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My thoughts on 1st run 4-men magical party tactician

Hi everyone,
I only recently started playing Divinity 2 (in Definitive edition) and I hesitated deeply about my party set up and difficulty. I finally went tactician with a 4 members party set-up, all magical dmg and I am eager to share my experience and learn about yours <3.
I have not finished the game yet, as I am lvl 15 in act 2 (so I probably still have a good amount of hours to play), but I realized that I learned valuable things that would have helped me tremendously back then. I read guides but felt like I could not always get the information I needed as they are often written by veterans who might forget to mention some crucial details as they go without saying for them.
This post is my modest attempt to help those who want to go tactician to avoid some of the frustrating moments I had. I feel that DoS2 is a heavily knowledge-based game, and tactician requires you to exploit your knowledge of the game to the bone. In my experience this translate into tactician being somehow bipolar in terms of difficulty: fights can be a breeze when things falls in line but they can also feel awfully tedious and laborious (to the point that some seem downright impossible or unfair) when you do not manage to come up with the proper strategy. This is why you will hear about tales of veterans for which tactician is piece of cake and who need difficulty mods to make the game challenging but others who will cry in pain :3.
Also if some game mechanics are accessible in-game, the most important ones are not. This means that you will need to rely on external knowledge (internet) or trial & error (which unfortunately is time consuming & frustrating). In that sense DoS2 on tactician reminds me of Warframe with overwhelming and difficult to access information that requires hours of crunching youtube tutorial before you can start to get a sense of what you should be doing. My hope is that this guide will help provide a short-cut for you to tame and enjoy the game's complexity.
I provide remarks in bulk, or in a more or less organized manner. Everything I say here is from the perspective of a 4 members full magic party in tactician mode. Feel free to add comments and help me with your advice & insights, I plan to update this post as time goes by (I would like to add sections about schools of magics, skills & source spells).

1/ General advice:

  1. Shields ftw: So far in tactician I felt that it is hard to ignore shields when playing a full mage party focused on int gear. Even more so once you get enough spells to constantly rotate and rarely if ever need to rely on wands/staffs attacks. Shields provide the physical armor which an int-party lacks (because int based gear tends to provide high magical armor but low physical one) and also magical armor. This is invaluable in tactician because with enemies' damage being so high and a lot of boss attacking first, there will always be some unavoidable damages which can result in characters dying instantly without the opportunity to do anything. Shields essentially prevents that from happening by making you able to withstand obligatory damage. Moreover, Shields Up which is a skill that characters automatically gain when equipping a shield really helps replenishing armor. As a result I noticed that my geomancer who do not wear a shield dies more often and eventually had to wear one for tough fights.
  2. Resurrection Scrolls : do exactly what their name suggest and are mandatory as your characters will die in tactician. It is always a good idea to have a couple of scrolls with you. It is recommended to be conservative at the very beginning of the game and only use them when necessary as they can be quite rare & costly early on.
  3. Full magic: from what I have seen so far full-magic parties seem logically to be more challenging than physical ones as there are plenty of enemies with high elemental resistances. This renders one char almost useless (due to healing from one element). This means that a magic party will need to have mages from different schools which a) does not always synergize well together b) will be useless in some fights. It does not feel like such high resistances or penalty exist for physical damage (even if attack can be dodged). Also I feel that there are more interesting & powerful synergies especially early game between physical damage and schools of magic (like necromancy, hydro & polymorph).
  4. Level matters: level is very important in DoS2 and quests do not automatically scale with your character. This mean that any encounters that are 1 or 2 level(s) above you are very challenging. I managed some but they were clearly hard although with the right knowledge & strategy even very uneven confrontations (like 4-5 level difference) can be turn into manageable fights or cakewalk. It is important to notice that non-combat quests provide very good amount of XP in DoS2, amounts that are comparable to quest involving fights or fights alone. This makes it possible to reach lvl 3 during act 1 without even fighting. The game never forces you to do particular quests or to fight specific enemies at a given time. Consequently it is often a good and recommended strategy to come back later if opponents out-level you.
  5. By any mean necessary: Spending some of my skills, talents & attribute points unwisely back in act 1, I had to deal with really challenging fights. To get through some fights I had to exploit every advantage available to me, and I must admit it felt rewarding to beat the odds. This will remain true even if you spent your points wisely and have knowledge of game mechanics because you simply will not know your opponents & encounters. Therefore, you will have to use everything at your disposal to improvise a strategy. I cannot stress enough that you should never hesitate to use any advantage at your disposition, no strategy is dishonoring and everything should be absued to the best of your abilities. Use all items such as foods, potions, scrolls, grenades or barrels mercilessly. Be creative and ruthless, abuse terrain, high-ground, line of sight, switch weapons and gear in the middle of a fight, prepare a fight with buff/summon, run in NPC that can help you if a fight is too hard, flee and come back later, use traps in your environment, throw love grenade to tough enemies. And this piece of advice is not limited to combat...
  6. RPG Thug life: If you ever came to DoS2 with the idea of playing a noble and altruistic hero, well, you run the risk of being bitterly disappointed. In act 1 you will start completely naked in a world of outrageous prices where every basic skill book and commodity is desperately out of reach. Either bartering or thievery are required. One could go with bartering alone but I would not recommend it as thievery is so effective even with the one-time per char limitation. Remember, this is RPG life, private property is a rather vague concept ;).
  7. Hybrid skill books: some of the most powerful skills are hybrid skills (requiring knowledge of different skills like huntsman & pyro), but when I started I just had absolutely no idea how to get them. Merchants did not sell them and I suspected that I could craft them but I was first assuming I needed "blank skill books" (which only show later in the game) to do so. It is not the case as any combination of any normal skill books from different schools will produce the right hybrid skill book (e.g. if you need one huntsman and one aero skill book, just get any huntsman & aero book, combine them and profit). The only limitation here is that those skill books must be normal skill books not source spell skill books (those can be combined too but they will give you different and more powerful spells). Therefore to create skill books open the combining menu (press G) and combine the 2 required skill books to get an hybrid one (see the list above for interesting early game hybrid skill books). Similarly some skill books are only available at a given level (like lvl 16) but can often be crafted way earlier in the game if you find the relevant scroll and some components. For practical purpose here are a very nice link to location of all skill books merchant in Act 1 and a list of some of the most useful hybrid skill books for early game:
    1. Act 1 skill books merchants location https://guides.gamepressure.com/originalsinII/guide.asp?ID=41501
    2. Explosive trap (1 Pyro & 1 Huntsman): any skill book from Huntsman & Pyro. Throw an explosive trap which will explode with fire or when an enemy step on them.
    3. Throw dust (1 Geo & 1 Huntsman): any skill book from Scoundrel & Huntsman. Aoe Spell causing blind.
    4. Venom coating (1 Scoundrel & 1 Geo) : any skill book from Geomancer & Scoundrel. Gives additional poison damage to your weapon.
    5. Cleanse Wounds (1 Hydro & 1 Warfare): any skill book from Hydro & Warfare. Heals & clean a lot of noxious status effect.
    6. Vaccum touch (1 Aerotheurge & 1 Necromancy): any skill book from Aero & Necro. Damage spell that set silenced & suffocating status.
    7. Smoke cover (1 Aerotheurge & 1 Scoundrel): any skill book from Aero & Scoundrel. Create smoke which breaks line of sight, very useful to protect you from ranged enemies.
    8. Electric infusion, fire infusion, poison infusion, water infusion (1 Summoning + 1 Aero/Pyro/Geo/Hydro): any Summoning skill books & Aero/Pyro/Geo/Hydro for each element. Infuse your incarnate with an element and provides the corresponding type of skill and elemental damage.
  8. Know your enemy: with loremaster ability you can examine any enemy/NPC in the game and know about their resistances, AP, spells, weaknesses and a lot of things I cannot even remember. It is always a good idea to check enemy resistances beforehand.
  9. Exponential Gear: my experience is that gear scaling is somehow exponential or similar. What I mean here is that between lvl 2 and lvl3 gloves the difference in stats will not be that important whereas the difference between lvl 12 and lvl13 gear (or basically gear from act 1 to act 2) will be a matter of life and death. Also I cannot emphasize enough that magical armor & physical armor almost always have to be prioritize over other stats. The +1 intelligence you might get from a piece of gear is nothing if you are losing 30 armor. I first was not paying attention and got violently one-shoted in act 2, scratching my head as fights were becoming downright unfair.
  10. F5 & F8 => shortcuts for quick save and quick load. Let us be honest: there will be a substantial amount of trials and errors, especially during combat. You can save at almost anytime (in and out combat), therefore I would really recommend saving before a crucial move. If you screw up you can always load back in the middle of the fight and you won't have to start it all over again because you made a silly miss-click or misappreciated distances.
  11. Understanding the turn-based system: sounds boring like hell but it is important to understand the mechanics of the turn-based combat system, especially the button to skip turn and to delay. Delaying turn can only be used if your character has not used any AP and pushes the character's turn at the end of the round. Talking of turn-based combat, it is very important to understand things correctly when it comes down to initiative and wits.
  12. Initiative & Wits: roughly speaking initiative is the statistics which decides who goes first in DoS2, this statistics is influenced by Wits (which is an attribute). However, it is not as simple as "whoever have the higher initiative will always go first". For example if all your char have higher initiative than their opponents, you will nonetheless take turns in an alternate fashion between you and the enemies. It means that it will always look like you - enemy - you - enemy or enemy - you - enemy - you. However initiative is important to determine the relative turn-order of your characters. So for example your higher init character will always go fist, followed by the second higher in init, etc... From a practical standpoint it is interesting to invest in wits for only one character to make sure you have the first turn (however in some encounters, in particular boss fights, it seems that the opponent will always play first) and you will tend to max wits on other char only to max out dps after main school of magic is filled (as wits provides +% critical chance).
  13. AP: AP are action points which are necessary for characters to take actions during their turn. Almost any action cost AP, therefore understanding AP economy is paramount to making the best of your turn. You might have the most powerful character in the world, but without enough AP you will not be able to use your skills and prevail. Every character starts combat with 4 ap, regenerates 2 AP per turn and cannot store more than 6 AP regardless of the character lvl or power. The only two exceptions come from Lone Wolf (which I will not discuss as this guide focuses on 4 members parties) and Glass Cannon (which I have not play much but is risky as armor will not prevent enemies from controlling you). Skills such as haste, adrenaline or talent such as executioner can provide you extra AP and will be your main source of extra AP.
  14. I am talking to you Johnny... : positioning in fight is key. However, most encounters will start with a dialogue during which your characters will be packed-together. Once the fight starts all of them will get wreck by the first aoe skill, giving you an awful start. There are two ways to solve this issue: the first one consists in going into the escape menu in "Formation" chose a spread-out formation for your characters (the reason why this all-important option is not available from in-game interface will forever remain a mystery to me). The second (and more efficient) way to solve the aforementioned issue consist in moving your characters while one of them is talking. If you click on char portrait while one of them is talking to a NPC you will be able to freely move your other champions, unchaining them (by sliding their portrait on the right side) will help you to position them independently. This is very convenient when you're caught in a dialogue which you feel will end up in a fight, it gives you the freedom to spread your team so that the first fireball does not hit all your party.
  15. I am talking to you... crabs & cows! Pet Pal is a talent that let you talk to pets and as a lot of side quest depends on them, I would highly recommend to take this talent. As stated earlier nothing is more powerful than XP and being a level higher than you opponents. As there are a substantial amount of quests in this game which require talking to pets, I would strongly recommend having it. Also, pets are fun, take this :P.

2/ Character building advice:

  1. ACT 1 priority: After act 1 you will have the possibility to freely, completely and easily retrain your characters. Consequently, the most crucial part of getting your build right is during act 1 as you will not be able to change it on the fly. Get your build wrong and you will suffer as I did. At some point I had too much points in pyro & useless skills (in particular warfare) which made some fight harder than they had to.
  2. Specialization : Generally DoS2 is not a game where you can build a utterly-specialized archetype and just stomp everything from beginning to end. For example you cannot make an efficient pyro-mage just dumping all your skill points in pyrokinetic. You will just end up with a very very sub-optimal build, especially in the first part of the game where the game encourages you to spread your point for utility spell (which I will cover afterward). If you know about Blizzard's philosophy of "class fantasy", forgot it here, especially at the beginning of the game when most of your characters are going to be weirdos using a couple of heterogeneous skills, rendering them odd to fit in colloquial archetypes. You will eventually specialize but you have to understand that the idea of making a character using only one kind/school of skills is not the way of DoS2.
  3. RIP Tank/DPS/Healer: although a game with 4 members parties would suggest some kind of specialization + synergy mimicking the infamous three (Tank/DPS/healer), this does not hold in DoS2 for several reasons. To start with there are few reliable ways to hold aggro, and the best defense is offense through controlling foes which requires to break their armor be it physical or magical. Also, it is hard to have a dedicated healer as different healing spells (for armor & health) are not necessarily situated in the same skill branch. For example magic armor regen comes from hydrosophist whereas physical armor regen comes from geomancer & polymorph. More importantly and to put it simply: you cannot out-heal enemy dps casting "healing" abilities (with living armor + life steal & DPS it is another story). Often having powerful scaling stats or skills is important for those spells to be effective, so you better have different characters with different specializations (which once again does not mean not spreading a few points in other skills).
  4. General philosophy for character building: there are basically three steps when building a character once you have an idea of the kind of party you want: a) choose the kind of damage (physical / magical), b) pick the necessary skills for desired utility spells, and then c) finally specialize in the required skill for dmg (e.g. warfare, pyrokinetics, geomancer, etc...).
  5. Attributes: Especially in a 4 members party, sometimes just using int-based gear for your mages can be hard as you won't find enough gear for everyone. Also sometimes you will find very good piece of gear using finesse or strength. Therefore it is not necessarily a bad idea to dump a few points in those stats early on as you can change that later in act 2. In particular you will need a bit of constitution to wear shields which make the game way easier for mages. Notice in that respect that elves using flesh sacrifice must pay attention to the fact that the lowered constitution can make them drop their shield, leaving them vulnerable.
  6. Combat Talents: Something that I have noticed is that lots of builds think of their talents in terms of the final high-level, end-game synergy & impact, but do not always take in account how useful or practical they will be in the process of leveling. For example, the elemental affinity talent is really good later on, but early on when you barely have the armor to withstand the fire you're stepping in it might not be such a great deal. This is even more true as a lot of early game spells will often cost only 1 AP which mean that elemental affinity won't impact them as you cannot reduce cost of spells to 0. Talents such as mnemonic, bigger & better, all skilled up are good example of very useful talents. Just to give you an idea of their worth in terms of damage I have made a few calculations on the above google sheet. I started from the assumption of a lvl 8 character (with 3 talents points, the first one of which is torturer) even if I added a case with the 3 boosting talents) using early-game pyro spells, dumping all points in intelligence except for 3 points in memory for more spell slots (which means that mnemonic offers 3 free attributes to put in intel) which seems reasonable given that you would have very little spell slot otherwise.https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1MwybTw87z1hwOqxHowuLLFvixggy9c7ksnKNJc8L8hM/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Civil talents: Civil talents are really important as you want to squeeze every bit of advantage available to you to get an edge. Therefore in a 4 members party it is wise to specialize each character in one civil talent, taking in account that different races have different bonus (e.g. humans have a bartering bonus, elves loremaster, etc...). As I had troubles getting all my character geared, I decided to skip persuasion for lucky charm which no doubt provides a nice amount of good loot. However, not having high persuasion is quite a problem story-wise (but sacrificing loremaster or lucky charm for it is always an option).

3/ No-brainer spells:

As I said before, building a character will always require some basic utility spells, I will cover them here:
  1. Mobility is king and mobility spells (such as spread your wings, tactical retreat, cloak & dagger, phoenix dive) are an absolute must-have. Not only is proper positioning essential to both damage dealing and damage prevention, but a lot of the fights in the game will take the form of ambushes with a lot of enemies spreaded out all around you on the high-ground making the fight very unfair. Having the low-ground is extremely detrimental as enemies hit harder, you hit lower with shitty lines of sight and poor range. This means that all, even long-range characters doing damage from afar, should get a mobility spell. Moreover playing a magical team the field will often be covered with dangerous terrain, teleporting instead of running through fire or electric surfaces will save you from tons of damage. Same goes for avoiding damage from melee attackers or getting to cover, for one AP you will force enemies to spend a lot of AP trying to chase you. As a new player who never know what the game will throw at you it is very hard to anticipate enemies positioning, therefore mobility spells such as spread your wings, tactical retreat, cloak & dagger, phoenix dive (only available in act 2) are all game-changers. In act 1 you will have to aim for spread your wings, tactical retreat and cloak & dagger as phoenix dive will not be available before act 2. Despite tactical retreat being superior to cloak & dagger due to the hastening effect, cloak & dagger can be an easy choice due to the fact that all your character will have at least a point in scoundrel due to...
  2. Adrenaline: is a must have spell from Scoundrel. The spell is free and gives you 2 AP at the expense of 2 AP next turn. Might not sound like a good deal but as tactician often boils down to killing/controlling your opponents before they do it to you, this spell just becomes invaluable and must be acquired as fast as possible by your whole team regardless of specializations.
  3. Chameleon cloak: it took me a while to realize how incredibly powerful this spell is. It requires a minimal investment in polymorph and provides invisibility for 2 turns. That does not seem so impressive on paper but once you understand the mechanics, the potential of this spell huge. The only potential limitation is that while protecting one character it might encourages enemies to focus others unintentionally leading to focus fire. However, this worry put aside, there are 3 reasons why and how this spell is truly incredible:
    1. Except for accidental AOE hitting you, enemies will not try to reveal you while invisible and will not be able to attack you. In practice this mean that you character is invulnerable for 2 turns (you can cast some mobility spell but beware of damage from terrain which can reveal you).
    2. Waiting two turns will grant you 4 AP (well technically -1 for spell usage) without the possibility for enemies to retaliate, meaning that you can pop adrenaline throw a couple of spells and still get back to safety.
    3. As spells cooldowns are really penalizing early game when you have so little skills & skills slots, chameleon cloak can work as a cooldown reset.
  4. Teleport: the teleport spell requires aerotheurge lvl 2 and will also be acquired through gloves from an early quest (but that god damn surprise when those crocodiles throw spells at you oO). This is such an amazing spell that I would recommend that each of you character get it even if it requires investing 2 points in aeortheurge. You will hear a lot of people saying that magic is challenging but very powerful when one exploits the power of aoe. The matter is that the initial configuration of most encounters will have enemies widely spread out sometimes preventing you from even aiming at two targets at a time. Teleport solves that problem and makes you able to harvest aoe spells' full potential: dropping enemies in oil, fire, or just close together so you can get the most of your aoe spells is invaluable. Also, teleport is just a well-rounded and versatile spell that can get you to safety just by sending a melee enemy out of range and there are multiple cases in act 1 when you will need to keep powerful melees at a distance. Basically think of Teleport as a flexible crowd-control spell which ignores armor and you will understand how beautiful it is.

4/ Magics:

  1. Synergies: magic in DoS2 is mostly about synergies (between fire and earth, and water & lightning) but also about competition between schools. In particular pyro and hydro spells are really antagonist. This might not seem like much, but as a lot of enemies in tactician mode will have heavy elemental resistances this mean that you will nonetheless need to run opposing schools of magic which is non-optimal. To my knowledge the only two ways to avoid that is to either retrain before certain encounters (but I feel it costs a lot of money to get all the require skill books & this is boring/time consuming) or to use summoning.
  2. Summoning: the main way for me to work around the above dilemma have been to rely on summoning to deal with fights where I did not have the right type of element. I cannot stress enough how powerful summoning is because a) summons are extremely potent in general and b) they are extremely flexible in terms of damage type as summoning them on a surface gets you an incarnate of the corresponding element, alternatively you can directly infuse them with the desired element. When you hit 10 in summoning (which can go fast with all skilled up talent) incarnates become especially powerful and can transform hard fights into a breeze (even more if you have multiple summoners).
  3. Cooldown, skills & slots: early game magic is really challenging because a) skills have long cooldown b) you have few skills c) you need skills slots which might force you to invest in memory rather than in more useful attributes. Therefore I feel something have to be said about weapons, but beforehand I must admit that I always had to scratch my head to make the right decision between taking a buff or a spell or investing in more memory. Logic will dictate that buffs for example are as useful as the number of spells or AP point they make you spare. For example if casting a buff which takes a spell slot is equivalent of 1-2 spell dps wise and 1-2 point AP wise this becomes very profitable. The more I moved forward into the game the more I felt that buffs like clear-minded were very potent.
  4. Wands & Staff: wands & staffs are very important not to forget in the early game. It is not that they are the best source of dps but early on they are quite comparable, even sometimes superior to spells. Most importantly they do not have the very long cooldown that spells have and can constantly be used as long as you have the AP. Wands provide a very good source of ranged damage, staffs also grant a shooting skill, and you will need to rely on them in the early game.
  5. Friendly fire: this can be a real issue as some school of magic requires close range to maximize their dps (which you need in tactician difficulty). For example my aerotheurge needs to be close, but at the same time my pyro & geomancer are setting the world on fire. It can sometimes be impractical to navigate the battle field, and I've felt that there should be no more than one char on the front line as my pyro-battlemage attempt taught me:
  6. Battlemage: I really wanted to run a pyro-battlemage doing magical damage using a staff, int gear, using a combination of warfare & pyro skills such as describe on fextralife guide. However, it turned out this build is a very bad idea early game as your are not beefy enough for melee and the build requires a lot of skills that are not available early. Also, friendly fire is a very big issue early game as you tend to have low magic armor and you take damage from both the surface you produce and the aoe your ally will land. However, if you play pyro like a normal mage early you can dish out reasonable amount of damage especially using explosive traps, so my advice would be to keep the build for later in the game, but early game it is seems a very inefficient option to me.
  7. Magical vs physical : So far looking at the various skills and limitations coming from spell slots & long cooldowns I really have the feeling that physical parties are really easier & more straightforward to play. Magic seem to require a lot of combos & thinking ahead to work. This is however what makes magic rewarding & challenging when you play it well. Also I haven't explore source spell much yet so my opinion might evolve on this issue.

5/ Skills combo:

Here are a flew very helpful skill combo
  1. Flesh Sacrifice & Elemental Affinity: This is a very well-known combo. The eleven racial skill Flesh Sacrifice grants you AP in exchange for a constitution penalty but also produces a puddle of blood underneath you that can be turned in various elemental surfaces (attacking it with a wand or using a spell) to trigger elemental affinity talent to lower the AP cost of your spells. This is very helpful to throw your combos, however keep in mind that losing on constitution might make you drop the shield you are holding.
  2. Worm Tremor + Torturer + Throw Dust: so far the combination of worm tremor & torturer has really been a game-changer for me. The ability to snare the enemy for 2 turns through armor means that melee won't reach you and, more importantly, that you will be able to nuke them down with your aoe. Group the enemies using teleport, cast worm tremor to snare them and then nuke their armor. Once they have no magical armor left you can use throw dust to blind them. As blinded enemies have limited range the only way for them to reach you is to walk to you which they cannot do, due to being ensnared.
  3. Explosive Trap + Fire: using explosive traps from pyro into any burning surface really provides massive damage for a limited cost, simple & effective combo.
  4. Chameleon cloak & Medusa Head: when popped the medusa head will petrify nearby enemies disabling them entirely (but beware as it will cease if you move away from them), this goes for any enemy that come close-enough to your char. Putting a char with medusa head at a choke point and going invisible with chameleon cloak can be devastating: the enemy will have to walk toward you, getting petrified by an invisible foe. In general medusa head is a very good spell even if it does not synergize so well with fire (as petrified enemies do not burn) and provides damage reduction, but it is a great AOE control with very good range nonetheless.

6/ Combat tactics:

  1. One-by-one: I felt that most of the time your goal in Tactician is to neutralize/kill one enemy asap, focusing fire and taking your target down as fast as possible. This should be done preferably on priority target which will often be the next one to act (you can see this on the turn-bar on the top of combat screen). As fights becomes easier and easier with lesser number of opponents, killing a target fast becomes crucial and requires all of your characters to be able to damage the same target at once which is why party synergy is absolutely key.
  2. All-One: What I mean by all-one is that the best case scenario regarding positioning is often one in which all your characters can all attack the same target but only this one enemy can retaliate while other opponents cannot. More realistically it means that you only want all your characters to be able to focus down one enemy while not all enemies can focus your team. This will often mean focusing melee characters while staying out of range from enemy marksman & caster.
  3. Aoe strategy: At some point when your DPS & control get good enough I feel that the best strategy consist in using mobility & teleport skills to gather your opponents and then nuke them all in one row. This is why I feel like having teleport in everyone in my party is mandatory. Combined with the torturer + worms tremor + throw dust combo, this will make fight against multiple enemies very manageable.

7/ Thoughts on tactician:

I just would like to end up on my thoughts about Tactician mode: it definitely offered me a very good challenge so far, the only frustrating thing is that difficulty often comes from ignorance in Dos2. For new players tactician will mean lots of die and retry until you know encounters. It cannot be stressed enough that knowing encounters (in particular positioning) and your enemy are a HUGE part of winning combat. Without the required knowledge some fight are downright unfair and can make you feel like quitting the game (some boss & enemies can literally one-shot your party before you can even draw your weapons).
Also I feel that given the importance of gear & skill books and the high price they cost, Tactician tends to really slow the pace of the game, even more so when you are playing a 4 members party. Finding gear for your whole party can be quite a challenge all the more if they are all int base (this is why lucky charm is very helpful in such a configuration). You have to spend a good chunk of time doing shopping & min-maxing which I did not really enjoy (in particular because you are constantly changing for new gear). Right now however, I must say that except for some tough boss encounters most of the regular fights have become easier due to savage sortilege and crit chance getting reasonably high. At this point I am eager to see what late-game will look like.
Thank you for reading and I hope you found some valuable piece of advice here!

16/07/2019 Update : lots of typo, misspelling, etc... corrected :) More content on source spells & spell combo coming soon!
18/07/2019 Update: Link to location of early game skill books merchants with recipe for the most useful early game hybrid skill books. Thoughts on AP added. Typos & English
09/04/2020 Update: Typos & English
submitted by Talnir to DivinityOriginalSin

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*sad third wheel noises*
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The chosen one
posted by Toomad316 on /aww
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Trump accused of hypocrisy for ordering the potentially inflammatory killing of a top Iranian general, after a series of tweets emerged from 2011 of him saying former president Obama would start a war with Iran in order to get re-elected
posted by maxwellhill on /worldnews
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Gus just wants to help you work out!
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Nice graphic but that'll never wo—
posted by Professor-Trash on /nextfuckinglevel
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Trump accused of hypocrisy for [insert practically everything he’s ever tweeted, said and done]
posted by -SaC on /worldnews
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His expression is pure wholesomeness.
posted by rocketstarz05 on /aww
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Looks like it works great but how much will it cost?
posted by xxoites on /nextfuckinglevel
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If there's one thing you can count on its: if Trump complained someone did something to get an edge, Trump will 100% do that thing if he gets a chance.
posted by mrthewhite on /worldnews
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I call this one downward dog
posted by oaktreelookingmofo on /aww
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Hey AppleWatch, I’m the developer of Chirp, Nano, and MiniWiki, and today I need your help! My country is on fire, and so I’m donating 100% of this weekends sales to rural fire services across NSW and Victoria (the worst affected states)
posted by willrb on /AppleWatch
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WWIII is the first world war people are joking about over the internet before it even started.
posted by soggycerealboi on /teenagers
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This desk and bookshelf belonged to my best friend and gaming partner. He died unexpectedly some years back. My wife bought the set from his parents at a garage sale and surprised me with it. It may not look like much, but at this battlestation I have Inferno at my side again. Miss you buddy.
posted by ChefSanta on /pcmasterrace
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How 2 Modern Warfare
posted by X3bec on /modernwarfare
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My Eyes Said Death
posted by hamsterwheelers on /nosleep
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**This is becoming the \"Descartes before the whores\" pun visitors book** `**Please note the visitors book is only taking usernames now to conserve space for names as we have reached the reddit comment length buffer!**` **My original comment** `When my grandson asks \"where were you when dart22 made the pun?\" I can say \"I was right there young man, right there, just 5 hours later...\".` **the first edits** `Edit, just came back from 3 years later to see that; you might not be able to add a comment on an old thread but you can edit a comment you made back then.` `Edit, and even 4 years later, I was here.` `Edit: And someone noticed I've been here regularly since, so here I am, 5 years later. It's like visiting a Reddit shrine.` `Edit: it's November 2015 and I'm back. Imagine a world where you could timeskip back and forth. So I could make predictions. Imagine how crazy the world would be if Donald Trump really did get to be president. Sprudelpudel told me he will, but I don’t believe.` `Maybe I can harvest gold from an ancient comment. Now it's 2016 - will this never end !` Edit: Kiro0613 asked me to mention him here in June 2016. So a redditor for one year gets a mention in a 6 year old thread. camdoodlebop LHOOQatme and SwevenEleven and pitaenigma and ChrisRulesTheWorld. intangiblesniper_ siccoblue . And SirToastyToes sirsykosexy And thecrazedone126 GiverOfTheKarma and Rhinofreak . There's Gryphon0468 and chickenoflight too nonchalantpony - G'day sport. And KriosDaNarwal. Think I'm going to have to start charging for this. And a special mention to Aoae and Tweegyjambo ItMightBeABrainTumor here in UK just as we say good riddance to 2016. `**And things take off**` And now 2017 rolls round and Argon1124 and Soulren get a mention too. Lwsrocks !! And I nearly forgot SageeDuzit and TGIWalshy onehourbehind Kekorepeleco and MarkBlackUltor and thief90k. Floods of requests: Argon0503 , villuvallu , zen-doggie , impulse99pl , Tippydaug , Nerdofnight all get to time-travel to be mentioned in a six year old comment. Boris_Is_Mediocre Ankoku_Teion get a mention. RedBeardCometh And FruscianteDebutante CracksWack Donuil23 supaskulled ThisDudeRiteHere kayleighnverbarg tricerk get a shout out too, along with visionarygirl House_Prices and Moldiemom and myc123 . AndromedaPrincess PurpleBandit3000, Zipper_Man and Rndomguytf MrBardo and averagemonkey and suckit5253 and Ketchup901 Elon_Satoshi and won_tolla and of course Spiritwolf99 Deathbywarcraft quagmirequinessence and Pasglop and IamBrazilian_AMA and Corruption13 and OpenRoamer and notevengonnatryffs and -TheMasterSoldier and gryts and CptArius and Tunesmith_ and PM_YOUR_TAHM_R34 and Eloquent44 and JesseH1994 and bontrose and Bladgaden need a mention too. A special mention goes to strained_brain `Some more: ` Maskedrussian Catman360 MyMostGuardedSecret DragonBank Realm of Gods #1 RuneScape Clan Segt-virke SuperBosco1 Sansha_ KiwisFTW c7g_laser Featherstoned - he was there, just a lurker but he was there. mikewilzn peanutbuttahcups veloeddy futuneral XIII_504 Sorryies Sir_LikeASir PendragonTheNinja bitcoinuserinny Nomorelurkingbitches Higlac reegdor MarquetteSmith itsonthetap lives_in_a_pineapple Vegorisham5901 4DimensionalToilet TheSingulariT Tranquilsunrise HourlongOnomatomania AragorntheMighty ArsenicLacedCandy SubterraneanTarantul e-dt globogym1 pepenomics Dante1120 Kitnado Argon1124 (again !) ILikeWaffles95 HardBoiled800 xxXsucksatgamingXxx athousandwordss DJDomTom kunair Just_another_gamer_ wantstofuckmarcodiaz GhassanB esportprodigy The-Best-Snail WHYRedditHatesMeSo TerrainIII Little-Bears_11-2-16 ChezMirage nIBLIB LiquorNWeed Metalworks13 IaniteThePirate Molten_Butter Offendo `And 2018 rolls around Merry_Birthday davidvleer DjMidget SecretSanta_2014 Moon_Pearl alecz127 DuelingPushkin ntepbyntep Iqfoo bloomin__onions Hondros meuh210 fuckyeahpeace WaddleWaddle_Dee Clarity03 Ronnylicious` `Original_name18 NotARavioli foxyllama8000 anonni-mus ThunderMist Whysoserieus2 xavitheboomerang dawinock Spierzy yellosmiley CorporalWotjek _dysthymia the best tank on LOTRO` gypsydreams101 GeneralJustice21 MrCuddleston 404UNF manawesome326 SklX killkill954 helpallnamesaretaken `FailMail13 wavelite gridzbispudvetch EthanRDoesMC CockFullOfDicks UffaloIlls Tintenseher ohohButternut LazerX7` Today in February 2018 a historic post/amazing pun was made that will go down in reddit history. The ol' reddit switcheroo finally came to an end in a thread about kangaroos. Hard to explain here, but it was sufficiently good that I added a placeholder comment to open a visitor book there too. [Here's the link to the pun](https://www.reddit.com/sports/comments/7uljtu/cyclist_wiped_out_by_kangaroo/dtl9j9) In two years time the switcheroo pun visitor book will open! (And maybe, this one will close...) S3Ni0r42 Rawbott BlueB52v shwarmalarmadingdong zmbfdtrtl `FlyByNightt maxximum_ride machambo7 Trebolt dk21291 jschip waterlubber42 Gaggg ImprobableEvents BLZ333 RogerSmith123456 (honourable mention!) voldyboi wannabe414 CountBlacula1 Gestrid Tydy22 DreamSpireOfficial pitt_stain TwingetheMinge JosephSheltonSM shadow21812 pohynnub alienpirate5 17inchcorkscrew N_to_the_orthernlion girandola applejuice__ MarchingTrombonist Monsto quasur definitely___not__me VitreousPit4953 Fire_Lord_Zuko MythenStein PureValLiam ShiftyRye27 ` `the_drain Maurens regalrecaller Itsbeenamadhouse laskman flying_wotsit 65rytg Thomas2604 azureabsolution Gandhi_of_War ChrisRunsTheWorld evrygoatisascapegoat isaacbee1 Superiorform syryquil one_with_Unagi Likancic pbj1001 Pielikeman lokrohk Sycou ` `littenthehuraira fireork12 DerpyFOE Lilscribby flyingwolf Jusclalas MarchingTrombonist FurryPornAccount FelipeHdez mrps4man lansaman who says \"hello there!\" And a shout-out from BomberJ16 to \"muuur\"! _86_ evenman27 Sarlot_the_Great ancientkillerX antoniofelicemunro batangbronse PotassiumAlum ` `fishgutsd weswes43 Gr8_Space BVTheEpic rrr598 Fakecar and fizzl who really needs to commit to move in with his girlfriend! And there’s WeirderQuark and Alexander_TheAmateur and greenguy103 rudysus23 Avlinehum PelagianEmpiricist keepitupETHmproudofu who wanted a \" shout-out to u/fiercelyfriendly for dutifully curating this historic comment for so long.\" Which all gets a bit weird having a shout out to myself. avataraccount adamnredditor who wants us all to keep looking forward.. ElliottPolin RyanKretschmer Thalos_the_true_god who likes spaghetti. PerfectLogic Thwerty cock-wizard thornewilder _MCV Amphets WhatAreSnailsDoing -Bacchus- Phony42 says \"hi\". Poke_uniqueusername says hi too. ThiccyLenin IG989 annuidhir BraveBattles the bus driver, QuasarSandwich Amacar123 Boothiepro devil_lvl666 CookieJID LPMageMan tonyfunguy a_man_with_a_hat Lettuce_Goat Morphior Yeswecano HouAngelesDodgeStros H_G_Bells lunatic_cultist fullmetal_fuery Lettuce_Goat speqter MacduffFifesNo1Thane depressed-salmon EarlyHemisphere f4k9 -\"General Kenobi\" HowBen Sensorfire Firinael charlesthe50th Shamrock5 potbelliedelephant mjkevin247 Landermountain Chillacube AdamBombTV ComposedOfStardust Dread it. Grapepo kiwidesign synze loyk1053 JoahTheProtozoa GUCClGANG (Esketit)` ` The-Toon guoit4 FireScrote TheErisedHD Shultztopher _FUCK_THE_GIANTS_ JanetYellensFuckboy naveas13 buster2Xk defiance131 thatClarkguy SaintMungosNurse PresentlyInThePast jireliax ifmacdo punk_music_fan Artillect **Th0tSlayr** Clayh5 phantomspy Unknown39a bravemanray mossypiglet1 iKoniKz64 wow, platinum! Thanks g4_ killerkangaroo8 yolafaml minetruly banggern FlogBucket Paechs PffthbtMeg weasom TheHancock hsnappr Ayerys nicholasyepe` **2019** flameduck TigerBoy119 Dodowarrior44 orqa InfanticideAquifer u/DreadLord64 u/Coffeechipmunk u/TomN7 u/deuxcentseize 65536 u/ButtTrumpetSnape MikeV2 CalamitousLemon bendermorty AdvonKoulthar medicinaloverrule NLG flameoguy Azelais diodenkn PlusUltraBeyond Zyad300 MuvHugginInc InsufficientLoad SlavLord69 eggsnomellettes deadverse Renaldi_the_Multi Swampy1741 najodleglejszy Mightymushroom1 vpsj dnksfrthmmrs maccathesaint quinstonn JDraks kzel006 Scaryscooter sesquipedalias jetrocket223 drlibs SolarStorm2950 taciturntilly JanetYellensFuckboy 576875 disfordeletethisnow JackeyWhip Kitbracadabra Thicco__Mode foxthechicken leotarkesean w00ds98 delorean225 ExpertGamerJohn Itsureissomethin sunghj1118 Θώθ what's this? Strange how reddit works, you can't add comments to archived posts but, as we see here, you can edit ancient comments. You can't upvote them, so despite all my hard work keeping history alive and creating time warps my karma for this post stays obstinately around 85. However, it's \"gold\" tally does rise!(hint hint) Yay !
posted by fiercelyfriendly on /AskReddit
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Second Place
As this develops, those in the USA need to remember that their mainstream media is going to be used as blatant propaganda. They'll take a few people in Iran burning the american flag and frame it as if the whole of Iran is protesting the USA. Just remember that the majority of Iran would prefer to live in peace, they are not the boogeyman, they are just like you, being dragged along by the same types of bastards in charges, just in a different country.
posted by TreeScales on /news
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Third Place
Pretty bad when your hair moves out of your parent's house before you do.
posted by paidinteeth on /RoastMe
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Fourth Place
I'm Iranian and about 1/4 of profiles in telegram now have Soleimani picture. He is kind of worshipped in Iran. Even though I'm not a fan of him or our government in general and I know he led an attack on us embassy in Iraq. This is going to get messy real quick. Man I just wanted to learn python and make websited. Now I'm fucked. I hope they make joining military optional cause I'm not going...
posted by UnitePerry on /worldnews
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Fifth Place
For some reason I always think when someone brings up Pascal's Wager they need to make a roulette wheel with all of the religions and have them spin it and what religion it lands on is the religion you practice. If god controls everything he can't get mad at you since technically it's the religion he picked for you. `​` Edit I hereby name this idea Pascal's Roulette ` Edit 2. Thank you for the gold`
posted by HumanKapital_ on /atheism
Click here to view the post. ● 444 Upvotes ● 2 reward(s). ● 1 silver reward(s), 1 gold reward(s) and 0 platinum reward(s) ● Posted: 03/01/2020 at 20:17:12 UTC
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