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Free Pdf To Word Doc Converter Version 1.1 serial key gen. The Athlon II X4 635 bests the Core i5 661 and Core 2 Quad Q9400, but the Phenom II 555. December 2020; Borderlands 2 gets some more info on "Gunzerker" Microsoft release an emergency Windows 7 update, just before the end of the year. Intel graphics drivers employ questionable 3DMark Vantage.

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Search the world's information, including webpages, images, videos and more. PCINLIFE has leaked two very important things – the alleged reference PCB of GTX 670 and its final performance in 3DMark benchmarks. Last Update: November 10, 2020. The PhysX library also allows for an AGEIA physics accelerator (physics processing unit, PPU) to be used, if one is installed.

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The PC version was released for the Mac by Aspyr in 2020. GMABooster is a nice application designed to allows users to manually adjust the core clock of Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 (GMA 950). 3dmark vantage crack - embirchik https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3493. DirectX 11 hardware running on Windows 7 and Windows Vista the benchmark includes six all new benchmark tests.

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Ashampoo Internet Accelerator. Vantage Point Pc Software Download, The Master Swing Trader Pdf Free Download, Microsoft Office Crack Download Torrent Pirate Bay, Can I Download Torrents Without Vpn. P roduct K ey E xplorer: Product Key Explorer is a powerful product key finder solution for Windows, designed to help users find, recover and backup activation keys for +10000 most popular software programs installed on local or network computers. CPU cores and a 384-shader GPU on to one piece of silicon.

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ExoCAD Implant Editor 2.3 MATERA crack Latest crack for ExoCAD Implant Editor Matera (version 2020.05). AMD Ray Accelerator appear to be slower than NVIDIA RT Core in this DXR (Ray Tracing) benchmark. The Intel HD Graphics 630 (GT2) is an integrated graphics card, which can be found in various desktop and notebook processors of the Kaby-Lake generation (Kaby-Lake-H quad.

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Includes several 3D application performance improvements. With the ability to upgrade standard desktop components, Alienware X51 is engineered to help you boost your gaming and entertainment experience at any time and dominate games well into the future. 3d Monitor Benchmark - 3D Monitor Tips3D Monitor Tips look at here. Overclocking, overclocking, and much more! Like overclocking.

3dmark vantage crack

Test Systems And 3DMark Vantage - Intel Pentium 4 Vs. Atom. Vista64 (Graphics Board). Benchmark applications are very popular among hardcore gamers because they allow them to estimate the. We are grateful for your suggestions and comments.

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Privacy protection, performance accelerator and amazing multifunctional tools. Vantage - Performance: GeForce RTX 3090: 2370/800 MHz: rsannino 164036 marks: 164.1 pts: 17 17: Cinebench - R15: Ryzen 9 5950X: 6023 MHz: safedisk 6832 cb: 144.0 pts: 0 3: Geekbench3 - Multi Core: Ryzen 7 5800X: 5958 MHz. Vantage (DirectX 10) - A quick user guide It's that time of the year again, today FutureMark releases their latest installment in their 3DMark series, the 100% DX10 version 3DMark Vantage. Ever since 3DMark 2020, when it was decided to not score certain tests at all depending on the hardware capability, the 3DMark score attempts to measure, for lack of a better term, the "Goodness" of a 3D system.

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Problems with my Asus RoG Strix 2020 https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3494. 3dmark vantage keygen accelerator. Intel IGPs Use Murky Optimisations for 3DMark Vantage. ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING; 23784.

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Easyrecovery professional 6.12 02 crack. In this price tag you should definately get one of GeForce GTX 560 Ti models. Download now the serial number for 3dmark vantage All serial numbers are genuine and you can find more results in our database for 3dmark software. G41 Express-based Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2H motherboard running the Windows 7 x64 release-to-manufacturing build, a Core 2 Duo E6300, 4GB of DDR2-800 memory, and a Raptor WD1500ADFD hard drive.

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With a Windows Vista requierment as well as several brand news tests it has all the chance to become as popular as its predecessors. Search and compare over 25 million benchmark results from 3DMark, PCMark 10, and VRMark. According to those synthetic benchmarks GeForce GTX 670 has better performance than Radeon HD 7950. Futuremark 3DMark Vantage – The Gamers New Benchmark.

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Kronya's OP - A Simple Guide on AR-O's Best Unit

Ever since Kronya’s debut, it has been widely known that she is insanely OP for Aether Raids. For the longest time, I resisted building Kronya as I already had a +10+10 Sothe. Sure, she can Vantage AND have a B Slot, but what does it matter? Eventually I started dipping my toes into the Kronya and holy smoke’s Kronya is insanely OP for Aether Raids what the hell was I doing without her!?!
Since then, I have been using Kronya in Astra Season. The addition of Plumeria has changed the game, and has made Kronya even more OP on Astra than she had ever been before. As such, I’ve decided to make a short and simple guide for players and their Kronya.
What makes Kronya OP
Since Kronya’s weapon has Vantage built in, and that Vantage triggers off of your opponents having any damage rather than your unit being at <75% HP, Kronya not only has a flexible B Skill but can tank hits more reliably than most Vantage units. If Kronya could only do one or the other, she’d be really good; the fact she can do both makes her an absolute nightmare.
  • Without the HP requirement on Kronya’s Vantage, just having HB, Dazzling, or Sweep alone isn’t enough to shut down Kronya.
  • With the flexible B Skill Null C, Spiral, Lulls, Disarm Trap, etc. become available.
How does Plumeria take her to the next level?
It’s not so much Plumeria than that Astra has a Mythic Dancer now and that Kronya combos well with Triple Mythic. Kronya has always been as insane in Light Season, but Eir makes Light Season so easy that you may as well use your big guns (Kronya) in Astra.
Triple Mythic is big for Kronya as it enables her to hit 71 HP (with Summoner Support) without needing Dragon Fruit or an HP Skill. 71 is the magic number to avoid Tactics Room and Panic Manor. Other Range units can do the same, but none of them can use Vantage and maintain that HP threshold.
Do I need to +10 Kronya?
No. In fact, you might not want to. Kronya only needs to be +8+6 to hit 71 HP. The higher you make her Atk and Spd, the more difficult it may be to soak Bright Shrine and Chills off of her. My Naga for example, just soaks Bright Shine by 1 point, while using Life and Death 3 and the Atk/Spd 2 Seal. If I brought Kronya to +9+6 or +8+7 I would have to put more flowers into Naga or pray for more merges/L&D 4 to keep up with Kronya.
Vantaging with Kronya is really cool, and it’s even cooler when she doesn’t take -8 Atk on the enemy phase.
A +3+0 Kronya with Triple Mythic and Summoner Support can still hit 71 HP with a +HP/X A or S Skill. Even with this max budget for Konrya, she will still manage to outperform almost every single unit in the game in AR-O.
Let’s not forget - Bolt Tower
Bolt Tower getting upgraded to 40 Damage has taken Vantage in general to the next level. Do your best to upgrade this nonsense to max. It is the only Offensive Structure that matters (aside from Fort and Ladders).
The A Skill - Close Counter vs Close Foil vs...HP+5??
Either Close Counter or Close Foil is fine, but Close Foil has more utility. Sure, Kronya can’t counter Dragon’s with it, but a problem CC+Vantage units often have is that they wipe out the enemy squad and you end up missing pots. Because Kronya’s Vantage doesn’t require her HP to be low, she has the luxury of being able to tank most of these hits. The conditional +5 Atk/Def just makes this deal even sweeter. If you already have Close Counter on Kronya, I wouldn’t worry about changing over to Close Foil as this benefit is pretty niche.
If CC and CF are both too bougie for your budget, good old Valbar comes with HP/Atk 2 for the A Slot. Most other A Skills are fine, this one is highlighted as it allows +3+0 Triple Mythic Summoner Support Kronya to hit 71 HP while getting a little Atk bump along with it. If you’re not about that Triple Mythic life, a +8+6 Double Mythic Summoner Supported Kronya will need to use HP+5 for the same effect.
Just as CF can be better than CC because you don’t harm Dragons, a non CC/CF A Skill can be better as it allows Kronya to not KO Melee units. A lot of people brush off this utility, but a lot of teams only have Mirabilis or some other Dancer as their sole Melee unit. If they have another, you could focus on enemy phasing them so then they just have one. KOing everything is easy, getting both pots can be difficult.
The B Skill - It’s Disarm Trap
In my experience of “Vantaging all the things”, the only reason missed KOs were a problem was because it would kill my Vantage unit. As stated earlier, Kronya doesn’t really have that problem. This leaves Kronya’s main hangups as A) Un-testable Traps and B) Teams she can’t manage. B) can be solved with Bolt Tower, Duo Hector, Duo Micaiah, or just plain enemy phasing better. A) sometimes cannot be solved without Disarm Trap. Sure, you can Smite Kronya onto the Trap with initiation, but that could lead to problems with B), especially if she gets spanked by a Bolt Trap.
Another way to spin it: The more you can control the player phase, the more you can control the enemy phase.
This isn’t to say that Spiral, Lull, Null C, etc aren’t useful. If the only way you want to use Kronya is to get all the KOs you can, then absolutely. However, as stated in the A Skill section, KOing isn’t always the best thing, as you definitely want to get those pots. I want to highlight Lulls however, as they can enable Miracle using Kronya to use Heavy/Flashing Blade better, which can help with the “not getting killed while not killing” strategy.
If all of these premium skills are out of reach, Obstruct 3 is a stellar consideration. If Kronya doesn’t KO a thing and that thing gets Danced and waltzes past her, that could be a problem. Obstruct 3 mitigates that problem. It is a budget skill, but if I didn’t have Disarm Trap I’d personally consider this before Special Spiral or Null C.
The C Skill - It’s Savage Blow
Use Savage Blow, don’t even question it.
Pulse Smoke doesn’t matter if you’re KOing the units anyways.
The S Skill
The S Skill is entirely contestable and falls on what you want Kronya to do better.
  • Heavy/Flashing Blade for special acceleration (better for Miracle Kronya)
  • Savage Blow for even more damage
  • Atk/Def Solo because the enemy’s HP can’t get lower than 1
  • HP/X to hit that 71 HP while thrifting
  • HP/X to hit that 78 HP so Duma can taste it
  • Obstruct so the survivors don’t find your allies
The Special - Miracle or whatever
Any special is fine. If you don’t like Miracle, Moonbow is probably the special of choice as it helps that first enemy phase KO. Miracle gets highlighted here under the philosophy of “If you don’t KO it, you can more easily break pots.” This idea works even better when Kronya isn’t getting KO’d herself. For example, Duma can knock a non-CC Kronya’s socks off. Miracle can protect her. Similarly, it allows Kronya to tank HB/Dazzling/Sweep units better.
Null C Disrupt is a premium skill, Miracle comes on 3 star units while they’re at 3 stars and is “better” in this context.
Kronya’s Teammates
If using Triple Mythic, Kronya’s best 5th team member is the Bonus Unit. This Bonus Unit can be whoever it wants, but if they can soak Atk Chills or Bright Shrine for Kronya, that’s even cooler. If they’re bulky, giving them Guard 2 so they can entertain a select unit so Kronya doesn’t KO them is also a good idea (with my mind on the pots and the pots on my mind).
If using Double Mythic, a second Dancer or Range attacker could be solid. The stronger your player phase is, the more you can control the enemy phase. Duo Hector, Duo Micaiah, and Fallen Takumi are worth considering to allow Kronya to KO more consistently, but KOing often isn’t the bottle neck. The chill soak/Guard 2 tank idea also functions here for the Bonus Unit.
The Ultimate Build, probably
Miracle, CC/CF, Disarm Trap, Savage Blow, Atk/Def Solo is probably Kronya’s best build. Miracle allows Kronya to ignore HB/Dazzling/Sweep units, Disarm Trap allows her to ignore Traps, and the A, C, and S Skills enhance her killing.
I personally use the above but with the Flashing Blade Seal instead of Atk/Def Solo. I don’t have any problem KOing the things I want to thanks to Bolt Tower, Dancing, and Savage Blow. Getting to Miracle sooner rather than later allows me to facetank setups better. If getting the KOs becomes a problem for me in the future, I may swap over the Atk/Def Solo.
“This build isn’t the best build! Mine is!”
AR-O is really stinking easy about 90% of the time. I’ve been getting perfect wins without Kronya, I’ve been getting perfect wins with HP+5 + Obstruct 3 Kronya, so I have no doubt your Spiral/Null C/whatever Kronya is getting perfect wins for you too. From my experience, Disarm Trap and Miracle have made my gameplay incredibly easier, opening up solutions to maps that my OG Vantage Sothe wouldn’t be able to handle.
I don’t use Duo Hector, Duo Micaiah, or Fallen Takumi. Sometimes my Bolt Tower is destroyed. Despite all odds, Miracle + Disarm Trap Kronya has shown true. Take it for what you will.
At the end of the day, even without these skills, Kronya is still madness.
Above all else, I hope this guide has opened some new horizons for you regarding Kronya. If you were previously a Kronya Denier, perhaps this guide has helped make your AR-O life easier.
submitted by RyanoftheDay to OrderOfHeroes

[/r/WritingPrompts Reply] Your super power has been listed as 'Death Ward.' Anytime something would kill you, you temporarily develop a super power that allows you to survive (...)

[WP] Your super power has been listed as 'Death Ward.' Anytime something would kill you, you temporarily develop a super power that allows you to survive. Each time you gain a power it only lasts a few minutes, making you highly unpredictable but unfortunately unable to master any of your abilities.
Link to Original Thread
I always get the shakes.
On the face of it, it doesn't make sense. I'm immortal. Invincible.
I'm the man who can't die.
I shouldn't be afraid.
But here's the thing. Here's the truth.
I'm scared shitless every time.
The roof hatch sounded loud as hell when I popped it open. Too loud. I winced. But there was nothing I could do about it, not at this stage. I just had to hope that the sound didn't carry.
Based on the security camera feeds, none of the hostage-takers were up in the maintenance space just beneath the roof. It was likely that they didn't know the hatch existed - it wasn't in the original plans, but a more recent modification, and well-camouflaged against the building's exterior.
The scissor stairs creaked as I unfolded them and made my way down. Even though I wasn't a big guy, the lattice of metal struts and panels seemed too fragile to bear my weight. And, once again, they made a hell of a lot of noise.
My boots were soft-soled, designed for minimal impact, but they weren't magic.
I swept my eyes over the room. It looked clear. It was cluttered and dusty, but it didn't seem like any bad guys were lurking in the shadows.
I exhaled. Quietly.
I eased the door open and made my way into the corridor, then the nearest stairwell. I took my time going down the stairs, to the mezzanine level below.
Thankfully, the office wasn't a high-rise building. It hadn't housed offices, originally. Back when the place had been built, maybe in the fifties or sixties, it had been some kind of light industrial operation.
Manufacturing was largely a dead industry, locally. The fact that a software startup was the current tenant… well, that was just a sign of the times.
The slavish attempts at aping Silicon Valley interior decor hadn't changed the basic floorplan all that much. Most of the building's interior was just a big high-ceilinged box, with the vestigial second level looking down into what had once been the factory floor.
There was a loading dock in the back, but the cops and I had scratched that off as a means of entry. The red team was watching that entrance. They weren't entirely stupid.
At the bottom of the stairwell, I eased the door open a crack and stuck my fingers round. The little cameras mounted near my fingertips gave shitty resolution, but I didn't need a huge high-definition picture taking up the heads-up display in my goggles.
The viewing angle was still pretty crap, but it at least confirmed that the situation in the building matched what the security feed was saying. The bad guys hadn't spoofed it or looped it. Didn't seem like that, anyway.
There were a couple of hostage-takers on the second floor. Maybe they figured it gave them a good vantage point to shoot at the crowd down below, if anyone got ideas. It looked like the entire on-site staff had been rounded up and herded into one spot, almost at the centre of the building.
Maybe they were trying to cover the second floor windows. That was a possibility too. Even as I watched, one of the men turned to look around.
Of course, the view from the building's windows was pretty crap. Essentially all they did was let some modicum of light in. The only thing outside was flat planes of old brick and concrete, since the structure was built fairly flush to its neighbours.
The cops had snipers in position, with those big fifty calibres that were obviously compensating for something. But I doubted that the firepower would do much good.
Fortunately, nobody was looking in my direction. It was possible that they figured the access door to the maintenance space and roof was just a closet or utility alcove. It didn't look like a full-sized door.
Perhaps all that fancy interior decor was good for something, after all.
Quietly, I signaled the cops, letting them know that I was as close to the main floor as I could get, without making my presence too damn obvious. I got a buzz in return, the vibration coming clearly through my radio kit.
I counted in my head. One thousand. Two thousand. Three thousand…
Right on the sixty-second mark, a resounding bang went off, echoing through the building. That was the front door. Flashbangs, smoke, and a SWAT breaching team obliterating the tastelessly decorated foyer with more violence than a reality television renovation crew.
The cops weren't the heavy hitters, though.
They were the distraction.
The chaos in the front was my cue to act.
I moved out of the stairwell. The two hostage-takers on the upper level had their backs turned to me, seeing as how they were facing all the commotion on the ground.
So I shot the first bad guy, the one closest to me. Twice in the torso and once in the head.
The headshot was actually an accident. I'd aimed for centre of mass, but I wasn't all that good a marksman, especially under pressure. My breathing was crap, my stance was all wrong, and even my trigger pull was jerky.
Like I said. I always get the shakes.
Some people don't understand why I carry a gun. It's not very heroic, right?
Well, I'm not very heroic. That's just how it is.
Here's the thing. Sure, I have a superpower.
And yes, due to how it works, I potentially have all the powers.
But in my resting state, until my power kicks in?
I'm just a baseline human.
So, like humans have done for centuries, I cheat.
Or, if you prefer... I fight smart.
The first guy went down. He was wearing a vest, but it looked like bargain bin kevlar to me, not anything made from fancy mad science materials.
Whereas my own weapon was borderline mad science, or at least loaded up with tungsten core rounds. The ammunition was overkill for most situations, but in a world of superpowers, overkill was very often merely sufficient kill.
As a case in point, the second guy just absorbed my shots when I fired at him. Unlike his compatriot, he wasn't wearing body armour. He didn't need it.
His skin was a silvery metallic hue. I could tell, because the idiot was wearing a t-shirt, making his powers very obvious. Metal skin didn't necessarily mean that someone was a brick, but it was a hint.
Unfortunately, it was a fact of life that too many supers simply… didn't think.
Of course, it was possible that the man had powers which demanded his arms be exposed. It was likely, in fact. Because as he swung to face me, his left hand rippled and morphed, his fingers growing sharp and blade-like.
It was still stupid. Because he had a perfectly good pistol in his right hand. Yet he wasn't using it. Instead, he tried to lunge at me.
I shot him in the face. This time, I actually aimed for the head.
He was wearing a bandana, but it only covered the lower portion of his face. I could see his eyes widen.
The round didn't do much damage. It dented his cheek, leaving an honest to god divot in his skin, but it didn't penetrate. But he flinched. He stumbled.
There was some force in the bullet. Not that much, relatively speaking - I still had to fire my own gun, after all, and I only had super strength some of the time.
I figured, though, some of his reaction was fear. He might have known, intellectually, that his powers could tank the shot, but that message hadn't reached his gut.
I sympathised, really. I knew exactly how that felt like.
Unfortunately, I had limited options to hurt him. At least at the moment. At least until my powers kicked in. I could see his eyes… and I could also tell that even his damn eyeballs looked like reflective metal.
That was a problem.
I could feel the shakes kicking in again, but I forced myself to act. I forced myself to move smoothly, rather than acting like a nervous wreck.
It might have been a suboptimal decision, but I ran.
I didn't run away. I wasn't that far gone. I ran forward, past the fallen guy on the floor, past the stunned man with the silver skin.
I threw myself over the railing, off the second floor, and leapt into empty space.
I landed badly. There's a proper way to do it. I screwed it up, because that's just how I roll. Or didn't roll, as the case may be, since my tumble was messy as hell.
Somehow, I kept hold of my gun. I had that much going for me, at least. I hadn't made a complete fool of myself.
Truth be told, I didn't care that much about my dignity.
I cared about my combat effectiveness.
To some extent, it would have been better if I'd cracked my fool head open on the floor, or if I'd broken my neck, or something. The trauma would have triggered my power.
As it was… I was injured, now, and still stuck with baseline abilities.
Someone screamed. The hostages weren't bound and gagged, nothing like that. There weren't any restraints in sight. Their captors had simply herded them to the centre of the open plan office, forcing them to sit on the ground, and that was it.
The SWAT officers were coming through the front, through the drifting smoke. One hostage-taker was facing them, his body glowing with eldritch green light.
The others were facing me. Facing me, and the hostages.
They were a mixed group. Mostly young, though there were a couple that looked to be in their thirties or forties. They were dressed casually in proper shades of the rainbow, rather than in white collar monochrome. There was a guy with violet spiked hair and a band t-shirt. A girl with dreadlocks and hipster glasses. Another girl looked like she belonged in middle school, not behind a keyboard doing whatever this company did.
I wasn't sure, actually. Something about blockchain and business to business platforms. I hadn't paid that much attention to that portion of the mission brief.
The situation was bad. They were too exposed. There was no cover.
And I still hadn't drawn any powers.
People wonder why I feel fear.
It doesn't make sense, they say.
I'm one of the most powerful superhumans on the planet, after all.
Theoretically. Maybe. That's what the internet says. There's people out there who argue about that sort of thing.
I don't care for such comparisons, myself.
I'm supposed to be unkillable, though.
And it's true.
But everyone around me? They're not so lucky.
So, yes, I know what it's like to feel helpless. To be powerless.
No matter what happens, I'll live through it. I'm immortal. I'm the man who can't die.
Everyone else… they have to deal with the consequences of my mistakes.
One of the hostage-takers accelerated into a blur. But then she stopped, momentarily confused.
Another bad guy froze, too, equally thrown off guard. The fireball that he'd been about to launch remained in his hands, little tongues of flames licking at his fingers.
I knew why they were puzzled.
I had a gun, but it wasn't pointed at them.
The muzzle was pressed against my own head.
My hand trembled, but I didn't hesitate.
I pulled the trigger.
I felt a flash of pain, then a surge of warmth.
Heat suffused my body. No. Not heat. Power.
My eyes were still closed, but I no longer needed them to see.
My consciousness wasn't running off my grey matter and my nervous system. Not any longer. That was fortunate, since I'd just turned my brain into a mess.
My power never takes the easy route. I've shot myself a bunch of times, as a quick and dirty expedient, and not once has it simply made me bulletproof. Or even merely bullet resilient.
My body didn't fall. I didn't collapse. I remained standing, but muscles and nerves no longer had anything to do with it. It felt like… some kind of psychokinesis?
Yes. I was puppeting my own body, and from the feedback I was getting, my range was wider than my own physical form. There was a clairvoyance aspect, too. I had a general sense of where everything was in the room, everything and everyone.
No. More than the room. The entire building. More. It felt like my range was out to a full city block. I could sense the SWAT officers, the tactical commander and negotiators outside, the people in the cordon that the cops had drawn around the street.
"Fuck," one of the hostage-takers gasped. He was a big man with animalistic features, a canine jaw sticking out from beneath his improvised mask.
He was terrified. I could feel his heart rate increase. I could feel his blood pressure spike.
I didn't feel much sympathy, because the hostages were also in elevated states of distress, and seeing myself blow my own brains out didn't help matters.
I've never been good at inspiring hope.
Story of my life, really.
But I'd learnt to work with what I had.
I smiled. I had to pull my lips back with a conscious effort of will, manually exposing my teeth. But I wanted to smile, so I did.
The speedster tried to move, but I pinned her to the spot with another application of power, freezing her in place.
My ability was currently allowing me to mentally direct all my own muscles.
It wasn't that much harder to control someone else's.
"What," the speedster cried. "What the hell?"
I cut her off with a thought, extending my control to her throat and face.
I didn't see the panic in her eyes as she stopped breathing. That was partially because I couldn't actually see - there weren't any visual signals being processed by my brain. But then, of course, she couldn't move her eyes either.
"Fuck," the big dog man swore. "It's Roulette!"
Trying to get back in the groove of writing, after not having the bandwidth to do it for some time. Answering prompts as exercise, as I used to normally do, since that's easier than trying to restart my longer fanfic projects (and I still need to refresh my own memory and review my notes for Pagliacci). Posting this here so you know I'm not, well, dead, and trying to kickstart my atrophied creative energies again.
I technically still don't have much free time, since I should damn well be working on my boring non-fiction pays-the-bills writing for work right now, as I type this, but my procrastination goes weird places.
submitted by Acylion to Acylion

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