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Interactive Education Part 15

Ishae couldn’t believe it. Not only had the human utterly annihilated the previous test beyond comprehension, but it seemed to be shrugging off Class 2 injuries in favor of continued physical adversity. How was that even conceivable?
She shook her head, and her professionalism took over.
“Exploration of Human Capabilities, initiating second scenario.”
There were Klein jammed in the broadcasting room watching the live feed. Someone tapped the feed and wired it onto the planetary information stream.
The human’s breathing slowed, brought back under control. Standing peacefully, the only clothing being a sheet wrapped around its waist, he waited. The stone and rock environment faded away, replaced by an alien forest- strange trees bent over him, and the soil was of an odd consistency.
Ishae prompted him. “A creature will appear. Each time you capture it, it will grow faster and more capable. Begin.”
Connor looked around. A small creature that looked like a cross between a turtle and an echidna trundled out from behind a tree towards him.
He watched it as it approached. It began to snuffle around his feet- it tickled. Bending over, he picked it up by the shell and analyzed it.
“You’re a cute little guy, aren’t you?”
He set it down. It trundled off faster. The human walked up and picked it up again, then set it down. It began waddling.
“Miss Ishae, this thing is adorable. What is it called?” the human called out as it jogged after the creature, picking it up and setting it down again. It scurried away.
“That, Mister Connor, is called a woreloot. They are a burrowing creature rarely encountered, and are considered very dangerous due to their claws, which can cause...” She trailed off. The human had caught it again, and was rubbing his face against the woreloot’s underbelly.
“Who’s a good boy? You are!” He pulled away. “I hereby dub thee, Sir Worel!” The human lifted the flailing creature above his head. ”Let the game begin!”
The human set the woreloot down, and the creature took off at a run. The human didn’t move.
Ishae furrowed her brow. “Mister Connor, were my instructions unclear?”
“They were perfectly clear, Miss Ishae. I’m just giving the little fella a head start, to make things more interesting.” The human deemed that ‘Sir Worel’ had acquired enough of this head start, and took off at a jog.
The human caught it within ten seconds. The next took fifteen, then twenty.
Eventually, the human and woreloot were tearing across the landscape at blinding speeds. Ishae was enraptured. How could the human move so quickly? It only had two legs!
By the tenth capture, the woreloot had grown longer legs to outrun its predator, then lengthened its shell. The human still caught it. The woreloot developed a smaller turning radius, but the human still prevailed- claiming he had ‘juked’ it.
Ishae shook her head. The Klein had never been able to catch more than five iterations of the woreloot. Here, the human was pushing twelve.
He caught it twice more with reflexes and speed. After that, however, it seemed to be able to elude him.
“Mister Connor, how are you feeling? Do you wish to move on?”
The human turned to her, grinning ear to ear, covered in the moisture it seemed to excrete during exercise. “Sir Worel’s getting pretty quick, but I can still catch him- unless there’s a time limit. Is there a time limit?”
Ishae checked the time. “It would be prudent to move on. Are you suggesting that you would like to continue this exercise at a later date? I can copy the file thus far.”
He returned to the center of the room. “I would. It’s exhilarating.” He turned to the section of the forest which held the woreloot and waved. “Farewell, Sir Worel!”
Ishae shook her head. She had absolutely no idea what that was about. She scribbled in her notes, then selected the next test. The Autor who had left earlier returned with a very refined-looking Klein, who was updated by the others regarding the tests- he seemed impressed by the mega-evolved woreloot. No matter, onward.
“Exploration of Human Capabilities, initiating third scenario.”
The forest flicked out of existence and was replaced by an empty marble room and a gate, which the human now stood in front of.
“The third scenario is simple. Go through the gate as many times as you can, without injuring yourself.” Ishae stressed the last part.
The human looked around, turned, and walked through the gate. He walked through again, then again.
“Can you tell me what’s happening, Miss Ishae?” he asked as he stepped through it.
“A panel of resistance is slowly growing in thickness. It will eventually grow too thick to penetrate.”
He laughed. “I’m pretty good at doing that, we’ll see.”
It took several passes before the panel became opaque enough to see. Seven more and the human showed no signs of slowing. He pressed his hand against the panel, slowly ripping through it.
“We have a material on our planet like this called paper. We used to make books out of it.”
It grew thicker with each pass. The human started calling out analogous materials.
“Plaster.” Eleven more passes.
“Cheap plywood.” Nine passes.
“Adobe.” Six passes.
“Concrete.” Three passes.
“Brick.” One pass.
The human began kicking its way through, smashing through the material with its feet before passing the gate. He made one more pass, turned, and began kicking his way through the next level.
A minute passed. The human’s kicks grew stronger and faster. It began grunting with each kick.
“Mister Connor, need I remind you not to hurt yourself.” Ishae’s voice came over the com, soothing tones in stark contrast to the damage the human was preoccupied with inflicting.
“One moment, I almost have it.” The human gave it another thunderous kick, and the gate shook. “One more.”
The human stepped backwards several meters, focused on the gate, and ran- it wasn’t light and airy like when chasing the woreloot, but heavy and purposeful. It charged up to the gate and roared, leg shooting out like a piston, arms pulled back. The limb met the gate panel and punched through the material; the gate itself fell over backwards, slamming onto the ground.
Ishae’s eyes widened.
The human stood, huffing, then turned. “I, uh, didn’t mean to do that. Sorry.”
“I will count your last pass as successful, Mister Connor.” Ishae checked her notes. “That makes fifty-one successful passes of the gate. Congratulations.”
The human looked apologetic. “I honestly didn’t mean to break it, Miss Ishae. I apologize.”
Ishae laughed, covering her comm input. Nobody had ever considered that the gate itself could be broken. Composing herself, she checked how long they had before her class period ended- there was still plenty of time; she looked at the human.
He was red from exertion, breathing heavily, and covered in moisture. The red marks on his body glared at her, some seeping small amounts of red fluid. His green eyes seemed to be sunken slightly, the skin around them darker than the surrounding flesh. Ishae started; that was dehydration! She was killing him!
Her voice trembled. “That will be all for today, Mister Connor- thank you for your assistance. Please join me in the audience box.”
The human gave a tired smile. “With pleasure, Miss Ishae.” He walked off the platform and Ishae cut the hologram, then the live feed.
Ishae turned, looking at the Autors who still stood, gaping at what they had seen.
“Gentlemen, the human’s musk is very potent. I urge you to keep your nostrils closed when he comes through, especially if within a meter.”
The Klein clamped their nostrils shut. The refined-looking one spoke.
“Miss Ishae, when will the next testing period be?”
She gave him the details- he thanked her, then left. The Autors stood by, to either keep her safe or just get a closer look at the human; she wasn’t sure. The female Klein sat, eyes locked on the human as he came in. Ishae felt a hint of jealousy.
He came in, nodding to the Autors and female. His musk was far more powerful- probably from the exertion, it must have encouraged the excretion process. She could smell it from where she stood, even though he had just entered the room. Turning to Ishae, he grinned, then grabbed his clothes and entered the lavatories.
Ishae packed her bag, retrieving her learning pad. She looked over. One of the Autors was on the ground, heaving breath through a clentser; the other two were wide-eyed and frozen in place. The female’s eyes and frills fluttered wildly as she fiercely gripped the cushions she sat on.
Her eyes flickered open, dazed, focusing on Ishae. “May I-”
“Don’t even think about it.” She hefted her bag. “He’s mine.”
Connor exited the lavatories, wearing his normal clothes and carrying his makeshift active wear.
He looked at Ishae, facial features indicating exhaustion and happiness.
“What now, Miss Ishae?”
She took his hand. “Now we go for something to eat, Mister Connor. I need to take better care of you.”
Ishae led him from the room.
submitted by bellumaster to HFY

Final recital

This just a little something I wrote a while back. Let me know what you think:
Ive never had a Rolex rhymes come from the cortex and I store them in my index this rhyme scheme ain’t complex rhyming’s a reflex
simple rhymes for your simple minds I drink pints and hit yo side bitch from behind if I feel inclined, buy a diamond ring straight from a mine. Speed off, I just murdered the game and you an accomplice to the crime better help me stay clear of swine else we both gon be doing time wish I was laying on a beach sipping bud lime you know I’m in my prime look up to the sky, bow my head, and look for a sign. I try to stay by my lonely. mostly cause half this game phony. processed like bologna I don’t want that picture perfect image; adobe. Fuck the game I’ll stay the same it’s a shame. everyone sounds the same Imma camp on top the Eiffel take aim at my rivals Swear on 30 bibles study the game like I’m cramming for finals can’t understand half y’all, I need subtitles tell me how I’m an idol I don’t want that title one bullet left, this my final recital.
submitted by atjh0503 to lyrics

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