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Platform(s): PC-Windows
Genre: socialize
Estimated year of release: mid 2000s
Graphics/art style: 3D
Notable characters: Anime, almost cherub like characters (think fantage)
Notable gameplay mechanics:
Other details: ok this is driving me insane trying to remember this game! I remember that while you made a character it was "falling" from the sky, maybe like an angel or something? And there were different locations where you could go and talk to people (kinda like a club penguin but without strict blocks)
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Can I have some thoughts please? Not sure if my dad is considered abusive

It's tomorrow morning and I have internet access back so I'm posting this. I probably wouldn't have taken any steps without my friends' urging now that the situational anger has cooled off and the doubts are back, so I'm super grateful to them. Right...

Hi, I go by Fen on the internet. I'm 19 and still dependent on my parents for various reasons (mostly medical and money related). I'll get straight to the point. A couple of my close internet friends have been pointing out a lot of what they see as "red flags" from my complaining to them about my dad.
I have a hard time explaining/justifying to myself that is -is- abuse, what he's doing, and it's honestly a huge wavering point in my mind because I know he wholeheartedly believes he's doing what's best for me and he isn't terrible all the time. He's never physically hurt me and to everyone else in his life (my grandparents/relatives, his friends and coworkers) he's very mild mannered. I also have a lot of good memories with him from when I was in early elementary school, and they paid my tuition at an expensive private school from 2nd grade til I graduated high school. And they do genuinely celebrate my accomplishments in college.
I think I'm posting this because I want to make sure I won't be making a mistake when I go to my community college counselor on Monday and say that I'm being abused (as suggested by said close friends). I guess it would be good to start from the beginning...
My dad and I have always had differing opinions on internet communication, ever since I started using computers for school in 5th grade. I was good at computers and I liked making friends online. In early middle school, when I started joining a few internet communities (mainly forums and web games for things like Pokemon and some other kid oriented games like Fantage), I used to tell my parents about what I did in my online games. One incident I remember pretty clearly. Their response to me telling them about a great trade deal (some kind of pixel pet for pixel pet deal) I'd secured that day on a Pokemon web game was that I was endangering myself and them and that I needed to stop communicating with strangers.
From then on it got worse. They upped the web monitoring throughout middle school and got really controlling. It got really bad in the middle of 8th grade and I almost failed that year because I was so depressed that I couldn't focus on my classes or do my homework. I remember one incident where I complained to my friend about my problems and she told me "It's not worth it to kill yourself". About that time the computer securities were the highest, and I didn't know my own password to my non-admin account on the laptop my parents made very clear they were only letting me borrow. And there were something like four different childwatch programs on that laptop and I had to ask my teacher to call my dad any time my computer locked or a childwatch program malfunctioned so that they could unlock the computer for me. That year I also was forcibly brought to the hospital more than once by my parents because they thought I was a danger to myself and them. If I ever started yelling or crying (which happened a lot), they'd reach for their phones and say they'd call the police.
Sometime between 8th grade and senior year they took my bedroom door down because I locked myself in it to get some time to myself. I didn't have my door for a couple months and when I eventually got it back because I couldn't sleep with so much light flooding in, it didn't have a handle at all. Just a hole where one used to be. I currently have a handle on my bedroom door, but no way to lock it. (Meanwhile my parents have a digital lock on their door and the office door because they 'feel threatened' when I'm angry.)
We used to go visit relatives in another state a lot. At some point I started discovering things like sexuality and my own religious views. Not sure when I realized I was pansexual and sort of atheist (although idk if that's just I hate the church because my parents forced me to go for years and still do, or because I really don't believe), but that's also been a big point of contention in the past couple years to the present. REMEMBER TO GRAB THE LINK TO YOUR COMPLAINTS DOC FROM THE LATOUR CAFE INCIDENT FEN!!
I was really depressed in 8th grade and kind of halfway suicidal pretty often. If I bring that up in an argument for my case with my parents, they dismiss it as "you weren't on the right meds then" when I KNOW it was from the stress of not being able to talk to my internet friends at all and my IRL friends about the deep shit that I was feeling. At the time I had no way to get around the restrictions my dad had put on my borrowed laptop (it was better in 6th/7th because I knew how to circumvent things to be able to talk to my friends then, but not the upgraded software that he added that year).
Kind of rambling a bit because my parents are talking at me right now, I'll just write down what my mom just said: Mom: "Did you thank your dad for the takeout we had for lunch today? What about the Pizza Hut lunch on Monday? You do know the reason you have medical coverage is because he works to pay for it, right?"
Anyway. To elaborate more on the controlling thing, my dad's favorite line is "you have no privacy on the internet". I really don't, he's been using software to remote monitor my screen for ages. I'd often come back home to find screenshots of games I played, or purchases I'd made (and had shipped to a friend's house for safety), or conversations with my internet and IRL friends. He'd always strongly disapprove of anything with LGBT content or any conversations I had with people he doesn't personally know, to the point of permanently disposing of things I'd bought myself with my own money just because an internet friend suggested it or it had LGBT content. I wasn't allowed to buy myself any gaming devices with internet access (yes, that includes things like Nintendo Network and stuff) until I fought him over it with my therapist moderating a couple years ago. I still don't have a smartphone for the same reasons (that I might talk to someone on the internet that he doesn't know). At home I always feel paranoid because he likes to lurk around the corner or at the top of the stairs and watch my computer screen no matter what I'm doing, homework or art or whatever. Just a few hours ago I was reviewing my history notes and closed the doc when he came over because I knew he would be upset at both my style of note taking (relatable to me, often interjected with swearing and references to things I like) and the content of the notes (the complete Shit Failure of the history of the Catholic church). That ended with a very common and almost daily occurrence, him disconnecting my internet via a remote switch because I disrespected him.
He says he feels threatened when I hide things from him. I say I feel threatened when he creeps around and watches me without my permission or knowledge. He says the two "fears" are completely different and not comparable.
While I'm on that subject there was also a time he removed the wireless adapter on my laptop. Since starting college, I was allowed to buy my own laptop with money I'd saved up, and I set it up myself with extra precautions (disallowing built-in remote assistance, installing my own antivirus, etc.) so now I finally am free from the childwatch programs. Now he's switched to network blocks, which while easy to get around are very irritating especially because free proxies tend to freak out my connection and the message he puts on the block screen is a bible verse about repenting your sins. As a side note, almost everything blocked is a custom list - like imgur, certain games/forums, research sites, and harmless stuff like that.
In middle and high school we argued a lot and went back and forth on the computer security. I mentioned it briefly earlier, but he would install programs or change settings, and I would go find creative solutions to get around them. One time I tried putting the Ubuntu install disk on a flash drive and using that whenever I needed full internet access. Obviously, since Windows and Linux have very different GUI, that didn't last long (whenever he saw the Ubuntu GUI, he'd shut off the net). One night he tried to steal my flash drives and after he shoved me out of the way to get to my flashdrives and grabbed them, I attacked him with my fists enough that he gave them back and went upstairs. (Things like that were actually kind of common then - him forcing me out of the way to get to something I was protecting, and me fighting back. Later he'd force me to sit down and get lectured and apologize to him by either threats of lost privileges or guilt tripping.) Just to clarify, my flash drives had a LOT of personal stuff and all the files on it and my local desktop were password protected because I was That Paranoid, not without justification though.
He also just told me loudly and angrily I have no humility and said something else, I already forgot. It was definitely something irritating though because I remember that much. It was in response to me politely (but coldly) asking him to please leave me alone to do my homework tonight.
I'm not allowed to minimize or close a window when my dad comes over. I'm not allowed to refuse to show him something. If I do, I lose various privileges and the internet always is turned off. He's snooped through my personal files (demanding I show them to him, or consequences) and my physical personal items more than a few times. If I draw or write something he thinks is inappropriate, I have to prove to him that I've destroyed the original file as well as any backups. This is another reason I almost didn't pass junior year of high school - I just couldn't focus (similar to 8th grade, but worse because I had a shitty history teacher who hated me). He also monitors the (meager) flow of cash in my bank account and calls family meetings on any purchases he disapproves of or finds suspicious. Also, I'm autistic and have ADHD and from time to time he says I act out because of those conditions. Sometimes he apologizes the next day for that.
I'm not comfortable with being physically touched or hugged. I can tolerate it pretty well if it's a friend or someone I'm ok with, but not my dad. No way. I tell him that often and he says "well, you're my daughter and I'm your dad. I have a right to" and still does it anyway. On that note, I identify as nonbinary and pansexual but that will be the LAST thing I tell either of my parents. Oh, right: I remembered to grab the Latour Cafe incident link. Trigger warning, homophobia. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KqXu78wH9ltLoe1Qbl6lb5YckZ9OhAOQMzq4GboxKbw/edit

I don't tell a lot of people I know in real life (trusted adults/older relatives and my close friends from school included, or even especially) about this kind of thing in depth. I complain, sometimes comically on the surface level about particular incidents and bemoan my general circumstances, but in general I guess it's because I don't want to risk any relationships by unloading the depth of my problems onto them. This is the first time I've taken time to write up everything I can remember that my internet friends have pointed out as abusive behavior.
I would like to emphasize that they do take care of me. I pay rent (about half my monthly disability insurance), but it's a lot lower than one could expect of "real rent" in my state. They buy food and clothes for me and pay my medical bills. They let me adopt my dog 3 years ago to help alleviate my stress. Although that is another reason I'm hesitant to leave, if I can't bring my dog they'll definitely send him back to the shelter. We're his third family and I don't want him to go through it again. My parents often say they love me. I do want things to change but I'm kind of afraid of change. I don't know what will happen if I do talk to a counselor and things spiral out of my control. Actually, I'm very much afraid of change and unknowns that I can't theorize or make jokes about. Like for example, what will happen to my future and my education if I uproot myself now? Even if it might be for the best, it's really difficult and fearsome to think about.
According to one of the said friends, I make a lot of excuses not to take action and also deny it being abuse. I guess that's kinda true, looking over the log of our conversation from earlier this evening. I get stressed and so tense the moment I hear the lock turning in the door that signifies my dad just got home. I can't focus on my homework when my dad could be lurking anywhere watching me. I haven't slept peacefully for like five years straight from a combination of daily stress nightmares and sleep apnea. I've learned to lie often and take calculated risks of what answer that I give will end up hurting me the least. My dad often makes hurtful comments about my "habit of lying".
He asked me just now, out of the blue - "what is one thing you're thankful for?" I can recognize that as a guilt trip attempt triggered by me typing away at this doc for the past three hours. That's a common question when things are tense in this house. I hate it. I also have to log every website I visit and every 30 minutes of time used for what if the internet is left on when they aren't home.
Sorry this is so long and rambling and disorganized. I'm kind of brain barfing my thoughts and I'm sure I've missed at least a couple huge points. I hope I'm not just overreacting and coming across like a spoiled, entitled brat. Which my parents have said in fits of anger that I am. Anyway it's not that late but I'm exhausted (as usual) and the internet has been off for the past 3 hours so I'll post this tomorrow morning if I still have the guts and anger fuel. Please give me your thoughts and advice, if you have any.
Thank you very much for hearing me out! Man, this is the longest essay I've written in years... -Fen
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