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The key justin bieber music 2020

2020 American Music Awards: Katy Perry, Justin Bieber

Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber have transformed from baby-faced Canadian teens posting viral covers online (on Vine and YouTube, respectively) into two of the defining artists of this modern pop era. Key and BPM for Yummy by Justin Bieber. Below is a table of the meta data for Lonely.

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The ceremony, billed as the biggest night in country music, was disrupted shortly before it started by the news group Lady A had been forced to pull out of a planned performance after being exposed to Covid-19. Justin Bieber is back in the game his "Purpose" album dropped way back in November of - and a massive tour. It indicates the ability to send an email.

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Serial number factbox: Key winners at the 2020 American Music Awards

The album features guest appearances from Quavo, Post Malone, Clever, Lil Dicky, Travis Scott, Kehlani, and Summer Walker, with production including Adam Messinger, The Audibles, Boi-1da, Harv, Nasri, Poo Bear. Justin Bieber Teams Up With T-Mobile For Epic Performance. With Justin Bieber.

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Key & BPM for Yummy by Justin Bieber useful site. Replay Media Catcher Crack is a wish to inform you with the package that I enjoyed previous, since it was essential, the spirit of the growth is that it is talented to detention numerical copies from a great number of Internet bases. Justin Drew Bieber was born in London, Ontario, in 1994, and raised in low-income housing by the single mother who would share one of his earliest performances on YouTube in 2020, kicking off one of the most storied careers in music history.

Key justin Bieber Teams Up With T-Mobile for AMAs Performance

Justin Bieber championed his favourite oversized jeans and shirt combo. Over the past few years, even as Bieber has tried to live a slightly lower-key life, his. Key GOP Michigan canvassing board member expected to vote against certifying results.

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Justin Bieber arrives at the American Music Awards on November 22, in Los Angeles. Way to save money on auto insurance and commercial lines can you cancel progressive car insurance at any time Insurance carrier is going to be sure that you begin preparing your initial premium 53 gao report gao-01-684, (2020) top ten car insurance companies in texas Responsibility of the insurance requirements that dictate the minimum limits of 15/30/10, and motorist 10% and 40% require lab work. IAmDopeBeats Catalog: November 2020.

Justin Bieber turns on charm to wish Hailey Baldwin happy

All files available for download are reproduced tracks, they're not the original music. Read news updates about Justin Bieber. Nominations are based on key fan interactions including streaming, digital album and song sales, radio broadcast, and social activity.

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The key justin bieber music 2020. Paige Hurd is a renowned American celebrity in films and music videos, who played a part of Tasha Clarkson on the show called Everyone Hate Chris in the year 2020 to 2020. Hailey Bieber Explains How She Copes With Jealousy Over Justin Bieber.

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Justin Bieber blamed for too many tourists at Iceland canyon, forcing its closure. Changes (Justin Bieber album). News 7/24/ Billboard Power Party Photos.

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Justin Bieber kicks off 2020 American Music Awards on

IAmDopeBeats Catalog: Timbaland & Magoo

Justin Bieber Love Me Song Download https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=2954. Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber. In the spring of, Justin Bieber was featured in a prominent Calvin Klein ad with Dutch model Lara.

2020 American Music Awards Winners List

Get Me (Justin Bieber song) go to website. In light of the current public health crisis, Justin Bieber announces his rescheduled 2020 World Tour dates below. Replay Media Catcher Crack + Serial Number.

  • FACTBOX-Key winners at the 2020 American Music Awards
  • Factbox-Key Winners at the 2020 American Music Awards
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Nugu Roundup #48 - On Again Off Again - 200719 + Album Giveaway

Hello and welcome to the latest Nugu Roundup!
What is this?: This is a weekly feature designed to highlight the unknown/underappreciated groups and soloists working hard in the Kpop world that often fall under the radar. Please share your own information, favorite performance videos, fanmeet stories, or anything else relevant below!
Last week we got to know the socially conscious idol group Flor_us. This week let's check out a boy group who was recently on MNet's Road to Kingdom, let's spend some time with ONF!
Look at the first comment below for the winner of the third Nugu Roundup Album Giveaway, plus details on this week's album up for grabs!
What is Nugu?: While in Korean it literally means 'Who' in the broader Kpop context it refers to groups that are generally unknown amongst the greater public. It doesn't have to mean they're extremely new, though it can, and there are of course varying degrees of 'unknown' which some groups having very strong niche fandoms and others being almost invisible. I take a fairly broad view and will include groups that may be known to some, but who don't have widespread name recognition.
Let's get on with the show...
Who are they?: ONF is a six member boy group under WM Entertainment. Their name means 'On N Off' meaning they want to show different sides of themselves as if they were turning on and off. The group is subdivided into two three-member lines, the vocal-centric 'On' line, and the dance/performance-centric 'Off' line. Their fandom name is Fuse, which they say is a combination of 'ONF' and 'Muse' meaning their fans are their inspiration, plus a Fuse protects and electrical circuit and in the same way they protect each other.
Company: WM Entertainment is most well known for the girl group Oh My Girl and the long-running boy group B1A4. The company was founded by singer Lee Won-min, previously known as Kim Jung-soo, who was a singer himself and former manager of 1st-gen girl group Papaya.
Group Interviews
  • Hyojin
    • Position: On Team Leader, Main Vocalist
    • Real Name: Kim Hyo-Jin
    • Age: 26 (IA)
    • Self Introduction
    • Facts: He began studying music at the International University of the Arts but dropped out, later completing a degree in Japanese through the online Hanyang Cyber University. He won a singing competition in school covering a 4Men song. He competed in MixNine where he came in 2nd overall and would've debuted in the group had YGE any intentions of debuting a boy group at the time. He is said to resemble the Pokemon Dedenne. He is good friends with Inseong from SF9 and has been good friends with J-US, the ONF 'Off' team leader, for over 10 years. He studied piano for five years when he was younger and can still play. He likes spicy Buldak noodles. He is very dedicated to improving himself as a singer and practices between 3-6 hours per day and has done so for years. While some people assume he is the leader of the overall group he says that he and J-US are equals as leaders, and that he is the more cheerful and playful leader while J-US is the more strict leader.
  • E-Tion
    • Position: On Team Lead Vocalist
    • Real Name: Lee Chang-Yoon
    • Age: 25 (IA)
    • Self Introduction
    • Facts: He is from Jeonju, a city in southern Korea famous for the natural lands surrounding it and for many historical buildings and traditional foods, including being the birthplace of the famous Korean dish Bibimbap. He has a degree in Japanese from Hanyang Cyber University and can speak Japanese and Chinese. He was on MixNine. His stage name comes from combining the E in his surname with 'Sensation'. He has been praised by a Monotree producer for his ability to express emotion through his voice. He had met Hyojung from Oh My Girl at a music school and she was his inspiration to try out for WM Entertainment. Though he is in the vocal line he is very interested in dance and has been taking lessons to improve his dancing. He is also interested in design and designed the group's official T-shirt and hoodie.
  • MK
    • Position: On Team Lead Vocalist, Rapper
    • Real Name: Park Min-Kyun
    • Age: 24 (IA)
    • Self Introduction
    • Facts: When he was growing up he wanted to become a trot singer and practiced singing trot for years. He was on the No.Mercy survival show that created Monsta X as well as MixNine. His stage name means 'Min Karat'. His parents run an ice-cream shop and had he not become an idol he'd be working with them at the shop. He is very fond of animals and has fed stray cats in his neighborhood as well as taken an injured bird and cat to the animal hospital. He has a Soundcloud where he posts song covers. He has trained for seven years, including a period of time at Starship.
  • J-US
    • Position: Off Team Leader, Lead Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist
    • Real Name: Lee Seung-Joon
    • Age: 25 (IA)
    • Self Introduction
    • Facts: He competed in MixNine and was eliminated right before the final group selection. He attended the International University of the Arts studying music but dropped out. He wanted to become a professional table-tennis player when he was young and even went to a school that specialized in training for it, but due to the strictness of the program he left. His stage name comes from the 'Joon' in his name and 'Us' meaning everyone. His grandmother died on the day of MixNine auditions be he carried through knowing she would've wanted him to be responsible. He is good friends with Minhyuk of Monsta X. His older sister is a nurse and she once tried to practice finding a blood vessel with a needle on him while he was sleeping but missed and stabbed him then fled, leaving him to wake up confused with a hole in his arm.
  • Wyatt
    • Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Vocalist
    • Real Name: Shim Jae-Young
    • Age: 25 (IA)
    • Self Introduction
    • Facts: He made it to the final round before the final group selection in MixNine with J-US. He is known for his broad shoulders and deep voice, and ran a special 'Good Night' series on Vlive where he'd woo fans to sleep with his deep voice. While he was born in Seoul he lived in Kazakhstan for five years when he was younger because of his father's work and attended an International School where the lessons were taught in English so learned English in Kazakhstan. He says his stage name means 'Brave'. His nicknames include 'Gorilla' and 'Princess', he prefers Gorilla. He is a big eater and especially love hamburgers and pizza, sometimes eating four hamburgers and three slices of pizza at a time. He had to teach himself to eat more slowly however as he gave himself diverticulitis.
  • U
    • Position: Main Dancer Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae
    • Real Name: Mizuguchi Yuto
    • Age: 21 (IA)
    • Self Introduction
    • Facts: He is from Osaka, Japan and is a former JYP trainee where he grew close to Yuto of Pentagon and Sana of Twice who were Japanese JYP trainees at the same time. His Korean is excellent and the other members have given him the Korean name Kim Yuto. When he went back to Japan for a while he took a job at a Korean restaurant in Japan so that he could keep practicing his Korean and not forget. He competed in MixNine and made it to the second-to-last round. He is the first Japanese person to debut with WM Entertainment. He elected to move to Korea to train with JYP instead of finishing high school in Japan. When he first moved to Korea he says that Kimchi was too spicy for him, but his tastes have evolved and he now enjoys spicy Korean food. He faced a minor controversy when uploading a picture of himself as a child on his birthday because the photo showed him holding a poster that had an image reminiscent of the Japanese war flag on it, which he quickly deleted after it was brought to his attention.
Debut: August 1st, 2017 with On/Off (MV) Live Stage (link) Dance Practice (link)
  • Song: The lead single from their debut EP On/Off. According to WM the song is in the 'Chill-Out House' genre, which seems adjacent to tropical house, but has a nice relaxing and fresh presentation. With a pleasant melody, some surprisingly potent vocal moments, and a very cool breakdown in the latter part of the chorus this debut manages to toe the line between trendy and unique expertly. The MV features some cool space themes.
  • Composers/Producers: NOPARI (MonoTree) (Nature - Girls and Flowers, Ladies' Code - Galaxy, Red Velvet - Blue Lemonade), Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree) (GFriend - Apple, KARA - With, Loona - Hi High)
Most Recent Comeback: October 7th, 2019 with Why (MV) Special (choreo) MV (MV) Live Stage (link) Dance Practice (link)
  • Song: The lead single from their most recent EP Go Live, this is a dark synth-driven track that still features a strong anthemic chorus and moody emotional vocal lines. The MV is shot beautifully with an obviously high budget and features a very cool sci-fi/cyberpunk/augmented-reality theme.
  • Composers/Producers: Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree) (see above), MK (group member)
Other MVs and Releases
  • Original (performance version) Live Stage (link)
    • Song: The second promoted track from their debut On/Off EP, this dance/house track let's their performance line shine.
    • Composers/Producers: GDLO (MonoTree) (Yukika - Yesterday, ELRIS - Roopretelcham, Pristin - Aloha)
  • Cats Waltz (special clip) Live Performance (link)
    • Song: The third promoted single from their debut EP On/Off, this down-tempo R&B song features some lovely crunchy harmonies and is a beautiful showcase of the vocal line.
    • Composers/Producers: Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree) (see above), NOPARI (MonoTree) (see above)
  • Complete (MV) Live Stage (link) Dance Practice (link)
    • Song: The lead single from the group's 2nd EP You Complete Me, this release is bright and relentlessly upbeat and one of the freshest boy group comebacks I can recall. Eschewing the common trap-break tempo slowdown in the rap section and switching the expected EDM drop for a bright sax-and-synth driven instrumental interlude this song keeps a smile on your face as the boys dance around in another expertly-shot high-budget MV.
    • Producers/Composers: Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree) (see above)
  • Fly Me to the Moon (special clip) Live Stage (link)
    • Song: The second promoted single from their You Complete Me EP, this is another chance for the performance unit to shine with some fun choreography. Light EDM dance makes way for a very fun and unexpected sax-driven dance break towards the end.
    • Composers/Producers: Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree) (see above), Lee Joo Hyung (MonoTree) (B1A4 - Only One, SNSD - Wait a Minute, Taeyeon - When I Was Young)
  • Timing (MV) Live Stage (link)
    • Song: A special WM Family Winter Song collaboration between Oh My Girl, B1A4, and ONF.
    • Composers/Producers: Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree) (see above), Mimi (Oh My Girl group members), Wyatt (group member)
  • We Must Love (MV) Live Stage (link) Dance Practice (link)
    • Song: The lead single from the group's third EP We Must Love, this is described as in the 'Future Bass' genre and features a strong penetrating bass synth in the arrangement. Some vocal elements still shine through, and the MV features some beautiful set pieces and continues with the group's sci-fi/techno themes.
    • Composers/Producers: Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree) (see above)
  • Yayaya (audio) Live Stage (link)
    • Song: The second promoted single from their third EP We Must Love. Another performance-team showcase with the as-always-excellent choreography, this one immediately jumped out at me as I was listening because I'm just a sucker for prominent string parts in songs. The unexpected jazz breakdown towards the end is just as much a special treat.
    • Composers/Producers: Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree) (see above), NOPARI (MonoTree) (see above), Choi Young Kyung (최영경) (MonoTree) (Dreamcatcher - R.o.S.E. Blue, Heejin (Loona) - Vivid, CLC - Breakdown)
  • All Day (special clip) Live Performance (Link)
    • Song: While not promoted on music shows, this is the 2nd song from their fourth EP We Go Live to receive a promotional video. The MV shows a backdrop of their travels during their live concert tour.
    • Composers/Producers: Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree) (see above), NOPARI (MonoTree) (see above), Justin Reinstein (N.Flying - Good Bam, GFriend - Creme Brulee, GWSN - All Mine (Coast of Azure)), Aurori (오로리) (no other credits found)
  • Moscow Moscow (lyric video) Live Stage (link)
    • Song: The third promoted single from their fourth EP Go Live, this dark and moody vocal driven song does sound like it as some Eastern European influence. With subdued vocal lines in the verse, an intense but low-key rap segment, and a rich chorus this is a treat for the ears.
    • Composers/Producers: Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree) (see above)
  • Message (MV)
    • Song: Described as a 'gift film' this special non-album single did not receive any promotion, and appears to be a special song for the fans. It's a beautiful ballad with a nice upbeat groove underneath.
  • New World (special clip) Road To Kingdom Stage (link)
    • Song: The original song released by ONF for the Road To Kingdom Finale, this song packs a ton of different styles into itself but remains high energy throughout (and as a side note the tweeting in the instrumental interlude momentarily made me think a bird had gotten into my house)
    • Composers/Producers: Hwang Hyun (황현) (MonoTree) (see above)
YouTube Channel: ONF Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: The group came in 2nd place overall in the recent MNet competition show Road to Kingdom, losing out to The Boyz who will be moving to the full Kingdom competition show. The group's first stage appearance was as backup dancers for B1A4 in the 2016 Dream Concert. The group has toured around the world including Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, France, Switzerland, Russia, and Bulgaria. They had plans to do a Latin America tour, but it was canceled due to COVID-19. Other candidates for the group's name before debut were MeToo and Zero. The group has had large gaps between comebacks due to various issues but has recently been gaining attention due to their appearance in Road to Kingdom.
Soloist of the Week
Who is she?: A Japanese female soloist under Estimate Entertainment. She has had a varied career in Japan before moving to Korea to further pursue music in the Korean Market. Her Korean solo releases have been in the City Pop genre.
Company: Estimate Entertainment represents Yukika as well as Soloist Sungtae. They also represent composers ESTi (known primarily for writing game music, but has also written for Yukika, the IDOLMASTER Project Kdrama, and most recently Dreamcatcher's game-CF song R.o.S.E BLUE), Seibin (also known primarily for writing music for games), and Benicx (no info found). In addition the represent voice actress Gyeyun Lee and voice actor Kim Hyesung.
Real Name: Teramoto Yukika
Age: 27 (IA)
Solo Debut: February 22nd, 2019 with Neon (MV) Live Stage (Link)
  • Song: Breezy and innocent with a nostalgic production in both the music and the MV this song was a strong statement of Yukika's intent in the Kpop market.
  • Composers/Producers: OREO (production team of Iggy (of GFriend fame), C-no, and Woong Kim) (Haseul (Loona) - Let Me In, Ladies' Code - The Rain, Melody Day - Color)
Most Recent Comeback: July 9th, 2020 with Yesterday (MV)
  • Song: The pre-release single for her upcoming album Soul Lady, this takes the City Pop sound and adds a rich tough of '90s R&B/New Jack Swing into the mix for a unique and compelling track.
  • Composers/Producers: GDLO (MonoTree) (see above)
Other Releaes
  • Cherries Jubiles (MV)
    • Song: A soft start builds into a rousing finish in her second release. Can you follow-along with her recipe in the MV?
    • Composers/Producers: GDLO (MonoTree) (see above), Chu Dae Gwan (추대관) (MonoTree) (Red Velvet - Ladies Night, Haseul & YeoJin (LOONA) - My Melody, Super Junior - Runaway)
YouTube Channel: Yukika Official
Random Stuff
Trivia: Yukika first entered the entertainment as a teen model for Japanese magazine Nicola, a fashion magazine targeted at teen girls. She appeared in the live-adaptation of the Shojo Ramen ChocoMimi alongside AKB48 member Masuyama Kayano and then worked as voice actress for a variety of anime projects. After finishing school she came to Korea and took part in The [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]), a drama that resulted in the project group Real Girls Project which she also took part in. She competed in MixNine, leaving in the 2nd round. She says she has the food tastes of an old man and has had good luck going to restaurants where she sees a lot of old men eating. She is fond of gopchang and makchang (grilled intestines), sundae (blood sausage), chicken feet, bone soups, grilled pork belly, and liver dishes. She is a fan of the Swedish cartoon character Moomin. She taught herself Korean after joining The [email protected] show and fuller immersed herself to learn quickly, refusing to speak in Japanese to her family and friends in Japan. She is a fan of the game League of Legends and in an interview with noteworthy streamer of the game he mentioned that her ability to trash talk while playing makes her almost Korean.
Who were they?: A four member girl group under IN Entertainment and Narda Entertainment. They were plagued by a rapid succession of member changes during their short run, having 9 members come through the group during three years.
  • I Feel Good (MV) Live Stage (Link)
    • Song: Their debut, April 29th, 2015. An EDM-Dance style song. The group's lineup was interesting for a four-member group with two rappers.
  • A Woman on the Beach (with Rion Five) (MV) Live Stage (Link)
    • Song: Their first special summer collaboration song. Before this release members Sarang and Nanayuri left the group, being replaced by Amin and Pureum. However the group then changed companies leading to Amin, Pureum, and original member Jenna leaving, with Amin staying with the old company to redebut in Fantastie. After the move original member Nanayuri rejoined the group for this comeback.
  • Sea (with Chic Angel) (MV) Live Stage (Link)
    • Song: The group's second special summer collaboration single. There was a special Christmas single between this and the last, however any videos of performances seem to no longer exist online. In between this and the last comeback two new members, Dohee and Seolyi joined the group, with Seolyi leaving before this comeback. They also added a new member Hyemi, who then changed her stage name to SaetByeol, then back to Hyemi. Nanayuri left the group for a second time, the members competed in MixNine, and then came back as a trio to collaborate with Chic Angel for this song, which would be their last.
    • Composers/Producers: Jang Young-jin (no other credits found)
Active Between: April 2015 - Sometime in 2019
Reasons for Disbanding: While no official statement was given, the rapid-fire membership changes and reliance on collaborations with other groups along with switching companies seems to indicate a lack of financial stability for the group.
Trivia: Member Dohee, who has also gone by Blue Berry and Solhee, has been involved in other groups including ICIA, Scarlet, and Pocket Girls. She is now a soloist and recently released Rain Drop (audio). Member Amin, who has also been a member of Honey Girls, HeyMiss, and Fantastie, was recently announced as a new member of HeyGirls using the stage name Jein following the departure of original member Jandi and member Siyeon. ___________________________________________________
That's it for today, let's get the discussion on!
As always, if you have any suggestions for groups, content, or things you'd like to see, please let me know in the comments below.
Also as always, a big shout-out to u/not-named-in-credits for founding nugutown and u/sharnaranwan for continuing the work over there.
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Kanye West / Studio Album 10
Release date: Never
Possible collaborators (including JIK2): Sheck Wes, Peter Collins, FNZ, Consequence, Ant Clemons, Bu, Sunday Service Choir, Sean Leon, Terrance Martin, CyHi, Swae Lee, Big Sean, BoogzDaBeast, 808 Melo, Justin Bieber, Keyon Christ, Pusha T, Westside Gunn, Conway, Havoc, Benny the Butcher, Mike Dean, Lupe Fiasco, KayCyy Pluto, Travis Scott, Angel Boyd, Victory Boyd, Momo Boyd, Infinity's Song, Pharrell, Dame Dash, Caiden, Royce Da 5'9'', AXL Beats, GAP, Kid Cudi, Dem Jointz, A.G., Israel Boyd, Aaron Butts, Josh Berg, Todd Bergman, Dr. Dre, Fonzworth Bentley, Nicki Minaj, E*vax, Tony Williams, Ty Dolla Sign, Lil Baby, Saint JHN, 88 Keys, Rick Rubin, Vanessa Beecroft, Anderson .Paak
Current tracks:
  • "Glory" [feat. Victory Boyd] (tracklist/JIK leak)
  • "Our King" (tracklist/opera)
  • "Wake The Dead" (tracklist/JIK leak)
  • "12,000 Acres" (tracklist/opera/Sunday Service)
  • "With Child" (tracklist)
  • "I Know God Breathed On This" (tracklist/JIK leak)
  • "RN"(?) (tracklist)
  • "In God'z Country" (tracklist)
  • "God'z Country" (tracklist)
  • "Alien" [feat. Ant Clemons] (tracklist/Yandhi leak)
  • "Off the Grid" (tracklist)
  • "Keep Our Spirit Alive" (tracklist)
  • "Welcome to my Life" (tracklist)
  • "Lord I Need You Around Me" (tracklist)
  • "Donda" (previewed/tracklist)
  • "Praise God" (tracklist)
  • "24" (tracklist)
  • "New Body" [feat. Nicki Minaj and Ty Dolla Sign] (bonus track/Yandhi leak)
  • "Life of the Party" (bonus track)
  • "Spread My Wings" (bonus track/Yandhi leak)
  • "Hurricane" (bonus track/Yandhi leak)
Potential/scrapped tracks:
  • "Wash Us in the Blood" [feat. Travis Scott] (released/tracklist/leaked/opera/interview)
  • "I Feel Terrific" (tracklist)
  • "Future Bounce" (tracklist)
  • "Up from the Ashes" (tracklist/JIK2 leak)
  • "Stay On 'Em / Precious" (tracklist)
  • "Skmrrr" (tracklist)
  • "Tell The Vision" (tracklist)
  • "Everything" (tracklist)
  • "Hold the Line" (tracklist)
  • "Eternal Rest" (opera/snippet)
  • "Infinity Song" (opera)
  • "Fighting Fires" (opera)
  • "Ambitious" (snippet/interview)
  • "Superman" (interview)
  • "Vibes" (leaked)
  • "By Your Side" (leaked)

Jesus Is King Part II

Kanye West / Dr. Dre
Release date: TBD (never?)
Potential tracks:
  • "Every Hour / Selah" (whiteboard)
  • "Use This Gospel" (whiteboard)
  • "Water" (whiteboard)
  • "Closed on Sunday" (whiteboard)
  • "LA Monster" (whiteboard/leaked)
  • "Hands On" (whiteboard)
  • "Everything We Need" (whiteboard)
  • "Up from the Ashes" (whiteboard/leaked)
  • "God Is" (whiteboard)


18 November - Kanye West announces Jesus Is King Part II with Dr. Dre
25 November - Nebuchadnezzar opera performance featuring Sheck Wes, including several new songs; List
25 November - A Wikipedia account linked to FNZ claims that the duo produced three songs from Nebuchadnezzar
27 November - Ronny J confirms that he worked with Kanye and Dre in Wyoming
1 December - At Sunday Service, Kanye speaks about connecting with Dre due to their love for God
5 December - Consequence hints that he's working on JIK2 in Wyoming
15 December - "12,000 Acres" performed at Christmas Sunday Service
23 December - Kanye is spotted with Tyler, the Creator in Wyoming
25 December - Sunday Service Choir release their debut album Jesus Is Born
28 December - FNZ confirm that they co-produced "Our King", "Washed in the Blood", and "Fighting Fires" with BoogzDaBeast


2 January - Terrace Martin is pictured with Dre
10 January - CyHi and Kanye are recorded together in a studio; Swae Lee was present
12 January - During a Sunday Service freestyle, Kanye supposedly says "We got three more albums coming"
12 January - Ant Clemons and Bu are pictured working together on a "new Kanye album" (Alt)
16 January - Updated "Up From The Ashes" snippet leaks, featuring the Sunday Service Choir and produced by Dre; Sean Leon, songwriter on "Up From The Ashes", acknowledges the leak on his Instagram
17 January - Consequence and Dre hit the studio together
19 January - Kanye and Bu are pictured together in Calabasas
20 January - Sean Leon posts on his story “Yeezy / Dr. Dre / Sean Leon / Soon”
21 January - Consequence says via IGTV that JIK2 will be as good as WTT and that he wants to make sure it'll be the "best project of the year"
24 January - Consequence denies rumors that JIK2 is a "patch", via IGTV
31 January - BoogzDaBeast and Dre pictured together
7 February - Duwaun Parker confirms production work on JIK2, says "hopefully there’s something significant you hear real soon"
10 February - Jason White shares a picture of the choir's recording studio
13 February - Sean Leon says he's working on JIK2, will be meeting with Ye in a few weeks
17 February - Big Sean says he and Kanye are working on each other's respective albums
22 February - A snippet of a drill song is shared by 808 Melo, later revealed to be "Ambitious"
26 February - Justin Bieber spotted in Calabasas visiting Kanye's office
26 February - Nino Blu harasses Kanye in Calabasas, exchange phone numbers
27 February - Keyon Christ ("FML" producer) indicates that Kanye is looking to work with him again
27 February - Pusha T and Ye seen together at the Calabasas office
28 February - CDQ "Up From The Ashes" (JIK2 version) leaks in full
12 March - Westside Gunn, Conway, and Havoc pictured with Kanye at his Wyoming ranch
13 March - A snippet of "LA Monster" with Dr. Dre production leaks
15 March - "LA Monster" (JIK2 version) leaks
23 March - Pusha T says that the release of JIK2 has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic
25 March - WSJ interview reveals Kanye recorded new music in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
3 April - Westside Gunn says he heard Kanye's new project, still no cursing on his music
15 April - GQ interview confirms the tracks "Washed in the Blood", "Superman", and "Ambitious", said Kanye was deep into recording from late February to early March in Mexico
18 April - Bu shares a video of him with Ye recording in studio
18 April - Mike Dean confirms his involvement on Ye's upcoming album
19 April - Keyon Christ indicates that he's in Wyoming
1 May - Lupe Fiasco says that a Yeezus-era concept titled "Black Vietnam" is still alive, but unlikely. (1), (2)
13 May - Bu is back in Wyoming; JIK cover art designer Tessa is in Wyoming
15 May - Travis Scott shares a photo of him flying over what appears to be Wyoming
16 May - KayCyy Pluto says he's working with Travis and Kanye; KayCyy Pluto's Twitter location confirms that he's in Cody, Wyoming
19 May - Mike Dean says in Vice interview that he hasn't seen Kanye since October 2019
19 May - Boyd sisters return to Wyoming
21 May - Benny the Butcher said no music was made with Kanye, but they listened to beats in Wyoming
21 May - Cinematographer Arthur Jafa says a new Kanye music video will be released next week, announces that the record will be called God's Country
27 May - Victory Boyd posts on IG about songwriting for God's Country, alluding to the killing of George Floyd
4 June - Snippet of "Wash Us in the Blood" demo leaks
5 June - Nicki Minaj says she will contact Kanye about releasing "New Body" (thank you Barbz)
10 June - Pharrell X Kanye interview confirms that Travis visited Wyoming
10 June - Dame Dash and Kanye pictured together in Wyoming
16 June - Kourtney Kardashian shares a snippet of "Eternal Rest" being played at North West's birthday; Full clip
17 June - Caiden in Wyoming; Travis in Wyoming
20 June - Royce Da 5'9'' confirms that he visited Kanye in Wyoming
22 June - "Wash Us in the Blood" demo leaks
24 June - AXL Beats hints that he know about a Kanye drill song, likely "Ambitious"
25 June - Nicki commands the Barbz Army to spam Kim for "New Body"; 'SPCWLKR 92918' design leaks
26 June - #WESTDAYEVER: JIK2 reconfirmed and "Wash Us in the Blood" music video announced
27 June - Snoop Dogg confirms his involvement with JIK2; JIK2 whiteboard from February leaks publicly
28 June - "Wash Us in the Blood" snippet with updated drums leaks
29 June - "Wash Us in the Blood" vinyl/CD/cassette goes up for sale; Music Snob indicates that there will be a major surprise guest feature
30 June - "Wash Us in the Blood" (feat. Travis Scott) music video released
4 July - Bu shares a picture of him and Travis in Wyoming the previous month, wearing God's Country merch
6 July - Photo shows that Kanye was in Mexico a couple days prior
8 July - An untitled God's Country instrumental, nicknamed "Vibes", leaks
10 July - 808 Melo talks about him and AXL working with Kanye
11 July - Kanye supposedly receives the final stems for JIK2
11 July - Snippet of a scrapped demo under the title "Kanye West A" leaks
12 July - Kanye previews the song "Donda" on Twitter for his mother's birthday; Dem Jointz and Fonzworth Bentley involvement
17 July - KayCyy receives his deployment orders for Wyoming
18 July - DONDA 7/24/20 briefly announced; Don C in Wyoming
19 July - Sean Leon confirms he worked on "Up from the Ashes", "24", "Hurricane", and "I Feel Terrific"; KayCyy and Ronny J return to Wyoming
20 July - Charlamagne reconfirms that DONDA will be released on July 24th
21 July - New track list, still with July 24th release date; Sean Leon confirms work on "Alien"; Tracklist V3
22 July - Tracklist V4; Dame; YZY Team
24 July - Album doesn't drop; alleged music video being shot; WTT Podcast says album is delayed, denied by KayCyy; Mike Dean is not involved
25 July - Kid Cudi confirms that he is not on Donda; Justin Bieber feature; Cover Art
26 July - KayCyy confirms multiple albums on the way; Rick Rubin visits Wyoming
27 July - Lil Baby arrives in Wyoming
28 July - Dame and Saint JHN in Wyoming; 88 Keys in Wyoming
29 July - "ALN" featuring Eminem leaks; Tony Williams at Yellowstone; KayCyy indicates the album is done, leaves Wyoming, and confirms "Hurricane"
30 July - Vanessa Beecroft lands in Wyoming; two unnamed producers arrive in Wyoming
31 July - Swae Lee confirms he recorded for Donda
1 August - A TDE producer is reportedly in Cody
4 August - "By Your Side" demo leaks
5 August - Infinity's Song returns to Wyoming

Newest updates:

9 August - Angel Boyd wraps up her photo shoots in Cody, featuring a "v special guest"; Mufasa, who Kanye parodied for his "FriYe" tweet, is in Wyoming
10 August - Bu states that Donda is coming soon, just have to sort out technical difficulties
11 August - Anderson .Paak confirms that he recorded with Ye and Dre in January
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