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Analysis Team Presents - Mono Super Analysis

Hey guys. Thanks to Zenrot, with the creation of a new Analysis team, consisting of lePANcaxe, MobilemanASC, and myself, we were tasked with creating an overall analysis on Mono Super. Our job was to pick 20 units for a top 20, do mini analysis on each card to explain their role, note the overall playstyle description, and create a full damage calculations of the likely scenarios.
We spent quite some time going over the what cards to select between us 3, and Zenrot himself. We agreed that once you get past top 15, the cards from 15-25 are overall extremely close. What got them in the top 20, were our own experiences/preferences, but don’t fret if a card is not listed, it’s probably between 21-25.
This is just the start of posts that we will be doing. With our 3 minds debating, comparing, and analysing, we hope to bring as accurate of analysis posts and game talk that we can. It’s quite a read and it took us awhile, so I hope you guys enjoy!
Overall Play Style
Heroes in general are rather straightforward, in that they usually don't do much else besides providing damage and/or being (semi-)reliable blockers.
They simply do not have these defensive monsters like Buuhan and Omega Shenron that also happen to fit well with their hard hitters.
With that being said however, thanks to their variety of good blockers, insane damage dealers and even some units that excel at both of those things, rainbow-Heroes are without a doubt among the best 'mono'-teams currently available.
So, how do you play them? What are some of the basic things one should know about rainbow-Heroes?
Well … there’s not really all that much to say about them, they are really that straightforward. Either way, there are a few things to keep in mind if you want to play rainbow-Heroes:
  • Do not expect to run defined rotations like you might or might not be used to from mono-TEQ or mono-STR - you have up to 3 units on your team that heavily benefit from taking hits, and sometimes the majority of those hits happen to land on the 3rd slot on a turn.
  • Your damage and clear speed are nearly unparalleled if you get lucky - SSJB Vegetto and Super Vegetto happen to have some of the game's highest damage potentials, SSJ3 Gotenks still is among the top 3 hardest hitting units and you also have access to those guy's best support with Vegetto.
  • With up to 3 units in your team that can counter normal attacks (2 SSJB Vegettos and 1 Super Vegetto), it is definitely recommended to either run an SA-Sealer on your team or at the very least Babas in one of your item slots.
  • Despite the fact that your best debuff happens to be SA-seals, rainbow-Heroes are rather sturdy due to the fact that multiple units either have a rather high defense (SSJB Kaioku comes to mind) or some kind of damage reduction (such as the aforementioned Vegettos as well as SSJB Vegeta and SSJ3 Vegeta) It's most definitely not on the level of what rainbow-villains or mono-STR/INT can pull off, but it's more than enough to get you through most of the game's content with ease.
  • SSJ3 Gotenks' sweetspot-mechanic and SSJ Trunks (Future)'s passive require some micromanaging on your part, regardless of which set of leaders you want to actually use - Gotenks in particular is a rather delicate unit to work with, since you have up to 3 other units on your team that link for 5 Ki with him.
I suppose the best way to think of rainbow-Heroes is as a combination between mono-TEQ and mono-AGL
Individual Unit Analysis
Note: The units in this section are in no particular order.
Vegetto Blue
Similar to Super Vegetto, but more of a beat stick. Vegetto Blue can counter as well, but with his 30% Def reduction instead of 80%, you will need to be careful with how much you get hit. With his additional attacks, and rare chance to super on any of them, his ceiling can be extremely high, but on Average, you will do a bit more than Super Vegetto.
Vegetto Blue will act as either your Main Lead, or a Sub unit. SSJI Trunks becomes the better leader when you begin to run the best Mono Super cards, for most people, they will run one Vegetto Blue, and one SSJI Trunks, while those with the perfect cards, can run double SSJI Trunks.
Vegetto Blue’s links are also a huge strength to him. With OIAF, Fused Fighter, and PFB, getting supers off on him is no issue at all.
ATK Calculations
  • 13,500 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 27,000
  • 27,000 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 33,750
  • 33,750 + 5,000 (Kamehameha & PbbG links) = 38,750
  • 38,750 x 1.5 (12 ki multiplier) = 58,125
  • 58,125 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 310,968
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 338,053.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 365,137.
SSJI Trunks
Arguably one of the best cards for Mono Super, if not the best, SSJI Trunks replaces one of the Vegetto Blue’s as a leader, or act as both of your leaders. Due to the abundance of Ki Links, or passives that give Ki in Mono Super, cutting the 2/4 Ki from Vegetto Blue’s leader, and gaining a bonus 20%/40% to ATK, DEF, & HP, ends up being the better option.
Besides his leader ability, Trunks possess an amazing Passive. A nuking passive, with an orb changing mechanic built into it, allows SSJI Trunks to hit stupidly hard. Due to the best Mono Super cards being able to super with the slightest Ki from the Board, you can reliably and consistently save orbs for SSJI Trunks to collect.
While he has some dud Links, the rest are all perfectly fit for Mono Super. He even has a Farmable Super.
ATK Calculations
  • 11,074 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 22,148
  • 22,148 x 1.9 (passive w/ 6 INT orbs gathered) = 42,081
  • 42,081 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 52,601
  • 52,601 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 73,641
  • 73,641 x 5.65 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% ATK bonus + 30% dupe system bonus) = 416,071
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 457,678.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 499,285.
Super Gogeta
Gogeta is still ever so dominant on Mono Super. With his plethora of Ki Links, Super Saiyan Links, and ridiculous damage output, Super Gogeta will be one of your main Hard Hitters.
Gogeta’s passive which activates at the start of turn is further scaled by Links, his 12 Ki Multiplier, and SA Multiplier, this means he is getting a fair amount from that 7000 ATK. Add his Super Effective damage to any type, Gogeta will always perform at a consistent and powerful level, never having any bad showings.
For Mono Super, he will be your focus for STR Orbs on the dupe system, since he is the best STR card for Mono Super. That, plus the fact that he gets an average of 7k per stat increase when he is maxed out, he becomes quite the monster.
ATK Calculations
  • 13,000 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 26,000
  • 26,000 + 7,000 (passive) = 33,000
  • 33,000 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 41,250
  • 41,250 x 1.5 (12 ki multiplier) = 61,875
  • 61,875 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 331,031
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 357,112.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 383,193.
Super Vegetto
Super Vegetto is going to act as your main Tank, while still being able to output insane damage. While Vegetto Blue has 30% Def Reduction, as well as the counter Mechanic, Super Vegetto’s 80% allows him to be reliable and a safe option for tanking.
Due to his amazing links, Super Vegetto is one of the main cards you will be using on Both Mono Super Leads. Shocking Speed, Prepared for Battle, Fused Fighter, and Golden Warrior allow him to consistently super even when SSJI Trunks is one leader, and Vegetto Blue is the other, or even when you run double SSJI Trunks.
ATK Calculations
  • 12,840 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 25,680
  • 25,680 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 32,100
  • 32,100 + 2,500 (PBBG link) = 34,600
  • 34,600 x 1.5 (12 ki multiplier) = 51,900
  • 51,900 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier +30% dupe system bonus) = 277,665
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 303,425.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 329,185.
SSJ3 Gotenks
Originally, SSJ3 Gotenks was difficult to use due to the abundance of OIAF, and Fused Fighter on Mono Super. With SSJI Trunks being introduced, SSJ3 Gotenks has an easier time hitting that 11 Ki Magic spot. Gotenks’ main purpose is to be a huge beat stick. His average damage output will be among the highest seen on Mono Super, and links superbly well with the other top cards.
If you’re running Double Vegetto Blue leaders, you’re most likely going to be forced to throw him in the 3rd rotating slot, since keeping him in the middle is going to inhibit your odds of getting 11 Ki. However on a Hybrid lead, or double SSJI Trunks lead, you’ll have far less instances of hitting 12 Ki.
ATK Calculations
  • 11,357 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 22,714
  • 22,714 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 28,392
  • 28,392 x 1.35 (12 ki multiplier) = 38,329
  • 38,329 x 2.2 (passive) = 84,323
  • 84,323 x 6.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 100% ATK boost + 30% dupe system bonus) = 535,451
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 588,996.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 642,541.
SSJB Vegeta
The much desired Demi-God Vegeta has arrived. SSJB Vegeta with his release becomes a Top-Tier card in 2 teams. Mono INT, and Mono Super.
For Mono Super, Vegeta acts as a consistent hard-hitter. While not good enough to replace power house cards like Super Vegetto, Super Gogeta, and SSJ3 Gotenks, Vegeta can act as a replacement for SSJBKK Goku depending on the event you are running. For example, against the Merged Zamasu Dokkan Fest, SSJB Vegeta is a far better option, due to his passive lowering Extreme type enemies ATK by 20%, as well as having type advantage for attacking and blocking.
The primary downside to this card, is he cannot be used on a double SSJI Trunks lead. With PFB and Vegeta family as his only Ki Links, supering with him on that setup, is going to be borderline impossible.
ATK Calculations
  • 11,351 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 22,708
  • 22,708 x 2.0 (passive) = 45,416
  • 45,416 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 56,770
  • 56,770 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 79,478
  • 79,478 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 50% ATK boost + 30% dupe system bonus) = 425,207
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 467,727.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 510,248.
Commonly shared among the best cards for Mono Super are their abundance of Ki Links. This allows them to be flexible regardless of what leader combo you are using. OIAF, SS, and PFB are extremely saturated in Mono Super, which makes SSJBKK an amazing Ki Battery. He will consistently super, and will allow those possession 2 or more of those links, to also super consistently.
His passive while limited by a turn timer, is extremely strong on a power buffed Mono Super team. You will hardly see his passive drop, and the 20k ATK which is further scaled by Links, his 12 Ki Multi, and SA Multiplier, allows SSJBKK Goku to dish out some insane damage. Outside of Super Vegetto, and Vegetto Blue, SSJBKK Goku will be your next best card to use for blocking, due to his passive giving him 10k def.
ATK Calculations
  • 11,300 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 SSB Vegito leader skills = 22,600
  • 22,600 +20,000 (passive) = 42,600
  • 42,600 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 53,250
  • 53,250 + 2,500 (Kamehameha) = 55,750
  • 55,750 x 1.5 (12 ki multiplier) = 83,625
  • 83,625 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier +30% dupe system bonus) = 447,393
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 470,061.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 492,735.
SSB Goku
SSJB Goku’s main place is on a Double Vegetto Blue lead team. Since PFB is his only Ki Link, he’ll have considerable issues getting supers off if you have a SSJI Trunks as one of the leaders. However, on that Double Vegetto Blue team, he will be an amazing hard hitter. With a ATK +100% on Super Passive, his saiyan links, high base atk, and great 12 Ki Multiplier, he will be dishing out consistently high amounts of damage. The plus-side to this card over SSJBKK Goku, is that SSJBKK Goku is limited by a turn timer, while SSJB Goku will never drop his passive.
The main downside to this card, is you cannot use him with SSJBKK Goku. You are forced to choose one over the other, and in almost all situations, you will use SSJBKK Goku over this one. Regardless, he is still an amazing card to run.
ATK Calculations
  • 10,544 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 21,088
  • 21,088 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 26,360
  • 26,360 + 2,500 (Kamehameha link) = 28,860
  • 28,860 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 40,404
  • 40,404 x 2.0 (passive) = 80,808
  • 80,808 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier +30% dupe system bonus) = 371,716
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 405,668.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 439,620.
LR Goku
LR Goku is a bit tricky to run. Since his only Ki links are Golden Warrior, and Family Ties, you need to bring SSJ Bardock for him to effectively perform. Of course even a 12 KI super will still dish out insane damage, LR Goku’s main power comes from being linked with Bardock. The extra 25% from The First Awakened, and Bardock’s orb changing passive is big part of LR Goku’s strength.
On a Hybrid Super team using SSJI Trunks as 1 leader, LR Goku is even harder to utilize. As his character already lacks good Ki Links as is, and relies on SSJ Bardock to hit the high Ki counts, reducing the amount of Ki he gets from the Leader skill is going to be an issue. Even still, being an LR and having him at SA 20, he will still do more damage than most super cards even at 12 Ki.
ATK Calculations
  • 17,100 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 34,200
  • 34,200 + 10,000 (passive) = 44,200
  • 44,200 x 1.35 (SSJ & PoA links) = 59,670
  • 59,670 + 2,500 (Kamehameha link) = 62,170
  • 62,170 x 2.0 (24 ki multiplier) = 124,340
  • 124,340 x 6.0 (SA lvl. 20 multiplier + 30% ATK boost + 30% dupe system bonus) = 746,040
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 801,444.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 856,848.
SSJ Bardock
Bardock has 2 usages. Being the support for LR Goku, or acting as an alternative to SSJ Gotenks. Though he isn’t entirely an alternative. His orb changing passive can be extremely helpful on a SSJI Lead team. His main usage, is to support LR Goku that is being used on a Double Vegetto Blue team. With Bardock being a versatile stand alone card due to sealing, orb changing, and okay damage, you aren’t bringing down the quality of the team when sticking him with LR Goku.
Since LR Goku’s overall damage is staggering, Bardock being his best support increases his overall value for Mono Super. His passive allows Goku to reliably hit 18 Ki, and increase his odds of getting 24 ki greatly. He also supplies him with 2 Ki, and 35% ATK from links thanks to Family ties, SSJ, and The first awakened.
ATK Calculations
  • 9,873 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 19,746
  • 19,746 x 1.2 (passive) = 23,695
  • 23,695 x 1.35 (SSJ & PoA links) = 31,988
  • 31,988 x 1.35 (12 ki multiplier) = 43,183
  • 43,183 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier +30% dupe system bonus) = 198,641
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 218,505.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 238,369.
SSJ3 Goku
SSJ3 Goku hits extremely hard, but is on an extremely restrictive turn limit. While SSJBKK Goku only has 3 turns longer on his passive, that added onto his higher damage output hardly makes it a downside. SSJ3 Goku on the other hand will output still respectable damage, but will almost always drop his passive. This is a pretty big issue, as losing the 100% from his passive, cuts his damage by too much.
However, SSJ3 Goku is one of the few cards that benefit the most from the Ability system. Since when maxed he gets, 7000 ATK, 7560 DEF, and 6440 HP, while most cards will get an average of 5k per stat. Until Dokkan Fests are tuned accordingly to how powerful cards can become with the Dupe System, the extra stats will carry his turn limit.
Ki Link wise, he has OIAF, and Golden Warrior, which is fairly common. This means he’ll never have issues on a double Vegetto Blue Lead, and likely won’t if you’re OIAF heavy on a SSJI Trunks lead. His offensive links are good as well, with SSJ and Fierce Battle. Limit-Breaking Form can hit with SSJ3 Gotenks, and SSJ3 Vegeta as your primary targets.
ATK Calculations
  • 11,472 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 22,944
  • 22,944 x 2.0 (passive) = 45,888
  • 45,888 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 57,360
  • 57,360 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 80,304
  • 80,304 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 369,398
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 406,337.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 443,277.
SSJ3 Goku
SSJ3 Goku is a slightly weaker, but more stable version of SSJ3 Goku. Both of them have identical links, and are meant to be hard hitters. Instead of a 100% ATK for 7 turns passive, this Goku has ATK +80% when HP is >= 30%. For fights where the AGL’s passive would run out, the STR one becomes a better option.
Besides that, the other difference between the two, is how much stats they get from the Dupe System. The AGL one when maxed out, will get an average of 7k extra starts across all stats, while the STR one only gets 5k average across all stats. So as you start to beef them up with the dupe system, the AGL will creep ahead at a faster rate, making him scale better.
Same as the AGL one, the STR one can work on a Hybrid team due to having OIAF. If Linked with Gogeta, he will get 4 Ki from OIAF, and Golden Warrior. Besides him, you will only hit OIAF by itself, unless this card is in the middle.
ATK Calculations
  • 10,123 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 SSB Vegito leader skills = 20,246
  • 20,246 x 1.80 (passive) = 36,442
  • 36,442 x 1.25 (SSJ & FB Links) = 45,552
  • 45,552 x 1.4 (12 Ki Multiplier) = 63,772
  • 63,772 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 293,351
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 322,686.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 352,021.
SSJ3 Vegeta
SSJ3 Vegeta acts as the other side of the coin when compared to SSJ3 Goku. Instead of 100% ATK for 7 turns, he reduces damage by 80% for 7 turns. During these 7 turns, SSJ3 Vegeta is the best blocker. However, it’s when his passive falls off, that his role changes to a far less impactful one. With a 50% chance to stun when he launches an sa, it’s his only saving grace for when his passive falls off.
SSJ3 Vegeta also benefits similarly to SSJ3 Goku from the Ability system, however none of the bonus stats amplify his character, since 80% reduction is already enough to reduce anything to triple digit damage.
Again similarly to SSJ3 Goku, Vegeta has OIAF, and Golden Warrior for Ki, which will allow him to super consistently on a Double Vegetto Blue team. As long as OIAF is common on a single SSJI Trunks lead team, he shouldn’t have issues.
ATK Calculations
  • 11,356 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 22,712
  • 22,712 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 28,390
  • 28,390 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 39,746
  • 39,746 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 182,831
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 201,114.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 219,397.
Still to this day, one of the best overall Support cards in Dokkan. Giving certain cards an extra 1.3x in their damage formula, can yield some insane increases. His passive is a god send for cards like SSJ3 Gotenks, and the DEF part is always a nice touch for reducing damage slightly more.
His Super Attack ATK increase is applied to his and your other cards SA multiplier. In short, while he increases the atk of your allies by 55%, it’s not calculated like that. Nevertheless, it’s still a nice bonus to an already great card. His links are extremely good. PFB, and Fused fighter are among the most saturated in Mono Super, and even has Power bestowed by God, which will activate with Vegetto Blue, Super Vegetto, and any Ultimate Gohan card.
ATK Calculations
  • 9,915 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 19,830
  • 19,830 x 1.3 (passive) = 25,779
  • 25,779 x 1.15 (SFB link) = 29,645
  • 29,645 + 2,500 (PbbG link) = 32,145
  • 32,145 x 1.45 (12 ki multiplier) = 46,610
  • 46,610 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 214,406
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 234,183.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 253,960.
Arale is an exceptionally hard hitter. While she lacks ATK Links, her good Base ATK, good 12 Ki Multiplier and her amazing Passive, allow her to still hit extremely hard. She also has a farmable SA, which means everyone should have her at SA 10.
The biggest issue besides the lack of good ATK links, is that her only KI link is Shocking Speed. This limits her on Mono Super, since PFB, Fused Fighter, and OIAF are the dominant Ki links. Having only Shocking Speed is only enough if you’re running a Double Vegetto Blue team that consists of a fair amount of shocking speed units, but is definitely not enough if you use 1 or 2 SSJI Trunks Leaders.
ATK Calculations
  • 10,150 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 20,300
  • 20,300 x 1.15 (SFB link) = 23,345
  • 23,345 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 32,683
  • 32,683 x 2.2 (passive) = 71,902
  • 71,902 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 384,675
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, her ATK goes to 423,142.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, her ATK goes to 461,610.
SSG Goku
A mini version of SSJBKK Goku, SSJG Goku acts as an amazing Ki Bridge/battery, with respectable damage. He’s a decent filler card if you’re running Double Vegetto Blue, but he really shines when you use SSJI Trunks as a leader. Since he has OIAF, SS, and PFB, he acts as an amazing Ki battery for a team using 1 or 2 SSJI Trunks’ as a leader. Overall the card is extremely solid, and if he were to get a Dokkan Fest he would likely become a staple in any Mono Super setup.
ATK Calculations
  • 9,846 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 19,692
  • 19,692 x 1.1 (SSJ link) = 21,661
  • 21,661 x 1.4 (12 ki multiplier) = 30,325
  • 30,325 x 1.75 (passive) = 53,068
  • 53,068 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 244,112
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 268,523.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 292,934.
SSJ Gotenks
Gotenks is Mono Super’s best Super Sealer. With a 100% ATK increase on super, solid base stats, and amazing links, he is a great card to go along with Vegetto Blue, and Super Vegetto. Now that he has finally dokkaned, he has become a staple that will not be replaced as of now. With his passive going from 77% to 100%, getting fierce battle, and still being able to seal, Gotenks has now become the best non-dokkan fest exclusive card. He works exceptionally well on a SSJI Trunks lead team, since he possesses Golden Warrior, PFB, and Fused fighter. All of which are extremely common among the best Mono Super cards.
ATK Calculations
  • 10,120 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito = 20,240
  • 20,240 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 25,300
  • 25,300 x 1.35 (12 ki multiplier) = 34,155
  • 34,155 x 2.0 (passive) = 68,310
  • 68,310 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 314,226
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 345,648.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 377,071.
SSJ Gotenks
While not as versatile as his PHY counterpart, this Gotenks works exceptionally well on both Mono Super setups. The only drawback to his character, is the restriction on his passive. If you’re up against more than one enemy, his 80% ATK passive will not activate, however since all the final bosses of a Dokkan Fest, and mostly all the difficult parts have only 1 enemy, his restriction is hardly an issue.
Due to his abundant Ki Links, this Gotenks will fit perfectly on a SSJI Trunks lead team. However, you cannot use him with his PHY counterpart which limits his usability slightly. He also has a rare chance to stun which can be clutch at certain moments. Overall, he hits quite hard, has amazing links, and has a small chance to stun as a bonus.
ATK Calculations
  • 9,985 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 19,970
  • 19,970 x 1.8 (passive) = 35,946
  • 35,946 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 44,932
  • 44,932 x 1.35 (12 ki multiplier) = 60,658
  • 60,658 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 279,026
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 306,928.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 334,831.
Super Trunks
Super Trunks’ main strength comes from being on a Hybrid Mono Super lead, or on a double Double SSJI Trunks lead. On a double SSJI Trunks lead with his passive, PFB, and Golden Warrior, he’ll start with 9 ki. If you link him up with SSJI Trunks, he’ll be at 10 Ki thanks to The Vegeta Family link.
In terms of damage, he isn’t outstanding, but is overall well rounded. His ATK increase for 3 turn SA effect likely won’t stack due to him primarily being a rotating unit, but depending on your setup, he can have it stack twice. Overall on a team consisting of Vegetto Blue as a leader, he is more of a filler, but on a Hybrid, or Double SSJI Trunks lead, he starts to shine.
ATK Calculations
  • 10,169 (enhanced base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 20,338
  • 20,338 x 1.6 (passive) = 32,540
  • 32,540 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 40,675
  • 40,675 x 1.3 (12 ki multiplier) = 52,877
  • 52,877 x 4.6 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 243,234
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 267,557.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 291,880.
SSJ2 Gohan
Gohan fits perfectly in Mono Super. With a passive that gives him 3 Ki, and 70% ATK at the start of turn, Gohan will consistently Super regardless of what Leaders you use. This makes Gohan an exceptional card to run when you’re using SSJI Trunks as a leader. In addition to that, Gohan possess great links for Mono Super, including Kamehameha which is shared by Vegetto Blue, and SSJBKK Goku to name a few. His high base stat, Immense multiplier, and 70% ATK passive will allow Gohan to act as one of the best hard hitters for Mono Super.
ATK Calculations
  • 10,610 (base ATK) x 2.0 (SSB Vegito leader skills) = 21,220
  • 21,220 x 1.7 (passive) = 36,074
  • 36,074 x 1.25 (SSJ & SFB links) = 45,092
  • 45,092 + 2,500 (Kamehameha link) = 47,592
  • 47,592 x 1.3 (12 ki multiplier) = 61,869
  • 61,869 x 5.35 (SA lvl. 10 multiplier + 30% dupe system bonus) = 330,999
With hybrid SSJ Trunks (Future) & SSB Vegito leader skills, his ATK goes to 362,367.
With double SSJ Trunks (Future) leader skills, his ATK goes to 393,729.
submitted by Loligami to DBZDokkanBattle

7-Round Mock: No Trades, Full Explanations, and TLDRs

In case you haven't had enough, here's another mock! Placed on conservative, strict settings in an attempt to make picks as realistic as possible, I try to parse through the players and picks I like at our respective spots. Burrow went first, Young second, Okudah third etc. so there was nothing particularly drastic. That said, I still think this is probably our best case scenario for the first two rounds. Would have to be extremely lucky to see both Jones and Gladney fall to us at 22/25.
Also, up-front I want to say that I probably should've taken more defensive linemen. After reviewing my draft, I think I'd sub out one of those later-round WRs or CBs for a DT. But I'll stick to my guns. Anyways, these 7-round mocks are more about scouting potential late-round talent than coming up with the perfect draft scenario. Maybe I'll do another mock and film study where I focus more on DTs than WRs. I'm always open to discussion about prospect evaluation, pick taking, and other things related to the Vikings and this mock. But, this took a lot of time, so please be kind! :)
Josh Jones, Houston OT: Read it and weep, u/skoza, I'm taking a tackle in the first. Hopefully this pick needs little explanation. At 6'5", 319 with lengthy 33 7/8" arms, Jones is a physical powerhouse that moves well for his size and displays positive zone athleticism. He has received stellar PFF grades in both pass and run blocking (89.2 and 92.7 respectively) and allowed just one sack on four pressures in 2019. There are some minor footwork issues that need to be smoothed out, but, again, they're minor; and we have Rick Dennison. This also frees Zimmer up to move Reiff to guard, which was discussed prior to the 2019 season, hopefully negating poor play from Pat Elflein. Jones is a lock at 22 for me, if he gets there. I see him developing into a stud. Anytime a potential OL stud is available, you take them.
TLDR: Versatile guy with stlength, athleticism, and potential technique to become a stud OT.
Jeff Gladney, TCU CB: I'm personally very high on Gladney, especially at 25. The 4-year starter out of TCU graded a phenomenal 90.2 from PFF and allowed a passer rating of just 45.6 when targeted in 2019. In terms of technique, Gladney is almost as sound as they come. He has remarkable hip fluidity and stout footwork. I love this particular rep; watch how he gets stacked, stays wide in his base and low into his stance, bites softly on the stutter and then opens his hips back to the middle of the field to meet Mims and halt his route. He seems like the sort of guy that can excel under Zimmer and should be a guy we can plug in to compete for a starting spot in his rookie year.
TLDR: Fantastic hip fluidity and footwork, very productive at TCU. Ballhawk in man and zone.
Brandon Aiyuk, Arizona State WR: I can't tell you how badly I hope Aiyuk falls to us at 58. At 6'0", he doesn't appear to be a big target but his 33 1/2" arms say otherwise. He ran a 4.5 at the combine, which isn't blazing speed by any means, but his play speed is phenomenal and his route running ability makes that 4.5 look a lot faster. His 18.3 yards/catch and FBS leading 378 yards after contact go to show that you don't need Henry Ruggs' speed to be a massive home run threat and deep ball savant. Throughout his time at ASU, Aiyuk showed how dangerous he is into his cuts and with the ball in his hands.
Check out this rep; he stacks the DB and hits a hard jab-step at the top of his route toward the post, then redirects and widens out towards the sideline, fighting through minor contact to create separation and tracks an under-thrown ball for a huge gain. He loses almost no speed into his route. Here's another great route from Aiyuk. The play doesn't work out, but Aiyuk does a great job of using the DB's backside to get him to bite toward the sideline before quickly shifting upfield. I salivate at the idea of watching Kirk throw deep balls to this guy. As far as I'm concerned, getting separation is the most important quality a potential draftee can display, and that's Aiyuk's specialty.
TLDR: Fabulous route runner that gets open with pure separation. Home run threat. Play speed a major +.
Jordan Elliott, Missouri DT: I like how Elliott projects as a 3-tech. His athletic profile isn't anything to gawk at, but it's more than serviceable. The 6'4", 302 pound tackle ran an average 5.02 40-yard at the combine and, as a result of his relative lack of length and athletic profile, tends to get unanchored from time to time and has a questionable get-off with his first steps. That said, he's still quick and has the lateral movement ability to stick with RBs along the LOS and cross-face blockers. He's got fantastic hands and good powebalance in close spaces, along with good core, hip, and leg strength. If he can get his upper half locked in beyond his hands, his tendency (albeit, relatively infrequent) to get unanchored should all but diminish.
Check out this rep, where Elliott demonstrates impressive power. He drives through his legs and quickly engages underneath the center's shoulders to dislodge him and get him off balance, driving the line back to close up multiple gaps. He's lined up as a 1-tech there, though, so watch the next two plays linked here. In the first one, he does a good job of getting off the blocker laterally to push the RB into a closed gap. In the second play, he makes a fantastic swim move and displays his speed to get after the quarterback. Elliott does a lot of things well, and if we can polish him, I think he'd be an intriguing add.
TLDR: Technically sound DT with a little power and finesse. Athletic, but has questionable pop in his first steps.
Jabari Zuniga, Florida EDGE: Zuniga is exactly the type of player that Patterson/Zim could turn into a stud. He's an explosive athlete that benched 29 reps and ran a 4.64 40-yard at the combine. He's relatively long, somewhat matching the body profile of Everson Griffen at 6'3" with 32 7/8" arms and 264 lbs of weight. He has incredible quickness and ferocity, gets to the edge well with an exciting punch and push, has shown some versatility up and down the LOS.
As an example of his versatility, watch this rep. He's lined up as a tackle, making a fast swim move with a quick time off the snap to beat the guard before coming down hard on the QB. I like this rep a lot as well. He's gonna bull rush the guard back into the pocket and eat up a double team, giving #7 a one-on-one with the TE (and he's still able to get back into the QB for support). Instinctually, he'll need to get better and adding some weight into his lower half to help him stabilize against power-based linemen will be necessary to his success, as well as harnessing his technique (with his hands, but more-so with his footwork) in a way that'll maximize the physical gifts he has. All in all, I'd love to see Zuniga in purple.
TLDR: Physical specimen, great burst, ferocity, and versatility. Needs to heavily refine technique, but he's the raw athlete Patterson/Zim can maximize.
K'Von Wallace, Clemson S: I made this pick a while back when we were under the presumption that Harris might be traded. While that's still a possibility, it seems increasingly likely that he sticks around, at least for the season. I'm not super in love with Wallace, and I debated taking Tanner Muse (his Clemson S counterpart) at this pick instead, but I think Wallace fits better in our system. Muse was most heavily used around the LOS and in the second level, and a lot of scouts think he projects better as a linebacker than a safety. Wallace is a free-roamer, relying heavily on feel and IQ to succeed. He seems to be very sound in a zone scheme, which we run far more frequently than man, and while his athletic profile (hip fluidity, speed, agility) are suspect, his ability to dissect plays (both in run support and zone pass coverage) could make him a very valuable asset in specific packages.
Do I see him developing into a starter? Maybe, but probably not. I actually see him as a better replacement for Smith than Harris, if he does blossom one day, and if we want to lock up the younger of our two stud safeties, Wallace might be a decent stopgap. He's a thumper, solid in run support and getting after the QB, has a very good IQ, and plays with an aggressive edge. Check out this rep. Wallace quickly diagnoses and takes away Fields' first read with impressive burst to the route, then pressures him into throwing into coverage along the sideline. Just don't watch the next play; Dobbins exposes his open-field struggles and negative hips. I like this rep a lot as well. He's playing a deep safety spot, trusting his instincts and flashing positive burst to the ball, nearly coming up with a pick-6. He has a multitude of other plays like this throughout the game, and I think his intelligence could make him a very solid safety in the NFL.
TLDR: Instinctual and smart, very good in zone. Struggles in man, but could be a valuable rotational safety/nickel.
Isaiah Hodgins, Oregon State WR: Doesn't necessarily have the speed to stretch the field to compliment Thielen the way other prospects like Chase Claypool or Devin Duvernay might, but I actually like the way Hodgins projects. His 4.61 40 time isn't impressive in the least, but his 6'4", 210 pound build on top of 33 1/8" arms is enticing. He also has notoriously good hands. NFL.com's draft profile says "good luck finding drops on tape" and cites his great body control, ball skills (tracking, late hand flashing and catch radius creation, high-pointing), as well as angle taking as being automatic. He has solid twitch at the top of his routes and runs smooth double moves that could allow him to get open downfield. And, even if he isn't necessarily creating separation, his ++ hands and ball work make him a more than viable 50/50 ball option and red-zone target. I also think it's worth noting that Hopkins ran a 40 right around 4.6 (at 4.57), Anquan Boldin ran a 4.71, and Larry Fitzgerald ran a 4.63. By no means do I think Hodgins compares to these guys (I think Auden Tate is a better comp, similar build and 40 time), but the point is that 40 time isn't necessarily a direct correlation to success, especially considering Hodgins's hard to ignore pluses.
He looks much smoother on film than I believe he's given credit for, too. Watch this route. He runs straight at the DB, stacking him, giving a nice twitch on a slant before widening and gunning to the sideline to create separation. High-points the ball well and makes a nice grab for the TD. Here, he flashes a very nice double move, cutting towards the post and sinking into his hips, making a quick (for his size) transition to the boundary. This helps him allow the route to ripen and get the DB to bite, leaving the sideline open. With Kirk's timing and deep ball ability, I think Hodgins would fit well in our offense.
TLDR: Big bodied red-zone target. Solid route runner, but relatively slow. Shows nice twitch for his size and has stellar hands.
Kalija Lipscomb, Vanderbilt WR: This or the last pick is where I'd take a DT if I were to mock again. I almost took Benito Jones from Ole Miss at this spot (he's a bit undersized, but smart, powerful, and aggressive) but I did a study of Lipscomb a week or so ago and liked what I saw. There's one thing I really like about him: play speed. He ran an uninspiring 4.57 40 at the combine, but he plays a lot faster than that in my opinion. He also does a great job finding soft spots against zone coverage and runs solid routes. Especially in late-round prospects, guys that don't lose speed into their cuts and can create separation with a variety of different routes (and little wasted motion) are important to take into consideration. He's just 6'" but his arms are a lengthy 32 7/8" and he weighs 207 lbs. He looks the part of an NFL receiver and has displayed impressive body control, pass catching ability, route disguising ability, and ball skills throughout his time at Vandy. He's also flashed some relative production (16.3 y/r in 2017, volume in 2018) considering poor QB play in the SEC.
He does a very nice job of turning DBs around by using their backside against them. I like this route, and while he doesn't get the ball, he does get open. He makes a quick two-step jab cutting from post to corner in an instant, causing the DB to glide backward after biting on the first move. If he gets the ball, the DB would have to open his hips and track Lipscomb because he's had his backside manipulated by the route. If he gets a good ball leading him to the sideline, this is a big gainer as he has a couple yards of separation. This is a good route as well. Lipscomb pushes through the contact to the middle of the field and makes a gliding move back toward the QB to create space. Finally, he does a good job fighting through contact here and feeling the field to find space by the sideline. Lipscomb is one of my bigger sleepers in this draft.
TLDR: Play speed is phenomenal. Runs great, intelligent routes, little wasted motion. Natural pass catcher. Big sleeper IMHO.
Keith Ismael, SDSU IOL: This is probably the pick I'm most lukewarm about. The main reason I picked him is because he projects as a zone blocking project. He tends to get unanchored and has no experience against NFL-caliber DLs, but his footwork is good and he has the length and athleticism to succeed to some degree at 6'3" 309 lbs and 32 1/4" arms. He played primarily center in college, but as a developmental 6th-round prospect, I don't think a move to guard is out of the question and neither do reporting NFL scouts. He displays good quickness and snap off the ball, fluid lateral movement along the LOS, good angles and handwork to create leverage against linebackers, and has shown efficiency as a pull blocker. He does struggle with size/power based DLs and isn't quite strong enough at this point to maintain aggressiveness and advantages off the ball, and he'll need to work on picking up blitzes (improve his IQ) to succeed in the NFL. These are fixable issues, but they definitely show up on tape.
Here's a rep that I like of Ismael in pass protection. He does a really nice job of getting his hands in a positive leverage position out of the snap, then swiftly wipes the DL away from the pocket with solid lateral footwork, essentially taking him out of the play. I also like this play, in which Ismael waits, doesn't pick up a rusher, then slides up to the second level, head on a swivel, and finds a linebacker, who he engages with a strong base and good hand placement to halt. I'm really just highlighting the upsides of this guy, but I want to stress that he is developmental. Often on tape, you'll see him miss blitzers, misread plays, out of position...his upside is there, but it will take a lot of work and development to get him where he needs to be. He does plenty well, and there are good tools to work with, but he'd need a lot of polishing.
TLDR: Quick with some snap, good laterally. Needs to work on awareness and footwork. Big project with zone-scheme potential.
Josiah Scott, Michigan State CB: I really like Josiah Scott from an athletic/talent perspective. My only hang ups with him are durability and size. The 5'9" corner with sub 30" arms definitely doesn't have the stlength to play outside in the NFL, and he missed 8 games of the 2018 season with a meniscus injury as well as two games in 2019. However, if he stays healthy, I think he could become a very valuable slot corner in selective packages. Lining his small frame up against some of the quicker slot WRs in the NFL might be the key to success for him, as he ran a 4.42 40 at the combine and has shown good recovery speed on tape. In addition to this, his hips appear to be very fluid and he has a smooth backpedal, something that allowed him to go toe-to-toe with fellow prospect KJ Hamler downfield. He also produced well in his 30 games at MSU, accounting for 7 INTs and 32 passes defensed. As a result of his lack of strength, he tends to struggle with wrenching the ball from WRs but it's generally masked by his combination of speed and high IQ. He has an innate ballhawking ability that is well suited for a zone-heavy scheme like our's.
Here's a rep of Josiah's that I like. He sticks with his WR, dissecting the play with his vision, and sinks into his hips at the top of the route to make a quick transition from the second level to the ball. You can see his quickness and speed here as he converges to make the tackle. He effectively eliminates the first read at the top of his route, then negates the gain by utilizing his feet and IQ to diagnose the ballcarrier. It's a nice play that emphasizes his upside in a zone scheme. I like what he does here as well. It's not against Hamler, but it's a good display of what Scott does well. He's at the bottom of the screen. He gets into a nice sound backpedal, bites on the stutter but opens his hips up cleanly to recover, taking away the middle of the field and bottling up the WR outside. I think his quickness and IQ are far more conducive to slot than the outside (as he played almost exclusively at MSU, and seems to get a little lost sometimes), but I like his upside and technique.
TLDR: Very small and injury prone, but technically sound and has good hip fluidity. Must play slot. Productive in the BIG10.
Gage Cervenka, Clemson IOL: This is 100% a developmental pick. A converted DT, Cervenka is yet to scratch the surface of the intricacies of playing OL. His technique is...not good, to say the least. But, he possesses impressive raw power and you'll rarely see him become unanchored in run blocking. He's a sturdy (albeit, stubby) build at 6'3" 325 lbs, and his 44 bench press reps at 225 lbs are a Clemson record. His strength appears both at the LOS and downfield, as he has an impressive ability to move guys completely away from the play and level huge impact blocks. He seems to have, in addition to his upper half, a strong base and good core strength. He'll struggle mightily at the beginning of his career due to his lack of technique (resulting in a relative inability to square and sustain blocks) and he'll need to refine his posture to match up better against NFL-caliber DTs. He rotates well and bends decently, but his footwork and handwork will need to improve to maximize his physical ability. If Rick Dennison can mold this kid, however, he could become an absolute powerhouse and solid guard in the NFL.
Watch him here, #59 playing right guard. The play gets blown up because #79 misses his block and the safety reads it well, but Cervenka does a good job of pulling and anchoring, setting the DL back from the ball despite meeting him in an off-balance position. He also flashes a little pitbull mentality as, after already making a good block, he looks for another and clips Chase Young. The block on Young itself is fairly ineffectual, but I like seeing guys that are always looking for someone to hit. If Clemson can get another block on the outside, that play probably breaks open. He also does a nice job here of leveraging the DT away from the play and opening a bit of hole up for the RB to accelerate through. Finally, I like what he does here and a pass blocking set. He gets beat initially, but recovers well with a strong punch and stance reclamation, pushing the DL away from his path. He's got a long way to go, especially in pass protection, and much like Josiah Scott and Keith Ismael, his tape is just as condemning as it is promising. But, his strength and upside show that he might be worth a late-round flyer.
TLDR: Super raw. Incredible strength and physicality, no technique whatsoever. Converted DT. Huge project, but huge upside.
Essang Bassey, Wake Forest CB: The third to last pick in the draft. He is wayyyy too small to play outside corner in the NFL, measuring in at 5'9" 191 lbs. That said, he has the speed to keep up with a smaller slot WR (ran a 4.46 at the combine), and has the fluidity in his hips and legs to stick to a route. He plays bigger than his size, more than willing to lay into someone to make a tackle or break up a pass, but his size definitely weighs him down and he tends to get bodied bodied by bigger WRs on the outside. His mentality in run support and feistiness in pass coverage scream Zimmer to me, and while his size might be hard to overcome, his ballhawking sense and transitional quickness might make up for it in a zone-heavy scheme. Scouts like his anticipation both in zone and in off-ball man coverage, which speaks to his relative versatility. Adding to this, Bassey produced very well as a three-year starter at Wake Forest. He accounted for 5 INTs in that time along with 45 passes defensed. Despite his size, the outside corner playing in the ACC was able to find success.
In this rep, Bassey does a nice job getting low into his stance, breaking down with the WR, and using his fluidity to maintain his position. He bodies him a bit and sticks to him, forcing the WR into a contacted route that leave him covered. Lawrence is actually going to peek at that read, seeing he isn't open before taking a sack. This is an example of Bassey's quickness and transition speed. He quietly backpedals, squares his hips to make sure he doesn't get beat deep, then reads the play quickly and closes fast at the breakpoint of route. Overall, with the way this guy handled and held his own against Clemson's bigger WRs, I think he'd be a decent fit for an NFL team as a zone slot corner due to his size.
TLDR: See: Josiah Scott. Though, Bassey looks less lost on the outside and has pretty impressive transitional speed. I actually like this guy a lot.
If you made it this far, bless your soul. Jesus Christ, we have a lot of picks. This draft is much more about scouting potential prospects at our respective picks and positions of need than it is trying to come up the "perfect" Vikings draft scenario. I will say, the first two rounds are exactly how I hope they go come April (if we don't trade up or back), though I think it's unlikely. I assume those rounds are where others will have the most contention; we all have our own opinions on who is valuable, who is good, and who is worth drafting. I understand that, and I'm always open to discussion! These just happen to be my subjectively preferred choices.
If you guys enjoyed this write-up/if it gets enough traction, I'll consider doing another one focusing on other positions, namely DT and EDGE. I didn't scout QBs, TEs, LBs, or RBs considering our solidification at those spots, but I might next time. I'd also try to mix up the first and second round choices to add a little flare. These are all guys that play our positions of need and that I think would fit well within the Vikings' system. Let me know what you think. Cheers, SKOL, and stay safe. Hope to see you in the comments!
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