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2020 Wizard101 Central Low Level Anniversary Madness 1v1

Wizard Hack Menu Created by Coridex73 How to use: Inject [HOST] into [HOST] I would recommend using my injector: Here Press INSERT to open the menu. Wizards can learn spells, fight monsters, and make friends for free in the magic Wizard games world of Wizard City! Dragonspyre will be Malistaire for your robe (with an awesome helephant.

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As part of the largest Wizard101 Community and Wizard101 Forums online, this is a community wiki that anyone can contribute to! I'm really excited by these gear sets and I hope other items (if not more full sets) are awarded from quests in the future. Wizard101 Hack tool features: Wizard101 Crown Generator, Gold Hack, Level hack, Speed Hack.

Level 140 gear: Wizard101

Aquila is a side world with 3 optional dungeons at level 30, 70, and 90. The level 30 dungeon, Mount Olympus, will be your first big challenge and best early destination for gear. Wizard101 - Exploring Catacombs In The Latest Update click over here. Wizard101: *NEW* Best Way To Farm Gold FAST! (2020.

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This is an announcement to notify all the users who voted in October 2020 to refinish and repurpose the site that the desired changes and related improvements have been officially disallowed by Wikia on the site. Wizard101 Coupons and Promo Codes for November 2020 are updated and verified. Wizard101 is surely an excellent Adventure game that's very addicting to play.

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Wizard 101 Trainer, Saves, Editor for PC. Best archive of Wizard 101 trainer, saves and editor, action replay codes, solutions. The Spring 2020 Test Realm will arrive soon for Wizard101! Last updated on Oct 01, 2020 14: 16: 46 PDT View all revisions.

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Wizard101 Crown Generator IceHackss No Survey 14647 .DTS read this article. Quest-awarded gear could be one more option to help diversify what wizards are wearing and help out more casual players who don't enjoy farming difficult bosses. If you like to read an overview of the dungeons, including cheats and strategy tips, check out our House of Scales and Lower Zigazag guide.

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FREE Wizard Game Online For Kids. Hack Generator: Wizard101 crown generator hack 2020 june. Wizard101 is an MMORPG created by KingsIsle Entertainment.

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And since February 2020, this. To get an article, image or subcategory to show up here, append [[Category: Pets]] to the bottom of the article, image or subcategory page. Alternatively, Wizards can complete Wizard City and explore further afield with Membership or.

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DOWNLOAD VIA STEAM System Requirements. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. What everyone born in early 2020's spent their early childhood playing.

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Note: It shouldn't be necessary to manually add categories to pages created using the Infobox Templates; the templates apply the appropriate categories automatically. Even a novice can use our wizard cheat codes with ease, as it is an easy. Groups; Albums; Forum Actions.

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Wizard101 Code Generator Free Download No Surveys. But this is just the client? Current available version is 6.7 and this may upgrade in future.

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As wizards begin their questing toward Karamelle, they'll first need to complete a few quests in the Arcanum. The auras in the star school are pretty useful, but not enough so that I would rank it as the best school on Wizard101. I think) Wizard101 Hack Menu Created by Coridex73.

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How to legally get a free World of Warcraft .... Click the button on the left to download Wizard101 and play for free on your computer!

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Wizard Hack (% Working) Wizard Generator cheats hack crown Version Download No Survey Update 6 August By YreCALIK Wizard Crown Generator K Crowns In Couple Minutes. Wizard101 character help please? . Winter 2020 new Beastforms - Page 1 - Wizard101 Forum and Fansite Community Remember Me.

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With the increasing level of experience, skills increase Digimon. Wizard 101 cheats to get free crowns. How to get money and bunch of mana - Submitted by: richard legend sword Play the arcade game on wizard101(doodle doug regular) and at the end of a level if you have any bombs left wait till the time is out after the level then press space bar rapidly and then your score will go up so you get more stuff and it works for every level on the game hope i helped a lot add me my name is richard.

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Free wizard101 accounts. I actually remembered about Wizard101 off of a whim and remembered how much fun I had playing it years ago. Leave a Comment 29. How to Choose a Plan.

5 new levels were planned but scraped in favor of wizard101

5 new levels were planned but scraped in favor of wizard101 submitted by enpedia to Pirate101

Wizard101 Level 130 "Darkmoor 2.0" spells (UPDATED)

Wizard101 Level 130
As you guys know, this autumn, we *might* be getting this long-awaited Olde Town "Hole" update. Many have speculated this as being the next major dungeon (Darkmoor 2.0 etc). Over the last year I've been making a whole load of gear sets that you've probably already seen. In this post I will showcase 14 spells which I think would make great additions to this update.
There have been many revisions to these spells, if anyone here knows me from Discord, you'll have seen many updates to these spells I've made overtime.
The following spells are 8-pip shadow-enhanced spells which you will get after completing the first quest once you enter the dungeon. Like Darkmoor, there is likely to be multiple dungeons, so these spells will be awarded after the first initial dungeon.
With each spell, I will give an explanation of why I've created the spell, and I'll also show an Epic-enchanted variant.


Spell: Dolphin Swarm Effect: 1,300-1,400 Storm Damage to one enemy, and 500 additional Storm Damage to all enemies. Description: Storm's 8-pip spell is the same concept as Flame Serpent and is basically a stronger version of that. With an Epic, you can deal up to 2,200 damage to one single enemy. Glowbug Squall is still recommended if you wish to deal equal damage to all enemies, as it costs less pips and has an additional effect. Dolphin Swarm is a great spell in places such as Darkmoor, Mimic and Medulla.


Spell: Fire Cannon Effect: 140 + 75 Fire Damage over 3 rounds, PER PIP. (14 pips: 1960 +1050 over 3 rounds) Description: This spell can deal an insane amount of damage if used in the right scenario. However, this spell is not recommended especially if you're using Backdraft, though if another wizard is using Backdraft, this spell will be excellent. This spell is not recommended over FFA or Scimitar, as it relies on having lots of pips. If a fire wizard is the only fire wizard in the battle, they may wish to use Backdraft then in one or two turns go straight for a Scimitar or FFA. The overtime is pretty helpful also, though still, it's usability is similar to Snowball Barrage - it's only very good if you have the pips.


Spell: Arctic Fissure Effect: 1,355-1,495 Ice Damage. Description: This spell used to deal 900+900 over 3 rounds, however, I felt that Ice would prefer to have a solid big hit like this, dealing just shy of 1800 with an Epic. Again, if you want to battle efficiently with your pips, Weaver is still a great option, but only if you can't save up or have to hit with only 5 or 6 pips. A simple big-damage spell based on Storm Owl.


Spell: Howl's Moving Castle Effect: 1,400-1,540 Balance Damage. Description: I thought Balance might have benefited from the same type of hit as Ice, so I gave Balance a similar spell. It is slightly stronger than Ice's version. This spell is a fantastic alternative to Judgment, dealing the same damage as a 14-pip Judgment at the minimum. (Sort of like how Glowbug deals the exact same as a 14-pip tempest) I would still use Sandworm if you wish to conserve pips, but this is still a great spell to use for a big hit, nonetheless.


Spell Chernabog's Fury Effect: 1,420 Death Damage, +40% Universal Trap on Target or -40% Death Weakness to self (chance). Description: Death has enough drains. Why shouldn't they get a big hit also? I feel that the damage could be slightly buffed a bit, but I think it still works considering Deathblades *are* better than Balanceblades. This spell is just like Rusalka's Wrath, but for Death. Instead, leaving a trap instead of a blade, though still gives you a weakness if it decides to hate you. Because I went for 40% for a trap, I had to give the weakness chance 40% also. If you want a risk-free hit, Qismah is still a great alternative.


Spell: Mass Extinction Effect: 1,830 Myth Damage over 3 rounds, and Stun Block to self. Description: This spell is one of the most altered spells I've got. At first, this spell dealt 2,100 over 3 rounds and Stunned the target - I realised this was WAY too overpowered, so I lowered it. It was then 2,016 over 3 rounds, but instead Stun Blocks self. I still thought this was a tad too much damage, even for an overtime. So then, I went with 1830. At least the Stun is gone, which would have been way too OP especially for PvP.


Spell: Forest Cats Effect: 1,024 Life Damage to all enemies. A 20% universal trap on all enemies, and a -30% accuracy debuff to all enemies. Description: Undoubtedly this is my favourite spell. A great AoE hit, with a trap and accuracy debuff to all enemies. Life deserved a better shadow AoE after Wings of Fate. Perhaps the damage could be slightly lowered but I'll see what you guys think. After all, it IS an 8-pip spell compared to the 5 and 6 pip AoEs we've had. So it's naturally going to be stronger.

Grandmother Raven Spells

Alongside these spells, players will also be able to learn Grandmother Raven's own spells. These are 1-pip, 1 Shadow pip spells. The card is Shadow, but deals the school damage, meaning your stats will NOT affect the damage output. These are alternatives to the Moon spells, however, costing one shadow pip, these might not be for everyone.
Each Grandmother Raven spell has two effects on top of the Damage (600-700 depending on school) The first effect will be something that is suited for the school (Storm gets a mini-enfeeble, Death gets a Feint, Myth has a Shatter effect, and so on). However, the second effect for all schools is a universal shield to themselves. Of course, more offensive schools like Storm will have a lower shield, while Ice has the highest shield.

That wraps it up for this post.

I'd love to see your comments and thought about these. Do you think there should be any buffs or nerfs? Do you think the Raven spells would be somewhat viable? Let me know! :)
submitted by Sh0ck3dd to Wizard101

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