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A funny website filled with funny videos, pics, articles, and a whole bunch of other funny stuff. I can't wait for it because the pets have ALOT of glitches on my PC but no glitches at all on my MAC! I want is something else for my time/money.

Mac Keygen Fix: How to fix core keygen on mac Download

You can stack more expansion/stuff/whatever packs on top of Sims 4 before it starts to crack under its own weight. List of The Sims 3 glitches. I would like to inform you that Sims 3 and Sims 3 Pets are compatible with Windows 8.1.

How do I fix this weird ghost pet glitch?: thesims

Meaning you don t have The Sims. The Sims 3 GPU Add-on Support TOOL With The Sims 3 releasing back in 2020 and finishing its run in 2020 newer models of GPUs have come out since then but since the game has not been updated by EA due to no more patch support the game will not recognize newer models and believe it or not make you game run slower. Make sure you are running the latest drivers for your graphics card: download the GeForce 340.52 Driver here and the AMD driver here.

Hack the Sims 3 won't log me in through the launcher (HELP

The trick is that if you go to the face designing area and you select a face part such as the eyes and max out all the sliders one way or the other, then go to a different face part and select one of the PREDESIGNED parts, and then come back to the eyes, the sliders will have reset in the middle, but. HOW TO DOWNLOAD ALL OF THE SIMS 4 GAMES FOR FREE. Save this number so you can use it for these cheats.

Solved - Flickering in Sims 2 Ultimate (Win 10)

Patch 5: This can happen if you go too far into a tomb or teleport there without having the appropriate adventure. You can refer to the following link to check the compatibility of the game with Windows 8.1. City Living and they had fixed that.

Patch a must-have fix for lag in The Sims 3.: thesims

Before I installed my cc, I tried playing Goth family once in Pleasantview, and I've already the flickering even though the game ran fairly fast. Sims 3 Expansion Packs; Our site has loads of information on Expansion Packs for Sims 3. You can learn about features, read strategy guides, and maybe even decide if they are right for you: Sims 3 Ambitions Sims 3 Generations Sims 3 Into the Future Sims 3 Island Paradise Sims 3 Late Night Sims 3 Pets Sims 3 Seasons Sims 3 Showtime Sims 3. List of glitches (The Sims 3 era) - The Sims Wiki.

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Sims 3, World Adventures, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural Sims 3 Pets glitch, any pet fur is transparent, and all animals have same black heads. Posted by. 6 years ago. Sims 3 pets glitch patch fix.

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My Sims (in the sims 3) are not aging I have enabled aging and reset the game multiple times turning the enabled aging on and off. I put a screenshot to help understand my problem, Thanks! Nraas Decensor might be your best bet as it uses a script to turn off the censor and won't interfere with any mods that edit the SWB.

Hacked the Sims 3 Showtime Expansion Pack - Carl's Sims 3

Sims 4 Death Cheats, Vampire Cheats, Relationship Cheats, Sims all Cheats and even mods get free here. I have Pets installed on two different computers, both up to date and both are having the same issue.

Sims 3 Pets Issue - Pet Adoption Glitch: thesims

I have NO idea what went on, just that my sims 3 has been messed up since take for ea to put out the latest patch to fix these bugs/glitches. Help! My dog is stuck - The Sims 3: Pets. I admit that I've sorely missed the Pets and Seasons expansion packs from Sims 2 since I purchased the Sims 3 version.

Serial key graphics issue - The Sims 3: Pets Message Board for PC

The Sims 4 ( 2020) Keygen, The Sims 4 is the highly anticipated life simulation game that lets you play with life like never before. The Sims 3: Supernatural comes with Moonlight Falls. For The Sims 3: Pets on the PC, a GameFAQs Answers question titled "Why are my horse's coats black?

How to Play The Sims 2 on Windows 10: Fix Crashes and Pink

I have fixed the dragon valley glitch, fix instruction has been included. Sims 3 Pets Glitch - Answer HQ. How to fix The Sims 3 Clothing Glitch?

Steam Community: : Guide: : The Sims 3

Full patch details are in the more description drop down. The Sims: Makin' Magic 2 The Sims 2: Pets 2.1 Summoning The Leader of The Pack 2.2 Biology 2.3 Technical information 2.4 The Sims 2 (PSP) 3 The Sims 3: Supernatural 3.1 Ways to make a. Saving the game during a full moon would cause zombies to always spawn.

[BUG] Sims Can't Cook/Fridge [Possible Fixes]

Press Ctrl-Shift-C all at the same time. Sims Medieval – Pirates & Nobles Expansion pack 15. Sims 3 2020 store. Game is a Life: The Sims 3 + All Expansion + Stuff Pack Repack imp source.

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As long as this is fixed sometime I don't care but I am a little disappointed with EA's testing standards. I hope that not happen after installing the patch. I mean for example chairs, tables and bed were not working as they should be. Sims were not sitting IN the chairs, but outside of them, or when they were sleeping in a bed.

Getting Started with Girls Frontline and FAQ's (Part 2 of 3)

Getting Started with Girls Frontline and FAQ's (Part 2 of 3)

Hello and welcome to Part 2 of Kat's Newbie Guide and noticeable FAQs that I've seen posted multiple times each day. I shall be covering as much as I can about the basics and may try to keep it updated with more information as I see more questions that are repeatedly asked in the Lounge.
There will be many links to either pictures or commonly used guides throughout this thread.
In the following table of contents, you can copy the code in the [brakets] and paste it in a search (ctrl+F) to quickly jump to the section you're looking for.
These threads may be updated or expanded upon as new information is found or corrected.

Table of Contents

Part 1 (Found in This thread)
  • [KAT01] Newbie Advice
  • [KAT02] What is Core Hell?
  • [KAT03] Where can I farm for cores?
  • [KAT04] What is the benefit of Dummy-Linking?
  • [KAT05] Types of Guns and Their General Uses
  • [KAT06] What formations should I be using as a new player?
  • [KAT07] Is it okay to scrap the story dolls (The Anti-Rain Squad)?
  • [KAT08] Why you shouldn't use (HG) Handguns as a Beginner
  • [KAT09] Why you shouldn't use (MG) Machine Guns as a Beginner
Part 2 (The current thread)
  • [KAT10] Where should I be leveling?
  • [KAT11] How much XP do I need to level up?
  • [KAT12] What Equipment should I be using?
  • [KAT13] What is Kiting and how do I do it?
  • [KAT14] What is Corpse Dragging and how do I do it?
  • [KAT15] Equipment / Skill / Tile Buff Formula
  • [KAT16] Does moving my dolls in combat affect the tile buffs?
  • [KAT17] (RoF) Rate of Fire Cap Explained
  • [KAT18] Common (RFHG) Rifle + Handgun Formations
  • [KAT19] Enhancing dolls and what to use.
  • [KAT20] Which dolls should I dismantle for cores?
  • [KAT21] What is Equipment Enhancement and how do I unlock it?
  • [KAT22] What is Equipment Calibration and how do I unlock it?
  • [KAT23] What is the chance to get a Limited Drop (both Limited Dolls and Limited Equipment)?
  • [KAT24] How do Dorms and Batteries work?
  • [KAT25] How do I create Combat Reports?
  • [KAT26] What are Tokens, where do I get them and how do I use them?
  • [KAT27] What are Tickets, where do I get them and how do I use them?
  • [KAT28] What are Black Tickets, where do I get them and how do I use them?
Part 3 (found in This thread)
  • [KAT29] How do night battles work?
  • [KAT30] Why are the dolls in game named differently than the wiki's?
  • [KAT31] I'd like to uncensor GFL, how is this done?
  • [KAT32] Tier Lists. Do they exist?
  • [KAT33] What should I craft and what is my chance for a 5-star doll?
  • [KAT34] A map shows a 5-star doll as a drop. What drops it and what are my chances?
  • [KAT35] I just got a duplicate doll. Should I use it in a dummy-link or raise a second one?
  • [KAT36] I got SR-3MP and hear she's good, how do I use her?
  • [KAT37] What are the most common 5-star dolls to craft?
  • [KAT38] What Logistics should I be running and how to I raise my Great Success chance?
  • [KAT39] I feel like being a whale, what Gem pack should I buy?
  • [KAT40] How is XP divided in the Combat Sim?
  • [KAT41] How much Skill Data can I earn in each level of the Combat Sim
  • [KAT42] Is there a point in getting multiple Challenger Medals?
  • [KAT43] When will this doll/event/rate-up be released?
  • [KAT44] Where can I view the Costumes/Animations/Live2D's?
  • [KAT45] What is the DigiMind Upgrade system and MOD3?
  • [KAT46] Capsule Stat Spill Over?

[KAT10] Where should I be leveling?

You should be following the Popular Leveling Route Guide by DMesse.
DMesse has made an easy to read guide that includes maps and how to powerlevel each one.
The max level limit on each map in his guide is important to note. If your dolls exceed that level, they will get -20% XP penalty from the enemies on that map, signalling that you should move onto the next one.
Even with a non-optimal full team of 2-star dolls can level through these maps without much problem.
On an extra note, a player has taken the time to do the math here, to show that leveling on 4-3E until up to level 85 is slightly more resource efficient than than switching over to 0-2 sooner as at level 85 0-2 becomes more resource efficient to level on. This however only did the math for those two specific levels and none of the other levels. this player at least notes that you do get x1.5 more cores from 0-2 than 4-3E, which is agreed upon by the community (though the community normally says double the cores, not x1.5, but more cores none the less). So switching to 0-2 earlier, while costing a bit more resources, if you can handle it, will net you more cores in the long run (which we all know is an important resource).

[KAT11] How much XP do I need to level up?

Here is a handy chart of exactly how much XP is needed for all levels.
For details on exact combat reports needed to level, the math is done in the a later section. To jump straight there, do a ctrl+F search for [KAT25].

[KAT12] What Equipment should I be using?

DMesse strikes again with his very easy to read and understandable guides. Visuals are included as well.
Here are the links:
Arguably the least useful of the guides as it's just a very brief overview.
This is for the limited equipment that is farmable from both the Boss Night Missions and from Events. With nice descriptions on each one and their uses. Do note that special equipment costs x3 the amount to enhance.
This is the one newer player should look out as it has simple visuals on what you should be equipping to each class of dolls.
For those who want an very detailed explanation of each type of equipment.

[KAT13] What is Kiting and how do I do it?

A reddit user by the name of Reikyu09 actually made a thread covering this nicely. I highly suggest checking it out so that I do not need to copy paste the information on it.
Do note that in early renditions of GFL, kiting was a bit different. You may see old videos from the CN and KR servers were people were quickly moving their units back and forth. This was to cause the AI to have to stop shooting and re-target your units and could easily be done. This however was apparently a glitch in the AI's targeting and has since been fixed, thus if you want to kite successfully, follow the advice in the previously linked thread by Reikyu09.

[KAT14] What is Corpse Dragging and how do I do it?

Corpse Dragging is a term for when you use 2 high level units to power level 4 characters that are essentially turned into dead weight by never allowing them to resupply. This is done as a resource saving measure for those that want to save as much resources as possible.
You generally want your two high level units to be max leveled and fully dummy linked. They must also be damage dealers, be it AR's, MG's or RF's. If you're struggling, some may compromise and use a high level tank as well, but you are then using more resources and limiting the potential of your corpse dragging.
One high level doll is placed on it's own, while the other is placed with the four corpses. Auto-resupply must be turned off in the options menu before starting the mission so as to not accidently give any supplies to the corpses. You then, in the mission, summon the single high level doll echelon and your corpse group that will be running the level. You must manually resupply the single doll and then, depending on if you plan on not completing the map, retreat the single doll echelon to ensure she keeps her supplies (as terminating the map drops those supplies you just resupplied). Then run the map as normal, using the high level doll to clear everything while the corpses hide behind or slowly retreat and withdraw in front to stagger the enemies attacks.
After the mission is over, you swap places of your high level dolls. Now your high level doll in the main party with the corpses is fully supplied and the single one is left without supplies.
Rinse and repeat.
This, as you can see, can be quite time consuming, but can greatly save on supplies.
M16A1 is the queen of this. Though not in the current EN. This is because for her to be used properly, she requires her special equipment that is dropped from 6-4N or a maxed 5-star Armor Plate (also not in EN yet). This gives her armor plating, which is normally reserved for SG's only. Armor directly reduces damage and that, coupled with the ability to equip an exo for more evasion and being able to attack allows your to kill things while taking virtually little to no damage. She is the ideal doll to do corpse dragging in 0-2 once you have this equipment (maxed, along with her maxed in both levels, dummy-links and skill).
On a final note, ZAS is a special case. She is not in EN yet, but she has the largest AoE grenade in the game and has a very short initial CD of 4 seconds. In addition, grenades are not affected by dummy-links. Her grenade also has a couple of other special ticks that need to be watched out for and her stats need to be balanced in a special way, but she can then be used, un-dummy-linked, in what is known as a ZAS Zombie Run. Which is a special corpse run that requires you to use two ZAS's with their stats only leveled so high (not maxed) to kill swarms of the robot dogs, Armored Digenerates (Tarantulas), for the most efficient corpse runs in the game. So that is something to look out for when she is later released. These ZAS Zombie Runs can be done on 6-3N and 8-1N (the latter being much harder to pull of but much more rewarding) and both can be found described in great detail in the wiki under strategies.
Here is a video to show how general corpse runs are done, for those who like visuals.

[KAT15] Equipment / Skill / Tile Buff Formula

The standard formula is as follows:
  • (Base Stat + Equip) * (Skill 1) * (Skill 2) * (Tile Buff + Tile Buff)
As you can see, equipment stats are directly added to your base stat. This includes even if it is a percentage stat like critical hit rate. A +22% crit rate from equipment to an AR would directly add to it's base 20%, making it 40%.
Tile buffs are added with each other before being multiplied, while skills are all just directly multiplied in.
For example, an AR with 40 accuracy has an equip that gives +12 accuracy. This brings the base up to 52. Then let's say there are two accuracy tile buffs for some reason, each giving +30% and +12% accuracy. These are first added together, giving 42%. The you multiply that with the base to get (52 * 1.42) 73.84 accuracy. Then add on a +40% accuracy buff from another doll to further increase that to (73.84 * 1.4) 103.376 accuracy. This of course is how it would work for any stat, not just accuracy.
Do of course note that Critical Hit Rate cannot exceed 100% and Cooldown Rate Reduction is capped at -30%. Rate of Fire is a special case and is covered in it's own section. Use ctrl+F to search for [KAT17] to jump straight to that. Because of these caps, it is important to not exceed them, as it then becomes wasted stats. Meaning you should probably swap out some dolls to better optimize your echelon.
Now, Night Battles inflict a special formula to the mix giving you this:
  • (Base Acc + Equip Acc) * (0.1 + (0.9 * PEQ%)) * (Skill 1) * (Skill 2) * (Tile Buff + Tile Buff)
This is to show how the Night Vision Goggles (PEQ's) work with the -90% accuracy penalty that is found in night missions. With a 5-star +100% accuracy PEQ, you can see in the formula that you will exactly cancel out the night penalty.

[KAT16] Does moving my dolls in combat affect the tile buffs?

No. Moving your dolls during combat will in no way affect the tile buffs as they remain static from where they were before entering the mission. Even if the dolls withdraw or die (don't let your dolls die), the tile buffs effects still stay in effect.

[KAT17] (RoF) Rate of Fire Cap Explained

The game will have you believe that 120 is the cap for the RoF stat. This however is misleading.
The 120 RoF cap is a hard cap that the game will allow the stat to hit, however having 116-120 RoF will result in the same RoF. Meaning anything above 116 is wasted stats.
With a stat of 116-120, your doll will fire at a rate of 2.5 shots a second. The reason for this is because of the number of frames of animation for the dolls. With 116-120 having 12 frames per shot. Theoretically, if one was able to hit 121 RoF, they would jump to 11 frames per shot, allowing 2.7273 shots per second, but the game's cap stops that from happening.
To add to that, AR's and RF's are actually locked at a maximum of 13 frames per shot (after CN's client was updated to ver 2.010, ARF/SMG/HG all have the same cap of 12 frames. EN however is in client ver 2.0081 and has not had that update). This means that AR's and RF's actually cap out their RoF at 108. This is increadibly important as WA2000 with her skill maxed and the use of a maxed Calico can max out her RoF at 108, meaning she wouldn't need any other boosts. Type97's self RoF buff brings her to the 108 RoF on her own so any RoF buffs are wasted on her (this is the only reason she is rated a bit lower than her sister, who can be buffed by anything, though both unbuffed by other dolls actually deal the same damage).
There are many other guns with high RoF that are in game and ones that have not been released. With RoF being such a prominent stat in increasing your DPS, it is worth paying that extra attention to so you do not cross over these caps, thus wasting chances to boost other stats instead.
MG's are another special case in that they all fire at the same RoF of 3.0 attacks per second. Which goes to show how they deal so much more damage than other guns in a short amount of time. Instead, their RoF stat is essentially turned into a Reload Speed stat (that hardly affects anything when increasing, thus generally not worth taking the time to try and boost).
In conclusion:
  • ARF RoF cap at 108 (13 frames) in the current EN client.
  • HG/SMG RoF cap at 116 (12 frames) in all clients (ARF will be bumped to this after client ver 2.010 happens).
  • MG fire at a constant rate of 3 shots a second (10 frames).
Special note: After that client update 2.010, the MG HK21 breaks the system and fires at a rate of 3.333 shots per second (9 frames) and no one knows why Team Mica did this. The newest AR, AUG, when using her skill shoots at the same rate as an MG, breaking the system as well, though temporary.
Here is a shiny chart that shows exactly how many frames and shots per second each point of RoF will put your dolls at.

[KAT18] Common (RFHG) Rifle + Handgun Formations

Ideal Rate of Fire RFGH team:
Back Middle Front
SVD Welrod ---
Grizzly Calico ---
WA200 --- ---
This is the most used and best setup for general use RFHG. Calico alone is enough to max out WA's RoF and Calico with a little help from Welrod can max out SVD's RoF. With that, both will shoot at AR speeds at x3 the damage. This squad can then effectively murder everything. Be it general mobs or bosses.
WA2000 is known as the 8-star Goddes and SVD is the 7-star goddess. This is because they vastly outrank any rifle in their same rarity and for good reason.
Calico cannot tank and must be manually swapped with Welrod at the start of every fight.
Here is a more detailed explanation on buff efficiency for RFHG squads and the common RoF RFHG formation is used.
Ideal Firepower RFGH team:
Back Middle Front
Lee Enfield Welrod ---
Stechkin Calico ---
M14 --- ---
Similar to the RoF RFHG build, but focus' on RF's that have FP boosts. This makes them a bit less general use friendly as they overkill (thus wasted stats) most enemies. Great for bosses and is the second best general use rifle squad you can make. In this setup, Lee Enfield is only 10 RoF from max and M14 is 7 away, so their RoF is still really good.
Do not discount M14, she is known as the 6-star Goddess for a reason, often out damaging many of the 5-star rifles.
Calico cannot tank and must be manually swapped with Welrod at the start of every fight.
Replacement HG's:
Welrod = Welrod can be placed with Makarov. Commonly known as Welrod-lite. She is identical in every way to Welrod other than that she is a 3-star with slightly lower stats. She has the same tile buffs and skill, making her an amazing replacement.
Calico = Calico (M950A) can be replaced with Astra Revolver to much the same effect, but at of course a much lower rate. Like Calico, Astra cannot tank and will need to be manually swapped with the tank each fight.
Grizzly = Grizzly is the best damage buffer in the game and when you cannot use her, you use Colt Revolver (SAA in EN).
Stechkin = Stechkin has ideal tiles and skills for RoF boosting and some damage. Her replacement dolls is Five seveN. An equaly viable choice. One offer's a consistant damage boost while the other offers a crit rate boost.
These two RFHG teams are the best General Use RFHG teams you can create.
Other RF's use Bamboo skills (long initial CD skill shots, also known as nukes) which are only used for bosses. This is because they take to long to come off their initial CD (10 sec or 16 sec) and then only hit a single target, generally overkilling it (wasted damage). Normally a fight will end before they even get it off if not a boss.
To use a Bamboo Squad effectively, you build a FP (firepower) focused set of HG's (all three with FP buffs instead of RoF to further increase the potential of the nuke) around two Bamboos. You then choose two Bamboos that are either Small Bamboos (10 sec initial CD) or Large Bamboos (16 sec initial CD).
You will also want to turn off auto-skill to ensure that all the skills go off at the same time to ensure the OHKO to the boss. As Bamboo skills are affected by the number of dummy-links, it is imperative that you have another echelon to escort them safely to the boss unharmed.
Here is a detailed guide on how to build your Bamboo squad and why you should use a Small or Large Bamboo squad.
Here is an extra guide on general RFHG builds with some extra.

[KAT19] Enhancing dolls and what to use.

When enhancing dolls, you should only ever use 2-star dolls. 2-star dolls drop from everything making them great for enhancing fodder. To add, they cannot give you cores.
One of the easiest ways to acquire large amounts of 2-star fodder is to Auto-Run mission 1-2. This mission can be done with any team, including five level 1's of any composition. The mission only takes 10 min and will guarantee you 1-3 fodder dolls. You can then run this over and over. If run for two days (other than when sleeping) those 5 level 1 dolls will actually turn into level 30's in the process. They'll hit that level 30 in a day and a half if you dummy-link them as you go too.

[KAT20] Which dolls should I dismantle for cores?

3-star dolls are generally the main target for this. However, if you ever plan on using that doll, you may want to keep extras to dummy link it later. You get 1 core per 3-star doll.
4-stars are often not scrapped for cores unless you already have that doll maxed or never plan on using it. You get 3 cores per 4-star doll, but if saved for a dummy-link, that dummy link would normally consume 9 cores.
5-stars are scrapped even less so than 4-stars. They are much rarer and you should think twice about scrapping one for cores. You will only get 5 from scrapping one, but they count as 15 if used in a dummy-link if you plan on using them. This should generally be avoided unless you already have one x5 dummy-linked.
Never scrap 2-star dolls unless you have absolutely no dolls to enhance. They offer little resources and no cores.
Never scrap unique dolls that have skills that cannot be found on another.
Some dolls also get remade, such as FAL. Originally she had FAMAS's skill and was quite terrible. Later Team Mica remade her to have her unique 3-toss Grenade Skill. So keeping one of each doll is recommended if you have the space.

[KAT21] What is Equipment Enhancement and how do I unlock it?

Equipment Enhancement is unlocked by completing 1-4N.
Equipment Enhancement works like T-Doll Enhancement, in that you sacrifice fodder to upgrade others. Unlike dolls though, equipment that is enhanced gets a +1 to +10 which augment the base stats of the equipment.

[KAT22] What is Equipment Calibration and how do I unlock it?

Equipment Calibration is unlocked by completing 2-4N. Along with also unlocking the Defense Drill in the Combat Simulator.
Equipment, when crafted or dropped in night missions, has random base stats. The min and max of these base stats is the same for all equipment of the same type and rarity.
Equipment Calibration spends calibration tickets and handfuls of resources to adjust the base stats of the equipment. Once calibration is maxed (maxed the base stat can be) a blue box with the words MAX will appear on the equipment portrait. If you crafted/dropped the equipment and it already has this MAX written on the portrait, it is already max calibrated and you will not need to do any calibration.
You never lose stats when callibrating.
It does not matter if you enhance or calibrate your equipment first.
It is recommended to only Enhance and Calibrate 5-star equips. You can on occasion do some 4-stars if it finds your fancy...
Defense Drills is how you gain more calibration tickets. It is a gauntlet style battle that requires 5 sim energy to do. You pick 4 teams and cannot change them midway as you then tackle a series of missions in a row. Every 10 levels gives you a reward for the first time making it there and is a checkpoint that you can start at when you fail or quit. There are armored and night fights mixed in, so be prepared for later battles.
Once you hit level 109 in the Defense Drill, it loops back to 101 for you to repeat over and over. Do not that every level gets harder and harder.

[KAT23] What is the chance to get a Limited Drop (both Limited Dolls and Limited Equipment)?

  • Normal Maps = 0.8% chance to drop when S-Ranking the boss and a 0.8% chance to drop when S-Ranking the map.
  • Emergency Maps = 1.0% chance to drop when S-Ranking the boss and a 1.0% chance to drop when S-Ranking the map.
  • Night Maps = 1.0% chance to drop when S-Ranking the boss and a 1.0% chance to drop when clearing the map (there are no ranks for clearing night mission maps).
Auto-battles count as S-Ranking everything on the map and S-Ranking the map. So that's two chances.
Normally it takes 100-200 runs to get a special drop. But it is all up to the RNGods, so it can take longer. They are rare drops.

[KAT24] How do Dorms and Batteries work?

  • Dorms themselves are another resource generator in GFL.
  • Dorms generate affection for your doll's once a day (resets at 00:00 UTC-8).
  • Affection gained is based off of the comfort of the Dorm they are currently in.
  • The Dorms have a number of auxiliary rooms. The Pet Room, the Data Room and the Fairy Lounge (not in EN).
  • The Dorms generate batteries for use on Auxiliary Room upgrades and to create Combat Reports.
  • The Dorms are the home of the true Cash Gatcha. In game, it is known as the Re-supply and is where you get your furniture for your dorms and have a 2% chance at getting event costumes in exchange for tokens.
  • Server time is UTC-8
  • Pickup is 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-20:00.
  • Friend battery restock time is 3:00 and 15:00.
  • If you miss your battery pickup, the batteries will build up in the condenser for your next pickup, up until it hits the capacity.
  • The capacity is based on the number of dorms you own. Maxing out at 800.
  • You gain more batteries from your condenser based on how comfortable your dorms are. The higher the comfort levels, the more batteries. With 10 dorms at max comfort, you can gain 200+ batteries from just your condenser a day.
  • After each Friend restock, only 10 people can pick up from each friend. So if they are empty, 10 people got there before you. Show up in the first 15-30 mins and you should guaranteed be able to pick up your 10 for the day. 5 Collects also gets you 20 more batteries from a daily quest.
  • Friend batteries are based on the number of their dorms. This is why you get 2-10 batteries from each friend each time you pick up batteries from them. Allowing 10-100 batteries from friends a day (+20 from the quest).
For myself, I'm in CDT time, so the conversions are:
  • 6:00am Friend Restock
  • 2:00pm to 5:00pm for the 15 hour condenser pickup.
  • 6:00pm Friend Restock
  • 8:00pm to 11:00pm for the 9 hour condenser pickup.
The 15 and 9 hour mentions is how long the batteries had time to build up from the last time. Meaning if you grab them at both times each day, you'll notice the first pickup will give you more batteries than the second. Of course, it doesn't matter if you miss a pickup as it carries over.
Battery Usage
  • If the Fairy Lounge was out in EN (will be released with Fairies, whenever that is), it would be the number one priority to use your batteries. The Fairy Lounge affects how many command points you can have and how quickly you generate them. These are required to use your Fairies' powerful abilities.
  • First Priority (since the Fairly Lounge is not an option) is to max upgrade your Data Room. Do not create reports while upgrading your Data Room as that just slows down the process. More details on that covered in the next section, [KAT25] How do I create Combat Reports?.
  • Now that the Data Room is maxed, you can focus on generating Combat Reports or choose to save up your batteries in anticipation for the Fairy Lounge release.
  • Lastly, the Pet Room is for those who like vanity items. Pets provide a little boost to comfort in your room at an exorbitant amount of batteries. Upgrading the facilities gives you a chance at rarer looking pets. Do note that these rarer pets do not offer any more comfort than the common ones. It is purely aesthetic, thus often seen as a waste of batteries (if you don't have everything else upgraded fully at least). Here is a link to the CN wiki that has pictures of all the pets.
EXTRA: Bonus Comfort
  • (8-Piece) 4-star Furniture Set Bonus: +2000
  • (6-Piece) 5-star Furniture Set Bonus: +2000
  • (8-Piece) 5-star Furniture Set Bonus: +5000
  • (10-Piece) 5-star Furniture Set Bonus: +8000
Note: You can only have one set bonus. The higher one will override the others.
  • Pet Bonus: +1000
  • Max of 3 Pets: +3000 total
Pet rarity doesn't matter as all pets offer the same number of bonus comfort.
Do note it costs 600 batteries to buy one pet. That is 1800 batteries per room or 18000 batteries total.
EXTRA: Exact Dorm/Comfort to Battery Conversions
With a wonderful thread made my Jhyrachy, this redditor has created a simple spreadsheet with the formula they found on discord from some veteran players on exactly how the # of Dorms and the Amount of Comfort exactly correlates into how many batteries your condenser will earn every 24 hours.
If using the calculator in the linked thread, please save a copy for yourself before using it.
The equation being:
  • (2-10 dorms : 50; 85; 95; 99; 101; 102; 102.5; 103; 103.5) + 11(sum of comfort)/10000-0.1(sum of comfort)2/100000000
With this we can see that having the basic:
  • 2 Dorms
  • 10000 maxed Comfort per Dorm
  • No bonus from sets
You will generate: 76.6 Batteries per Day
Now getting the simple suggested amount of at least +2 more dorms and assuming that you've managed to get yourself some furniture for the first level of set bonus you get:
  • 4 Dorms
  • 10000 maxed Comfort per Dorm
  • +2000 bonus Comfort per Dorm
You will generate: 145.5 Batteries per Day
Now it seems getting all those room upgrades won't be such a daunting task (noting that later upgrades in each room will cost upward to 1000 batteries each).
If you perchance max everything out (without pets) you get:
  • 10 Dorms
  • 10000 maxed Comfort per Dorm
  • +8000 bonus Comfort per Dorm
You will generate: 269.1 Batteries per Day
  • If you added x3 pets for +3000 per dorm
You will generate: 290.4 Batteries per Day
However do not that that extra 21.3 Batteries per Day you got from getting all those pets cost you 18000 batteries. To make up that difference, 845.07 days would need to go by before you start making a profit (in batteries). That's 2.3 years. This is why it is generally said to ignore the pet room and pets as they do not help you any time soon (in fact no one at all, as even CN has only been out for only 2 years now).
Of course, let's ignore the pets and look at the 269.1 and add 100 from friends (assuming you have whale friends with 10 dorms) and 20 more from quests, you can then get 389.1 Batteries per Day, but fine, if you had pets too, that's 410.4 Batteries per Day you could possibly achieve ever.

[KAT25] How do I create Combat Reports?

To create a Combat Report, from the main menu, click on Dorm. The third tab on the top of the Dorm screen says Auxillary Rooms. Click on that and select Data Room. In the Data Room, you can select the Desk to force Kalina to slave away at making you Combat Reports.
It will cost you 3 batteries and 3,000 surplus XP to generate one report. However Kalina can craft multiple reports at the same time and the time needed to generate the reports will not increase.
To be able to craft more reports at once and to do it quicker, the Data Room must be upgraded.
With a fully upgraded Data Room (level 10 everything), you will have:
  • 20% surplus XP from non-max dolls
  • 100% surplus XP from maxed dolls
  • Store 240,000 surplus XP
  • Craft a max of 80 Combat Reports
  • Takes 1 hrs to craft Combat Reports
As you can see, this is why it is recommended to upgrade the Data Room fully before creating Combat Reports. Not only will you be able to gain more surplus XP, but you will be able to hold more of it.
Crafting 80 reports will completely consume the 240,000 surplus XP that you can store and will cost you 240 batteries. As stated, you will generate 200+ batteries a day from having 10 dorms with maxed comfort and you can gain another 30-120 batteries from friend's rooms and the daily quest giving you more than enough batteries and a bit left over.
And all those reports would be crafted and ready to shove into your dolls in only an hours time (not a pretty image, but it was in the comics when you open the game...).
It takes 1088 Combat Reports to go from level 1 to 100.

[KAT26] What are Tokens, where do I get them and how do I use them?

Tokens are considered the true cash currancy in the game. More so than gems, as gems can, while slowly, be more easily obtained by playing.
Tokens are used in the Dorm's Resupply. This is for collecting furniture to add comfort to your rooms and give you a 2% chance at those rare event costumes (and no, the costumes do not add any stats to your doll, just makes them more adorable).
There are only a few ways you can earn tokens. One is from doing the following quests:
  • You can earn 1 Token from the Daily Quest for clearing 5 maps.
  • You can earn 1 Token from the Daily Quest for completing 3 combat simulations.
  • You can earn 1 Token from the Daily Quest for crafting 3 dolls.
  • You can earn 1 Token from the Daily Quest for crafting 3 equipment.
  • You can earn 1 Token from the Daily Quest for repairing 15 dolls.
  • You can earn 2 Token from the Weekly Quest for killing 10 bosses.
  • You can earn 1 Token from the Weekly Quest for doing 5 skill training's.
That nets you a maximum of 38 tokens a week.
Yes there are a couple one time quests to get you 10 or so more tokens, but as they can only be done once, we'll leave that out.
There are also two Logistics, 6-4 (12hr) and 0-4 (24hr) that offer Tokens as a potential reward. With moderate luck and running both all the time, you can earn around 45 tokens a month from this at the cost of not running logistics for resources.
The only other way to obtain tokens is to spend your Gems. Unless you've already bought all the other necessities for the game though, or you're a whale, you should probably think twice on doing so.
Using your tokens is simple.
  • In an event gatcha for the resupply, it will cost 10 tokens for a single pull or 100 tokens for 11 pulls (giving you an extra pull). For every pull, you will be awarded a ticket.
  • In the legacy gatcha for the resupply. This gatcha is called the Radiant Collection and costs 40% less than the event gatcha's. Thus costing 6 tokens for a single pull or 60 tokens for 11 pulls. The legacy gatcha will be updated with old event costumes and furniture as the devs see fit (some times they show up right away, sometimes they wait months before adding them, so be patient). When pulling from the legacy gatcha, you will have much less odds getting what you want as all old events are contained in this one gatcha. You will not earn any tickets for any pulls in the leagacy gatcha.
The chance of obtaining a costume, as mentioned before, is 2%. It does not matter what the rarity/type of costume it is.
On tickets, that is covered in the following section, [KAT27] What are Tickets, where do I get them and how do I use them?

[KAT27] What are Tickets, where do I get them and how do I use them?

Tickets are a special currency that is earned whenever you make a pull in the event gatcha (Re-supply).
You will earn 1 ticket per pull (11 tickets from the 11 pull).
Tickets than be exchanged in the Exchange shop for either pieces of the furniture sets that are featured in the current event for 10-50 tickets a piece or you can exchange them for the event costumes that can be found in the event gatcha directly.
  • 100 Tickets = Common Costume
  • 200 Tickets = Rare Costume
  • 600 Tickets = Live2D Costume
Note that the Live2D costumes are fully animated when used as your adjunt and have both an animated normal and damaged form you can use. They also have special reactions depending on where you tap/poke. Thus explaining the higher cost.
Also note that the rarity of the costume does not affect how rare they are to pull. It is an even 2% to get any of the costumes available in the current event gatcha.
After the event is over, all tickets you have that are unspent will be converted in a 1:1 ratio of tokens. Thus you cannot hold onto tickets from one event to another.
Extra Note: One greatly used use of tickets is to use your extra tickets to buy duplicates of the 100 ticket costumes so that you can generate Black Tickets.

[KAT28] What are Black Tickets, where do I get them and how do I use them?

Ever wonder what happens when you give a duplicate costume to a doll?
No? Well, either way, what it does is generate a Black Ticket (also known as a Black Card), while still giving you another copy of the costumes poster.
These Black Tickets are used in the Black Ticket Shop to exchange for past costumes. However, unlike the Radiant Collection (the legacy gatcha), it is not up to chance and you can directly exchange these Black Tickets for costumes.
Of course that is once the Devs add those costumes to the Black Ticket Shop. Just like the Radiant Collection, some costumes are added right away after the events end and some don't show up till a couple months later.
The exchange rate goes as follows:
  • 3 Black Tickets = Common Costume
  • 5 Black Tickets = Rare Costume
  • 8 Black Tickets = Live2D Costume
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Welcome to 2020

This is in no way meant to harm or upset non-Sim people. This is my opinion only.
* Vampires – they STILL can’t do laundry. No Maxis, I’m not using the disgustingly glitched “dryer”, which almost always catches fire, unless your sim has over 9000 handiness to ensure the fires don’t happen on a daily basis. For the sake of all energy-aware Vampires, let them place laundry on the clothesline.
* Mourning – I get it, someone close to you dies and you become sad. At this stage, the continuous death cycle in an aging simulation should cause grief in some Sims, but not every Sim! My Sim doesn’t need to have a life-altering debuff for TWO DAYS from the death of a sim she met once. Yes there should be a debuff, no it shouldn’t last for two days, yes you should gain a mourning debuff for appropriately related sims or appropriately strong relationships/friendships and no we shouldn’t be punished for wanting continuity in our Sims universe. Death happens, but chill out.
* Cemetery – Speaking of death, where the hells bells is our cemetery lot? I feel like we’re being punished again for playing a game that simulates an aging pixelated population. Imagine the ability to visit a cemetery with your loved ones graves, place them lovingly and buy flowers from a stall vendor (an amazing opportunity to utilise the useless flower arranging skill), strengthen connections with past matriarchs and patriarchs, a peaceful place where children, teens and elders could come and sit to chat with their forgotten loved ones. While you’re at it Maxis, give us a designated Cemetery lot with additional lot traits i.e. Peaceful Place – no angry or mean spirits reside here, Haunted – a place where the mean and angry reside, etc. In addition to any kind of lot traits, bring back the good old Sims 3 Crypt; let our sims explore an underground world filled with spooky ghosts and walking skeletons (utilising the beauty of another expansion and it’s concepts - Selvadorada), let them fight their way to untold ancestral treasures or harness their skills to avoid traps and poisonous snakes! Can you imagine placing a family heirloom, like a photo or painting into a chest that is unlockable for future generations only? Give us a chance to harness the ridiculously useless kleptomaniac trait, open locked treasures and steal them for yourself. Create yourself a pet cemetery where you can visit your ethereal loved ones!
* Junkyard – Why are spare parts so expensive? Give us a place to scavenge through other people’s junk for pete’s sake. I want to rummage through enormous dumpsters to find evidence (Detective career), old food and forgotten electronics and toys (let us repair broken junk and resell that repurposed junk on some kind of Sim eBay damnit), I want to see the new sentient robots lurking around the junkyard looking for replacement parts and engineers digging through mountains of useless electronics stealing the copper wiring. I want to see stray junkyard dogs and cats defending piles of rotten fish, the odd Vampire looking for discarded hospital blood bags, some homeless Sim wandering their trash paradise looking for morsels of scrumptious forgotten foodstuffs. Give us a new lot trait that means a junkyard generates more collectibles, a stall for people to sell their junk at that gives them future discounts on purchasable items, access to an exclusive online Sim club that mirrors ‘trash and treasure’ so you can browse Bella Goth’s old, unwanted furniture.
* Energy Efficiency – What is the precise function of a garbage bin? Why isn’t garbage more of a comical issue for Sims? Do you remember the trash piles and used pizza boxes in the Sims 1 that would take you hours to clean up? How about the recycle bin that was introduced? I want my pixelated people to have a conscious about environmental issues; I want to see environmentally driven Sims who can clean up trash piles in ANY neighbourhood, not just Sulani, I want a recycling system that gives my Sims access to reduced household bills, I want solar panels to place on rooves that reduce household electricity use, how about a water tank that Sims can access to water their harvestable gardens? Its 2020 Maxis, you need to get with the program and introduce some more energy efficient ways our Sims can contribute to their environment! I even suggest implementing a few devices Sims can exercise on to generate some power for a (Tesla-style) battery, let Sims see their daily/weekly/monthly water and power allowances, reward Sims who produce more power and feed it back to the grid and punish those who use power willy-nilly! Let celebrities and commoners alike join the fight for conservation, sustainability and environmentally friendly practices, throw protests and hold rallies, donate to charities for wind turbines and solar farms, heck, I could go on all day.
* Transport – So the bike thing is cute, LONG OVERDUE, but cute. But I expected more Maxis. If you’re going to divide up neighbourhoods for faster loading times and never give us cars, at least give my Sims some options to utilise different forms of transport within these tiny, secluded and unlively neighbourhoods, sheesh. I want to see a freakin’ hoverboard, what good are engineers or scientists if they can’t make hoverboards? I want kids to ride scooters, those weird Segway things, WHERE DID THE PRAMS GO MAXIS?, and everyone to have access to skateboards, roller-skates, ice-skates and rollerblades. If you won’t let us ice-skate on the frozen ponds, rivers, bays, beaches and lakes (or swim, goddamn Maxis, get it together) then can you make some competitions for active Sims to participate in; like Figure Skating, Synchronised Swimming and Roller Derbies. It also might give us a reason to not feel weird that there is a male figure skating body suit in the athletics tab.
* Newspaper – Give it back! How are my Sims meant to keep up with the local gossip, or births, deaths and marriages? Show me when events are happening in the newspaper, like sales, retail discounts, restaurant coupons and pet adoption notices.
* Household Funds – this isn’t a big ask, but why can’t I see an overview of my Sims funds? For any Sim autonomously earning money from fame, published books or harvestables – why, oh why, can I not see an overview of household funds? I want to see the cost of living for my pixelated pal, I want to see where I can reduce costs, I want evidence that keeping a garden alive is actually worth the pain, show me how much my Sim earnt at work instead of the fleeting green indicator of Simoleons being absorbed into my depleted household funds. Why can’t I take out loans Maxis? You of all people should know, especially when your legion of dedicated fans takes out second house mortgages just to buy your overpriced, undeveloped, lack of content filled, nightmare games. Why can’t my Sim buy and rent houses and be given a detailed account of money made, or a stock exchange savvy Sim who can play the Sim share market, or even a freakin’ account of how much money my Sim just lost wasting time on levelling up useless, boring and unwholesome skills. Give my kids a separate account or debit card so they can save up for a new laptop by selling their hideous drawings, potions and unwanted toys to Sims looking for these items online. How much rent do my roommates actually pay? Is their rent covering the household bills of them autonomously making the most expensive food in the fridge and breaking every electronic and/or plumbing?
* University – Who in their right mind decided to not allow Sims to cook on University housing lots? What greater purpose does this serve? Not only does the housing become PUTRID with rotting food and garbage that NPC university students REFUSE to clean up, Sims desperate to excel in Culinary Arts are meant to level their skills HOW? It’s not working, fix it! Give us back our stoves, damnit.
* Ancestry – here we go again with the whole ‘why are you doing this in a game where the population ages’ concept, you are punishing fans by not investing more into the ancestry system. Give Sims the ability to look at family histories, without having to have ever met them (read up on a grandfather who worked as Police Chief in the prime of his life, or find out where a long-lost relative is living in the city), give Sims the options to view the ancestry of other Sim families by subscribing to their website, or shop around for suitable genetics to repopulate with an online Sim sperm/egg bank. Why isn’t doing generation challenges challenging? All the fun of creating a successful lineage is crudely displayed with no extra information about Sims.
*Biographies – LET US WRITE SIM BIOGRAPHIES. Make these viewable in the family history section, let us write them in create-a-sim, let us express our creative differences by adding weird and interesting biographies for townie and NPC Sims and for goodness sake, let us define family members or roommates by adding histories to our Sims households.
* Celebrity Family Members – Why can’t my Sim properly introduce themselves to their famous family member? What horrible barrier have you created between the famous and common Sims? They have feelings you know, and they are sad that they have to ‘attempt an introduction’ to a visiting family member. Shame on you.
* Personality Traits – Wow, just wow. The game is how old and we’ve only been gifted a handful of new personality traits. Unless you mod the game there are no new, exciting or different personality traits available to players. Not only is there a serious lack of choice when it comes to picking traits, the existing traits themselves have the ability to add literally no depth to your character. Why is there a kleptomaniac trait when your Sim can’t needlessly steal anything and everything, pick people’s pockets or steal candy from children? The consequences for not indulging your personality traits are almost zero. You get a minor debuff that can be easily ignored. I want to go to gaol for being a kleptomaniac and picking pockets, I want to be invited to make my own cooking show as a foodie or be challenged to cooking feats of strength, I want my glutton Sim to possibly eat themselves to death and my good Sim have the ability to sign up to fight super crime.
* Character Values – Could these values, once achieved, have a little more weight? Shouldn’t my good mannered Sim be praised by their principal and receive awards, can’t my empathetic Sim volunteer at a Vet Clinic? What if my irresponsible Sim could start bin fires? Why aren’t my argumentative Sims really good at debating? Also, at what point would conflict resolution be beneficial to Sims in the Sims 4 universe? There is no conflict. There are no autonomous break-ins, or street fights or babies that need rescuing from fires. It makes me sad how much this concept is used to influence your life as a child and teenager (not that we’d forget because it’s blasted in your face every few minutes because your kid can’t find their goddamn toys) and yet it has absolutely no impact or consequences when fulfilled or ignored.
* Aspirations – Can we see the much needed refresh, overhaul and updating of the aspirations? Not only are they broken (you cannot complete certain aspirations on some Sims for some inexplicable reason), they are boring, they don’t empower the concepts your employing and there is little to no gratification at accomplishing aspirations except that you get to spend the rewards on old, outdated and unimaginative purchasable traits. Give us reward items, give us new traits and give us some depth!
* Pets – Why can’t I give my howling dog or cat a treat to shut them up when they’re on heat? The continuous, aggravating melody of your pet on heat is the reason I don’t own pets. Also, who adds occult themed concepts to their game and doesn’t give fans new varieties of pets? Where are my vampire bats who can be summoned at will to find you a new victim? Why can’t my alien Sims use telepathy on dogs and cats to make them more obedient? Who in their right mind releases a Witch themed expansion with no pet owls, toads or rats!? WHY?
* Skill Challenges – Do you remember having to visit all the bars in the world to learn new drink recipes? Do you remember cycling through how many specific fish you needed to acquire before becoming an angling expert? I’m not talking about ‘Collections’(a depressing experience in itself), I’m talking about writing ten mystery novels and becoming more adept at it, at running for 20 hours on a treadmill and being rewarded with becoming less sweaty and a whole plethora of Sims 3 skill challenge concepts. The skills in the Sims 4 are empty, even after reaching the pinnacle of your Sims skill i.e. photography, your Sim is still producing shitty quality versions and being punished for ever having levelled that skill in the first place. Maxis, this will not do. You need to diversify the skill lines, give Sims challenges to conquer and rewards to anticipate, new recipes to unlock, new socials and more skill-related Sim abilities. Reward them for being the top of their skill and stop making the journey to the top seem so useless and unrewarding.
* Health and Hygiene – Goodness knows how my Sim contracted a cold in a pixelated world, but why can’t I visit the freakin’ hospital? An immersive and fun concept, hospitals became a rabbit warren of long, terribly planned hallways, strange doctopatient interactive behaviour and a living nightmare for anyone planning on climbing the career ladder when the PUDDLES WON’T DISAPPEAR! I want my sick Sim to feel like I love them and want to care for their health and wellbeing, why do pets get all the love? Just because pets act like they’re semi-possessed and leaking fluids from every orifice, why aren’t sick Sims allowed to visit the people Vets? Do you want them to suffer Maxis?
* Inventory – you refuse to fix something that has been broken and almost unusable since launch. Not only do items glitch out so they can be neither sold or deleted (even if you place them in the world, they remain there, haunting your Sim forever), you will not show us the content of the stackable items and their quality meaning we have to sort through flowers, food, paintings, photos and more by placing them individually to see their quality. What the hell, Maxis? Why does my Sim need to stop what they are doing to open a goddamn box that contains something? I’m looking at you tiny Sim statues!
* Occult – My Vampire Sim visited a lot recently and after drinking the blood of every Sim in sight, she went home – only to be invaded by the people who now despised her and autonomously did jobs around my Sims home. Can you fix the damn doors? Can you fix the NPC and Townie interactions with Sims and their household lots so you don’t have randoms (only key holders) enter your actual house? No, I’m not locking the door for everyone because that in itself creates a wide variety of other problems.
* Clothes – I’m not even going to get into the nightmare that is create-a-sim, but can I ask why teen to elder female Sims have one quarter of the amount of clothing options for winter as males do? Did you put them in a box somewhere in your attic next to your forgotten office Christmas decorations? Because they aren’t there. At all. You should get on that.
* Wasted Opportunities
A Criminal Career option that allows you to break into other Sim’s homes, a Doctor career option that lets you save someone’s life on the neighbourhood lot who is choking on another horrible gourmet fruitcake, or basically functional jobs and careers that provide extra incentive to get out in the world and interact with it.
Makeup, Fashion and Tattoo parlours. Let me earn money by building a salon where Sims can pay to be made-up. Give new hairstyles, tattoos and makeup a bit more depth by adding buffs, career choices and traits (can you imagine a Fashion Victim Sim trait where they need to constantly buy new clothing, new hair and makeup otherwise their Sim eyeballs will fall out?).
Neighbourhood Lot Seasonal Events. No, not the creatable kind, the change of season should bring people into your neighbourhood lot for a variety of reasons. Why aren’t the artistic Townie Sims setting up easels to paint on in Spring, or protestors randomly gathered in the street to promote climate change in Summer? Why not a parade for Harvestfest that passes down your street? Or people clearing the streets of snow? Bring back ice cream trucks and seasonal festival events at parks.
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