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Alone in the void 2: Chapter 16

Bishop Vigilance watched with gratification as the initial assault crippled the things engines, then with worry as it began fighting back, explosions rocking his stations and fires blooming inside his supply depot. Then with dread as it slowly lurched from its trap into outer space.
For a brief moment he rejoiced as Faith's Sentinel heroically returned and began her intercept.
Finally with all hope of success or victory gone, he reached for the glass of wine, took a sip to admire its taste and then drained the thing in one go.
Nakalak stared into space, his armour suit's shield keeping a thin atmosphere between him and the void. Where he stood used to be a storage bay for the temple ship, now it was just an empty room that ended with jagged and torn strips of metal. He looked up and down and saw others surveying the damage with him, some just stared into space, others where already working, cutting away strips of decking or bulkhead plating so that repair crews could get to work on sealing the damaged sections.
He walked right to the edge and touched one piece of rent metal, there was no dust or soot, no blistering from heat, just crystalline sheer lines as metal slid over metal and vanished into space.
He knew it was a possibility, but the thing had refrained from hurting them before. So why commit to it now.
A part at the back of his mind gave him an answer, they'd cornered the animal, and it had lashed out with everything it had.
Faith's sentinel was a dead ship he thought as he turned back to the ship and let the repair crew get to work. She just didn't know it yet.
Divine Digit Pec walked into the office and sniffed in disgust at the Bishop, the over-evolved blood sucking thing lay over his desk bleeding a gooey green blood from his mouth.
Pec gave the body little dignity as his small claws latched onto its head and he dumped the corpse on the floor far enough from the desk it wouldn't impede his own work. A few keystrokes on the alien designed computer and he had full access to all the bishops systems. He reached into his own uniform and pulled a data recording device and copied everything from the computer to the machine.
“Father Justice, your attendance is required at the Bishops office.” he broadcast to the cruiser, the only ship to have survived the engagement unscathed. With a cold logic he went over the status of the Faith's forces in system.
Of 6 defence stations, two dozen corvettes and as many tugs, one cruiser, 20 battleships and as many destroyers plus a single temple ship.
Currently fully capable were 3 battleships, a stealth corvette that was held back to evacuate himself and the dead bishop. And the cruiser, which by all accounts had served as a command centre for the entire battle, instead of this office managing the crisis.
Pec kept himself busy re-watching the events and familiarising himself with the overall course of action until Father justice walked in, his ship was only a few minutes distant having been assisting with recovery of the faith still stuck drifting in space.
“You're not the Bishop.” Justice notes after walking in past the corpse of his former superior and standing to attention.
“I am not. But you will answer my questions regardless.” Pec told the insect.
A moment of silence passed as the two watched each other, Justice to his credit didn't move except to twitch his head so his compound eyes could build a decent picture of his opposite.
“Tell me what the plan was, and then tell me, in your opinion, why. What happened, happened.” Pec ordered the higher ranked insect.
“I must ask that you are authorised to know such things.” Justice asked.
“I am a divine digit tasked with information collection and aggregation. I have the authority to observe, question and if needed bring back to my superiors, important individuals for further inquiry.” Pec replied, he could have lied, but he wouldnt. The Divines needed not muddy their souls with untruths.
“Very well.” he answered, leaving out any honorific, the Divine rank often led to a muddying of etiquette so most non divines often ignored propriety when dealing with a lower ranked divine counterpart. The divines never gave a non divine any honorific past their given rank in the Faith's structure.
“The ship arrived in system roughly 2 weeks ago and began a long observation orbit. My ship approached to real time communication range and we were offered a piece of technology by the captain in exchange for the resources for repair and refuelling...I accepted the trade.”
“Where is this technology now?” Pec interupted.
“I have it onboard my ship. My engineer's have managed to fabricate a copy with 95% accuracy.” Father reported.
“I will need to see that, and take the original with me, continue.” Pec replied.
Father Justice recounted the event that took place with accuracy, relaying his orders, where to send the paladins, the advice he was given by his underlings and the other force commanders in system at the time.
“Very well, have your ship re-arm and resupply, order your crew to unload any recovered personnel and contact the remaining paladins, I want you to have a full squadron of them onboard to deal with unforeseen circumstances. I will board your ship momentarily to acquire this technology then we will be on our way.”
“Where.” Justice asked, it was only half a question. The other half was acceptance and determination. He'd nearly beaten that thing with half the resources he'd like to have on hand, if he could command a true to the Goddess fleet...
“That is for me to know.” Pec replied. “Another part of my job is recruitment to the divines, comport yourself well, it would reflect badly on myself should you prove...lacking.”
Hananken looked outside the ruined hanger door as jump space ripped past. “Everyone...stop pushing forwards. Fall back to your hangers and other secured areas.” he ordered. With no reinforcements he had to take this ship with what he had. Hope he could turn it around and hope his people could understand the alien systems well enough to not kill themselves as they worked. He also had to hope he had the soldiers to take the ship in the first place.
Lots of hopes and not a lot of options.
Turning away from the unholy void he walked past his soldiers. They'd managed to move containers into corridors and create makeshift rooms from them, some had been opened and were being used to hold the dead, stripped of weapons and intact armour. He was thankful to the Goddess that the fighting around the hangers had stopped being a constant back and forth but had instead settled into trench warfare with both sides fortifying their controlled ground. It gave him time to think and gave his faithful time to rest and recover from hours of life and death combat.
He walked towards the front and gave orders to individual groups, get that wound seen too, move this barricade around, get that mounted weapon serviced and reloaded, are you alright, do you need help. More than once he had to stop over the body of a squire and offer prayer before handing it off to others for salvage and storage.
“Sir! We have a situation.” another paladin shouts running up to him.
“What is it?” he asks standing back so the squires can freely move the body away.
“One of the enemy drones, it wants to talk.” the other paladin replies.
“Is it armed?” he asks.
“Not as far as I can tell.” his underling replies.
“Take me to it.”
Ellen was not exactly in tip top shape. Half her ass was melted off, and she had a sucking gut wound stopping her from gliding through jump space as she wished she could. Half her jump veins were damaged and she felt sluggish as she flew. And those blasted parasites were still stuck in her guts.
As she deliberated how to go about dealing with them for a few moments as she looked over her other systems.
Her main reactor was inoperable, there was no restarting that without having it eat half her shipself, the secondary was just over a quarter of its fuel requirements, there was more fuel in her hangers but so were the parasites. That wasn't a massive concern right now. Her tertiary reactors were fuelled and picking up the slack of the secondary.
Her main gun was in need of re-wiring, something she was painfully aware of now, Naim had been right, even with his...rewiring, the device had nearly shorted itself out as power flowed through corroded power lines.
Her broadsides were damaged but she had enough to defend herself, she'd shot all her missiles including her planet crackers and whilst Lances didn't need ammo they did need maintenance.
She had enough drones to hold off the parasites for now but again she needed the resources they were guarding to make enough to flush them from her system.
Then there was her jump drive, the veins were not strictly necessary, but they kept her mobile in jump space. It was her drive that was a big concern, the hit had done significant damage, she needed to strip a good section of the drive and rebuild it, a process that needed weeks at a safe harbour and more resources than she had.
she spoke in the quiet empty parts of her ship self.
On the bridge she ejected her drone body from its port and then jammed it back in place before diving into a damaged combat drone closer to the hangers.
Its main gun was damaged and would otherwise be sent for repair, now it was a messenger.
“Test.” she spoke disgruntled at the crackle in her voice but it would serve.
She stuck out the gun arm and when it didn't get shot off moved more of the drone out. There was an angry red barricade at the end of the wide hallway which bristled with those plasma rifles the faith favoured.
She walked to roughly 50 meters then stopped and shouted. “I want to speak to whoever's in charge. This drone is unarmed, and damaged.”
There was a rustle and someone left the barricade but otherwise she was left there for a few minutes. Why they didn't just radio for someone she didn't know, another inefficiency of their system.
Finally a squad of squires gingerly moved past the barricade and surrounded the drone. Hiding a sigh Ellen began walking towards the half vacant barricade. On the other side the drone was suddenly grabbed and the malfunctioning gun arm ripped off.
“You best be thankful this is just a combat drone.” she grunted pushing herself upright when they were done, with a quick snatch she took the destroyed arm and threw it over the barricade where a maintenance drone quickly scurried over, grabbed it in its pincers and ran off.
She eyed the one who did the breaking for a moment. “Well, YOU don't have all day.” she told them.
“I am aware of our situation, however your lack of assault means you are wary.” A Paladin replied walking forwards damaged shield flickering on occasion. “Say what you want and be gone.”
“Fine, you're right,unfortunately for me I currently lack the drones to oust you parasites from my ship. Unfortunately for you, my jump drive took serious damage and is in need of repair, the resources for said repairs are currently in the hangers you control, also I lack the life support to keep you alive without the fissile materials two hangers down. Give me them and I'll restart life support here.”
“and why should we worry about your jump drive. We just have to wait until you're stranded, hold this ground and when reinforcements come, take your ship for ourselves.”
“Sure, in thirty years when we finish drifting to the nearest star system. You'll starve before then.” Ellen snapped before something grabbed her attention. She ducked the drone down. “BRACE!” she shouted. Deep inside her Ship self two more drones clamped themselves over Nakikalic's prone body and a third shoved Nakim into a corner before clamping itself and him to the wall using two door frames.
The paladin's didn't hesitate and hit the deck grabbing onto a warped deck plate. Squires and others did the same.
“All units Brace Brace Brace!” the lead paladin ordered over com's, so they did use them after all.
A moment later the jump drive did indeed fail in spectacular fashion, instead of being stranded in jump space like a normal jump drive would do, the veins at her nose vented their charge all at once when the drive stopped providing propulsion and shot a hole to real space. In the gap between stars the south wind spun uncontrollably as its ass chased its nose in a circle. The single engine useless at slowing the spin, small thrusters burnt hard for minutes whilst people lost grip and found themselves flung against walls and plastered into shields.
Eventually Ellen managed to get the ship moving mostly forwards and taking control of her drone shook the paladin. “That, was the jump drive failing.” she told him.
“Your crew?” he asks looking around at the new dead bodies scattered around him, she gave the faith credit, they got straight back to work sorting dead from wounded and tending the immediate injuries with field kits.
Ellen checked on Nakikalic and Nakim, Naikik was shaken around but still safe in the medbay, Nakim was noisily vomiting over the drone which she ordered to let go of the doors and keep Nakim upright.
“They're safe, they got themselves braced in time. I don't have many so the few I do I keep safe.” she replied.
The paladin didn't answer but instead looked out the still open hanger at the stars as they slowly rotated by on way then the other as Ellen finally stopped the spin.
“So we're stuck...You two, get outside and verify our location, any star near by.”
“Take a shuttle, I cant go anywhere without those materials.” Ellen suggested.
The paladin looked at her for a moment before nodding, “Take a shuttle, verify the drive damage and our location. Then report back.” he told them. Turning back to Ellen. “I'll have men locate your reactor materials and move them outside the hangers.”
“Thank you...if you can close the hanger doors I'll pressurise these sections, if you cant I could send in some drones to see about repairs.”
“I'll handle it. By the Goddess I'll handle it.” he replied.
with a flick of will Ellen gave a command to the hanger doors except for this one, of the 10 hangers occupied, four doors slowly ground closed. A minute later the shuttle returned from its orbit of her ship self and the squires reported their findings.
“Nothing sir, Goddess save us we're in the deep.” one said whilst the other shook from fear.
“Play nice and I might be able to do just that.” Ellen replied to them.
“You're no Goddess” the Squire sneered.
“HAHA! And how do you know that, have you seen me? Im talking to you through a machine, I see you through its eyes and feel with its hands...hand. You've been fighting hundreds of me at once and whilst you have hurt my ship body, you have done exactly zero damage to my spirit.” she told them. Every word spoken from a queen to her peasantry. The squires shied back at her outburst and quickly found something else to do far away from the drone.
She turned back to the Paladin. “Give me access to the material, and I'll drop you off at the nearest station or planet capable of holding you. Agreed?”
“I need some time. Take the reactor material, I'll not have my people die because they could not breathe.”
“Its a bad way to go...I'll leave this drone here, if you want to talk speak to the drone, I may not reply straight away.” she added and then had the drone sit down next to a container and go to low power mode.
Nakikalic came too in the med-bay, two drones were present but inactive.
“Shit you should be asleep.” one of the drones spoke becoming animate as it walked into easy vision range.
“Sleep is for the dead.” Nakikalic replied weakly. “How bad is it?”
“I'm not sure, I'm still unfamiliar with your species...can you feel this?” she asked as the droid moved something.
“And this? Or this?” Ellen kept going until she poked somewhere on his back and he hissed in pain, it wasn't a gentle poke.
“how bad?”
“both legs, you're reproductive system was charred, given a good number of your species to examine I might be able to repair the damage...as it is...”
“Take them...give me new legs...If I am to be your herald. Make me worthy of the name.” he said.
“what do you mean herald?” Ellen asked.
“I wish to...” he paused as he sucked in a fresh lungful of air slowly. “I will be there besides you. I will be your will...on the ground. I cant go back to something I no longer believe in.”
“What do you believe in?” Ellen asked.
“Hehe...I thought it was obvious...Naim believes. Nakim never had much room in his heart for faith, always machines for him...” another cracking wheezing breath. “I remember to image of you...a brain in a jar you called it. Make me strong again.” he asked.
“I cant put you under for this remember.” she told him.
“How much worse can it be.” he chuckled
“You have no idea.” she told him.
“Then I shall consider it a test of faith.” he told her.
“I require your consent for this procedure.” she told him digging into her mind for a program she'd never had to use. Something she'd only observed happen, something that she was the first recipient for.
“Do it.”
“I need you to say, 'I understand and consent to the procedure' those exact words.” she said slowly.
“I understand...and consent...to the procedure. Without anaesthetic.” Naikikalic told her. “make it quick.”
Ellen nodded and held his machine hand as the blades descended again.
Nakikalic found out just how much worse it was.
Namke watched the procedure as his only friend was butchered on the medical table, blood collected and mixed with a nutrient analogue from strips of flesh, nerves detached cut down in size and spliced to mechanical receptors. All the while, a new body took shape, one that would contain his friends mind and Goddess willing, his spirit.
“How bad are you?” he asked the droid next to him as he watched in sick facination.
“Pretty beaten up. 1 engine unit, jump drive might as well be a pile of scrap. No missiles, main reactor needs a major repair, which means main gun is down. I barely used any cannon ammo so we're good on that front. Main reactor is at 50% and climbing so there's some good news there...it cost me more than we got from the depot...I need to find a decent rock. Metal rich. Or another depot”
“Not too difficult. My home system was about 4 jumps from here, metal rich asteroid ring they never slated for mining. Third planet is a hydrogen gas giant. Pretty blue jewel, the system Bishop managed to get it deemed a place of beauty...they wouldn't mind a few rocks missing.”
“Aren't you worried for your family? If we go there.” Ellen leaves the sentence unfinished.
“Its the wrong direction, and if we jump in near the planet...” Namke pauses as he tries to run the maths.
“I could slide into the ring and repair in relative safety...what about the others?” Ellen says running completely different calculations and getting to the resault first. Slide into the asteroid ring, hide there and repair. She'd be nearly invisible if there was a rock big enough to hide around.
“Repair first. What can they do to stop you?” Namke suggests watching as the brain gets reimmersed in
“And If they run out of food?”
“hmm...good point. I cant exactly kill them.”
“Tell me if he needs any help.” Namke ends “I'm going to see if I cant rig an engine up.”
It took a few hours for the faithful to drag the hanger door closed. The moment it sealed though Hananken heard the hiss of air coming in through the vents pressurising the area. He considered ordering the squires to wait but it didn't matter, the second pressure reached an acceptable level they were ripping off helmets and gasping down breaths of air filtered though proper recyclers.
“Atmosphere's back, should be safe.” the drone says standing up all of a sudden.
“The jump drive?” Hananken asks
“Ideally I need a shipyard. Or repair ship. I have neither close by, I think I can patch it but again, I need the resources here...all of them.”
“how can you guarantee my faithful will be safe when I give you what you want?”
“you cant, but I keep my promises...I have a potential location, I can rig the containers together and deploy them as a station in orbit, transmitter included. It'll take a few days to get there after repairs are done...you guys need food. I have some spare but it wont feed thousands...”
“we have rations for a few days yet. We can stretch them.” the Paladin told her.
“I need those resources...you're short on time.” the drone held out its good arm. “trust each other for now?”
“I have little choice.” Hananken replies grudgingly taking the hand.
With the deal sealed Ellen got to work, the faithful began hauling containers to the edge of their controlled zone and she would take it away, empty it and leave the empty container in a different hanger, the materials went straight to her refinery and machine shops. Whilst that happened drones ran rampant over the jump drive, several pylons from the power core were deemed too far gone to repair and were also sacrificed for the repair effort, the dense alloy melting down into significant supply's of magnesium, hardened uranium and other incredibly dense strong metals.
It took three days to go through the entire jump drive and sort out damaged, from repairable and repairable from functional components. The damaged parts were cut away and recycled, the repairable parts where evaluated on time to repair vs replace before having the same done or patched placed on them.
Whilst this demonstration of efficiency and industrial capacity was underway Nakim was hard at work outside the ship, sleeping by the engines internals by night he had a squad of combat drones dragging engine components from the remains of the octagon array to two relatively undamaged engines that still had fuel lines. Over the course of three days he assembled a new drive cone, rigged up functional hydraulics, sometimes splicing several small rods into a larger functional rod. When the jump drive was finished he proudly reported that he had upped her engine capacity by 30% with that 30% being heavily gimballed for steering.
It wasn't much considering that she was used to 900% more thrust than she currently had, but it meant she could steer again, and that was a significant enough achievement to be proud of.
With basic jump capacity functional she aimed for Nakim's home world and jumped. Her steering veins pushing out so she could sense her way through the deep dimension.
The Faithful during this time were co-operative but wary, every time drones came to collect more material from the hangers they were met with barricades bristling with guns.
It took 5 days to get up to speed. And by this time the Faith's food supplies were running dangerously low. Even when Ellen gave them most of her food supplies it did little to help. She had significant supplies for a handful of people but barely enough for a meal each when she considered the thousands straining her life support.
Now she just had to figure out how to get a few thousand hostiles off her ship self. Repair her self sufficiently.
submitted by iridael to HFY

Survey for Corvette Owners

Hi! I'm doing a doing a research project on the Corvette aftermarket for a marketing class. If you have a Corvette and have 60 spare seconds, my team and I would really appreciate it! :)
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