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DVDFab 21, 2k13.rar Download Pc https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3063. NBA 2K14 / Rosters / Mackubex Roster Update v8.0 (October 4 Update) - NBA 2K14 DOWNLOAD NBA 2K13 was a monstrous release for the world's #1 NBA video game franchise, with more than 38 Sports Game of the Year and Best Of mentions This is the final NBA roster update for the 2020-2020 NBA season. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Trying to create a new account doesn't help either because it says my CD Key is in use. NBA 2K18 My Career Tips: How to quickly ride the road and. Check to see whether this option is turned off in.

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NBA 2K13 Crack For PC Game is published by 2K Sports on 4 Oct 2020. My Player Mode - In my opinion, this is the whole reason to play 2K baseball games. Gears of War Keygen Serial to Play Online PC games Gears of War PC Starcraft 2 Crack Razor 1911 2020 torrent nba 2k13 rom download Pro serial hack Star Wars Battlefront is an action game played from either a first-person or Star Wars Battlefront Free CD KEY Generator Are you searching for a way to obtain a free. Petra says 5 years ago Ever sinced I played black top the game crashes. NBA 2K14 MyCareer Patch Details about Fixes, Accessories are now available & much more. Now, for the first time in. Entering its third season for NBA 2K14 and.

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Download free NBA 2K14 apk [v1.30] by click the button below of this page. My Career Run Plays Bug?: : NBA 2K13 General Discussions. Featuring new MyPLAYER upgrade and endorsement systems, our biggest cast of characters to date including NBA players, and so much more. So, I'm currently in my 3rd season and when i try to talk to GM for contract given up on my career in MLB2k games, no surprise NBA my career mode is broken too Same issue here and it's very frustrating, hope they give a patch soon! 0xc00007b nba 2k13, 2k14 fix in seconds - video dailymotion. Cheats; Achievements; Reviews.

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NOTE: you may lose items such as downloaded items (2K Share, patches, roster, shoes). This is a very bad bug I suppose. Does any one else have a problem with freezing in My check out here. NBA 2K13 Free Download With Crack 2020. NBA 2K12 Free Download for PC is a basketball video game developed by Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. Nba 2k13 coins cheat xbox says: August 24, 2020 at 10: 09 am I love buttons, but I just can't ever seem to get a handle on the best way to deal with them.

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This is beyond annoying. So, as you can see, 2k has become so greedy and focused on money and cares so little about their offline players that they have reduced what is a single-player game mode down to literally nothing, as in the mode does not even exist anymore. NBA 2K13 (Sony Playstation 3, 2020) Kaneko NBA 2K13 MyTEAM - The 3 Point Troll! A major NBA 2K18 patch has officially been released to address a harmful MyCareer mode glitch with the game for Xbox One users. Edit items 3) Rehash and Resign 4) Play basketball not [RELEASE] NBA_2K13 MY CAREER EDITOR - Operation Sports Forums. The future of sports career modes has arrived, allowing you to play the game the way you like.

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MyCareer - NBA2K.ORG: News, Rosters & Mods for NBA 2K Games pop over to this site. Hi guys, i played about 20 games in mycareer (PG in Cleveland) without problem, but now i have a key game with Bulls. NBA 2K13 Free Download For PC Full Version With Crack 2020. NBA 2K13 - PC Game Trainer Cheat PlayFix No-CD No-DVD. I'm playing through the playoffs hopefully I can start season 2 with a schedule. Easiest fix is to start a new mycareer altogether and make sure you choose a connected version and not an offline version.

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Nba 2k13 my career patch fix. NBA 2K17 - PC Game Trainer Cheat PlayFix No-CD No-DVD https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3060. General: 2 Answers: Why are there no injuries in NBA 2k13 mycareer? NBA 2k13 Serial Number Generator KeyGen NBA 2k13 is new basketball simulation from Visual Concepts and 2k Sports. Discover Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 2DS, Wii U and amiibo. That's what a support rep told me. So let me explain.

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This is mainly a badge planner at this time until we get the attributes from the game. Now i know the draw back to playing in offline mode anything do with vc won't work and i was cool with that plus fuck vc. I signed onto my original xbox live account today to play some 2K13 but Noticed I was not connected to xbox live. Click RUN, and thats all. CET: No Problem guys i just wanted to. MAFIA: DEFINITIVE EDITION.

My honest, piece-by-piece review of NBA 2K16 (offline features).

I bought this game on the 23rd or the 24th (nobody really pays attention to release dates here, games are for sale the moment the shipments arrive). So I've had about a week to dissect, analyze and evaluate the game, and I've decided to share my thoughts with you guys.
If you haven't bought this game yet, I hope this will be a good enough guide to help you make a decision. This isn't a post trying to convince people to buy or not buy the game, these are just my thoughts. Take them as you will.
I won't be including Online Play or MyTeam in this. I know that's a pretty big hole in a full breakdown, but seeing as I've never really played MyTeam before, and because I can count the amount of Online games I've played on one hand, I don't really feel qualified to review these sections. Anyway, let's get to it.
It's pretty clear they've reused quite a few of 2K15's overlays and whatnot. The in-game score display, timeout overlay and even that little box in the top-right that gives you player stats are the exact same. You know the one, right? The brownish-orange look that seems to be influenced by NBA 2K13's color scheme. This doesn't really bode well for the game, especially as the color conflicts the subtle purple in the Pause Menu and whatnot.
That being said, presentation is generally a hit in this game. The main menu is a far cry from 2K14's boring NES menu. It's a drop-down type style where all the game modes are on the left, and the transition from main menu to game mode is beautiful, featuring either the three cover athletes or MJ doing different animations. I do think there's a lot of wasted space in the main menu though, there was room for a lot more than the 2KTV display that covers about half the remaining space (and which still autoplays their mediocre 'reality TV show' unfortunately).
The rosters still use body shots. I prefer face photos personally, simply because we don't get those grainy animated pictures of players in their new teams after a season of play in any game mode. But that's just a matter of opinion.
Shaq, Ernie and Kenny are used in the Pre-Game Show, but also in the Half-Time and Post-Game shows. It's cool that they have such a big input on the game, but it's often hard to skip past them, so they occasionally become a hassle. As for their quality, they're pretty good. They've copied Inside the NBA on TNT in the sense that Shaq and Kenny will both comment on a team's performance, but it's a little formulaic the way they discuss one team each and don't crossover.
Arguably the best addition to presentation is the new player interviews they give mid-game, generally after the first quarter. I'm referring to those ones you see in real life, where commentators will mention a specific storyline, then it'll cut to recorded footage of a player up close discussing the matter. Those are pretty cool, right? Well they're in the game, and they're pulled off beautifully. Seamless transitions, gorgeous up-close graphics and good material (so far). Hats off to 2K.
I'm a little disappointed with the sound in this game. It's mostly technical, but I still don't find it good on the whole. The worst part about the game's sound is how damn quiet the dialogue is. In MyCareer, I had to turn up my TV volume six times the normal setting just to hear what they're saying, only to be blasted by the music/game noise when the cutscene ends. This applies to MyCareer and in-game cutscenes, including the shows and interviews.
Greg Anthony replaces Steve Kerr, and he does an okay job. Most of his lines don't sound realistic, but he's managed to record a ton of missing dialogue in a short amount of time, so there's nothing lost with Kerr gone. The biggest issue I have with him is that he sounds like he's reading or acting the lines rather than talking like a commentator. Martin Tyler in FIFA is the same, and generally I'm referring to how he sounds very different in-game compared what he sounds like when presenting an actual game. It's a little snap back to reality when the game uses one of those lines of his. From what I've played so far though, no super-Gatorade lines, so that's good I guess.
The voices for MyCareer are okay in terms of the voice actors, but I'll go in-depth in the MyCareer section, as it's more appropriate there. Crowds are more responsive though, and in MyCareer the college atmosphere feels much more different to an NBA game or even the high school games. I like the lack of commentary in the HS games. It's more authentic the way it's been replaced with cheerleaders, though they do get a little annoying. Best news for crowds is that there doesn't seem to be a delay when the crowd reacts to big events, like there was in 2K15.
From what I can tell so far, this game seems to be a downgrade in terms of player models. I know they scanned players' bodies and all that, but somehow they've messed up the face/body alignment, and the result is some players (Chris Paul) look like they have some belly fat while most seem to have heads that are too small for their bodies. The game between arms is also pretty badly animated, and the players just don't look realistic when you view them up close in the edit screen (the worst example of this is Eric Bledsoe, seriously, just see for yourself when you go to edit him). In-game, fortunately, it's not so noticeable.
The crowds are all very well animated. 2K does that well. However, the characters in MyCareer aren't animated as well as, say, Battlefield's story characters are. There's something left to be desired, especially with that annoying friend whose name I didn't catch. He just looks PS3-y.
Generally though, the graphics are good. The courts, lighting and whatnot are very well done, and player faces are generally fixed. The best news is that Deron Williams no longer looks like a distorted crackhead Mario, so that's good. In fact, he looks very good in-game. If you're looking for the biggest hits, it seems like LeBron, Harden and Griffin are all top-notch.
The only qualm with player faces I have is that some of them reflect light in a weird way. I can't remember the player, I think it was Brandon Knight, but I noticed this when editing attributes. LeBron's has a bit of that as well. Generally, the faces reflect light in a way that makes them look like they have blush on, or that beauty face enhancements on cameras these days. Turn that up to max when you next take a selfie, and you'll get what I mean.
I haven't played too much of this game mode yet (just got drafted), but I'm not super happy with the overall quality of the game mode. I'll get to the cons later though.
The high-school/college element is a great feature. It's much more immersive than that horrible 'Rookie Showcase' stuff they had in older titles. Something that I hope doesn't get glossed over is the way the level of competition drastically changes at every level. It's fun to watch your player go from dominating every high school game, to simply being a focal point in college, to what I presume is just a role player in the NBA. Kinda makes you appreciate every NBA player for the talent he has.
Another cool thing they implemented which they could've just as easily left out is that all the rookies are on their college teams. If you play as Louisville, for example, you'll get Montrezl Harrell on the team with you. They couldn't get the other players who aren't in the NBA, but that's understandable.
I haven't played enough to explore the story, but it seems pretty average so far.
Here's where the positives seem to stop for MyCareer. Because there are a few major issues with both the story and the design of the game mode that make me question its quality. To begin with, I'd recommend making a black MyPlayer. Simply because the game only has one storyline, and that is that you are a member of an African-American family in the Bronx. I don't know why nobody stopped to consider the other ethnic groups that play this game, because it makes literally no sense if your character is not African-American. Seriously. I tried playing the whole 'white guy in a black family' thing off as being adopted, but you have a black twin sister. I have no idea why they couldn't just make her a younger sister or something and leave the adoption angle open, but whatever.
There doesn't seem to be a single option for player choices aside from which college you attend. Compared to 2K14, which I think had one of the best MyCareer modes in the series, this really falls flat. Tiny spoilers here, but there's a moment where you've just finished your last college game, and this agent is pressing you to go pro while your dad tries to get you to stay in college for four years, and your whole family ends up concluding that it's your decision to make, and I coulda sworn 'let Freq decide' is a part of an actual line.
Well guess what? There's no decision. The game just progresses on to you declaring for the draft. There's no opportunity to go back to college, which makes that entire cutscene very redundant.
On top of that, the game is just so cringy at times. They've shot it like a documentary, so you get these little interviews by your in-game parents describing what a wonderful kid you are, and that's not even the worst of it. When in college, the commentators mention how you're a perfect child, who is a top athlete but still maintains a 4.0 GPA with honors and all that. Like, come on. Really? MyPlayer is literally living the life apparently. But no, even then that's not the worst of it.
The most cringe-worthy moment in the game is your NBA introductory press conference. I won't spoil it too much, but highlights include your sister stealing the show and your mom sharing pregnancy stories. Yes. I'm serious.
And I thought the whole Frequency Vibrations thing was just an example of how unique your character can be, but no. Every single player is locked to that name. At that point, I don't know why they couldn't have just made a more generic nickname up, like Magic for Earvin Johnson. It's a pretty bad name.
Still, maybe it's just me. Many probably won't be affected that much by those issues, because the gameplay in MyCareer seems pretty decent (more on that later). But the gameplay isn't really what MyCareer is about. It's about the immersion. And the story, dialogue and plot choices really combine to make sure there's barely any immersion at all, which is pretty sad if you ask me.
Mind you, I haven't played much of this game mode. I might revisit it and find that it's the GOAT story in videogames, who knows. But these are just early opinions forming.
Simulated Immersion
If you're like me, this plays a big role in 2K. I love it when MyLeague has incredibly realistic stats, and probably spend more time editing players to achieve that realism than I do playing the game. If that applies to you, this section will be more appealing than it would to a casual gamer.
Stats for simulated games are up and down. There have been some major positive moves towards fixing some of the issues in older games, but also some pretty major negative ones that replace the old issues.
To test this out, I simmed a season in MyLeague with the current roster, then deleted the file, created a new one, and simmed again to eliminate potential outliers. This is what I've found.
To begin with, they've fixed rebounding and blocking averages. I used to hate seeing the league leader for blocks average under 2 a game, and seeing prime Anthony Davis get like 1.8 max. Now, the blocking is much more realistic. Davis got 2.7-2.9 BPG, and Gobert and Jordan weren't far behind. They've also fixed rebounding, in that you don't need someone to have 99s in all rebounding stats to average double digits. 99s generally mean the player will average ~15 a game, so that scale is good.
However, the only reason I added this section is because of how bad the assists are. I hadn't thought about adding a section that is so niche-focused, but I think this will apply to most players.
If you play MyLeague, nerf the assist stats on almost everyone.
It's ridiculous. Marc Gasol averaged 6 a game. Westbrook averaged 11. LeBron and Durant averaged 9. Even Melo averaged 7. They've added this new tendency, Pass to Open Man, that I think causes all this, because in previous games assists were always below normal levels.
The worst part personally is that despite getting like 5 people averaging double digit assists for the season, Chris Paul's numbers are still broken. I've been playing since 2K12, and every year his assists are off. 2K12 he had ~6, 2K13 he had ~7, and in '14 and '15 he had around 7-9. I thought with all these crazy assist totals, the league leader in assists would have his numbers fixed, but ironically it is not so, even though his passing stats/tendencies are the highest in the game. Dammit, 2K.
I'll keep this short and sweet, but MyLeague is a terrific franchise mode. The relocation/redesign mechanic is perfectly-executed, which is especially surprising considering this is the first year we've seen anything like this on next-gen. Good work, 2K. Other new highlights include a much more streamlined navigation system, 3-way trades, target/draft priority lists, and the ability to scout other teams for intel on who they're targeting, their level of rebuild/contention, and more. Great work, 2K.
The rest won't fit, so check the comments section. The Gameplay and Concluding Remarks sections will be there.
submitted by Umbricon to NBA2k

r/NBA2K 2K19 Wishlist Thread 7 (will be sent to 2K)

The NBA2K team wants YOUR feedback to help make improvements. Your last wishlist has been sent over. Here is a fresh thread.
  • Click here to see an archive of wishlist(s) we have already sent over.
    Please don't submit repeat feedback. I personally do these wishlists and read through almost every comment so please respect my time by reading over past wishlists as well as your fellow user's comments to make sure you aren't being repetitive.
    If something you commented last time didn't make it into the final list, that's fine if you want to comment it again.
  • Only insightful and appropriate feedback is forwarded. Please use decent formatting, makes it MUCH easier for me when I sort through everything.
Disclaimer: Many of the following are quotes from users.
MyCAREEThe Neighborhood
  • Ability to import draft classes at the end of each yeabeginning of each season
  • I think it would be cool if we could have a little bit of control over our player's reactions and whatnot on the court. Maybe have some moments where you could choose to trash talk an opponent, and also have moments where you could get techs for yelling at the refs.
  • Ability to see the color of the shoes in the closet (pre-game), also applies to custom shoes
  • Ability to enable real-time roster updates rather than having to start over a career to get the latest rosters. This could be for an offline-only save if that's an issue.
  • Ability to see haircut/beard before getting it
  • Ability to skip all interviews in MyCareer.
  • Ability to change accessories colors.
  • Add permanent boosts and tiers to accessories in MyCareer like MLB The Show for single player only. They could be bronze, silver, gold and platinum and give +2, +4, + 6 and + 8 to certain attributes depending on their rarity. This could improve and complement our build weaknesses.
  • On MyCareer We should have the same level of customization that we have on MyLeague. At least for offline and solo players this could be an excellent and replayable mode. Competing against legends, playing in expansion or classic teams, the possibilities are endless.
  • We need to be able to get the same wingspan that some NBA players have. For example Kawhi Leonard or Anthony Davis have enormous wingspans, but in MyCareer our players are limited to 4 extra inches.
  • If archetypes were to return we need the ability to unlock some extra badges out of our build's pool. For example, Shot creators getting catch and shoot or posterizer; slashers getting difficult shots, rim protector getting relentless finisher... Maybe limit this kind of extra badges to 3 badges that we must select from a predefined group (Defending, Shooting, Slashing, Post Scoring, Rebounding, Playmaking could be the groups. Every bonus group consisting of 3 related badges).
  • My Career contract incentives should be based on players archetypes. No use for sharpshooters to get a bonus for participating on the all star dunk contest or slashers getting 3 point contest incentives.
  • I liked when it was money instead of VC. gave you a sense of your superstardom seeing those max contracts. Earning a few hundred vc a game doesn't feel realistic.
  • Endorsement payments should be doubled and paid every three in game days.
  • Allow a friend (online or same system) to join your NBA game as Shammy/Justice/whoever the other half of the duo is. Have them play the same minutes as the MyPlayer to help with badge progression and to integrate co-op mode into MyCareer.
  • I'd like to see cribs return. I remember in the mid 2000 NBA 2Ks we could play air hockey and hook up the cribs in other ways. Would be a great addition to my neighborhood.
  • Cut down the myCareer out of game time ex. the walking in and out of locker rooms
  • Buildings in the Neighborhood that you can’t interact with are a waste of space and take more walking time.
  • Make clothes and wearable items transferable to multiple myCareer players.
The Playground (AKA Park)
  • Get rid of VIP Got Next completely. Lots of us have gotten kicked from decent streaks because some wonderful person 96 overall and above thought it was funny to do so.
  • 3v3, 4v4, and full court matchmaking!
  • Go back to a Rep system that is based of games won and played/how you performed in them rather than this OVR bs. I hate seeing all these 90s that are in reality a Brown Shirt 1
  • Walk on needs a selection menu and always try to make it 5 v 5
  • I understand this game mode is meant to be more arcade like, but please make cards more realistic; don’t give everyone 90+ threes, especially guys who only made 3 for their career. To expand, this reduces the uniqueness of cards, and therefore the skill level of players.
  • Increase the amount of moments cards.
  • Schedule mode needs to be revamped. It’s a step in the right direction, but it isn’t rewarding enough. I think updating these challenges to reward diamond shoes and contracts, along with increasing the mt rewards is necessary to make this game mode worth the time. Additionally I think beating the challenges should reward players with at least a ruby card. These cards would perhaps be updated over the 2k19 to an amethyst rating. Another suggestion is adding moment packs as rewards for longer games.
  • Base set cards need to be more realistic. They need to reflect player strengths; free throw ratings should actually reflect the players capability.
  • There needs to be an increase in the prevalence of dynamic duos, and the effects of the duo must be greater. In 2k18, dynamic duos are effectively non existent, and have relatively little affect. This can be attributed to inflated player ratings.
  • Weekly Challenges should award more. I think as well as the players you get every 5 weeks, you should get a weekly challenge pack, that has small chances of awarding diamond shoes, contracts and moments players.
  • Moments challenges should be more prevalent. The historic ones especially. I think that in addition to the mt it should award a weaker version of the player that can be used in another challenge to receive a pack with a relatively large ~15% chance of pulling the stronger card. Similar to the Kobe challenges.
  • Cards should be updated around the all star break/January to add badges and hot zones.
  • Pack odds must be improved. Toppers should award the second highest rarity. A pity timer on packs would be nice; your chances of pulling high-rarity cards should increase until one is pulled. Limited release cards would be the exception.
  • Increase the amount of auction house filters.
  • Make coach proficiency have an effect in game
  • Have the ability to select multiple items in a collection instead of waiting to have 20 and send entire stack.
  • Select amount of contracts to apply instead of 1 by 1.
  • Search for players with certain badges in the auction house.
  • Add masks, goggles and mouthguards for use in MyCareer and MyLeague.
  • Create a way for any 2 players to become a dynamic duo. Say you draft a rookie or get a new player, they will be able to get dynamic duo with another player based on some criteria.
  • Cash considerations in trades
  • Add another alternate uni
  • More slots to add more logos to the unis
  • Alternate courts
  • Interest meter on trades instead of them going through automatically without notice
  • Expansion/draft classes available for NBA Today
  • All my players average the same amount of points. 15-19 PPG. Even LeBron, Harden, and Cousins numbers drop the year you start the myleague.
  • Head coaches should have the option to be an assistant if they have no offers as a head coach
  • Players that should be in the Hall of Fame don’t make it. It’s wild. Westbrook never gets his number retired by OKC, among others.
  • Add a method of training that increases shot tendencies, or something that allows for changing tendencies at all. There are too many times when a randomly generated draft pick has a 3 point shot he won't use because his tendencies are 0 or close to 0. This makes a lot of the best players in the draft pretty useless or not as good as stars you see in the NBA in real life.
  • Add a rough estimate of Peak start(maybe leave out peak end) into the Draft Scouting menus. This is a realistic opinion scouts form on players they watch and it should be implemented.
  • Too many weird looking people in the draft. There needs to be improvement on the algorithms used to generate players. 80% of white players look absolutely ridiculous, with stupid hairstyles, no eyebrows, or bad facial hair.
  • Fix the system regarding player morale. Players will get scared that they will be traded, when you actually never did anything at all. Players will complain and drop several overall points if you give them 29 minutes instead of 30. Starters will drop several overall points if you drop their minutes below 30. Bench riders with 74-76 overall will complain when you don't give them atleast 18 minutes a game.
  • Trade values for the Center position are off. You can pretty much get a top 5 center in the league every time by trading your first round pick away.
  • Contracts: The 2 billion a year glitch needs to be fixed, and the entire contract system is too inflated. Within 10 years every single 80+ rated player is asking for 25-50mil a year. There is no way to set a reasonable hard cap for this amount as the max is 215m.
  • The MyGM level needs to be removed. There should be a new chain of upgrading every time you start a MyGM save. From level 1, not 50 or 100. I hate that when I played one save for 15 years and I start another one my level was already exorbitantly high and therefore my upgrades would make the game too easy.
  • Press Conferences happen way too often and there are probably less than 10 total cutscenes in the game for the press conferences.
  • Roles: The 3 different scoring options is nice but what about primary ball handler and secondary ball handler as well? When more than 2 of my guys has play initiator enabled I'd like to be able to choose who is mainly running the ball down the court.
  • Rotations: Please have auto rotations disabled and don't let my coach change the lineup because he thinks he knows what he's doing. Make it easier to adjust advanced rotations without completely restarting, and don't reset my lineups without telling me in a notification.
  • G-League advanced and per36 stats.
  • There are also WAY too many international superstars. In fact, they seem to appear more than american players.
  • More home crowd reactions after a referee call they disagree with. Along with this, coaches should also react more and sometimes even get ejected or T'd up for their reactions.
  • Less focus on timing for layups and shots, higher reflection on player attributes.
  • More "physicality" in the paint
  • Deterministic animations with high responsiveness. I play this game, not the CPU.
  • Make the Defense more interactive almost in the direction live has gone with making it some sort of mini game, it makes defense fun. A lockdown defender should feel like a lockdown defender, not just get bump steals off my leg and chase down blocks on blow bys.
  • Add more dialogue lines to Kevin Harlan and the commentary crew. It gets repetitive after a short time.
  • Fix the bug where the commentary is always one unit behind when they talk about my stats. For example I got my 8th rebound and they always say I got my 7th and so on.
  • 2K's cousin, Rockstar, has developed a social network called the social club where creations are uploaded and discovered by users on all systems. 2k needs this, I shouldn't have to upload the same images every year to 2k servers.
  • 2k needs to copy the WWE 2k creation options for players. This would allow us to create photo realistic players like Charles Barkley and draft classes.
  • Get rid of the snatch back dribble animation that pushes a defender off you if you were riding his hip defensively. It’s creates an insane amount of space that you can’t stop even if you see it coming. The manual snatch back animations are good enough and can be defended if expected.
  • Blow by animations need a rework; I understand where they wanted to go with this, making strength more of a factor on offense, which is cool and pretty realistic. But the implementation isn’t good enough for a competitive setting, and it’s too exploitable, making it nearly impossible to stop sometimes, especially when paired with the horrible snatch back animation.
  • Better crowd. They sit and do nothing if you hit a big shot. Also, crowd noise in the Orlando Summer League? Why is that a thing? It's an empty gym basically...
  • Ability to import custom music to arena (just like in 2k13)
  • Ability to control arena sound effects using imported music
  • Get Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, Rasheed Wallace, Antawn Jamison and Gilbert Arenas in the game.
  • Add the celebrity all star teams
  • Female coaches in MyLeague/MyGM
  • If they make an All-Time team again, please separate the Seattle Supersonic and OKC into two different teams.
All-Star Team-Up
  • Switching Defensive Assignments, I think it could only help team chemistry to have this. You or a teammate is having issues guarding their man so: Press Start to pull up the users menu, scroll down to your teammate and click their name, click on switch defensive assignment
  • Team Vote Kick: When a teammate reaches D+ grade their teammates are giving the option to give them a kick vote. Each user player on the team has to give that player a vote for them to receive 1 Team vote Kick. 3 Team votes in a row results in that player being removed from the game.
  • Taking Control of CPU Player: Once someone quits or is removed from the game the rest of the users on that team can now take control of them by simply passing to them, and then when they pass it back to their original guy they have control of them again as well.
  • The Team should automatically win once everyone from the opposite team quits/is removed from a game.
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