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Whether your dream is to star in a movie or TV musical, a reality TV talent competition like American Idol or The Voice, a musical theater production, commercial or anything that features song, you'll find every. The latest release of Audition is a very. How can i do a audition perfect hack or bot? Download a FREE, printable casting websites comparison chart (PDF) by entering your email below, and we'll send it to you! Audition perfect hack 2020.

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Malware and android phones? The Automatic Speech Alignment is a novel story which will permit you to substitute discourse and also languages with a path or. Anna Bronsky is a violin teacher at a music high school. Android device to your computer using the mouse and keyboard. You need to input the CD-Key in the Redbana website to receive your item in-game.

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This could be the place for you! The network is filming a new commercial and is searching for families as well as single boys and girls. Adobe Illustrator CC 2020 Full Cracked Latest Software https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=2692. The team is looking for a family of two parents who have two kids that are around 6 to 12 years old. Acting auditions, modelling jobs & extras, musicians and dancers casting.

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Auditions are posted in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Champions League showdown the perfect audition to boost international aspirations. Proper use of color combination with perfect layout makes this template alluring and special. Adobe audition CC 2020 Crack straight link is now on to download for free for Windows OS. Adobe Audition 2020 crack as we all see is an audio editing application. Arrange and edit multitrack clips with Audition; Looping clips; How to match, fade, and mix clip volume with Audition; Automating mixes with envelopes; Multitrack clip stretching; Video and surround sound.

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Downoad Adobe Patcher 2020 Zii v6.0 https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=2705. An easy guide to making your Academy audition video recording A smartphone, tablet or similar device is perfect for recording your audition. Everyuth Times Fresh Face Season 13 Audition 2020. This is far more addicting than Auditi. Whether you are on a marketing team, in a production studio, wanting to learn the basics of audio, or just want to be able to edit your own personal projects, Adobe Audition is a powerful tool that is incredibly scalable to your needs.

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Mission 8: Master and Disciple. The simplicity of use is flawlessly blended with the power of work, allowing to create master. PlayPark Perfect World. Download Free Drum Kits 2020 and More! Industry quality sounds designed by award-winning music producers.

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Commercial auditioning is a specific sort of beast. Camtasia Studio 2020.0.10 Crack + Keygen 2020 Update. The goal here is to help you. TV Show Auditions for Teens and Adults in 2020 Singing Auditions in 2020 It is an amazing time to be an aspiring singer with opportunities in all aspects of the entertainment industry and this category is here to help you find the one that is right for you. Can you say me a site to get audition eu hack for story or perfect hack 01/22/ - General Gaming Discussion - 15 Replies Today I Have A.

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Halloween Costume 2020 November 5, 2020 MEDIA. Read: Winners announced for Pablo Casals International Award.

AT/AT/AT/T/AT -- Lessons learned you may not have seen yet and apply to both the 2020 and 2021 exams.

AT/AT/AT/T/AT -- Lessons learned you may not have seen yet and apply to both the 2020 and 2021 exams.
This is long, this is detailed, and I'm not sorry.
Breakdown: Top 11 Lessons Learned, Retrospective Study Plan recommendations, Exam Day.
Lesson 1: Don't be stubborn like I was when studying for my first attempt and only look at lessons learned from AT X5 posts. There is so much value in the posts by those who failed their first and second attempts as well as those who didn't get a perfect score. Learn from their mistakes.
Lesson 2: You may qualify for extra time when taking the exam. I have ADD and struggled with the time during all of my practice attempts. I failed my first attempt because I ran out of time. After discussing with some of my peers, I found out that I could qualify for extra time and was awarded 2 additional hours. There are several reasons why you may qualify for accommodations and I write about this in more detail here.
Lesson 3: Get your contact hours for free. As my UN clearly states, I am a Skillsoft employee. No, this is not an advertisement for their content. They offer a free 14-Day Trial (90 days if you have a student email) of all of their content, including PMP Certification Prep content. I took Joseph Phillips Udemy course last year when I was working for my previous company before I knew Skillsoft even existed. Yeah, the course is cheap... but honestly, you can't beat FREE.99 and IMHO, Barb Waters is more engaging. Register for the trial here. Once you get your account setup, click on Browse>Certifications>PMI>PMP Certification Bootcamp. In the upper right-hand corner you can select the 2020 edition since it defaults on the 2021 content. A document on how to do all of this is also available, just DM me for it. You can also DM me if you need help with anything, let me know if you're using the trial, I'll give you some pointers on how to make the most of it. You can check with your company's L&D team to see if they already have licenses to Skillsoft, they might, we are a pretty big player in Professional Certification Content Prep. That would be way better than being confined to the 14 day trial because we have a decent exam simulator too (Fincter's is still the gold standard).
Lesson 4: Figure out your study style and accept your fate. I took this study style quiz and it said I was the type who learned best by writing everything out. That was too much work and I didn't want to believe it. After I failed my first attempt and began to prep for this second attempt, I was much more diligent in taking notes. What do you know? That was the stuff that stuck in my head come exam time. Accept your fate.
Lesson 5: Prepare your application like a boss. I was never a contractor so I didn't document my hours the way PMI expects us to. This guide saved my ass.
Lesson 6: Find the materials that work for you. (More on this after lessons learned, I tried a lot of different resources and spent way too much money.) Ricardo Vargas, Joseph Phillips, Cornelius Fincter, Rita Mulcahy, Praizion, pmwithRay, Aileen YouTube, Scott Payne, Andy Crowe.... there.are.so.many. And not one resource will work for everyone. For me, I struggled not with the concepts but with the connections. I never understood how all of the knowledge areas came together during a project life cycle. Everyone loooooves Vargas in here, unpopular opinion...I snoozed. His documents were great. For this second attempt I blew up the big map and then the puzzle (as seen in the photo)
Pocket Prep materials on the left and Ricardo Vargas Materials on the right side of the wall. For Ricardo Vargas Materials, I sent them off to FedEx/Kinkos and ordered some velcro circles from Amazon. Stuck those to the labels and their positions on the puzzle.
I played with the puzzle at least once daily (for three days leading up to the exam). On exam day I walked through all of the steps with my husband trying to relate this to his line of work (he runs a landscaping company but all of the reports and formal processes are done in his head LOL. Not sure how much it helped me retain everything, but it did make me feel better. Warm and fuzzies are also a win when preparing to tame this beast.
Lesson 7: Understand what it means to "know where you're at in the project." Man, I've been part of this sub (different alias) for 18 months and I've seen so many people say that ^^^ but what does that really mean and HOW do you do it? It took me until literally last week to get the hang of this. When answering a question, yes, break it apart but also think about the next few logical steps. If an issue has been identified, yes you are going to document this issue in the issue log, but then you are also going to evaluate the impact to the project and determine if you need to submit a change request. So, thinking a few steps out also helps resonate your understanding of the material and fully see where you are at in the project. I feel like Praizion is an unsung hero of this sub, I love his teaching and analysis style. It's not high quality production value by any means but he is effective. His daily drills like this one helped me finally decompose the questions and start thinking a few steps out. He's got tons on his channel.
Lesson 8: Take the PMI Practice Exam when you are ready to start taking practice exams. Not sure when this was released but OMG how amazing! I took the practice exam when I started taking my studying seriously (11 days ago) and it helped me gauge where I was struggling but doesn't break it down at all like Prepcast or Skillsoft exam simulators do. This actually helped me more, I had to identify it on my own and when I got stuck I'd talk it through with my study buddy (more on that in lesson 10). So not only figuring out the wrong answer vs the right answer, but also the classification of the question (alignment with the domain tasks discussed in Lesson 9) helped me think the situation through. Also, about 90% of my exam was tested on similar topics. You get a good grasp of where you're struggling and need to review in the PMBOK.
Lesson 9: Review the exam content outline and know your tasks in Initiating. I got a NI on my first attempt. Yes that's right, I failed my first attempt because of Initiating. I was salty about it too. My score was..... NI/T/T/T/AT and right at the line of pass/fail. Must have been just a couple of points. I don't think I had seen that damn outline. Had I known those tasks were there, I wouldn't have gotten so confused by Vargas's video and better understood that you update the stakeholder register throughout the project (yeah I know guys that's an easy one now LOL). So in case you haven't seen it, I'm linking it here.
Lesson 10: Don't get an accountability partner, get a study buddy. I tried so many different things in my journey. I was a part of Scott Payne's beta program for the PM Master Prep course, I was on slack groups, discord servers, facebook groups, you name it. None of it worked for me. It was too much to keep up with, no one was active when I wanted to be active, nothing was aligning. I tried meeting with a couple of people on the phone but we never really went anywhere with it. We tried creating a project from scratch and going from initiate to close but got hung up on details that didn't matter. It was like the blind leading the blind. Then I came across another redditor in here who was posting screenshots from the PMI practice exam (which btw we can't do that anymore bc it turns out it's a copywrite violation) they had gotten wrong and asking why the right answer was such and such. I loved the conversation and also being challenged to Monday Morning Quarterback this thing. We wound up studying together going back and forth on why the answers were right to the questions we'd gotten wrong, providing real life experience or PMBOK references to backup our thoughts. That's when things really started to sink in for me.
Bonus Lesson: Read the PMBOK. Not completely (unless you like reading it, do you), but at least as a reference guide.
Retrospective - If I had to do it all over again THIS would have been how I studied:
  1. Discuss the commitment with family and friends, gain approval of your charter and buy-in from the stakeholders. Communicate the study schedule. I personally would have blocked out 2 hours a day during the week and 4 hours for each weekend day over the course of 3 months. I was able to pass with only 10 days of cramming but let's not forget, I'd taken this thing a year ago too. I still remembered a fair amount, got 55% on the free Prepcast quizzes before even picking the books back up. The 10 days of cramming were misery and I was in a fog the entire time I was taking the actual exam.
  2. Get approved for additional time for exam - As noted above in Lesson 2.
  3. Use Skillsoft for contact hour requirement - FREE.99. The bootcamp is structured similarly to Part II of the PMBOK Guide (Project Flow Initiate-Close) and Barb Waters has Q&A sessions with the audience in the recordings. Again, you can get a 14 Day trial to everything (as listed in lesson 3) or check and see if your company already has a license to their content.
  4. Use Scott Payne's Audio Book while driving or doing household chores - You get a free audiobook on Audible when you register an email address. I got this book for free after reading this post. If you can get past his annoying "buy my online course" sales pitches, you're in for a treat. I loved the case study with John and answering questions positioned around his project as it progressed through the life cycle. Scott's energy and approach are engaging and unlike anything I experienced with the other resources I'd tried out. Can't get the audio book for free? I don't know that it's necessary to spend $30 on it, just watch his videos on YouTube in this playlist.
  5. Print out the Vargas Materials - Not sure how much this helped in the long run, but it made me feel better. I liked putting together the puzzle daily. Here is the link in case you don't know where to find them.
  6. Use the Project Managers Book of Forms - Not a requirement by any means, but it did help me understand a few things by visually seeing a stakeholder register or an issue log. I was able to snag a free copy last year by dumb luck, but it's for sale now on amazon. I wouldn't spend $75 on this thing unless you have dispensable income. A FREE.99 tip, just google the forms you want to see. It only helped me answer one question I couldn't find in the PMBOK but I also leaned on the ask a mentor feature in Skillsoft and got the same answer.
  7. Use the materials from ProjectPrep.org - These are amazing. The ITTO Spreadsheet, Exam Cheat sheet, Pass Tips, and Process Reference became my Go To reference sheets this last week.
  8. Watch Praizion Mainline - The long version. Listen, I know Praizion has some weird pitches in his voice, talks kind of slow, and uses the cheesiest graphics...but dammit, if it wasn't for Billy and his kite revisions I don't know how I would have passed this thing. Of course I included his videos in my playlist on YouTube.
  9. Warm-Up with Prepcast Free Exam Simulator Questions - You get three 20 question quizzes. Great explanations, excellent analysis. Note: There is also a 120 free practice exam but it's updated to 2021 version. It also includes ALL questions from the three 20 question quizzes.
  10. Download the PM Sheet app - It's free on iOS and helped me remember all of the processes in their respective KAs. A fun little game to play at night right before sleep. I'd compete with myself, my all time best score was 3 minutes and 3 seconds.
  11. Take the PMI Practice Exam - By now I would have used all of the quizzes included in the PMP prep content on Skillsoft, warmed up with the Free Prepcast Questions, and participated in the Cast Study questions from Scott's audio book. The best way for me to identify how I will perform on the actual exam is to use the free PMI practice exam as my baseline. If you have issues at checkout read the comments in this post. Screenshot all wrong answers and lucky guesses and put them in one note for review later. While answering the questions, think one or two steps further than the correct answer so you can fully envision where you are at in the project and what the process flow is. You will notice, very few math questions. This was also the case for my actual exam. Spend little time on EVM. Know the basics for CPI and SPI>1 are good.
  12. Read PMBOK Guide - You get a digital copy for free with your PMI membership (which also gives you a discount on the exam). After identifying areas I'm struggling in based on my results from the PMI practice exam, I recommend reading those sections in the PMBOK Guide and taking notes.
  13. Discuss all wrong answers with my study buddy - I would find a study buddy that is testing around the same time you are (both of mine test in December) and decompose the questions together. I like good ole fashioned text messaging.
  14. Use an exam simulator in Learn Mode - If you still have free access to Skillsoft, you can use that one and do just fine (click on the practice tab when you get to the bootcamp page). If you want detailed analytics, then go ahead and boot the $140 for PM Prepcast. I would only do 20 questions a day and maybe one full exam on the weekend to prepare. The rest is overkill IMO. I did end up getting Prepcast again (I had it for the first attempt and still failed after 1400 questions) because I had a coupon for $25 extension for a month. I used it once on 50 questions. There are so many free resources out there, I find it best to pick one or two and stick with them. Make sure they are closely aligned to the PMI practice exam. PM Prepcast and Skillsoft are, some of the others out there are a bit sketch.
  15. End my night with Praizion's Daily Drills - Great exercises, great methodology to breaking down the questions and explaining why they are correct. Here's his playlist.
  16. Retake PMI Practice Test the week prior to the exam - Same process, review lucky guesses and wrong answers. Identify what misled you in the question using Praizion's thought process and examine with your study buddy why these answers are correct.
  17. Finish the week out studying over my weak areas - Keep it light, maybe a few quizzes here and there, write out what you need to. Review PMI Practice test 2 days before the exam. It doesn't matter if you remember the correct answer to some of the questions at this point. Make sure you are comfortable with the topic itself. Think about other questions that could be asked around this task. PMI Practice Test covers the main themes you will be tested on, so it is critical to have a thorough understanding of each question included on that test.
  18. Take it easy the day before the exam - Watch a movie that makes you cry, eat a nice meal, do what you can to get a good night's rest. Do some light reading to prepare but only in your weakest areas.
Exam Day -
I tested at Pearson Vue, got there about an hour early. Had a salad for lunch. Used the bathroom 3 times before checking in. Had a protein bar and bottle of water for my 10 minute break. They make you pull out your pockets, take off your sweater (it wasn't that cold in there), pat your back pockets, show the inside of your mask etc. I was surprised they didn't make me wiggle my undergarment!
I felt safe, plenty of COVID practices in place and we are in a relatively low infection area. My mind was in a fog during the majority of the exam. I was burnt out from all of the cramming I'd done in the days leading up (which is why I recommend taking it easy those final days). I kept trailing off and was worried I'd have to cancel Christmas bc I'd be taking a 3rd attempt before 12/31. There were a couple of times I wanted to type "WTF PMI" in the comment box and send to them. Knowing when to add to the issue log, risk register, comm managment vs se management, RAM (I thought this was a madeup answer till I saw it as an option on at least 3 questions...oops!), PICC, updating stakeholder register, etc. Remember when to lean on expert judgement (PMs don’t have to know everything), when to engage the sponsor (it’s not just about $) and how quality metrics work with scope verification. All of the main themes you see in the PMI Practice Exam aligned with my actual exam. I had 90 questions in part 1 and 110 in part 2. Most of part 2 was easier (not by much for me) and when I saw my results, I cried. When I got to my car, I sobbed, like heaving sobbed. See, through all of this I've had some family drama, we refinanced our home, my mother-in-law is fighting colon cancer, and I'm just trying to pass this damn test before it updates in January. We closed on our refi last night.
Now that I've paid it forward to all of you, I can have my life back. I've missed my kids and my husband. Happy Thanksgiving!!
Best of luck to all of you and keep moving forward!
submitted by IWorkForSkillsoftAMA to pmp

100% Winning

I told you all last week to expect THIS week to look bad as the Trump team is still in data collection and compilation mode. Regardless, think about what they are doing, Collecting a tsunami of information PER DAY. Imagine one affidavit. You have to sit down, verify who the person is, take their testimony, then confirm it. Now do that 11,000 times. Probably more than that now. How about emails, NSA data on texts, phone calls, etc.? How about going through the server, the code, the electronic data, tracking the data to the sources, tracking waterstamped ballots? This is NOT a quick process, and rushed results mean sloppy results meaning you lose.
Want proof? One of the wives of our fellow readers is a military person who was assigned a clean slate PC so she can start going through emails for Sidney Powell (THANKS for the duty). She is verifying that the information you are getting here is indeed accurate. So relax and breathe everything we are seeing is EPXECTED. Did anyone here believe the deep state players would just say "You caught us, we give up."? Of COURSE NOT! Did anyone here believe the deep state players were limited to a handful of ballot box stuffers? It includes the programmers, the corrupt Soros appointed DA's, local judges, local politicians, and so on. The ENTIRE system is corrupt, but as I keep reminding you, WE are in control of the areas that matter.
So lets look at today's news. I am sure the thing that has everyone's attention is the fact that the Wayne county (Detroit) election was certified last night after the two republicans said they wouldn't certify it. Then the live video feed went out late at night and voilà, it's certified. I laughed. The two republicans were threatened which is a felony, called a racist by local politicians and media, and essentially bullied into doing something that will now cost them ten years in prison for certifying a knowingly fraudulent result. All the threats are recorded and tallied by the NSA, something dems keep forgetting, and the guilty will pay.
Long time readers know that I have said the central bank controls EVERYTHING. Our global overlord is the Bank of Int'l Settlements. Every nation that didn't have a central bank was invaded by the US. Trump took over the Fed in a giant coup to the deep state. Yesterday, Judy Shelton was supposed to be appointed to be the head of the Fed, and after a ton of vitriol, a supposedly sure vote for her was reversed after one guy switched his vote after pressure. Need more? The global rulers are ALL speaking practically in unison about the "Great Reset" which is essentially the New World Order. Boris Johnson, Prince Charles, Merkel, etc.
Trump is not just an obstacle, he is about to take them all down therefore he must be stopped at ALL costs. More on that later. The fact that America is awake is their greatest fear come to life. The Fuhrer (POS Obama) actually said this yesterday. He said that we no longer have a shared set of facts. In other words, we no longer exclusively believe what the state media tells us, and their VERSION of "facts". He called the internet the greatest threat to democracy.
Dorsey and Zuck, CEO's of FakeBook and Twitter, were grilled by Congress yesterday, and the depths of what we are dealing with came to light. It was exposed that a program called "Tasks" coordinates censorship between FakeBook, Google and twitter. This is Collusion and Treason.
Furthermore, FakeBook has an internal program named Centra that tracks EVERYTHING you do even when not on FakeBook. When asked about it, Zuck the robot denied any knowledge. Yes, the uber controlling and micromanaging automaton CEO has no knowledge of a project that would cost millions and a fleet of people to test and develop. I look forward to NOTHING happening to these criminal cabals until Trump is sworn in.
Twitter is banning all searches for Lin Wood, Sidney Powell and Giuliani. Tucker Carlson is excellent in his coverage
FakeBook said they will now start banning people whose pages resemble pages of those already banned. So when some conservative page covering the voter fraud is taken down, any page covering voter fraud will be taken down. This is all illegal according to how they are set up. This will end up being their demise. They are truly banking on Pedo Joe getting in office and ignoring their criminality. Parler is being pressured to censor "hate speech" which means anything that exposes liberals. This is what they do, and it should be very apparent to you all that these are the acts of VERY desperate people.
Fox News SHOULD be thriving, but after the great betrayal, their morning show was rated below CNN's for the first time in two decades. The NYT just ran an article saying there is no evidence of voter fraud, and their proof is they called deep state liberals asking if there is any proof, and they said no. Well there you go! Certify the election.
What are the people who know what the REAL numbers are and who are processing the biggest sting operation in the history of the WORLD saying? Lets cut to the chase. Lin Wood said he is 105% sure Pedo Joe will never be president. LISTEN TO HIM, and relax. They are doomed. Fortunately, they said MUCH more.
Do you remember when I said this map apparently is the REAL vote total based on the captured server?
https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2F1.bp.blogspot.com%2F-YRFNlMNzab4%2FX7P5E9am_xI%2FAAAAAAAAAN8%2FLBOIVXuJdSElls9wwIN8Glf1rNMdK2IdgCLcBGAsYHQ%2Fw1200-h630-p-k-no-nu%2FOANN%252Balleged%252Bserver%252Bseized%252Bby%252BU.S.%252Barmy%252Bshows%252BPresident%252BTrump%252Bhad%252B410%252Belectoral%252Bvotes%252B-%252BDemocrat%252BElection%252BFraud.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 Lin Wood VERIFIED IT! Do you all understand how AWSOME this is? Do you also understand how much voter fraud had to take place to turn THAT MAP into a Pedo Joe victory? Lin Wood also said Trump won 70% of the popular vote. That matches PERFECTLY with what we have seen at Trump rallies, the democrat converts, etc. It will be the single most lopsided victory in US history.
The media and HWood will no longer be able to claim Trump is unpopular, and they are what America really wants. Listen to his own words in this video. The good stuff starts at around the 10:00 mark. He said Trump "won in every state". Are you still worried? Do you REALLY believe they can suppress a victory of this magnitude? The fact that the election was done electronically was both a curse and a blessing.
The curse is it is about the only way to steal a victory so one sided. Stuffing ballots with the votes of people who died in the Franco-Prussian War wouldn't be able to over come the red tsunami. They HAD to do it electronically. Even then, their algorithm under estimated the MAGA turn out.
The blessing is the fact that because it was electronically, we recorded and watched it ALL. It is all preserved in the code, and we can PROVE without a doubt that the election was stolen.
As always, it gets better. Code Monkey said that the burden of proof by LAW is that we have to prove that Dominion COULD alter votes. That alone invalidates ALL results. We don't even have to prove they DID alter votes. Do you see why I keep saying we cannot lose? They will show they did alter results, because Trump wants to show the world he destroyed the demented pedophile. Is that just wishful thinking by CodeMonkey? No, because Sidney Powell retweeted it and agreed.
CodeMonkey also said he found two "new" ways the CIA could hack the election but for "his own safety", he wasn't going to mention what they were publicly. That highlights that this isn't a game. Lives are in jeopardy.
Lin Wood said that Trump won the popular vote in 2016 because the same system was used in 2016. He said they used it to steal the 2018 House elections which we knew because we used that election to see how they cheat. It still gets better. Sidney Powell said that Smartmatic was created for the purpose of interfering with and stealing elections. Not just a baseless claim on her part as the guy who CREATED it is testifying to her and working with team Trump. They are SO DEAD.
Lin Wood said Scytl was run by the CIA. Robert Steele is a former CIA agent who still has a bunch of intel ties. He admits when he is getting inside info versus his speculation, and he has spoken with Sidney Powell many times. He said that the US military didn't raid Scytl but instead raided the CIA home farm for voter fraud on a military base in Frankfurt, and the information they found on those servers has the Trump team doing cartwheels due to the excitement of what they discovered.
Not only would it have ALL the Scytl data, it would have their hacking programs, the records of what they did, who did it, etc. It is the mother lode. It would also explain why Haspel was not informed of the operation. Steele says they "have it all" and have enough to hang Brennan several times over. Pause for a second and understand the CIA is the single greatest enemy of America. More than China, more than Russia, more than ANYTHING! This goes back to them killing Kennedy, shooting Reagan, committing 9/11, getting us in the forever wars, and rigging elections. They are PURE EVIL!
Some twitter person said she would trust drinking water from a toilet in Tijuana more than she would trust the FBI and Dept of Injustice, and Sidney Powell retweeted it. Believe it or not, it still gets better.
Sidney Powell specifically addressed the media and said it was likely they would use the insurrection act against them! HOLY SMOKES! She also said they have proof that local election officials took millions in bribes. Are you FULLY grasping the depths of the corruption that they are having to sort through, tally and record? It is at EVERY level, but they have it ALL!
Robert Steele thinks Giuliani isn't playing his role well enough having filed civil lawsuits instead of criminal and RICO suits. I think those come next week or later. They come when the REAL show starts. He also pointed out that for the first time ever the elections are auditable because of the Trump EO, and for the first time ever ballots had the watermark that I mentioned early on. Do you see how DEAD they are, and why they are so desperate? There's more.
Dominion was part of the CISA which was created by the Fuhrer supposedly to protect the integrity of elections. What it's REAL purpose was was to give credible deniability to the fraud. In other words, we catch the fraud, the CISA denies it exists, and they are the body of authority so game over. That's why they are getting purged by Trump, and Dominion being part of it only verifies it is a deep state entity. They will not be able to deny what is coming. By the way, you know the word "dominion" means control over, right? How about their logo which TELLS you EXACTLY what they are doing. It's a picture showing red ballots going in, and blue ballots coming out with a statement that says "changing the way people vote".
They are LITERALLY telling you what it's purpose is. This is bigger than just the US. Sidney Powell said global elections have been changed by the same players and systems. This is going to create fee elections for the WORLD meaning the global deep state infrastructure is in real jeopardy. You know what that also means? It means DANGER! David Wilcock has an encyclopedic coverage of the history of election theft, and no surprise it goes back to the 1940's starting with the Rockefellers, one of the 13 ruling families of the world. David has legitimate inside sources, and he is reluctant to say much, but he has a warning similar to mine at about the ‪2:34:00‬ mark.. The deep state will not roll over and will do ANYTHING to prevent what is coming.
Reminder, Q says NOTHING can stop what is coming, NOTHING. But, in the mean time, false flags are very real, and an actual invasion by foreign nations is a real possibility. David said things could get so bad we might not be able to leave our homes for 4-6 MONTHS. In other words, STOCK UP!
There is already a run on toilet paper as liberal states are going back into full lockdown mode. So is there anything we can do? As I mentioned before, Trump requested we send him an actual physical letter requesting an audit of ALL states. Then there is this website that will let you sign a petition demanding your local politician to fully audit the election. The other thing to do is be positive, encouraging and supportive of Trump.
According to the police, a MILLION people were in DC for the MAGA march. Perhaps the most crucial thing to do is pray, but God already has taken care of this. If you have been watching the military twitter accounts, they are acting like something is going on. The AirForce is taking the lead, but the branches of the military are talking to each other saying they are ready, they have each other's backs, post pictures from their war room, etc. They are excited and talking.
Meanwhile, the anons track everything, and US military flights have exploded in the past few days with over 1,000 flights over the continental US the past few days. Are they keeping watch? Notably, a bunch of flights to Gitmo.
Just a reminder about how evil some of our deep state players are. Robert Mueller used to cover up mafia murders and was behind Uranium One. The Pope, Petrus Romanoff, just liked a picture of a stripper on Instagram, and it was a mature rated photo. People are reminding us the Fuhrer used to "fix" trials in Ukraine to cover up all their criminal behavior. The founder of the WEF just called for the Great Reset and wants people to have a brain scan in order to be able to travel. Do you understand why we can NEVER relinquish power to these utterly evil people?
James Harden is an over rated team killing selfish ball hog NBA player who is demanding a trade because his team owner supports Trump. I can't wait to see his Twitter account after Trump wins.
In the UK, they are issuing QR codes so only people who have been vaccinated can attend events. A conquered nation. Misc items The Dept of Injustice is investigating why the FBI sat on the Hunter Biden lap top for a year when it was a nat'l security risk. Anyone have faith in the corrupt agency doing anything to the other corrupt agency? Did you know that in 2016 Dominion employees were loading ballots instead of election officials? Sidney Powell's web site has been down for a day. Surprised?
I saw this great question. If Kamala Harlot Harris is VP elect, why hasn't she resigned from the Senate yet? She is on the intel committee so she has an idea of what is about to be unleashed. Trump Jr (2024-2032) tweeted this in response to Candace Owens calling for real men. In Houston, they are going door to door randomly to collect blood for CV-19 testing. They might get shot. I'm not kidding.
Only 16% of people are cooperating with contact tracers, and with them cancelling Thanksgiving, tensions are going to be high. The CDC classified 51,000 heart attacks as CV-19 deaths. The CDC is also suggesting we take high risk people from their families and isolate them in "green zones" which are basically camps. The green zones would come from confiscated land. Anyone still think this rogue gov't agency shouldn't be closed?
A KS middle school stopped collecting toys for orphans after a SINGLE atheist group from out of state complained. We are so wimpy. A huge randomized study on masks from Denmark show they have NO effect just like all previous studies. Did you know there were 27 toss up elections for the House, and republicans won all of them? Then the people who voted for the republicans, voted for Pedo Joe, right?
Two people were arrested in Mexifornia for filling out 8,000 ballots for homeless people. Businesses want Pedo Joe to drop Trump's H1-B reforms which benefit American students. Part of the problem is the Asian nations put out kids with engineering degrees while our kids get degrees in pronoun studies with a minor in underwater basket weaving.
Finally, the Pentagon has said they just can't get an audit done until 2027. Sounds very suspect.
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