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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos- Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

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Credit allows you to download with unlimited speed. Illidan's efforts certainly didn't help, but they explicitly state that the initial crack in the Frozen Throne was from Frostmourne being thrust out. It will include modified maps for you to explore, as well as beautifully redone VO and cutscenes. Free Download Games Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Full Version Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos Games Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos: Warcraft III contains four playable races of humans and Orcs, which had previously appeared in Warcraft: Orcs & Humans and Warcraft II: Tides of darkness, and the night elves and Undead, which are introduced to this installment of the Warcraft mythos. This means that it's pre-installed and is therefore very easy to share amongst friends on LAN parties or as Warcraft III torrent.

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Warcraft 3 The Frozen Throne game free Download for PC Full Version. So it went with in-engine rendered. The Warcraft 3: Reforged campaigns are here! Enjoy an epic saga retold with over four hours of reshot cutscenes and updated voice-overs that breathe new life into the earliest renditions of Azeroth's key characters, across more than 60 single-player missions that span Kalimdor, Northrend, Lordaeron. Now that Ner'zhul had openly defied the will of the Legion, he knew that the wrath of Kil'jaeden and his demonic lackeys would be fierce - and at the worst possible time, Ner'zhul was losing his magical power.

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With his Claw-Pack/Hammer-Tank combo, the Tinker's ingenuity is undeniable. Warcraft 3 Cutscenes in HD - Path of the Damned. Orgrimmar Portal Room Changes in Shadowlands - Oribos Portal Moved. Hive Workshop - Largest community forum and database for custom maps, modding, and more. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is a high fantasy real-time strategy computer video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment released in July 2020.

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Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne Characters - Giant Bomb important site. Version 1.32 – January 28, 2020Relive the events of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos and The Frozen Throne with Warcraft III: Reforged. The Lich King's influence weakened during Frozen throne, so he appears to have been acting on mostly his own impetus, and he was the guy who chose to take the crown. As such, the latest update version 1.32.2 addresses many fixes that result in. Warcraft III The Frozen Throne Free Download PC Game - All the weaponry is renewed and we will see many new weapons and armory.

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The Tinker is a Neutral Hero in Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne and was added in patch 1.15. Warcraft 3 Cutscenes in HD - Exodus of the Horde. Warcraft III: Reforged - Arthas vs Illidan Cinematic look at this site. The original Illidan versus Arthas fight at the end of Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne was a giant case of Blizzard running out of time and dropping the ball. Wage war across the galaxy with three unique and powerful races.

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Reign of Chaos 1.1 Prologue Campaign 1.2 Human Campaign 1.3 Undead Campaign 1.4 Orc Campaign 1.5 Night Elf Campaign 2 The Frozen Throne 2.1 Sentinel Campaign 2.2. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Playable is a strategy videogame with surprising sound and visual effects. Diablo II (2020) 7: 09 Diablo II. Opening Cinematic. Warcraft 3: Reforged's new custom games EULA gives Blizzard ownership over everything you make This is the can of fuel that turned the smoldering anger into a full conflagration. All Video Audio Comics Books Short Stories Characters The Story of Warcraft.

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Cherry on top, the cutscenes have characters with facial animations. Warcraft 3: Complete Story https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3304. Although it makes sense, it is clear that the game focuses on massive multiplayer combat, and as such they had to keep the animations simple, or at least thats what it. Warcraft 3 frozen throne cutscenes. Warcraft 3 reign of chaos vs warcraft 3 the frozen throne.

What about... Legacy?

What about... Legacy?
I knew there are still some details related to current state of Warcraft 3 that are worth talking about. There's a very small chance that you somehow saw my previous posts about Samwise Didier and some aspects of Reforged. If that's true, I hope that you enjoyed and I'm glad to see that responses to them were overall positive. You'll get some "nostalgic" moments as I'll also come back to some previous topics I mentioned before in my previous posts. I find some sort of irony that this is my third post regarding Warcraft 3's current status that should be a final one. At least for a time being.
There's just not that much to talk about and I want to make sure I didn't miss anything this time. Expect this post to be as large as the previous ones, if not even bigger. I apologize if that's inconvenient for you, but it just feels right this way. As always, I hope it's not that bad to read.
WARNING: This post is definitely the long one. My apologize if that's inconvenient for the third time I decided that it's time to go in fully. Grab your tea, coffee or whatever you wanna drink with food you wanted to eat and get ready for a huge wall of text ahead. Like in "What about... Samwise Didier?", there're some quotes from interviews and what not written one-by-one from the source. I understand that these quotes might look a bit messy due to me not really correcting the text for more pleasant reading, but it just feels right to go in this strange route.
Also, I would like to make sure that we're all smart and civil human beings that can easily understand each other. There's nothing wrong with being upset because of what's going on with Warcraft 3 and you definitely should speak out about it. However, there's a clear difference between providing a constructive criticism of developer's work and personal attack towards them as a people just because you're mad. I'm gonna go through some words they said during various interviews and events for the course of this post to criticize their work on Warcraft 3 and how they treated this old beloved game. Not to give some of you an excuse to go after them in mindless and toxic rant. Don't put a shame on Warcraft 3 community. This won't help the game.

Hypocrisy of the Developers.

Developer Update articles from Blizzard served as one of the main sources of my inspiration for writing this particular post. Some aspects of them really caught my attention, such as mentioning of "legacy version of Warcraft 3". What a cheesy way of maintaining, sadly, common misconception that Warcraft 3 Reforged isn't a remasteupdate of Warcraft 3, but more of a remake/"new product" among those who still believes it. This perspective lowers players expectations from Blizzard when it comes to the future of Warcraft 3. By establishing Reforged as a separate game instead of the next step in Warcraft 3's lifespan, people that fell for it would tend to be less demanding and more acceptable to Blizzard's decision making and slow pace of delivering those changes with bug fixes. Actually, they did it all the way back in February 4 in Developer Update on Warcraft 3's forums by using such terms as "original Warcraft 3" and "original game".
When you read all these articles and posts from Blizzard where they talk about "preserving the true spirit of Warcraft 3", you would think that phrases like this supposed to sounds exciting and inspiring. Knowing that Blizzard respects Warcraft 3 and wants to make sure that its legacy remains the same... Except you know that's a lie. Let's just be me honest here and agree that Classic Games Team didn't really bother about preserving Warcraft 3. They still don't, really. Otherwise, they wouldn't:
  • Eliminate Reign of Chaos and tournaments rulesets.
  • Eliminate Battle.net 1.0 for Warcraft 3.
  • Change Warcraft 3's art style, making it not fit for both RTS game and Warcraft series as a whole.
  • Ignore 17 years of custom content created by community with original art style/designs in mind.
  • Plan to change campaign to be more in like with inconsistent story/lore of current Warcraft.
  • Plan to change the cutscenes of the campaign to something more cinematic.
  • Silently update game's client to its Reforged version with no alternative for this community.
  • Indefinitely robbing from game such features as custom campaigns, clans and much more.
  • Not even warn players about the absence of these aspects in current version of Warcraft 3.
  • Use this community as a shield when it comes to abandoning the original direction of Reforged.
  • Swap Warcraft 3's original ranked ladder to Starcraft 2's. More on that later.
  • Treat Warcraft 3's legacy and its community so poorly and disrespectfully.
Warcraft 3 Battle.net Profile Icons.
From Back2Warcraft interview at Blizzcon 2019:
Jannes Tjarks: "What part of the development of Warcraft 3 Reforged was the most tedious?"
Keith Sizemore: "Making sure we didn't break the original, basically. We wanted to make sure, because we're on the original game and, um, we're taking and we know that there's a community currently supports it, we didn't want to release a title that we felt that just disconnected, severed that original condition of the game. We wanted to make sure that people when they played it they said 'This feels like original Warcraft' and so we definitely listening to the feedback that we're getting on the Beta right now. We're acting on it to make sure that we still going down that nice path of balance, but also long maintaining the, the current community supports it and has loved it for 16+ years..."
In "What about... Reforged?" I concluded that Classic Games Team's choices were based on setting their bars too high, while also choosing the wrong way to approach this project. I said that it's very unlikely that they wanted to put Warcraft 3 in a state that it is right now, but it's not that surprising to see some people think otherwise. When you compare how members of Classic Games Team talk about the legacy of Starcraft and Warcraft 3 during the development of their remasters, it's surprising to see a different tone between projects. Here's what Pete Stilwell said in an interview about Starcraft:
"...so moments like that added clarity of, like, what we have to do right and what do we have make sure to maintain because this is like a classic car, right? Where there are certain elements that define what it is that you don't want to change just because you have modern engines and modern brakes, and things like that doesn't mean we should, we should do that and that those trips that we took that we've taken, I think, eight trips to Korea over the past year. You have added that clarity of 'don't mess with the gameplay'. It's okay that Dragoons are derpy and, and that occasionally a Reaver shot won't go off. Like, those are things that make the game exciting. Those are the things that, that separate a really great player from a mediocre one and so we started there with just 'don't touch the gameplay', 'leave it alone', but it's, it's not just that.
Like, players that have been playing this for so long visually had programmed a silhouette, a type of animation. You know, cues in their brain, what they should be doing and when. So even as we approached remastering the art, you know, we sat down with the art team and we're like 'just look at the profilies, watch the animation'... like, you have to get them to be one-to-one. We don't want people to have to relearn the game. We don't want the game to appear differently. It needs to be the core of what may has made Starcraft great."
"Yeah, so that where our server team has been amazing. We've bridged basically the classic services with the modern ones because there isn't an example of a chat channel at the moment and, again, when we, when we did our research and found out how important that is, we didn't want to lose that as we, as we brought the game over to modern Battle.net. So, we essentially created a bridge and we've done a bunch of, you know, server and infrastructure work to, to make it possible to have modern chat channels that, you know, look the same built into that, to the legacy chat channel. So you can still have, you know, your old buddies next to your new ones, depending on whether you're on modern or a legacy Battle.net account."
"So, one of the greatest things that, that we're bringing along are your, your classic accounts. We didn't want players to lose potentially 20 years of history and the, the, the guys who have logged in every 90 days make sure that those accounts didn't expire. We wanted those to be paired to their, their new modern account so that they won't lose them and that's the cool part. You get to keep that name that you loved, the associated wins/loses and all that, and then it will be paired forever to that modern account.
Think, you know, like a WoW server where you just keep the gateway and then underneath that you have the characters, right? So, similarly, you'll be able to log in to US West or Kr1 and, and just select 'this is the one I'm gonna play today' or I wanna link my old one to it and then that will be forever saved."
"That's another place where we were really lucky. Blizzard has a number who has created the original game that still work here. So Brian Sousa, who's our lead artist, worked on the original game and he worked on Starcraft 2. Like, he, he's the soul of this world, right? He's this universe and so it was easy for him to sit down and be like 'here are the things, here's where we changed between the games, here's where we need to make sure we maintain, here are the units that are unique to this game' or that and really the art style itself, right. The Starcraft 1 and 2 have a different saturation and just generally have a slightly different aesthetic, and part of that is because one is 2D and one is 3D. But, in general, it's just, you know, the way things have evolved over time. So, having Brian know what, what the ultimate outcome should be to be true to it made it really easy to impart on our team how to achieve these goals."
It's really nice to read or hear these words because in moments like this makes you convinced that Classic Games Team truly cares about their work. That they have this everlasting passion and spirit that seems to be mostly absent among current developers and workers of Blizzard Entertainment. Now, I want to bring you back to more "recent" and relevant to us theme. To Blizzcon 2018 and 2019:
Grubby: "I understand that Warcraft 3 was Blizzard's first 3D game. Now you see that. *laughs*
Jay Patel: "Same engine."
Grubby: "Same engine?"
Jay Patel: "Little change to lots of between there, but yeah. War 3 was our first 3D required game and it started with graphics cards that could only draw one texture at the time and *laughs* so you can see that there has been a little bit of a change. Now we have shaders and compute shaders, raytracing is coming down the road. So yeah, we're given the artists a lot more to work with than we straight had it back in 2002."
Grubby: "And Arthas has a neck now?"
Jay Patel: "He does!"
Rob Bridenbecker: "Why is Arthas so like, like four feet tall? And now he's like nine feet tall?"
Grubby: "Proportion."
Brian Sousa: "Perspective."
Matt Morris: "Art."
Brian Sousa: "Art. That's the way they 'art-ed' back in a day."

Brian Sousa: "So, the, the most we had to focus on where there's basically, um... looping animations that you can interrupt. Like, if you're just standing there and you do a walk then it'll interupt the stand and you'll start walking. But there's certain things like that are uninterruptible, like the attacks. So, like at a certain time in the attack is when the damage happens and so that has, that animation has to play at least until that point you need to watch it, but after that, because the rest of the animation is just him like resetting into his stand, we had a little bit of leeway on the timing of that, so we could make it a little bit longer to make it a little more natural when he's coming back into his resting state versus before. Like, the, the animations were so quick that it just looped, it just went back to stand really fast \thinks* and when the art was so, like... I don't know, um...* *giggles* low quality?" *laughs*
Pete Stilwell: "Woah, woah, woah!"
Brian Sousa: "Woah, woah, woah."
Grubby: "Um... Shorter! Shorter."
Brian Sousa: "Shorter. Now, like, the standart doesn't... the definition, right? Um, so everything was... You, you really didn't know what was happening a lot of time because the characters were so, um... nondescript. Now that you we have, like, these characters that you can really see and they're fully realized, um... It makes a lot, it makes it look a lot better now that we have a little bit more timing on it."
Visual Comparison from \"Warcraft 3: Reforged What's Next\" Panel from Blizzcon 2018.
Recreation of Visual Comparison from Blizzcon 2018. Made by StormKnight.
Quite a drastic change of narrative, isn't it? From "having modern technology doesn't mean that you should use them" to "Oh yeah, we have all this new and cool fancy stuff. Just look at how funny Arthas looks. 'Old art', am I right?" with occasional laughs from developers on the stage here and there. Some might say that it's just a silly acting to play along with the audience they had targeted with Reforged and you might be right in some way. What I want to know is who and why decided to go on like that.
Truth is, Warcraft 3's legacy has been damaged severely. Right now, when someone refers to Warcraft 3 in video or text materials, being it some news article or YouTube video, they're using Reforged as the visual reference. The problem isn't just broken promises and high expectations that weren't met. It's also about these promises and expectations being unhealthy for good old Warcraft 3. Consequences of these decisions echoes through its legacy and each day it's only getting worse.
Pete Stilwell: "So... Understand that's part of our dialogue, guys. Like, we're, we're open to being wrong and we want to share that, and we want to hear from you guys when we are..."
Pete Stilwell: "You're the bedrock of why we show up to work every day and we appreciate you so much. We love your activity. We love your honestly. Please, keep being honest with us. Keep up on point..."
I will. That's why I'm here.

Recognizing a Foreshadowing.

Previously I talked about how some minor group of people advocated for adding some certain features that would ultimately transform Warcraft 3 into another Starcraft 2 and why it's as bad as it sounds. I also slightly mentioned how planned cutscenes were similar to what Starcraft 2 has. What I forgot to mention is how, unironically, current situation was the best of the worst possible outcomes for Warcraft 3. If old vision of Reforged had persisted or if its current iteration would've been carried by successful release, who knows how much of a Warcraft 3 would've been twisted, changed or removed in favor of something generic, alien to the original, even inferior.
Warcraft 3: Reforged Player Profile. Taken from Blizzard.
I didn't plan to come back to this topic as I thought that I touched it well enough in my previous post. However, Blizzard themselves reminded me about this "issue" by confirming my concerns in one of their "recent" posts. That's right, I'm talking about Ranked Play. I think it's not a mystery that future Reforged version of ranked ladder is quite similar to the one from... You guessed it, Starcraft 2. It would've been nice to compare it with Starcraft Remastered, but I'm not sure if Starcraft ever had a Ranked Play originally (or officially), as I couldn't really find any information regarding that. Interestingly enough, that ladder doesn't look like a direct copy of Starcraft 2's system. Maybe it's similar in some way if you look more closely, but I'm not gonna pretend that I'm an expect here.
Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne Player Profile. Taken from Gaming Tools.
I would've preferred if ladder system (or any other aspect of Warcraft 3) wasn't changed so drastically from what it was officially. Address the experience decay from the past version of ladder that activated if you wasn't active in Warcraft 3 for a week? Perhaps. They should've kept the basis of the old Warcraft 3 ladder intact: tweak and polish it here and there instead of replacing it with straight away. If the majority of "Warcraft 3 Ranked audience" are happy/satisfied by this version of ladder and believe that it's better than how it was originally, okay. That's completely fine. I respect your opinion and don't want to question your expertise here. However, I'm very concerned about Warcraft 3's legacy and I want to save the little of it that's left untouched as well as recover the casualties. This might doesn't seem like a big deal in the great scheme of things, but sometimes problems like that start small.

Growing the Roots of Damnation.

Modding is cool. I wouldn't say that this time of content is my thing (at least recently), but it's always quite interesting and fascinating to see what this part of game's community comes up with. Some examples of games with a wide variety of modifications are DOOM, Quake, Minecraft and, of course, Warcraft 3. From icons to models, maps, campaigns and even something more. In all 18 years of its lifespan, Warcraft 3 received a lot of different creations of different types and various scales, quality and genres from its players. I already talked about how some Blizzard's choices during Reforged's development and the consequences of its existence directly affected the work of modding community in a very negative way.
Luckily, some bits of Warcraft 3 community are still prevailed against all odds of a grim present. That also includes a selection of content creators and by that I mean the creators of custom maps and other modding stuff, like icons, models and much more. I mean, World Editor side of things is reportedly "not as bad as it could've been" and in some aspects are even nice. Not to say that everything is perfectly fine, but there's more room for some positivity and that's actually great.
Despite all that, I want to dedicate some words towards a few modding projects which has a negative impact on Warcraft 3 in its current shattered state. I want to make it clear that this is not me going after the authors of these creations in some type of merciless rampage. I admire their creativity and respect all the hard work and passion they're putting into their work. Don't want to discourage them from doing their thing or you from enjoying this type of content. There's a room for any type of content in this modding field. However, I believe that it's important to point out certain issues that these modifications are bringing into Warcraft 3 nowadays.
We'll start with Quenching. This mod is a program that aims to change Warcraft 3: Reforged graphics to make them look and feel of Blizzcon 2018 version. More realistic and pale picture, UI similar to one from Blizzcon 2018 and other graphical features. In original description and view of some people, Quenching suppose to "enhance" Reforged's graphics. I'm not putting that word in quotes to disrespect creators of that mod or anyone who enjoys it, but because this "enhancement" is an even more drastic discrepancy from Warcraft 3's art style and design. In current environment that surrounds this game, mods like this do more harm than help due to normalization of Blizzard's wrongdoings, slow updates from them and their lack of capacity (and/or will) to fix those mistakes. This mod doesn't fix these issues. It celebrates them by embracing it in much larger scale.
Another mod I'm going to mention is Re-Reforged. Only Prologue chapters has been updates so far, but I believe that author's goal is to change all main campaigns to match something that's more close to Blizzcon 2018 and show what could be done with all this stuff. There're no changes to the story, which is, honestly, a very good thing. From gameplay standpoint this mod could also turn out pretty interesting. Despite this, going back to Blizzcon 2018 vision and reminding a certain audience about what could've been isn't exactly a good idea. When it comes to the ideas for the campaigns of that time, it's about denying new players to experience and learn about Warcraft 3 as we know it. Which is hilarious, since remastering the game is about the exact opposite. With some tweaks here and there, sure, but it's still about providing this classic experience in updated look that stays true to the original.
Now imagine a darker timeline where Classic Games Team's mistakes have reached Warcraft 2 and given it the same "Reforged treatment". That's what Chronicles of the Second War is... Jokes aside, it's actually not that bad. Just yet another Warcraft 2 project that focused on "reforging" Tides of Darkness campaigns and taking inspirations from Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft to certain aspects of it, such as gameplay and story/lore. They're talking about keeping Warcraft 2 aesthetic with their models, which isn't really possible when you're trying to keep Reforged aesthetic as well. It's only one or another and, honestly, latter mostly prevails here. I would say they have more success with buildings, which is quite impressive. Either way, it's just another Warcraft 2 project that I brought up as an example of how Reforged with previously mentioned issues can affect more niche (or any other type of) custom content. Good luck to all of these authors in their work on all this custom content.
Screenshot from \"Chronicles of the Second War - Official Trailer\".
To be fair, there's another side to this subject. With community focusing on this type of content, it opens a way for Blizzard to move forward and do the right thing for Warcraft 3 in best case scenario. It's exactly what's going on with Co-op maps and it should stay that way. Although then you can point out the existence of "officiality syndrome", as one of my friends called it. Certain players tend to neglect various custom maps and campaigns that offer a type of content they demand because it doesn't come from Blizzard themselves. Sometimes they brought up various arguments for it, but usually it all comes down to "it's not from Blizzard, therefore it's not good/worth my time". It's like complaining in the shop because they're out of cheese when it fact they just don't have this specific and expensive brand that's not quite better than other types of cheese on shelves. Reason for that is it being a community work. There's no barrier between players. No informational filters based on some corporate restrictions or anything like that. They're dedicating more time and soul not only in the work itself, but also in discussion surrounding it because nobody can stop them from that... Except various obligations in real life, but I think you're getting my point.

Bright Intermission.

Before moving on, I wanted to take a step back and redirect our attention to something more positive... for the most part. It's not secret that Patch 1.32 caused a lot of technical issues with Warcraft 3 that Blizzard are still trying to resolve. "Recently" they fixed some of them, such as (Some changes doesn't get documented in patch notes for whatever reason):
  • Lighting for Portraits in Classic Mode.
  • Deep water being too transparent in Classic Mode.
  • "SetMapMusic" function not allowing playlists to play music.
  • Shadows for custom units in Classic Mode.
  • Some trees were breaking when custom models were assigned to them.
That's just some examples of the fixes I heard from someone who has been really concerned about these issues and I'm glad that Classic Games Team finally listened to him. It took them a long time, but I guess it's better late than never. They have a long way to go since there're still some major issues within the game. For example, some building and doodads are still have problems with scaling and rotation. Desyncs are still a thing, although they're reportedly not as regular as they were before. There're still a lot of issues within this game, but it's kind of nice to know that Blizzard are making small steps in the right direction. They're doing that extremely slow, but still. Moving on...

Reign of Misery.

One of the worst things that could happen within Warcraft 3 community is people getting used to Reforged. In fact, I started to notice how some players started to do that and it's truly frightening. They're giving up on the game and move on, get desperate to the point where they ask Blizzard to "at least do that one thing", forcing themselves to get to Reforged and work with what they have, etc.
I've kept a somewhat close eye on community in some places and it feels like a lifeless wasteland full of sadness and sorrow where a few shattered groups just waiting for their demise. This community had Warcraft 3 for around 18 years now. It has been a part of it legacy just as much as any other aspects of this game. It's really sad to see what kind of a effect Reforged caused to it specifically. I would like to tell about a couple of those "shattered groups" to get some perspective on how things have been around. Of course, I won't be specific as to who, where or what I'm talking about as I don't want to turn this into stupid drama. I just want to share my experience as an observer:
  • Exhibit A: This space has a very active group of users that are focused on one of the few aspects of Warcraft 3 that's been not that bad. They tend to be more chill and acceptable when it comes to Reforged as everything that matters for them seem to be fine in their eyes. One of them kind of tried to hype up next big Patch (1.33) among others by loosely referring to his friend, Blizzard's developer, that's well known within that group. Maybe he just wanted to mess with people or please his ego, I'm not sure.
  • Exhibit B: This space has fallen into hiatus. One of the most noticeble types of activity there are cycles of various types of trolling and other nonsense, which I assume is their way to reflect on current state of Warcraft 3. Somewhere there appears to be various discussions about Reforged, where... Let's just say, that people are tend to "agree to disagree" there. However, I would say that mostly common group of people aren't happy with Warcraft 3 of today and some of its aspects.
\"Last Spell, Last Arrow, Last Orc\" by Samwise Didier.
You know what's funny? I don't know which of them I should take more seriously. These "spaces" share something in common and that's not being as active as they could've been. In both cases, there're groups of people that were there before, during and after Reforged's release. As other people, newcomers and even some long-time players, have moved on, these veterans have stayed here.
You know, that indicates one of the major reasons why direction to which Classic Games Team tried to move Warcraft 3 with Reforged was so wrong. They tried to appeal to newcomers and took that to extreme. Most of these players were coming from World of Warcraft and majority of them were interested in just two things: campaigns and mount from Spoils of War. After getting what they've wanted (being it Blizzcon 2018 version or current Reforged after fixes), what would these players do? That's right, most of them would've moved on. There was no need for Blizzard to impress this kind of audience with all this... fancy stuff to capture their attention at Warcraft 3. "Starcraft Remastered-like" scale of project would've been enough and nobody, except for possible minority, would've complained about art style, design, campaigns, cutscenes, etc. A true love letter to Warcraft 3 community.


As I was saying before, Classic Games Team could've avoided all that. Just follow the path they walked before. None of this "reimagining" business, dedication to Warcraft 3 community and staying true to this game and its expansion would've generated a lot of money and love for them. But, for whatever reason, they didn't do that. Blizzard decided to take a harder way and abandon Warcraft 3's legacy in favor of some weird mess of a remaster. Years of memories and nostalgia were ignored just so there could be created a demand for something different that shocked new crowd. Audience that didn't needed to be impressed by this realistic look and cinematic cutscenes because they would've easily enjoyed a proper remaster of Warcraft 3. Enjoyed and moved back to World of Warcraft or something.
Instead, bar that didn't needed to exist has been set. To reach it, developers ruthlessly rushed to it by neglecting and destroying everything on its way. I suppose, they truly believed that transforming the game and reinventing the wheel were worth doing. Well, they miscalculated and we all know how it went from here. Broken promises that never should've been given. Broken game with missing pieces and soul. Broken legacy that's been shattered as the community surrounding it.
New legacy has taken the main spot, the one I mentioned above. Stigma on the gaming industry, not just here. It's not something that you would be able to wash away, not for awhile. We have recent example of that. Is there a hope for restoring Warcraft 3's legacy? Of course there is. Question should be whenever Classic Games Team has powers and/or will to do the right thing? I'm not so certain, not even with the discovered icons I showed in previous post. To truly reassemble Warcraft 3, they have to abandon the fundamentals at which Reforged was originally built on. Either forgotten or put somewhere far away. Blizzard still seem to somewhat hold on to that principle. Even some community members, as I've mentioned before, believe that Reforged is something that should be established and accepted. But to come back to our roots, we should move on from it.
Some believe that offering "true HD models" as a bonus, similar to Cartooned, would be a good compromise between the two. I disagree. If you just push them in, nothing would change. Reforged with all its mishaps is still gonna be all what people would be think about. These models, as well as menus and all the other aspects of Warcraft 3 that has been lost to this calamity, have to claim their rightful place in order to begin the rebirth of Warcraft 3 and its legacy. Although it's not the right time to talk about it, especially due to troubled time, and this subject deserves a long post of its own. When it's gonna be a right time to take a stand for it? Perhaps after Blizzard brings back all major features into Warcraft 3 and deals with most of its current bugs.
Screenshot from \"Eternity's End\" cinematic.
Theme of "Legacy" has been something that followed each of the previous posts in this so-called trilogy: from Samwise Didier to art style and other aspects of Reforged. It seemed natural to give it a proper attention, as preservation is what really matters for Warcraft 3 now. For this whole franchise, as I watch as Blizzard continues to torn Warcraft apart by negligence towards its legacy.
And that's what I'm going to do, not that you care. I'll keep observing Warcraft 3 to see where it'll go. At least we succeeded with credits, huh? It's been such a blast to work on these posts, despite these themes being rather sad. I'm thankful to everyone who deemed them to be worth reading. Especially to those who, in one way or the other, helped me with creating these posts. As of right now, this is where it ends. Maybe I'll come back with something back eventually, but this is the end.
Thank you so much for reading this post all the way here!
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Adding blue eyes to Blood Elves is a total inconsistency - With all the arguments against it

Foreword: this post is a duplicate of the post I wrote on the FR forum (https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/fwow/t/lajout-des-yeux-bleus-chez-les-elfes-de-sang-est-une-incoh%C3%A9rence-totale-avec-totalit%C3%A9-des-arguments-contre-cet-ajout/35007). I also post it on the US forum in order to increase the notoriety of the arguments that are evoked there.
I would like to come back, in a constructive way and in a totally dedicated topic, on a news coming from the alpha of Shadowlands, which was leaked two days ago.
I saw on a WoW related news site that the new customizations added to Shadowlands include new Blood Elf eye colors.
The addition of a "setting" for the green eye color as well as the golden eye color is a good feature, it adds additional customization. And this addition is consistent with the Warcraft universe (the lore).
The addition of a much darker skin for the Blood Elves is also an additional customization that can pass, although it is awkwardly brought in.
But, the addition of a blue eye tint is totally inconsistent from a lore point of view.
Concerning the lore:
Since Warcraft 2, there is a people named High Elf who have blue eyes and are already members of an Alliance, the Lordaeron Alliance.
In Warcraft 3, Quel'thalas, kingdom of the High Elves is ravaged, they are decimated by the army of the Scourge led by Arthas Menethil, crown prince of Lordaeron who was perverted by the Lich King, Ner'zhul.
I will not start a debate on Ner'zhul because it is not the subject of this topic. However, this character also deserves a debate.
Let's come back to the subject of this topic.
Following Arthas' attack, the Sunwell is practically destroyed in order to resurrect Kel'Thuzad.
This near destruction has the effect of cutting the High Elves off from their main source of magic. As this race is highly addicted and dependent on magic, some individuals going mad.
The rest will do their best to resist.
Kael'thas, who became the leader of his people following the death of his father, Anasterian, sees all this. He will also declare that his people will be now called Blood Elves, as a tribute to all the deaths caused by Arthas.
At the same time, Kael'thas' and the High Elves' relationship with the survivors of the destruction of the human kingdom of Lordaeron (also as a result of attacks from the Scourge), makes Kael'thas begin to doubt of the Lordaeron Alliance.
At the same time, Kael'thas meets Lady Vashj, a Naga Sea Witch sent by Azshara to help Illidan stop the Lich King. Illidan himself being sent by Lord Eredar Kil'jaeden to kill the Lich King.
Lady Vashj, seeing the deplorable state of the Blood Elves, tells Kael'thas that there is a way to fill this lack of magic, explains what it is and that Illidan will be able to help them further.
Kael'thas initially declines the offer.
However, following his imprisonment by the leader of the survivors of Lordaeron (Garithos) and his release by Lady Vashj, his opinion will change and he will accept the proposal to join Illidan. From that moment, the Blood Elves leave the Alliance of Lordaeron.
When Kael'thas and his people meet Illidan and Kael'thas swears loyalty to Illidan, Illidan will reveal to them how to quench their mana thirst. While indicating to them that this will have some consequences.
This was already beginning to happen before they even absorbed demons since they were already siphoning off everything they could from Quel'thalas and Outland, but killing and absorbing demons will further more turn the originally blue eyes of the High Elves into green eyes. The blue eyes were a symbol of the power of the High Elves in arcane magic, the green eyes will be a symbol of the demonic corruption of the Blood Elves.
However, not all High Elves will follow their Prince in his choices.This minority of High Elves refusing to consume living creatures will therefore be able to keep their blue eyes and remain in the remnants of Lordaeron's Alliance. Following the decision of Lord Regent Lor'themar to decree that the Blood Elves and High Elves on Azeroth will follow Kael'thas and his mana absorbing practices on demons (an event described in the new "Lor'themar Theron: In the Shadow of the Sun"), the remaining High Elves will go into exile. Some will leave for Stormwind, some will join Dalaran, some will join Jaina, the rest will leave Quel'thalas to settle elsewhere (strongholds of Quel'danil in the Hinterlands or Quel'thilien in the Eastern Plaguelands). No High Elf will possess green eyes since to get them, it is necessary to siphon mana from living creatures.The High Elves will succeed in not becoming mana addicts as the Blood Elves by managing themselves to stop their mana addiction, or by only absorbing magical items.
In WoW vanilla, the High Elves are still in the Alliance (but in the Alliance based on the remnants of the Lordaeron Alliance and led by the kingdom of Stormwind), we find them for example in Stormwind, the Hinterlands or Theramore.
At WoW Burning Crusade, the Blood Elves are making their big comeback. However, Kael'thas betrayed Illidan to join Kil'jaeden. Following this act, a vast majority of Blood Elves will secede. Despite of this, their military power will further reduce. We also find High Elves, in Outland, in the Allerian Bastion for example. Moreover, these High Elves have remained as they are since they have never begun to absorb living creatures, despite their isolation from the Sunwell.
As the Undead Scourge is still present in Quel'thalas, the Blood Elves will start to suffer losses. But this will not go unnoticed by the rest of the world in Azeroth. Sylvanas, a High Elf reanimated as a Banshee by Arthas and having freed himself from the Scourge and Ner'zhul during the events of Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne, was keeping an eye on his former brethren. She will offer them her help as well as the help of the Horde, a faction of which Sylvanas and her undead allies also freed from the Scourge (the Forsaken) are members. Another interesting fact is that Sylvanas was a High Elf in his lifetime, but being turned into a Banshee turned his blue eyes into red eyes. Just like the Dark Foresters Forsaken, who are also former High Elf and no longer have blue eyes but red eyes.
The Horde will eventually accept the Blood Elves left in Azeroth into its midst.
During the remainder of the Burning Crusade, Kael'thas will be "killed" by both Horde and Alliance players.
In addition, during the in-game events known as the Sunwell Plateau and the Shattered Sun offensive, we will learn that Kael'thas miraculously survived the players in the form of an "Inherited One" and returned to the Sunwell to summon his master, Kil'jaeden. Players will succeed in stopping this and a Naaru will sacrifice himself in order to stabilize the Sunwell, which was threatening to collapse. This act, along with Velen's blessing of the Well, will help to recreate the Sunwell, which will no longer create corrupted energies but energies of Light. These sacred energies can be exploited by the Blood Elves, which will allow them to reduce or completely stop their use of demons to quench their thirst for mana.
The Blood Elves will always be members of the Horde and the High Elves will always be members of the Alliance.
During Wrath of the Lich King, Alliance players will find a faction of High Elves in great numbers based in Dalaran. This faction is called the Silver Covenant and is led by Vereesa, sister of Sylvanas but also of Alleria, a High Elf general appearing in Warcraft 2. This faction is also opposed to the Sunreaver Blood Elves also present in Dalaran.
The High Elves regain great importance during this expansion.
The Blood Elves are still members of the Horde and are opposed to the High Elves.
During Cataclysm, MoP and WoD, the High Elves are still present at the side of the Alliance with new NPCs, just as the Blood Elves will remain with the Horde. High Elves and Blood Elves remain opposed, as evidenced by the anti-Blood Elf purge conducted in Dalaran by Jaina or the events on the Isle of Thunder (confrontation between the Sunreaver Blood Elves, exterminated or driven out of Dalaran after the purge, and the Kirin Tor, again in the Alliance and composed of High Elves).
During Legion, a new customization is added to the Blood Elves, they will now be able to have golden eyes. This customization is not a problem, ever since the end of Burning Crusade the Blood Elves have been using the sacred magic of their restored Sunwell.
During our quests in Suramar, we can hear in a cutscene Elisande, (who is the leader of the Nightbornes Elves as a full-fledged people, just like the High Elves, Blood Elves and Night Elves) speaks well of the High Elves as a people. In fact, Elisande speaks to each representative of each Elven people besieging his Palace: the Night Elves led by Tyrande, the Blood Elves led by Liadrin and the High Elves, allied with the Night Elves and led by Vereesa.
At the very end of Legion, we learn that Alleria (and Turalyon) survived and fought the Burning Legion on Argus. We learn that Alleria learns about the magic of the Void from an Ethereal using the name of Locus-Walker and that he knows how to resist the whispers of madness of the Void and how to mastering its magical power. During the quests on Argus, we will face a fallen Naaru who has been corrupted by the Void. As a result of this confrontation, Alleria will absorb the Naaru's energy. She will retain her High Elf status (her very pale skin and deep blue eyes are proof of this) but will be able to switch into a Void form to increase her powers in this magic (just like a Shadow Priest, who keeps the physical marks of his people and can switch to a Void form).
Alliance players will later learn that a small number of Blood Elves have been banished from Quel'thalas (by the Grand Magister Rommath) because they were becoming too interested in the Void, a magic forbidden in Quel'thalas due to its dangerousness to the uninitiated. Alleria will send us on this trail and we will find these Blood Elves. We will learn that they have managed to create and then close a portal allowing them to reach an ancient world totally devastated by the Void, the Telogrus Rift. Together with Alleria and the Locus-Walker, we manage to reach this world and we will help the Blood Elves to open a mysterious box. With our help, Alleria and the Locus-Walker, the box will finally be opened. However, this box was a prison that contained a powerful Void Elemental. This Void Elemental will transform absolutely all the Blood Elves present into Void Elves, thus creating a new elven people. Alleria, the Locus-Walker and the player will have to defeat the elemental in order to free the Void Elves from the influence of the Void. This operation will succeed. Alleria will stay to teach the Void Elves how to resist the whispers. This news will spread to the ears of all High Elves and Blood Elves. Some will even seek to join this new community.
Moreover, these Void Elves have blue eyes that turn purple, a symbol of their power in the magic of the Void. And Alleria will offer them to swear allegiance to the Alliance, something the Void Elves will accept since the leaders of the Blood Elves will keep their opinion concerning the dangers of the Void. This creates a schism of a magnitude equivalent to the High Elf/Blood Elf split. Just as Alleria, invited by Lor'themar to the Sunwell, will create a diplomatic incident by becoming a "human portal" to the Void (scenario unlocking Nightbornes as allied race ). This event unintentionally provoked by Alleria will lead to her banishment by Lor'themar. We can also observe during this event:
- that Rommath recalls why he asked for banishing the Blood Elves which will becoming Void Elves.
- that the relationship between the High Elves and the Blood Elves is still very cold (Alleria tries to convince Lor'themar to let the Blood Elves join the Wuthering Alliance, an act that Lor'themar dryly refuses, reminding Alleria that the remains of the Lordaeron's Alliance had abandoned them).
At the end of Legion, we have :
- the High Elves, in the Alliance, with blue eyes
- the Blood Elves, in the Horde, with green eyes and now also with golden eyes
- the Void Elves, a small minority from the other two races, members of the Alliance, with blue/purple eyes
During BfA, no big changes concerning these three people. Each remains in its faction and each keeps its colours at eye level. New High Elf NPCs are added to the game, notably in Boralus where the gatekeeper of the war fronts is a High Elf (Yvera Claireplume) or in the Mage Quarter in Howling Wind where there is a mixed High Elf/Void Elf patrol (possible proof that the High Elves are helping to integrate the Void Elves into the Alliance).
Now I'll come back to the population aspect, an argument used by players and people at Blizzard to justify the absence of High Elves as a playable race. For these arguments, I'll rely heavily on what can be said in books/newsletters since there is no way to precisely count all the individuals of a people :
- the High Elves are not one of the most important races in terms of population, it says in the lore
- after Arthas attack, a very large number of High Elves are killed.
- a very large proportion of those survivors will join Kael'thas and become Blood Elves. The smaller part will be still High Elves
- a tiny fraction of these individuals, will become Void Elf during Legion.
Furthermore, if an allied race named Void Elf has been added, and those individuals are a contingent of individuals that is much smaller than the High Elf population, how would that prohibit adding a playable allied race to the Alliance named High Elf (present since Warcraft II, always been a member of the Alliance, with a leader in the person of Vereesa) or in the worst case, a Void Elf customization allowing to have eyes like the ones offered by the alpha of Shadowlands to Blood Elves? Nothing prohibits this, so this argument is invalid.
The argument of the number of players in the Horde and being Blood Elf is not valid since this is purely gameplay and has no influence on the lore. While the addition of blue eyes to this race would be a pure disrespect of more than 25 years of lore Warcraft (Warcraft II being released in 1995).
If the reason for refusing an addition of the High Elves is because they are supposedly a copy of the Blood Elves is also a bad argument since :
- a Void Elf has exactly the same skeleton as a Blood Elf, if both have full armor and the player has hidden all the character names on his interface, he will hardly be able to tell the difference.
- a Nightborne has exactly the same skeleton as a Night Elf, if both have full armor and the player has hidden all the character names on his interface, he will hardly be able to tell the difference.
- in addition to different eyes, High Elves also have even lighter skin than Blood Elves.
- there are transmogrifications that already allow a player to have the appearance of people from the opposite faction.
The reason for refusing High Elves as allied race or a High Elves customization for Void Elf because it doesn't bring much aesthetically is also an invalid argument because :
- only the horns and the presence of tattoos differentiate a High-Rock Tauren from a Vanilla Tauren
- only the color of the skin differentiates a Mag'har Orc from a Vanilla Orc.
- only the skin color differentiates a Darker Dwarf from a Vanilla Dwarf
- only the horns, tattoos and certain skin tones differentiate a Draenei Sancteforge from a Draenei from BC
- only the presence of mechanical parts differentiates a Mecagnome from a Gnome
- only stoutness has been used to greatly differentiate a Kultirassian from a Vanilla Human.
- only a tiny variation in skin colour and the straight back of the Zandalari Trolls differentiates them from the Darkspear Trolls.
only tattoos and jewelry differentiate the Nightbornes from the Night Elves.
- High Elves bring blue eyes, they could also bring blue jewels and even lighter skin than Blood Elves. And have tatoos for rangers like Alleria in Warcraft 2 and in WoW.
Adding a High Elf customization for Void Elves or an allied race High Elf could also be a good thing from a marketing point of view and balance in terms of player population. Indeed:
- High Elves are claimed since WoW Vanilla, therefore, it could incite players to re-subscribe to pex characters or incite players to pay for race (and faction) changes or sesames for the level 110.
- The arrival of Blood Elves to the Horde at Burning Crusade probably contributed significantly to an increase in Horde player population (the other arguments being that the Horde has better PvE races than the Alliance offers, so many big PvE guilds are on the Horde side, https://www.wowprogress.com/). Indeed, in Vanilla, the Alliance players were a little more numerous. Since BC, Horde players are more than a majority. Perhaps adding a High Elf Allied custom/allied race could encourage players to join the Alliance and decrease this huge imbalance.
This can already be seen with the addition of the Void Elves to Legion, as this allied race is already one of the most played Alliance peoples if we rely on sites like https://www.worldofwargraphs.com/global-stats/races.
It would have been acceptable from a lore point of view for Blood Elves to get blue eyes if and only if it had been said in WoW or at least in books/short stories that the High Elves had finally joined the Horde and the Blood Elves. But we are the April 13th, 2020, and at this day, it's not the case and it's even totally the opposite, as seen in Legion and BfA. It is also clearly stated that Vereesa, Alleria and all High Elves hate Blood Elves.
It would also have been acceptable from a lore point of view that Blood Elves get blue eyes if and only if it was possible to erase the physical trace of their demonic corruption. This means for the Blood Elves, that their green eyes can turn blue again. This would also mean that any Orc who drank Mannoroth's blood and any Orc descendant of Orcs who consumed Mannoroth's blood would have to regain a brown/black skin colour. But, at the end of the Orc campaign in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos that ends with Mannoroth's death, we can see that only their demonic red eyes disappear, they still keep a physical trace since they are still green. The only change in skin color that we can see is Grom's skin color, which has changed from green to red and then back to green thanks to healing by Thrall, Jaina and other spellcasters. Only recently drunk blood could be purged by the healing, Grom will remain green even after Mannoroth's death and its his own death.
Therefore, and since Shadowlands is still in alpha, I ask Blizzard to please be :
- simply cancel the addition of blue eyes to the Blood Elves
- add a High Elf customization for Void Elves (similar to what would be proposed for Dark Trolls with the green skin of Forest Trolls, similar to what would be proposed for Dwarves and their appearance options similar to the WildHammer clan)
- add in the future the Allied race High Elf and in the Alliance
- solidly justify the passage of all the High Elves to the Horde in order to allow the addition of blue eyes to the Blood Elves. However, the racial power will have to be reshuffled since the High Elves refuse to absorb the magical energy of any living creature.
- To solidly justify the passage of the totality of the High Elves to the Void Elves. However, the racial power will have to be reshuffled since the High Elves do not mastering the Void.
I will also break an argument that I am a total and inverted High Elf fanboy in the Alliance, since :
- I'm interested in the totality of the lore of Warcraft, so I'm interested in the lore of the Horde and the Blood Elves as well.
- ...my number one people in my heart are the Night Elves. Even if I'm not 100% fan of them being in the Alliance because of their Warcraft 3 past, which could justify being a separate faction.
I also invite you to read the text in the two links below:
I invite anyone wishing to support this initiative to put a like to this topic, to put a supporting comment to this topic and to share this topic with anyone who finds it aberrant to add blue eyes to Blood Elves. I also invite you to make a suggestion via the "Help" menu of WoW (press Esc). Then, copy and paste : “Please, don’t add blue eyes for Blood Elves, add this for High Elves or for Void Elves, all arguments against this adding for Blood Elves are here : “).
And, as we are a majority of adult and responsible players, anyone wishing to counter-argue in a constructive, intelligent and non-hate-friendly way to read in entire this entire topic and then leave a comment in total opposition to the facts exposed.
Thank you for your reading, and if that is their intention, I hope Blizzard will back off.
PS: I would also like to thank two great French Warcraft lore enthusiasts, who proofread my text and helped me consolidate these arguments. They are rather well known in French-speaking countries since they share their knowledge via YouTube and Twitch platforms.
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