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Poem about distinct psychological shifts I've experienced as the soul matures.


Steel thyself, this journey not for the mild
This is the story of the fire child
Revelation infinite here does hide
In rhyming word
Of a soul heard
Prepare thy wit
I kid ye not
No shit

~ 1
O’ silent spark of being
That point of spiritual origin
Nameless wonder
Conjuring thunder
Eclectic visionary soul
Kaleidoscope goal
Riotess spirit
Loving, living it
Feeling the presence
But cannot understand the form
Eternal single continuity
No gods, no spirits
What is this?
I’ll never know what you are
Always here, both near and far
Blindly leading
Constant feeling
My only company
Can I trust in me?
Sometimes guiding onto treacherous rocks
Impaling delicate life
Leading fool to tiger’s den
But trust I do, upto and until the end
What are you? My understanding screams
It yearns to see ecstatic extremes
A complex existence
Overflowing effervescence
Unchanging in the face of my appeals
This constant in my feels
This positive thing
A hope that sing
A constant note
A soul or something
It has no name
Always be the same
No label found
Unutterable sound
Call it what you will
There is nothing like it
Words fail
Chasing their tail
Eternal uncovering
Abates the smothering
Return to one’s source
Is your path, your course
Stripping words away
And just observe
The journey served
Right now, today.

~ 2
But alas, there is a sister story
The flickering inner fire
Casting shadows, causing doubts
Unrelenting, assaulting the glory
Born from assaults on innocence
Accretions of maleficence
Suffocating, unavigatable maze
Ego suppressing haze
Chaos of choice
Conditioning intuition
Preventing manifesting
Of actions voice
That choking force, tears apart
The darkening down
The Enigma of life, our crown
Pierces heart
Social divorce
Cleaving propinquity
Everything, anything
Hurting me
This is no god
No inner sun
It has no colour
Nothing, none
Poisoning the future
Filling functions of the mind
Past horrors animating
Attention empowering
To revile life
Anger manifest
Persecution test
Choice strife
Collecting keys
To escape
Complicating fate
Avoiding simplicity
Attracting confundity
Leaving the present
Enriching shadows
Refuting what follows
So circles begin
Around, around, and in
Ignorance shawl
To hell we crawl
Wears deep the path
Of the growing sociopath
Into depths of self, known
And through the suffering
Somehow the addled mind, grown
Damaged life commence
Infant, teen, adolescence
Abusers hiding common sense
Shielding the real empty defence
Tar covered self
Deprecated mental health
No solace from the abyss
What did eternal continuity miss?
Oh, the long journey
Through that dire anguish
Will one day break the languish
As dawn is a beacon for the free
The greatest nothing
Phantasm of invention
Keening the mind
Sparring while blind
Suffering through resistance
Wanting tomorrows
Estranged self
Defensive stance
Pressured from memories mirror
Doubt clawing action back
Stunned into silence
In this dark
Reality is
Others the same
Carry this mark
Coping alone
Lashing out
Distressed shout
The mire inside and out
Language mills about
Unable to reconcile
The mass of bile
By a world twisted
History, veiled misted
Cruelness and villainy
Within and outside of me
Pain and suffering
Everywhere to see
Psychic spears may pierce the heart
Derision, belittlement, torn apart

So what to do with me
A spell to move reality
Changing the outside
To cleanse inside
Lose the hidden rage
Open the darkest cage
Let the waters flow
Been so wrong
For so, so long
Time to let it go
And seeds of betterness
Now to sow
Learn the patterns
As they happen
And pull apart
The mind and heart
Embrace the furious inventive mind
Accept its ramblings
Of a different kind
Shame caused peace to rift
Wounds that only be a gift
Youth, uncouth
Unaware of the adult, hidden truth
Essence of primate
Escaping enslaved state
Other’s ideas captivate
Surrender to this Universe
Breaking the little curse
Shatter hypnotic trance
Spear your dragons
To the heart with lance
Seize the chance
Educate in silence
Absolve, confess
Engage less in toxic mess
Distance from the darkness
Choosing a harder, higher stress
There’s no shortcut
Time to buckle up
Time to focus
On each step
Not journey end
Small victories
Cut the histories
Create a space
Internal positive face
Momentary awareness
Forgetting all
So a moments less
Breaking connectivity
You must free
New to be
A simpler self
Unshackled layered life itself
Don’t need to train
To feel something simple
As rain
The goal
Bigger whole
Ego dissolve
Shadows resolve
Accept the criticize
Stop the fight
Let the mind run
For mental health
The usual stuff
Meditative fluff
But with a serious tone
Practice and hone
Or give up
And go home

~ 3
And the final gift
Understanding one’s life
Meaning born from strife
Nature itself unlocks final path
That you will craft
All your choices
Melt the many voices
Years fighting those terror
Was not an error
The cruel path
Give birth to a worthy repairer
Ever keening wrath
Ever present protector
Vigilant detector
Furious, curious
Seeking truth in the spurious
Lifting veils
Wind in the sails
By force if needs be
If all else fails
Abrogate, or Integrate
Make it holy, or desecrate
Do what you will
Reclaim Elate

~ 4
No simple answer
As to why this light lures
But restoration cures
Lost time returns
Patience, prudence
Profits unturned
The efforts within
Shine out
Peace exudes
That spirit shout
So, may your journey find the way
Of resolution in every way
May your dark times hold a seed of hope
That you find anything that helps you cope
And troubles become a power
That strengthen your tower
The fools that surround you
Become mirrors of guidance
Helping your understanding
Step over restricting fence
That denial becomes
The internal trial
That liberates
Energy obfuscate
This silent guide
No name
Why hide
It’s not real
But we feel
Reach with heart
Encapsulate it
Claim it
One with it
All we have
Is spectacularity from nothing
submitted by Neurojazz to occult

(Spoilers Extended) This chapter is so underrated

Rereading ASOS right now. Is amazing how GRRM wrote such high quality stuff, great chapter after great chapter, amazing. How he wrote all that in just two years escapes me.
I just read Arya IV, the chapter most of us would know as the Ghost of High Heart chapter, along with some BwB exposition. What we don't notice is, aside from the prophecy, it's a genuinely wholesome chapter, which is surprising since Arya's story has been so bleak and sad, and will be the same going forward.
For those of you who don't remember, here's a little summary: Arya and her captors search for Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr across the Riverlands. They ask around among the smallfolk, who openly welcome them and freely give them information. One person points them to High Heart and they go there. An old dwarf lady is who they find, and she says she'll trade her dreams for a song from Tom O' Sevens. He plays her the song she always asks for: Jenny's song. After some foreshadowing that definitely won't be important to the story in any way, they head to Acorn Hall, the small keep of Lady Smallwood. (Small side question, what's her relationship to Thoren Smallwood in the Night's Watch?) She gives Arya a bath and a gown embroidered with acorns. Arya thinks it's stupid, because she's Arya. Lady Smallwood makes some small talk with Arya, asks her what her hobbies are. She replies, "Needlework". Lady Smallwood rambles about how relaxing it can be, and Arya agrees. After that, dinner is served and they talk tidings. When they discuss the issue of Jaime Lannister being free, they tell Arya to go outside because this is sensitive information involving her family. Arya, being Arya, thinks they're being unfair. She sees Gendry in the yard and they go to check out the forge. As they're talking, Gendry teases Arya about the gown and she starts to but him. They wrestle and the gown gets torn. The adults come out to see what the commotion is. The next day, they depart, and Arya feels guilty about tearing the gown, and says sorry to Lady Smallwood in a nice, wholesome emotional moment.
As readers, we often reduce Arya's ASOS chapters to AFFC-style travelogue. As a fandom, we focus more on the prophecies of the Ghost of High Heart than everything else. Plot-wise, next to nothing happens here. Then why do I feel that this chapter is one of the best Arya chapters in the entire series?
I guess first time readers can be excused for finding it boring. But damn, GRRM is so good at character development. On reread, I realized that the last time Arya was this happy, truly happy, both Syrio and Ned were alive and well. That was AGOT, Arya II. As you can tell, that's a really long time ago.
Let's have a rundown of what her chapters were upto this point: She watched/heard her father die (that's where most stories decide that the characters have suffered enough and start the third act), then when she had a little hope, her new protector was killed. Then she's on the run traveling unknown territory with three other kids and survives. Then she gets a healthy dose of trauma at a random keep by the God's Eye and then gets mentally tortured in Harenhall to literally make her feel like a mouse, and that's what's happening to every single kid in there. She gets a breath of fresh air in the form of genie Jaqen. Once there's a regime change in Harenhall, it gets a little better, but Arya still longs for Winterfell: her home and her pack. So she escaped with her found pack, all to become a hostage again.
After this chapter, she witnessed a trial and a resurrection, gets kidnapped by the Hound, gets just meters from her family just before they're all fucking slaughtered, then her last protector gets himself killed(?) and that's when she decides to choose her career... in becoming a cold-blooded, emotionless assassin. She's emotionally manipulated there as well.
This is a twelve-year-old girl.
I find it extremely underrated that GRRM gives her some semblance of family and security before yanking it all off. It's all the more tragic that she actually feels guilty about being a brat to Lady Smallwood. She knows what she had now that she experienced what it was without it: family.
This is a criminally underrated chapter. I feel that we, as a fandom, should be dissecting the Ghost of High Heart's prophecy a little less, and appreciate these character development milestones a little more.
submitted by thatawesomegeek to asoiaf

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