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Crack nba 2k13 tattoos patch

NBA 2K19 Cheats, Codes, Cheat Codes, Walkthrough, Guide
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NBA 2K14 High Quality Custom Tattoos For MyCAREER

NBA 2K16 Introduces New Tattoo Customization for MyPlayer

Most Realistic Tattoos in the World. Nba 2k13 my career offline. Nba 2k13 patch roster pcc https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3078.

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Cracked nba 2k13 Euroleague Patch Ps3 Download

Does anyone know any mods for tattoo sleeves for NBA 2k15 for my player? Tattoo mod for pc? NBA 2k15: NBA2k. NBA 2k14 2k has done an spectacular job in improving the "My Player" game mode each year. Pba 2k13 for nba 2k13 free full download. Have you anything to FC Barcelona in the area northwest of young Michael Jordan opposes Lebron will be the.

Serial code nBA 2K20 Shake Milton Updated Tattoos converted from NBA

NBA 2K19 - How To Scan Your Face [PC] NBA 2K19 - System Requirements; NBA 2K19: What is VC and how does it work? How do you figure out players cyberface id's? Nba 2k13 My Staff Cheats. Bulls CF Pack & Enhanced Tattoos - NBA 2K13. NBA 2K14 Mackubex Roster XX [2020-20 NBA Season] Mackubex Roster XX [2020-20 NBA Season] V8 Features [August 2020] Roster Changes.

Free nBA 2K19: All you need to know

NBA 2K13 is rated 3.8 out of 5 by 24. Rated 2 out of 5 by Gramma68 from Wii needs new sports games A gift for my grandsons, it was the most recent game I could find for basketball. How about two smiling pictures and one regular picture -3-point celebrations. This is the big retro update that I know a lot of gamers still playing NBA 2K13 and NBA 2K14 have been eagerly awaiting, and it looks to be well worth it. The key features of URB V78 are as follows: Updated Elite Roster by adding 6 new teams; Added NEW 2020 & Elite. Nba 2k13 graphics mod vs Nba 2k13 mods full sleeves tattoos tribal. While you won't be controlling any of them directly, working together with your team is paramount in.

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NBA 2k13 Articles @HoopsVilla

From this point you can alt tab out, change Tattoo Style numbers in the trainer then alt tab back in to see the different tattoos. NBA 2K19: LeBron James' Player Model and Rating Revealed. How To Install Mods (NBA 2K17/18/19). Where NBA 2K12 revelled in historical NBA teams with the NBA's Greatest mode offering legends aplenty, NBA 2K13 scales it back, with some vintage teams available for quick play games, alongside the 1992 Dream Team and 2020 Team USA. Nba 2k13 tattoos patch.

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NBA 2K13 Summer League 2020 Mod v6

Dust off your fadeaway jumper, You have permission to edit this article. For NBA 2K13 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "tattoos". NBA 2K14 was named the best-selling next-generation sports title of 2020. NBA 2K21 Patch 1.03 Released; Combined Patch on PC. NBA 2K14: Meds' 2020–18 Season Roster for PC. September 28, 2020.

NBA 2K13 My Player Tattoos - Operation Sports Forums

Nba 2k13 Hairstyes, Tattoos, accesories video. The game features a number of new improvements and features from the previous entry NBA 2K13. C: \Program Files\2K Sports\NBA 2K13 If you have another version of NBA 2K13 you should right click your desktop shortcut, click properties, and then click "Open File Location" to find your installation. For example, a focal point of crime use all played Derrick Rose. FIFA FIFA 21 FIFA 20 FIFA 19 FIFA 18 FIFA 17 FIFA.

Just got NBA 2K15 for PS4 from the Amazon promotion. Have a few questions...

Haven't owned a 2k game since 2k13 on ps3. I need help.
  1. How come i can't add a headband to a created player or an already existing player?
  2. Why can't I add tattoos to a created player?
  3. What's the difference between my league and association? There's no association mode in this game.
submitted by rebzeeslover to NBA2k

r/NBA2K 2K20 Wishlist Thread 3 (will be sent to 2K)

The NBA 2K team wants YOUR feedback for NBA 2K20. Your last wishlist thread has been sent over. Here is a fresh thread.
  • Click here to see an archive of Wishlists we have already sent over.
    Please don't submit repeat feedback. I personally read through this so please respect my time by reading over the archive to make sure you aren't being repetitive.
    If something you commented last time was not selected to be forwarded, you can comment it again.
  • Only insightful and well-formatted feedback is forwarded. Number of upvotes is also considered. This is not a place for low-effort and low-quality feedback, those will not be sent. Users with ban history are not eligible to submit feedback.
  • Specify which category your feedback falls under (listed below). If a category is not specified, I will NOT send it.
  • This thread is a 2K20 Wishlist and is NOT the place to report 2K19 bugs. Please do that in our latest 2K19 Feedback Thread.
  • When this thread is closed, items that were actually forwarded will be listed within this post.

MyCAREER — Player Creation (Builds/Archetypes)

  • Make upgrading our MyPlayers fair for everyone. Some people cannot afford to pay for the game and on top of that, put in another $50 to actually have fun playing the game mode. Bring back Skill Points. Skill points AND VC. Give us Skill Points to upgrade our player ONLY. But give us VC like you usually do to buy our items and accessories and stuff. That way, you still get microtransactions but it will be more organized so we can do what we want to do. Separate the two. Using VC for upgrading, buying accessories as well as to upgrade in OTHER modes like MyGM just completely wears us thin on how to spend it. Example: 1 skill point can upgrade a slot in the attribute columns. Each game, whether it be park or career gives us 1, 2, 3 or 4 skill points depending on the difficulty level. It gives us a mild grind while being able to have fun and even better, everyone has a fair chance to play and level up at the same time. This pecking order of 85s on launch day and brown shirt 60s has to stop. Especially when a lot of us like to create multiple builds, as we can't possibly put VC into ALL of them.
  • What if we could pick any historic player to model our player after and the grind to 99 would mean you could get all the same exact badges and attributes that the historic player had? I wouldn’t mind the grind so much if I knew at the end what my player would finish as. As far as the physical measurements, there would be a range that you could work within based on the historic player you chose. For example, if you chose Magic Johnson the tallest you could go would be 6’10” (Ben Simmons like) or the shortest would be 6’7” and attributes would adjust either up or down. Same with Shaq. Tallest you could go would be 7’2” and max weight 325. But lowest you could go would be 6’11” and lightest weight 290.
  • Bring back body type selection (ripped, average, etc) - Remodel some of the NBA players hairstyles for use on MyPlayers. I know it’s not possible to just port them over but I can promise that most of the community would be extremely pleased if it was only the players who received updates in 19 that had their hairstyles recreated and added. (D’Lo, Conley, Covington etc)
  • Make it so every attribute cap upgrade doesn't take forever to unlock. Every 10 games, whether it be park or career should be an attribute cap upgrade. The road to 99 style is an unnecessary grind. I know you want to show love to the community that way, but not at the cost of everyone else who DOESN'T want to chuck up 25 threes a game to have fun and level up. If you have multiple tutorial vids on YT telling you how to rep up fast, then something must be wrong.
  • Certain archetypes before upgrading, such as athletic point guards should not be moving as slow as centers. Give us the ability to max out one or 2 attributes. Like for a ball handling PG, maybe we'd max out our ball handling and speed. Kyrie came into the league with killer handles and speed. Russ and Fox came into the league faster than almost anyone. We shouldn't have to buy VC to be able to do these things.
  • Bring back the Free Throw attribute. It makes absolutely no sense to me why we have to consistently grind the free throw badge. If I'm a player that can shoot consistently, I should be able to come into the league with at least a decent 80 or 85 free throw rating. It's a pain going into the gym to consistently hit & miss free throws just to grind to a silver badge and even then, I'm bricking more than I should.
  • The body types need to look better. The past 2k18 and 19 have good body types. But 2k17 and 16's body types looked horrible. I'm not too worried, but I'm just saying this to ensure we don't digress back to those slouched shoulder looking body types.
  • Tattoos should have a faded look to them. They still look too new and stamped on.


  • Have an option like this years MyGM to be drafted to a new expansion team to be the future face of the franchise. This would allow our player to be drafted without it affecting anyone else’s draft position. Therefore not impacting roster changes based on where we get drafted. In this we would be able to either choose a pre made team/uniform or create our own.
  • Make the entire playcalling suite (Freelance, Series, etc) and coaching adjustments available to all positions.
  • Remove the cutscenes. NBA Live builds it's narrative through social media. Tweets, debate shows, reaction videos, etc. Incorporate that. An example would be having Chris Smoove react to a highlight done by the MyPlayer or having Shakedown2012 react to a crossover or a dunk done by the Myplayer. It saves time while also being effective in seeing your player make some noise in the league. If you want to include Myplayer's friends and family, you can do that, but again, make it totally social media based. The cutscenes add nothing and to be frank, haven't been done well at all, despite the effort to make a compelling story. Just keep it simple.
  • Make our career more realistic. Give us the option to play either overseas, like Luka Doncic/Mudiay or play college ball and improve our draft stock like that, again, under whatever narrative you have in mind, as long as we don't go undrafted again.
  • Bring back rookie difficulty. Some of us just want to play casually without the stress that the higher difficulties include.
  • Give us some freedom in MyCareer. Everything feels locked behind a specific overall. Give us the ability to change jerseys right away. We shouldn't need to be a specific overall to do this. It should just be a matter of having fun.
  • The gym workouts don't add anything to the mode. If I lift weights, that should increase my weight and my strength. If I run sprints or treadmill, that should increase my speed and stamina. I propose you remove the athletic attributes and have our players workout in the gym. So for example, if we make a 6'3 pure slashing PG, our base speed should be 85 to 90. But our max speed can be upgraded to 99 by doing those sprints. Every 3 sprints is a +1. Same with strength, quickness, all those athletic attributes. It's more creative and a healthy grind to keep the player interested rather than just dumping VC.
  • Give us the option to simulate playoff games just like we can simulate regular season games. I don't know why we can't, it's not like we get VC out of simulating it.
  • Give us the Summer League. That way when we play those games, we can decide where we will be placed in the lineup, depending on the team and the place we were picked in the draft. If we go 1st place with an 85 overall it makes no sense to be coming off the bench, especially when the guy in front of us is more role player than we are.
  • Give our players the ability to change defensive settings when we can access the on-court coach badge. It's not enough to only have access to the playbook. I want to control the defensive assignments as well to fully optimize our chances of victory.

MyCAREER — Playground AKA Park

  • Shoving needs to be removed from the game. You can't just shove people 3 meters completely out of the play.
  • Ability to switch matchups like how you can in pro-am. Use the d-pad to make trades such as left is the 1, up is the 2, and right is the 3. If I'm the 1 and press up then it sends a matchup trade request and if they press 1 they accept it. Press down on the d-pad to reject the trade with a menu option to block trade requests to avoid griefing. As it stands now there are times where defensive matchups need to be changed like if you have a lockdown that needs to check ball or you have 2 bigs, but it puts the more traditional big on a shooter and your team's stretch on their big etc.

MyCAREER — Pro-Am and Jordan Rec Center

  • Grieving system needs to be implemented to remove players who try to intentionally throw games. (Five 5 second violations should be an automatic boot, maybe fewer)
  • Teammate Grade system should encourage passing and playing team ball. Things like kicking out after an offensive rebound or switching and getting a good contest should be worth way more.
  • Display average teammate grade rather than PPG in the Walk On menu.
  • Bring back home and away accessory/shoe options for Pro Am.
  • 6 Minute Quarters. Half of a real game. 2kLeague runs 6 minutes as well.
  • My Players should not be allow in these PVP modes. Like every other multiplayer (lets take Overwatch for instance) There should be multiple predefined characters at each position, that each person can select from. Since Im using Overwatch, if I want to go healer I can either use Mercy or Zenyatta both with their strengths and weaknesses. In 2K, once matchmaking qoes up and before the match starts we pick our position and pick the skillset. Let's say I go PG. I can pick the Playmaker or Shot Creator for example. This way the Meta is easier to control, and skills with the character really do matter. Also you don't have to build up different players if you want to play another position.

MyCAREER — Neighborhood (including Clothes/Open-World/Events)

  • I hate that everything we do needs to be a cutscene. "Hi, how are you, welcome to our store, bye!" I get what you're trying to do, but we don't want to sit for those extra seconds just to get one or two things done. Not in MyCareer anyway. Just give me MyCourt with the regular 2K store menu.
  • Bring back the LeBron Soldier 1s. This is just a small thing, but those were my favorite LeBron's to wear and they were taken out.
  • Is it impossible to include the Li-Ning sneaker brand? You guys had them in 2K15 but took them out the game after. I'd like for my player to wear the Way of Wades in honor of Wade.


  • More rewards for offline players
  • Make the AH easier to unlock, some offline players don’t have PS+/Xbox Gold and aren’t able to play online to unlock it


  • Allow for one more uniform slot so users can create a “City” edition jersey for expansion/relocation franchises.

Overall Gameplay

  • Please increase shot success in the post. As a post scorer nothing pains me more than combining a bunch of post moves together just to miss the wide open layup that I worked for.
  • Contextual Passing based on passing attributes. Good passers should queue the best possible animation for the pass. No more chest passes directly into the defender or bounce passes at a defenders feet.
  • Contextual off-ball avoidance. Players should not run in place against another body. Other games have players slide out of the way or spin off if they’re going to run into their teammate.
  • Adjust the takeover systems affect on ratings. Certain attributes shouldn’t change hot or cold. A player isn’t going to slow down or forget how to dribble because they missed a couple and they’re not going to speed up because they made a few shots either.
  • Poor ballhandlers should lose more stamina when handling the rock for long periods of time to cut down on the screen dancing meta. Bigs should be painfully easy to rip if they’re dribbling carelessly.
  • Factor in the shooters pocket for shot contests. If a defender is near chest to chest with his matchup the shooter is never going to be able to form a clean enough pocket to get a good look off even if they are the bigger man.
  • Revive floaters, they’re not an easy shot but you’re rarely going to make one if it’s not green
  • Last Gen shooting philosophy. Every green shouldn’t be a guaranteed make but you should be able to green your release every time if you know it, don’t give into the complaints that will come from this. No one is shooting 100% people need to learn to accept that
  • Add a NO REACHING coaching adjustment to stop AI from swiping in bad situations
  • Please make it harder for players to move from right to left with the ball. Right now sharps can go right to left smoothly over 10 times consecutively with loss of stamina or ball control. This operates as a better crossover option than the actual dribble moves that are equipped to players based on rating. As a defender you slip as you switch directions making it harder to guard this unlimited dribble move. Please make players pivot to switch directions and use stamina. This will lead to players with 65 dribble actually losing the ball for over dribbling.
  • Fix the defense. From 2k18 to 2k19, the defense has gone from one extreme to the other. From virtually none to overpowered. Set it so mismatches can be exploited. It makes no sense for one of my players who cannot shoot, to be smothered. I should not see Isaiah Thomas putting the clamps on my 6'9 pure slasher and picking up my dribble. That should be an easy blowby. I shouldn't be getting forced away from the basket by him. Only the legitimate defenders in the league have that right.


  • Here's a comprehensive list with comparison images of some graphics suggestions on player models including head size, lower body proportion issues/short legs, neck length, eyes, and jerseys.
  • CAP: Let us edit player's wingspan, shoulder width, and body length again
  • CAP: Let us add/remove headbands again
  • CAP: Add the Nike tennis headbands as an accessory
  • When selecting jerseys there needs to be a PREVIOUS button. Players shouldn’t have to cycle through if they pass by the jersey they want to wear.
  • Created players should be able to add tattoos. I don't know if there's a specific reason as to why that hasn't been added yet.
  • Add an All-Star Weekend mode. Allow us to pick our contestants and play in the skills challenge, dunk contest and 3 point contest and obviously the All-Star games. The reason why 2K always seems to die out so quickly is that there aren't any new modes to keep us interested. You continue to update the same ones, which is fine, but it doesn't add anything to keep us coming back to it.
  • A lot of people (including myself) miss the long removed game mode "Create A Legend". This was a huge game mode back on 2K12 & 2K13. It was basically MyCareer except as an current active NBA player. We would love to have this underrated forgotten gem brought back in 2K20.
  • Bring back the challenges. 2K11 had the Jordan challenges. Do that for some of the NBA legends or current players greatest playoff/finals moments. Like recreating The Cavs 3-1 come back in 2016. Jordan's 6 threes against Drexler. Isiah Thomas' career game with an ankle injury against the Lakers. Moments like those. Give us alternative things to do. Not everyone plays MyGM or MyCareer. A lot of people only like playing Park now but that's because we don't have enough modes to occupy our time.
  • Why are our clothes so stiff on our MyPlayer? NBA Live always has slick movement of their clothes. Is there a specific reason why the 2k clothes can't replicate this look? The shorts we wear look rock solid. Give them the same movement we see in the career games. I like that you added the short shorts when wearing the classic jerseys. The only problem is that they look rock solid. Again, give them some looser movement.
submitted by yyy2k to NBA2k

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