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- Originally in commemoration of u/SomeHairyGuy (real name of Laurence), a D&D player who passed away from cancer who we all came together to remember as Galder the Conjurer, AdventuresOfGalder has expanded to remember any D&D, pathfinder, or other RPG player who has passed away. // In this sub, you will find deceased players whom we all remember together by incorporating their characters and any other creations into adventures and backstories through all RPG worlds, homebrewed or official.

Does anyone else remember how this all started? Forgive me for anytime line errors about this. Trust me I believe this is worth a read.

Does anyone else remember how this all started? Forgive me for any timeline errors about this but Trust me worth the read. I'd love to hear others opinions and discussion on the topics below.
I would say I have been a life long conspiracy fan and could hold my own discussing any conspiracy from the moon landing, JFK, Illuminati, Bill Cooper, Atlantis, Flat earth, Hollow earth, Big foot, Aliens, Ancient aliens, Nephilim ,Giants, Niberu, Mayan calendar 2012 end of the world, Age of Aquarius, Theosophy, Maitra, Manhattan project, Alex Jones, Area 51, Mk ultra, Majestic 12, Project mocking bird, Gulf of Tokin, The Bushes all the way back to Prescot, Holocaust didn’t happen, 911, Stanely Kubrick hidden messages, Obama is the antichrist, Yes we can= thank you satan backwards, Georgia Guide stones, Denver airport, Clinton death count, Clinton Foundation, Haiti, Operation Northwoods, Satanic backmasking in music, Subliminal messages in media and Disney, Elite child abuse, Ritual sacrifice, Skull and Bones, Free masons, Cern, Chemtrails, Reptilian overlords from Zeta Reticuli, Moon Nazis, Pizza Gate, I mean I literally went down every rabbit hole the internet had to offer. My Journey down started around 2003. Please forgive me if I left anything out and understand that I move forward with this with the assumption you have been down these rabbit holes as well.
Entertaining as they all were, obviously some I viewed with a healthy suspicion. Being a rational being there was only so far I was willing to go on believing without evidence which is “MY” hallmark of a conspiracy theory. (Lack of evidence) The one theme that always resonated with me the most was that the elites in one way or the other conspired to control us to a brave new world, 1984 style NWO society, with complete government control in all aspects of life. Whether this was a result of the natural seduction of power from greedy elites or some satanic end times fulfilling prophecy Bohemian Grove shit is up to interpretation. That just seemed obvious knowing human nature and observing the world. Whatever the motivation, anyone can see that elites conspire for control. It’s happened throughout history and hasn’t stopped to this day.
So fast forward to 2016. Head filled with all sorts of conspiracy theories, Trump enters the Presidential Race. Things in the conspiracy world heat up. Everyone hates him, Republicans, Democrats, 99% of anyone in a Governmental Position. Which if you’re conspiracy minded meant he might be onto something. To see everyone hating him while he yelled “Drain the Swamp and lock her up” encouraged, me at least, to think maybe this guy is different. People like Alex Jones were getting millions of viewers on YouTube everyday.
Conservative outlets were being demonized by the main stream media, conservative speakers like Ben Shapiro, Milo Yiannopoulous, Gavin McInnes, Steven Crowder and others are literally shut down from speaking at college campuses via violent protest by the antifa types. It became fashionable to label all conservatives as Fascist, Nazis and white nationalist like never before. These tactics had the opposite desired effect (or did they?) and united conservatives through alternative media outlets.
Then came the Hillary email scandal and the wiki leaks drop of the Podesta, Clinton, and Democrat emails. Tons of pedophilia code words scattered throughout. Pizza Gate erupts. This was all but confirmation of an elite conspiracy involving everything you’d expect. Elites, Comet ping pong, Maria Abramovic, spirit cooking and absolute craziness. Trump gets on the Alex Jones show, while not confirming anything, solidifies the notion he was an outsider ready to expose the corruption of the elites. (To me at least but I’m sure others as well)
Pizza Gate gains more traction and youtube is filled with videos on the subject. Supposed videos of Hillary and others involved. Main stream media could no longer ignore it and damage control kicked in. All youtube conspiracy videos are banned, specifically Alex Jones, and the term fake news is coined and fact checking began by “official fact checkers”. Trump is gaining in popularity and people seem to be waking up to the corruption. The screams of “lock her up” are an ever present call at his rallies. Seth Rich gets murdered and this only fuels the fire. Ordinary people are waking up to the crazy conspiracy theories and I feel vindicated for my conspiracy minded sentiments. Trump rallies are packed and support seems to be overwhelming. The future is now and the most unexpected leader ready to confront this cabal was none other than Donald Trump. Absolutely surreal.
No doubt in my mind that the popularity of conspiracy theories at the time and the Alex Jones appearance in particular, cemented a voting block that helped, if not single handedly put Trump in the White House. People were fed up, the manipulation of the news media was so blatantly biased and people were tired of the lies and being taxed to death to fund wars and political agendas of elites who didn’t care about them. Even if all the Pizza gate and conspiracy stuff were all lies, people were primed for a change and Trump offered it in spades.
The Cubs win the World Series and Trump is soon after elected in an apparent landslide blindsiding all main stream media, bringing some liberal media personalities to literal tears. The draining of the swamp and exposure of the evil global cabal felt eminent. It felt like the majority of people finally saw the light and put politics aside and voted for an outsider who upset the establishment on both sides despite running as a Republican. The NPC’s were crying in the streets, paid and unpaid, and there seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel.
Then nothing happened. Hilary was not in jail, swamp was not drained. Given, I will admit it would take some tact and strategic maneuvering to accomplish this, with republicans and democrats against him, so I wait. All the while democrats protesting the election results, not my President, Russian interference etc. The Main stream media behind the Democratic agenda the whole ride. Them emerges the Q-anon movement or at least this is when I came across it. These cryptic 4chan or 8chan post fuel the faith in Trump and seem to make sense with the storm is coming because of course a storm of this magnitude could not just come out of the blue. The corruption was too embedded in our system for the election of one man to be able to end it. This was evidenced by the overwhelming mainstream media bias against Trump and his deplorable supporters. This would no doubt be a long row to hoe.
Then came the Mueller Report and the targeting of Roger stone, Mike Flinn and other Trump supporters. The Cabal is not going down without a fight. The left unleash their enforcers, doxing people involved with Trumps campaign, gathering at their homes, everyone who supported Trump was a Nazi white supremacist to be exposed and dealt with accordingly. Trump rallies continue and come to a head at Charlottesville, giving the left everything they need to demonize Trump and his supporters. (false flag or not) That, along with the medias framing of Trumps immigration policies being biased against people of color and Muslims and anything else they can say to make Trump and his supporter seem like white supremacist radical backwards rednecks.
Q-anon fanning the flames of the conspiracy minded folks with the promise of the fall of the cabal and trusting them to get the job done in due time. It all seemed to make sense at the time. As more and more time passed, the less and less Q-anon seemed creditable and nothing was happening other than the main stream Media’s relentless demonization of Trump and his supporters.
The mainstream media is at a fever pitch against Trump to the point it’s laughable. Then Harvey Weinstein happens and the #metoo movement and cancel culture explodes. Harvey Weinstein and his shenanigans encourage me that the crazy cult like elite control system was falling apart, even though it was framed as a left leaning agenda. Major censorship comes out of this taking down left and right wing people of prominence. Many actors and celebrities are accused of being involved and some of it seems to be completely justified. Not like it was surprising that Hollywood elites would “casting couch” people to give them access to opportunities for fame and financial rewards. The Pizza gate stuff makes a resurgence with this and my conspiracy minded tendencies seem once again justified.
Cue Jeffery Epstein. Holy shit, this is every conspiracy person's dream. Evidence of some weird sex cult shit implicating politicians, Hollywood, rich folks, royals, almost anyone who was in position to be of influence. Flight logs of pedophile island naming the who’s who of the elites. Q-anon once again seems to be relevant. Jeffery Epstein then dies in custody of an apparent suicide. (Yeah right) And all coverage comes to a holt. Until Maxwell his girlfriend, conspirator or whatever which gave hope but quickly was swept under the rug of Trump bad, Trump supporters racist and BLM protest and riots.
At this time the whole world seemed to be rejecting the NWO with Hong Kong protesting mainland China’s rule, Brexit, Frances yellow vest protests, all the cancel culture bs and multiculturalism was losing traction along with the exposure of Epstein and that rabbit hole. Despite what mainstream media was telling us the buzz around the world was in line with stopping the global elite agenda. Shit appeared to be hitting the fan with the common people in all countries and internet censorship grew to new heights and fact checking became the new norm for not just media figures but random twitter and facebook post. The desperate need to control the narrative was so painfully obvious there could be no mistaking what was going on. Trust in the mainstream media was at a universal all time low and there was no way they could stop it.
Then videos start coming out of China of people falling out in the streets and talk of some new virus being the cause. This was mostly speculation at the time with no one believing China’s coverage of it. Soon after Americas first case was reported in Seattle if I’m not mistaken. Then the whole fucking world goes ape shit. It’s everywhere and it’s killing people and it's highly contagious. Hospitals everywhere are overwhelmed and the death count is rising. At least that is what they told us. Conspiracies switch over to if this virus was man made. Did China release it on purpose or was it some type of lab accident in Wuhan, which coincidentally was also the proclaimed location of the wet market where the virus originated from. And conveniently coverage of the global protest in Hong Kong, France, England, etc ended and lockdowns began. 15 days to stop the curve! LOL!
Over the next couple of months people realize this virus that the mainstream media and the medical powers that be label as COVID_19 was not what they were telling us despite rampant coverage to the contrary. This drives another wedge between Trump supporters and the left. Mask wearers and mask deniers. It also pumps up the anti---anti vaxers. Believe science! Scientist would never lie to us when it comes to something like this would they? All I could think about was those old lucky strike cigarette ads saying Give your lungs a vacation with a fresh cigarette! Great Flavor, 9 out of 10 Doctors agree! Lucky Strikes are the Best!
Fast forward and BLM is burning down cities over police brutality in some cases where it seemed to have been justified. (I say that because I don’t trust media to tell me the truth and since I was not there I don’t know if it was or wasn’t) Whatever your opinion on the matter is, there is no doubt police have a dangerous job, with their life on the line and have to make decisions accordingly. Now, some of the stuff by all accounts appeared out of line and worth protesting while others were questionable if the police acted out of line. No doubt there are some bad police officers just like there are bad people everywhere. I would expect a normal distribution in the police force just as in society as a whole. Regardless of the validity of these protest being justified or not, it fueled the cancel culture mayhem and framed white folks, especially Trump supports as out right racist. The erasing of history began and historical statues all over the country were defaced and some started forcefully coming down.
After this BLM appears to have been weaponized by the left with a new protest exploding faster than you can count and cities burning, shops looted, people harassed in the streets. This progressed to whole cities rioting and police buildings were occupied and eventually sections of Seattle “roped off” into chaz or chop or whatever the fuck they were calling it. Cries of defund the police from protestors on the streets and pushed by mainstream media along with the Media pushing social distancing and mask wearing for everyone but the "protestors".
This is when I started to feel funny. No person in their right rational mind wants riots and chaos in their cities. No matter what the reason. Defunding the police was an asinine sentiment that I couldn’t believe anyone would get behind. The democrats and main stream media backing this was the most perplexing thing to me. Could they be this stupid? Did they not see they were pushing more and more people away from their agenda and towards Trump. Could they have really been that stupid or was this all part of the plan? I started to think maybe Trump wasn’t a political outsider but a controlled opposition player and this had all been theatrics. With Trump playing the heel. Could this be true? Of course anything is possible so I couldn’t rule it out but at the same time I wasn’t sold on the notion.
November 4th 2020 was fastly approaching, cities are burning, cries of defund the police are coming from the left and their supporting media affiliates along with social distancing orders, lockdowns, essential personnel only allowed to work. Bars and restaurants shut down along with sporting events, concerts etc. This is the new normal we are told. Get used to it. All the while people start to protest the lockdowns world wide and media coverage of this is lacking. Proving again the biased narrative of it all and the conspiratorial elite global cabal grasping for control. The only hope is another 4 years of Trump. Biden has no enthusiasm behind him while Trump rallies are like fucking SEC tailgates. Mainstream media predicting a Biden win, a familiar feel from 2016 when everyone was saying Trump would lose. October surprise this time is Hunter Bidens laptop which is eerily similar to the pizza gate stuff from 2016 along with some foreign corruption and money. A lot of talk about it but nothing happens. Business as usual.
Then came election day. Trump is ahead by all accounts early on the 4th. Then, mysteriously some states stop counting votes. I watched all night long when Trump won in 2016 and no states stopped counting. WTF, this seems weird but whatever. Maybe it’s because of the covid-19 restrictions and some states are completely mail in with others expanding the rules to allow for people to vote from a distance to keep away the covid boogeyman. Ok, I get it, this is a different type of election. Then Georgia says a water main broke preventing the counting there and halted the count until repairs are made. Ok, 2020 can’t get any weirder and I decide to go to sleep with Trump in the lead everywhere, expect the traditional blue states NY, CA Etc which were called right as the polls opened.
I wake up and everything has changed. Trump is now trailing everywhere he had a lead. Time passes and Bidens lead is widening all over the country. Biden is under performing in Blue states and over performing in Red states. Controversy ensues and voter fraud claims arise seemingly from everywhere. No Blue wave as predicted and Republicans picking up seats but Biden is leading. How can that be, were there really that many people who voted for Republican senators but also voted for Biden, in this hyper polarized political climate? Counting continues, claims of fraud continue and mainstream media declares Biden the winner and not only the winner but projected to win with the most votes in the history of American elections. More than Obama, more than Trump. From a candidate who avoided the media, performed poorly at the one debate and who couldn’t get 25 people to attend anywhere he campaigned. To me this could be nothing but fraud, everyone new Biden was a Democratic sacrifice with no chance. The notion of election fraud against Trump gets me thinking maybe he isn’t in on it after all. Maybe he’s not the heel and this is the last ditch effort by the elites to end Trump.
Ten days or so later the mainstream media still has Biden as the winner and downplaying anything Trump or voter fraud. Nothing could ever happen to our country's electoral system which the Democrats said was hijacked by the Russia for 4 fucking years with major censorship and lies coming as a result. Lawsuits are filed in swing states, mainstream media says they have no chance of winning. More and more claims of voter fraud come out and claims of whistleblowers from all sorts of places coming forward from the post office to Dominion voting machines. Still the mainstream media says there was no fraud, no cheating and it’s absolutely crazy to even consider the idea. Conspiracy theories of a voter fraud trap set by Trump fill forums with a Q-anon feel to it. Maybe this is what had to happen to expose everything on such a grand scale. Maybe…….Maybe not.
So here I am, Nov 15th and still wondering what the fuck is going on. I had lost hope Trump was an outsider and started to suspect he was in on the game all along as the heel and that nothing could be done to change the direction the world apparently was going. Then all this election nonsense comes up and I’m starting to think maybe Trump is the outsider again. Maybe he was going to drain the swamp. Maybe this will expose the greatest scandal of all time confirming an elite cabal with a NWO/1984 type agenda. Maybe……..Maybe not.
Given the popularity of conspiracies back in 2016 and the piggy backing off that massive audience by Trump was a genius political move. Or maybe it was controlled opposition and a take over of the conspiracy narrative to pull the wool over all our eyes. I truly do not know. Will this election go for Biden and push us ever closer to a brave new world or will this election expose publicly the corruption and lead to demands of draining the swamp, riots in the streets and general chaos across the country.
I for one believe this was all prophesied in a book a long time ago and this is the beginning of the end. Things are definitely at a fever pitch again, seemingly on both sides and people are primed for a change of the status quo. The current political climate is perfect for the rise of charismatic leader who promises change, peace and justice. I think things are going to get absolutely bat shit crazy over the next 4 years either way this election goes and out of the ashes will rise a charismatic world leader who will promise us all peace, safety and justice. But will only deliver hate, death and damnation on a scale never seen before.
What a time to be alive, right?
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