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Long ass list of "Game Improvement" suggestions

Some nobody's list of ideas/other people's ideas that I thought was good on fixing EVE that rolled into a huge list like a Katamari. All these suggestions are changes of a type that CCP has done in the past in some way or form, but perhaps not in that specific space. TL:DR warning.

Skillpoints and learning

  • All attributes set to 26 permanently, remaps removed.
Remaps are a bad game mechanic that punishes new players who need skills from many different attribute types. A bad remap can screw new players for a very long time as remaps have a 1 year cooldown. This change gives 39 base SP/min for all skills, which is 1 more than an optimal remap currently.
  • All + Attributes removed from implants
Learning implants impose a cost on losing your pod and again impact new players the most since they need SP the most but are least able to afford replacing implants. Implants also create an "SP cost" from using implant sets, causing players to have a "learning clone" safe and out of the way with +5's. People who jump clone into learning clones are discouraged from undocking, which is not a good thing.
  • All pilots given biology V for free
Will be relevant for the next point
  • Learning implants in LP store replaced by long duration "Learning boosters" in 5 tiers similar to current implants that grant +X to all attributes. These Boosters persist through death, and with Biology V these boosters last for 30 days. Additional boosters of the same quality taken extends time, better boosters overwrite worse ones with no time refund.
This replaces learning implants in LP stores as the constant demand item to prop up the price of LP. Having this persistent booster removes the cost of losing a pod that doesn't give combat benefits, working on the same reasoning used to remove clone costs. Never fear that flying small ships will cost you your +4's or +5's.
  • Injected SP now no longer penalizes by existing SP, but rather by skill rank. 1x to 3x skill recieve free SP at a 100% ratio, 4x to 6x receive SP at a 80% ratio, 7x to 9x receive free SP at a 60% ratio, and so forth.
Changes the nature of injectors from Titan/Rorqual expresses into something that is useful to everyone to patch up missing skills. This is a buff to people who have higher SP, multipurpose alts (usually players with less alts), and a nerf to super-specialized injected alts that fulfill one purpose.

Citadels, structures, and asset safety

  • Low power citadels have no damage cap, no resists, no timer, no asset safety, no tethering, no active modules, no services. You can still dock to move your stuff out.
  • Pilots with roles can access the Citadel fuel bay from space to refuel Citadels.
Just like unfueled POS
  • Rather than set timezones, citadels use the Strontium system from Towers. No stront, no timer.
Stront as a system works better than set timezones.
  • Number of timers for smaller structures reduced. Small structures have 1, Medium have 2, large have 3. Faction Fortizars also have 3.
Brings down the durability of small structures.
  • All current structures must be anchored at non-sun Celestials. Athanor longer provides tether but subcaps may dock in Athanor.
Puts limit on structure spam and removes citadels on grid with gates, which should increase the risk of gate travel.
  • Structures no longer auto repair. They must be manually repaired to 100% in order to restore the timer.
Important for big tidi fights. EDIT : apparently technically impossible to do
  • All citadel/station services can be shot and disabled. Must be repaired to bring back online.
Restoring a functionality that outposts had.
  • Asset Safety removed from small structures.
POS never had safe assets, their replacements should not either.
  • Asset Safety tax increased to 30%. 15% is removed from the game, 15% is paid to the corp wallet of the pilot who scored the last hit.
Rewards for killing a citadel.
  • While an asset is in the 4 day timer before it moves, the owner can choose to turn the asset safety items over to the corp/alliance of the pilot who scored the last hit. These items are placed into an unmovable asset safety status that allows enemy members to asset safety your items for 60% of the CCP cost, with you receiving 50% of the CCP cost.
In line with above, but also allows people who lost stuff to liquidate quickly and move on if that is their goal.

Cyno and strategic mobility

  • Cyno 1 can be fitted on all subcapitals with high fitting requirement (1000 PG, 100 CPU) and has shorter duration (3 minutes). Force recon, Combat Recon, Hictor, Black ops, Command Ship have fitting bonuses. Capitals may not jump to Cyno 1, but titans can bridge to it.
Having a hard cyno that allows subcaps only to be the first responders to encourage subcap use. The fitting requirements means that this mod is a battleship sized mod except for the specific ships with fitting bonuses.
  • Capital Cyno 1 can only be fitted to Force Recon, Combat Recon, Hictor, Black Ops, Command Ship, Marauder, and FAX. All capitals can jump to Capital Cyno 1.
Capital escalations are harder to do. They will still be weaker than before the cyno change, and FAX is is able to fit them because of the next change.
  • Cyno Spool timer added to all caps. Dreads and FAX 5 seconds, Carriers 15, Supercarriers 30, Titans 45. Being bubbled/pointed past core strength resets spool timer. If the Cyno goes down during spool time it resets as well.
Capital response will now always be slower, the bigger the ship the slower the responsiveness. Faxes are given Capital cynos so they can tank as a hard cyno long enough for supers and titans to come in.
  • Ansiblex travel is now stopped if the target ship is pointed past warp strength/bubbled.
Restriction from JB applied to their replacement

Space changes

Sov Null
  • ADM changed to be constellation based rather than system based
Small change to make all systems in a highly used constellation "hard".
  • Ihub upgrades can be shot/entosised by attackers to disable them. Must be repaired to be restored.
No brainer change
  • Structures in low ADM systems (<3) or anchored in sov that isn't yours lose 1 timer and have no damage cap.
Makes cleaning up structures easier after you already took the sov.
  • Forsaken hub and below now have acceleration gates which block capitals from entering them.
Supercapitals and titans being able to pay for themselves through improved ratting income is one of the big causes of proliferation by making them profitable investments in the long term. An acceleration gate also protects subcapitals from being blapped by covops gankers they can't react to.
  • Havens/Sanctums replaced with a single incursion style site per constellation balanced around a fleet of 10-12 players in Battleships. Upon site completion, participants are notified of which system in the constellation where the next site spawns. Factoring in travel time and LP reward, isk/hour should be in the 150 range in Tech 2 fit T1 Bs. Average system truesec applies a scaling modifier on payout.
Limiting the size of null PvE to battleships and protected by an acceleration gate lowers the gap between groups that have umbrellas and group that do not. Having the spawn move around the constellation requires gate travel, since the site moves too frequently to jump/bridge to every one. The acceleration gate also limits the scope of an engagement, which again, benefits smaller group if they know how to fight inside a complex.
  • Mining anomalies now replenish multiple times per day at fixed times regardless of their completion state if no ship is in the anom, rather than on depletion.
Puts a hard cap on the amount of minerals that can come out of a single null system, forces miners to move to find new mining anoms.
  • Local removed from null by default, can be restored by an Ihub upgrade which reduces bounty/LP payout in the system and reduces quality of mining anom spawns. Attackers can disable the upgrade.
Make local a choice, albeit one that is expensive to maintain ala Cynojammer and reduces PvE payout. Attackers that find botting systems and disable the local there to break the bots.
  • Ability to fit entosis link removed from Frigates, Destroyers, Industrials.
  • Up to 10 entosis links may be applied per node. Side with more, up to 10, count as having control of the node.
Make entosis more a fight and less of a whack a mole by upping the requirements of a node.
  • Having control of more nodes accelerates rate/value of capture considerably. Ex, having 3 nodes under control triples the value of each entosis node captured.
  • Capturing 5 nodes in a row automatically wins the timer.
Make uncontested entosis fights end faster.
  • Timers and damage caps removed from all structures that do not belong to FW Corporations/Alliances. Structures in "hostile" controlled systems lose a timer. Hostile Astrahaus will always have 1 timer.
  • All citadels belonging to FW groups banned from adding members of enemy FW to the access list.
Citadels have reduced the advantge of "friendly space" in FW. This makes citadels in hostile space harder to maintain and makes friendly docking rights more important.
  • Quality of moons in FW space improved. Invulnerable FW owned Athanor added to all moons in FW systems on "short" frack cycle (7-10 days rather than 60 days) that pull smaller volume but overall higher quality. Number of active Athanor determined by Ihub level, while "Control" of Anathors to set frack time zone/taxes determined by ratio of LP donation for the Ihub (i.e. donate more LP, control more Anathors.)
Makes FW the second big source of moongoo to act as a pressure valve on null goo. These fracks are balanced around procurers/ventures, with smaller volume but higher average worth. Control of Anathors by LP donator rewards people who donate LP to upgrade an IHub.
  • Neutral pilots entering FW plex are marked suspect.
Same logic as highsec neutral logi.
  • FW missions - Removed or rewards changed to be in line with other lowsec security missions.
These missions are 99% PvE and don't belong in FW
  • FW systems are considered "safe" if it borders no hostile controlled system. Safe systems do not spawn complexes.
Focuses FW activity into a concentrated warzone so there's less uncontested farming.
  • Clear distinction between "offensive" and "defensive" complexes that can only be started by attackers/defenders. Faction members can only start complexes of the appropriate type, which "opens" the room and allows hostile pilots to take the gate. Rolling back a plex the enemy started is considerably faster than capturing one and awards a fraction of the LP value to the enemy based on the highest progress made by the enemy.
  • 50% of earned LF for offensive complexes are paid out on system capture, 50% of LP for defensive complexes are paid out when system becomes "safe".
  • Substantially increase LP rewards for successful action to account for reduced sources of FW LP.
Mainly to reward people who fight and take away rewards from people who run/bot complexes.
NPC null
  • Remove pirate ship BPC from sov null escalations. Remove Nexus chips from Drones.
The supply of pirate hulls from sov null escalations has bitten hard into the profitability of NPC null missions. Separating the supply should give NPC a bottleneck on a high-demand good, which means profits.
  • Add more stations/security agents to NPC null. Each NPC null region should have 2+ mission hubs that have all levels of NPC agents and multiple L4 agents.
This allows each NPC null region to be a bigger pond, and have multiple groups living in it that don't have to all live in the same system/station. Cough Venal.
  • All NPC regions have at least 2 gates to Empire/other NPC regions.
Makes NPC logistics easier.
  • All sov regions that do not already have an NPC constellation have one added with a mission hub. NPC constellations all have at least 1 system within 7 LY of an NPC system in another constellation/region.
No sov is safe from hotdroppers, a neutral series of jump points also means that alliances living deeper in null don't necessary have to blue alliances closer to highsec in order to have logistics.
  • NPC region added to dronelands
Dronelands is lacking a whole NPC region, should get one.
  • Blood Raider NPC region added between Querious and Catch. Blood Raider home region status removed from Delve.
As one of the major pirate faction, Blood Raiders could use a whole region rather than just a constellation in Delve.
  • Sleeper frigates have scrams and much higher durability. Esclations spawn more additional sleeper frigates.
  • Delayed/no notification for wormhole spawns.
Increase risk of running WH sites.
  • 2 Sansha incursions restored
The removal of multiple incursions damaged the highsec incursion community, which is one of it's better parts.
  • Ability to open L4/L5 abyssals removed
Too safe in highsec.
  • Highsec Athanor owners given more control over their fracks, control over automatically collected tax rates (up to a limit) and the ability to set the pull as "private", causing people not on the access list who mine your rocks to give limited engagement. However this greatly reduces the volume of each pull.
Allowing people to set their Athanors as private means they get to mine more of their own pull, but reduces overall pull and paints a target on their Athanor for people to wardec. With more tax control, even if you don't mine all the rocks yourself you still benefit from other people mining.


  • Change capital/capital mod/fighter mineral requirements to be much heavier on high ends and lighter on low ends.
This should remove some direct competition between capitals and subcaps for the same resource pool. Excessive capital production should tank subcap costs as the low ends used by subcap essentially become by-products, this should put some sort of automatic balancing through cost difference between caps and subs.
  • Greatly reduce Capital/supercapital damage, EHP, and local tank to be more in line with subcap progression. Around 33 to 50% depending on hull class.
Caps need to be nerfed, pretty simple.
  • Local tank of FAX nerfed further to be similar to that of Triage Carriers.
Faxes with cap boosters tank way too hard compared to how Triage used to be.
  • AOE DD and HAW removed from Titans
AOE DD was and always will be cancer, so are blap titans.
  • Light Fighters and light support fighter removed from Supercarriers.
  • Heavy support fighters added to supercarriers. Heavy support fighters are optimized against capitals and are ineffetive against subcapitals.
  • Supercarrier neutralization burst signature increased to 4000m, stasis webifier burst to 1000m. Effect affected by sig ratio linearly up to limit.
Removes the ability for supers to blap subcaps at will with their deep fighter bays. Now they can only kill other caps and battleships that get too stupidly close. Note supers can not use space superiority fighters anymore.
  • Fighter application nerfed so they can not apply well to cruisers without web/paint.
Carrier application nerfed so they can not punch down two hull sizes.
  • Drone bonus removed from Rorquals
  • Boost strength now modified by industrial core being active, native boost strength removed.
  • Rorquals can fit "industrial jump portal generator", which allows bridging of all subcapital industrial and mining ships (no Freighters) as well as Orca and Porpoise to Industrial Cyno/Cyno 1. (module itself is very expensive, 3-4B).
  • Rorquals may jump to industrial cynos
  • Industrial Cynos can be fit to mining ships
The goal is to return the Rorqual to the ultimate mining support ship without being able to be multiboxed extensively. Since mining fleets now have to move between systems to clean up belts/anoms, allowing Rorquals to bridge mining ships is a useful function. On a personal note I really want to see people die to fast response covetor fleets that another Rorqual bridges on top of gankers.
  • Battleship warp speed increased to 3. Machariel warp speed increased to 4.
  • All battleships scan res and lock range increase 30%.
  • Battleship signature reduced by 15%.
  • All battleship base HP increased 20%.
  • X-large shield extender added for Shield Battleships.
  • Blops receive Tech 2 resists
Overall buff to Battleships and especially Blops. XLSE is meant to free up a midslot for shield battleships, not necessarily improve their tank that much since it should be hard to fit.
  • Battlecruiser warp speed increased to 3.5
So BC's are still faster than BB's.
  • Cruiser warp speed increased to 4.
Nullified ships
  • Hictor bubbles will stop nullified ships.
No more uncatchable ceptors, and a new role for Hics as the ultimate gatecamper. Note fleet ceptors can still warp through light dictor bubbles and anchored bubbles.
  • Receive hull bonus to allow warp to any ship without scanning. Receives 95% reduced CPU requirement for expanded probe launchers.
A bonus to make interceptors better at intercepting and landing initial tackle.
  • CPU usage hull bonus removed.
  • Torpedo explosion velocity bonus removed.
  • Torpedo velocity bonus removed and replaced with 20% less Covert Cloak CPU usage/level (for 0% CPU use).
  • Torpedo damage bonus changed to +50% all torpedo damage from role, +10 racial damage% per covert ops skill level.
Bombers less capable of self defense against small ships and must be closer to apply damage. Bomber damage bonus evened out between skill levels. Bomber DPS bonus increased to +100% for 6 effective launchers up from 5.25.
  • Optimal range bonus changed to 10% per level.
The range of Kikis allow them to zone tackle too effectively.
Command Destroyers
  • Ships that have been booshed receive "quantum displacement" effect that prevents them from being affected by booshes for 30 seconds.
Chain boosh completley breaks mobility balance.

Pie in the Sky changes

  • Redo the map such that nullsec is in the middle, surrounded by a ring of lowsec, with highsec on the outer rim. The very middle of the cluster is now an SOE NPC regions surrounding the EVE gate. This makes the pinnacle null regions close enough for inhabitants to fight each other but far away enough that holding on to more than 1 is very hard. Rough sketch of the thunderdome section
One of the fundamental issues with Sov Null is that the most valuable space is at the four corners, farthest from each other. Instead of having a "king of the hill" fight, you have 4 blobs sitting on 4 hills comfortably away from each other. Games generally try to drive conflict by luring/forcing players together towards one point (see Battle Royales and their closing perimeter for an example), Eve's map does the opposite. Having Highsec On the outside rim means that the safest route between two regions of highsec is never through more highsec, but rather cutting through low/null. Pulling highsec apart from each other makes regional differences in resource more accentuated by making transportation more expensive.
  • Quantum Flux Generator Ihub upgrade adds "static" Null to Null or even a Null - C4 wormhole to a system in addition to increasing WH spawn rates.
#chaos change. Allows null groups to "roll" null>null wormholes to fight people from around the cluster.
  • Cloaks now generate heat while active
less absolute safety in space from just being cloaked.
  • added "warp scrambling burst script", which has a 5 second activation delay and 1 second duration with 10km base range. Extremely cap intensive.
Added as a hard counter to booshes/MJD. Can also be used as a minefield for MWD fleets if you can get ahead of them.
  • More "heavy" midslot mods like Heavy point/Heavy Scram added to battleships. Battleships given more power grid to allow fitting 1-2.
Makes Battleship Utility stronger.
submitted by angry-mustache to Eve

Toward Positive Masculinity

There have been a few posts here about positive masculinity recently, which I think is incredible and something I want to contribute to.
I have been researching this for several months and (along with help from a couple other people) created a "short" definition of masculinity that fits three key areas I felt were missing for men and personally wanted:
  1. Its not toxic--it actively promotes physical and mental health and does not include emotional repression, domination or other toxic qualities. I ran it by a veteran psychologist and it passed with flying colors--she also suggested I bring the definition to other psychologists.
  2. It actually feels good (to me at least) and it helps with day-to-day life. Also, its based on tweaks to some of the better traits that were part of masculinity over the last hundred or so years (at some point) so, at least for me, it didn't involve any serious mental gymnastics to adopt as an identity.
  3. It supports men in being strong and successful. You don't need to use it to be that way, but as someone who genuinely wants to be like this, I find this gives me a good foundation for it.

The Traits

Before we start, please bear in mind that this was written for myself and other men who want to live with agency and purpose, becoming strong, successful, capable and healthy. It isn't intended as an all or nothing platform or a something every man has to adopt. Its like an RPG, everyone has the capacity for these, and its up to you whether you want to develop them. You can leave a trait at level 1, or max it out. The traits:
Grit and Resilience - This is the persistence to pursue your goals, in good times and bad. To understand that failure is an event, not an identity. This is the fortitude to weather life's storms when you can, and the maturity to accept you won't weather every storm. When you get knocked down, accept it, understand it's temporary and work to get back up. Done right, this has significant protective effects against depression and anxiety, improves quality of life and gives you a huge boost in achieving a wide range of goals.
Pursuit of Excellence - (Please keep in mind the audience it was intended for, and that this doesn't need to apply to every man) Building a career and finding meaning dwarfs almost every other variable in predicting men's Positive Mindset Index. Increasing income (up to a point) increases life satisfaction--especially for those who weren't stoked about their lives before. Build your finances through a career or entrepreneurship--enough to live comfortably if possible. Build skill at what you do, and look for meaning in it.
Consistency & Commitment - Keep your commitments to both yourself and others. This means staying on top of what you know you need to do. With goals, you don't have to move forward fast--just try to get a little better every day. Direction matters more than speed, so keep it easy on yourself. Don't keep sliding back and making the same gains over and over.
Strength & Health - Exercise, both with cardio and resistance work. It is hugely important for your health (it can add 6+ years to your life). Eat healthy and take care of any issues that come up. This means going to see a doctor or psychologist when you need to--doing this means you were smart enough to take effective action.
Goal Oriented, Process Focused - Know where you're going, but live in the moment. Treat it like an RPG--you know what your goals are and the actions you need to take to get there. Accept where you're at, what you have the skill to do and look to level up the skills you need. As you do it, be fully present in the actions you take, rather than dwelling on what your future might look like once you get there. Some of life is going to be fun and exciting, sometimes you'll have to grind, but it is worth it for where you're going.
Build Brotherhood - Life is meant to be shared with others--both its highs and its lows--and not just with an SO. Social connection is one of the most enriching parts of life and plays an incredibly important role in health. Connect with other men, be open, authentic and honest. Don't be afraid to ask for (or give) support when you (or they) need it.

Scientific Basis

Grit and Resilience
Grit is associated with lower anxiety and depression (1a,2a, 3a) and increase in the meaning found in life, with the two factors combining to lower the risk of suicide (4a).
Work by Angela Duckworth and others linked grit goal-oriented success in substantially different venues, from the military (5a) to school (6a). However, a meta-analysis (7a) found that this work may have been overzealous. While grit does show an improvement in outcomes, one sub-component matters substantially more than the other--perseverance is very valuable, passion not as much.
However, we believe that being excited and personally driven to reach your goals also matters. Masculinity shouldn't be stressful or a slog you are doing because you have to. The goal is for men to find a purpose in life that truly matters and ties in with your identity (Atomic Habits James Clear).
Resilience is often correlated with grit, though the two are distinct. Like grit, it is extremely good for mental health, lowering the incidence of depression and anxiety significantly (8a, 9a, 10a, 11a). It is worth noting that there is more than one specific clinical definition of resilience, but the underlying idea is, to paraphrase an APA definition, the ability to bounce back from negative events.

Pursuit of Excellence
A large study sponsored by Harry's razors looked at what traits were important to PMI, a blended measure of "happiness, confidence, sense of being in control, emotional stability, motivation and optimism". They found satisfying employment, as defined by one's ability to make an impact on the outcome of the company they work for, was extremely important, dwarfing all other variables (including health, income and being married) in size--it was almost 4x as large as anything else (1b). Income is also the largest determinant of life satisfaction and people predict their lives will be more meaningful if they earn more money (2b, 3b, 4b).
Higher income is linked to good physical health (5b), 6b) and mental health, including anxiety and depression (7b, 8b).
Meaning or purpose in life is extremely important. A Templeton Institute review showed those with purpose have more optimism, hope, self-esteem, self-efficacy and life satisfaction, improved grit and resilience over those who do not have purpose. (5b). People with purpose also have better physical health and subjective well-being (6b, 7b).

Consistency & Commitment
This is basically the development of conscientiousness. It is useful in two ways: first, from a logical perspective, it keeps you from backsliding in your goal pursuit. This means the perseverance from Grit & Resilience doesn't just keep you covering the same ground all the time--you actually make progress.
Also, while the effects of conscientiousness are small, they are wide ranging and almost universally positive. It is correlated with a lower incidence of all health-risk behaviors studied (1c), higher life satisfaction (2c) and lower depression (3c), among many other benefits. Of note, it also ameliorates the negative health effects of neuroticism (4c), meaning those who are easily stressed, worried and bent out of shape will have considerably better health if they are contentious.

Strength & Health
The effect of exercise on physical health is well known, and there's good reason to do it. For example, those who run an optimal amount (more isn't always better) live about 6 years longer than those who don't run (1d). Muscle strength can help protect against an early death. One study noted the weakest group was some 50% more likely to die early (2d). While the physical health effect is huge, there is also a small, but consistently positive, effect on mental health (3d).
Maintaining muscle mass is also important for older individuals (9d,10d).
When it comes to getting help, we have heard a lot about traditional masculine norms against this, and indeed literature reviews suggest traditional masculinity may indeed impact men's help-seeking (11d, 12d) through a rigid focus on self-sufficiency and embarrassment around asking for help or not being seen as healthy, physically or psychologically.
Clearly, this needs to change. Men should be supported, rather than criticized, for going to a doctor or psychologist. It is better to see a doctor about what you consider a minor, nagging, issue than to skip it because it's "not that bad". Many issues are much easier to treat when caught early.

Goal Oriented, Process Focused
The idea here largely follows research from James Clear's Atomic Habits, which relies on work done by Charles Duhigg's The Power of Habit. The science in these has been confirmed as accurate by psychologists and is well regarded. It should help keep one from burning out in pursuit of goals, and hopefully be able to enjoy the process. Following the process should be a net gain and enjoyable along the way.
We took the RPG idea in part from Stick RPG (not linking to this because it runs on Flash) and from Nerd Fitness (site). We believe it fits in well with the research in the above books and provides a well known framework for reasonable progression toward goals.

Build Brotherhood
It is well known by now that loneliness is a major factor in all-cause mortality (1f). However, as the study also notes, men are hit harder by loneliness than women. Women tend to have closer friendships than men according to cultural stereotypes we see, and some data suggest this is the case (2f). However, it is far from an inborn trait: many older western societies celebrated closeness among men (3f).
Close friendships improve your sense of belonging and purpose, your mental health, memory and physical health. It can also reduce stress and make you happier and more resilient (4f, 5f). To put it bluntly, if you want to live a healthy, happy life, close friendships with other men are extremely valuable.
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