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2600 the hacker quarterly magazine rapidshare. Books, defective by design. And, most importantly, you don't have to spend all that time selecting each and every issue from our store. The same n*ggas ain't around him.

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Magazine: The Hacker Quarterly - Spring eBook: Magazine, Magazine: [HOST]: Kindle Store. 2600 Magazine Volume 28, Number 1 Spring 2020. E-Books Library: March 2020 more help. The Hacker Quarterly - Volume 25, 1 (Spring 2020) [pdf] 2020-12-15 Girls Gone Wild Magazine - Spring 2020 PDF free download for PC [Girls Gone Wild Magazine - Spring 2020] 2020-12-12 Girls Gone Wild Magazine - Spring 2020 - No Links; 2020-08-07 E' Lifestyle - Spring 2020; 2020-07-12 Illustration Magazine Vol 6 #22 - Spring 2020.

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Cheat Codes Geek: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas List SE more information. The Hacker Quarterly is a quarterly American publication that specializes in publishing technical information on a variety of subjects including telephone switching systems, Internet protocols and services, as well as general news concerning the computer "underground" and libertarian issues. Larpenteur ave w saint paul, mn 55117 phone: (713) 550-9595 3525 sage management office under senior supt. Underground – Search Results – Search for Underground.

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Some University College London students and others, have been trying out their Web 2.0 skillz by producing a smartphone App and Location Based Services web map called Sukey, in support of the student / anarchist protests, which are nominally about the Conservative / Liberal Democrat coalition Government financial cutbacks, due to the appalling state of the economy, which was ruined by the. Lean: Web Servers for Embedded Systems. Magazine eq nav_07 trailer lego Japan park windows-xp firefly brad-hill lexus kia forum_link Panasonic battery xml-rss2 casio OS predictions dream genealogy untitled banman picasa alphabet continue casino-7 group-sex diet-pills ativan Podcast air-filter cps inspiration bk nj 2a camcorder productlogo Kansas nationalnews 51100 25000 55042 bird XP decisions seniors com_akocomment br_redirect. I Quit Sugar The Lunchbox Book; 2020-02-18 My Vietnam.

The results are in Reddit and as suspected, you would download a car given the chance.

Last week there was a survey put to Reddit, and thanks to qgyh2 for putting in the TLDR, there was a big response to the survey.
It was focusing on the Reddit community and it's downloading habits, focusing on torrents. For full transparency of the survey, because we like to think we're good people, here are the results for you to admire, comment, question and discuss.
Hit the bottom if you're lazy or short of time.
In a random (percentage) subset of the Reddit site we ended up with:
88.30% Males 11.70% Females
Estimated data shows this to be above average for the site, where males should be down around 65%.
Half of those who took the survey were aged between 19-24. Once again. comparision to other data suggests this is lower than the average age of a Reddit user which is about 30, maybe slightly above.
You don't think piracy is a big deal.
When asked on a scale of 1 to 6, the average came in at 2.43, This could suggest that while it could be a problem for others you think there are bigger issues, which is no surprise.
You are constantly downloading material.
On the 1 to 6 scale, you came out with a 4.45, or about 75% of the time that you are either awake or on the computer (left open to interpretation) you are downloading. That is a lot either way.
Three quarters of all of the downloaded content is copyrighted and illegal.
Well, 74% of it at least. While there is that portion of legal material, most of the time you're getting that stuff you wanted and damn the consequences.
About half of you pay for digital content.
Which was actually less than expected. This includes Steam, iTunes, Last.fm, Amazon e-books - any content materials that are digitally provided.
For the most part, you feel justified in doing it.
71% of you feel that is justified, about 10% of you are unsure and the rest know or believe that there is no suitable reasoning or justification for it. But probably still do it anyway.
You think the chances of being caught are few and far between.
NB: It is worth noting at this stage that about half the respondents were from the United States.
3% of you though there was a chance you would get caught, about 10% of though the could be a possibility of seeing any action, and the remaining 87% thought no way there was. Some of the reasoning of this was because the respondent did not reside in the USA.
Torrents are definitely the preffered method of downloading.
The most common programmes are µTorrent (Windows) and Transmission (Mac). To download material you guys are using torrents just under 80% of the time. A lot of you user Mediafire and Rapidshare if not using torrents.
A quarter of you use company time and facilities to spur you habit.
This was actually expected to be higher. Well done.
You/We/Sheeple think there definitely is a pack mentaility on the issue.
With 87% of supporting the concept. Talk about pack mentaility on the pack mentality concept.
Reddit believes (this type of) content cannot be regulated.
87% of respondents believed that, at the current time, it is not possible to regulate, controller or restrict content. The were many different reasons given as to why, and there were some great answers. Some of my favourites were:
  • As long as there has been content, there have been pirates. That's how we are. Pirating is a art.
  • I am not responsible for your failed business model.
  • Information wants to be free, man. ____________________________________
The majority of you will prirate to avoid DRM.
Again, no surpirses here. Just under 60% of you said this, but what was even better was the percentage of you who said you wouldn't even pirate heavy DRM content at 14.90% of you. This number is only expected to rise in the coming years, but not for the "correct" reasons that companies would like to believe.
Of all the illegal copyrighted content, about 40% of it is music.
This is followed by TV (29.79%) and films (19.15%). Games were the next one, followed by other software, other content and then with e-books coming last at only just over 1%.
You would like more services like Steam.
An overwhelming response to how to get you to stop was that Steam was setting the benchmark style for content distribution. While some people noted that nothing would stop them, others said they would change for the priving and less restrictive DRM. Another common response was stronger and more frequent legal action, but our goal is to find alternatives for that - and all signs point that this a mass scale isn't effective.
Reddit really feels that some content is way over priced.
93.62% of you believes that a huge cost attached to some products has driven users to piracy and stopped that content being resonably purchased.
Nearing 60% of you are subscribed to private trackers.
An 7.45% of you don't know what Demonoid is.
In the overall comments section, alot of people agree with the priciple that individuals and institutions (corporations) are both looking at different end points,and different paths. Some people said that torrents are legit - correct. But using them for illegal (copyright) content is not, that's where the problem is. Other people said that 'downloading'was happening even on web pages. While this is also true, once again, this is not illegal since there is no infringement being undertaken. Some of my favourite extra comments:
  • I would download a car.
  • I wish more people would seed.
  • Penis (there I said it).
  • I wish there was a way to pirate aeroplane tickets.
And, like we all really knew, you download. You download a lot actually. You would download that car, you want people to seed more and you would love a way to pirate aeroplane tickets given the chance.
TL;DR: As expected and known, we, the Reddit community, download. A lot. Now you can go back to your day in the satisfaction you're not alone.
submitted by AMV to reddit.com

A Guide to Getting Away With It

Dear Freshman Fucks, and the like.
As a senior destined to graduate shortly, I felt it pertinent to share some of the tips and tricks that I have learned over these years as a college student. I lived in the dorms for over 3 years, and learned a few things about not giving a fuck, and not getting in too much trouble.
where to get some
So, you wanna get your drink on do you? Unfortunately as this is a bit of a public forum, I can't straight up give away the liquor stores that don't card, and most of them do. BUT! If you get a decent enough fake, (research ISIC), then some places will just serve you. Some bars downtown will serve you if you seem like you belong. Afternoon hours, or before 7pm is your best bet to get a beer. But, remember, don't be some nervous asshole otherwise it will never work. Ask one of your European friends how is done in a country without arbitrary laws that only serve to cause more problems.
Of course, you can always ask an upperclassman, your brother, your bother's friend, or that asshole that charges you $5 bucks (me), to fetch you some shit. Mr. Boston Vodka is dirt cheap and gets you drunk like a skunk. Despite what Mythbusters might tell you, it actually does make a difference to pour it through a Brita filter, turning your bottom shelf vodka into midshelf. I recommend mixing it with those awesome Nantucket Nectars from The Max, gotta put those BoardBucks to some sort of use.
Off Campus parties is also a way to some shitty Natty Light or PBR, but avoid the Allston thing. Every party in Allston is a guaranteed shit show. If the police do show up, don't fucking freak out. They don't give a shit about you. Just put away your weed and walk out the front door. Alright bub?
Yes you can smoke in the dorms, you probably shouldn't, but you totally can. Use the room furthest away from the door. Make sure the front door is locked. Make a sploof (look it up). Towel the door. And don't smoke in the shower, the vent often connects to the hallway so you just end up stinking up your floor.
Always have a window open, cover the firearm with a baggy (but don't forget to take it off, that's a $100 fine if they catch you, and if they do catch you, it was for cigarettes).
Or, you can not wreck yourself and go outside to the Common like every other fuck does.
Also buying weed at Emerson is easier than fucking a gay guy. That is, everybody knows somebody or is somebody who sells. Are you some goddamn freshman? Find a Junior or Senior that somehow is willing to talk to you and they will know somebody who sells.
Prices are generally as follows:
  • 1 gram $20
  • 2 grams $40
  • 3.5 grams $60
  • Quarter $110
This is what you should be paying for Headies, the good shit. Middies should be cheaper. Other drugs are also available, but harder to find.
So your suckling down on a bong and you hear a knock at the door. Your blasting away 'Ghost N' Stuff' shouting that you love dustup and chugging Wild Turkey and the RA is at your door. What to do?
  1. don't fucking freak out
  3. keep them music going
  4. clean up your evidence, stash that bong, hide ALL evidence of acohol in drawers, fridges and cabinets. Shot glasses, beer cans, bottle caps, anything that they can use. Clear it all the fuck up.
  5. let them knock and knock and knock until it is all cleared away.
  6. If you were smoking weed in one room, close that door, and move to another room to hang out.
  7. then turn off the music
  8. let them knock again
  9. feign ignorance "oh sounds like someone is at the door"
here is what you should say
RA: Hello, yes. We heard a lot of noise coming from here and we need to ask you to turn it down.
YOU: of course.
RA: also, we heard some clinking of bottles. Would you mind if we took a look?
YOU: Go ahead.
They'll step inside, if nothing stands out, THEY WILL LEAVE! RA'S (mostly) hate busting kids, they don't think drinking is wrong, and they are just following orders like some other people we know. They're slaves to a fucked up system in trade of free housing. Remember, these are people who have surrendered some aspect of their morals for a cheeping living space, so when they can avoid acting upon their supposed evil intent, they will.
RA: Why is this door locked? Can we look inside?
YOU: That's not my room.
RA: Who lives here?
YOU: Bob does, he's not here.
RA: It smells a little weedy in here. Were you getting high?
RA: Are you sure?
YOU: Yes.
ALWAYS LIE! well, almost always. For weed, they need to find it before they can do anything. So even if your eyes are red, your blazed off your skull, unless they find some fucking evidence, they have nothing on you.
Lying is generally a good idea when faced with a illogical system. If you can fool them by not telling the truth, then do so. Sometimes you can appeal to their logic or reason, but this is rarely the case. Pretend you weren't doing anything wrong, even if you were, and even if they know you were, and most of the time, you'll get away with it.
Also, if you do get busted, fined and they force you to go to CHOICES, you can totally skip that shit. Or go anyway, it's kinda fun and you'll meet some new drinking buddies, like the kids who run it.
Next, I'll explain how to download a ton of music and movies and not get busted for P2P filesharing. Also where to fuck if you have roommate in your room.
So, this kinda only works if you have somebody who you've already fucked, or is cool fucking at an arranged location. This isn't the best for seducing someone. The solution is quite simple.
Common Rooms. Yes! Now, what you do is you simply take one of those door wedges with you, find an empty common room, wedge the door and have at it. Now if you find this not to enough privacy, the bathrooms inside the common rooms are often very large and clean.
Now if some loser is studying or playing mario kart in each common room, and nothing is available, there is always the Piano Row handicapped stall in the lobby. There is so much room for activities there, and since almost nobody ever uses those, it's often cleaner than your bed anyway. Besides, you get paper towels to wipe up any mess. If your on the down-low you can arrange to meet someone there and have a little secret knock. It was great fun pretending I needed to study and then go blow a load into this closet case and then get back with nobody being the wiser.
First of all, use your ethernet. Not because it's safer, but because Emerson's ethernet is wicked fast. For some reason the fastest seems to be in The Ansin building, but anywhere should really do.
Secondly, don't torrent. Torrents are what get students busted, and considering the new legislation colleges and universities are now legally required to assist the RIAA, MPAA and the such with busting kids. Besides the fact that everybody I know, myself included, who downloads a crazy amount of media also watches, listens and pays for a crazy amount of media, bla bla bla whatever.
What to do? Use FTP, USENET, or RAPIDSHARE/MEGAUPLOAD/FILESHARE type service. Yes, this will cost you some money. I pay about $10 a month, or a $100 a year to access a USENET server which allows me to download Breaking Bad the very fucking minute it is done airing.
How do you use Usenet? You have a mac, that's a given. So first things first (I eat your brains), download http://sabnzbd.org/ (also works for pc), this is downloader, it works straight from your browser. It's very easy to use and most of the instructions are on the website.
I use the Supernews servers since they are reliable and fast and allow unlimited amount of connections. Here is a link to a promo they have http://www.supernews.com/super-special/
To find files to download you can use binsearch.info or nzbmatrix.com (although that one requires a payment to get older files).
For the megaupload fileshares type deals, you pay for access to their servers and can find files on filestube.com
It's all about downloading, and not uploading. That's what they get you with. When you upload they can claim you have helped spread the file and can fine you for each exchange, that is what allows absurd million dollar fines and the like. Eventually these crusty old cunt judges will die off and copyright will be rewritten, but until then, be safe.
Requests for more or other information will be noticed.
submitted by STMYS to EmersonCollege

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