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GodsWar Online: New Version 2.2.000 Preview

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The History of Godsfall

At first, there was nothing – a millisecond later, there was everything. In the great cataclysms of creation, the First Four were born: Ytar, Goddess of Fire. Ather, God of Air. Emitaf, Goddess of Water. And Ogun, God of the Earth. For a thousand years, they would dance across the universe, creating all the cosmic beauty and devastation within it.
As they danced with each other they birthed more Deities. Ytar and Ather had Siforr (God of the Sun), while Ogun and Emitaf brought forth the the trixter Ius (God of the Moon). It was under the spell of the Moon that Emitaf and Ather did meet, creating Yala (Goddess of Life) and Morduki (God of Death). This infidelity shattered their Divine House, and sent the First Four into the corners of the universe, as far from each other as they each could manage. It was here would remain, agreeing only that there were to be no more Gods. Morduki, the God of Death, was more than happy to oblige this decree – but his sister Life would not be so restrained.
She danced with Siforr and summoned the sisters Ova (Goddess of Beasts), Radia (Goddess of Will) and Wodea (Goddess of Plants). She danced with the Moon and conjured the brothers of Ocarus (God of Dreams), Etos (God of Peace) and Pelios (God of Emotion). Because she was Life, she loved the lives of her children. Because she was their mother, she taught them to love and to dance.
Wodea and Ocarus grew trees so tall that their skin turned hard as iron and divinity was trapped within their branches. The trees filtered this power into their roots, creating Xunos (Goddess of the Wild), who in turn brought forth the Elves to tend her new garden. Radia was seduced by Etos and Pelios, calling forth Lordros (God of Fate) and Voara (Goddess of Force), respectfully. Ova and Ocarus brought forth Vistrix (Goddess of Chaos), Shakti (Goddess of Illusion) and Epona (Goddess of Knowledge).
The Trickster Moon lay with many of his grandchildren. Voara bore him Rapel (God of Magnetism), while his union with Epona summed Kalos (God of Invention). The Gods of Magnetism and Invention would later combine their power and forge Dwarves from stone and magic. Vistrix was Ius’s favorite, and their millenia-long tryst gave birth to Ceato (God of the Sea), Atuna (Goddess of Magic) and Jodar (God of Luck).
Ova was wild, as beasts often are, and the sons of Ius were seduced by her life made flesh. Ova and Etos allowed for Tir (God of Travel), Sah (God of the Astral Plane) and Mivia (Goddess of Time). Ova and Pelios shook the heavens with their love, and called forth seven children: Gaidir (God of Sport), Mightos (Goddess of Strength), Cenos (God of Speed), Udea (Goddess of Vitality), Aurras (Goddess of Sound), Vodon (God of War) and Hilo (God of Flight).
Radia and Etos recoiled in horror at the disorder wrought by their siblings’ children, and lay together to bring about Barros (God of Order).
The families squabbled, as families are wont to do, but the Gods maintained a delicate balance by agreeing to return to the First Law: no more Gods. And for six thousand years, there were none.
Zavan, God of Man
Dwarves were the first of men to be given magic, as they were jealous of the Elves and their millennia of life. They became fierce guardians of this new power, which they used to create great feats of architecture and technology. And once their towering Dwarves halls could be made no more magnificent, they set about shaping the world.
Centuries of dominance made many of the Dwarves as selfish and petty as the Gods. The Elves eventually grew tired of their constant waring and stole the secrets of magic from them, teaching the knowledge to the others races in order to restore balance. Enraged, the Dwarves declared war on all the races of man, and the Hundred Years War began.
As death and turmoil spread across the land without intervention, mankind grew distant from the Gods. The first human city of Ani rapidly expanded as more and more people fled to the walls of the Capital to seek reprieve from the unending violence. The city prospered, a shining light in the darkness that threatened to consume all. Man began to idolize his own creations over the Divinity of the Gods.
When the millionth person was born inside Ani’s sprawling slums, mankind also birthed its first God – a simple but wise farmer known as Zavan. As he was now an omnipotent being blessed with the practicality and impatience of a mortal, Zavan immediately set about improving Ani, raising towering walls that carried magically purified water along the tops of it’s ivory embattlements. He dug a great canal that brought this water into the heart of the city, blessing its inhabitants with good health and bountiful crops.
With the Capital in order, Zavan set about ending the Hundred Years War and unifying the five kingdoms under his rule. In just over a decade he united the races and cities under a single banner, forging the most powerful kingdom the world had ever seen.
The speed at which the God of Man worked, combined with the ease at which he wielded his powers within his own realm, terrified the old Gods and goaded them into swift action (swift for immortal beings, at any rate).
At the height of the Hundred Years War, many Gods grew wary of man’s increasing power. A pact was formed from an unlikely cabal of Siforr, Xunos, Dordon, Vistrix, Voara and Barros. On the first day of the second year of Zavan, they attacked all at once, intent on killing the God of Man with a single strike.
What they had not planned on was Death finally taking a lover. They had certainly not planned on how fiercely he would fight to protect him. The titanic conflict that ensued quickly spilled across the entire pantheon as each Deity was forced to chose a side. The Great Godswar had begun. It would barely last an hour.
The Breaking of the World
As the Gods battled for control over the mortal realm, they tore the planet asunder. Millions of creatures died within minutes as divine energies not seen since the creation of the universe were harnessed as sword and shield.
In the final moments of the hour-long war, Zavan gave his life defending the five nations. Siforr struck at him again and again, sundering the land with earthquakes and volcanos. In order to save the city of Ani, Zavan sacrificed a third of Kadar and much of the countryside surrounding the capitol city as it sank beneath of the waters of a new inland sea. In his dying moments, Zavan willed his Divinity into the fabric of his armor, weapons, clothing and crown, and then willed these artifacts to a simple farmer from Kadar named Jakub Kladivo. The last artifacts ever forged will be forever bonded to the most worthy of those born within the Five Kingdoms.
As the storm that had engulfed the entire world bore down on the five kingdoms, Zavan gathered the raging magical forces that had been unleashed upon his world and used them to form a permanent barrier protecting the ravaged nations from the destruction of the planet. The survivors of the Five Kingdoms put out the fires and rebuilt what they could of their former lives.
Year 1
The five kingdoms sent explorers to every edge of the World Storm on land and sea. Those that returned reported a swirling, impassible wall of wind and lighting over a mile high, and so dense with dirt and debris that vision stopped soon after the storms’ edge. Others reported huge, winged beasts darting in and out of the tops of the storm clouds. After a decade of search and scholarly debate, the leaders of the new world came to a grim conclusion: the Godswar had destroyed the entire world, save for a broken, scorched, drowned continent shielded from oblivion by the dying oath of the last God.
With a sea now separating the Five Kingdoms and a demigod unwilling to use his new powers to force compliance, the union of nations quickly broke apart. The Capital City of Ani remains fiercely loyal to their Godking, safe within their unassailable walls. The South was split in two with the rocky, forested East returning to ancient royal bloodlines in order to keep peace, and the fertile West breaking into a dozen fiefdoms loosely united under an elected council.
The small nation of Ryzan, newly rich with a mile-wide ore of gold that erupted to the surface during the Godswar, gave birth to an unusual form of government. Nearly every public sector position, from Czars to local council leaders, is won by who can pay the most to run the department for that cycle (half a decade). Elections are a simple matter – candidates wager an amount they believe is enough to win, and then run a campaign to encourage the public to “vote” for them by donating to their election pot. All donations and totals are kept secret until the election is over and the vaults, magically warded against theft and sealed to prevent tampering, are inventoried. The winner is the candidate who amassed the most money. This system also allows for a tax-free society, as all of the “votes” are gathered to form the budget for that department over the next five years.
The largest and most northern of the five kingdoms fell into decades of anarchy as famine and disease ran rampant. Out of this chaos a Priesthood arose whose acolytes preached mortal solidarity – foolish, petty Gods destroyed this world, so man should reject all things Godly.
This order sent Inquisitors to every corner of their broken nation, bringing relief in the form of food, supplies and labor. Their priests carried gems mined from deep within the Dwarven Capital of Gal-Hadir that glowed in reaction to the presence of magic. They used these stones to collect and destroy items infused with magic, and repurposed enchanted weapons to forge anti-magic Bane Swords.
The independent nation of Utea was blasted down to the bedrock by Siforr with only small pockets of life surviving.
The Godking
By infusing the last of his Divinity into his possessions and arms, Zavan passed on a great deal of power to Jakub Kladivo, a humble but bright young farmer from the Northern Kingdom. His inherited swords, armor, cloak, boots, helmet, gauntlets, belt and tabard were artifact-level items, instantly transforming him into the world’s last Demigod.
After a period of adjustment to near-Godhood, Jakub set about putting the great city of Ani in order. He established a ruling council staffed half by public vote and half by royal bloodline. The throne secure, he turned his attention to the shattered remains of his once proud kingdom.
Though hunger would would claim many over the next decade, Jakub was able to organize a fleet of relief vessels in an attempt to stem the starvation. And while their most fertile lands had been lost to the scorching rays of the Sun, ash from the Burning Eye caused lands in the North to flourish.
An island chain formed by lava in the Godswar become havens for the root vegetable stables of the North. Admiral Yosef Kadar claimed these islands for the people, and turned what was left of his navy into a national farming relief effort. In order to foster peace, Jakub gifted a hundred ships to Admiral Kadar, allowing him to suppress the various warlords that had carved up the North and spread humanitarian aid to all in need.
In the 33rd year after the Breaking of the World, the Empire of Kadar was officially chartered. Twenty-two years later, the Empire would declare war on the Godking. Backed by the technology of the Northern Dwarves, a powerful navy and gold from Ryzan, Kadar invaded the South.
Their superior numbers and equipment allowed Kadarian troops to overwhelm the Republic of Wessel, followed quickly by much of Eastern Brenus. The Dwarves of the East stood in opposition to their world-conquering brethren and forged an alliance with the Elves of the Ironwood Forest and the Humans of the Highgrass Plains, and held the invading army at the Voiceless Peaks.
Desperate to break the stalemate, Kadar agreed to begin transferring the magical items, armor and equipment they gathered during the Southern Campaign to Gal-Hadir. Weapons were still reserved for the crafting of new Bane Swords, but all other items were turned over to Dwarves.They broke them down in massive lava forges and used the raw magical elements to create horrific stone and metal golems that feed Kadar’s war machine.
Though pressed hard, the Eastern front held due in no small part to the clans of Ents and Trolls that lumbered out of their forests and marshes to meet these inhuman giants eye-to-eye. The battle was turned, and within a year Royal forces loyal to Ani would take the Highlands of Kadar, and establish their will over the banks of Ryzan. Without their gold to fund the war, Kadar had no choice but to agree to a peace accord in the 48th year since the Breaking of the World.
The Fifty Year Peace
Sufficiently cowed by King Kladivo’s combined forces (as well as his ever-increasing God-like might), the Kadarian Empire agreed to peace largely on the capitol’s terms. They would rejoin the greater empire not as subjects of the King, but as a voice in a representational Senate.
Each of the Five Kingdoms would have votes in the senate equal to one for every ten thousand of their citizens (A census is taken every ten years, led by royal forces from Ani with delegates from each of the Kingdoms). King Kladivo would rule as Emperor of this government, with the ability to veto any proposed legislation. The Senate can override this Royal veto with a two-thirds majority vote.
With democracy established (as well an excuse to keep troops in every corner of the empire on a continual basis), Jakub reigned over fifty years of peace, interrupted only by occasional terrorist actions from pockets of Kardarian loyalists.
While Ani remains both popular and powerful, Kadar retains much of its influence over Ryzan, as well as a unrivaled Navy and Army.
submitted by vartian to worldbuilding

Magic of Fall from Heaven

The One fashioned heaven, then took 21 aspects of it and gave them to 21 angels, one to each. These angels went out and fashioned creation from these aspects and for a while creation sung together as one chorus. But when the godswar began these aspects turned against each other, some abandoning their aspects entirely.
Manipulating these aspects was the province of the gods, these angels. But during the godswar they gifted the ability to their war machines. And at the beginning of the age of magic Cerdiwen gifted men with the ability as well. Though man’s divine ancestry and his birthright from the gods make him unusually suited for it.


  1. Adepts able to detect their dominion and perform minor effects.
  2. Mages able to perform great feats. Most with affinity after a lifetime of practice.
  3. Archmages who have mastered their dominion.
  4. Once in a generation casters who perform impossible tasks with their dominion. Some horrors left over from the godswar.
  5. Kylorin, who mastered all 21 dominions. Some true Angels and true Demons.
  6. Archangels, who are the manifestation of their dominion.
  7. Gods, whose will is the dominion.


  • Tali- Angel of Air
  • Hippus
  • Aeromancer
  • Air is the dominion of movement, speed and freedom. Though it is most commonly associated with the wind, adepts can frequently use the dominion to slip out of bonds, or race across an open field at great speed.
  • Practitioners have overwhelming wanderlust. Imprisoning a practitioner will often cause them to go insane. Practitioners often find that their mood is impacted by the weather, powerful practitioners find that the weather is impacted by their mood.
  • Notables
    • Greysun (4)- Greysun rides on the storm. He can become air or lightning at will, dances at the center of the tornado and slips unseen through the mist. He sleeps upon cloudbanks and wakes up in new countries. He is deathly claustrophobic and has a hard time being inside a building.
  • Aeron- Angel of Strength, who would become the Angel of Rage
  • Calabim
  • Physical adept
  • The magic of blood, bone and flesh. There is little detection here, instead minor practitioners often have superhuman physical attributes. More advanced practitioners can apply these bonuses to others, or transform themselves completely. Some can change their face to mimic someone else, bend their bodies like a snake, or regrow lost limbs.
  • The strain of this magic on the body causes practitioners to die young. Many practitioners have physical defects that they can overcome with this dominion. Some practitioners can only affect their own body with this dominion, but these practitioners are often capable of incredible transformations.
  • Notables
    • Kezef (4)- Whose experiments killed all the animals on the Grigi plains. Kezef mastered the art of being able to stitch various creatures together, he created the chimera and the flesh golem. He reserved his biggest feats for his own body, grafting himself into the body of a living giant.
  • Camulos- Angel of Peace, who would become the Angel of War
  • Doviello
  • Wild mage, demonist
  • The power of chaos and randomness. Practitioners have little to no control over the outcome of their spells. They merely channel their power toward their target.
  • Practitioners are usually immune to the effect of their own spells and the influence of this dominion. Instead their influence usually impacts those around them, often unintentionally. Accidents are more common, and others are more apt to take rash actions. Many practitioners are gamblers, not because this dominion helps them, instead it negatively impacts those gambling against them.
  • Notables
    • Carnivean (4)- A rogue and swordsman. His power manifests as incredible luck that always benefits him and crushing bad luck for anyone who opposes him. If there was ever a favored son in creation, it is Carnivean. Bridges collapse under his enemies, while he runs across it, finding perfect footing in the falling rubble.
  • Amathaon- Angel of Fertility
  • Kuriotates
  • Godtouched
  • The power to bring something new into the world. From the minor ability to transform a like substance to another, to making something out of nothing.
  • This is the rarest dominion. It is so rare that practitioners often don’t ever realize they are mages. Instead they are frequently alchemists or herbalists that believe their creations are the result of the ingredients and preparation, when it is their magical ability that is producing the effect. Practitioners are often gifted artists, painters, writers and sculptures.
  • Notables
    • Majen (4)- A master toy maker whose creations were as delightful as they were impossible. A music box that always played a new song. Fantastic animals fashioned only of living paints and incredible growing plants made of shining metal. Board games that play themselves. Bejeweled puzzle boxes that hold wonderful gardens inside. Intricate dollhouses or miniature cities complete with people living out their lives within them.
  • Arawn- Angel of Death
  • Sidar
  • Necromancer, Barren, Crows
  • Those with a minor affinity often make great investigators. They can often sense places where people have died, and people or items that have taken lives. They can detect information from a corpse, often including the last things they experienced before death. Most cultures view manipulating death as immoral, so many practitioners avoid that.
  • No one is born with death affinity. Instead it is found in those that suffer some traumatic event early in life. Those gifted in this dominion are generally barren. Many practitioners use the ability to manipulate death to create perversions of the dead, but moral practitioners can be just as powerful. These two groups often war with each other.
  • Notables
    • Barbatos the Lich (4)- Barbatos was a warlord during the godswar. One of the few humans to join the conflict he led a tribe of men against Arawn, the god of death. They killed Arawn’s servants, and reached Arawn’s throne where Arawn was recovering from battle. Barbatos and his men attacked the god. Arawn lashed out, killing all the tribesmen instantly. But he cursed Barbatos, that he would be ever dying, but may never enter Arawn’s realm.
    • Khalida (2)- Suicidal. Draws her power from almost dying.
  • Ceridwen- Angel of the Stars, who would become the Angel of Magic
  • Sheaim
  • Conjurers
  • This is the power of the between, that which binds things together. At its weakest practitioners are able to see the relationship between objects (a key and a lock) while the more powerful are able to change these relationships which is most famously used to change the location of objects (teleport, changing the relationship between you and the room you are into that of another room). Unusual uses for the dominion include changing the bond between parent and child (to influence birthright curses), or creating a bond between objects for voodoo type magic.
  • Practitioners frequently hear voices and whispers. Many occasionally see objects as other things (seeing a child as a grandparent, an old clock as a tree, a diplomats letter as a bloody knife, etc). They appear as if they have schizophrenia.
  • Notables
    • Gosea the Dwindling (2)- Gosea can channel spirits, usually demons, but has no ability to control them. Instead they possess her and use her as a puppet. She has power, but no will, and she is helpless to be anything but a victim to the forces that control her.
    • Os-Gabella (4)- She is the first human created by the gods and is immortal. Ceridwen, goddess of the stars, personally taught Os-Gabella how to walk between worlds, and showed her the secrets between. Os-Gabella exists in all worlds at once, and can sense and interact with them independently.
  • Kilmorph- Angel of Earth
  • Khazad
  • Hobo Mages, Breathless, Geomancer
  • The source of this power comes from the world itself. It is strengthened in contact with massive blocks of stone, weakened when standing on dirt or cut blocks and practitioners lose all affinity for this dominion if they aren’t in contact with the earth at all. Being in a tree, on a horse, or simply held up in the air by someone else will negate their ability. But when in contact the practitioner can call on all aspects of the world to either imbue themselves with these aspects or transform the earth and stone around them.
  • Because their power comes from contact with the earth many practitioners of this dominion choose not to wear shoes. Their magic will work through the short distance, but it is weakened. Because of their affinity and because their feet are in direct contact with the earth they can often sense anyone walking nearby. Masters of this dominion stop needing to breathe and can be mistaken for being dead, which isn’t helped by the fact that they sometimes bury themselves when meditating.
  • Notables
    • Jenkin (4)- Jenkin is not human, he is a race created to guard a labyrinth between the worlds. He is immune to time, but not immortal. His form is covered in runes he has inscribed, making him nearly invulnerable, as strong as a giant, allowing him to pass through stone, dirt and metal, keeping him from requiring air or sleep, and allowing him to sense anything that is touching the earth within miles of his location.
  • Nantosuelta- Angel of Faith
  • Luchuirp
  • Rune Carver, Enchanter
  • This dominion never works overtly. Instead the aspects of objects are enhanced by it. Without other dominions, only existing aspects can be heightened, a wall can be made stronger, a sword sharper. But with ties with fire a sword can be given a burning blade, or with darkness a charm can be made to hide the wearer. These spells take complex rituals and days, weeks, months or years to cast depending on their complexity.
  • Practitioners of this dominion are typically collectors of obscure and varied objects. They can sense the affinity an object has for a dominion and they are quick to gather ones with a strong affinity because it makes enchanting them in that dominion much easier. A practitioner skilled in this dominion and death is likely to have a morbid collection of items strong with death affinity nearby, murderer’s knives, gravedigger’s shovel, pieces of gravestones, hangman’s noose, etc. They occasionally find affinity for an item that they don’t expect (a key with a strong affinity for mind magic) and can spend a lot of time trying to research the history of the object to find out why.
  • Notables
    • Beeri Bawl (3)-
    • Velgyr (4)- Velgyr is very autistic dwarf and shuns people, preferring instead to dwell in a world of his own creations. He retreated deep into a mountain where he lived alone, creating a city full of enchanted inhabitants. From stone citizens that were nearly perfect imitations of the living, to tiny enchanted butterflies, and everything in between. But his greatest inventions occupied a vault at the city's heart, a crucible which can consume the magical energy of creation (and would be claimed by the Bannor in the Age of Invention), a clockwork dragon and an astrolab whose function is unknown to anyone but Velgyr.
  • Agares- Angel of Hope, who would become the Angel of Despair
  • Infernal
  • Shieldbreaker, Cursed, Dustmen
  • Focuses on the unmaking, ruin and destruction of objects, people, and society. Not by overwhelming power, but by finding and intensifying the targets inherent flaws. This power often works unintentionally, flowers wither, clothes unravel, food spoils. Just because a practitioner is around.
  • Practitioners are often unable to maintain relationships, they see the flaws in others to closely. They become solitary and depressed, often suicidal.
  • Notables
    • Asmoday (4)- The king of dust. Asmoday inherited his father’s wealthy kingdom when he was a child upon his fathers early death. But everything fell to ruin. Blights struck the crops, plagues hit his people, trade relations soured. As he grew into a young man his empire crumbled around him. It wasn’t until Kylorin came to add his lands to the patrian empire and explained his latent ability that Asmoday felt like anything other than a failure. He never ruled again, but he learned control for his power and the ability to focus it to tear areas, armies and empires apart.
  • Bhall- Angel of Fire
  • Clan of Embers
  • Pyromancer
  • The power to channel and control fire also applies to rapid change and mutation. There is often great power in these transformations, but they are temporary and often leave the target weaker or even destroyed by the experience. Practitioners that internalize their power often consume an external source to feed it (fire, hatred or physical matter that they reduce to ash) so that they aren’t destroyed by it.
  • Practitioners of this dominion are very passionate, as artists, lovers or they are violent. They are often very driven individuals, those obsessively pursuing their goals and the disenfranchised looking to launch a rebellion.
  • Notables
    • Mikel Dylantyr (4)- there is an ocean of fire that dwells within him. And though he can channel it, his true power is tied to his rage. When enraged, fire flows out of him hot enough to melt stone and waves of lava flow from him. An entire city stood once where there is now only ash and rippled stone.
  • Dagda- Angel of Balance
  • Grigori
  • Judges
  • This is the power of the immutable. The power of authority and judgement. Magic is performed as “Decrees”, the Decree of Eternal Vigilance compels someone to protect the target with their life. The Decree of Silence keeps someone from ever speaking about a subject and the Decree of Sanctity keeps the target from entering a specific location. Decrees can apply to people or inanimate objects. Powerful practitioners can have decrees that impact the entire world. A “wall of force” isn’t a physical construct, it is a decree that nothing can pass the area that is applied to the entire world.
  • Many practitioners of this dominion are mute. They tend to be open minded and thoughtful, but once they make a decision, they are slow to move off of it.
  • Notables
    • Paimon (4)- He is a luonnotar his early 50’s. He is plain, quiet, forgettable. He is immune to all magic. And has an incredible gift to “awaken” a person, dramatically increasing their magical aptitude for the rest of their life. He can also do the opposite and purge a person of all magical ability forever.
  • Mulcarn- Angel of Ice, who would become the Angel of Winter
  • Illians
  • ?
  • This is the force of stasis, of unchanging. It can also be a force for calm or slow recovery (like a coma). A little power can cause things to slow, and strong practitioners can cause natural processes to stop entirely.
  • Practitioners become dogmatic, resistant to new ideas or reform. They love tradition and take comfort in rituals and habits. They tend to be conservative in all things.
  • Notables
    • Badb (4)- there is a blizzard that rages across Erebus, horrible, sudden and dark. It settles into an area at night, and is always gone by dawn. Those lost in the blizzard sometimes find an ancient castle that didn’t exist before and seek shelter from the cold. The castle is haunted, endlessly reliving one horrific night. But the king is very much alive, Badb is caught in this nightmare and is as powerful as he is insane.
  • Junil- Angel of Justice
  • Bannor
  • Witch hunter
  • This dominion is the power of justice and equity. It punishes inequity, corruption and randomness. Law frequently gives power equal to any just challenge, but no more.
  • Practitioners tend to be obsessive compulsive in some aspect of their lives. They are reliable administrators but may be inflexible. Practitioners are the most powerful when standing against corruption.
  • Notables
    • Soqed Hozi (4)- Head of the Order during the Age of Magic. It is said that if she spoke a lie, reality would change to make it into truth. Soqed had a mute twin who was little more than a dim shadow of her powerful sister. The two remained at the Temple of Atonement where they oversaw the church and its inquisitors.
  • Nemed- Angel of Life
  • Mercurians
  • Warden
  • Minor practitioners can influence fertility and help speed healing. More powerful can perform miraculous healing or extend life. Practitioners can also sense back through generations of a subject, sensing who assessors are, and bringing out their assets in their descendant.
  • Practitioners are often conceived without sex. Those conceived like this often have high affinity. Practitioners are often drawn to those that are suffering, though they are often sought by powerful men as a balm against disease and old age.
  • Notables
    • Leucetios (4)- The mother of nations is eternally young, and always pregnant, giving birth every 9 months, usually to twins or triplets. Each of her children are heroes in their own right and they all share a bond with their mother that they can draw strength, healing and support from her.
  • Oghma- Angel of Knowledge
  • Amurites
  • Channeler
  • This dominion focuses on the nature of magic itself. It is most commonly used to detect and identify magic. Though at moderate levels it can be used to break and disrupt spells and at the highest levels it can be used to transform magic, or the way it works. A master in this dominion can create an area where magic doesn’t work, move an enchantment from one object to another, or trap a magical creature in an object.
  • This dominion has to be accessed through symbols, runes and ritual. Practitioners spend long hours studying to understand these complex interactions much as a chemist studies chemistry. This makes for bookish, arcane sorts. Unusually there are varied types of this dominion that seem to have little connection to each other. One may understand magical interactions through precise mathematical drawings, another through colorful mandala, other through carvings on elaborate 3 dimensional objects. These all have the same result, but students of each have little to learn from each other. It appears that any way it is envisioned it is only an interpretation for the true nature of magic, and practitioners can only hope to learn by continuing to learn more about their particular interpretation. Learning another is like starting over.
  • Notables
    • Auric Ulvin (3)- Auric has no ability to manifest magical effect on his own, but a strong ability to detect and manipulate magic that already exists. He is vessel capable of consuming and expelling great power.
    • Gastrius (4)- Gastrius’s body was long ago consumed by his magic. Now he appears as a figure made of blue fire. He can’t interact with creation without a willing host that he bonds with. The host gains great power but is in control (mostly) and is guided by Gastrius.
    • Govannon (3)-
  • Mammon- Angel of Foresight, who would become the Angel of Greed
  • Balseraphs
  • Titles
  • The power of memory and thought. Practitioners can read minds and protect their thoughts from the same. The more powerful can manipulate the memories of their targets or dominate them entirely. There are a wide range of effects that can be caused by this dominion, from becoming “invisible” by causing on target to fail to notice you, to implanting thoughts (you should go out on patrol), or mistaking the senses (that stick is a snake). The effects typically require concentration to maintain the effect. This dominion is largely ineffective against those whose minds are significantly different than the practitioners (so a human would be unable to affect animals or angels).
  • Exposure to others minds often causes befuddlement or confusion in the practitioner. They are often unable to simply cause the change they want and will expose themselves to other thoughts or memories of their targets. Practitioners who use the power to frequently may begin to dream as if they were their target, or have odd memories from the lives of those they have influenced. Many go insane. Others suffer dementia where their memories become lost in sea of others.
  • Notables
    • Henri Ghouls (Perpentach) (4)- Henri has lived for generations by dominating a victim to the point where they believe they are him and have every memory and thoughts he has. Subjugating their mind completely. He has gone through so many generations that the process has driven him quite mad.
    • The Horncrier (2)- The Horncrier travels with a Balseraph carnival and he has one particular gift. He can push his thoughts and sensations out to a large group of people around him. He demonstrates this by becoming imbibing on Jeteye (the drug has so damaged him that he remembers little of his life before becoming the Horncrier) and then watching the carnival. Everyone in attendance experiences the carnival through the filter of his euphoric and addled mind.
  • Sucellus- Angel of Nature
  • Ljosalfar
  • ?
  • The power of slow growth. The power of the forest and the remote corners of the world. They can sense the life of a region and commune with plants and animals.
  • Affinity is strongly based on the practitioners environment, being nearly powerless in urban areas and powerful in the deep forest. Practitioners often have a specific type of plant or animal that they bond with.
  • Notables
    • Arendel Phaedra (4)- Flowers bloom in her presence and turn toward her. Has mastered awakening, animating and speaking to plants. Can animate an entire forest. Also has an incredible bond with birds and can see through their eyes and speak to them from miles away.
    • Herve (4)- Controls weather, which often changes violently with his mood. Can modify entire herds of animals across generations and is responsible for creating many of the dire species of wolves, boars, bears and others that survive to this day.
    • Talia Gosam (2)-
  • Esus- Angel of Trust, who would become the Angel of Deception
  • Svartalfar
  • Catseyes
  • This is the power of deception, hiding and illusion. Unlike other dominions that give the power to detect their power, that is not granted through shadow. A practitioner can create illusions of size and complexity depending on his affinity.
  • Many practitioners lose their affinity during the day. Nearly all practitioners have increased ability to see in darkness. Many with an affinity for this dominion see things that aren’t real. Occasionally it is as strong as full hallucinations, but more commonly they are simply people moving in the shadows, something standing at the edge of the bed, or something glimpsed out of the corner of the eye that isn’t really there.
  • Notables
    • Gibbon Goetia (3)-
    • Wode (4)- According to legend Wode was the one who brought the worship of Esus to the svartalfar, who hid the sun for 7 years to allow lycanthropes and vampires to spread, who stole 3 gems from the worlds of death, air and water. None of this is true, every story about him as a charming rogue and swashbuckling mage is a lie. In truth he dwelt within the sewers of patria, he is the king of insects and everything that skitters amd crawls. He hears everything that is whispered in the city above him, and he knows everyone’s secrets.
    • Jacque the Barber (2)- bearer of the umbra cloak, a power that resides in those with shadow affinity. It grants knowledge and shadow abilities as long as no one ever knows that the bearer has those powers. Once someone knows, the cloak passes to another.
  • Sirona- Angel of Wisdom
  • Elohim
  • Exorcist,
  • This is the power of emotion, of hope and fear, of compassion and anger. It is the power that reminds us that our bodies are a thin veil for the soul that lies within us. Bodies that will break down when we experience true loss, and unable to stand under overwhelming grief.
  • Twins are more likely to be gifted in this dominion. Blindness increases a practitioners affinity so it is more common in this dominion. Some practitioners blind themselves on purpose for this reason. Practitioners often unintentionally affect the emotions of those around them, because of that, they make good performers. Some practitioners have more powerful impact over those they love, some have more impact over those they hate.
  • Notables
    • Einion Logos (2)- Einion is a detector, he can read the subtitles of the mood of those he views. See the slightest twinge of fear or desire in someone he is speaking to. This makes him a capable diplomat and advisor.
    • Ethne the White (3)- Ethne’s power is largely untrained and uncontrolled. She inspires those that follow her. Her effect can be felt for miles as a feeling of courage, faith and peace. She can inspire entire armies or cities. Ethne’s power only remains as long as her own faith is steadfast.
    • Laroth (4)- He would create his own empire in the underworld. Laroth’s incredible gift is to inspire sacrifice in others. Those he speaks to will give their life savings, or even their lives to him. They seek to subjugate themselves to any cause he offers. In life this giving was finite, but when Laroth’s entered the underworld he found this sacrifice to be infinite, and began raising an army of worshipping souls that served him alone.
    • Sammuel the Grey (2)- He specializes in trapping the souls of those that die, either in their corpses or other objects. These souls were of moderate use, most commonly Sammuel sold them as occult trinkets. Though over time their haunted nature would often curse the owner.
  • Lugus- Angel of Light
  • Malakim
  • Prophet, Radiant Guard
  • This is the power of revelation and spiritual truth. At modest levels it can destroy illusions and force the truth out of someone, and at the most powerful it can tear away everything false from a target, both physically and emotionally. It can strike those that refuse to see the truth blind, turn strong but insecure men into burnt reflections of their spiritual selves, and shock a rioting mob into seeing exactly what they have become.
  • Telling lies weakens the power of a practitioner over this dominion. To the point that they can lose it entirely. Those that are completely open for years can reach amazing levels of power, but that is rare to find. Many casters are powerless at night, or when they are not in direct sunlight.
  • Notables
    • Chalid Astrakein (3)-
    • Radiant Guard (1)- In the patrian empire many prophets fled into the desert to avoid death when they warned against the empires wickedness. But Kylorin specifically trained a group of sun affinity kingsguards called the radiant guard that could see through illusions and deception. They were renown for being able to stop assassinations.
    • Tamesis (4)- His skin glows like the sun. Radiant light pours out if him and makes it impossible for him to leave his specially prepared chamber in the Spire of the Sun. In the spire he would receive people seeking truth, looking to be purged of curses, atonement or blessings. He was treated as a living god.
    • Varn Gosam (3)-
  • Danalin- Angel of Water
  • Lanun
  • ?
  • The force of the ocean is also the power of dreams, sleep and madness. Their power is strengthened with contact with water, but most are able to draw off of the moisture in the air and in their own bodies to cast.
  • In the Age of Rebirth, most practitioners struggle with horrific nightmares. The intensity increases with their affinity with this dominion. Ironically many gifted with affinity in this dominion are afraid of water, either that fear or an early trauma with water seems to have deepened their connection.
  • Notables
    • Hannah the Irin (3)-
    • Hemah (4)- Hemah is an affective dreamer, his dreams become reality. His dreams have born monsters and heroes, and they have remade Hemah and his past many times. He isn’t a typical mage in that he does not control the magic, it controls him. He is trapped in his own nightmare.
    • Trenton Majosi (4)- The last of the Aifons. Trenton completed a quest to save his people from destruction, but opted not to use the solution and risk restarting the godswar. Instead he stood with his people as their doom approached.

Multi-Dominion Adepts

An adept with an affinity for two dominions. About 25% of all adepts are Petrarchs. Having an affinity for two dominions doesn’t confer any extra proficiency, and many Petrarchs favor one dominion over the other.
  • Notables
    • Faeryl Viconia (3)- Nature/Shadow. Faeryl was only born with Nature affinity but Esus gave her a great mirror that hangs in her bedroom. The mirror always shows her sister, Arendel. But it shows Arendel to be more beautiful, more perfect, more heroic she actually is. As long as Faeryl keeps the mirror, she is gifted with Shadow affinity.
    • Gaelan (3)- Chaos/Metamagic
    • Keelyn (3)- Dimensional/Mind
    • Lethe, Queen of Sorrow (3)- Entropy/Spirit, Able to drive men into deep depressions and hopelessness with just a few words.
    • Mary Morbus (3)- Body/Death. Her magic comes from the disease that infects her. Body magic allows her to remain alive even with the plagues she carries. Though it doesn’t protect those around her.
    • Sandalphon (3)- Shadow/Spirit
    • Thessa (3)- Nature/Death
    • Tya Kiri (3)- Dimension/Entropy
    • Judecca (3)- Entropy/Earth. Rustbringer, able to cause swords to break and castle walls to crumble.
An adept with an affinity for three dominions. They are very rare. Unlike Petrarchs, an affinity for three dominions usually means that the adept is incredibly gifted in all three. These are once in a generation mages who are often capable of nearly godlike acts of magic.
  • Notables
    • Alexis (4)- Body/Death/Spirit. Alexis can strengthen herself by feeding on the death of others. This strengthening stops aging and makes her superhuman in health, strength and speed. Her most remarkable ability is that she can transfer this power to others, though they remain bound to her afterwards. And they can transfer it as well. Through each generation the bond and the effect weakens. But it has allowed her to enslave people for ages.
    • Dain the Casswallan (4)- Fire/Metamagic/Sun. His most unique gift is his ability to transform magic into fire. He can use this to destroy nearly any magical opponent or barrier, and with his affinity for fire he can control the fire created by the transformation. His affinity for sun grants him with 7 ethereal eyes which see through all deception, even when he sleeps.
    • Solomon Ka (4)- Mind/Body/Spirit. Solomon can only focus his magic internally, but he uses it to make his body superhuman, his mind has perfect recollection and perception and is immune to domination, and his soul is both immune to outside influence and able to travel outside his body. He has also stopped aging.
    • Tebryn Arbandi (4)- Death/Dimensional/Enchantment. Tebryn worked his most powerful magic through runes, including one that caused anyone who died within miles of it to rise as undead in Tebryn’s service and another that caused him to be reborn as a child if he is ever killed.
The only known master of more than 3 dominions is Kylorin, who mastered all 21.
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