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Game Description; Videos; 0 Comments; Visit and Play. Guia Mu Online Season 15 Episodio 3 Home; Social. Everything is in sword art online! Post your ads for Free in the Mauritius Classifieds. To play download new client! MU Online Private Server - Farm to Win - Balanced PVP Gameplay - Active & Friendly Staffs - Maximum of 6 Option - Maximum of 3 Sockets - Maximum Sphere ( Penta ).

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Mu online season 7 private server mu online 4 dupe mu online goblin points mu online 1.04 h mu online pvp guide mu online hack 2020 mu online forum webzen. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Swamp of Peace (Season 3) Swamp of Peace(Season 5) La Cleon. HUGE AGILITY DAMAGING. Metacritic Game Reviews, MU Online for PC, This combat-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game features seven different worlds for you to explore.

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Shoreline Point: This lovely lot is my present to all of my sims 3 friends. In order for you to continue using Rosetta Stone, we will need to add an additional license seat to your Activation ID so that you may activate your program again. 82 Free Game Keys, Freebies & Giveaways for November 2020. Players can choose from the CLASSIC Five (5) classes of Dark Knight, Dark Wizard, Fairy Elf, Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord, and participate in a variety of official combat-centric events and prize challenges. MU, MU online, Season6, private server, Battle Core, private MU online, free to play, mmorpg, auto play, free rpg, Free2Play, PVP, multi client and jewels, season XIV. NPC Shops sells: Wings, Jewels, Excellent sets, Exellent.


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MU Online is a 3D MMORPG that takes you, the player, into a fantasy world full of excitement, adventure and monsters. Mu-HardCore Season 6 Episodio 3 - MMORPG 3D Gratuito - Premium. Selling online globally requires vast systems and services to manage the entire commerce operation. Guild Name: Guild Logo: Guild Master: Score: 1: SWITCHER: DRUGL0RD: 10: 2: MUGAMERS: Boombastic: 4: 3. Roly Poly Cannon 3 Hacked. Mu Online - MuEurope Season 15 Part 1-3 Rankings Players.

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Mu Online Season 15 Part1-3. Top Mu Online Servers - MU Private Server List. Join MU Online; the free-to-play fantasy RPG based on the legendary Continent of MU! GameMaster (GM) Commands - v0.97 Complete. It endeavors to provide easier hardware accelerated video audio editing solutions. Pdf Rotator Serial Code.

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Learn more about [faculty member] online [faculty member personal website, social channels] Author: Microsoft Office User Created Date: 8/13/2020 2: 29: 20 PM. STATS Top Duel Top Resets Top Pks Top Guilds. MU ORIGIN 2 Mobile Game visit this link. Review mu the matrix season 15.1! Mu Online Private Servers; Server; Info Link: Visit and Play: Share: Vote: Vote for us: Location: Canada: Versions: Season 3 Episode 1: Types: Balanced Classes eventos exclusivos servidor premium friendly players Season3 S3E1 PvP Balanced 9999x MuOnline: Server. Property, Jobs, Services, Travel, Hotels, Home Decor, Pets and more.

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EliteMU Online - we are Big and Popular Private Server with 3 different Servers Unique with our Hard Economy system, Nice Leveling Road, Interesting and well-considered Gameplay and Good Configurated server [In MU We Trust] - Join Us. Season 12 - Part 2: Quests Unbalanced 07-12-17, 12: 52 AM. This is a familiar world with old school Chronicles, 5 classes and castle capture, but the game has a number of features. Solved: Can I transfer my Sims 3 Game(plus expansions) to. To celebrate upcoming Expedition, we have prepared events for adventurers. Tron unblocked, Achilles Unblocked, Bad Eggs online and many many more.

Hurricane Delta

Hurricane Delta is currently a Category 3 hurricane and is expected to remain or near that strength at landfall.

A note on the name: When we go past 21 named hurricanes in a season, we switch to the Greek alphabet. It is 21 because in the English alphabet name list we do not use Q, U, X, Y and Z. This has only happened once before, in 2005. Here's the Greek alphabet, for reference: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu, Nu, Xi, Omicron Persei 8 , Pi, Rho, Sigma, Tau, Upsilon, Phi, Chi, Psi, Omega. You can learn more about hurricane names here.
Please look to local news, local weather, and local and state emergency management agencies to find out more about how you may be affected, if you need to evacuate, and steps on getting prepared. Please everyone stay safe.
U Forecasts, Predictions, and Watches/Warnings
Tulsa Preparedness & Planning
College students should check out their university's emergency alert system - if you're not signed up to get notices, you should!
Useful links on: hurricane preparedness, emergency kits, emergency supplies for your car.
Louisburg Other things worth thinking about or getting:
  • General: A cooler. Fun/mental health stuff - books, games, etc. Cash. Weather radio and batteries. Flashlights > candles. Backup cell phone, laptop, or other batteries. Extra water. Hand sanitizer. Comfort items (a toddler's blankie, the puppy's favorite toy, your grandpa's watch you can't imagine losing).
  • Specialized: Transportation and assistive devices (think especially about children, pets, the elderly, people with disabilities).
  • Cars: Gas. Window breakeseatbelt cutter.
Gattaca Florida Safety:
  • Check your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries!
  • Watch out for downed power lines. Never assume it is dead. Avoid it.
  • Assume floodwaters are deeper than they look. Turn around, don't drown.
  • Learn your flood and evacuation zones!
  • Food safety from the FDA and USDA.
  • If your home floods and you need to go up, head for the roof. Keep an ax in your attic to get out that way if you need it.
  • Be aware of potential 911 delays.
  • Evacuate! If you can, check on people you know to see if they need help evacuating if you can offer it or put them in touch with someone who can.
Hertfordshire Documentation:
  • Bring it with you.
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For long-term preparedness, check out CERT training information.
Holland Evacuation
College Information
We'll be updating this list as we get information.
/CFB Ball Louisiana
University Update Sources
Grambling State Monitoring 1
Louisiana Tech Monitoring 2
LSU Monitoring 3
LSU Alexandria Online on Friday 15
McNeese State Closed scheduled to reopen on Monday 10/12/20 4
Nicholls State Monitoring 5
Tulane Monitoring 6
South Louisiana Community College Classes after noon on Thursday move to online. Classes canceled Friday. 18
Southeastern Louisiana Monitoring 7
Southern University Classes after noon on Thursday move to online. Classes canceled Friday. 8, 17
UL Lafayette Classes after noon on Thursday move to online. Classes canceled Friday. 9, 16
New Orleans Monitoring 10
Dillard University Monitoring 11
University of Holy Cross Monitoring 12
Loyola University New Orleans Monitoring 13
Xavier University Louisiana Monitoring 14
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18
Touchdown Game Information Penalty Flag
We'll be updating this list as we get information.
This list includes all games played with teams in affected states. Many may not be affected, but given the ripple effects of things like travel and the particular complications of scheduling this season, we've listed them all here for reference.
Date Time Home Team Away Team Game Location Update
10/8 7:30 PM ET Houston Tulane Houston, TX
10/10 Noon Liberty ULM Lynchburg, VA
10/10 10/14 Noon 7:30pm ET Louisiana Coastal Carolina Lafayette, LA Date and time changed. Source
10/10 4:00 PM ET Auburn Arkansas Auburn, AL
10/10 4:00 PM ET Southern Miss FAU Hattiesburg, MS Postponed. Source
10/10 6:00 PM ET Ole Miss Alabama Oxford, MS Pushed back to 6:30 PM ET Source
10/10 7:30 PM ET Louisiana Tech UTEP Ruston, LA
10/10 7:30 PM ET Kentucky Mississippi State Lexintgon, KY
10/10 9:00 12:00 PM ET LSU Missouri Missouri LSU Baton Rouge, LA Columbia, MO Time and location changed. Source
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Addressing issues regrading about the community and the game.

Addressing issues regrading about the community and the game.
Before I start this post, I want to be clear that this post does not intend to hurt anyone, I'm just very pissed off with mostly the community and the game. Also, I want to give you a warning that this post has some vile content because of the toxic messages which I received as well
This post needs to be spread to as many people out there as to get the message around ( in my opinion)
My name in the Vesteria forums was JUSTFORCAUSE, I bet a lot of people will be rolling their eyes when they see my name but please just read the full post. All the rude comments started when I made this post.

I'm not going to admit that I did not do anything wrong because I did some things wrong, look at the post it's self-explanatory. Most people who looked at the post thought that I intended to spam the devs to make more updates, but I didn’t mean anything bad for the devs and it makes logical sense that the lack of updates has caused the death of the game multiple times. Let me show you the history of the game from the last good update Shiprock Bottom
So basically, after Shiprock bottom in July we got no updates “zero” it was weird at the time, but it would become normal later because from July 2019 to October 2020 we only got 2 map expansions only 2. And both map expansions were extremely rushed. We got a guild update which was exciting for one day and let's not forget about the 5-month game closure. In those times We got crappy updates like stamina and the data reset. And did not get to point of the inflation issues, it's like the devs don’t care about inflation, I feel like a 7-year-old could handle the inflation issue better than the devs. Holies doubled in value in 3 months, I think that Justifies the point that the devs just can't handle the inflation in this game. I'm sorry this might seem a bit rude but hopefully, you get the point
The Whispering dunes update was pretty good but the map was barren, and there were not many things to do. All the bosses were large-sized versions of all the mobs in the game. The forsaken isle was trash, the lag was a joke.
This could've been prevented if the whispering dunes update had more content.
And did you see the Huge not recommended sign to pinging the devs I only said if needed? It was half a joke and half a drastic measure. I edited the post 9 times If I was just a person who was demanding attention why did I edit the post 9 times
Come on, why are you so mean, not trying to offend you but come on. First, the updates that they publish are either not huge or are rushed. Why are you acting that I like p2w this is not a petition to add a skip to endgame option or something like that. The reason the devs are not making a lot of money is that they are handling the game extremely badly, If you have a business, and you treat the customers badly then you will make less money get that analogy, hopefully, you get that analogy. And she didn't stop there after the post she did more

So basically, she posted the link to my forum post on discord, this is not okay, come on. This caused a lot of traction to my post as more and more people from discord who had no intention of checking the forums came into discord saw her post, clicked on her link and, voila more toxic comments. This was the reason my post was gaining traction and there were so many toxic reply's
This is probably a victim drawn up by trick's discord post. I'm going to admit that this post has some good responses and some decent counter-arguments, but can you say them more nicely. Lemme make this clear they are Roblox devs, not factory workers, and in my opinion, the development of the game was so slow it would make no difference. Let me make this clear the devs are not lazy, but in the time, they made this post they were lazy, in my opinion. Most of the updates were rushed and were bad updates overall. And do you realize that all the major map expansions over the past year took a year to make, aka were in development for a year? (again, I don’t mean to hurt anyone's feelings). Oh, and the last line was rude. If you want a voting place tell me how to make one, simple. V

^. I get the point of declaring the post a joke after Trik’s ridiculously toxic post I had no choice. The toxic posts were coming in way to fast because of Trik’s message on discord on my post, what else could I have done, I could’ve apologized but how could I to a bunch of people are treating me badly. I'm sorry about getting into drama but why did you call me the R-word, not funny

For the guy in the first post, I want to point out that he criticized me on literally every post I made. I feel like people are exaggerating what I did to colossal extents, and I felt belittled by the vesteria community.
After this I got involved in another situation, involving low effort posts. Keep in mind I didn’t know that low – effort was not allowed when I was making low effort posts, it wasn’t in the community guidelines and how are you supposed to know what a low effort post and if they were allowed or not, because they were not mentioned on the community guidelines. So, I racked up closed posts.
this was the first part of the Forum things here are some links to the posts which I was involved in and got bearded by the community
After this I got involved in another situation, involving low effort posts. Keep in mind I didn’t know that low – effort was not allowed when I was making low effort posts, it wasn’t in the community guidelines and how are you supposed to know what a low effort post and if they were allowed or not, because they were not mentioned on the community guidelines. So, I racked up closed posts.

Before you go attacking me, I'm going to state the point of this post. See calling a post Low – Effort is not very nice, the word effort is still in a low effort, if you just ridicule people who make low effort posts then how can you call yourself a good community. The point of this post is to be a continuation chat for low – effort posts. All posts are posts and when a post gets closed it's like a person dying (not a good analogy but it would do).
This post had some potential like you get to list your closed posts and it will be a continuation chat for it. It's also a valid place to talk about post-closure and how calling a post low effort is not very nice

The breaking point came for me when someone made this post

Learn my lesson about making low – effort posts seriously, what lesson could be learned if nobody told me what a low effort post was. Out of my last 6 posts, this one not included 2/6 were low effort the remaining 2 were closed for other reasons. This post was so offensive that it lead me to post a stupid post, which I regret to this day.
This leads me to make a stupid post, here is the link

He is thinking that my post was let's attack the devs and be toxic I said spam the devs if needed. I don’t care if my posts have been closed that’s secondary, I care about people literally treating me badly because of some small mishaps which I did. And I'm sure that he is kind of happy and wanted me to leave (how I interpreted it).
After this, I learned my lesson and never posted a low effort post again and everything was good again until this happened.

A spam post complaining about other spam posts. Come on not funny out of all my posts only 3 of my posts were spam and all of them were spaced out over a period of a couple of days, spam is defended by a constant stream of low effort posts if I posted 10 low effort posts in one day then you can ban me for spam. Could you at least give me a warning? And I want to make this clear this was a long suspension I'm sure Berzaa knew the forums were going to close the day my ban ended, and he did this to punish me even more.
Relatedly receive Constructive Criticism from Regulars. Constructive Criticism! More like harassment/bad treatment. Oh, so I should listen to the things which make me cry, which means I am a stupid human being and many other things.

As a creme de la crop to this situation, I also got banned from the vesteria news hub for ghost pinging a bunch of people then leaving the server.

It's funny how I said 1500 words for me being mistreated by the Vesteria community. Now I'm going to talk about the Vesteria community and why it is toxic (in my opinion).
here are the links to some more posts I was involved in -

Did you realize most of the people who were harassing me on the forums were forum regulars? And most of them are testers, mods the people who control the vesteria community? I'm not saying that all testers, regulars or mods are toxic but around 20% of all mods and testers are toxic, in my best experience in the vesteria community ( my best guess and opinion. The number is bound to get higher when all the rude mods/testers/regulars stay and the good mods/testers/regulars leave or get demoted, because why not.
At least 50% of the vesteria community swears regularly. I'm not going to complain about people swearing because it's not a crime against humanity but exposing it to young kids who have never used an online chatting software and assume swearing is a good thing aka “cool” and get ridiculously toxic by learning how to be toxic by the vesteria community. I know discord Tos says that you have to be 13 to use discord but who listens to that and we're talking about young kids here most are ridiculously naive and think everyone is so nice here until they get picked on, which happened to me. Just to prove my point here are the rules for some of the discord servers


None of the servers ( revins and the vesteria official discord) state anything about bulling, swearing and being toxic in general. The vesteria discord rule said that we don’t care if anyone gets buillied ( in my onion) we are not responsible for any moderation at all so got rip. To add more salt to the wound there is a chat called Colo where toxicity is widespread people literally swear at other people who say something which they don’t like, they don’t like basically the power of free speech taken to a whole new level, even in mush town server people swear a lot. The vesteria community attitude be like ok you can be toxic in the dm and can bully people in the dm’s, if you want to get involved in the vesteria community without seeing people swearing, or some minor toxicity good luck.
Most of the vesteria community is so mature that it's hard to distingue them from adults (even though most of the community consists of kids) a fact which has been proven multiple times. A perfect example of this is when you're trying to apply to guilds. I tried to apply to vindicate (A guild btw) and I had to do an application form, kind of stupid. In the end my application got rejected because it was not "professional” enough. I going to try again but I thought I will get accepted because of these “high standards”. If you want to join the vesteria community but you're not professional, then your guild opportunities are limited.
And let's not forget about the incident of me getting harassed by the vesteria community. This drastically lowered my self-confidence and made me feel sad all the time, Im more emotional than then an average human being. I literally failed a quiz because all I can think about were the events of the posts. I keep uncovering new toxic messages to myself from 6 months ago and it drives me crazy. Im going to stop me here, don’t want the post to be emotional.
I'm going to touch on the revins now, who are ridiculously toxic. I know many people had said this in the past, but there are ridiculously toxic, they are the pioneers and boosted this toxic community. Specifically, I'm going to touch down on RevinReign because he ruined the game with his giant wallet, he hoards talons raising their price. "Hippody Hoppty your talons are now my property" said RevinRiegn he steals all the talons. It should be a line the story of vesteria
Here are some trades for good measure that the vesteria is more overinflated than you think
And do you know what's the sad part, many rich players in vesteria are extremely toxic in my opinion? Most of the people who are rich in vesteria regularly engage in profanity aka swear a lot.
Now let me talk about the game and how to revive it. It's no secret vesteria is dead here is a depressing screenshot

There were zero people who purchased the game in the last couple of weeks, ZERO. I don’t blame this on the current devs of the game they are working very hard on the game and I appreciate it. I blame the current state of the game mostly on Berezaa
Let me get this clear I don’t hate him I'm just implying that Berezaa ruined the game. He was under leadership during the time of Vesteria’s downfall. He came up with most of the ideas that ruined the game death penalty, stamina, Fight for Life, Firing Davidii. Imagine what would’ve happened if Davidi stayed as a full-time developer because he didn’t get fired by Berzaa. (Berzaa if you reading this, which is unlikely, pls don't take this as criticism, I'm trying to
Berzaa I highly encourage you to return to vesteria and work on the remake, I don’t care if it takes one, two, three, four months or even a year just do it, If you're feeling demotivated, Tell the community and take a break. Even If Berzaa doesn’t join the dev team abort the game and work on the remake if possible
If not, don’t worry I have a solution. This is a plan which will consist of 3 phases to fix the game
Part 1 – revival
The first thing that should be done in this phase is to release the pit update, because its near completion, the pit update is hyped up to be better than the whispering dunes. I think a good release date would be either be during the holiday season or right now. I want to point out that Batwing a YouTube channel that has over 10,000 subs will 100% make a video about the pit update when it comes out, This will prob boost the player count to around 500-600, I think. Now you need to start transitioning the game to a f2p game. Make the game cost 15 roux, this will be called the delta phase, alpha and beta players will receive a beta gift and delta player will eventually receive a delta gift. The next thing you should do is to fix inflation, The best thing you can do is to rework mush apoc, as the primary way to earn holies.
How will it work, there will be 5 lanes one for each party member and will be adjusted to the party member level if a player is lv 20 and another player is lv 40 then the player which is level 40 will have more mobs than the lv 20 players.
Another idea is tribune war giving holies with the currency 6 currency is worth 1 holy.
Unobtainable items such as rest scrolls should come back at a highly increased price 15g for both
There should be a new mechanic where having lots of money harms you, for example starting at 10g there will be bounty hunters killing you for your ransom starting at 100g the will become near unplayable. The same thing will happen with mass hoarding items if you have a couple of extra gold tiers which you not using it will have the same effect as having 100g. The way to combat this is to go to a bank to store items, if you deposit and withdraw money a 10% fee occurs for items you get charged 200s for red tier, 3g for gold tier and 10g for green tier for renewal and withdrawal of items.
Tax should get removed
The vesteria discord should become child friendly and the community should be less toxic, they can use profanity in invite-only groups of close friends who are okay with profanity.
More developer items should be added, a loot, gold and XP boost is in development allegedly
This phase should end with the subclass rework and the whispering dunes dungeon and an sqr rework. This phase should last until April 2021
Part 2 – oh yay shoot a flare gun ( get attention)
This should be the end of the p2w Vesteria hello f2p and tiny amounts of p2w.
There should be tons of adds of vesteria running on Roblox the attract more players
The levelling process should be less greedy, more quests, a story mode.
Before the end of paid access make the make more memorable by adding more quests daily quewsts and a story, there should be a new slot to experience this
There should be a filter period for a megaphone a moderator online should rewiew messages being sent by a megaphone to dermine if its toxic or not so alphas and betas don’t bully people. If the microphone message gests rejected for being toxic 80% of the ether spend on the microphone will go back to the user.
There should be some good lv 30-40 content pls
Should last until around October
Part 3 – make the players want to come back
The guild wars update should be released this will make the game the no1 undisputed game on Roblox (in my opinion) people who create guilds who participate in wars will prob need to come back to win the war, basically, guild territory's will make it's want to play the game, create a game and declare war on another YouTuber.
The badlands update should come out, most of the players who stuck around should be maxed and would be in prime condition for a PVP update so why not give it to them.
I might make a more detailed version of how to finish vesteria
If you have any questions ask me in the comments. Pls try not to post any toxic and rude messages, if you have some drama to settle DMS exist for this reason.

I'm sorry for everything I've done just want to make that clear, I mainly made this post to lift a giant wait of my shoulders. Sorry for the massive length, I had a lot of ground to cover
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