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EVERYDAY BOOK BOX 3 Everyday Book Box 3 Red (C'wealth Edition) Lower Primary. You can upload any file type from pictures and videos to software and documents. Eat food to get extra points but avoid the black bird. Bird-like game graphics re-skinning (30 images)", a typical post reads. Sign in account for APKPure Android App Store https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3207. FREE THE KEY - Play Free The Key on Poki https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3213. Resets in: Blue Wolves 12, 575.

Playing Flappy Bird With AI. Flappy Bird, an iconic yet

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Native Applications A Complete Guide - 2020 Edition

FL Studio allows users to overlay multiple audio tracks, apply mixing and reverb effects, and make use of a wide variety of plugins. Wild Owl Bird Family Survival - Apps on Google Play. Listen to I'm Like A Bird by Nelly Furtado, 2, 043, 508 Shazams. Flight Sim Labs is currently focusing on several different flight simulation products, such as – highly realistic aircraft add-ons, with the addition of the SSTSim development team, whose flagship. Coco's Escape Flying Bird Games Flappy Adventure Free App. Meet other birders from around the world, post and view photographs of birds in the wild, and read and discuss reviews on equipment. Like Mixcraft, FL Studio packs a whole recording studio into a single piece of software.

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Update, she vandalized my service dog and cat's graves.

I guess I finally posted the other week to start a serious set of steps to dealing with this woman. She didn't let me down. Last post: https://www.reddit.com/JUSTNOMIL/comments/jn342n/mil_steals_my_plants_for_an_unwanted_new_flowe?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share
So I went and checked on the house one more time after voting the week of my last disaster. All was well. We (SO) and I came home from the city to check on house and work on some vehicles this past weekend. JNMIL came back. She stomped down all my flower beds and stole back "her" plants. JNMIL does not believe in gifts. She has taken back so many things she's bought for SO and tried to steal shitty gifts back from me while I was moving out. Whatever crazy bitch, take your plants and stomp on mine like a child.
I got a bad feeling and went out back where my graves for my service dog and beloved cat are buried. There are headstones as big as me we chose so that I and the other pets can come lay/sit on the stones overlooking the stream and waterfall in the backyard. I've planted many flowers back there including some SO got me after my girls died that I was able to transition. She stole them. What she didn't steal she stomped down.
I am pretty tough but I have severe PTSD and I loved and needed these girls so bad, they have been through the unimaginable with me. I totally broke down and SO did too seeing me that way. I always have taken my pets to my parents to bury so I know where they are and that they'll always have a beautiful view and a sunset. I felt so strongly about keeping Bird and Scruff near me and made this a beautiful shrine and spot to reflect.
SO immediately confronted JNMIL and she admits it then goes on to make it about her and how hard her life is and is a big predictable piece of shit. Within hours JNMIL is sending shit to JNBIL stirring up her flying monkeys and attacking SO and I. We made another police report. It is going to happen, I will get a restraining order and then things will blow up and there will probably be ugly shit. I don't care anymore, I am ready to face whatever to get this nightmare removed from my life.
I need you to understand this is not okay and what I am talking about when I say you are crossing boundaries that I have asked up not to. I am assuming you took the plantings out of this area this is where the dogs and cats grave.
MiL: Yes I took them SO because I paid for them and as I said I worked hard to put them in. I want to close this chapter between you and me. I understand you do not want me to be involved in anything you're doing at the farm with the house or the cattle or whatever SO I'm just trying to get through today. With everything that's been happening lately I've got one foot in that black hole. I know it's hard for anybody to understand and I'm not looking for pity by any means. I'm sorry I disturbed the places where the pets are. Obviously that was not my intention but I would have still wanted them back regardless. I feel like I have to walk an eggshells when I talk to you and your father about anything for fear of the conversation escalating into a situation where nothing is settled, agreed upon, nothing. Maybe I'm not making myself well understood. I had nothing but good intentions when I did the plantings. Your dad and I wanted the place to look so nice when you came home because we knew you didn't have time to do the work yourself. But that's okay it won't happen again. I'm sure that there are other things that can be planted where the pets are. I would offer flower bulbs that would come up in the spring but I'm afraid in doing so I would be stepping on someone's toes. Between you and your sister I feel today like I'm a prisoner in my own home and that I can't even drive down to her house (SIL) to see the girls or or drive over to the farm for fear that OP is there. I just no longer have the energy to deal with someone who can be so hateful and cruel. You can call it what you may, nasty words in a fit of anger, but I have never ever been spoken to that way in my whole life. Not once but twice and I swear I will never give her a third chance to do so again. I am not I am on not angry with you by any means. You're a grown man now and I'm very proud of what you have accomplished. I just have to accept the fact that she is in your life and I don't mean that in a bad way. It is what it is. I should be outside doing some things but I can't even get myself out of bed or stop the tears. I know I need to get a grip but it's just becoming so hard for me to do so. I want you and your dad to be safe and hopefully your efforts will pay off and getting a lot of bales of hay.
SO:You are so selfish. You make everything about yourself. You took flowers of hers that she planted that I bought her. This is beyond not okay. This is possible police report at this point. You vandalized and stole from a grave.
MiL:That makes two of his SO. There are no words that either your father or I can say to you in this situation that will make it better for everybody.Someday when you and I can sit down and have a decent discussion by ourselves perhaps I could truly express to you how I feel, what I want for you, obviously nothing but the best. But deep in my heart I know right now you may have the best job, a nice farm to come home too, but that's as far as I'm going to go. I'd like to talk to you briefly about your job and where you're going for your training and what you expect from it. I did (coworker) ever go to the same thing you're going to? Just wondering. Well I got to go outside and stain some boards even though it's not warm enough. We're trying to get this bedroom done and I know it will look beautiful when it is. Both your dad and I have had to go to Lowe's and Home Depot twice to get the tongue and groove boards and once we get them home notice that some of them have flaws in them that we don't want so we have to go back. It's a pain in the ass. Try to have a good relaxing weekend at home. Your dad said you're not making hay. Take care love Mom
SO: I love you to the end of the world. But this stuff is hurting me its not making anythng better or wanting me to jump for joy. Its hurt full causes stress makes me feel like I have nothing of my own all my independence gone. People stepping on me. Truly stuff like this either makes me want to fight back harder or throw my hands up and say piss off you all can have it if you all are going to just keep taking it from me. Please understand you are only 1 piece of this puzzle. I am tired very tired of playing this game
Delusional psycho cunt. That is all.
submitted by Ladydiesel11 to JUSTNOMIL

[Let’s Build] d100 Magic themes to flavour spells cosmetically

(93/100) TCoE has a part about personalizing spells and also has a d10 magic theme table. These don’t effect mechanics, just for cosmetic reasons like a farmer origined spell caster can cast Magic Missile that look like chickens floating. Google “magic theme table tasha” for a better understanding. Lets build a d100 table for these kinds of magic themes:

d100 Magic Themes (93/100)

  1. Various kinds of snakes and serpent patterns accompanied by a hissing sound.
  2. Skulls, skeletons, gravestones, gargoyles and ravens with dark gray and violet colors accompanied by a scent of decay.
  3. Faces of personas from all ages, races, genders and backgrounds with a fading scream sound.
  4. Axes, logs, carved wood, dry leaves or charcoal and ash accompanied by the scent of freshly cut wood or smoke.
  5. Bees... everywhere. Stings, honey, beeswax, honeycomb with yellow and black colors accompanied by a sweet sweet smell.
  6. Duck themed: spells with sounds are always quacks and all spells look a bit duck shaped. ArcaneSpellbook
  7. For a bard’s interpretation: hard rock laser show. ArcaneSpellbook
  8. A chaotic messy theme with lots of clashing colors and harsh sounds. ArcaneSpellbook
  9. Symbiotic oozes of various colours and forms appears and turns into desired spells of yours.
  10. Bubbles. The bubbles can assemble to create things, things disappear in a myriad of bubbles, circle around your target for non-damage spells, popping bubbles for AOE. IkaTheFox
  11. Around a single monochromatic animal. Choose a colour and an animal. Using your magic makes tiny versions of that animal appearing around you, gather around your target, or assemble to create new things. Everything dispels by bursting into these little monochromatic animals. They can even make soft sounds or chimes when moving. IkaTheFox
  12. Thin smoke and fog that does not obscure vision. Typically in the form of spirals, waves, balls or vaguely straight lines. IkaTheFox
  13. Negative. The spells just make the world behind them look like it's negative. SevenHassall
  14. Candy land. Everything is sticky sweet. Ropes of licorice. Cotton Candy fog. Syrup goo on the floor. Fireballs flavored with cinnamon (atomic fireballs). Everything is candy. Willy Wonka style. PutridMeatPuppet
  15. Offerings: Scattered across your body are offerings to different spirits of the land. With a short phrase, you toss an offering into the air, where a small spirit manifests and catches it. It glows brightly as it consumes the offering, then dashes to the spell target to create the effect. The spirit itself may let out an excited yelp. CoolNerdStuff
  16. Glass spheres. Every spell starts as a glass sphere being palmed, juggled, thrown, rolled or shattered. wyverndarkblood
  17. Orbital Crystals: All magic is cast from crystals that float near you. Spells cast look a lot like a bullet hell game. You can even flavor the projectiles to be crystal themed. Random_Jojo
  18. Blades. From daggers to greatswords, falchions to scimitars, bastardswords to fruit knives accompanied by metallic slashing sounds.
  19. Traveler. Horses, carts, horseshoes, bags, boots and anything related to traveling with the noise of a cart and the excitement of traveling.
  20. Blood. Bloody shapes ranging from shades of red accompanied by the sharp scent of iron.
  21. A hammer and an anvil forging, iron and lava colors with the sound of the hammer.
  22. Fireworks. Everything whistles and fizzles, ending in a shower of colorful sparks. bardicly-inclined
  23. Holographic spell screen that is scrolled to pick a spell and makes a notification sound when a spell is casted.
  24. Spellslinger smoking pipe: puff smoke for illusions, conjuration, divinations Deep breath for fire spells as the herbs embers. Ghepip
  25. Fisherman that uses a fishing rod as his quarterstaff/spell focus, everything is either mist, fog, water, waves. Conjuration could be sea creatures. Ghepip
  26. Farmer where everything is what his favorite pet/animal was associated with. Ghepip
  27. Bard, but he is more into poems and not music. So his magic manifests as the sentences of his poems Healing spells would be the literal sentences of love letters that sew together the slashing wound or surround bludgeon/piercing wounds. Ghepip
  28. Shadow sorcerer, where the source of the magic isn't you, but the nearest shadow. The bigger spell the bigger shadow. The shadows could temporary warp away and become the spell, and then return shortly after. Ghepip
  29. Breathing practices and controlling the blood flow by that, various inhaling and exhaling techniques accompanied by a bunch of yoga moves.
  30. You have a sketchbook and bunch of colorful pencils, you draw the effect of the spell you want to cast and becomes real as you draw.
  31. Climate, weather, earth, flora and fauna of a the caster's honetown inspires the appearence of the spells.
  32. One certain color related to caster's appearence dominates the spells.
  33. Your spells effect the minds of others, anything you cast has no external visual effect but mentally effect the target.
  34. Mandala’s that radiate/grow in size and complexity as the spells are cast at higher levels (Magic Missle May form multiple small Mandala’s along the arm or palm that launches like a tiny Artillery shot; Come of Cold could make a Mandala that sprouts from the palm and rotates as it expands and trust from blue to white- once white it projects the cold; Mage Hand could form a Mandala at the caster’s wrist and turn their whole hand purple, the way they move that hand controls the Mage Hand’s movements). FlynnXa
  35. Fungal Growths/Spores that emanate the desired effect (Acid Bolt conjures a Acidic Mushroom that gets slingshotted at the target by pulling and releasing its stalk; Witch Bolt conjures Staticly Charger Mushrooms on the Targets Limbs that shock them each turn). FlynnXa
  36. Book Casting so that you could just throw the book at them, read the words from the page which become the projectiles to hit, maybe the words lift from the page and onto a person’s body to enhance or heal them. FlynnXa
  37. Food so that cauldrons of sips pour spells down overhead, or flaming cookies are flung like disks, and a bread sword gets conjured up to slay a foe. FlynnXa
  38. Mirrors could be used to shoot spells from their surface, conjure forth entities by using heir reflections, act as shields/barriers, and dispel other spells or more. FlynnXa
  39. Fabrics could me used to literally weave the spell into its desired form, or to shape enchantments, cursed scarves or knitted bandages that magically heal. FlynnXa
  40. Paint could be hastily splattered on a spare piece of parchment in the image of the spell and then burned or presented to cast the spell its resembles. FlynnXa
  41. Mathematical equations written in the air, numbers, symbols, calculations unique to each spell accompanied by a constant chalk on the blackboard sound.
  42. Volume equates to damage - If a magic missile hits and does 2 damage, it makes an almost silent fizzle. If it hits with a 5 it sounds like a hammer blow. amintowords
  43. Opposites - you become warmer when you cast an ice spell, aggressive if you cast a friendship spell, etc. amintowords
  44. Elaborate gestures - to cast a spell the player and hence the character has to mime what happens. This could be three flicks of the finger for a magic missile, or a slow wavy dance for a fog related spell. amintowords
  45. The red glowing energy of the spell originates from the ground at the caster’s feet, flows up through the body, then emanates from the caster’s hands. Dirt, dust clouds, or small rocks are left behind after a spell ends. The caster’s hands are caked in dirt after casting a spell. SayethWeAll
  46. Minerals and types of stone (ores, gems, ect.) that act as a foci for spells based on the materials characteristics. For example, hematite for rusting grasp, pyrite for enchantments made to deceive, cinnabar for poison based spells, micas for glitterstorm or heat resistance, or galena for spells that make things denser. supersnes1
  47. Spellcraft cards where the hand being played dictates the spell and its potency. Practitioners experienced in this style eventually learn to stack the deck in their favor. supersnes1
  48. Scents (perfumes, flowers, cooking food, brimstone, refuse, oral, ect.) accompany and drive the spells. supersnes1
  49. Puppets (string, finger, sock, ect.) are made to enact a scene or conduct the verbal and somatic components of the spell. supersnes1
  50. The Big One. Whether you're a human with a huge crystal ball or a gnome with a normal one, you gotta carry that thing above your head in two hands. You have it up to cast spells and it glows very dramatically. TheMightyFishBus
  51. Thinking With Portals. You use magic portals to essentially summon the effects of your spells from other planes, rather than casting them traditionally. 'Well your honour, technically I didn't cast fireball. I just opened up a rift in space time that a fireball happed to come out of.'. TheMightyFishBus
  52. Spells are flavored to essentially be a kobold inventor’s attacks. Dancing lights are fireflies kept in a jar, poison spray is a skunk in a cage, absorb elements is catching the attack in an iron pot. Fabricate is a bunch of ants working really fast, blur is a flower that makes those who smell it see double, and jump is just makeshift spring boots. bao-and-boba
  53. Perform tribal kobold dances and recite ancient draconic poetry and hymns and the magic takes effect. bao-and-boba
  54. Barbarian Rage. You rage in different ways and at different levels and you think you are a barbarian, yet your rage seems to create magic.
  55. Egyptian gods and goddesses, pyramids, sand, hieroglyphs accompanied by hot desert winds.
  56. Your previous lives as various personas helps you cast your spells. You summon a spectral form related to the spell you cast from your past, they mimic your gestures and words but the spell effects comes from the persona, not you.
  57. Bats, wolves, vampires, shadows, blood and pointy theeth accompanied by the sound of the blood in veins.
  58. Celestial theme: spells float around you in orbit before being flung towards their target, give off trails of solar wind and auroras, take the form of planets and meteors, etc. starquinn
  59. Keys: spells are cast by unlocking untethered doors that float near the caster, unleashing fireballs on enemies or dousing allies in healing water. starquinn
  60. Visiual glitches, 404 errors, lagged effects, green binary code runinh on black surface, wrong colors shapes and other many various glicthes accompanied by sound effect glitches.
  61. When you cast spells you are meditating or doing other various spiritual gestures and all your spells comes out of your chakras as energy first and shaped into desired spell.
  62. Candles and candle flames seems to appear in your spells even though it doesnt cause a fire damage always, during rituel spells you are surrounded by hundreds of candles melting accompanied by the smell of melting wax.
  63. Wine, wine bottles, wine glasses; red, white and rose accompanied by the smell of wine
  64. Cats, big cats and small cats, lions and panthers, sometimes even tabaxis, claws, paws and whiskers accompanied by a meow sound.
  65. Geometry, triangles, hexes, cubes, dodechahedrons, of various colors and patterns.
  66. Alchemist's items, veils, tubes, liquids and powders accompanied by the sound of boiling potions.
  67. Clear nights sky, stars, planets, zodiac signs, star clusters and astrological symbols accompanied by the sound of a falling star.
  68. Viking ships, runes, norse symbols, viking shields and weapons, ale, ice and snow accompanied by freezing winds.
  69. Reptiles, lizard tails, crocodile scales and turtle shells accompanied by shades of green.
  70. Gold, silver and copper coins, various goods to sell and shipping carts accompanied by a conbersation of bargaining.
  71. Cowboy hat and shoes, horses, lassos, sherif stars and a clock tower hitting 12.00 accompanied by the soundtracks of old cowboy movies.
  72. Dinosaurs of various kinds, flying ones, walking ones, herbivore and carnivor ones, and also biting ones, an erupting volcano, an approaching meteor accompanied by wild roars.
  73. Baloons, unicycles, juggling balls, decks of cards, clown make-ups, show animals and a circus tent accompanied by laughter and clapping.
  74. Chess pieces, checkered surfaces, black and white colors accompanied by the sound of a shifting chess piece.
  75. Light, prisms, reflections, refraction and rainbows with blinding sparkles.
  76. Steam, steam powered engines, trains, hot air baloons, zeplines, running mechanisms and turning gears accompanied by a tinkering sound.
  77. Ships, mermaids, eye patches, rudder, pirate hats, hooks and a crew accompanied by pirate slang and an "Arghh" sound.
  78. During casting material components rot and turn into ash, somatic components has a ghost-like ensuant shadows that also slowly rots and turn into ash, and verbal componants creates a black fume that caster breathes and it rots and turns into ash as well.
  79. A vegans diet, various vegetables and fruits, plants and roots accompanied by happy animal sounds.
  80. A voodoo dollas a spell focus that represents the target of spells, spells are casted on the doll, yet also effects the target.
  81. Words longest scroll that includes hundreds of thousands of arcane symbols, caster reads the spells on the scroll and seems to find the right arcane symbol every time.
  82. Caster rolls actual in-game dice for attack and damage rolls and spells themed with 3D dice shapes and numbers accompanied by click clack sound.
  83. A blind eye with a monocle, pure arcane energy is channeled from the eye, first hits the monocle and is altered into the desired spell.
  84. A small dark wood puzzle box with various marks, buttons, small levers and discs on it; caster plays with the box, sets it for the desired spell and spell effect occurs when caster opens the box.
  85. Effects from cartoons that is not from the real world, spells seem to be illustrated by a cartoon artist. victorianchan
  86. Racial flavours from the history, culture, appearence, abilities, alignment and habits of the caster's race. Ghepip
  87. Low level spells has bigger visual effects but smaller impact, yet higher level spells have smaller visual effect but bigger impact. Ghepip
  88. Fire and heat, steam, flames and blaze, carterizing wounds and increasing body heat, decrease the temperature on the burnmarks. Ghepip
  89. Water and ice to cool wounds, ice crystals appear to stitch them, illusions are mists and mirrages caused by water evaporating, necromancy byblood bending or just have water enter the muscles, expand the water into ice and have the muscle subtract. Ghepip
  90. Earth, living insects, dirt and stone, exploding flying fireants, lotus swarm that produce lightning, leaches and maggots, honey, stiches by biting bullet ants for healing etc. Ghepip
  91. Birds and ornithology, diving falcons, flying humming birds' colorful patterns, vultures and other carnivorus birds, quail eggs, feathers, beaks accompanied by bird songs. Ghepip
  92. Air. Winds, gases, manipulating currents, blowing heat and cold, causing rain, hail, snow thunder etc. accompanied by wind sound.
  93. Clay Golem. Caster shapes an amount of clay to make a little clay golem that has one task, to cast the desired spell. Golem digests the material components and mimic its master to complete somatic and verbal components, the golem is turned into dust after it completes the casting.
(Note: Check out Ghepip 's awesome comment, it might give you ideas especially if you will play a genasi or an aarakocra. I couldnt put all of it in the list bc the ideas were race specific but they were great. Take a look from here. )
submitted by Elz-Ravidras to d100

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