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Firmware Ferguson Ariva 150-250ComboV1.24B8. REMEMBER: 1. In order to use an external USB. Ferguson Ariva 120 Combo Firmware Patch. It allows for manual or automatic transmission adding video streaming over the Internet or local network using HTTP Thanks from: Tony.

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Show your IP address and geo location on a map. After testing, multiple upload the channel list from your backup to the new (or different) with the USB option in the receiver userdb. Ariva 120 it looks for a. Free cccam Free domain name for one year for free No limite Bein sport, Canal+HD, Sky, Digi+, 2020 - Duration: 2: 42. Download Ferguson Ariva 252 Combo Firmware Patch free why not try this out.

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Post firmware Ferguson ARiva TS100 - Ferguson HD.

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Ferguson Ariva A52E HD; Ferguson Ariva 102 Mini HD; Ferguson Ariva 102E HD; Ferguson Ariva 103 HD; Ferguson Ariva 202E HD; Ferguson Ariva 203 HD; Ferguson Ariva S300; Ferguson Receivers General Talk. Descargar Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles Wii Iso there. Ferguson; Ferguson 150 - 152 - 1xx; Ferguson 150 - 152. Zaping with ferguson ariva 100 cccam.

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Ferguson Ariva 4K Combo Firmware. EMU Firmware New Ferguson Ariva 150 and 250Combo PATC. E3131 firmware chomikuj matematyka klasy 4 pola friday lektor 1995 kramer koparko ladowarka 416 klucz matura mieczyslaw lechowski download Ratchet Clank Future A Crack in Time chomikuj Gears of War 2 download oswiecenie wiek xviii praca klasowa menadzer ligi polskiej download tabela wysiewu nasion warzyw wesole wierszyki na pozegnanie kierownika w pracy The Maker pobierz test z przyrody 6. FERGUSON Ariva 250 Combo.

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Ferguson Ariva 150 Combo Firmware Patch. View online or arlva Ferguson Ariva 4k User Manual. View Profile Find all uploads View Forum Posts 16-06-2020, 21: 56: 25. Top Downloads Ariva 4K Manual PL V3 (2512.

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Attachment(s) Sticky Thread Sticky: Emu Firmware Ferguson Ariva A/A (Multi-page thread. I've actually put my box through the test to see if it was a clone model by upgrading firmware via USB (cloned boxes will brick themselves when trying to upgrade) and it was successful. Ferguson Ariva 4K Combo Firmware 16 Replies, 8, 088 Views, 2 years ago Patch Firmware Ariva 52 / 102e / 102mini / 103 / 103 mini /1 50/ 152 / 153 / 202e / 203 / 250 / 252. Ferguson ariva 120 combo ash code ( Multi-page thread.

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The main feature of the decoder is a support of a new generation of the transmission standard - DVB. Likes Received 387 Points 13, 917 Posts 2, 638. Jun 5, 2020 - Downloads: A new file has been added by cuebase: Ferguson Ariva 120. Ferguson Ariva 252 Combo Firmware Patch hop over to this website.

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I must have made a mistake along the way and now the unit is bricked. Firmware Ferguson Ariva. Crack Flatout 2 Chomikuj. EMU Firmware Ferguson Ariva 150 and 250Combo.

Original Firmware for Ferguson Ariva 100-200 HD [Archive

Equipment (model of receiver, DVB card, etc): ARIVA 202E 3. Emulator: don't know 4. Subscription: VIP Czech and VIP Porno for 1 year 5. software used for sharing: don't know I will be glad for any help because it is not convenient to pay for subscription and it is not working. Ferguson ariva 202e firmware patch. Ferguson Ariva 102E Patch: Software Free Download. Adobe Flash Cs5 5 Professional.

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Patch manual Ferguson Ariva 102e

Manual Ferguson Ariva e. Orginal Firmware Ferguson Ariva E/E/52E/mini_VB8. Avviso Importante - Da Leggere! Tvtradedave 16, 803 views.

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FERGUSON Ariva 254 Combo. Ferguson HD [Main Chat] [Archive] - Page 3 - Sat Universe see this website. Rating0 / 5; Last Post By. Sicilian. With my old Lidl sat rx it gave a simple option of sorting channels/services by alphabet numeral etc.

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Check the saorview website and find the transmitter(s) closest to you and their channel number. Patched firmware for Ariva combo V1. Ferguson does not grant any guarantee as to the contents of the present instruction manual and. Ferguson Ariva 252 Combo - multimedia in a nutshell with an access to both digital terrestrial and satellite television. Ariva Satellite Combo Receiver.


Ariva STBRemote Download. Ferguson ariva 120 HD Combo. Guide to RS232 flash or Recover Ferguson Ariva https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3031. Discuss everything related to Ferguson Ariva HD Receivers here, includes support, firmware tutorials & downloads for Ariva 102e, Ariva 102 mini, Ariva 150, Ariva 152, Ariva 250 & Ariva 252.

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Thread: Orginal Firmware Ferguson Ariva 202E/102E/52E/102mini Ferguson HD. Share/ Ferguson Ariva 102mini 1.16b4 (patched) Firmware + Manual. Nov 19, New file added Ferguson Ariva Sly patch Ok a few people were asking me for Patched firmware for the Ferguson Ariva Firstly download the above. I have unbricked dozens of Ariva's with the null modem cable. [GiGaBlue UHD QUAD 4K] View France 3 on Astral 1N.

[Proposal] Like Internet DNS, we should create a "VNS" (Vanity Name System) - or "BDNS" ("Bitcoin Denomination Name System") - for bitcoin subunits, plus (like Twitter @justinbieber or #ferguson) a "cointag-forming prefix" $ to define "cointags" like $beer or $coffee for a fixed number of satoshis.

TL;DR - We should embrace and extend ChangeTip to create a full-fledged "VNS" (Vanity Name System) - or "BDNS" ("Bitcoin Denomination Name System") - for subunits (ie, fractions) of a bitcoin - possibly supported by something like NameCoin - and let social networks innovate and popularize different names for various subunits (fractions) of a bitcoin.
Going further, by analogy with "tags" like @katyperry and @justinbieber or #Ferguson or #Failwhale, we should introduce a "cointag-forming prefix" $ so that people could define "cointags" like $beer or $coffee or $donut or $bit or $TripToParis - and then Alice could send Bob two coffees by writing "@Bob $coffee2" (or "@Bob $coffee 2") on various social networks.
Edit: Another possible suggested name: "BCDNS" = "Bitcoin Custom Denomination Name System". Eventually, many laypersons might see the "BC" at the beginning as simply meaning "bitcoin" - so they will understand it as a kind of "BitCoin DNS" - ie the "DNS for bitcoin [custom denominations]".
Creating a universal VNS (Vanity Name System) - or "BDNS" ("Bitcoin Denomination Name System") - for subunits (fractions) of a bitcoin could be a way to let a hundred million Bitcoin "custom denominations" (or "vanity names") bloom.
These new names would then naturally and democratically compete for popularity on social networks, spontaneously standardizing various "custom denominations" or "vanity names" for various subunits (or fractions) of bitcoin - and later, ranking sites like Alexa could rank these "custom denominations" or "vanity names" in terms of popularity.
ChangeTip is already doing much of this.
ChangeTip already allows users to define "custom denominations" for various subunits (fractions) of a bitcoin, such as "1 coffee", "1 beer", "1 tulip", "1 donut", etc.
Note (1) : Some of these custom denominations are being defined in terms of the bitcoin "currency" itself, while others are being defined in terms a legacy fiat currency, such as the US Dollar.
Both approaches are of course fine, with different uses in different situations - depending whether you want to isolate yourself from the inflation and volatility of legacy fiat or from the deflation and volatility of bitcoin.
Note (2) : With sidechains implementing a two-way peg between bitcoin and an altcoin, the altcoin name could also be used as a cointag - eg $FooCoin or $BarCoin or $SillyCoin etc.
Note (3) : One nice side-effect of implementing a VNS (Vanity Name System) - or "BDNS" ("Bitcoin Denomination Name System") - for bitcoin subunits and making it available on social networks would be that this could sidestep / obviate / broaden / democratize the never-ending debates we've seen raging here on /bitcoin about which "official" name to adopt for various subunits (fractions) of a bitcoin (eg, "bits", "mBTC", "uBTC", "millies" and "mickies", "zibs", etc.)
By standardizing ChangeTip's "custom denominations" in a new VNS (Vanity Name System) - or "BDNS" ("Bitcoin Denomination Name System") - and providing a "cointag-forming prefix" such as $ similar to @ and # - possibly also supported in some way by NameCoin - we could push these subunit-naming debates off /bitcoin and out onto the entire Internet as a whole, and let the various social networks decide what their favorite names are, as people on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Google+, Facebook etc. define and use their favorite for various bitcoin subunits.
The key to implementing this is to look at the analogies of the Twitter prefix @ for people and the hashtag-forming prefix # for topics - and go all the way and finish the job and introduce a cointag-forming prefix such as $ or ¢ for currency - ie for "custom denominations" or "vanity names" for subunits (fractions) of a bitcoin.
  • The @ prefix creates a person's address.
  • The # prefix creates topic tag (a "hashtag").
  • The $ prefix creates a cointag (a custom denomination representing x satoshis)
This cointag-forming prefix $ (or possibly ¢) could be viewed simply as a more compact (one-character!) replacement for the lengthier string "ChangeTip" already in use.
So basically we could adopt the symbol $ as a prefix to let people easily create "cointags" like:
$satoshi $btc $bitcoin $bit $donut $coffee $beer $trip-to-paris ... or $TripToParis ?? 
Note (4) : Regarding $ vs ¢ : The symbol ¢ is appealing because (a) it looks like it stands for "coin" and (b) it suggests a departure from the hegemony of the US Dollar symbol $.
And, yes, the symbol ¢ can be already typed on most computer keyboards (if you can figure out how).
But there are two big drawbacks for using ¢ - availability and accessibility.
Availability: The ¢ symbol might not be available at all on older cell phones (maybe later via emoticons via a firmware upgrade - but we don't want our new "cointag-forming prefix" to require, say, people in remote African villages to do a firmware upgrade to their cell phones).
Accessibility: Although ¢ is available on most computers, it can be hard to (figure out how to) type for many users - without doing a Google search for some special, esoteric Unicode or "numeric keypad" sequences.
Finally: The $ symbol is SHIFT-4 on many computer keyboards - so it occurs in a kind of "natural progression" right after SHIFT-2 for @ and SHIFT-3 for # - which are the two major tag-forming prefixes already in use.
So basically we would be generalizing the $ symbol to become not just the symbol of the US dollar, but also a "cointag-forming prefix".
(Yeah I do like ¢ better but let's be realistic: It'll take forever to get ¢ onto most people's devices... so maybe we could just say that using $ as a "cointag-forming prefix" can be seen as subverting or usurping - or, more diplimatically, "embracing and extending" - the hegemony of the US Dollar symbol $ :-)
Note (5) : As many people outside the US know, combining $ with some letters to form new currency names is totally in line with current practice. Several countries have already added some characters before (or after) the $ to indicate their country's currency.
The table on this wikipedia page shows some examples of national currencies composed of a $ plus some letters:
United States (US$), Australian (A$), Bahamian (B$), Barbadian (Bds$), Belizean (BZ$), Bermudian (BD$), Brunei (B$), Canadian (CA$), Cayman Islands (CI$), East Caribbean (EC$), Fiji (FJ$), Guyanese (G$),[5] Hong Kong (HK$/?/?), Jamaican (J$), Kiribati, Liberian (L$ or LD$), Namibian (N$), New Zealand (NZ$), Singaporean (S$), Soloman Islands (SI$), Surinamese (SRD), Taiwanese (NT$/?/?), Trinidad and Tobago (TT$), Tuvaluan, and Zimbabwean (Z$) dollars
Argentine, Chilean (CLP$), Colombian (COL$), Cuban ($MN), Cuban convertible (CUC$), Dominican (RD$), Mexican (Mex$), and Uruguayan ($U) pesos
Nicaraguan córdoba (C$)
Brazilian real (R$)
Note (6) : Existing national currency symbols created using $ usually put the $ at the end.
However, by analogy with the tag-forming prefixes @ and #, the $ should go at the beginning of the tag.
This is how Twitter currently uses its # "tag-forming prefix" to define hashtags for topics such as #Tigerblood, #Moscow, #Egypt, #Failwhale and #FollowFriday, etc:
And this is how Twitter currently uses the @ tag-forming prefix to define people's addresses like @katyperry, @justinbieber, @BarackObama, @YouTube, @taylorswift13, etc:
Note (7) : There should be a rule that a "cointag" (starting with $) cannot end in a number!
This is because a cointag juxtaposed with a amount afterwards like $beer100 should mean:
100 beers 
It should not mean a totally new cointag like "beer100".
Note (8) : As with many traditional "currency symbols": we should put the resulting user-defined, multi-character cointag (starting with $...) before the number, not after the number - eg, as of this writing the following are all roughly equal:
 $ 100.00 € 80.04 $bit 304,000.62 
Note (9) : Other examples: The cointag-and-amount combos below would all represent the same number of bitcoins (ie, 1 bitcoin):
$satoshi100,000,000 $satoshi 100,000,000 $satoshi100000000 $satoshi 100000000 $bitcoin1 $bitcoin 1 $btc1 $btc 1 $bit1,000,000 $bit 1,000,000 $bit1000000 $bit 1000000 $bit1,000,000.00 $bit 1,000,000.00 $bit1000000.00 $bit 1000000.00 
Other cointags, for "vanity names", could be invented in a similar way.
So if we now have the "cointag-forming prefix" $ that means "money" or "currency" (like @ means "person" and # means "topic"), then people could invent "cointags" like:
$tulip $donut $Snoop $prince $ferguson $netneutrality $obama $hillary $RandPaul $JebBush $MedecinsSansFrontiers $DoctorsWithoutBorders $StarCitizen $CoolestCooler $UbuntuEdge $PebbleSmartwatch 
Remember, each of the new "currency symbols" or "cointags" above would represent a fixed number of satoshis.
In turn, when actually being used on a social network, the cointag should of course be followed by a number (with or without a space before the number), saying how many of these "cointags" (currency units, or bitcoin subunits) are being "sent".
This might give us a sort of micro-crowd-funding platform "for free" - by combining social sites like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ (and later Disqus, etc.) with bots like ChangeTip and this proposed VNS (Vanity Name System) - or "BDNS" ("Bitcoin Denomination Name System") - for subunits (fractions) of a bitcoin.
Note (10) : For a given cointag (such as $donut), the following four variants might all be acceptable as a shorter way of writing "changetip 2 donuts":
$donut2 $donuts2 $donut 2 $donuts 2 
The following, however, should not be allowed - they should be rejected as "incorrect syntax":
$ donut2 $ donuts2 $ donut 2 $ donuts 2 
Notice that the above 4 items all have a space between the $ and the word. This is invalid syntax.
As we know from Twitter, the @ or # (and now the $) has to be prefixed directly onto the word (with no spaces), in order to correctly form a "tag" - ie @justinbieber (not @ justinbieber) or #ferguson (not # ferguson).
Note (11) : Some thoughts about unique domain names and the Internet:
It could be argued that one of the major reasons for the success of the Internet has been its domain name system (DNS): a global namespace uniquely mapping domain names (such as example.com) to IP addresses (such as
This is a situation where something apparently small and local (a unique name) helps support something big and universal (the entire Internet).
Of course the trick is that the unique name isn't really "small and local" - as we all know, it's actually backed up by a rather "big and universal" guarantee (or axiom or property): a domain name is "unique" - ie it always maps to the same IP address - ie there are no situations where a given domain name can map to more than one IP address.
This is what DNS provides.
Some people also refer to this as "no walled gardens". In the early days, AOL and Compuserve each had their own "walled garden" where they implemented their own mappings of keywords to IP addresses - but eventually for the most part the universal mapping implemented by DNS won out.
Coming back to Bitcoin, there are actually two dimensions where a similar apparently "small and local" uniqueness property could potentially be implemented to help support (and popularize) something "big and universal" like the Bitcoin network:
  • defining a name (or several names) mapping to a Bitcoin address - although people concerned about privacy might not be interested in doing this (due to the suggestion to avoid reusing the same Bitcoin address);
  • defining a name (or several names) mapping to a bitcoin subunit - ie for an amount between 1 and 100,000,000 satoshis
It is easy to see that (at least) 100,000,000 such subunit names can be created (actually it's more than 100,000,000 names if you allow multiple names to map to the same number of satoshis - which is fine because it doesn't cause any confusion).
So the names for subunits (fractions) of a bitcoin only have to satisfy two (apparently small and local but actually big and universal) conditions:
  • The same name must always be defined as ("map to") the same amount;
  • It's perfectly ok to define multiple names which "map to" the same amount, because this does not cause any confusion.
Then voilà, we have (the beginning of) the specification of the VNS (Vanity Name System) - or "BDNS" ("Bitcoin Denomination Name System") - for subunits of a bitcoin.
Note (12) : Satoshi Nakamoto has suggested the first two names in this system - the biggest and smallest units (1 bitcoin, and 1 satoshi).
If we want to use the newly proposed "cointags", starting with the "cointag-forming prefix" $, then these could be written as:
$bitcoin1 or $bitcoin 1 and $satoshi1 or $satoshi 1 
Note (13) : How can this help Bitcoin adoption?
It seems that "vanity subunit names" for fractions of a Bitcoin (eg: "1 tulip", "1 donut" - which are already starting to be defined by users of by ChangeTip) can be a big help to promoting adoption of Bitcoin.
It would probably only be a matter of time before some celebrity like Snoop Dog defines a cointag like "$snoop" as a certain number of satoshis (or Miley Cyrus defines the cointag $WreckingBall, or some vlogger defines the cointag $HarlemShake, or some activists define cointags like $ClimateChange or $GunControl or $Ferguson, etc.) allowing people to send various amounts of satoshis to friends (and strangers) - or to artists or activists or movements or organizations - on places like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc.
For bigger crowdfunding projects, it might make sense to define a "cointag" representing a relatively large number of satoshis - and for smaller crowdfunding projects, a "cointag" representing a relatively small number of satoshis would be best.
The "social networking" consequences of implenting "cointags" could be amazing - and could prove to be a major driver for Bitcoin adoption.
submitted by translator-throwaway to Bitcoin

What every WSB Autist should know about DGLY and AAXN before morning trading opens

What every WSB Autist should know about DGLY and AAXN before morning trading opens
Ok Chickenfuckers, listen up. I like chx tendies just like the rest of you and volatility in an artificially propped up market has been great for me just like it’s been great for some of you. The hot topic this week appears to be Police bodycams! Who are they? When will they? And when will we turn our FO into not MO? Well, let’s dig a little deeper and go on a Magic School Bus (the short kind) style educational adventure to learn all about our current situation. Like they say in Mexico:
“Oyo anque se pollo!”
Now, in the past 24 hours there has been a lot of fuss about a potential Executive Order to be signed on Tuesday, June 16th of this week. Trump and the Whitehouse refuse to comment on the possibility of a future Executive Order on police reform; However, we have some partially substantiated rumors none the less. Let’s take a look at what those rumors are.
The best source I can find on what Trump’s Tuesday do brings us is S. Lee Merritt. Merritt is an attorney representing a number of families whose loved ones have been killed by police officers. Merritt is expected to star alongside Trump and Attorney General William Barr for Tuesday’s possible Executive Order signing.
So what does Merritt think is going to be in this Executive Order, faggot?! Good question, let’s take a look-see:
  1. Statement acknowledging a minority of officers misusing their authority, causing mistrust in different communities especially the Black community. (This is fluff but obviously necessary for him to say out loud.)
  2. An order to establish a national certification and credentialing system for law enforcement agencies. (Kind of surprised this isn’t already a thing, but ok.)
  3. An order to create a federal database to track Officers accused of wrong-doing or excessive use of force. (Again, this isn’t a thing already? Wow!)
  4. A directive to the secretary of Health and Human Services to work on encouraging police departments to involve mental health officials when dealing with issues of mental health, homelessness, and addiction. (This is a fluff but sounds nice!)
  5. A directive to encourage Congress to pass legislation related to policing. (This, again, carries no legal weight and although it sounds nice, is just fluff.)
Wow, 5 things is a big list! Most of you blanket sucking pillow biters have probably already drifted off, dreaming of the tender kisses of your Wife’s BF, or at the very least are wondering why I am telling you this. The important thing is #5, because just last week the Democrats and the Congressional Black Caucus introduced the Justice in Policing Act. This bill, (not a FUCKING LAW YET RETARD,) would: ban police departments from using chokeholds, develop a national standard for use of force, limit the transfer of military weapons to police departments, define lynching as a federal hate crime, establish a national police misconduct registry, and limit qualified immunity, which protects officers from lawsuits over alleged misconduct. There are some other topics in the bill having to do with uniform standards, accountability, traffic and pedestrian stops, detention, racial distribution of drug charges, use of deadly force, data collection, transparency, police training, and the transfer of military grade equipment to State and Local Law Enforcement.
Oh, and the Bill includes one other thing. This is what has all of your misinformed dicks real fucking hard: The bill would also require federal uniformed Police Officers to wear body cameras, and mandate all marked federal Police vehicles have dashboard cameras.
Did you catch that? This Bill that has not yet been voted on would make requirements for Federal Police Officers to have body cams and dashboard cams. Trump’s announcement tomorrow is rumored to be an Executive Order that has a directive to: “encourage Congress to pass legislation related to policing.
Ok, now let’s get to the fun bit. You fucking cucks have been blowin’ your load in the first 8 seconds of Belladona’s infamous baseball bat in the ass scene before it even got to the good stuff. Well give your balls a tug, because we’re about to dive a little deeper and enter into the alternate universe where tomorrow’s announcement and possible EO signing was something more than a PR stunt and somehow managed to demand body cams for every living thing in the USA by next week. Here we go:
Ok WSB, DGLY duckling and AAXN (no longer the ticker symbol for Anthrax Attacks) have spiked immensely in popularity here over the past 24 hours. Let’s investigate why. Both of these companies are publicly traded! Wow, that was fast. That is all the research necessary for finding out why these two tickers are popular in this sub. There is literally nothing else. When the search for things to invest in becomes a mad scramble to find anything available, you end up tonsils deep on your Wife’s BF’s cock trying to decide whether you like deep throating dick-veins or are just gay-for-the-stay. Let’s now move on to the next subject which happens to be the question of what might happen to these 2 stocks if tomorrow actually meant every croc and gator in the FL panhandle was legally obligated to wear a bodycam.
We’ve already covered why body cams will not become a Nationally mandated accessory for all Police forces in the USA at 10am EST this morning, but let’s have a bit of fun with a thought experiment…
So, bodycams and dashboard cams are a market with a lot of potential but also a lot of competition and currently, not as much interest as is necessary to float the supply. Please search top bodycams of 2020, search for the past few years and you will see, publicly traded companies are not making the best body cams. Well, why does that matter? In public Police departments (I am talking all police departments now, not just the federal officers that if Trump says a certain thing tomorrow would be unaffected by it but if then the House and Senate passed a certain Bill into law would at some pint in the next decade finally end up with bodycams from the lowest bidder) there is not a widespread use of cameras. In fact, only one quarter of State/Local departments use bodycams. To make matters worse, the way that departments decide to pick bodycams in not logical, backed up by actually data, or based upon whether a particular camera functions well in the field. Well, why does this matter? When departments do limited orders on something and equip their officers with it, the officers have to crash test the efficacy of the equipment. Feel free to trawl through the massive amounts of data on the internet where officers hash out the details on different pieces of tactical gear. What you may quickly notice is that all the bulletproof vests and handguns and magazines and belt loop attachment whatever-the-fucks have a lot of coverage on forums and the like, yet bodycams do not. Would you like to know why? Well, only 25% of departments have bodycams, the vast majority suffer from both physical and technical issues, they are too clunky or too light or have a clip that doesn’t hold them on well or the BIGGEST PROBLEM: firmware and software issues, companies refusing to warranty clearly defecting bodycams (this problem is rampant with DGLY!)
Ok, so I’ve told you that this mornig AT BEST pokes legislators with a stick to make something happen in Congress where only FEDERAL OFFICERS are required to wear bodycams, and I’ve told you that bodycams are unknown territory and often shit, but let’s talk about DGLY and AAXN specifically. I have provided a couple of links and some graphics in this post to make things easy for you, but for telling you how shit DGLY is I won’t bother, you can find it on the first page of Google results. Officers HATE their bodycam. It’s straight up garbage. AAXN does not get as much hate, but still suffers from the issue of not honouring warranties and being bulky. Listen, Police Departments nationwide are still in the early days of navigating the bodycam universe. Bodycams are still in early days. This shit ain’t even been around a decade.
Why so many words to read? Ok, Faggot, I make this simple for your wittle simpy brain: Go look up top bodycams of a recent year. Here is a website doing top bodycams of 2020: https://www.digitalcameraworld.com/buying-guides/best-body-camera Did you notice anything strange? Well, if you can believe it, neither DGLY nor AAXN have bodycams on the list. The list has a lot of cams from Boblov (Shenzhen Lvyouyou Technology Co. Ltd.) A chinese company?! must be garbage!! Not so, they have a lot of highly lauded cameras and optics in production and a proven track record. Ok, so why haven’t I heard of them?! Well retard, they are not traded on a US stock exchange. You are currently looking at a successful privately owned company, which is essentially the origin story for every highly rated bodycam on the market. To use Boblov as an example, this brand has been making hunting optics and golf range finders for ages. They have an endless supply of quality (cheap for them) camera and recording components, and they have the highest rated bodycams on the market!
Well okay, this sounds like the lead-in to a big gay orgy where we all drink the blood of some obscure animal we’ve never heard of, what’s the point?! Good question!! Obviously at this point I can’t save anyone who has read this far and said FUCK THIS SHIT I’LL BUY. But, I can still save the forever ‘tards that buy on impulse. I know you idiots are real excited by the concept of tomorrow being a big pump for DGLY…. Let’s explore the possibilities.
This stock is an absolute trainwreck and I honestly don’t know why it’s publicly traded, it must just be to make money for anyone that gets nepotized into the board of directors. Would you like to know what insider trading has happened recently? Well, on June 9th of this year, their CEO Stanton E Ross and their CFO Thomas J Heckman sold their insider stock:

Are you not convinced? Don’t worry, because I know you’re wondering what happened to this company’s stock back when the Ferguson Riots happened in 2014. Basically, there was a lot of rioting in 2014, the stonk price went up, Obama said something should happen, and on Sept. 21st, 2015, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that the department of justice had disbursed more than $23million in bodycam grants. In the year 2015 Donald Trump was calling for federal subsidies of bodycams, however he has more recently gone the other way on that particular topic. Interesting to note: the stock price of DGLY spiked when the rioting started in 2014… But look where it was when the bodycam subsidies were announced:

Are you perhaps beginning to see the correlation between investor opportunity and overvaluation? Why not look at the whole of the company’s performance? Can you see anything worth investing in?
Ok, now let’s talk about AAXN. Unlike DGLY, this company is not a one trick pony with shitty bodycams. In fact, this is the company that has the Taser on lock down! This company fucks and they have been doing quite well. Their bodycam is not well respected, but they crush on the Taser game no doubt. This is a major disparity between AAXN and DGLY, DGLY is just a shite company trying to make bodycams, AAXN is a proven company that turned the so-called “non-lethal” police game on its head.

What is the play here? Well, if I have somehow managed to talk the retard that don’t do any research out of YOLOing calls on these two companies that’s great! You have 2 plays here. Option 1: sit on your cash. Option 2: Buy stock in AAXN even though you clearly missed this pump:

But wait, I don’t understand option 2, aren’t AAXN at all time highs and the majority of their muh-muh-money comes from Tasers not body cams?! That’s right! You should buy their stock IN A FEW MONTHS WHEN IT’S NOT AT ATH YOU FUCKING MORON. Then, sit on it for a few years and see where you’re at.
I will personally not be bothering with either of these pieces of shit.

Position: Holding Cash

TLDR: DGLY and AAXN are already pumped, you missed the pump, this morning’s announcement is not going to make them moon fuckface.
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