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META Report (31 August 2020)

This is a continuation of the top 10 voted META bots for Beacon Rush and summarized:

  1. Ravana
  2. Blitz
  3. Nightingale
  4. Loki
  5. Phantom
  6. Ao Jun
  7. Hawk
  8. Leech
  9. Falcon
  10. Scorpion
Greetings once again, Commanders, and welcome to the newest edition of the META reports. Here was the previous one done by u/walleyehs.
It is broken down into the following chapters:

  • META Synopsis
  • Top 10 META Bots (Beacon Rush)
  • Titan META
  • Weapon META - Priority Weapons by Class
  • Anti-META - Older bots that perform well in the META
META Synopsis
Ravana, Nightingale, Ao Jun, and Blitz are well established. Many Top Tier clans and players have 2-3 Ravanas in their hangars, along with a Blitz, Nightingale, or Ao Jun. For Squad play most Top-ranked clans will mix in Lokis, Leeches, and Ao Juns to support Ravanas. Blitz (with Legendary Pilot) and Nightingale are popluar openers to help fill the Titan bar quickly.
It's unknown how the announced nerfs to Ravana and Ao Jun, Pixonic's announcement of a shift to mid- / long-range META, and the introduction of the Hawk and Scorpion will impact the META. It's anticipated (and we are seeing it now) Hawk will replace Ao Jun, and there might be a resurgence of tanks like the T-Falcon and the Fenrir to help hold beacons (instead of multiple Ravanas). It is the author's opinion the Scorpion is still not well suited for BR mode games.
As far as Titans go, Nodens has changed the landscape fairly dramatically. While Nodens isn't the killing machine a Ming can be and doesn't hold ground like an Arthur it is still flatly the best support unit in the game capable of turning even mid level titans into unstoppable forces.
To explain the rankings, here is the criteria for rating each bot.
  • Firepower
  • Speed, health, special ability
  • Power cell consumption
  • Utility
  • Technical prowess (corner shooting, turn speed)
Top 10 Meta Bots (Beacon Rush)
#1 Ravana (previous #1)
  • Recommended weapons: Cryo (expected nerf), Storm (expected nerf), Ignitor (probably new META), Corona, Atomizer (possibly new META)
  • Recommended passive modules: 2 HAK/LS or TN/OD/LS
  • Recommended active module: Phase Shift
Combined with phase shift the Ravana is nearly impervious from harm for large windows of time. This is useful in both defending and attacking beacons, as beacons don't care if you are in reality or in ghost form--for now. This is expected to change with the nerf to LS and Ravana's Transcendence ability to hold beacons. Combined with weapons that burst huge damage in short windows of time while reloading during phase shift and transcendence with a high-durability bot and you have a killing machine.
#2 Blitz (previous #5)
  • Recommended weapons: Shredder, Spark (expected nerf), Rime (expected nerf), Blaze, Quarkers
  • Recommended passive modules: TNAC/LS or TNOD/LS
  • Recommended active module: Phase Shift
With Clive (Legendary pilot ability to emulate the Leech) the Blitz is a powerful bot with incredible speed, resistance, and firepower. Equipped with Shredders or Rime the Blitz can lock / freeze enemies almost instantly while suppressing firepower. Alternatively 4 Sparks or 4 Quarkers can do serious damage at any range while reserving the ability for defensive purposes.
It's interesting to note the Overdrive Unit combined with Deft Survivor give the Blitz immense firepower, suppression, and durability for long periods of time, making this bot incredibly powerful.
#3 Nightingale (previous #3)
  • Recommended weapons: Cryo/Rime (expected nerf), AtomizeQuarker, Corona/Halo, Ignitors/Blaze
  • Recommended passive modules: HAK/AC/LS or 2 HAKs/LS
  • Recommended active module: Phase Shift
The ability to suppress almost the entire red team during a long flight and drop onto a target and burst them into oblivion is powerful. This is a contender for a top slot on the list because it is also very strong support role for and against titans. Nightingale is a proven beacon runner at all phases of the game and the legendary pilot keeps it safely in the air when necessary.
#4 Loki (previous #4)
  • Recommended weapons: Rime (expected nerf), Gust, Halo
  • Recommended passive modules: HAK/AC/LS
  • Recommended active module: Phase Shift
Loki is undeniably a cornerstone of high Champion League squad play. The ability to navigate the battlefield under duress of Titans is unmatched. More squad games are won and lost due to the Loki than ever before because nothing else has stealth and enough speed to steal beacons away from a flotilla of Ao Ming. The Loki also forces the enemy team to remain spread out and leave defenders at beacons or run the risk of sacrificing a bot to keep beacon advantage. Even with the advent of the Quantum Sensor module for Titans, the Loki will still be difficult to deal with, especially at the beginning of a match when grabbing center beacon. Once a 3-2 beacon lead is locked in its very hard to take away from hordes of Ravana, often needing a fairly early ArthuNodens push to break.
#5 Phantom (previous #6)
  • Recommended weapons: Spark/Scourge (expected nerf), ShreddeAtomizer, Blaze/Ignitor, Rime/Cryo (expected nerf), QuarkeAtomizer
  • Recommended passive modules: TNAC/LS or TNOD/LS
  • Recommended active module: Advanced Repair or Phase Shift
Phantom used to be the premier map opener but many clans shifted to Blitz, NG, Loki, or Ravana. While still strong the Phantom is challenged by these other bots. It moved up in the list due to Ao Jun moving down and Hawk still being relatively new. For the majority of players doing duos or solo play, the Phantom still remains a strong opener and a relatively strong mid- /late-game play bot because of the combination of speed, durability, and firepower.
If you want to begin games in a Phantom it is recommended to use spark/scourge or QuarkeAtomizer to combat opposing Phantoms and Blitzes since you can chip them down while navigating to center / key beacons. If your Phantom is for mid-game the best setups are sustained damage combined with healing to better tank through Ravanas.
#6 Ao Jun (previous #2)
  • Recommended weapons: Glacier (expected nerf), Ember, Redeemer, Viper (expected nerf), Nucleon
  • Recommended passive modules: 2 TNLS or TNAC/LS or TNOD/LS, or 3 TNRs
  • Recommended active module: Phase Shift
Ao Jun goes down due to the expected nerf to its ability (reduced time and increased cool down). It is still a formidable ambusher especially with Yang Lee (pilot) as it provides a direct counter to Loki, Nightingale, other Ao Juns, and Hawk. It also is one of the best bot counters to Titans when equipped with Glaciers and Embers. In addition to the expected nerf, the Ao Jun lacks the ability to hold a beacon from sustained pressure.
#7 Hawk (previous unlisted)
  • Recommended weapons: Nucleon/Quarker, GlacieRime (expected nerf), EmbeBlaze, RedeemeMagnum, Viper (expected nerf)/Shredder
  • Recommended passive modules: 2 TNLS or TNAC/LS or TNOD/LS, or 3 TNRs
  • Recommended active module: Phase Shift
Hawk is expected to be the next META, replacing the Ao Jun as the premier ambush and anti-Titan bot. With it's built-in beam that bypasses resistance it can do significant damage to Fenrirs, T-Falcons, Blitzes, Phantoms, Leeches, Mings, and Kids. The Hawk has relatively low durability and cannot hold a beacon from sustained pressure.
#8 Leech (previous #7)
  • Recommended weapons: Cryo (expected nerf), Scourge (expected nerf), Storm (expected nerf), Corona, Atomizer
  • Recommended passive modules: TNAC/LS or 2 TNRs/LS, or TNOD/LS
  • Recommended active module: Phase Shift or Quantum Radar
Leech has great firepower, decent speed and an ability that is unmatched except against a Titan and a Hawk. The Leech was already on the decline in the META due to Titan weapons and the Ravana outlasting Leech's ability. An early game Leech is still a powerhouse to support the front line by taking out Lokis, Ao Juns, and Nightingales quickly (when equipped with QR) and can help take center beacon when played aggressively.
#9 Falcon (previous #8)
  • Recommended weapons: Ember, Nucleon, Calamity (expected nerf), Glory, Redeemer
  • Recommended passive modules: HAK/HAK/LS
  • Recommended active module: Advanced Repair Kit
Falcon has an excellent ability to tank damage and hold beacons. With the expected nerf to Ravanas it might be one of the primary bots used to hold / push center beacon. 1-on-1 a Falcon can defeat a Ravana if its weapons and pilot skills are built to beat Ravana...think armor, durability, repair and adamant. While resistance bots are naturally poor against titans and Hawks, the falcon can hold its own against just about everything else.
#10 Scorpion (previous unlisted)
  • Recommended weapons: Cryo/rime (expected nerf), Scourge/Spark (expected nerf), Storm/Gust (expected nerf), Corona/Halo, AtomizeQuarker
  • Recommended passive modules: TNAC/LS or 2 TNRs/LS, or TNOD/LS
  • Recommended active module: Phase Shift
Scorpion's ability to teleport behind a target with increased defense, decent firepower and decent speed make it a formidable ambusher. For Beacon Rush the Scorpion is not ideal at holding or taking beacons, which is why it is low on the list. Based on Pixonic history of META cycles it is anticipated the Scorpion will get a buff to improve its usefulness in all game modes.
Honorable mention:
  • Recommended weapons: Scourge/Calamity (anticipated nerf), IgnitoEmber, Cryo/Glacier (anticipated nerf), RedeemeTaran, Nucleon/Atomizer
  • Recommended modules: HAK/HAK/LS
  • Recommended active: Advanced Repair
Fenrir excels in the early game as a 2nd drop since they are still incredibly hard to beat down and can withstand a Ravana for long enough to simply wear them out of phase shifts and keep scourge/calamity locked on and firing. Many of the Falcon notes translate directly to the Fenrir in the sense that it's generally used to squat on a beacon and hold Ravana at bay.
Fenrir can also be used as an opening bot combined with Nightingale to devastating effect, disrupting Phantoms / Ravanas, and Lokis when fighting for center beacon.
  • Recommended weapons: ShreddeAtomizer, Blaze/Ignitor, Spark/Scourge (expected nerf)
  • Recommended modules: TNTNLS or HAK/HAK/LS
  • Recommended active: Advanced Repair or Repair
Considered by some to be the universal soldier, it is not incredibly strong against anything yet not weak against anything either. Mender is getting a speed buff, and built with Deft Survivor skill and good timing can float itself and its allies with repair for long periods of time either pushing or defending a beacon. Combined with any resistance bot or high durability bot a Mender can push a group of allies from an even clash into a winning clash with ease. It's also fairly strong at healing allied titans.
Mender has a decent matchup against Ravana since it can reload its healing burst usually a couple times with deft survivor and last stand. It also has a positive matchup against the other top bots such as Nightingale and Ao Jun and is low enough to hit Lokis without QR.
Titan Meta
#1 Ao Ming
The Ao Ming is still a massive damage hog with the ability to clear entire hangars off the field. The only real counter to the Ming is an Arthur push, coordinated attacks by Ao Juns and Hawks, or stealth (for now).
It should be noted that the Ming is fairly poor at taking or holding beacons, so it is best deployed when there is a beacon lead and played well it should be floating over or near one of your teams rear beacons so that if a Loki does break through you can simply land and keep the beacon blue.
Obviously it's best to abuse the range benefit of plasma or titan scourge weapons to protect yourself from opposing Ming or Arthur.

#2 Nodens
The Nodens is not as good as an Arthur for pushing or holding bacons, but as a support Titan it is invaluable on the battlefield because it keeps other Titans and bots alive. If you can support an Arthur or Kid with your Nodens from a relatively safe location those Titans can easily kill multiple red Titans supported by your suppression and healing chain.

#3 Arthur
Arthur, unlike the Ming, is an excellent beacon holder and a respectable beacon pusher. An Arthur, especially combined with a Nodens or Nightingale, is the best way to bust a red beacon through tides of defending Ravana in squad games.
Arthur is relatively weak to splash, especially opposing titan rockets so it's good to identify the weaponry of opposing titans before pushing.

#4 Kid
A maxed Kid is very good at dealing damage to groups of bots in mass. The Kid is very fast, especially compared to Arthur. It has the highest durability and resistance of any titan and it's very functional against Arthur and Nodens.
A Kid supported by a Nodens is superior for beacon pushes to an Arthur due to both Titans being relatively quick and stove being extraordinarily powerful.
The downfall of the Kid is that it is poor against Plasma Ming without Nodens/Nightingale support, since it's difficult to find appropriate cover and close the gap from 600-500 without losing significant portions of its durability.
Weapon Meta
Heavy Weapons:
  • Nucleon
  • Ember
  • Redeemer
  • Calamity (expected nerf)
  • Glacier (expected nerf)

Medium Weapons:
  • Atomizer
  • Igniter
  • Cryo (expected nerf)
  • Storm (expected nerf)
  • Scourge (expected nerf)
Igniter seems to be the most well-rounded medium at the moment, fairly high DPS, good sustain and doesn't care about physical shields. It's difficult to use against some bots but that comes with practice. Cryo combos will likely be popular to take advantage of the reduced defenses and speed to a target when it is frozen. Atomizers are the best all around medium weapon in the game right now.

Light Weapons:
  • Quarker
  • Shredder
  • Blaze
  • Spark (expected nerf)
  • Rime (expected nerf)
  • Halo
Shredders are very good at locking down opponents and building up your Titan bar. Combine that with good damage, quick reload and pairing nicely with almost every medium and heavy it's really the go to in the light category. Quarkers punch above its weight in terms of damage and can be a threat out to 500M. Halo, when used correctly (inside 100M) can empty its entire clip so quickly that often you'll lock or win a fight on the spot. It's ideal for fast bots like Loki and Strider.
This section is for bots that can still perform, even in niche scenarios.
These are in no particular order.
  • Pantheon bots: Pantheon bots are some of the few bots that can maneuver against Titans well during their retribution shield. Played right they can dent titans decently and perform at range against other META bots. They're very weak against Ravana and fast bots which can get inside the shield with ease which is why they are no longer considered strong.
  • Invader: Invader seems to be making a mini-rally as it's high healthy pool can handle Ravana to a certain degree, with adamant skills and bulking up with healing and armor modules it acts somewhat like a Falcon and Fenrir placing it just slightly out of the META.
  • Pursuer: Pursuer is much stronger than they're given credit for, and the new legendary pilot stretches its ability out even further. If it weren't for Yang Lee Ao Jun this would get an honorable mention as they can move freely amidst Titans, brawl decently against Ravana and has the speed to outright avoid fights it doesn't want to engage in.
  • Bulgasari: Bulgasari still has a very strong shield and relatively high health. Skilled pilots can use high DPS weapons and time their attacks correctly between the shield and damage bursts. Physical shields are underrated to an extent if you can avoid rockets and flames.
  • Hellburner: Still strong given the HB is maxed with destroyer pilot skill, there's a multitude of bots that simply can't handle a Hellburner rush. It takes work to understand the timing and distance for the runs and to start detonation to activate as other abilities drop but once a skilled pilot knows these it can easily 1v1 many meta bots. It also keeps pace with Loki and can essentially force a 1 for 1 trade against those troublesome things.
  • Strider: The strider should never be overlooked, and will likely never be a poor bot. 5 dashes and a very quick dash reload means this bot can easily cover 300M or more in an instant. It's also still faster to center than even the Loki on some maps, even long maps when you can time your superdash reliably. A good strider pilot can beat every meta bot 1v1, maybe not in a shoot out, but they will know how to be right where you don't want them to be when you are the most vulnerable. The Strider is the most difficult bot in the game to play well, but also the most rewarding once it is mastered.
Mass Exodus [EXO]

Update 17 September by u/Shutze_owner
submitted by JFSoul to walkingwarrobots

Unpopular opinion. A brawl pass is a good thing to add in the game

I want to open a discussion without hate. Yesterday there a lot of places who are talking about the leak of the brawl pass, so What I have seem the community wasn’t taken the best way, so i want to say my opinion to try to change your thoughts
i am in the game since Piper was released and i have been around since every update, i have 21k trophies so i consider i am very veteran and i have saving a lot of experience and in my opinion, the idea of a battle pass right now is very good,let me explain.
  1. Kinda Second trophy road.
It will motivate to players to still playing frequently, don’t matter what kind of player you are, both f2p and p2w only have trophy road to gain rewards for playing.
the fact that plus trophy road you can have a second and at least free road is an excellent thing to new players and middle-high progress players.
  1. Free rewards to everyone.
This is very obvious but not considering play a factor, you have free rewards and just for having it that not having it, is a very good thing. Just for have maybe a big box now and before not cause for f2p is already a good thing.
Yes, the players who pay some money can get more things that people who don’t waste a single penny, but the game has always been like that, the person who want to use his/her money to fast progress will still doing it, with or without pass
  1. The game won’t die.
A little rare title right? Listen, in all the games of Supercell, the BS teams has been in my opinion the best one so far, they interact with the community, sometimes are interviewed by youtubers, are active in social media, they have a lot of chemistry between them in brawl talk, never disappoints in a update, etc. (i sounded like a fanboy but whatever)
I have read a lot of people who say the game will die like CR or COC (at first that is not true, that games are not dead), but think, Brawl Stars team wouldn’t stop making amazing updates with center just in the pass like Clash Royale, or not having so much updates frequently like Clash of Clans, I am sure this will bring more things and changes to the game.
Think this last updates have been really cool, December update 2019 bring cool thinks like new temporal mode, environment, two brawlers, free rico skin, etc. March 2020 bring more of the same, so if you see the devs are putting a big effort to give us the best.
  1. New content to endgame players.
As an endgame player, just get trophies to just have more high trophies or fun is not a very good reason to persons who have been in the game years, and maybe global players feel the same.
This pass most probably contain exclusive things so people who are interested can effort to get some exclusive skins or idk, but everything can be a good reason to return to the game and continue playing, cause being honest, golden mecha skins are not as good things to all the time you have to put in the game.
  1. More % of getting new brawlers.
Having more boxes as rewards means more boxes open, that at the same time means that your new brawler probability’s will increase, yup, slowly but is something, this point is kinda complemented with point 2.
This is kinda obvious but having more boxes increase the probability to get gems, doublers and star powers thinking in the boxes per day system.
That’s all guys, sorry for bad english, not native. This was my opinion but I would love to see a total opposite down in the comments. Don’t hate ;)
  • ps : this is a repost of another post that I made but it didn’t have the enough discussion that I want
submitted by PiscolaMan to Brawlstars

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