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Old Austin Tales: North Austin Meetups of Prehistoric Eras - (4000BC - 1690AD)

The folks down at the Austin History Center are slowly scanning archival photos and adding to UNT's Portal to Texas History even in these pandemic times. Among others, there are quite a few new photos of land parade floats from the early Austin Aqua Festivals in 1962 and 63. It's disappointing to see photos like this 1963 Austin Aqua Festival parade float ignorantly depicting Native Americans in a less than flattering light.
But a few of those kids dressed as stereotypical and generic 1960s natives probably had elderly relatives who remembered the time before all the tribes were ejected from this area and probably would have still thought of them as little more than savages. The photo gives context to the times in which it was taken. The Austinites of that era seem to have had less respect for those people who lived here hundreds or thousands of years before the Spanish and French started roaming around here.
As a modern Austinite I don't see why this attitude should be held up. Those were humans who lived here, if even sporadically, and loved the land and the creeks and trees as much or more than you or I. They just called the landmarks different names back then. It is known that some of the tribes who used to live around here were warlike and confrontational with other tribes. My own grandmother was born in Austin in the 1930s and often told me a tall tale about a fictional battle between the Comanche and 1000 Apache warriors in the hills near Lake Travis. (sometimes the battle took place in the area around where we were sitting in traffic depending on grandma's mood) It was a Thermopylae/Alamo-like tale of outnumbered Comanche braves winning the day by running to the hill now known as Commanche Peak and waiting in ambush. But grandma often told some whoppers and that was surely one of them. I've never read about even the scantest evidence that something like that took place here, if even only in oral histories of the tribes involved. But who knows. My point is we really don't know a whole lot about what the people who lived here before everything, and what they did while they were here.
Today I wanted to share some small bit of the real story of these people who lived here when real estate was free if you could keep it from the wild beasts or competing tribes. Because the real story, from what little we know of it, is really just as captivating as Grandma's tall tales were.
On a related note I recently discovered the AustinFound podcast from Michael Barnes and a few other folks at The Statesman. They've been writing the good historyposts on The Statesman's Austin360.com for a while now under the same name and I've referenced them a lot here before. Michael Barnes knows his stuff. He has written a multi-volume book set called Indelible Austin and was one of the people who went on the expedition to look for traces of the 1730 Spanish mission set up somewhere in this area. In episodes 1, 6, and 27 of the podcast he talks about the three main native tribes in this area: The Apache, who considered this area the northeastern border of their roaming grounds and had mostly vacated by the 1800s, the Comanche, who were descended from the Apache (edit: fixed) Wyoming Shoshone tribe long ago in modern Utah and Wyoming and considered this area the southeastern border of their expanding roaming grounds, and the Tonkawa tribe, who were also war like but had a different culture and their own ways. They especially were early victims of the diseases brought by european contact.
One thing I agree with Michael Barnes about is how The Tonkawa, despite having more of a territorial claim to the area Austin is in now than the other two tribes, are under-represented in the old chronicles written down by early white settlers. The Comanche are namedropped in the written accounts of the 1800s quite a bit for their 'depredations' on early settlers. It was the Comanche were the only tribe in this region who, for a time, rebuffed all attempts to subjugate them from Spain, Mexico, and Anglos. But the Tonkawa, on the other hand, being so few in number had to ally themselves with whites against the other two tribes. Because of this they were westernized quickly and assumed a sort of sub-caste in frontier society. Early accounts refer to them as 'Tonks' and talk in exaggerated ways about their cannibalism and wolf-worship. From what I understand the people eating only took place after winning a great battle. The tribe has a website nowadays where you can learn about their culture, their colorful traditional clothing and how it was made, and the Trail of Tears out of Central Texas.
It's not often talked about what tribes were here before the Tonkawa and the Comanche and Apache. It's a topic I'm always looking to learn more about. If you've lived here a while you might have heard of the Leanderthal Lady. Her remains are estimated to be between 10000 and 13000 years old and according to this article was found with buried with a shark tooth. I've also talked about the digs at the Westcave Preserve near Hamilton Pool, and the Levi and Smith Rock Shelters, where evidence of human habitation dates back 10000 years at least. But that brings up the question: Who lived in the area in between then and the time of the Tonkawa? I know there are stories from early settlers about an 'Indian Village' of an unnamed tribe very near the old Santa Monica Springs on the Colorado River but that's about it. Well thanks to some archeological digs over the years when new stuff had been built we know about a few frequent party spots some of the people alive back then liked to congregate in. I've found archeological reports from three separate digs in spots around North Austin, which is fine because the good rock shelters appear to have been in what is now South Austin anyway...
Let's start in the order the reports were made. The first concerns a site where people camped repeatedly over the course of the last 4000 years that today lies in a neighborhood near the intersection of North Lamar and Braker Lane. Back in the neighborhood is a street called Jetta Court. This neighborhood dates back to the mid to late 1960s and when built the area was already known for arrowhead deposits. In the 1980s further digs established the whole area around where Walnut Creek Park is today was once a major habitation area. But back in '68 the home builder company was partially done with the neighborhood and paid for a salvage dig after reports of trespassers "pothunting".
The report from the salvage dig was published in the Bulletin of the Texas Archeological Society, Volume 47, 1976 and is available in the UNT archive. You can read the whole thing if you feel like getting into the weeds. Quoting the abstract and introduction:
During the course of several weekends in 1968 and 1969, students from The University of Texas at Austin carried out test excavations at the Jetta Court site in Travis County, central Texas. These investigations constituted a salvage effort designed to obtain information on this site before it was destroyed by construction activities in a housing development. The terrace deposits at Jetta Court yielded a long Archaic sequence, including a deeply buried occupation which occurred stratigraphically below Early Archaic materials. The results of the excavations are described, and detailed analyses of the lithic debris and faunal re mains are presented.
The Jetta Court site (41 TV 151) is located within the city limits of Austin, Texas, buried in terrace deposits on the west side of Walnut Creek (Figs. 1-3). The site was brought to the attention of the Texas Archeological Research Laboratory (TARL) of The University of Texas at Austin in the fall of 1968 by reports of pothunting in an area slated for a housing subdivision. Inspection of the site by TARL personnel indicated that it should be tested before the planned construction activities were begun.
Excavations, directed by graduate students in anthropology at The University of Texas at Austin, were carried out with volunteer help. Work was done on weekends during a period from December, 1968, to February, 1969. Since the site was unprotected during the week, numerous instances of vandalism occurred. One unit of excavation was eventually ruined, but the others were not seriously damaged. This combination of weekend excavation and weekday vandalism limited effective investigation to stratigraphic testing and backhoe trenching. Exposures of horizontal tracts were not done partly be- cause of fear that it would lead to more extensive depredations on the part of the pothunters, and partly because the site was considerably deeper than was anticipated.
The writers would like to acknowledge the assistance and under- standing of Mr. Cecil Lamour, representing Conann Construction, Inc., in permitting the excavations. His patience with our backhoe operations, in particular, was most helpful.
How dramatic. Apparently someone thought there was buried treasure nearby. I wonder what could have given them that idea.. Here's a photo of the site at the time and Here's a map of the dig site with the holes marked. All of this area is built over today.
The dig was done hastily and the vandalism limited the findings. The report goes on describe two burned rock midden sites located within the boundaries of the dig. These were like old campfires that had been repeatedly built over for a number of years during two different eras.
Some further highlights from the report:
Here's a photo of the one of the holes.
There are a couple of photos of some of the lithic projectile points found in the upper, newer rock midden. Here's one. Here's another. And a couple from the lower, older midden. Here's one from the lower and here's another. There are many more photos and charts showing the finds, their classifications, and their locations in relation to one another in the layered deposits. This is how most of the rest of the report goes.
There were many animal bones and shells found in some areas indicating people ate there, or used the site for industry. Here a list of animal species found in the bones they can identify. On the menu: snails, turtles, opossum, coyote, deer, bison, cow, a couple of kinds of rabbits and mice, and strangely gophers. Apparently there used to be gophers around here when the climate favored grasslands over forests.
The distribution of animal bones is nicely charted here in size and age, Category A being the largest animals like bison and Category C being the smallest, such as rats and snails. The report notes that remains of small animals would degrade faster so that might skew the results.
To sum it all up because it's way too long to copypaste, the two burned rock middens at Jetta Court don't contribute a whole lot of new information to the story besides offering evidence that the spot was a place for habitation. I think if I understand it correctly (correct me if I'm wrong) the lower midden dates back over 3000 years while the upper midden dates back about 2000 years. The report talks about not knowing how to classify the artifacts within the archaic period. It recommends further digs in the area but acknowledges that's probably not possible with the neighborhood going up. What the writers didn't know is that just a few years later digs would begin at many different sites in what is now Walnut Creek Park that further expanded the knowledge of that area and its earliest inhabitants.
Moving on to the next site, which lies a little bit east of there at what became the Jourdan-Bachman Pioneer Farm, once an actual farm near Sprinkle now turned into a live action museum exhibit by the city which is beloved by schoolkids on field trips. It turns out that when the farm was built in the 1850s, part of the property contained a much older camp site that was favored by natives a thousand years ago. A report was written in 1994 about a dig in 1983. (PDF warning). The site of the native cultural deposits was at the southern end of the farm. Here is a map of the site in relation to the farm.
The PDF isn't as copypaste friendly as the other UNT article but it's short and I can summarize the findings. It's really more of just an abstract compared to the other long report. It's worth taking the time to read if you can handle PDFs and you're interested in the history of the area at all. In the introduction they describe how the farm was bought by the Heritage Society of Austin in the 1950s and belonged to the City of Austin by 1980 as part of the same deal that established Walnut Creek Park. More than a few digs had been done in the area around there in the early 1980s. It describes 22 different ancient burials found at one nearby site. At the farm site itself there was a deposit of projectile points over a meter thick of most types found in the area during the archaic era.
That brings us to the third site. called Millican Bench. Never heard of it? Me neither. It's a tiny spot just south of The Arboretum today that was obliterated by the construction of Loop 360 in the 1970s. Before the highway cut through the site, TxDot conducted a dig in 1970 and 71 on a small limestone plateau (thus the bench) where artifacts had been reported by the previous landowner. The report on the site dig is another PDF, but it was written in 2003, is very detailed, and will let me copypaste from it. Here's a map of the site showing where it was in the roadbed of modern Loop 360.
Quoting from the introduction:
Located in Travis County, the Millican Bench site(41TV163) was the first archeological site excavated by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT; then Texas Highway Department) as a mitigation effort for highway construction under the requirements of the National Environmental Protection Act of 1966. The excavation was conducted between September of 1970 and February of 1971under the direction of Frank Weir, then of the Texas Highway Department. In August of 2002, TxDOT contracted with the Center for Archaeological Research (CAR) at The University of Texas at San Antonio (Work Authorization#57014PD004) to conduct an inventory and assessment of the archeological collections and documentation associated with site 41TV163, develop possible research questions that could be pursued with the site data, and to prepare the project material for permanent curation. Based on that assessment(Mahoney et al. 2003a), and following consultation with TxDOT, CAR further was directed to produce a final report.This document constitutes the final report on the TxDOT work at 41TV163. Included in this report are a description of the site, excavation procedures, and an analysis of selected components of the data collected over three decades ago.
To report on excavations and analyze data collected over30 years ago presents several challenges. Foremost among these is that if one wishes to avoid a primarily historical perspective, data collected using earlier field methods to investigate earlier theoretical concerns must be molded to address current questions. In this case, the disconnect between the theoretical and methodological considerations that guided the excavation of 41TV163, which appear to have been focused on chronology and cultural history,and current research interests in Texas archeology is exacerbated by the loss of a large portion of the field notes,some photo logs, and some of the artifacts and samples during the intervening years. Nevertheless, in the assessment document (Mahoney et al. 2003a), we identified a series of current research issues that could be addressed using data generated by the work at 41TV163. These include investigating temporal changes in subsistence patterns and changes in lithic technology. In addition, we investigate several aspects of site use during the Late Prehistoric occupation of 41TV163.
So what this is saying is that basically the original field work and notes were lost and they had to reconstruct everything. I guess they thought it was worth it in scientific value to reconstruct or else maybe because it was the forerunner to TxDot's first dig. In any case the findings showed evidence of habitation a bit later than the other sites to the east. The intro continues:
Initially, seven discrete areas, designated A through G, were identified at Millican Bench. Figure 1-2 (the map linked earlier) presents a section of an aerial photo with the sketched locations of these seven areas, along with the Loop 360 center line. The photo appears to have been created at the time of the fieldwork. Area A consisted of a burned rock midden located on a topographic bench. Another probable burned rock midden, Area B, was situated on the slope and creek terrace below the bench.Located just to the west of Area B were two other areas,designated C and D. These appeared to be occupation areas with burned rock and other debris present. Three additional areas, designated E, F, and G, were located across the creek east of Areas A–D. Area E was a burned rock midden that measured approximately four meters in diameter. Area F contained a concentration of occupation refuse with burned rock and chipped stone, while Area G was a broad bedrock exposure containing scattered chipped stone debris.With the exception of Area G, where only surface collection was conducted, all areas (A through F) had some level of excavation. At 41TV163, TxDOT personnel recorded 11features, including a human burial (Feature 10) and a possible structure (Feature 3). In addition, more than 200cores, 1,400 tools, 400 projectile points, and 42,500 pieces of debitage were collected. With the exception of any evidence for Paleo-indian occupation, the 41TV163 materials seem to reflect most prehistoric periods. Collected projectile point types thought to be diagnostic include Wells, Early Split Stem, Early Triangular, Martindale, and Uvalde forms dating to much of the Early Archaic (8000–6000 BP); Nolan,Travis, and a single Andice point, all dating to the Middle Archaic (6000–4000 BP); Bulverde, Pedernales, Williams,Lange, Marshall, Montell, Castroville, Ensor, Frio, Fairland,and Darl forms dating throughout the Late Archaic (4000–1250 BP); and Scallorn points, dating to the early portion of the Late Prehistoric (1250–700 BP). A small amount of historic and/or modern material was also collected, though it is not considered in any detail in this report.
Long story short, this area was frequently visited from about 4000BC-1300AD, mostly toward the latter date, and shows different patterns in habitation indicating the different tribal customs in use at that point. In addition to rock middens and lots of projectile points and rock flakes, an ancient human burial was found. Also many animal bones like the other sites indicating different eating areas.
Well there you have a few stories of the people who lived here before recorded history. I hope one day more local history writers and bloggers can address this topic in more depth than I have time for here today. I know there are a lot of people out there like me who would love to know more. Time is way short so I've got to wrap this up quick. I obviously don't have any related photos from prehistory but have some newly added old Aqua Fest photos from the UNT archive for Bonus Pics today.
Bonus Pic #1 - "Photograph of two people on a mini pool at the Aqua Festival Land Parade event" - August 3, 1962
Bonus Pic #2 - "Photograph of group of people at Aqua Fest event" - 1963
Bonus Pic #3 - "Photograph of the scenery at Aqua Fest event. A child is seen seated wearing a cape and crown. " - 1963
submitted by s810 to Austin

Question about remote neural collection

Hey guys, new to this community and just created this account... I am looking into remote neuromonitoring for a research paper I am doing. Is there anyone here that understands the networking fundamentals regarding the technology, I have written a report which is copied and pasted here. Any information or safe guard recommendations would be most helpful.
God Bless.
10-7-2020 Remote EEG and invasive surveillance in the private / criminal sector. In contemporary technology we are faced with new dilemma and new obstacles otherwise known to be unreal or mystical. This unfortunately challenges traditional law enforcement and modern 'burden of proof' elements. With our criminal justice system there isn't a strong partnership between newage technology and the A.I frontier. These sorts of 'machines' or complex code may be available only to the military or very large precincts like the NYPD 'tripwire' program.
Its important to note that the private criminal sector has found ways to utilize these systems thru backdoors, zeroday exploits/hacks and other malware/penetration style tactics. Some of these systems are local, federal or even international (satellites) and cell phone / data streams Data streams - EmotivPRO and or towers. With these systems perpetrators are able to gain exclusive access to other peoples 'real-time' data Real time, recording and playback modes - EmotivPRO . Such as where they're located, or theyre feeling, what they look like, even as far as vital signs.
www.neurosky.com is a example a BCI(brain to computer interface's) paired with a software and a headset for the user(s) own pleasure. Little does neurosky know that this technology has paved the way for criminals or individuals with malicious intent to breakdown neurosky's structure and build custom invasive brain to computer interfaces. www.OpenEEG.sourceforge.net is a community online where users can post / discuss brain scanning equipment and their latest findings. http://openeeg.sourceforge.net Also users frequent OpenBCI - Open Source Biosensing Tools (EEG, EMG, EKG, and more). This technology is a existential threat to not only the US but humans as a whole. Espionage is what the US intelligence community needs to be particularly afraid of, thoughts, dreams and emotions can be scanned or stored in a 'Neural Bank' thru the interception of TCP/IP neural packets . https://packetstormsecurity.com (good source for everything related) BrainBay OpenBCI Documentation
Thru the use of a BCI headset a user can remotely send customized neural packets thru a neural packet receivesender (same-thing) to a target resulting in a phenomenon called 'synthetic telepathy'... or synthetic Insight Brainwear 5 Channel Wireless EEG Headset | EMOTIV The headset itself doesn't support malicious software / code. But it can be used as a vessel for perpetrators to send and receive neural packets using their own mind with the support of a BCI. Here is a partnership between facebook and a BCI company called CTRL-LABS CTRL-labs - YouTube CTRL-labs - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding CTRL-labs Neural Interface Technology The powerful visual shown by CTRL-LABS shows a degree of sophistication that law enforcement increasingly has trouble keeping up with. But due to some brave journalists and dedicated minds we now can connect the dots and hopefully create regulations and a code of ethics regarding invasive BCI's. Unfortunately modern legal precedent is functional unaware of such activity, or at least our system isn't primed for it yet. I am writing this as a cautionary tale to those worried about new age technology and surveillance in contemporary America. For the most part the NSA has used their collection of data ethically. But their software and tools were leaked onto the internet and scooped up by the private criminal sector.
Regular Americans stand helpless against such technology , their information and feelings are being mined and stored by criminals for sadistic and fiscal reasons. Such as stalking, harassment, espionage and much else. I want to switch gears to the science and literal meaning of EEG equipment , R. Douglas Fields PhD wrote a great book on the history and creation of brain monitoring and scanning. (insert 'Electric brain references and quotes here). Also here is a hour long visual representation by Dr. R. Douglas Fields https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJtoW8wvgXo Digital Signal collection / interpretation is a process in which signals coming from send/receiving devices such as micro controllers, cell phone towers, satellites creates a full spectrum grid of surveillance that victims cannot typically break free from. Neural nets are another component of the equation, the collection of TCP/IP neural packets go thru one of many systems one of which is a neural net. The neural net is a system in which raw neural packets are passed thru a series of checkpoints and other mathematical formalities that process raw neural data and deliver it into a neat package for the user to see what a target or user is thinking, feeling or even dreaming...
Legal precedent has been a issue with this technology as it is quite hard to prove. But not impossible. If you follow the links provided and watch the visuals you will see that the technology is completely possible. It is done thru low band frequencies usually in the 40-60 hertz range. 40-60 hertz is related to EMF (electromagnetic field) , if tuned correctly with AI, software like Brainwave it allows for a 'perp' to create synthetic telepathy (insert information here about synthetic telepathy). Perps in modern times are now using complex technology to target individuals and its virtually undetectable. With the help of law enforcement and transparency thru the private sector creating a partnership is paramount to help victims , as they're always gaslighted or told they re insane. I have been doing research on the subject for about 6 months or so and it is very very plausible due to the integration of 4g - 5g technology. 5g will revolutionize this harassment and intrusion of civil liberties to a level that we will not be able to keep up with.
It is paramount we create ethics , regulations and arrest those who are using this for malicious intent. Brainbay is BCI like software used thru a webcam, thru retina and facial expressions it can cross platform with narrow A.I to create synthetic EEG like imaging. http://www.shifz.org/brainbay/
Usually 'perps' will use a different country than the target to circumvent accountability. Also the use of VPNS people are able to mask their location, though that technology is becoming easier to detect. Sector, Elon Musk is developing a cranial implant called the neuralink . The neurolink is about the size of post it note , maybe a little smaller. It is intended to be symbiotic relationship between A.I and humanity. This has promising prognosis's but major shortcomings and concerns regarding ethics and potential existential risks regarding the major evolutionary jump. Now that is out in the open and for users to use and manipulate the open source community of BCI's it is particularly troubling. The lack of oversight and the compounded interest of technology paired with exponential growth its making virtually impossible for local or even state police departments to keep up with. All things considered its important to create a new legal framework and/or procedure when dealing with complex harassment and or remote neuro monitoring equipment (such as long range acoustic devices and or satellite installations). Users discuss innovative ideas, schematics and DIY EEG equipment for their imaging needs. The problem is the lack of oversight - due to the rapid growth of new age tech and micro controllers... paired with 5g. It will be a serious issue for local and state authorities to keep up.
That being said I think its paramount to establish strong legal precedent and not write this off as hocus-pocus or out of the realm of possibilities. Most victims present in a way that is hard to understand or comprehend for most Officers or other officials. As its highly specialized field of computing , neurology and networking all in one.
https://emotiv.gitbook.io/emotivpro/ https://emotiv.gitbook.io/emotivpro-v2-0/
There is also another community I want to state for this report, which is the www.openbci.com community. Now this is the software component that links the brain to whichever EEG the user is using. There is detailed images on the website showing users making custom BCI headpieces and headsets... Most of it is DYI manuals ; users have found ways to make affordable hardware and easy to read/obtain schematics. Thru the use of TCP/IP neural packets , signals between machine to brain (VOICE TO SKULL). This raises considerable alarms , basically this technology / software is capable of remote messages to the brain using a neural packet sendereceiver. This can be amplified for remote or wider range transmissions , or for high power localized EEG s. Right now the standard hertz used is between 35-45 (approx, depending on the EEG s). Perpetrators mine data thru narrow A.I and Brainbay. Unfortunately this technology is very clandestine and used in sophisticated identity theft, stalking, harassment, ransomware, blackmail, fraud , interception/espionage, privacy violations and revenge porn.
That being said, staying many steps ahead is the key to countering the criminal aspects of this technology. So in order to do that what was once darkness and is now out in the light, all sectors of society must be aware of the capabilities and danger associated with intrusive sophisticated unwarranted surveillance , via cross device , via cross platform/OS penetration. Thanks for spending some of your time reading my report on contemporary surveillance and the Era of A.I. Take care, be well. Thru the use of existing code and narrow minded AI , perpetrator's can break down existing brain to computer interfaces and use invasive technology and send and receive thoughts, and even read vital signs.
Very few companies are capable of such feats in fact its considered cutting edge to a point, the data mining is in the most comprehensive part of the equation. Then A.I does the rest: malware such as 'ROOTKIT's” , rootkits hide in the firmware of the device (PC , SMART PHONE , even wired or wireless devices). Perpetrator's can then have a remote copy of a victim's device , this can be plugged into a BCI which can measure emotions, pupil dilation, some vital signs and other mannerisms thru what you search, type, look like (front/back facing camera). To make matters worse if the victim has a smart watch which is bluetoothed to a rootkitted device then they have vital signs, blood pressure, steps, location and other intrusive details. It can take many years of rootkitting in order to create a “link” to a victims cortex/brain .
Then A.I takes over , it can take the mined data and essentially predict the victims behavior and or personality. Again as previously stated our legal system is not yet primed to such activity, only in the intelligence sector would there be precedent. Now that 5G is being rolled out it will make the rootkit mining seemless , 5g is 600-1000x faster than 4gLTE and 30-50x faster than Wi-Fi. So collection of data can be stored, collected and mined at a rate never ever seen before. This would be a existential threat to national security, personal security and the mental health of the entire planet. If we do not establish cheap detection or mute features than our fate is virtually sealed. Sophisticated organized crime or “cabals” could use this for unbelievable potential, it would be the most power weapon known to mankind 10 fold. I digress: So the headpieces, headsets and brain to computer interfaces already exist but the firewalls do NOT exist.
This would be a particular issue with the military and politics. Not only would “perps” be able to send and receive TCP/IP neural packets and other intrusive forms of neural network related forms of PERP to VICTIM communication. In layman's, they could send voices and essentially predict and analyze your brain. Not only that they can plug your subconscious and their dreams/dream cycle. What else is particularly troubling is that the signal would be so strong at 5g levels it potentially alter human physiology; it has been theorized that it can prevent the oxidation of cells. This is in theory as human physiology and 5G / intrusive EEG's brain scanning equipment is generally hidden and black listed on search engines and YouTube. Law enforcement needs to have state, local and federal safeguards created , in conjunction with the private sector.
In conjunction 'perps' can use ADOBE VOCO to impersonate the victims voice to cause further disruption to their lives we live in the age of disinformation and fraud. An there is almost nothing average or even high class people can do. This is a on going report and any information that can be shed on this topic would be of much help.
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