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24 Hours Out | A Final Early Vote Update

24 Hours Out | A Final Early Vote Update
As we head into the final 24 hour stretch of the 2020 cycle we have seen unprecedented early voting across the country. As of this moment, 96,504,163 early votes have been cast. This represents 70.61% of the 2016 vote total. We are very likely to pass 100M votes by tomorrow morning if the current pace holds.
The early vote data is so expansive I do not have time to break down every state, so I selected the 22 states I believe are the most important this election cycle. This is because they are a battleground state, have a competitive senate election or have other identifying characteristics that I believe give us an in-depth look at how the electorate has changed since 2016. Because each state has independent control over what and how much data they release, the analysis will have differing degrees of depth.

  • Alaska has a competitive senate race with polls shows a slight lead by GOP incumbent Dan Sullivan. So far 139,095 votes have been cast in the state.
  • This represents 43.66% of the total vote in 2016. Alaska doesn't provide any data other than return rates so there isn't much to be extrapolated here. However, this figure is a record for early voting in the state.
  • Arizona is a competitive swing state and has a crucial senate race. Polls show Biden and Kelly leading but the state will ultimately be close.
  • Arizonans have cast 2,302,756 ballots so far, representing 89.49% of the 2016 total. Arizona has a tradition of strong early voting, but this year has broken records.
  • Arizona provides party registration data. While not a perfect indicator for final vote totals, party registration data helps give us an idea of how the electorate is reacting, how engaged and enthusiastic voters are, and most importantly a sign of turnout levels.
Here we see Dems with a slight lead due to higher return rates from requested mail in ballots. *Note for some reason Maricopa county isn't reporting data.
  • Now let's compare the data to the early vote and total vote in 2016.
As you can see there has been a significant shift in the composition of the early voting electorate.
  • Because Arizona is a heavy early votings state have a party registration advantage going into Election Day, where turnout will be proportionally less of the electorate, is very good news for Joe and Mark.
  • The thing to watch tomorrow evening is turnout in Maricopa county, the largest county in the state, in which more than 60% of the states population lives. As goes Maricopa county so goes the state.
  • Arizona is also very efficient with counting ballots, so it is likely we have a very good idea of a large vote percentage at polls close or slightly after.
  • While not really a swing state anymore Colorado is a great example of turnout and voter engagement, as they are a state that has held all mail elections in previous cycles. Colorado also has a senate election although I would say it isn't even remotely competitive and Gardner is in for a blow out.
  • So far 2,521,575 votes have been cast in the state, representing 90.70% of the 2016 total.
As you can see Dems hold a ~150K lead, however NPA voters represent a plurality of the votes cast so far in the state. This isn't uncommon in a state where so many voters are registered independents.
  • Having banked this many voters already, while NPA voters in the state break for Dems at much higher margins means Joe is very likely to win. I am predicting Hickenlooper wins, but by a slightly smaller margin than Biden.
  • Looking at the previous cycles data we see a serious voter enthusiasm gap.
In 2016 republicans lead going into Election Day, but this cycle we see a 6+ point swing towards dems as higher return rates have provided dems with a lead.
  • We all know Florida is going to be close, but Dems are in a good position that is likely to improve slightly over the next 24 hours.
  • So far Florida voters have cast 8,974,896 votes, representing 93.68% of the 2016 electorate.
As you can see Dems hold a slight lead in the state with just over 100K votes. (please excuse the formatting)
  • Dems had a serious 500K lead heading into the start of early in-person voting, during which Reps made up some ground.
  • However, in-person has now ended and we should see more ballots returned by tomorrow that will add to dems lead.
  • Looking at past cycles we see some concerning news for Dems.
As we see here this year has actually been slightly better for the GOP in early vote.
  • Even tough the GOP has cut into Dems typical early vote lead by a small margin there is some good news for Dems.
    • First, as I mentioned above in-person voting has now ended, so the Dem margin should increase slightly as more ballots are returned.
    • We are seeing very low minor party turnout which means trump needs to win by larger margins.
    • Finally and most importantly, because we are seeing such high early voting turnout, there is less of the electorate voting on Election Day. In 2016 the early vote constituted only 40% of the electorate, while we don't know the final number yet we are guaranteed to be well over that, possibly in the range of 70-75%.
  • Another good sign for dems is that we are seeing high turnout rates already in the most important counties in the state.
  • Florida is going to be very close and the key counties to watch tomorrow are Miami-Dade and Pinellas.
  • The peach state is on pace for record turnout. So far 3,912,819 votes have been cast, representing 95.09% of the 2016 vote.
  • A competitive swing state with two competitive senate races, this will be one of the most interesting states to watch tomorrow.
  • Georgia does not provide party registration data but they do provide other demographic breakdowns.
AA are the largest democratic voting block in the state and any dem win will be with their blessing.
  • If Joe Biden wants to win Georgia, and Ossoff and Warnock want to avoid a runoff, we need to see AA turnout represent more than 30% of electorate. Being currently at 27.6% isn't bad news for dems as POC are more skeptical of vote by mail and are more likely to turnout on Election Day.
  • Other good news for dem is more than a million of these voters did not vote in 2016 and that number skews younger.
  • We see voters under 34 representing 20.2% of the electorate so far.
  • Another good sign for Dems is the breakdown by gender.

If trump can't offset this 12% gap on Election Day he is in serious trouble.
  • We know that trump struggles with women of all demographic groups, so for the electorate to be a whopping 12 points more female is bad news for the president.
  • While traditionally a swing state, Trump won the state by 9 points in 2016. This year the race seems much closer as voters have soured on trump and the state has been wrecked by his trade war. Furthermore, there is a competitive swing state and the GOP governor is the most unpopular in the country. The Iowa electorate is very elastic and the state could be much closer than we think (even selzer could be wrong).
  • So far 924,533 votes have been cast, representing 59.04% of the 2016 vote total.
  • Dems hold a modest lead of almost 125K, even though reps have a higher return rate.
One thing to keep an eye on in Iowa is 3rd party vote percentage. In 2016 third parties garnered more than 7% of the vote in the state.
  • While dems usually hold an early vote lead in the state, this year the lead is double what it was in 2016.
Tomorrow we will see if election day turnout is sufficient for trump to make up ground in the state.
  • One thing to watch tomorrow is turnout in Polk county. The largest county in the state and a liberal bastion, Biden needs to drive up margins if he wants to win.
  • Also another thing to watch is if people show up to vote. Covid is slamming the state (and the rest of the midwest). If election day turnout is down that is good news for dems as there is less of a chance for trump to make up ground.
  • The fact that I am even writing about Kansas is a sign of how far the country has shifted since 2016. A traditionally deep red state has a surprisingly competitive senate election this cycle.
  • If boiler has any shot at winning it will come from moderate republicans and strong dem turnout.
  • So far 711,664 votes have been cast in the state, representing 60.09% of the 2016 total, and as expected republicans have an edge.

Dems need to increase turnout for boiler to have a shot.
  • One thing to watch tomorrow is how the NPA and 3rd party voters break. Trump won the state by more than 20% so any improvement for Biden will make Boilers job easier.
  • Im expecting Boiler to out perform Joe, but it is likely it won't be enough to overcome the PVI of +13.
  • I have included Maine because of the second congressional districting the competitive senate race. Sadly the early vote data does not breakdown by CD, so it isn't very representative of how that contest should go.
  • 475,051 votes have been cast in the state, representing 31.76%
Interesting to see here NPA voters out numbering registered Republicans.
  • Maine is a state with an electorate that skews older, so it is surprising to see such lower VBM turnout.
  • As we see across the county Dems hold a sizable lead by almost double, which is good news for the senate race as it is obviously a state wide election.
  • If collins has any hope at winning she needs to see oversized Election Day turnout, with independents breaking for her. However, this might not be enough if the double Dem lead persists.
  • 2,571,492 votes have been cast in the state, representing 53.58% of the 2016 electorate.
  • While the state does not provide party registration data it releases age demographic reports.
We see the votes so far are overwhelmingly older voters (as expected).
  • While not necessarily bad news for dems, I would like to see voters under 34 increase their portion of the electorate to at least 20%.
  • Thing to watch tomorrow is turnout in Detroit and Ann Arbor. We need strong margins there to offset trump votes in the north.
  • MN does not provide any early vote demographic data, but the state is on pace to break its 2016 turnout.
  • So far 1,716,575 votes have been cast, representing 58.29% of the 2016 total.
  • Personally I do not see trump coming as close as he did in 2016 in MN, but Joe needs high turnout in Minneapolis for protective against high white non-college turnout elsewhere.
  • Missouri represents a good indicator of how the nation has soured on trump. A state he carried by more than 17% in 2016 now has him leading by as little as 7% in polls. Furthermore, covid is slamming the state and the already unpopular GOP governor has botched his response from day one.
  • Is the stars align I think Missouri the 2020 cousin of 2008 Indiana.
  • So far only 723,058 votes have been cast in the state, representing 25.74% of the 2016 vote total.
  • However, this is more early votes than ever before and long lines and strong turnout has been reported in democratic strongholds across the state, most importantly St. Louis.
  • Former MO Dem Senator Claire McCaskill, arguably one of the funniest politicians on twitter has said there is winds of change blowing in the state and they might shock the nation.
  • Montana has one of the most competitive senate races in the country and yet has got a sliver of the investment and attention of some other races.
  • Governor Bullock is a popular 2 term governor trying to unseat a fairly bland first term senator.
  • The state gave the counties the option to expand mail in voting and nearly all did. As a result the state is expecting record turnout which is good news for Bullock.
  • So far 512,204 votes have been cast in the state, representing 103.03% of the 2016 total vote.
  • We have seen strong turnout in democratic strongholds, but the county to watch tomorrow is Yellowstone County.
North Carolina:
  • One of the most important states this election cycle, NC may very well decide who controls the senate.
  • So far 4,550,963 votes have been cast, representing 95.98% of the 2016 total vote.
  • We have seen strong early vote turnout from dem voters, and luckily rejected ballot rates are lower than expected.
With a ~250K vote lead heading into Election Day, dems look well positioned in the state although it will be very close.
  • While dems look good they are not as well positioned heading into Election Day as they were in 2016.
We are seeing an underperforming of Dem early vote compared to 2016, even though we are seeing record turnout.
  • It appear the GOP is better positioned in NC this cycle than in previous ones, but this could be to bullish for them for a couple of reasons.
    • We will see more Dem ballots returned over the next 24 hours.
    • We know that POC are more skeptical of VBM and may help drive turnout on ED.
    • There are large numbers of independents and NPA voters, who can/did break for Biden.
    • There is very little minor party turnout compared to 2016.
  • Some other good news for dems is that 28.5% of votes cast so far have come from people who did not vote in 2016.
  • If dems want to win NC sizably, they need strong turnout among black voters, and particularly black women.
Black turnout needs to reach at least 20% for dems chances in NC.
  • I am including a discussion of Nebraska solely for their 2nd Congressional District.
  • So far 454,885 votes have been cast, representing 26.94% of the 2016 total. This is very low turnout and puts the state in the bottom 10% of turnout rankings.
  • The state does not break data down past statewide numbers and we know that Trump will carry the state, what to watch tomorrow is turnout in the Omaha area. This will be a key to a Biden win in NE-02 and will give us some cross insight into the Iowa race as the demographics are very similar.
New Hampshire:
  • I don't think the state is in play at all, but I have included it to balance out my inclusion of safer red states.
  • 181,577 votes have been cast in the state, representing 24.40% of their 2016 total. This is the lowest turnout of any of the states I have covered in this piece.
  • NH is the blue state trump came closest to winning in 2016 and his campaign has spent resources in the state, however the polls show Biden up with big margins and it really doesn't seem in play.
  • Nevada is another state Trump thinks is in play but arguably isn't.
  • So far 1,088,775 votes have been cast, representing 96.75% of the states 2016 total.
  • Dems currently lead by a small margin, but this data excludes large vote counts from Clark County (Las Vegas).
We see dems with a small lead but a substantial turnout from NPA voters.
  • Nevada is holding an all mail election for the first time so what we are seeing is already record turnout in the state.
Dems hold a lead that is slightly less than usual, but a large number of ballots are being processed.
  • One other thing we are seeing this year in Nevada is a higher portion of NPA voters. This is diluting the Dem lead, but at least a plurality of these voters are expected to align with Dems.
  • Nevada reporter Jon Ralston has already predicted that Biden has won Nevada due to the data he is seeing come out of Clark County. The question now is by how much, if we see crazy ED turnout the state could smash past turnout records
  • Ohio does not provide any demographic breakdown of the early vote.
  • So far 2,906,544 votes have been cast, representing 52.88% of the 2016 electorate.
  • If Biden wants to win Ohio he needs strong turnout among AA voters and young voters, while also picking off more non-college whites.
  • We are seeing good turnout rates in the 90% ranges in the areas Biden needs to win.
  • Arguably the most important state this election cycle, PA is an absolute shit show.
  • So far 2,414,351 votes have been cast, representing 39.16% of the 2016 electorate. This is the lowest among any of the true swing states.
  • So far Dems hold a sizable 1M vote lead in the early vote.
There are 400K outstanding Dem ballots that could present some serious legal issues.
  • The most concerning thing about PA right now is the sheer number of outstanding ballots in a state that is likely to be very close. What we don't know is how many of these ballots are in transit or if these voters who requested a ballot have now decided to vote in person instead.
  • Some bright spots for dems is turnout among those under 34 is currently at 18.9% of the electorate and return rates are high in the counties Joe needs to win.
  • Keep an eye on Philly and Erie tomorrow night. A trump loss in Erie pretty much dooms his chances in the state.
South Carolina:
  • We have an amazing opportunity to get rid of the parasite that is Lindsey Graham, but in order to do that Jamie Harrison needs to our perform Joe Biden.
  • So far 1,250,452 votes have been cast in the state, representing 59.46% of the 2016 electorate.
  • The state is likely to pass its 2016 vote total which is good news for Harrison, if he can garner a significant portion of the white vote.
  • SC is a very racially polarized electorate. Jamie needs to drive AA turnout and also win white college voters at a higher margin than any dem has done in recent history.
So far black voters are nearly 30% of the electorate.
  • In 2016 black voters represented 19% of the electorate. If Jamie can hold black turnout near 30% that would mean a monumental shift in the dynamics of the electorate and might carry him to victory.
  • He also needs to increase youth turnout and drive up margins in cities like Charleston.
  • Texas has been the story of this election cycle, with 9,719,101 votes cast so far, representing 108.36% of the 2016 electorate.
  • Texas has gone from dead last in 2016 to second place currently.
  • Texas did not expand voting access and in fact the GOP governor has done everything he can to make it more difficult to vote this cycle. What we are seeing in the state is people are fired up and using their political power.
  • We are seeing massive turnout in the places Joe needs to win the state. Harris, Dallas, Tarrant, Travis and El Paso counties are all reporting record turnout and voter enthusiasm.
  • If we want to flip Texas blue we need to see big margins coming out of these counties, most importantly Harris county, but we also need to see increases in the majority hispanic counties in the south west, where turnout is lagging behind the rest of the state.
  • This cycle is our best shot and fundamentally transforming the American political universe by flipping Texas blue. If you are doing anything for Joe over these last 24 hours I suggest making calls to voters in Texas, especially if you speak Spanish.
  • Like NH I do not think VA is in play. The GOP got slaughtered in the state in 2018 and hopefully that get replicated across the country this year.
  • So far 2,736,282 votes have been cast, representing 68.67% of the 2016 total. The state is on pace to blow past its 2016 turnout tomorrow. Virginia provides no demographic breakdown.
  • One of the most important states this cycle and also a state being slammed by covid, Wisconsin has recorded 1,886,533 early votes, representing 63.39% of their 2016 total. WI provides no demographic breakdown.
  • What to watch for tomorrow is turnout in Milwaukee and Madison, and wether the covid outbreak is depressing turnout across the state.

The sheer scale of the early vote this election cycle has been unprecedented. Americans across the country are motivated to vote and vote early. Tomorrow will be the most consequential election of our lifetimes and to have so many Americans included in the political process is inspiring.
While the outcome remains to be seen, the question we should watch closely is the 31M + ballots that are still outstanding. Will they be returned in time? Will they be counted? Will they be rejected for some cause? Have these voters decided to turn them in by hand? Have these voters chosen to vote in person instead? All of these questions and these ballots could determine the election.
As we head into tomorrow our best shot at preventing a constitutional crisis and trump falsely claiming victory or fraud, is for voters to delivery the strongest rebuke of a sitting president ever. We need to end Trumpism tomorrow or else it will linger on eroding our democracy for years to come.
If you have made it this far I appreciate you taking the time to read it. See you all tomorrow in the Thunderdome!
Sources: U.S. Elections Project @ElectProject @WinWithJMC
!ping FIVEY
submitted by TinyTornado7 to neoliberal

An A-Z of great retro games for Hallowe'en!

I know this sub isn't really about 'Retro' per se, but I also know it is about quality written content - and I like to think this fits the bill... Hope you agree and enjoy.
For me, the A-Z list; picking a single game in the given category starting with each letter of the alphabet, is the perfect way to ensure a healthy mix of well known and more obscure titles.
There are downsides, obviously. Choosing something for 'Q' that isn't Quake and finding something (Anything!) decent to suggest for the letter 'J' are a persistent challenge, but, when you don't have a readership of millions, constructing these lists is more about the creative side than the delivery, so these awkward letters usually make the process much more fun.
Anyway. I did an A-Z of Games for Halloween a few years back, and there will doubtless be a few duplications, but today I'm giving myself the additional constraint of 'Retro'. The definition of 'Retro' is pretty fluid, but for these purposes I'm saying any game released last century; up to 31st December 1999, is Retro. Make your peace with that now, it ain't changing!
So, with all that pre-amble out of the way, lets get started!
Wait! One last thing, I don't like RPGs, so don't expect to 'Vampire The Masquerade' or anything similar below!
Right, now we go...

Avenging Spirit - Aracde/Game Boy - 1991
In this, fairly cute looking, 1991 arcade platformer you, as the titular spirit, are first murdered and then summoned to save your girlfriend by her (don't say mad) scientist father.
At the start of the game you are given a choice four potential possess-ees to serve as your host - but it is only when that first avatar is killed that the game comes into its own. Emerging from the host as a ghost, and with your 'spirit meter' quickly ticking down, you must immediately jump into a new body.
In the standout feature of the game, you can possess absolutely any other NPC, and take on their weapon and other characteristics as you continue.
Besides the arcade original there was a surprisingly faithful port to the original Game Boy, an emulated version of which is available from the 3DS eShop.

B-Movie - PlayStation - 1998
You'll see, as we get further into this list, that I have a bit a thing for 50's B-movies. Ever since this particular era of film-making, the genres of Sci-Fi and Horror have been inextricably linked and, (something else you'll see reflected in this list) this is still very often the case in video games.
B-Movie, known in the states as Invasion from Beyond, not only embraces the full 'Mars Attacks' ethos, but is also old-school in it's design, with wrap-around levels employed as you search the map for enemies to blast and scientists to rescue.
It's a simple but hugely entertaining game, with added depth given by unlockable vehicles and a decent variety of mission structures.

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - PlayStation - 1998
Despite its open level designs and progression method coming more than a decade after they were first seen in Metroid, Symphony of Night is the reason why the genre portmanteau has '–vania' stapled to the end of it. Simon’s Quest had toyed with exploration in the series previously, but not as expansively or as successfully as was achieved in this, which is considered a true great of the genre to which it gives (half) it’s name.
Shamefully I've only ever played it (briefly) through emulation - but the impact of that short play, and the opinion of people I trust, is more than enough to include it on this list.

Doom - PC/Various - 1994
Even with it's 'Hell' motif and legions and monsters, it sometimes easy to forget that, when it was originally released, Doom was a very scary game.
The sound design in particular lent an incredibly eerie atmosphere, and it was far more common to see players creep around corners and twitch at every sound than it was to see the borderline speedrunning pace that it's played at today.
Not just one of the most important games ever made, but one of the best too.

Evil Zone - PlayStation - 1999
In the first (but by no means last) trip on this list to Tenuous Town, Evil Zone barely meets the criteria of a game for Halloween. It does have the 'Evil' in the title, and it has an 'evil' being as the boss, with the plot of this simplistic fighter revolving around finding the strongest fighter to face them - but beyond that... erm... like I said: Tenuous.
On the other hand, the average-at-best reception awarded this title means that many thought it to be a horror of a different kind. Personally though, I found the TV Show presentation style endearing and, in an era when fighting games didn't often have stories, this has one for every single character, including the main antagonist.

Fear Effect - PlayStation - 1999
More famous today for a thirty-second quasi-sapphic elevator cutscene in it's sequel than any of it's own qualities, the original Fear Effect was a horror themed evolution of the classic point-and-click adventure that used sprites against pre-rendered backgrounds to great effect. There's a more considered approach than usual to Chinese mysticism that elevates proceedings a notch, with a late game trip to the underworld being particularly memorable.
The balance between puzzles and gunplay is well maintained throughout, and the grizzly death animations that play upon failure of a puzzle are a particularly macabre treat.

Grim Fandango - 1998 - PC/Various
And talking of point-and-click adventures, here's the one that's often described as the greatest of them all (although, admittedly, not by me).
There's not much new one can say about Tim Schafer's magnum opus, it's a brilliant, funny, and devilishly difficult tour de force that has been made available on just about every platform on the planet - so there's no excuse for not playing it.

House of the Dead 2 - Arcade/Various - 1998
Selecting the sequel was an easy choice of the 2 House of the Dead games that came out in the 20th Century, as it's a marked improvement over the original in many ways.
Most predominantly, the use of branching paths adds diversity and... lets not say 'depth'... but certainly it gives the game a sense of interactivity missing from many other 'ghost-train' style on-rails shooters.
The voice acting is the stuff of legend, but it's the only thing in the game that's of dubious quality; everything else is a fantastic example of the genre.

It Came from the Desert - Amiga/PC - 1989
With inspiration taken broadly from 50's nuclear age sci-fi-horror b-movies and, more directly, the astoundingly effective 1951 giant ant thriller THEM!, It Came From the Desert is one of Cinemaware’s most fully realised interactive movies.
Much to the chagrin of many a late 80's teenager, It Came from the Desert's core gameplay doesn't often involve trying to shoot enormous bugs in first person, but is rather more geared towards using your powers of persuasion to evacuate the wonderfully characterful NPC inhabitants of the small desert town for which the threat posed by oversized insects is most imminent. With this being an interactive movie it's actually impossible to die, but it's still all too possible to fail.
Luckily, as with many games of this type, the real joy comes from replaying and discovering new outcomes to individual situations and indeed the whole game. If you're even a little bit of a classic b-movie fan you need to play this game; as a love letter to the genre it is near flawless.

Jurassic Park - Amiga/DOS - 1993
I don't like it any more than you do, okay, but there are so few games that start with the letter 'J', especially within this definition of 'retro' that this is the closest I could get.
For large sections this rendering of Jurassic Park suffers from the same flaws as many of the others; uneventful 'fetch quest' style missions in largely empty open world environment. Where the PC/Amiga game differs (and excels), however, is where it also most fits the 'Halloween' brief. There are sections throughout that take place inside buildings, and these are rendered in the now familiar first-person-shooter style. There are jump-scares aplenty as you navigate dark corridors in near darkness, with velociraptors appearing, almost literally, out of nowhere.

Kid Dracula - Game Boy - 1993
Yet another game who's price on the secondhand market has ensured I've only ever experienced it via more dubious methods, this spin-off/pastiche of the Castlevania series is conceptually in the mould of The Evil Dead 2; being both a remake and a sequel to the Famicom original.
The scaled down platforming works brilliantly on the Game Boy's small screen, with the cute and characterful art in particular feeling completely at home here. 'Metroidvania' elements may be absent, but there are between-level upgrades that bring more interest to proceedings.
It's a short game, which makes the high price tag even harder to swallow, but if you can cope with not understanding Japanese, copies from that territory come with a slightly more palette-able price tag.

Leather Goddesses of Phobos - DOS - 1986
The sequel may have actual graphics and a name that is the stuff of legend (Leather Goddesses of Phobos 2: Gas Pump Girls Meet the Pulsating Inconvenience from Planet X!) but the second installment's sub-Leisuresuit Larry humour and terrible writing make it a pale shadow of the original - a properly old-school text adventure.
Leather Goddesses of Phobos has a style that is just irreverent enough for it to get away with a multitude of genre tropes and it's so genuinely funny that any missteps could be easily forgotten - if there were any (Spoiler: there aren't).
I grew up playing text adventures so I hope it's no small recommendation when I say this is among the very best of them.

Mortal Kombat II - Arcade/Various - 1993
While it's the original that is writ largest across my memory, it's this first sequel that is clearly the best game in the original, classic franchise. With enough improvements over the first game to make it worthwhile, and far fewer mistakes than MK3, Mortal Kombat II set the direction the series continues in to this day by bringing a healthy dose of sillyness to the otherwise gruesome developments.

Nemesis the Warlock - C64 - 1987
When I played this on my brother's Commodore 128 way back in the day I had no idea that it was derived from a 2000 A.D. comic, I think I actually loaded up the disc thinking it might be related to similarly named the Konami shooter.
Despite it's obvious simplicity as a single screen platformer, I've never forgotten the simple joy of defeating enemies and using their corpses as a stairway to the exit - a stroke of genius game design that I don't think I've ever seen repeated.

Olli and Lissa 2: Halloween - ZX Spectrum - 1988
I mean, it has 'Hallowe'en' right there in the title, how was I going to resist?
The Olli and Lissa trilogy is a set of exploration and puzzle solving games released between '86 and '89 on Spectrum, Amstrad, and C64.
This is really a recommendation for all of them, as each has strengths and weaknesses. I think the graphic style of the original is more unique than the that of the sequels, and the third game is obviously the biggest, but the flick-screen format was looking a bit old-hat on the eve of the nineties. Olli & Lissa II would be the sweet spot of the series were it not for the small issue of Olli & Lissa themselves not actually appearing outside of the intro and the game-over screen.
If you can put that small annoyance aside, the new character, a friendly witch, brings a new dimension to the collect-em-up format by being able to fly around the level on her broom.

Parasite Eve II - PlayStation - 1999
Despite all 3 entries in the Parasite Eve trilogy being classified as 'action role playing' games, they each have idiosyncrasies that differentiate them.
Between the two games that qualify as retro (by my definition) I was a much bigger fan of the survival horror leanings of the sequel than I was the heavy RPG style of combat in the original. I actually think the 'hot-swapping' action of the 'The 3rd Birthday' is best of all, but that is both an irrelevant and a very unpopular opinion.
Parasite Eve II is a beautiful looking game, and the Resident Evil style action is a big improvement, but the real highlight of the game for me is the boss battles - hideous, room-filling, creatures that it will take all your, and your avatars, abilities to overcome.

Quake II - N64 - 1998
Why Quake II? And why the N64 version with it's tiny grainy multiplayer screens and shonky control system? Because it's the only retro 'Quake' game I've played, okay?
I tried and failed to convince myself that Quazatron, the ZX Spectrum's brilliant isometric version of Paradroid fit the Hallowe'en brief more than this already loose connection... but it wasn't to be.
Play Quazatron on the Spectrum, don't play Quake II on the N64, move on.

Resident Evil - PS/Saturn - 1996
No prizes for guessing which series was going to be representing 'R' here, but how to choose which instalment?
Resident Evil 2 is probably a better all around game than the original, but this is a list for the Hallowe'en season - and Spencer Mansion is quite simply one of the best haunted house environments ever to appear in a video game.
It's a rare event in any medium when the flaws (or perceived flaws) of a piece manage to enhance it, but that is very much the case with the original Resident Evil. Take the voice acting, subject of a million memes, there's no way anyone could claim it had genuine quality. Yet, better acting may have telegraphed plot points that otherwise remain obscured by the stilted delivery.
And then there’s the 'tank controls', whether the vagaries of movement and inconsistent aiming exist by accident or design may never be known, but either way, they add huge amounts of tension to encounters where swift action is required.
There can be no doubt that the first Resident Evil, no matter the quality or otherwise of later franchise entries, remains an ingeniously designed adventure that has permanently and single handedly reignited a stagnant genre.

Sweet Home - NES - 1986
Brought to attention in the west by the success of Resident Evil, this NES outing from 1986 received a fan translation from its original Japanese to English almost 20 years after the original release.
It's influence on Capcom's first trip to Raccoon City is apparent from the very start, but this is a fascinating and genuinely scary game in its own right.
Played from a top down perspective, the gameplay involves, as you might expect, solving puzzles and occasionally battling evil entities. The backtracking and item management are familiar too, but a key difference is that in Sweet Home you control a group of five, and should any character die they remain so until the end and effect the outcome of the finale.

Todd's Adventures in Slime World - Lynx/Mega Drive - 1990
The Atari Lynx is one of my favourite game systems of all time. Although it lacked a big name franchise like Sonic or Mario to draw players in, it instead focused on brilliantly bringing hits from the arcade to it's tiny inch screen. Thanks to this, despite a pretty small library, it has one of the best quality-to-quantity ratios in the whole medium,
Todd's Adventure in Slime World was later ported to both the Mega Drive and the PC Engine Super CD, but it remains a Lynx game in my mind. As the titular adventurer you explore the vast slimy planet and collect gems. It's simplistic stuff, but fun presentation and a few neat ideas (having to wash off slime in water pools, for example) keep the game interesting - especially with those with the compulsion to see every part of the planet.

UFO: Enemy Unknown
The genesis of X-Com franchise can be traced all the way to 1984 when Rebelstar Raiders (a game written entirely in BASIC) was released for the ZX Spectrum, but in some ways the influences can be traced back further still, as it's another game that takes clear inspiration from the sci-fi horror movies of the fifties and sixties.
It's interesting that despite being the defacto series moniker today, it was only after this game was rebranded for the American market as X-Com: UFO Defense that the series’ first bore the 'X-com' name.
Whether you call it, X-Com or UFO, the game features a near perfect combination of management sim and turn based combat elements that ensure you’ll be hooked from the very beginning and despite the dozens of sequels, spiritual successors, and remakes it has, to my mind at least, never been bettered in the genre.

Vampire Saviour - Arcade/Saturn/Playstation - 1998
I've selected Vampire Savior, the original name for Darkstalkers 3, but any of the games in this series are well worth your time.
These 2D fighters featuring a deliciously twisted cast of monsters, villains, succubae, and various other freaks and ghouls may look a little simplistic when compared to games released since, but there's real class in the character designs and the fight engine.
Darkstalkers 3 is probably the best of the bunch, the Dark Force System it introduced was the major change from earlier instalments - a 'super meter' in all but name it brought the game in line with other 2D fighters of the era, so this is the one to play.

War of the Worlds - PlayStation - 1998
Did you know that at least one 'Where in the [X] is Carmen Sandiago' game was released every year from 1985 to 1993? I discovered this snippet of trivia as I trawled through twenty-odd wikipedia pages desperately searching for an even mildly horror-themed game starting with 'W'.
It was all worthwhile in the end however, as I was actually quite pleased to be reminded of this game. I've been meaning to play it for some time and despite having to do so via emulator (I wasn't willing to blind-buy for £40+) I'm really glad I did.
This EU only release is, a little bizarrely, a vehicular combat game - but it is thankfully a pretty good one. Each mission takes place in a different real world location taken from H.G. Wells' classic novel and sees you take control of a decent variety of era-accurate vehicles in battles against the alien menace. There's some light strategy too, and, played along to remixes from the famous Wayne album, it all makes for an enjoyable blast.

Xenophobe - Various - 1987
A multiplayer shooter a good few years ahead of it's time, Xenophobe allowed three players to cooperatively battle a variety of levels by giving each a section of the screen to themselves. Split horizontally, the view of the game would be pretty iconic, were it not, to this day, something of an underappreciated effort.
The Atari Lynx version had the potential to be a definitive port, with the link cable allowing 3 consoles to have a full screen each. But unfortunately the commercial failure of the machine meant that Xenophobe didn't find much of an audience, so trying to find two other people with both the same hardware and software was an even harder task than completing this side-on, screen flipping, shooter.

Yokai Dochuki - Arcade/PC Engine/NES - 1987
As a new owner of a PC Engine, it's nice to be able to exploit the amount of time I've spent recently researching it's library to the benefit of more than my game collection.
Much like the aforementioned Fear Effect, Yokai Dochuki is notable for it depiction of an eastern hell - in this case 'Jigoku', the Japanese variant.
The game has you play as a small boy who journeys through five stages of hell to determine his final fate - one of five endings available in the game.
It's an interesting game more than a brilliant one, with the NES version being particularly simplistic, but it's definitely worth checking out if you have the facility.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors - SNES/Mega Drive - 1993
It always boggles my mind that the (admittedly brilliant) title of this quasi-isometric run-and-gunner from Lucasarts limits the antagonists to zombies.
During the course of the game you will come across (forgive me a copy/paste from wikipedia) vampires, werewolves, huge demonic babies, spiders, squidmen, evil dolls, aliens, UFOs, giant ants, blobs, giant worms, mummies, chainsaw-wielding maniacs, "pod people" and, obviously, zombies.
Exploring the levels and saving your neighbours is made an extra joy through the game being very funny, and the accompanying music is worth a mention too - expertly capturing the monster-movie tone throughout.
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