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When using as a Guest without an account, your conversation will last for 24 hours. To use it without an account, you must use Skype for Web. Microsoft has their own, separate Microsoft accounts.

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I've gotten a ton of questions from students about LSAT-Flex, so I decided to make a post compiling the most common ones. Happy to update with more info as questions come up.
I also have two related YouTube playlists: one on how coronavirus affects LSAT and admissions and one on LSAT-Flex. Also check out the LSAT-Flex/ProctorU experience threads (1 / 2 / 3 / 4) and accommodations threads.

LSAC posted the May 2020 LSAT-Flex Sample Conversion Chart on LawHub (November 3 Update)
76 questions in total.
-4 for 175 (72/76 correct)
-9 for 170 (67/76 correct)
-15 for 165 (61/76 correct*)
-22 for 160 (54/76 correct)
*-14, meaning 62 correct, would also give you a 165.
It's a surprising curve, considering there are regular LSAT PrepTests with ~100 questions where -9 or -10 would give you a 170. (In other words, you could get a larger % of questions wrong on this Flex exam and still get the same score!)
​ ​
LSAC added 2 LSAT-Flex Practice Tests to LawHub (October 23 Update)
1) May 2020 "LSAT-Flex Sample" (previously unreleased)
2) PrepTest 73
(PrepTest 89 is now also available as a regular PT inside LawHub.)
  • To make an LSAT-Flex version of PrepTest 73, they removed the second LR section (numbered as section 4 in the print version).
  • LSAC posted on LawHub that the raw score conversion chart for the May 2020 LSAT-Flex sample is "COMING SOON." (I hope they release it before the November LSAT!) For the LSAT-Flex version of PrepTest 73, they simply wrote, "there is NO conversion chart for this PrepTest."
  • For those who haven't seen them, raw score conversions are under the "Help" section (bottom-left) inside LawHub.
​ ​
LSAC Announces January, February, and April 2021 LSAT-Flex (October 15 Update)
LSAC announced that the January, February, and April 2021 LSATs will all be LSAT-Flex administrations.
Each will take place on or around the originally-scheduled testing date. They will count towards retake limits and will also be undisclosed. ​
January LSAT-Flex Primary Test Dates: January 16-17
Registration Deadline: December 2
Score Release: February 3
​ ​
February LSAT-Flex Primary Test Dates: February 20-21
Registration Deadline: January 6
Score Release: March 10

April LSAT-Flex Primary Test Dates: April 10-11
Registration Deadline: February 24
Score Release: April 28

LSAC Announces October LSAT-Flex Scheduling (September 17 Update)
LSAC announced October LSAT-Flex scheduling would open Tuesday, September 22 at 12PM Eastern.
With all previous LSAT-Flex administrations, many were able to access ProctorU to schedule their times early, and this loophole will likely be open for the October LSAT-Flex as well.
In other words, LSAT-Flex scheduling for previous administrations was available several hours before the initially-announced scheduling time of 12PM Eastern. You could log into ProctorU by resetting the password on the ProctorU account associated with your LSAC account email (already created by LSAC). In other words, go to ProctorU's website, enter your LSAC email address, and reset the password.

LSAC Announces November LSAT-Flex (August 27 Update)
Originally scheduled for November 14, it's been moved approximately one week earlier. Most will take it that Saturday (Nov 7), Sunday (Nov 8), Tuesday (Nov 10), or Wednesday (Nov 11), with some taking it later that week if they have special remote proctoring considerations. The registration deadline has also been moved one week earlier, from September 30 to September 23. LSAC's expected score release date is Tuesday, November 24.

LSAC Announces October LSAT-Flex (August 18 Update)
Originally scheduled for October 3, most will take it that Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday, with some taking it that Wednesday if they have special remote proctoring considerations. LSAC's expected score release date is Friday, October 23.

LSAC Announces August LSAT-Flex Scheduling (August 12 Update)
On Wednesday, August 12, LSAC announced August LSAT-Flex scheduling would open Thursday, August 13 at 12PM Eastern).
However, as with all previous LSAT-Flex administrations (May, June, and July), many were able to access ProctorU to schedule their times early, and this loophole appears to still be open for the August LSAT-Flex as well.
In other words, without prior announcement, scheduling was available several hours before the initially-announced scheduling time of 12PM Eastern. You could log into ProctorU by resetting the password on the ProctorU account associated with your LSAC account email (already created by LSAC). In other words, go to ProctorU's website, enter your LSAC email address, and reset the password.

LSAC Allows Mechanical Pencils + Foam Earplugs Starting with August Flex (August 12 Update)
Via email from LSAC:
We will now allow test takers to use a regular or mechanical pencil, or a pen, while taking the LSAT-Flex. You will still need to show your writing utensil(s) to the proctor during the check-in period.
In addition, test takers may use soft, non-electronic, non-corded/banded, generic foam ear plugs, which will need to be shown to and approved by your LSAT-Flex proctor.
More on LSAC's site here and in this post.

LSAT Retake Limits Reinstated (August 3 Update)
Starting with the October LSAT, all LSATs will once again count toward retake limits, even if they are rescheduled as LSAT-Flex administrations. (The May, June, July, and August LSAT-Flex tests do NOT count toward retake limits.)

Some July LSAT-Flex Test Scores Lost (July 29+30 Update)
Somewhere in the range of 120-140 July LSAT-Flex test-takers' exam data was lost due to a glitch when transmitting their information from ProctorU to LSAC.
LSAC called many of those affected and offered them a refund for July, a free retake in August (or through April 2020), and 4 free law school reports.
In my view, this is not nearly enough given a screw-up of this size, and LSAC should do much more for these test-takers.
LSAC has not made an official written public announcement to students. However, they did provide a statement to the National Law Journal saying that those affected will have the option to take a makeup exam sometime in the next week or so.

August LSAT-Flex (July 8 Update)
LSAC announced the August 29 LSAT will be an LSAT-Flex. Most will take it that Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
Like previous LSAT-Flex administrations, it will not be disclosed, and it will not count toward retake limits. Target score release is September 18 at 9AM Eastern.
Unlike other Flex administrations, there will be a score preview option for first-time test-takers (for a fee - $45 if you pay before the test, $75 if you pay after the first day of the test).
This means you can see your score before deciding whether to cancel. You still have to wait a few weeks for your score like everyone else, though.
LSAC has confirmed the score preview option will be available for all LSAT administrations moving forward.
LSAC also established a new requirement that you must complete LSAT Writing in order to receive your score, and it opens up 8 days prior to the LSAT.

July LSAT-Flex Scheduling
The July 13 LSAT in North America as well as the June international LSAT has been rescheduled as an LSAT-Flex the week of July 12, with most taking it on July 12 and 13.
LSAC opened the scheduling sign-up process for the July LSAT-Flex on Friday, June 26.
However, many of those taking the May and June LSAT-Flex were able to access ProctorU to schedule their times early, and this loophole was still open for the July LSAT-Flex as well.
In other words, without prior announcement, May, June, and July LSAT-Flex scheduling was available several hours before the initially-announced scheduling time of 12PM Eastern. You could log into ProctorU by resetting the password on the ProctorU account associated with your LSAC account email (already created by LSAC).
If you experience "405 errors" while trying to schedule, hit refresh a couple of times (even if you have to do so through each step) and you should be able to book. Also try multiple browsers - I've heard Chrome might work better.
In an email, LSAC wrote, "Due to the remote proctoring logistics, different countries will test at different times and dates. Scores for the July LSAT-Flex will be available on July 30."

June LSAT-Flex Administration
The June LSAT-Flex administration went much more smoothly than the May administration, with few reports of the issues that affected the May administration. Wait times for proctors were much shorter.

May LSAT-Flex Administration
Many LSAT-Flex tests were successfully administered. However, some ProctorU proctors mistakenly told students they weren't allowed to have scratch paper (when it is permitted). LSAC will work with affected students to let them retake.
Many students experienced long wait times for proctors and difficulty logging in (especially on May 18). If this happens to you, stay in the queue, don't disconnect. If you disconnect and rejoin, you lose your place in line and go to the back of the queue.
It wasn't possible to see the proctors on camera, even though they could see you. You communicate with them through a chat box and over audio (in other words, voice-only using your mic). Some reported that it was distracting to have their webcam light on the entire time. (You could cover the light before starting if this might bother you.)
Students got a full minute "break" between sections (not previously advertised).
I received some reports that students were able to use legal-sized scratch paper (8.5 x 14). It's worth noting that LSAC's rules simply say 5 sheets and don't specify the size, and it's up to the proctor's discretion. It might be worth trying, but I'd recommend also having regular (8.5 x 11 unlined) paper available just in case.
I've also heard some students successfully used the command-F / control-F (find) shortcut function to search for keywords in the exam text. LSAC has confirmed this is permitted.

LSAT-Flex and Retake Limits (May 13 Update)
LSAC updated their website to indicate that the May and June LSAT-Flex administrations will not count towards retake limits (and later confirmed via email that the July LSAT will not count toward retake limits).
The online, remotely proctored LSAT-Flex tests do not count toward this total as they were administered as an emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic in May and June 2020.

June LSAT-Flex Scheduling (May 13 Update)
The same loophole that allowed students to register early for the May LSAT-Flex was still open for June LSAT-Flex scheduling.
Without prior announcement, June LSAT-Flex scheduling was available several hours before the initially-announced scheduling time of 12PM Eastern. You could log into ProctorU by resetting the password on the ProctorU account associated with your LSAC account email (already created by LSAC).
If you experience "405 errors" while trying to schedule, hit refresh a couple of times (even if you have to do so through each step) and you should be able to book. Also try multiple browsers - I've heard Chrome might work better.

June LSAT-Flex Announced (April 29 Update)
The June 8 LSAT has been rescheduled as an LSAT-Flex for the week of June 14.
Most will take it on Sunday, June 14 and Monday, June 15. LSAC is targeting June 30 for score release for all test-takers, and scheduling is expected to open 12PM on Wednesday, May 13.
(So far, the announcement only relates to the June 8 test in North America - they haven't yet made a decision on the international June 27 / 28 administration. IMO, they should've rescheduled that as a Flex already, and I'm hoping they will soon.)

May LSAT-Flex Scheduling (April 27 Update)
Without prior announcement, May LSAT-Flex scheduling was available several hours before the initially-announced scheduling time of 12PM Eastern. You could log into ProctorU by resetting the password on the ProctorU account associated with your LSAC account email (already created by LSAC).
If you experience "405 errors" while trying to schedule, hit refresh a couple of times (even if you have to do so through each step) and you should be able to book. Also try multiple browsers - I've heard Chrome might work better.
Available time slots for the May LSAT-Flex were 9AM-7PM Eastern Time, in 20-minute increments.

May LSAT-Flex Scheduling (April 23 Update)
LSAC has moved LSAT-Flex scheduling to Monday, April 27, at 12PM Eastern, citing issues with a system in ProctorU that is required to handle signups. Test dates will still be May 18 and 19 for most test-takers.
ProctorU support shared with me what they're sending students right now:
"LSAC has not entered this exam into our system or made it available for proctoring yet...You’ll have plenty of time between setting up an account and taking your exam in order to test your equipment. Please do not set up an account under ACER or any institution or organization that is not your own as this can negatively impact that institution’s tracking of their own test-takers."
In other words, wait for LSAC's email with instructions before you register on ProctorU.

LSAT-Flex Section-Weighting + Dates (April 15 Update)
LSAC confirmed that Logical Reasoning will NOT double-weighted - all questions will count the same. This means Logical Reasoning is less important than on the regular LSAT, and Logic Games and Reading Comprehension are slightly MORE important.
There will be about 75 questions and each section will have roughly the same number of questions. Based on previous exams, we can expect RC will have ~27, LR will have ~25, and LG will have ~23. If you'd previously planned to spend more time on LR, you may want to adjust your study plan accordingly.
LSAC also announced the May LSAT-Flex will be offered on May 18 and 19 (accommodated test-takers may take it on a different day), and scores will all be released on the same date -- no later than Friday, June 5.
They haven't yet released specific options, but there will be multiple time slots during which it's administered over the course of two days (May 18 and 19). I imagine there will be both morning and afternoon options. Registration will open (for previous April LSAT registrants) on April 22.
They confirmed there will NOT be the option to see your score prior to deciding whether to cancel.

Why Did LSAC Create LSAT-Flex?
The April LSAT was canceled because most of us now have stay-at-home orders. There was no way to administer it in-person at an LSAT testing center. Instead, LSAC has added a new LSAT-Flex administration the week of May 18. (Most will take it May 18 and 19.) It will be an alternative for those who had initially wanted to take the March and April LSAT in North America.
It will be administered online, at home on your computer. It will be different -- three sections, not five. You will have one section of games, one reasoning, and one reading comp back-to-back. They will equate the scores nonetheless. In other words, you will still get a score out of a possible 180 as an equivalent to the traditional five-section exam.
As for scores, LSAC’s site says two weeks for the online LSAT-Flex. They can't get them back much faster because of all the statistics they have to analyze, but they're also working quickly because law schools want those scores before they can evaluate applications.
(By the way, most law schools are extending deadlines to wait for the LSAT-Flex. They may extend further if they need more applicants.)
Virginia extended the stay-at-home order until June 10. Others, like California, extended it indefinitely. The June LSAT is June 8 and will have to be canceled, as many other states will likely extend to June 10 or beyond, meaning there's likely going to be at least one more LSAT Flex opportunity. If we see second and third waves of COVID-19, as I've been reading, the Flex will be around for a long time.
It may even be that LSAT-Flex will be here to stay as the new normal. It's very hard to go back on technology once you've advanced. Remember, there have been a number of difficulties in administering the LSAT in-person. They had to book the testing centers, hire proctors, get all the tablets in place and make sure they were fully charged. Additionally, students had to travel long distances to take the exam. If they offer the LSAT more frequently online, pulling out some of their old undisclosed test forms, it would have a number of advantages.

How to simulate LSAT-Flex
There are four sections in the Online LSAT Prep Plus (and books of published PrepTests) because that's how PrepTests have always been published -- the four scored sections. LSAT-Flex is three sections. One Logic Games, one Logical Reasoning, one Reading Comp.
If you're taking the online LSAT-Flex, I would practice like Game Day - only do three sections. A simple solution would be to remove or skip one of the logical reasoning sections from any given published LSAT PrepTest. Then you've got three sections - one of each type. Do them back to back (no break).
If you want to get a rough approximation of a scaled score on the LSAT-Flex, multiply your initial raw score by 4/3 before converting it using that exam's chart.
It won't be perfect, but it'll be close enough to give you a sense. Another option would be to calculate your overall accuracy % on the 3 sections you complete, then use that as a baseline to approximate your accuracy % out of the total number of questions on a given exam.
(For example, if you answered 60/75 correct, that's 80% accuracy. If you maintained that level of accuracy on a 100-question exam, that would mean your raw score was 80. On the June 2007 LSAT, a raw score of 80 converts to 161.)
Give yourself a margin of error of a couple of points on each end to be safe. If you take the average of your most recent five exams you've done in a relatively short period, that will give you the best indication of where you stand.

How to simulate LSAT-Flex proctoring
Do some practice runs -- take a practice test online with the Official LSAT Prep Plus with a friend watching you on Skype/Zoom on the other end to simulate the online proctoring with ProctorU.
You could also get a group together and do a Zoom call, where you take practice tests together and watch each other, to have the feeling of not being alone in this process and also to have the feeling that somebody might be watching you and holding you accountable.
Another thing you could do that's popular on YouTube is doing a "study with me" session, where you livestream yourself in front of your desk on camera, studying for the LSAT. However, you don't have to have your face on camera, if you're shy about that. Instead, you could have the camera stationed over your desk, to simulate that experience, just a little bit.
(Note: for the actual LSAT-Flex, you need to show your face on camera for the entire duration of the test so they know it's you taking it and they can track your eyes, etc.)
You're doing the online LSAT-Flex on computer, whether desktop or laptop, not on an iPad, which is somewhat ironic since the digital LSAT was on a tablet for the in-person administrations.
The look and feel will be the same, but obviously on a computer, you're not using a touchscreen. You'll be doing it with a keyboard and mouse instead.

Why LSAT-Flex is only 3 sections (not 4 or 5)
Part of the reason is there'd be no way to monitor you during any breaks (if you went to the bathroom, for example). It's not a controlled environment like a test center. They can only monitor you as far as the video camera can see on your laptop.
There's also the issue of paying proctors for longer periods of time - ProctorU is not set up for tests as long as the LSAT.
Finally, the longer an online test goes, the more likely it is for there to be a tech issue.
They equate the scores, though, so it ends up being equal in difficulty in the end.

LSAT-Flex Bathroom Breaks
I've confirmed with ProctorU that bathroom breaks will not be permitted for most test-takers.
They wrote:
the exam does not have breaks unless LSAC specifically approves it (for things like accommodations)
I haven't specifically confirmed with ProctorU whether they allow diapers, but I can't imagine them considering it a security risk (or having a way to determine whether you're wearing one).
Limiting coffee / tea or other diuretics (liquids in general, really) will help you get through the 2-hour exam without issue.

LSAT-Flex Scratch Paper
LSAC has confirmed you are permitted 5 sheets of scratch paper (10 pages, given that you can use both sides).
You'll have to hold both sides of each page up to the camera before starting to confirm the sheets are blank before starting, and you'll be asked to destroy the scratch paper at the end of your exam.

Will LSAT-Flex become the new normal?
The more LSAT-Flex administrations there are, the more that becomes the new "normal." And I suspect there will be several due to COVID-19 this year.
And with each LSAT-Flex test date, they'll get better at administering it.
It will be hard for them to go back (especially if there are more "waves" of COVID-19 as I'm hearing predicted).
LSAC says they hope to return to regular in-person administrations when possible. But COVID-19 or not, I suspect it's hard to go backward on technology.
If you're planning on taking the LSAT anytime in the next few months, don't assume it will be the Digital LSAT on tablet. It may be LSAT-Flex on your computer.

Will LSAT-Flex be easier?
Some are assuming the LSAT-Flex will be easier because it is only 3 sections, rather than 5. However, LSAC has always been extremely careful about "test-equating" (ensuring that LSAT scores from different administrations and test forms are comparable).
They go to great lengths with detailed statistical analyses to adjust the "LSAT curve" (raw score conversion) to account for any differences in difficulty based on students' performance.
(That's the main reason LSAC takes a few weeks to release LSAT scores - they are checking to see if students performed as expected on the questions.)
It's possible there will be higher accuracy because endurance/fatigue is less of an issue, and LSAT-Flex is likely a more pleasant test day experience for most, assuming good Internet, quiet environment, etc.
However, LSAC will equate the scores to account for that, so I wouldn't assume it will be easier to get a higher scaled score out of 180.

Is LSAT-Flex At-Home Harder Than In-Person?
We can’t say whether testing at home vs in-person at a testing center is better for every student. However, I suspect it’s a more pleasant one for many.
Some Potential LSAT-Flex (At-Home) Benefits:
At home, you may have a great internet connection and if you live alone, no one is going to bother you. You're not going to have a proctor walking around and you won’t be in a room full of other test-takers making noise, sneezing, and or distracting you in other ways. You also avoid the hassles of booking a testing center and being placed on a waitlist.
Perhaps most importantly, the LSAT-Flex exam is only 3 sections (2 hours) rather than 5, and home is a more comfortable environment for many.
Some Potential LSAT-Flex (At-Home) Drawbacks:
If you live with roommates, family, significant others, kids, or pets, taking it at home may not be so easy.
Perhaps most importantly, if your internet is shaky and slow, or if your computer's old, you might have technical issues.
Overall, most of the students I encounter say at-home and shorter is preferable.
However, one of the biggest concerns is having the right computer and a strong-enough Internet connection. You may have to borrow one, and LSAC is taking that into consideration.
They are committed to equal access. If you have a barrier of some kind that prevents taking the LSAT-Flex at-home in a comfortable environment, reach out to LSAC. They’ll probably give you a loaner device and/or help you take it at a local law school, university, etc. if you need it.

Would you do LSAT-Flex or regular LSAT?
It depends on your personal timing and when you're ready for the LSAT versus 3 sections at home versus five 5 in-person.
For a lot of folks, if they have a quiet home environment, 3 sections at home is preferable because it's shorter, it's a smoother test day experience, on the flip side though, the 75 questions you do count relatively more per question than when you're doing four scored sections, so that's one thing to consider.
Lots of unknowns -- we don't know how long the online LSAT-Flex will be available. LSAC is taking a wait-and-see approach, as they typically do.
You may not necessarily have both options. You'll probably have one option or the other, for each administration, as things unfold.
(As for the writing sample, that will still remain online, they're not going to administer that in-person, whether you're doing LSAT-Flex at home online, or digital LSAT tablet in-person, you'll still be doing LSAT writing online, at a separate point, at a separate time, either way.)

LSAT-Flex score release & law school deadlines
The LSAT-Flex score release will be two weeks after you take it. LSAC is targeting June 5 for the May LSAT-Flex, June 30 for the June LSAT-Flex, and July 30 for the July LSAT-Flex. (Score release will be the same for all who take a particular administration - regardless of the exact date / time you take it that week.)
A 2-week turnaround is slightly faster than regular administrations, but not by much.
That's because they still have to do all their detailed statistical analysis to make sure that people performed on Test Day as LSAC expected (previous calculations, internal difficulty ratings, etc.)
A lot of law schools will be extending deadlines if they haven't already to wait for the May LSAT results to be released. They may also extend beyond that for those taking the June LSAT-Flex.

Will LSAT-Flex tests be disclosed?
LSAC considers these "special" administrations and remains hopeful about returning to in-person administrations (and, relatedly, releasing 4-section exams) in the near future.
There was not only one test form used across multiple days of LSAT-Flex, so there wouldn't just be one test form for any month's Flex administration anyway. The May, June, and July LSAT-Flex exams will not be disclosed.

How admissions views LSAT-Flex
Some schools aren't accepting LSAT-Flex this cycle only because of timing (although most will). They still consider it a valid LSAT comparable to the regular in-person LSAT.
Now, let's say, your in-person score was low, your LSAT-Flex score is higher.
They still won't look down on the LSAT-Flex score. While they'll know you took the LSAT-Flex, it's not a huge deal.
Law schools are confident in LSAC's ability to administer a valid and reliable admission test. They're confident that a 75-question exam can be equivalent to -- or equated with -- a 100-question exam.
Obviously, there are pros and cons to doing a shorter LSAT at home vs a longer one in-person, but law schools want the number.
They have incentive to care only about the number because that's what goes to the ABA -- meaning that's what's factored into the US News Rankings. So, don't worry about it.
(The admissions professionals in the LSAC webinar, as well as those I've spoken with directly, all say they will consider LSAT-Flex scores equal to those earned on the paper and Digital LSATs.)
I wish LSAC wasn't annotating LSAT-Flex scores with an asterisk - it adds a lot of unnecessary stress for students (especially considering they used to add an asterisk to accommodated scores until settlements forced them to stop).
However, if anything, this will remind admissions you took a new LSAT format during a global crisis. It provides a bit of context. Your score is still your score, of course, regardless of the format.
tl;dr Just get the score, the number is what matters the most at the end of the day.
If you have any questions I didn't address or would like further clarification, please feel free to leave comments, and I'll update this post with them.
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I am 26 years old; make $38,000.00; live in Florida; and work as a Healthcare Software Client Trainer.

Section One: Assets and Debt
  • Retirement Balance: $677.39 (R. Ira) & $100.00 (HSA)
(I just recently opened up a Roth IRA and an HSA account for my health insurance at Fidelity)

  • Equity: N/A
(I don't own a home)

  • Savings Account Balance: $8,002.49
(Majority of this is going to student loans by the end of the year)

  • Checking Account Balance: $1,056.52
(I only leave enough for my fixed expenses)

  • Credit Card Debt: $333.90
(I recently bought my puppy a new crate that I'm hoping she won't be able to destroy. I will pay my balance in full like I do every month)

  • Student Loan Debt: $9,953.00
(I'm currently in graduate school and this is the loans I took out my first semester, Fall 2020. Unfortunately, I did not get approved for the scholarships or GSA position I applied to. On the bright side, I should have this paid off by the end of the year and continue to pay off my loans as I take classes)

Section Two: Income
Income Progression: This is going to be a bumpy ride, so please bear with me . . .
  • 10/2013 - 05/2015: Student Leader
Income: $7-8.00 an hour / 20 hours a week
Background Information: I graduated from high school in 2013 and enrolled at a community college while my friends all went to universities. I started working part-time while I took classes as a Biology Major. I planned events involving the seven dimensions of wellness: Environmental, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Spiritual, Emotional, Environmental, and Career.

  • 06/2015 - 07/2018: Support Specialist II
Income: $12-13.00 an hour / 25 hours a week
Background Information: After I graduated with my Associates in Arts degree and enrolled at the local university. My student leader boss told me about this position and I was hired to help students enroll in classes and teach them how to navigate the school website.

  • 08/2018 - 03/2019: Office Manager
Income: $13.45 an hour / 40 hours a week
Background Information: I realized that I did not want to become a doctor and I was not interested in working in a lab, so I changed my Biology major into Psychology. I believed I would be a Psychologist like my friend and attend graduate school afterwards, but I was also running out of grant money and needed more money to finish off my Bachelor's degree. I decided to apply to a full-time position at the university I attended and worked at a business incubator.

  • THEN 03/2019 - 11/2019
Background Information: I worked part-time helping out or remotely when I resigned and they hired someone else.

  • 08/2018 - 03/2020: Administrative Assistant
Income: $12.00 - 16.00 an hour / Varies
Background Information: I worked part-time working as a CNA and Administrative Assistant for a home healthcare company while I worked as an Office Manager. However, the owner offered me a position with a higher salary at his other home healthcare company, and I took that position while still helping out part-time at his original company AND still helping out as an office manager. Also, I graduated with my Psychology degree without any student loans, woot woot!

  • 03/2019 - 04/2020: Director of Operations / Alternate Administrator
Income: $52,000.00 annually
Background Information: I graduated with my Clinical Psychology degree with the expectations of going to graduate school to become a Psychologist, but this position changed my trajectory. I wanted to become a Physician most of my life, but I didn't realize the different roles in healthcare that were non-clinical. I changed my mind and realized I would rather further my career in the non-clinical side of healthcare. That being said, I didn't feel that I was growing in this position and the route the owner wanted to take both my position and company did not align with my career path or values, so I resigned (There is more to this story, but I will keep this short).

  • 04/2019 - 05/2020: Cleaning Business Owner
Income: $200.00 - $500.00 a month
Background Information: I also started a cleaning business. This venture did not last long once I realized this was not what I wanted to do long-term. During this time, I had 4 jobs = 1 full-time position and 3 part-time position. I was a bit burned out to say the least.

  • 04/2020 - 09/2020: Technical Support
Income: $14.00 an hour / 40 hours a week + Overtime (I averaged 5 - 10 hours overtime)
Background Information: I wanted the Implementations Specialist role, but they were only hearing for the Technical Support position. I applied and was accepted. I also, applied and was accepted into graduate school for Healthcare Informatics and Healthcare Administration which will be finished in a little over 3 years.

  • 09/2020 - CURRENT: Training Specialist
Income: $38,000.00 annually
Background Information: The director saw that I've been working hard and was impressed and wanted to promote me, but wanted me to do the training Specialist role for a year before transitioning to Implementation Specialist.

This is a lot, I know! I may have a slight problem (read: major problem) of feeling like I HAVE to do everything and I did test the waters in different careers before settling down to where I am right now. Thanks for reading this novel, you brave soul.

  • Main Job Monthly Take Home: $2,356.30
(I have not been paid this salary yet for this position, but I calculated this to be my monthly salary once I do)
  • Side Gig Monthly Take Home: N/A
  • Any Other Monthly Income Here: N/A

Section Three: Expenses
  • Rent / Mortgage / HOA fees (please specify how you split it if living with a partner): $560.50
(My brother and I split a two bedroom apartment. My mom is currently staying with us temporarily. I will be moving into a 1 bedroom apartment with my puppy when our lease ends at the end of February)

  • Renters / home insurance: Included with rent

  • Retirement contribution if you contribute more than what’s as already specified from the income / pre-tax section. Do not double count: I was able to put away $39.53 when I was working $14.00 an hour, but now I'll be able to put away $50.00
(It's not much of an increase, but I'm focusing on paying for school at the moment)

  • Savings contribution: I was able to save $450.00 when I was working $14.00 an hour, but now I'll be able to save $997.19
(This does not include money I save for pet supplies/food or personal items for myself)

  • Investment contribution: N/A
(I will be investing after I'm done with school)

  • Student Loans: $9,953.00
(No Minimum payments, so I'm saving to pay it off with a large lump sum)

  • Giving: $50.00
(This is for extended family out of country)

  • Utilities (Water, Trash, Pet Fee, Electricity): $120.00

  • Internet: $25.00

  • Cellphone: $54.40 StraightTalk

  • Subscriptions:$6.67 Amazon (I split this with my boyfriend and brother. My boyfriend pays for a third of it while my brother shares other subscriptions with me)$17.41 Netflix$1.67 HomeAgain (Puppy Chip)Spotify and Microsoft (My brother pays for this while he shares my Amazon and Netflix)(Amazon is an annual membership that I converted into a monthly one, so I can put money aside for it once its due)

  • Gym membership: $20.33

  • Pet expenses: $65.55 Vet
(I have a savings account for my puppy, so I pull money out of that to pay for my puppy's food and toys)

  • Car insurance: $103.92

  • Regular therapy: N/A

  • Paid hobbies: N/A
(I read, write, and run so thankfully my hobbies are free!)

  • Health/Dental Insurance: $139.36
(This was before receiving benefits for my current position, but now that I'm salary the company will be paying for my health and dental and I will be contributing to an FSA)

  • Clothes + Beauty: $50.00
(I put this into savings a month for any personal for myself)

DAY ONE: Monday, September 21st, 2020
7:30 AM - I would say I woke up this morning, but I pulled an all-nighter last night studying. I simply stayed awake, but at this point I was nodding off, so I decided to call it quits. It was a good thing too because work was starting soon anyways.
I washed my hair, walked and fed my puppy, washed my face and brushed my teeth, and set up my work laptop on my desk.
9:00 AM - I message my manager on Slack about not being paid holiday pay (time and a half) when I volunteered to work Labor Day. I realized the mistake when we got paid on Friday, and he said he will check on it. It's my last hourly paycheck I'll be receiving now that I'm salary. He told me that they realized their mistake and asked if I received holiday pay for Memorial Day which I checked and I didn't (REMEMBER TO DOUBLE CHECK YOUR PAYCHECKS). He apologized and asked if it was okay if they paid the difference in my next paycheck or if I needed it sooner. I told him next paycheck is okay.
11:00 AM - I take a quick break to eat some of my mom grits, eggs, and vegetarian bacon. I used to be vegetarian for around 8 years, but I've been eating meat again. That being said, I still eat Morningstar every now and again especially since my boyfriend, S, has been a vegetarian all his life.
12:00 PM - I take the puppy outside to use the bathroom and give her some water afterwards.
2:45 PM - I don't have much of an appetite, so I eat some cereal for "lunch" while I work. I'm really tired, but I decide not to take a nap during my lunch break.
4:32 PM - I'm off work and decide to play with the puppy outside, so she's able to burn off some energy. I throw a tennis ball while she fetches in the dog park which is just a fenced in area with two benches to sit on. The times where she's too preoccupied with the ball, I text my classmates in my group project to coordinate with everyone when we will Skype/Zoom in order to get started on this paper.
5:00 PM - We head inside and I give her some water and food. I work on my story while I wait for my mom to get home. I want her to watch the puppy while I go to the gym. My brother works nights, so he sleeps in the day and I usually put her in her crate when I leave, but she broke the door handle and chewed up the tray that was underneath her. She's 9 months old, but also 55 Ibs.
When my mom comes home from work, I go to the gym to find out the whole office is being renovated and won't be finished until December. I actually have a gym membership that I go to in the mornings, but I didn't want to drive there after work and this morning I was too busy studying, so instead I decided to walk outside for an hour while texting S. S is out of state for a month or two for work and I was staying with him since the lockdown started, but I went back home this weekend when he left.
6:40 PM - I take the puppy out one again then fed and gave her some water. I do some lunges, squats, crunches, and side planks to get back into the mindset of exercising. I'm trying to do a body recomposition, but it's not going too well.
7:30 PM - Eat dinner, leftover rice and turkey, and then schoolwork. Afterwards, I go through everything on my calendar to mark off things I've done and things I haven't done. I feel anxious if I don't do this regularly, I have almost every hour of my waking day accounted for. Although there are times I do not follow everything to the "T", it does help to have it. I also write my first day down for this money diary.
12/12:30 AM - Brush my teeth, wash my face, bedtime. I have trouble falling asleep even though I've been awake for over 24 hours, my mind is racing. I do mental calculations in my head and plan out tomorrow and fall asleep.

DAY TWO: Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020
5:15 AM - I set my alarm for this time hoping I would wake up early enough to go to the gym, but alas, I was too tired and didn't go. I decide to do some walking after work to make myself feel a bit better and make a mental note to change the calendar later in the day to reflect this change. I go back to sleep.
7:45 AM - I wake up again still feeling tired, but I needed to get up. I walked my puppy then fed and gave her water before I set up work for the morning.
11:00 AM - I have hash browns, sausages, and a smoothie for breakfast courtesy of my mom. She loves cooking and I thank her every time.
12:00 PM - I take a short 5 minute break to take my puppy out to use the bathroom. I'm trying to teach her "heel" and not to pull the leash, but it's harder than it looks. We go back inside and I give her water then go back to work.
2:50 PM - It's really busy today, but I manage to take a quick "lunch" break. I usually eat while I work, so I use this break for other things like today I finally decide to brush my teeth, wash my face, and take a shower. Then after 10 minutes, I use another 10 minutes to message the director on slack asking about not only training clients, but training new employees as well to help lighten the load of the managers. She thinks it's a good idea and want me to start training one of our new employees. I coordinate with him and we set up a training session via Google Hangouts this Friday. I'm happy to help and do more!
I continue to work while eating chips and crackers (I'm very healthy, I know!) I need to go grocery shopping to meal prep, but I've been lazy and dreading going to the store.
4:55 PM - I am off work, so I take my puppy out again then feed and give her water afterwards.
5:30 PM - My mom comes home from her part-time job, and she cooks a bit while I talk to my boyfriend, S, on the phone before we go out walking together with my puppy. I try and teach her to heel and not pull on the leash, but she listens for 0.5 seconds and either forgets or don't care and pull again. I contemplate getting a prong collar and look this up on Amazon. I'm not sure how effective they are because I hear mix reviews on them (Tell me what you think, Reddit!). We walk for 40 minutes this time and not an hour because I start to cramp.
6:40 PM - I eat dinner and talk to my brother and my mom about houses, marriage/weddings, and finances. My mom is waiting for my sister's boyfriend to propose to her and waiting on my boyfriend to propose to me. Then I take a shower again today because I'm sweating from the walk because it was hot outside. After all of that, I talk to friends and my boyfriend, S, over messages. I don't do much after work, but watch videos and talk to various people online.
11:00 PM - I realized I was supposed to read more chapters today and missed one of my professor's virtual office hours. I didn't schedule an appointment, but I put on my calendar that I will go to review a few things in the textbook and the quizzes. I fix my calendar to remind myself to go to the office hours tomorrow then I write this money diary.
1:00 AM - I decide to stay up late to make sure I go over the required readings. I decide I will pull another all-nighter if I don't get everything done by Wednesday. I also change my workout routine on Google Calendar and decide I will only workout after work this week because of all of the late night studying.
4:30 AM - I am so tired, so I get ready for bed and sleep.

DAY THREE: Wednesday September 23rd, 2020
7:30 AM - I walk my puppy and run to the store really quick to restock on the puppy food and also buy a last minute toy for her to chew on. When I come back home I'm able to feed her and give her water, I also give her the toy which she absolutely loves! $24.59
12:00 PM - Walk my puppy and give her water.
2:00 PM - I take a nap for lunch because I'm really tired and the day is going by impossibly slow!
4:30 PM - I'm off work and I take another nap, but woke up in time for our group project Zoom meeting. I went over the schedule I created and we made a game plan of what we will be writing and assign each person a section of the paper. I email the professor about the outline and she thinks it's great! I was a little worried at first because they were not responsive through texts, but I'm feeling really good now that we have everything planned out. We should be done with the project a few weeks before it's even due.
8:30 PM - I eat dinner to break my fast. Rice, beans, and fish. I thank my mom, it's really good! Afterwards, I get started in my other assignments and tell myself this will be my rest day and I won't workout.
While I finish my assignments I text S and also the group WhatsApp that consists of my friends and family about plans during an apocalypse. My brother, F, decides to do an Excel Spreadsheet and I'm here for it!

DAY FOUR: Thursday, September 24th, 2020
7:45 AM - I wake up REALLY tired, but I get up nonetheless and walk my puppy and give her food and water. Afterwards, I brush my teeth, wash my face, and change my clothes.
8:00 AM - I start work and try not to fall asleep the whole time. The day drags on slowly and nothing too noteworthy happens at work. I miss S terribly, but I try not to think about that too much.
10:00 AM - I have breakfast: grits, eggs, and sausage. I also trained my first healthcare organization today! It didn't go over too well, so I tell S about this and he reassures me that everything will be okay. The rest of the day I meet with M, the one I'm replacing as a trainer, and we go over things I can improve on, but she also reassures me that it wasn't my fault. I do feel better after hearing it from S and my coworker, M.
12:00 - I walk and give puppy water. I eat cereal for lunch because I want something light and craving something sweet.
5:45 PM - I'm off work. I walk my puppy then give her food and water. We also wrestle around a little bit and play.
6:00 PM - I start my Zoom class meeting. This is also the time I get hungry, so I make a quick meal and try not to appear on camera while I eat because camera is mandatory for the class. Afterwards, I don't do much else and go to sleep.

DAY FIVE: Friday, September 25th, 2020
7:45 AM - Do my usual routine with the puppy. Then I brush my teeth, wash my face, and change my clothes.
8:00 AM - I set up my work computer on the desk and used my personal computer's monitor as a second monitor. I love having two monitors to work, but I'm lazy at times to set it up especially since I move around a lot when I'm working and carry the laptop to each room I go into.
I train my first internal employee and we stay in the call for an hour! I'm gaining the confidence of training and I believe it went really well!
11:00 AM - I eat breakfast which consists of grits, eggs, and sausage again. I thank my mom as per usual.
12:00 PM - I take my puppy out as usual. Then started work afterwards.
2:00 PM - I train the same healthcare organization today, but a different group and it goes better than yesterday, so I tell S and M congratulate me in a successful training!
4:45 PM - I get off work and just relax. I could barely sleep because mind is racing again. I made a To-Do list to be productive this weekend. I miss S very much.

DAY SIX: Saturday, September 26th, 2020
8:50 AM - I wake up and walk the puppy and afterwards, I fed and gave her water. I start sorting out the mail: shred, throw away, and keep while I watch YouTube and talk to S and family and friends via WhatsApp.
11:00 AM - I'm craving McDonald's breakfast, but decided to make myself breakfast by making 3 over easy eggs, two toasts, and sausage with a side of juice. It's really good!
12:00 PM - I feel really tired which is probably the result of all the overnight studying, so I decided to take a nap.3:30 PM - And just like that my whole day is gone and I still have a lot of things to do! I continue crossing off items from my to do list: registered for health, dental, and vision through work; look over finances; look over educational requirements; etc.
12:00 AM - The last of my to do is to exercise, so I do a home workout and go to bed.

DAY SEVEN: Sunday, September 27th, 2020
8:30 AM - I wake up and do my morning routine with my puppy. Afterwards, I lounge around messaging various people such as S.
10:00 AM - I eat cereal for breakfast and get tired again and fall asleep.
12:00 PM - I wake up, but I don't feel very motivated for anything because I'm still tired and decided to concentrate on one thing at a time instead and thankfully, I'm able to go through my day like this successfully. I make sure to walk the puppy and give her water.
5:00 PM - I walk the puppy and feed her then I start studying for my class and don't finish studying until midnight then complete a quiz.
1:45 AM - I get ready for bed and sleep.

Weekly total: $24.59
Food + Drink : $0.00
Home + Health: $0.00
Clothes + Beauty: $0.00
Transport: $0.00
Other: $24.59

Lastly, reflect on your diary!
I think the studying is accurate with how the past few weeks have been and with COVID-19, I don't really go anywhere. I do go to the gym in the mornings and meal prep, but this week was an off week and I did neither.
My spending was low this week because I haven't been driving to the gym (Gas) or meal prepping (Groceries).
I hope this wasn't too boring and don't get hate from it!

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