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Warzone 2100: A Free And Open Source Real-Time Strategy Game

Steam Community: : Guide: : Modification list for Earth. If you search for "earth 2160 number crack", you will often see the word crack amongst the. Fundamentally, commercial lending of the sales versions of our games is not permitted.

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Free and legal download. It's an ox, looking at its feet and following a furrow, dragging a carriage full of features behind it. It's not our dreams made digital flesh. Import and export GIS data, and go back in time with historical imagery.

[Q] Mods'n'tools: : Earth 2160 General Discussions

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Earth 2140 is certainly a far from original game, being a very familiar real time strategy experience which takes its clear inspiration from Command & Conquer, Dune 2 and all the other such games which popped up around the same time. I had earth 2150 years ago and it left off with a hint of a new game earth 2160. Earth 2160 keygen site.

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They spent the next few years on the terra forming of the red planet, developing new technologies and. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Earth 2150; Developers; Reality Pump Studios: Publishers; TopWare Interactive: Original: Strategic Simulations Inc.

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Earth wide open in Peru: 60 families evacuated as giant. EARTH SDK Benchmark Tool Sliding Puzzle Game (Windows only) Making Of Video Cheats and Strategy Guide [German only] The Original Soundtrack of EARTH will be a treat for your ears! Be it Steam, Origin, Uplay, Xbox 360/One, Playstation 3/4/Vita, or Wii U/3DS, we will find every last free Game and DLC we can, and get it to you!

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GameRanger - Supported Games https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3036. Each of the three fractions ("Eurasian Dynasty. The style, substance, and storyline of Reality Pump's Earth 3D real-time strategy game series carry on in Earth 2160.

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A3: Another cause for this type of problem can be the installation itself. Here are the Earth 2160 System Requirements (Minimum). Everything is available for free.

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Relevant Info: 2020/32bits/RTS Script Version: 1.0 CE Version: 6.6 Release. Eg click on '1 star' to just display the reviews we have which received a 1 star rating click or 'Within the last month' to display just reviews posted. The activation code of GstarCAD is.

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Retro Game Cheats - Earth 2160 (PC). Earth 2160: The Moon Project +crack+keygen+serial+bedava. Included is a game upgrade CDR, a short game overview, a 148-page handbook, a holographic card and a small box with a blinking lamp.

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CPU: Pentium 4 or Athlon XP; CPU SPEED: 1.5 GHz; RAM: 512 MB; OS: Windows 2020/XP; VIDEO CARD: DirectX TM 8.1 compatible Video card with 128 MB RAM & Pixel Shader 1.2 (NVIDIA GeForce 3+ / ATI Radeon 9000+ ). This page contains a list of cheats, codes, Easter eggs, tips, and other secrets for Earth 2160 for PC. If you've discovered a cheat you'd like to. Download for PCs and laptops with Windows systems.

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From the lives of soldiers to the deaths of planets, you are the supreme galactic commander. We have another remarkable offer from GrabFreeGame for Earth 2160. Free Download Game PC Via MediaFire EnterUpload MegaUpload HotFile FileSonic FileServe RapidShare Indowebster Google, Download games gratis Melalui MediaFire EnterUpload MegaUpload HotFile FileSonic FileServe RapidShare Indowebster Google.

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Mount the EARTH MINI [HOST] CD-Image in DAEMON Tools or Alcohol %; Play the Game. Earth 2160 Windows game - Mod DB. The new version of Half-Life 2 MMod bring new set of features to the games, as well as performance and compatibility enhancements.

Earth 2160 Q&A - Story, Factions, and History

Where do the images come from? If you search a download site for Earth 2160 Keygen, this often means your download includes a keygen. Notebook and stand-alone PC)?

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Patch 1.3.8 file - Earth 2160 - Mod DB. Earth 2160 is the official sequel of the award winning EARTH series and continues the on going saga started in Earth 2140 and Earth 2150. Earth All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews Forum: Start a New Discussion Showing of active topics Mar.

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r/SpaceX GPS III SV03 (Columbus) Official Launch Discussion & Updates Thread

Welcome to the SpaceX GPS III SV03 (Columbus) Official Launch Discussion & Updates Thread!

Hello everybody, I am u/Marc020202, and it has been a while since I hosted the last thread!
Mission Overview
This mission launches the third GPS III satellite into orbit and is the second GPS launch for SpaceX. Although the GPS III SV01 launch aboard Falcon 9 expended the booster, this mission's booster will be recovered via ASDS landing. The destination orbit, however, is unchanged. SpaceX is also planning to launch at least 3 further GPS III missions. This mission is also the first non NASA or SpaceX internal mission this year. This mission is dedicated to colonel Tomas Flzarano.
Liftoff currently scheduled for June 30 20:10 UTC (4:10PM EDT local)
Weather 60% GO! (40% on backup day)
Static fire Completed June 25
Payload GPS III SV03
Payload mass 3680.9
Deployment orbit 1000 km x 20200 km x 55° (approximate)
Operational orbit 20200 km x 20200 km x 55° (semi-synchronous MEO)
Customer United States Space Force
Launch vehicle Falcon 9 v1.2 Block 5
Core B1060
Flights of this core None, new booster
Past flights of this fairing zero
Fairing catch attempt No
Launch site SLC-40, Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Landing JRTI: ~ 32.93528 N, 76.33306 W (633 km downrange)


Time Update
T+1:30:00 With the webcast ending with closing remark by the one and only John Insbrucker, I will end my live updates aswell. Everyone have a good morning, afternoon, evening or night!
T+1:29:20 Deployment of the GPS III SV 3 spacecraft
T+1:27:10 Aos south texas (maybe Brownsville?)
T+1:24:10 AOS Vandenberg
T+1:23:10 AOS Hawaii
T+1:15:00 S2 is on its way uphill
T+1:05:25 Annother 24 min coast phase until the deployment of the payload. The second stage will use that time to slowly spin up along its longiturional axis. The deployment must also wait until the GPS sat can be seen by two ground stations.
T+1:04:36 Nominal insertion orbit
T+1:04:17 SECO 2
T+1:03:30 SES 2
T+1:02:30 Insbrucker is back
T+30:00 The second stage is currently abouve the middle east
T+15:00 The current coastphase will last untill about t+1:03:28
T+8:25 S1 has landed, recovery opperators move to procedure 11.100 on DCS 9
T+8:30 Landing legs have deployed
T+8:25 norminal Insertion confirmed
T+8:16 SECO 1
T+8:08 landing burn start
T+8:03 Droneship AOS
T+7:56 Stage two FTS has saved
T+7:28 Stage two has entered terminal guidance
T+6:48 Entryburn shutdown
T+6:22 Entryburn startup
T+6:20 S1 FTS has saved
T+5:25 AOS new hampshire
T+5:10 Norminal Trajectory for S1 and S2
T+4:00 The Gridfins have deployed, AOS Bermuda
T+3:28 Fairing deploy
T+2:45 SES 1
T+2:39 Stage sep
T+2:37 MECO
T+1:18 Max Q
T+1:05 Mach 1
T+0:13 Vehicle is pitching downrange
T+0:00 Liftoff
T-0:30 GO for launch
T-1:00 F9 is in Startup
T-2:10 Stage 2 lox loading complete
T-2:40 Stage 1 lox loading complete
T-3:30 Strongback retract
T-6:00 Weather is go, looking at the upper level windshear
T-10:00 Everything is go for launch, Insbrucker is hosting!
T-10:00 Sorry for the Pause in updates, I had internet issues :(
T-15:00 Webcast Music !!!
T-35:00 Stage 1 fueling has begun
T-50:00 The Launch is now targeted for 20:10 UTC, delay due to upper level winds
T-60:00 Everything is go an hour before launch
T-2h At T-2hours, all is well and the team is procdeing nominally with the count
T-15h Falcon 9 Is vertical on the pad and features a grey band around the second stage to extend the stage life.
T-26h Thread goes live

Watch the launch live

Stream Courtesy
Official Webcast SpaceX
SpaceX website SpaceX
Stream rehost u/codav
Nasaspaceflight stream Nasaspaceflight


  • 1st flight for booster B1060
  • 2nd SpaceX GPS launch
  • 11th SpaceX launch of the year
  • 56th landing of a SpaceX booster
  • 88th launch of a Falcon 9
  • 96th SpaceX launch overall

🕑 Your local launch time

Primary Mission: Deployment of payload into the correct orbit

The mission will be similar to the GPS III SV1 mission back in 2018, however MECO will be about 13 seconds earlier to conserve fuel for the entry, decent and landing of B1060. Since the first stage engine burn will be shorter and the second stage burn is not, it is likely that the trajectory will be more shallow than during the GPS III SV1 mission. The transfer orbit might also be lower than last time. The coast phase will be slightly shorter than it was during the previous GPS mission, while the second burn of S2 will be longer. Both of these things could be because of the lower transfer orbit. Annother difference between todays mission and the last one, is that the payload deploys about 30 minutes earlier. The final transfer orbit, will likely be very similar to the one by the GPS III SV1 mission, an 1200km by 20200km transfer orbit with an inclination of 55°
The final destination orbit for the GPS satellites is a semi-synchronous medium earth orbit. This is a medium-altitude around the earth with a period of 12 hours (half a sideral day, 11:58h). The satellites are outfitted with an apogee propulsion system to circularise the orbit, which means unlike for GPS Block IIF, the final burn must not be performed by the upper stage of the launcher or a kick stage. This reduces the complexity of the mission, and shortens it by several hours, allowing the stage two to perform a deorbit burn, leading to a planned reentry over the South Atlantic. It also allows the satellite to carry a larger payload while launching on a smaller launcher. It does however also mean that nearly half the launch mass of the satellite is fuel for the orbit raising manouver. (3680.9 kg at launch, 2160.9 kg on orbit)

Secondary Mission: Landing Attempt

Unlike for the GPS SV1 mission, B1060 is outfitted with landing legs and grid fins, since it is planning to land on the ASDS JRTI about 634km downrange. The two fairing catchers are also in position and will try to recover the fairing from the surface of the ocean. There will be no catch attempt since the fairing catchers are not outfitted with the large catch nets.

🚀Official Resources

Please note that some links are placeholders until updates are provided.
Link Source
SpaceX website SpaceX
Launch Execution Forecasts 45th Weather Squadron
Stram Relay u/codav

🤝 Community Resources

Link Source
Watching a Launch SpaceX Wiki
Launch Viewing Guide for Cape Canaveral Ben Cooper
SpaceX Fleet Status SpaceXFleet.com
FCC Experimental STAs SpaceX wiki
Launch Maps Google Maps by u/Raul74Cz
Flight Club live Launch simulation by u/TheVehicleDestroyer
Flight Club simulation Launch simulation by u/TheVehicleDestroyer
SpaceX Stats Countdown and statistics
Discord SpaceX lobby u/SwGustav
Rocket Watch u/MarcysVonEylau
SpaceX Time Machine u/DUKE546

🎼 Media & music

Link Source
TSS Spotify u/testshotstarfish
SpaceX FM u/lru

Participate in the discussion!

  • First of all, launch threads are party threads! We understand everyone is excited, so we relax the rules in these venues. The most important thing is that everyone enjoy themselves
  • Please constrain the launch party to this thread alone. We will remove low effort comments elsewhere!
  • Real-time chat on our official Internet Relay Chat (IRC) #SpaceX on Snoonet
  • Please post small launch updates, discussions, and questions here, rather than as a separate post. Thanks!
  • Wanna talk about other SpaceX stuff in a more relaxed atmosphere? Head over to SpaceXLounge

submitted by marc020202 to spacex

MGR's Aurora Chronicles Chapter 7 - The Cory of the Matter

December 25, 2071: During the gravitational survey of 70 Ophuichii, a jump gate is detected. Seeing as how it’s not constructed by the Global Empire, Nina insists that another alien race constructed the jump gate, and it may lie beyond. Seeing as how jump gates are not a naturally occurring phenomenon, the rest of the Imperial Family is inclined to agree. The true question is what to do about the matter. So far, the only alien race encountered have been the Aenar, and they have demonstrated unremitting hostility, with the loss of 6 cruisers attesting to that fact. Seeing as how 70 Ophuichii is the site of a future GE colony, an investigation will have to be mounted.
March 26, 2072: After the salvage of Aenar wrecks are complete, the two remaining cruisers of Reaction Force Alpha and the salvage ships return home for repairs and refueling. Nina is ecstatic over the wealth of potential cultural and technological information to be gained.
April 21, 2072: The closest jump capable ship on hand, the gravitational survey vessel that detected the jump gate in the first place, is dispatched through the jump gate to see what lies beyond. After transiting and ending up in Wolf 629, the GCS Mulen does not detect a jump gate on the other side of the jump point. Speculation abounds as to how there would be only one side of a jump gate constructed. A jump gate cannot be destroyed once completed, as it would cause a rupture of the jump gate. The resulting effects could result in a supernova scale explosion, or the formation of a 2+ solar mass black hole. Both effects would be unpleasant. GCS Mulen is ordered to scan the entirety of Wolf 629 in an attempt to determine more about the system.
December 16, 2072: After 2 years of work scaling up the technology found in the Wichita Class Cruiser, Lena completes the designs for the South Carolina Class Battleship. The first of its kind, the 50,000 ton battleship is armed with both missiles and 20cm lasers. It’s designed to fight in a Combined Fleet, not independently, and is both missile and beam armed. The missiles were introduced to soften up long range opponents, and to provide fleet missile defence. Despite its large size, it incorporates larger and more powerful engines to maintain the required fleet speed to operate with Wichita Class Cruisers. All new to the battleship is an Electronic Countermeasure system to make it harder to engage the battleship, and a Flag Bridge from which Lena or another fleet commander can more easily manage an entire Combined Fleet.
South Carolina Class class Battleship 50,050 tons 1556 Crew 10485 BP TCS 1001 TH 5940 EM 2160 5934 km/s Armour 12-120 Shields 72-300 Sensors 1/1/0/0 Damage Control Rating 68 PPV 267.96 Maint Life 4.09 Years MSP 8284 AFR 417% IFR 5.8% 1YR 794 5YR 11914 Max Repair 495 MSP Intended Deployment Time: 8 months Spare Berths 1 Flag Bridge Magazine 2172 Battleship Main Drive Mk2 (6) Power 990 Fuel Use 27.92% Signature 990 Exp 11% Fuel Capacity 2,000,000 Litres Range 25.8 billion km (50 days at full power) Theta Shield Mk1 (18) Total Fuel Cost 288 Litres per hour (6,912 per day) Twin 10cm Turret Mk5 (4x2) Range 180,000km TS: 28000 km/s Power 6-6 RM 6 ROF 5 3 3 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 20cm Mk1 (6) Range 384,000km TS: 6250 km/s Power 10-5 RM 6 ROF 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 8 7 6 5 20cm Spinal Mk1 (1) Range 384,000km TS: 6250 km/s Power 16-6 RM 6 ROF 15 16 16 16 16 16 16 13 12 10 9 Fire Control Speed Mk4 (2) Max Range: 96,000 km TS: 25000 km/s 90 79 69 58 48 38 27 17 6 0 Fire Control Range Mk4 (2) Max Range: 384,000 km TS: 6250 km/s 97 95 92 90 87 84 82 79 77 74 Tokamak Mk1 (8) Total Power Output 64 Armour 0 Exp 5% AMM Launcher Mk1 (48) Missile Size 1 Rate of Fire 10 ASM Launcher Mk1 (48) Missile Size 3 Rate of Fire 30 MFC AMM Mk 1B (4) Range 11.8m km Resolution 1 MFC Mk1B (4) Range 117.6m km Resolution 100 Fumeer AMM Mk4 (672) Speed: 40,000 km/s End: 8m Range: 19.2m km WH: 1 Size: 1 TH: 386/232/116 Silak ASM Mk2 (500) Speed: 26,700 km/s End: 40.1m Range: 64.3m km WH: 6 Size: 3 TH: 213/128/64 AS Anti-Ship Mk5 (1) GPS 7000 Range 98.0m km Resolution 100 ECCM-2 (4) ECM 10 
March 3, 2073: The GSS Minneapolis is refitted to the Wichita Class. Lena’s dream for a Combined Fleet Alpha is starting to come to fruition.
November 5, 2073: The latest meeting of the Imperial Family is fraught with tension. While distracted with managing the ongoing Corundium Crunch, and an impending Galling Gallicite Grind, Tina’s attention to the fuel reserves slipped. Earth’s reserves have now run completely dry, and the existing fuel harvesters are too slow at producing fuel to keep up. The currently offline fuel refineries on Earth are being activated, and a new fuel harvester design is being worked on. It will have twice the fuel harvesting capacity as the first generation, and move faster.
September 9, 2074: While doing a geological survey of TZ Arietis-A III Moon 20, an Aenar installation is detected. When Nina requests once again a ground assault ship, Lena responds with “Oh yeah, totally working on that. Top priority.”
March 5, 2075: The 1st Cruiser and 2nd Destroyer divisions are fully refitted to the latest designs and brought up to full strength. Shipyard expansion for the South Carolina class is nearly complete.
December 26, 2075: After working non-stop on managing the situation, Tina manages to put all the pieces together and resolve the Fatal Fuel Flambeau. Exploration and fleet movements continue at their original pace.
July 17, 2076: To ensure that the FFF does not occur again in the future, Tina launches the first Harvester Mark 2’s, which begin harvesting gaseous Sorium from gas giants to turn into fuel.
January 10, 2078: While the Internal Confinement Fusion designs have not been fully implemented, the Magnetic Confinement Fusion Drive has been invented. The first fighters are being designed to take advantage of the new engine, as extreme speeds are now possible. Simultaneously, the first three South Carolina Class battleships are laid down, with some using prefabricated components to speed up completion time.
August 9, 2078: GSS South Carolina, the lead ship of her class, is completed in just 8 months, breaking all sorts of shipyard records. After a party held on board the shipyard complex, the ship is launched, with Fleet Admiral Lena herself guiding the ship from the all new Flag Bridge. Her request for a water jet bath tub was denied.
March 4, 2079: The other two South Carolina ships are launched, and the Langley Class Carrier is designed. Designed to work in Combined Fleet Alpha, it uses its 6 fighter squadrons of F-1 Star Mackerals to launch long range strikes and hit enemy ships with a wave of 180 missiles at once. The Star Mackerals can also be equipped with Fumeer anti missile missiles to assist with area defence, or to engage enemy fighters
Langley Class class Carrier 50,050 tons 838 Crew 7059 BP TCS 1001 TH 5940 EM 0 5934 km/s Armour 3-120 Shields 0-0 Sensors 1/1/0/0 Damage Control Rating 34 PPV 0 Maint Life 3.05 Years MSP 4997 AFR 589% IFR 8.2% 1YR 805 5YR 12070 Max Repair 495 MSP Intended Deployment Time: 8 months Flight Crew Berths 2 Hangar Deck Capacity 18000 tons Magazine 3420 Battleship Main Drive Mk2 (6) Power 990 Fuel Use 27.92% Signature 990 Exp 11% Fuel Capacity 3,000,000 Litres Range 38.6 billion km (75 days at full power) Fumeer AMM Mk4 (630) Speed: 40,000 km/s End: 8m Range: 19.2m km WH: 1 Size: 1 TH: 386/232/116 Silak ASM Mk2 (930) Speed: 26,700 km/s End: 40.1m Range: 64.3m km WH: 6 Size: 3 TH: 213/128/64 

F-1 Star Mackeral Class class Fighter 295 tons 4 Crew 82.6 BP TCS 5.9 TH 75 EM 0 12711 km/s Armour 1-3 Shields 0-0 Sensors 1/1/0/0 Damage Control Rating 0 PPV 2.4 Maint Life 0 Years MSP 0 AFR 59% IFR 0.8% 1YR 5 5YR 74 Max Repair 28 MSP Intended Deployment Time: 1 months Spare Berths 1 Magazine 16 Fighter Main Drive Mk1 (2) Power 37.5 Fuel Use 109.13% Signature 37.5 Exp 15% Fuel Capacity 5,000 Litres Range 2.8 billion km (61 hours at full power) ASM Box Mk1 (4) Missile Size 4 Hangar Reload 30 minutes MF Reload 5 hours MFC Mk1B (1) Range 117.6m km Resolution 100 Silak ASM Mk2 (4) Speed: 26,700 km/s End: 40.1m Range: 64.3m km WH: 6 Size: 3 TH: 213/128/64 
March 4, 2079: Never one to idle while her sisters are at work, Nina completes her work with GE Engineers and disassembles the last of the salvaged Aenar components. Of the reverse engineered tech, Magazine efficiency and safety tech are gained, more advanced ECM and ECCM systems, and advancements towards improving the sensor sensitivities of various GE sensor types.
September 22, 2079: A more advanced jump gate construction ship design is completed and ships complete refits. With a construction time of only 5 months instead of 6, jump gates may be constructed faster than ever before. In order to keep up with the accelerating expansion of the jump gate network, a newer class of Gravitational Survey Vessel is launched. Combining longer range with higher speed, it promises decreased survey times and more time spent in the field.
April 8, 2080: The Wolf 359 system is discovered, and it already contains the wreck of an unknown alien class. Gravitational survey vessels are dispatched to investigate the vessel, as remnants of glowing green cyborg components are spotted by long range sensors.
April 15, 2080: Despite the existence of glowing green conduits leaking some sort of odd gas into space, no living aliens are found in the Wolf 359 system. A gravitational survey is begun to see if they inhabit a nearby system.
May 20, 2080: The first 3 Langley Class Carriers are launched, which rounds out Combined Fleet Alpha at 3 carriers, 3 battleships, 8 cruisers, and 16 destroyers. Lena turns her attention to coordinating the usage of the GE’s first fighter construction factories with Tina’s planetary expertise.
October 21, 2080: The first squadron of fighters are launched on Earth and landed on the GSS Enterprise. With engines trailing confetti in addition to nuclear fire, they are quite the show.
September 2, 2082: GSS Enterprise gets her full loadout of 60 fighters, while the mineral exhaustion of Sol continues. Barnard’s Star is being increasingly tapped to make up the differential, but mines cannot be constructed fast enough.
October 25, 2083: An Alien Ruin is found on Wolf 359-A II, the first such type. Nina is ecstatic at finally learning more about another alien race, but disconcerted about the fact that they were wiped out by some cataclysmic event. All cargo ships are currently tied up transporting mines and minerals, but one will be made available in the near future to carry a full xenology team to the planet.
December 10, 2085: With the Corundium Crunch showing no sign of letting up, the colonization of 70 Ophiuchii A-II begins. The planet has all the Transnewtonian minerals available, making it a premium colonization spot. The atmosphere has been made habitable, making it a paradise like planet.
June 25, 2086: Aliens are discovered in HIP 80346. Nina immediately assumes the role of Global Empire Ambassador for the second time in her life, and hopes for a better result. Initial results are encouraging, as the aliens respond to hails, unlike the Aenar.
July 11, 2086: While the survey vessels are making a cautious survey of the HIP 80346 system, a population of 19 million is detected on the second planet. The aliens decide to celebrate this discovery with the Intergalactic Standard Greeting.
submitted by MajGenRelativity to aurora

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