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SUPERQUIZZ!! All the best quizz from Su'nday, Moa'nday & Yui'sday! PART 3: Lyrics & Songs knowledge!

Hi, kitsune! Here are a selection of the best quizzes we had in the special member threads! This thread will be permanently linked in the special member threads, so it will be easy to come back to it. Here the links are permanent.
Good luck and have fun!
QUESTION (Lyrics) 1
About the lyrics of "Catch me if you can", can you complete the lyrics here?
"Ooi ! Moo ii kai ? Moo ii kaai !?"
here is the song with the good answer, and here is the Du-metal blog page about the song (also with the good answer by the way).
QUESTION (Lyrics) 2
In one song we have these lyrics:
kokoro no oku no heya ni hitori. ("In a room deep inside my heart, I stayed alone.")
Do you know from which song this lyrics are?
here is the translation on the Du-metal blog with the good answer, and the song itself official version ; Sonisphere 2014.
QUESTION (Lyrics) 3
QUESTION (Lyrics) 4
"Demone chotto weight"
QUESTION (Lyrics) 5
QUESTION (Lyrics) 6
QUESTION (Lyrics) 7
"We aaaaaare..."
"We are..."
QUESTION (Lyrics) 8
"Oh Baby"
QUESTION (Lyrics) 9
between light and darkness, I stayed alone
QUESTION (Lyrics) 10
" yon yon "
QUESTION (Lyrics) 11
Kami sama
The answer above gives you the name of a song. The song is about girls trying to get money and presents from their dad. There are several tactics used by the girls to get what they want from their poor dad. Amongst the following tactics, which one is NOT in the song.
QUESTION (Lyrics) 12
Here are some lyrics in Japanese and their translation in English...
  • A> Dying the eastern sky true red,
  • B> the light of signal fire
  • C> tells the end of the darkness of solitude.
  • 1> noroshi no hikari ga
  • 2> Higashi no sora o makka ni someru
  • 3> kodoku no yami no owari o tsugeru
So... Can you match the original lyrics with its english translation? Of course for those who speak Japanese it will be easy...
QUESTION (Lyrics) 13
Fill the gap
In the depth of our heart,
The hot ...... is burning.
It is our resistance
QUESTION (Lyrics) 14
can you guess from which song are these lyrics? Note: the lyrics inside the [] are the chorus.
Ich konnte nicht mehr träumen
Zwischen Licht und Dunkelheit blieb ich allein.
Wer verletzt wurde war nicht nur ich,
sondern auch diejenigen, die mich beobachteten. Ihr seid es gewesen.
Selbstvertrauen, [Habe es!]
Ich konnte es nicht haben . [Nicht geschlagen zu werden!]
Ich hielt mich Versteckt
[Ich mag nicht gefunden werden !]
bis gestern. [Gestern ist vorbei!]
Aber Lebewohl zu meinem gestrigen ich.
[Bye- bye!]
So... which song it is? You can do it!
Ok... for those who speak German it was really easy, right? Next one: can you guess from which song are these lyrics?
Je ne peux même pas rêver
Je reste seule entre lumière et obscurité
Je n'ai pas été la seule à être blessée
Mais toi aussi, qui a pris soin de moi
La confiance (aie la) je ne l'ai pas (ne te fais pas battre)
Je continue de me cacher (je n'aime pas être trouvé) jusqu'hier (hier)
QUESTION (Lyrics) 15
we'll see if you can recognize a Babymetal lyric from another bands' lyrics!
Ok first one: Omae no sono konjoo tataki-naosu zo. [I will beat your ill-nature into shape]
Second one:
Omae wa mou shindeiru. ["You are already dying"]
Third one: mayoikondemo mata saki e tozasenai omoi wo [Even if you get lost, just go ahead from the feeling that can't be closed ]
Last one: umoreta toki tomado omae wa akumu wo samayo, chi no kifuruwasu noise de omae no kokoro kowashite yaru [You're lost in buried time, you're wandering around in nightmares, Your heart will break within the quaking noise ]
QUESTION (Lyrics) 16
From which song are these lyrics?
"Watatata taata"
"Cutie Style!"
"Maada da yo"
"Hitasura seiya soiya tatakau-nda"
"Kao de waratte kokoro de naite "
Dying the eastern sky true red,
the light of signal fire
tells the end of the darkness of solitude.
It's a new guidepost.
The waning moon has lit up
the insanity rampant in the shade.
The laughter resounds around.
It bares its fangs and its eyes gleam.
I can't escape from it.
In the song "Catch me if you can", what is the move they are doing on the lyrics "guru guru kakurenbo"
QUESTION (Song knowledge 1)
From which song these lyrics are from?
Red tears overflow
and dye the night sky
The answer above gives you a song name. This song has been released in June 2013, and was coupled with an another song in the regular edtion. Which one?
During the Legend 1997 show, a special version was played. This version included some usual features. From the following possibilities which one was NOT part of this live version?
here is the Du-metal blog page dedicated to the song in the quiz with the good answer and more. Finally, here is the song in its Legend 1997 shape and the standard version!
QUESTION (Song knowledge 2)
Let's speak about Gimme choco! You all have seen the official video on YouTube (more than 115 000 000 views in April 2020!). Directed by Ryosuke Machida, the music video was filmed during the first live performance of the song. Do you know which live performance it is?
QUESTION (Song knowledge 3)
"Doki Doki Morning" was originally released in April 2011 on a Sakura Gakuin album. Do you know the name of this SG album?
QUESTION (Song knowledge 4)
Let's speak a little bit of Road of Resistance.
When this tune was performed for the first time on 2014 November the 8th (in London), many people thought it was written by DragonForce (a British power metal band) because it resembled DragonForce's tunes too much. The fact, however, is that Sam TOTMAN & Herman LI, the guitarists of DragonForce, took part in the studio recording of this tune.
These infos are a shameful copy/paste from Du-metal Blogspot
Originally the song was meant to have a different name. Do you know which one?
here is a link to the Du-metal's translation of Road of Resistance, featuring the good answer.
QUESTION (Song knowledge 5)
Let's speak a little bit about Doki Doki Morning, would you? Formerly "Do・Ki・Do・Ki ☆ Morning"), the song was released in Japan as an independent DVD single on October 22, 2011, serving as the first single off the debut album Babymetal.
According to Su-metal, the video director, Shimon Tanaka, wanted something particular for the video. Do you know which one?
here is the Suzuka diary with the good answer, and also let's have the song itself and the Du-metal blog page about the song!
QUESTION (Song knowledge 6)
About Ijime, Dame, Zettai :
How many version(s) of the single?
Somehow a famous woman, French historical figure from the Middle-Ages, is (loosely) associated with the song. Do you know who?
QUESTION (Song knowledge 7)
This song's music has been written and arranged by a member of another Japanese band than Babymetal. Do you know which band?
here is the song.
QUESTION (Song knowledge 8)
You all know the song "Awadama Fever" right? However, did you know that this song has had a temporarily name? Do you know this name?
QUESTION (Song knowledge 9)
Let's speak a little bit about Uki Uki Midnight, would you?
"Uki Uki ★ Midnight" has been described by Barks as a sequel to the song "Doki Doki ☆ Morning". Arranged by Yuyoyuppe, the song contains elements of metalcore and dubstep, along with segments of pop melodies and death growls. Notably, the bridge contains elements of a famous and old lullaby...
Do you know which Lullaby it is?
here is the song and the Du-metal blog page dedicated to the song translation.
QUESTION (Song knowledge 10)
You surely know that Moa & Yui wrote the "Song 4" under the label of Black Babymetal. Do you know in what circumstance it happened?
There is a little anecdote linked to this event. Which one?
In the lyrics, the number 4 is associated with several things. Amongst the following answers, which ones are NOT associated with this number? You have to find 4 good answers!
QUESTION (Song knowledge 11)
Let's speak a little bit of the song karate, will you?
In an article published in Rolling Stone (april 27, 2016), we are told that Babymetal watched some videos to get inspiration about the practice of Karate. According to the description given by the girls, they likely have watched one of this little girl's video on You Tube, However, there is one other source of inspiration about Karate, this time a movie. Do you know which one?
here is the article on Rolling Stone with the good answer.
QUESTION (Song knowledge 12)
Let's talk about the song Megitsune - or as we sometimes see "MegiSTune", like in the official Babymetal YT channel (check the description section, the first line of the big text, I think this mistake has been copy/pasted on ALL the videos from the channel haha).
Megitsune has been released as a single in?
In the following answers, which one is FALSE?
The additional versions of this single have a different one syllabic name for each, but if you put all this names together it forms a Japanese word. Do you know which one?
here is the wikipedia page about the song Megitsune with the good answer, and the song itelf.
QUESTION (Song knowledge 13)
What is the longest Babymetal song?
QUESTION (Song knowledge 14)
If I say "Sentimetal Night", you think of...
there is a different version of this song, included in the album of Sakura Gakuin and was performed in the graduation ceremony of Sakura Gakuin. This version is called the "Vega mix version". Do you know what is different in this version?
here is the songso adorable! and the dedicated translation on the Du-metal Blog-spot with the good answer and more knowledges about the song.
QUESTION (Song knowledge 15)
Kirai daaaaaa" ("I dislike")
The song given by the first question has an intro, which is a quotation. Do you know where it comes from?
Ok and do you know what exact quotation it is?
QUESTION (Song knowledge 16)
The single was released in two versions: a standard edition, available via CD and digital download, and a physical limited "Head" edition, which contains the CD as well as a "neck corset" (actually a cervical collar) for headbanging training (safety first!). However, do you know that both editions of the single actually feature TWO songs: "headbanger" -"face A"- and one another -"face B". Do you know what is this other song?
In short the lyrics evokes a story about a 15 years old concert-goer girl. Normally, in japanese "15" translates with "jûgo" (jû=10 ; go=5) but here we have "一五” ichigo, literally "one-five"... Why? Why did the author changed the usual way to say "15". What is the reference here?
During the live performances Legend "D" Su-metal Seitansai at Akasaka Blitz on December 20, 2012, and Legend "1997" Su-metal Seitansai at Makuhari Messe on December 21, 2012, a remix titled "Night of 15 mix." was performed, containing more elements of electronic music. The former took place on Suzuka Nakamoto's actual fifteenth birthday, while the latter was the opening song for the concert. Afterwards this remix has been renamed: do you know how?
here is the Du-metal page dedicated to "headbanger" with the good answer.
QUESTION (Song knowledge 17)
Ok, first question, a simple one: What does "Akatsuki" means?
"Akatsuki" is linked to a X-Japan song. Do you know which one?
There is in an unusual version of the song, do you remember? One of this difference was about lines that are skipped in the lyrics... Actually even some verses were skipped. So... amongst the following verses, which one WAS skipped in the special version?
QUESTION (Song knowledge 18)
The song of the 4 has a special version. This version was released in the «Apocalypse edtion» of the first album. Do you know the name of this special version?
In this version, a part of the lyrics is different. However, because of a close similarity in the text, the changed lyrics link the song to another special version of a Babymetal song. Do you know which song?
here is the Du-metal blog page dedicated to the song in the quiz with the good answers and the song in its special version.
QUESTION (Song knowledge 19)
Can you guess from which song are these lyrics?
don't worry, don't worry
Now we're going to reborn
Set me free
The answer above gives you a song. This song is STRONGLY connected to another Babymetal song. Do you know which one?
And finally, the nasty question: in the lyrics you have the line: "We are The Destinies", as well as the title includes "The Destinies" and also let's add the fact that the girls are three. So, because of all of that, "Destinies" is likely to be a reference to...
here is the Du-metal blog page dedicated to the song with the good answer ; and the song itself
This one was long and tough! Congratulations you made it to the end! So here are some goodies for you!! Album from 2010-2014 & Album from 2016
submitted by JawaScrapper to BABYMETAL

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EDIT: Current as of 11/13/2020
Please let me know if you have any questions!
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I do professional PC, laptop, and game repair part time. Know that the items you receive have been services with capable and caring hands. I put a lot of time into some of these items and care about the quality of my work.
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PC Cases $1 Anthem, Star Wards Jedi Fallen Order, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 4
The Evil Within Limited Edition (PC) $2 Cool case for scary time
Desktop PC Parts https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DjhmpC_vhDSM8QGzpGbTMrSxViNVOka4?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
AMD Wraith Stealth CPU Cooler $10 Brand new, never used, still has original unused thermal paste on it. Never removed from box, was purchased with an R5 3600.
USB 3.1 Gen 2 PCIe Card (2x USB-C Ports) $30 The item page on amazon is gone, but it is basically this: https://www.amazon.com/FebSmart-10-9-x10-10-x-10-15-x-Build-Self-Powered-FS-C2-Pro/dp/B089YN57TD/ Essentially never used. Was in my PC and had a USB-C to it to transfer photos from my phone 1 time in 6 months. Sold my PC and still have this in original box.
Memory Stick Adapters $1 3x MicroSDHC to SDHC, 1x Pro Duo to Memory Stick. Just request these if you need these with your order
Laptop PC Parts https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1FmCTpfqi-nhPKPTgPWI9eM4Y1qM6XvSA?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
Micron 2GB PC4-19200 DDR4-2400MHz non-ECC Unbuffered CL17 260-Pin SoDimm 1.2V Single Rank Memory Module $5 MTA4ATF25664HZ-2G3B1 Working pull from... something I worked on within the last 6 months. An HP?
Samsung 2GB 1333Mhz PC3-10600S DDR3-1333 $5 M471B5773DH0-CH9, 204-Pin SODIMM Laptop Memory Ram, Working pull from some laptop I worked on :P
DVD/CD Drive to Hard Drive Caddy $5 Remove your CD/DVD drive and replace it with another hard drive!
Dell IR Remote $1 Stores in express card slot. I don't really know what this is for, I assume Windows Media Center but I never used it.
Wireless MPCIe WiFi Card 590020-001 $1 Old wifi card that was upgraded for a previous maintenance job. Just request with your order for free or buy it for some reason.
Broadcom BCM94312HMG MPCIe WiFi Card $1 Old wifi card that was upgraded for a previous maintenance job. Just request with your order for free or buy it for some reason.
Dell MPCIe WiFi Card E2K112BNH $1 Old wifi card that was upgraded for a previous maintenance job. Just request with your order for free or buy it for some reason.
Anatel MPCIe Bluetooth Card $1 Old bluetooth card that was upgraded for a previous maintenance job. Just request with your order for free or buy it for some reason.
Dell 300Mbps Wireless ABGN Half MINI PCI-E WIFI Network Card $2 42018217-00, Working pull from a Dell/Alienware
Alienware Laptop Parts https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1o4fUVqO0g4T1GqaXxN2hj0SSKYuKKvKx?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
Dell TS-T633 DVD Writer Optical Drive 2KDGC $10
Alienware M17 Optical Drive Connector and Ribbon Cable $4 (ODD Cable and tray) - W850DI
Alienware M17x R2 CPU Heatsink $6 (2 Available) THA01 RVXVK
Alienware M17x Left Side GPU Heatsink $20 No retention clips on screws, all screws included.
Alienware M17x Right Side GPU Heatsink $20 (2 Available) Perfect condition.
Alienware M17x LEFT-side Graphics Cooling Fan $5 F603N
Alienware M17x RIGHT-side Graphics Cooling Fan $8 F605N
Alienware m17x R2 Palmrest Sub Assembly (Magnesium Plate) $11 3MJ0K
Alienware M17x Internal L & R Speaker Set $4 G242N, these come with the bottom base assembly or purchased separately
Alienware m17x HDD0 Caddy $10 Screws included for caddy, standard 2.5” SSD/HDD screws not included.
Alienware m17x HDD1 Caddy and Interposer $20 Y248M (Caddy) TRDD2 (Interposer), Will come with generic screws
Alienware M17x Daughterboard $10 Audio Ports / USB / ExpressCard Slot IO Circuit Board - F421N, works with m17x R1 or R2
Alienware M17x Center Control Power Button Cover Hinge Cover $5 W779M - It is the power button, caps/num indicator, etc.
Alienware M17x Palmrest Touchpad Mouse Buttons Assembly $15 Very good condition Y243M
Alienware M17x CPU Cooling Fan $5 U012M - Loud fan
CMOS RTC Battery: Alienware M17X $5 Working, 3 available.
Alienware M17x Laptop Bottom Base Cover Assembly $15 RED - J181N, with speakers and IR board
nVidia GTX 240m 1GB MXM 3.0a $15 Working pull from an m15x
Clevo AMD MXM GPU Bracket $30 Make sure you have the right GPU screws and heatsink, might be able to use it for the 8970m in a m17x r2 upgrade.
Alienware m17x/m15x DVD/CD Drive to Hard Drive Caddy $6 Remove your CD/DVD drive and replace it with another hard drive! Allows for up to 3 total 2.5" drives in the m17x or 2 in the m15x.
AS IS Parts https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1kGkMuJT9i72QYc6zFFYgIfgIpIUBtsUY?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
Alienware M15x 15.6" FHD LCD Screen $10 SCRATCHES ON EXTERIOR - SEE PICS - FUNCTIONS FINE!, LP156WF1 H162K PV5HJ Bezel
Alienware M17x 17" 1920x1200 CCFL LCD Screen $10 SCRATCHES ON EXTERIOR - CRACKED LCD (shows image on ⅓ of screen) - Backlight works. Webcam and wifi cables included, LP156WF1 H162K PV5HJ Bezel
Alienware m17x RED LCD Back Cover Lid Panel $5 J227N Paint has been rubbed off from edges over the years - would be excellent for a DIY project to be repainted. No deep scratches.
Alienware M17x Palmrest Touchpad Mouse Buttons Assembly $1 Y243M - Motherboard connector missing plastic holder, can be taped to fit. Left mouse button doesn’t move, but works. Front panel by speakers needs glue.
Intel Core2Quad QX9300 CPU $30 Processor pulled from an m17x R1. It was working when pulled, but in a different motherboard did not work. Can not guarantee function - AS IS.
m14x English/US Keyboard $5 Missing 2 keys, WASD not working. Can definitely be used to replace keys on your own keyboard. Ebay sellers are selling individual keys for over $5 each!
Alienware m17x BLACK LCD Back Cover Lid Panel $5 J226N, may need some super glue on the assembly where it meets the grey back plate, easy fix and honestly I could do it but would not want to state it to be in better condition than it is. Has various scratches as well. See pics.
Alienware M17x / M17xR2 Bottom Access Panel Door $5 C395N, has gashes on panel, see pics.
MISC ELECTRONICS https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18PEr7CUWSaL5xPqzDLrEEUnb0upv6rwJ?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
TaoTronics PC Sound Bar Wired Computer Speaker $15 Model: TT-SK018 https://www.taotronics.com/products/tt-sk018-sound-bar
Memory Stick Adapters $1 3x MicroSDHC to SDHC, 1x Pro Duo to Memory Stick. Request these free with your order.
Verizon MI424WR Rev. I FIOS Modem $5 I have my own router, so I didn't need this.
Verizon MI424-WR Rev. F FIOS Modem $5 I have my own router, so I didn't need this.
FreedomPOP Wireless Modem $1 2 Available - I don’t know much about these, I used them with a free freedom pop sim for wireless internet for a short time. Check pictures.
Star Wars Sphero Forceband $5 Used to control the rolling BB-8 thing by Sphero. https://www.amazon.com/Sphero-AFB01USA-Star-Wars-Force/dp/B01KX211JI
MEMORABILIA AND COLLECTIBLES https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1t-1Pthyn973RVEeCEPVQdXHkEItPhWsV?usp=sharing
Item Cost Description
Pokemon Badges $5 Rather than engaging in illegal animal fights at planet fitness, earn your badges by buying the full set
Digimon Cards $XX See pics for available cards. Angewoman is there so SIDE EYE EMOJI
StarCraft 2 Pylon USB Charger $25 Legacy of the Void - Rare!
Bumblebee Movie mini fig $1 Lil fella was given to me when I went to see Bumblebee. In the wrapper still. I’ll throw him in your order if you reaaaaaly want it.
Verizon MI424-WR Rev. F FIOS Modem $5 I have my own router, so I didn't need this.
Avatar The Last Airbender Pin $1 he looks mad.
4001AD Comic $1 I own this comic and I’ve never heard of it
Mast Effect Omni Blade Cosplay Toy $5 Shepherd. (this toy is better than ME:Andromeda)
Finding Dory Toys $1 You’re probably buying some stuff for yourself from me, so I’ll throw these in for your loved ones. However, might have an upgraded shipping cost (max $5).
CW Arrow Figures $40 Green Arrow Season 2 design, The Flash and Reverse Flash Season 1 design, multiple accessories. Man those shows were pretty good until they were very bad.
DVD Movies https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1G9Xa-1m-sNlBNWeiImMwfdHmzAAOiRRK?usp=sharing These are $1 each or free with other purchases. I really don't feel like typing them all out at the time of this post, maybe I'll get motivated later :) Check the pictures!
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