ice Ribbon site. Meari got onto the mic again after the match and told the other team "I never won a belt, but I'm looking forward to seeing you two do it as Jealousy Typhoon. Akane, you'll do it without forgetting your frustration, right?" then held out her hand. Akane goes to shake Neko's hand instead and Meari does a straight up anime fall to the ground. Then all of them exit together.

Match 3: Hamuko Hoshi, Mochi Miyagi (with Rumi Kazama) & vs Miyako Matsumoto & Yuri Kotobuki (with Aika Ando)

Lovely Butchers mostly have this match from the start. It's a battle of who can be more sexy, but wrestling ability is what starts and finishes disputes. The team guests enter the match at whim and help out - first Rumi with a corner lariat, and Aika with a blown kiss and a pose. Those two soon enter a hostage situation, exchanging words from opposite ends with a wrestler in their arm, before confronting right in the center. Aika puts on some salacious poses that Rumi isn't far behind, and then both dip out so the wrestling can resume. Miyako takes a lot of Butcher tag offense, and Hamuko gets tossed at Aika's chest for a motorboating much like her own corner belly assault. Yuri then chokeslams her and Miyako hits a Shining Wizard, then both take turns with dives from the top. Rumi breaks that pin and the Butchers get their own pin broken by Aika, then Miyako can't break out of Hamuko's big splash to end it.
It's a quick romp with a bunch of fanservice. I'm not sure why the two were guests but it made the match more interesting if it was only going to be 8 minutes - no one will object to foxes like Rumi doing her thing. That's the last Yuri match I'll see, because she has one more afterwards at #665 and then retires. She never really improved much in her stay and always looked unorganized, but I'm happy she was able to at least keep up with Mochi's energy here.

Match 4: Kayoko Haruyama vs Aoi Kizuki

This match has history. They shared the ring in early Ice Ribbon as well as JWP, and Aoi wanted to have a chance at pinning her after being separate for so long and growing from her rookie days. Aoi's first move of the match is a german suplex to set the mood, but she isn't facing a spring chicken. Aoi fought well, shrugging off kicks and catching Kayoko in a few more power moves, even delivering forearms to stagger her out of any offense she tried. This match had a lot of power moves and mirrored the singles match format of JWP, where suplexes are used as often as forearms - but here it was almost the exclusive choice for Aoi. Kayoko was tossed through a long series of Germans until Aoi wore herself out, missing her swivel press and letting Kayoko recover if only briefly. When Kayoko tried going to the top, Aoi pulled her off with a German from the second rope and followed it up with another, but still couldn't get a three count. Kayoko continued to persevere and clear room with revenge hits and her own suplexes until she could keep Aoi down with a monster guillotine leg drop.
Both of them hugged after the match, with Aoi showing a bit of a bloody mouth in graceful defeat. My only complaint was a lack of variety in the attacks, and I liked that it was anyone's game the whole time while also behaving like a match from another company entirely.. Please enjoy Kayoko's entrance music jam..

Match 5: Mio Shirai vs Tsukushi - Union Pro Fly to Everywhere World Title Match

Mio looks so cool but especially with this belt, so I hoped she could keep it. The matches I've seen ahead of this show have the two working as a team, but in this they're adversaries. Both have a brief time doing Korakuen chair spots, then trade lucha-esque holds inside. Tsukushi seems to be on top but Mio doesn't give up, waiting for the right moment to level Tsukushi with her deadly head kicks. She's taken off her feet by a tiger suplex, and escapes a Denden Mushi just in time to catch Tsukushi with a surprise tsuchigumo hold to keep her title. This rivalry of theirs may continue for a while yet.

Match 5: Risa Sera & Maki Narumiya vs Kurumi & Yuuka - International Ribbon Tag Title Match

STAP vs Angel Nuts. The former enter as wary champions, and get attacked early and hauled outside for mid-audience action. Maki is having a bunch of fun taking Kurumi through the southern stands but returns quick when the action starts between Yuuka and Risa. Kurumi enters and bowls her opponents over after they got overconfident against Yuuka, to much applause. Maki remained dangerous as the team leader and never stayed down for long, putting Yuuka through a lot of hurt until Risa entered to lay down some law. She tried going up for a diving knee but was stopped, and Kurumi gave a window of opportunity that Yuuka used for a frankensteiner before they switched. Risa couldn't outpower Kurumi but she could outlast her, and the two couldn't land a pin on eachother between the interference while the time limit loomed nearer. STAP finally won when Risa went to the top for a diving knee after their signature leaping powerbomb grounded Kurumi, and the whole ending sequence was pretty frantic. I'll have to watch it again.

Match 6: Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Arisa Nakajima - IceXInfinity Title Match

This is Arisa challenging for Tsukka's title in the same day that Tsukka would challenge Arisa for hers during JWP Climax 2014. With that in mind I'm not expecting it to go a long time but it'll be great. As with most other matches, it began with a video package played on the big screen. Tsukka entered with the available roster opening the ropes for her and they remained nearby for the big fight.
The two are grounded for the opening, switching holds and applying limb pressure until they can get a feel for what to do next. As wrestlers intimately familiar with their respective repertoires, there was generally a counter for everything that went on, even as both turned up their aggression. Tsukka got caught in a stretch muffler after a whiffed kick, then took a running powerbomb and a series of powerful suplexes. Her response was resetting the pace with Arisa's arms folded and held across her chin. That only gave her a bit of reprieve as her next barrage of attacks - a Tsukkadora, rolling neckbreaker, missile dropkick, and an Infinity - were not working and only after a followup Venus Shoot was she able to keep Arisa down for good.
Everyone here is familiar with how amazing these two are whether against or with eachother, but I will say this wasn't their best singles match. They had two that were significantly better in 2017, and this one was fine but perhaps things got held back because of the schedule requiring Tsukka to do all of this again before she's even had dinner. V10 for her, and she had a lot to say at the bottom of this page about what it meant for her to challenge Arisa and show off a new technique, in front of a huge number of people that she said was possibly the biggest yet. See the comments for their match later this night.

619 January 4th, 2015

*this was written a while ago but I waited until now to post it, since it's so close to another show I finally finished.

Match 1: Mochi Miyagi & JUN (Jun Kasai) vs Hamuko Hoshi & SUSUMU

This is a funny watch - JUN (it's Jun in a long wig) is smitten with Hamuko and tries a kabedon in the corner, unable to properly attack her at first. The girls both try to jump onto the boys for a tag move but they fall over under the weight. Hamuko loses because she got distracted by JUN's hand mirror, then hit by a Boma Ye and slingblade. Unfortunately the footage after the bell cuts out before I can see him give flowers to Hamuko.

Match 2: Cherry & Shuu Shibutani vs Maya Yukihi & Moeka Haruhi

Moeka looks to be in the best shape of her career and tries to fight back against the dirty foot stomps and other heelish things Cherry is so good at, but tags in Yuki when nothing's going her way. Yuki has to escape a dragon sleeper and fails to keep Cherry in place for a three count due to the large amount of tag interference. Eventually Cherry gets some help from Shuu and leaps from the top with a swanton bomb to win.

Match 3: Maki Narumiya vs The Winger - Drink Match

The gimmick of this match is that every one minute, both fighters must take a shot of sake at ringside while music plays. The problem is, Winger is already feeling bad from a recent party. Maki is delighted to keep drinking, and seems unphased by his attempts to make her dizzy. JUN offers helpful advice to rotate Maki before he lands his top rope senton, but she switches out of it before he can climb and then both have to take their fifth shot. As Maki continues with the sake, she becomes more active and aggressive. She pulls out hidden strength for a vertical suplex but is becoming unsteady, and hits a Yuruneba just as it's time to take a sixth shot. The ref comes over with two shot glasses and she walks around waiting for Winger to reluctantly take his back, then arm drags him into a fancy pin to win. She then celebrated with three more shots of sake, then went berserk and attacked the ref while throwing off people trying to restrain her. Scary!

Match 4: Tsukushi & Rabbit Miu vs Arisa Nakajima & Miyako Matsumoto

That's a very short team, isn't it. Arisa isn't taking part in Miyako's hijinks, leaving her hanging on most spots. Miyako really doesn't help things by joining the other team's tag spot to run across her back. Arisa deals with some 2 on 1 offense that she handles easily, until Rabbit hits a big missile dropkick and Tsukushi takes over. Miyako does a rainmaker pose and tries for a lariat while Tsukushi gets put in a corner - then goes up for a Mamma Mia and says "Happy New YAAAA~" and misses her dive by a mile. Rabbit climbs to the top with Tsukushi and both leap for a double (quadruple?) stomp on Miyako, then Tsukushi puts an end to it with a tiger suplex after escaping a sudden Miyacoco Clutch.

Match 5: Neko Nitta vs Aoi Kizuki vs Mio Shirai - Triangle Ribbon title match

Another title defense for Neko, but this is her dominion. Mio is irritated by the bell attached to the title and wants to take it off and throw it. The cat tail is a double edged sword as usual, sometimes keeping Neko vulnerable. Mio is playing carefully, waiting for opportunities while the others weaken eachother. Aoi is plenty effective and gets a two count with a german suplex on Mio, then Neko follows it from above. Both know that isn't enough to keep someone like Mio down for a three. Aoi lets Neko hit her twisting senton on Mio, then assumes Neko will just let her do the same and take the pin. Wrong. Neko waits and takes Aoi into a Nekohistral while she's trying to cover Mio, and gets the three. She stands proud with her title in another successful defense.

Match 6: Tsukasa Fujimoto vs Risa Sera - IceXInfinity Title Match

This match was kind of made in December, as a challenge by Risa. It starts in her favor but quickly turns back and forth. She takes plenty of punishment, deals it back with double knees, then has to get out of an ankle lock as the match pressure builds. Risa hits an Ayers Rock but both go down for a 4 count in exhaustion. The crowd cheers for Risa's comeback as she starts a steady course of stretchs and attacks, crowned with two double knees from the top. Tsukka has been working Risa's leg all match and that keeps her from going to pin right away. Her determination and fury keep her focused through the pain, but Tsukka puts her down with an Infinity before 16 minutes. There's a lot more to this match but my post is long enough. She congratulates Risa on entering main events only two years after debuting. I could not find information on what was said after the show because meddle didn't attend, but it's probably on the main site if worded differently... anyway.
Aside from an upcoming quick note on a dojo show from 2012, I think I'm officially only 4.5 years behind now! My material for 2015-2017 is much more focused around big shows that have already been blathered over enough. I will talk about the 9th anniversary show in Korakuen soon, because it contains the first (?) Risa Sera Produce, a Human Hair Deathmatch that occurred after the main show. Yup.
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