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Free nfs 32 bit download (Windows). ORIGIN] By 3DM You can change the user name in [HOST] Don't Change UserID and SaveID When The Game Is Running, Or You Need To Play This Game Start From Scratch. Need For Speed Simple & Fast Download! Need for Speed: Rivals registry. Need for Speed Rivals Crack has the excellent technology because of its latest upgrades. Processor Intel Core2.


Reignite the pursuit in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered, hustle by day and risk it all by night in Need for Speed Heat, or put the pedal down on another Need for Speed game. Official website (Korean) Availability. This game is developed by Ghost Games. Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) 32-Bit Processor: Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo or AMD 2.8 GHz Athlon X2 Memory: 4 GB. Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) 32-Bit Processor. Need for Speed: Rivals (PC) Specs & Prices.

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How do I access the free Need for Speed World download for PC? Cops work in teams to hunt down and. Buy Need for Speed: Rivals Limited Edition on PC here. Catching up on need for speed after skipping most of the PS4 generation. But whats the difference between Nfs Rivals x86 and x64?

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Download Need For Speed for Windows 10, 7, 8.1/8 (64/32 bits

Need For Speed Rivals is a Racing video game that was developed by Ghost Games Studios and it was published by Electronic Arts Studios. It has been officially twenty-four hours since the launch of yet another x32/x64 (Windows) game - in this case, Need for Speed: Rivals. How to use x360ce emulator with Need for Speed Rivals on PC. In this tutorial you will find steps to make x360ce work with Need for Speed Rivals. The Need for Speed Rivals system requirements states that you will need a minimum CPU equivalent to an Intel Core 2 Duo E4600. How To Download Need For Speed Rivals for free. Need For Speed Rivals Crack Download 32 Bit 089de53caf [Share on Facebook.

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Need for Speed World Free Download for Windows 10, 7, 8/8 a fantastic read. In general NFS rivals wroks best at i7 processor with 6GB of ram and 2 GB graphics memory and 6GHz processor speed, where you can increase the fps upto 60 (frames per second) (minimum x resolution). This page provides general information on the Need for Speed Rivals videogame. You can find release dates of Need for Speed Rivals, videos, screenshots and more up to date info. Download Need for Speed Rivals for free on PC this page will show you how to download and install the full version of Need for Speed Rivals on PC. About Need for Speed Rivals. Need for speed rivals crack 32 bit.

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Need For Speed Rivals 32 Bit Crack Download https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3441. For the 2020 Black Box release, see Need for Speed: Most Wanted Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2020) is the 19th title in Electronic Arts' Need for Speed series and was developed by Criterion Games. Download Need for speed Rivals from torrent( Download from pirate bay, kickass) or any other source. This registry helps fix problems with launching, installing or updating Need for Speed: Rivals. Posted 15 Jan High-stakes rivalry: Racers are lone wolves out for glory; driving agile cars built for high- speed racing and epic chases. Trainer) [UPLiNK] Add new comment; Add new comment.

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OS: Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) 32-Bit Processor: Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo or AMD 2.8 GHz Athlon X2 Memory: 4 GB Hard Drive: 30 GB Graphics Card (AMD): AMD Radeon 3870 512 MB or higher performance Graphics Card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or higher performance Graphics Card (Intel): Intel HD 4000 Integrated 512 MB or higher performance Sound card: DirectX 10.1 compatible. The game was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on 19 November 2020. Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) 32-Bit Processor: Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo or AMD 2.8 GHz Athlon X2. Need For Speed 2020 Crack Plus Activation Key And Serial Key Free Download. Developed by Ghost Games and Criterion Games, this is the twentieth installment in the long-running Need for Speed series. Need for Speed Rivals Crack + Keygen Latest [Latest] Need for Speed Rivals Crack is a racing video game.

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Need For Speed Review. Winrar 5.01 About WinRAR is a 32-bit / 64-bit Windows version of RAR Archiver, the powerful archiver and archive manager. Minimum System Requirements: OS: (Service Pack 2) 32-Bit Processor: Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo or AMD 2.8 GHz Athlon X2 Memory: 4 GB Hard Drive: 30 GB Graphics Card (AMD): AMD Radeon 3870 512 MB or higher performance Graphics Card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or higher performance Graphics Card (Intel): Intel HD 4000 Integrated 512 MB or higher performance. Need For Speed Rivals Product Code Origin Free. NFS let you play as quick race or start with career mode with single. Overview Need For Speed Heat: Need for Speed Heat is a racing video game set in an open world called Palm City, a fictional version of the city of Miami, Florida and it surrounding areas.

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Need for Speed: Rivals - Trophy Guide & Road Map. This is for the original 32-bit version This promo trainer is intended to allow you to test compatibility of our trainer with your version of the game. In conclusion then, obviously you're starting with the Nissan 240SX so you're stuck with that one for a while. Download Need for Speed Heat Game For PC is a racing video game. NEED FOR SPEED RIVALS – DELUXE EDITION – MULTI – CRACKED. It wont make the game run faster just because of a 64bit OS. As they poster said above, please post your PC specs which you can find in your system properties tab in the my computer menu.

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Today I tell you about Need For Speed 2020 Crack And Keygen from the blog. Download Need For Speed Payback Free. So you need to go to game options in Origin and select that you want to run the game in 32-bit. OS: Windows Vista (Service Pack 2) 32-Bit Processor: Intel 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo or AMD 2.8 GHz Athlon X2 Memory: 4 GB Hard Drive: 30 GB Graphics Card (AMD): AMD Radeon 3870 512 MB or higher performance Graphics Card (NVIDIA): NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or higher performance Graphics Card (Intel): Intel HD 4000 Integrated 512 MB or higher performance. If that doesn't help, set everything to low. Z. Net is designed to Download Games, Full Version Games, Download PC Games, Free Games, Download Links, Download Full Games, Download Games.

100 plot hooks for your stronghold adventures and your followers. Urban events, land management, politics and more.

A list of plot hooks for your players if they own a settlement or fort and you want to make their stay more lively, or interesting.
Or maybe they are guest of some other nobles, or they run a settlement. Or you simply need ideas for urban adventures.
This list was inspired by the famous book “Strongholds and Followers”, by Matt “Matthew” Colville, but it’s absolutely not necessary to have it to use this list. These plots can apply to any setting, game and level range.
Note: I use the term “retainer” to indicate those NPCs that actively follow your players and have a few class levels, those followers with some meat on their bones and a bit of punch to their attacks.
The hooks are divided into sections: you can roll a d100 and pick any, or roll a d10 on any group if you want a specific type of idea.
Easy hooks, outside forces. Straight-forward events where something threatens your stronghold.
1) A room in the lower floor collapses, revealing a small crypt. There are no records of it being built, and it looks extremely ancient. Just a day after, everybody in the stronghold starts getting sick, their skin turns grey and blood drips from their nose and mouth.
2) A room in the lower floor catches fire, out of nowhere. The next day, it happens again. And again the day after. The only strange thing anybody noticed was a maid that heard kids laughing in an alleyway, right before the fire started.
3) A room in the lower flood EXPLODES in a geyser, that sends foul, brown, swampy water everywhere. Something crawls in it and it attacks people.
4) A drunk dragon crashes through a window.
5) A knight completely dressed in black, on a black horse, rides up to the door, demanding a duel. If defeated, the next day, a white knight arrives, demanding a duel. The thing keeps repeating, no matter how many times they’re defeated or killed.
6) A knight completely dressed in black, on a black horse, rides up to the door, demanding a duel. It’s actually an empty suit of armour being moved by invisible fairies, looking to mess with the players. They’ll use tricks and illusion to make their opponent look ridicolous in front of their followers.
7) The stronghold starts sinking. Apparently it was built on top of a swamp.
8) The Stronghold starts floating. Apparently it was built in an area where gravity is magically weak.
9) Trees start growing around the stronghold at incredible speed. In just a day they start growing inside and breaking through walls and floors. Strange naked people have been sighted in the new forest.
10) A second stronghold appears in front of the first. It’s a mirror of it, but it’s all wrong, a bit crooked, a bit different, pieces out of place here and there. Warped copies of the players roam its wrong halls.
Alright, we had some easy ones, pure encounters, go in go out. Now let’s get more personal.
Inside hooks: your own people are involved. Peasants and followers did something you have to deal with.
11) Witch hunters arrive early in the morning and drag away one of your maids. She’s a witch, they say. Someone gave them a tip, they won’t say who, but someone in the stronghold. The locals itch for a good burning, in any case.
12) Half a dozen witch hunters are found dead inside the castle. Seems like they wanted to arrest someone. Rumours go around rapidly, and everybody is nervous. Accusations are thrown around.
13) An NPC friend with the players arrives in town with a big haul. He scammed some wealthy merchants to get it. They didn’t appreciate it and caught up before he could get away. He asks the players to hide him and his “technically not stolen” wares in their stronghold.
Legally, he didn’t quite break the law, so…
14) One of the servants is caught with a bunch of stolen stuff in their room. Dozens of items, most of them worthless. A prank? Kleptomania? How will the players punish the thief?
15) Magical items start disappearing from the players' inventory when they’re in the stronghold, and they are found inside the room of one of the servants. A big haul. “I’m being framed!” says the servant.
16) A servants is cursed by a witch and suffers a horrible mutation that can’t be easily removed. The local clerics want them burned, the peasant, horrified, want them exiled. Will the players help the poor guy instead?
A lot of people will be really unhappy if the mutant stays around, but he did nothing wrong.
17) A servant is cursed by a witch. Everybody knows the servant deserved it, they were an asshole, unpleasant and downright violent.
But they’re still a servant of the players. To insult them is to insult the players. Letting this go without punishing the witch will surely damage their reputation, and make people question their loyalty:" What good is serving them if they won’t even protect me?"
18) A servant is caught embezzling money from the stronghold treasury. They were being forced to do it, they say; blackmail!
19) A group of servants is caught organizing orgies in the depths of the stronghold.
20) Some random traveller was robbed and murdered just next to the stronghold. Probably a servant did it, many seem to know about it, but nobody wants to talk.
What for? The victim was a nobody, and nobody will ever know. Surely you’re not proposing to punish a faithful servant just for that? Let it go.
Business proposals
Sometimes being a lord means doing deals. Dangerous dels. Big gains, big risks.
21) A thief lord approaches the players, proposing a collaboration: They want to open a thieves guild hidden in/ next to the stronghold. The players will get special access to the black market, discounts, information and the guarantee they won’t be targets of the guild, in exchange for protection and discretion.
22) A fervent cleric proposes to build a chapel in the stronghold, together with a bunch of monks.
They’re clearly dedicated and will bring blessings and protection from the agents of evil. They’re also nuts and may start witch hunts and oppress the locals. Refusing will bring their hammer, and, they say, the anger of the gods.
23) A strange alchemist proposes to build a lab in the stronghold. The alchemist is talented, no doubt, and they offer the players some really neat potions. They’re also a bit unstable, and their experiments often get riiiight on the verge of going out of control.
No problem, the alchemist guarantees. All cool. Just don’t ask about the previous laboratory.
24) A druid tells the players they must let a sacred groove grow next to the stronghold. If they refuse they are an enemy of nature, like all other nobles.
25) A merchant proposes to build a menagerie. Accepting would bring the players money and useful companions, but the merchant handles the animals with awful and violent methods. Still, technically it’s not illegal, and if the players find out only after the menagerie has been built, it won’t be easy to remove it without paying a hefty fine and causing a scandal. Not legally, at least.
26) A famous artist proposes to build a theatre in the area. They are a real handful: annoying, pretentious and overbearing, but aren’t all great artists? Their talent is clear, the populace loves them and nobles love to be seen by others at their spectacles.
27) An unknown bard proposes to build a small theatre, something simple, to make the peasants happy and entertain the kids. All very humble. Too humble, other nobles will surely dislike something like this. What a preposterous idea.
28) Someone proposes to legalize prostitution and open a brothel in town.
29) A group of dwarves proposes to build a large foundry in the stronghold. They’ll produce and sell weapons to the entire kingdom.
Just imagine how much money you’ll make, selling weapons. Mountains of gold. Gold. Gold. Ethics? Eh, whatever. Think of the gold.
30) The peasants beg the players to stop with the building and fixing: they are tired, the season is hard, food is scarce.
The players can refuse an important upgrade/addition to the stronghold to make the peasants happy, but damage their reputation with other nobles, or work their peasants to the bone and gain a reputation as brutal dictators.
Spooky Scary Skeletons and other shivers in the night. Scary plot hooks.
31) At night, the peasants are kept awake by the sound of hands scratching and clawing coming from inside the walls and under the floor.
Some, terrified, started sleeping in the middle of the street.
32) At night, a shadowy knight runs around the village, hidden by the fog. Nobody knows exactly what it is, but it causes damages and gives everybody a good scare.
33) At night, a voice crying and begging from help can be heard from the well in the middle of the stronghold. Nobody recognizes the voice.
34) At night, entire fields wither and die. The plants are found completely black and dead in the morning, but no traces. It hits a different farm every night.
35) At night, one more moon than usual can be seen in the sky. But only from the stronghold.
36) At night, a massive swarm of insects covers the sky and lands on the village. They enter in every house, eating everything that can be eaten. They eat crops and animals too.
37) At night, people are brutally murdered in the middle of the village. A good, old fashioned murder mystery.
38) At night, somebody dug up all the bodies from the local graveyard and made a pile with them in the middle of the village.
39) In the evening, as the sun is setting, strange figures can be seen walking between the crops. Some farmers go towards them, to see who they are, and never come back.
40) At dawn, some peasants wake up covered in blood.
Drastic events that could radically change life at the stronghold.
41) A necromancer arrives at the stronghold and offers to put her undeads to good use, helping the players. They can be a great workforce: never tired, never sleeping or eating. Would make life for the peasants a lot easier.
42) A strange plant starts growing in the village. Eating it makes people hallucinate. The peasants love it, and they look happier and more relaxed. What will be, if any, the long term effects, nobody knows.
43) A drow enclave asks to move into town, or under it, to be more precise. They say they abandoned the cult of Lolth, and want to live a better life.
44) Horrors and monsters start crawling in the woods around the stronghold, their numbers growing every day.
Will the players delve into the forest, trying to find the source, leaving their settlement undefended? Or will they wall themselves in and hope to endure the onslaught?
45) A horde of goblinoid arrives and says they want peace. They want to move in and work, peacefully, together with the players. They have shown they are powerful and capable.
An alliance would have a lot of benefits, but other nobles and local farmers would both be hard to convince.
46) The king demands the players send a large number of their followers and peasants to help in the war effort. Most of them will never come back, but it’s their duty, as nobles, to do so.
47) A strange idea is going around the locals: they think the players are about to declare their independence, break off from the kingdom.
Sure, they wouldn’t have to pay any more taxes, there is potentially much to gain, but the backlash would be enormous. The players can squash these rumours, hopefully before they reach the ears of the king. Unless they want to consider the idea…
48) There is a strong independence sentiment growing between the locals. They don’t want to follow the players anymore, and a few rebels seem really good at riling up the crowd.
The players can squash the movement with violence, try to gain back their trust, or hey, maybe they will accept and leave.
49) A connection to an elemental plane opens in the middle of the stronghold. The players can keep it, and make an alliance with whatever is on the other side.
Their followers and peasants will become a mix of regular mortals, planar-touched mortals and extraplanar visitors. Or they can try to close it.
50) A Hobgoblin legion wants to work for the players. They are well organized, trained and armed to the teeth.
Retainers. Hooks involving your most important followers. This is 20 long because they should have more weight than an average NPC. Remember that they’re people, with their own lives and interests.
51) A retainer killed a commoner over a stupid discussion. The retainer is shocked and feels terrible. They ask to be exiled, they’ve been feeling confused for a while… all this power is getting to their head.
They want to just stop and live like a normal person, away from everything.
The retainer will be lost permanently.
52) A retainer killed a commoner over a stupid discussion. The retainer expects the players will take their side. After all, it was just one, dirty commoner. Or so the retainer says.
That would surely sour relationships with the locals.
53) A retainer gets in a fight with a visiting noble. If things escalate, it could become a formal duel to the death. That would be… really bad, for the players, whatever the result will be.
54) A retainer gets in a discussion with a visiting noble. The Noble pulls out a knife and wounds the retainer, in front of everybody. Scandalous.
55) A retainer is found in bed with a peasant. She’s pregnant, but the retailer doesn’t want anything to do with her. Her family is outraged but could settle for a hefty payment, to keep everything under wraps. Still, small town, rumours spread.
56) A retainer is found in bed with a princess! If this becomes public knowledge, it will be an enormous scandal. And the princess is pregnant.
57) A retainer is found in bed with a peasant. The retainer is in love and asks to be let go from their job so the two can get married and go live together.
58) A retainer is a vampire! They’re trying to keep it secret, but the voices of people being assaulted in the night spread rapidly.
59) A retainer was attacked by an intellect devourer. Their intellect was devoured, and they have been replaced. A simple scout? The harbinger of a Mind Flayer invasion? Will the PCs even realize it happened?
60) A retainer meets a dryad in the woods around the stronghold, falls in love and asks to be let go, so they can go live together, frolicking in the woods or whatever. If the players refuse, the retainer runs away.
61) A retainer believes the players are being cheap. They demand to be given better equipment and more magical items.
62) A retainer bought a pegasus from a shady merchant, to use as a mount. The unicorn is wearing a magical bit that makes it follow any order.
63) A group of retainers have been helping the local peasants with some monsters. Nothing serious, very easy job, but the retainers are taking a lot of money from the peasants, to do it.
64) Fight between retainers. It’s something petty, but both retainers are getting riled up, and both expect the support of the players.
65) A retainer becomes a warlock. They met an entity and made a pact, in their free time. The players realize that this new patron is considered more important than they are, by the newly minted warlock.
66) A retainer was out in the woods, hunting. The retainer saw something move and shot. That something was an elf, and they’re dead now.
The retainer arrives at the stronghold in the middle of the night, carrying the body, desperately asking to hide it before the other elves find out and come for the retainer head. It’s possible they already know.
67) A rival noble starts buying the players retainers, offering them a lot of gold, more than the players can afford.
68) A retainer is often drunk, even during adventures, and their performance is terrible.
69) A retainer is spying on the players, selling information to some rival noble or criminal group. The player can catch them during the exchange at night, hidden in the garden.
70) A retainer has committed a blasphemous act and was marked by a god. Locals are horrified and hide as soon as they see the retainer. Other retainers expects the players to do something about it.
Political hooks, if you want to game those thrones. Not every player will like these.
71) Taxes. A retainer proposes to raise them, the peasants ask to lower them. The retainer says the players can use them wisely, and in the end, the peasants would be richer than without taxes.
The retainer could be embezzling part of those taxes.
72) A peasant insulted one of the players. The law says that a peasant insulting a noble should be punished harshly, and nearby nobles will expect nothing less.
If the players find it excessive and refuse, their reputation will surely be tarnished.
73) A peasant stole from the players. They were hungry and desperate, but the law is clear: off with their head. A peasant stealing from a noble is unforgivable. Forgiving the crime would be downright scandalous.
74) A retired professor has a proposal: open a school for the local peasants. Teach them the basics, at least reading and some math and history.
Sounds nice, right? WRONG! Other nobles find the idea absurd, and will not tolerate something like that. It’s a mockery of everything their society is based on, an attack at their status. Even the king is getting involved.
The players will get in real troubles if they go through with this idea.
75) A group of [race discriminated against in your setting] arrives at the stronghold, dirty and hungry, begging for refuge. Everybody expects the players to simply kick them out.
Not to mention, what will we do if more arrive?
76) An important noble wants to visit the stronghold. He demands to be welcomed the way he deserves: massive celebrations, plenty of food, games, music.
The celebration alone will keep the players busy for days, not to mention the time it will take to prepare it, and the enormous waste of resources, food, and the time it will take from the peasants that could have other things to do.
Refusing, while tempting, would carry heavy repercussions and the anger of the noble.
77) A marriage proposal for a player. A noble family wants to organize a marriage.
78) A high-level bard arrives in town and starts mocking the players. Legally, there isn’t much they can do to stop them, but the bard often goes past simple humour, and seems to be actively harming their reputation.
Maybe the bard secretly works for somebody?
79) A group of mercenaries wants to move in, offering to help protect the land. They are talented, and they would surely make the nearby lands safer, and their price is fair. They’re also aggressive, loud and violent with the peasants.
80) A druid wants to build a temple to an ancient, primaeval deity, that almost everybody has forgotten. It’s not an evil deity, but its cult is forbidden in the kingdom, for reasons nobody remembers.
The temple would surely bring boons and blessings, but also the ire of the king.
Superstition and tradition. Plot hooks that involve regular people and their wacky ideas about the world.
81) A wounded unicorn arrives in front of the stronghold and collapses, still alive, but barely. The local peasants are ready to butcher it: everybody knows unicorns can heal people, give youth, and are also very valuable.
The players can stop them, but it will surely get a lot of folks grumbling.
82) A large humanoid (any unconventional race) has wandered near the stronghold. The locals attacked them, tied them up, and are ready to burn them in the public square, even if the humanoid didn’t hurt anybody.
83) Centaurs have been spotted in the woods nearby. The locals are terrified, they’re putting up barricades and want to set the woods on fire. There are local tales that depict centaurs as demons.
84) A wounded Humber Hulk wandered outside the Underdark and died in front of the Stronghold. The locals want to eat it. Technically, the law grants them the right to do so, and they are convinced it’s some magical creature that will give them a health boost.
85) A wolf was spotted inside the stronghold at night. The locals are convinced it was a werewolf, paranoia is growing and people accuse each other.
86) One of the players accidentally broke an old local law. The punishment would be having their hands cut. The locals take these things very seriously.
87) The locals are convinced a nearby pond is magical and will protect the village during a famine if you dump carts full of food in it.
Throwing away tons of food during a famine seems like a bad idea, but the locals are adamant it’s the only way, and it worked in the past.
88) There is an inn in town, and occasionally, a traveller disappears. It’s the spirits, say the locals: they spirit people away, no big deal. Been happening for years. Don’t look into it, and don’t investigate the inn.
89) Locals regularly bring offerings to the “guardian” of the village. A spirit that watches over them, they say. If the players check it out, they easily recognize it as a dangerous Chimera.
90) There is an eclipse. The locals are ready to kill all the babies born this day.
Put the players in the spotlight. Roleplay-heavy hooks that directly involve the characters.
91) A peasant is in love with one of the players, and start courting them.
92) A drunk peasant, angry over something trivial, throws a glass of wine in the face of a player, in front of everybody.
93) Seeing the wealth of the players, the peasants accuse them of being thieves, of taking advantage of them and their land without sharing.
94) A rumour that the players are Satanists is spreading around the stronghold. Apparently the high-level magic they use is making their followers nervous.
95) A writer wants to write a book about one of the players, a glorious ballad of their deeds. They ask to be allowed to follow them, in their adventures and also during their daily life.
96) Worriesome rumours about a player reached the ears of the inquisition. They demand an investigation: one of them will follow the player, in their adventure and also during their daily life, judging their actions. No secret shall be kept from the inquisitor.
97) A local woman is pregnant, one of the players is accused of being the father.
98) A kid arrives at the stronghold, dirty and covered in rags. All they have is a letter that says one of the players is their parent and must take care of the kid.
99) A rival of the players, encountered in a previous adventure, attacks the village and takes some peasants and some followers hostage.
100) The players go back to their stronghold after an adventure and find out they are already there: there are identical copies of their characters running the stronghold.
All the peasants and followers thought they were the real ones. Both groups accuse the others of being imposters.
C.A.Q. - Commonly Asked Questions.
Q- You mention peasants and nobles getting angry at the players, what does this mean? How do I translate it in-game?
A- Reputation was everything, in the middle ages, especially for adventurers. Some practical ideas: if your peasants are angry, they'll raise their prices, or refuse to risk their lives for the players, refuse to share info and, if things are really bad, they could riot, start a rebellion or ask a different noble to take over the stronghold.
Angry nobles mean being harassed by guards and inquisitors, higher taxes and absurd demands, it means getting side-eyed when the players leave their land and having issues when dealing with important people.
If your players aren't interested,don't force it on them, but it can always be a nice bit of flavour to add to the world.
Q- What about land management, regulations and a million other things that can happen when you have to run a settlement?
A- I've tried to keep this light and adventure-friendly. You could go way, way deeper in the management and political aspect, or tackle a bunch of ethical questions, but I don't think d&d is the right game for that. Look for different systems that offer more tools for that type of gameplay.
submitted by dIoIIoIb to DnDBehindTheScreen

The Info of the Twisted and the Twilight (DLC Breakdown & sleuthing)


Check out the links as-well (some are throughout, others at the bottom) i will be linking and updating this as it goes and the videos are a good watch
now to start we have the totalwar link from their official site; https://www.totalwar.com/blog/total-war-warhammer-ii-the-twisted-the-twilight-faq/
The Twisted & The Twilight includes:
Two unique Legendary Lords leading their own factions:
Throt the Unclean Master Mutator of Clan Moulder and one of the nine Lords of Hell Pit.
The Sisters of Twilight Naestra and Arahan, Emissaries of Queen Ariel
Powerful new units and Heroes for both the Skaven and the Wood Elves, including:


Throt the unclean - the skaven lord of the DLC master mutator of hellpit and creator of all kinds of monsters like the HPA,
ghoritch - legendary rat ogre mutant hero for throts faction,
Packmasters - a hero unit,
chieftains - (FLC) leaked in post, chieftains are in tabletop a melee hero like a skaven lord,
also in this IMAGE LINK in between the pack master and ghoritch, 3rd unit in unit bar
Brood Horrors - a monster and mount option, unit of 1
Mutant Rat Ogres - single unit monster entity, unit of 1
Wolf Rats - comes in variants, a bit in the air but seems to be poison and armoured/armour piercing (maybe a basic one too), unit of 80


Naestra & Arahan, The sisters of twilight - The wood elf Lord of the DLC, Twin sisters (kinda not though) who are a split soul and ride together on a great eagle or forest dragon of renown,
Drycha - (FLC) An evil wood spirit, at odds with the wood elves and handmaiden to coeddil,
coeddil - (evil durthu who is leaked as a mechanic of some sort to drycha)
Ariel - legendary Hero of the wood elves and wife of orion, she is the defacto leader of athel loren, one of the strongest mages in the lore rivaling the likes of mazdamundi and teclis etc (she is available for all the wood elf factions that we know of and get buffs when with orion)
Spellweavers - a new mage lord, comes with new lores for the wood elves (high, dark, life, wild and shadow)
Glade captain - hero unit possible (FLC) not sure on what they are but i think its like a handmaiden hero you can see them below in this;
IMAGE LINK to the right of ariel is a spear and bow unit similar to handmaidens of the everqueen, wood elves have a similar hero in lore called handmaidens to the mage queen i feel its either part of the rework or a FLC. Could also be a shadow dancer but as far as i know they dont use bows.
Zoats - a life magic bound spell weilding good guy dragon ogre unit come in units of 16 so no worry of single entity
Great stag knights - the demigryph knight to the wild riders empire knight, monstrous cavalry with more armour and staying power, come in units of 32
Bladesingers - elite wardancers with dual swords and magic or fire from the images, come in a unit of 100

Campaign Mechanics

the wood elves get the deep roots now which are linked to sacred forest provinces and allow when cleansed to be traversed between like via teleportation, the best way i can explain is like the london underground or other metros, you can use it but you have to wait for it to cool down per use.
there are many land changes and some are vortex others are mortal empires so this is a bit up in the air but u/Moonclawsboys24 and u/loremasterian have helpfully given some info i was not fully aware of.
sacred wood provinces;
The Sacred Pools-lustria, the wychwood-naggarond, gryphon wood-empire, gloom wood (in the border princes) as well as old areas that are part of the mortal empires apparent 8 deeproots locations. the oak of ages, laurelorn and gaen vale are also deeproot locations AFAIK so that leaves 1 more magical forests.
i am gonna say i think i know where those locations will be as there is a wood elf area in the darklands lore called the haunted forest near where flayed rock is, and the second one being up in kislev as kislev has a few dark dangerous wild woods and seems a good location for our mortal empires only lord drycha. heres a link of roughly where i think the sacred woods locations are but its very much guesswork at this point in time. https://imgur.com/a/WJ2T25v
sisters of twilight mechanics - The Heralds of Ariel - they start in naggarond, in the wychwood as they are meant to be fixing it for ariel, and they have a unique mechanic called forge of daith, basically daith the elven avatar of vaul the smith god is the sisters uncle, kinda anyway, he makes them gear of top quality and he has a mechanic with them to give strong buffs and equipment to use in your faction.
drychas mechanics - The Wargrove of Woe - is the handmaiden of coeddil an ancient treeman who is more powerful and older than even durthu, but was tainted by the evil left by morghur the shadowgave when he full on smashed that goat to a paste. since then he is meant to be withered and mad and evil, but the maliscious forest spirits are still a fan like drycha.
drycha is not good friends with all of the wood elves, she hates them so she might not have ariel as a mechanic and its possible coeddil is possible for her instead, she is his handmaiden after all. not sure on that but its possible, also drycha may not have elves available or at least have less of them so she may be getting aspects for her tree spirits, it was mentioned but we have not much to go on. lastly the start position for the briarmaiden of woe i think is gonna be in one of two fairly unique locations for wood elves
she could start up by kislev in one of the many dark magical forests or secondly and more fun in the darklands lore there is a magical "haunted forest" that is wood elf territory, but i think its more tree spirits and so on so it could be a solid ne start location, and that is the area near deathmaster sniktch.
the skaven
throt has 2 start locations, up by the most north eastern area of naggarond in his vortex and over in hell pit in his mortal empires
aside from that he has a few bits to go through.
the flesh lab - he canuse mutagenic elixer on skaven units to upgrade them, this looks like a mix between skyres forbidden workshop and orks scrap mechanic. you have mutagen as a resource and its used in the fleshlab to mutate units, the more mutation perks you put into them the more unstable they become, if too unstable the units then get different effects...
these vary from taking attrition to full on exploding like a bloated corpse (i know sounds great) and the effects you can gain sound fun too, they vary but some are things like make them sneakier, but higher up in the tree you can do things like on stormvermin at least you can turn them undead, meaning they cant run away, they become unbreakable mindless undead stormvermin and there is alot of these perks, the flesh lab seems to be split into 3 sections; infantry, monsters and the workshop basically perks for infantry, perks for monsters and the 3rd area is for upgrades to make to your labs.
lastly these mutant monster creations are processed and then available as a special ROR tab (like the empire state specail troops) for recruitment


The rework has quite a few bits so ill be breif as this post is huge already , but there is alot of new and exciting stuff.
aspects for dryads, aspects for dryads are a thing as well as treekin and treemen, it works like the orcs scrap mechanic and you have to pay to take one of the 3 aspects or none at all, they all contain benifits as well as negative effects;
-Aspect of willow - is a light attacking anti infantry aspect, its good vs inf and also buffs defense at the cost of less AP damage.
-Aspect of Oak - the tanks, oak makes your spirits slower but ups their armour and gives charge defence.
-Aspect of willow - the fast and hard aspect, lovers the physical resist the spirits have making them softer but gives speed and AP damage.
-Aspect free - of course no aspect is an option.
OFFICES the offices orionand durthu have are significantly different and more catered to what those characters do, orion has the wild hunt offices and durthu has the grove of ancients and both are themeatic and seem like good but not OP uses of the office system. i do not know but assume that the twilight sisters and the Briarmaiden of Woe will both have their own offices but can not confirm.
AMBER you still have it but it is very different, you can get 1 amber from each sacred forest once you heal them, these 8 amber points are used for 8 skills that act like the end game skills in other factions. the skill tree has also gained a overhaul but looks familiar https://imgur.com/a/lKLcer5
INCURSIONS you ask the wood elves have occasional skaven and beastmen attacks that are bad for your forest but give benefits if defeated kinda like a rebellion i guess. they arent an army onmap it is more like a quest battle, winning them heals your forest and i guess losing them does the opposite
OAK OF AGES no longer needs amber, it also still allows confederation at tiers, tier 2 oak allows confederation with the two small athel loren faction torgovann and wydrioth, tier 3 allows the playable factions talsyn, argwylon and the heralds of ariel to be confederated. as far as i know drycha is stuck separate with her faction (the wargrove of woe) to the others which is fun. the oak also spreads untainted, growth, factionwide public order and gives forest health to athel loren
SACRED FORESTS Each magic wood elf forest AKA athel loren, the new areas, gaen vale have what could best described as an area untainted system, and ill be using athel loren for this example. the forest has areas called heathlands, basically areas that used to be part of the sacred forest the areas that are linked as the oak of ages heathlands are; karak bhufdar, quenelles, karak azgaraz, carcassonne, fester spike, parravon and karak norn. these areas. if enemies, or races like greenskins or skaven own them it will lower your tree health and if you own them you can ad to your forest health, possibly allies too, and its a systemthat makes outposts a bit more important and better.
this is all the units that we know so far we havent seen the FLC unit/heroes, we have not seen the rework changes either so it is possible things like the dryads having aspects may be either a drycha mechanic or a added feature but its possible we may not see it at all.
getting downvoted for what? like really im just providing the info from multiple sources and showing a few bits in links?
turins video on the wold elf update - https://youtu.be/RoGLg7u7tvA
italian sparticus vid - https://youtu.be/HGdjKUa7J3Q
i just wanna spread info and make a one stop post for information on the dlc and surrounding content.
new info comes to light thats not here comment dont downvote because its a couple of hours old?
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