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There are versions for both Mac and PC, that let you share your computer's printer as AirPrint over WiFi. IPhone: : How To Download Airprint Activator click to read more.

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AirPrint Hacktivator Automatically Enables iOS Air Printing. Jul 28, 2020 - Explore serialkeycrack786's board "Faiz" on Pinterest. BOB SHARE: Download Airprint Activator For Mac Free. Where is AirPrint on my iPhone? Airprint activator for iphone 4. This document is for HP AirPrint-compatible printers and the Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Print from an iDevice with AirPrint Activator (it's free

Activity code airPrint Hacktivator enables AirPrint for any printer

Video To Iphone: Download Tnod Activator 1.6. Important to note is that I don't play any games on my phone except a couple. The gaming industry is learning to manage expectations. Works wonderfully during the 30-day trial period, but the supplied code will not activate it. WebcamMax v7 7 1 6 With Patch + Keygen (A Q) Easy Website Pro v5 0 26 With Keygen (A Q) Light Image Resizer v4 4 1 2 With Keygen (A Q) Demo Builder v9 0 1 3 With Patch (A Q) Active Unformat Professional 2 5 3 21 + Key; Pointstone System Cleaner v7 0 7 210 With Patch (A. And like Printopia, it does not require you to install an iOS app.

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With so many technological developments, and Airprint Activator being introduced in the market, we have witnessed great leaps in this field. See ANTLR 4 Maven plugin, ANTLR 4 Maven plug-in usage, and ANTLR 4 Maven Plugin API. Step 2: Click here to download the AirPrint files. I have similiar expirience with Windows and Mac AirPrint Activator - works fine for printing from Safari, Mail app, PDF. On the iPhone 4 with IOS 5 it doesn't even see the printer even after. Step 3: If you are on a 32-bit computer, move this folder from the desktop to.

How To Enable iOS 4.2 AirPrint On Windows - iPhone Hacks

TiPb] Subscribe to iPhoneHacks Daily Newsletter. How To Fix "Different SIM Detected" Problem After Using. Crack 2020 Portable Free Registration Code [Windows & MAC] File Management System Multitrack Recording Allen And Heath Code Free Tech Hacks One Design Make It Simple Digital Marketing Software. Total downloads: 5, 981 (48 last week) Operating system: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. With iOS 4.2+ you can print from your mobile device to a printer on your local network by way of AirPrint. At launch, twelve printers were AirPrint compatible, all of them from the HP Photosmart Plus e-All-in-One series.

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Airprint activator windows, airprint activator windows 10, airprint activator windows 7, airprint activator windows download, airprint activator windows 10 64 bit. Video To Iphone: Download Airprint Activator V1.1.3 check my blog. AnyTrans lets you manage and transfer music, photos, messages, and all kinds of iOS data across your iPhone, iPad, iPod, iTunes, iCloud and computer. There is a AirPrint activator for Windows named O'Print. Use your iPhone or iPad to access any printer and print documents, tickets, e-mails, attachments, and clipboard items. Musumakeup English Patch.

Serial key bOB SHARE: Free Download Airprint Activator For Ipad

PhoneRescue License Code https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3536. But the first requirement for it to work is that the phone and the printer have to be on the same network. Mobile info, Mobile Reviews, Mobile Brand, Mobile Hard Reset. Airprint Activator, an application which allows printers to print for iPhones, iPads, iPod touch or other devices, works by allowing being visible on any device that has iOS. Theme Cellular: Download AirPrint Activator for Windows. It is good if you use licensed software than pirated one so you can update it.

Make AirPrint Work With Any Shared Printer

AirPrint Activator is a new-age printing software that can be used to share and print any file or data saved in an iPhone or iPad, using a common desktop set-up. Download, install, and quickly simplify your printing IT. Great for G Suite, Chrome, MacOS, and iPad printing. With AirPrint, it's easy to print full-quality photos and documents from your Mac, iPhone, iPad or iPod touch without having to install additional software (drivers). It supports more than 22 printers including All Apple AirPrint printers, HP AirPrint, Brother AirPrint, Epson AirPrint, Canon AirPrint, Lenovo AirPrint, Toshiba AirPrint, Samsung AirPrint, Aurora AirPrint, Sharp AirPrint, Fuji Xerox AirPrint, Dell AirPrint and more. Airprint - CNET Download. You can print from most apps that have a print feature.

Patch use Any Printer From Your iPhone or iPad Without AirPrint

Install Airprint using HP Officejet Pro Airprint setup. QR code stuck on the device. IPhone 12 Holiday Hub Best VPN iOS 14 Nintendo Switch AirPods Pro iPhone iPad Apple Watch Apple TV Mac Reviews How To HomeKit Forums Other Categories. The iPad App, HP iPrint Photo is free. Galleria Blog: Download Sn0wbreeze 2.1 to Jailbreak iOS 4. Crack + Keygen Full Serial Number 2020.

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Boogis Mask Maker - Paint, Print, Play

Boogis Mask Maker is an app for iPad, where you can colorise masks with various tools such as paintbrush, glitter, stamps and stickers. Afterwards you can print them to create and play with them in the real world.
The app is primarily targeted at children between 3 and 8 years, but children and adults in all ages can have plenty of fun with the app, and it’s great as a family activity.
With Boogis Mask Maker you can:
  • Choose between many different masks to colorise (with even more to come).
  • Colorise the masks with many different funny tools.
  • Print out masks with AirPrint or send it by email.
  • Take funny pictures of yourself with the mask directly through the app.
  • Save your masks and use the app as a color book.
Read more about the app at Homepage
Boogis Mask Maker is available on the Apple App Store for Free at App Link
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Time flies, in the blink of an eye will be exhausted in 2019

Time flies, in the blink of an eye will be exhausted in 2019

Looking back over the past year, the overall performance of the Chinese smartphone market has been sluggish, and shipments have declined significantly from previous years. In stark contrast to the sluggish shipments of most brands, the top-ranked mobile phone brands are still performing strong, making the share more concentrated, showing the stronger the stronger, and the second echelon's later brands are more and sadder. After several years of spurt growth, the rising bottleneck in the smartphone market began to emerge.
At the same time, it can be noticed that TOP5 mobile phone brands are moving into the IOT field. With Xiaomi mobile Bangladesh as the representative, even direct AI+IoT as the core development strategy of the future, and Huawei, glory and other domestic headphone brands are also vigorously developing their IoT product ecology, coupled with the heavy deployment of Internet giants such as Baidu and Ali, we know that intelligence The popularity of equipment is coming.
Therefore, we have screened the excellent smart devices in the past year and planned the awards from “Best Design”, “Best Interactive Experience”, “Technology Innovation” and “Most Cost-effective”. The "Editor's Choice" five aspects are recommended for outstanding performance of smart devices and technologies, with a view to giving you a reference. You are also welcome to actively discuss in the comments and choose the best smart device products in your heart.
Best Design Award: Chimi Natural Wind Fan
The first generation of Chimi fans quickly became the explosion at the beginning of the launch. In addition to the built-in battery to get rid of the core selling point of the power cord, the outstanding value and minimalist design have become the biggest driving force for many consumers to pay the bill, the same price Among the floor fan products, there is no difference.
In June of this year, Zhimi Technology released its second-generation floor-standing fan product, Zhimi Natural Wind Fan. The new product not only continues the full function of a generation of fans & television Bangladesh, but also has lower power consumption, lighter weight, independent remote control, and support for small love student’s voice control, built-in battery life for 20 hours, and pricing is more close to the people, only 599 yuan, compared with a generation reduced by 200 yuan.
Thanks to the built-in battery design, the use of the Chimi natural wind fan has been greatly expanded, whether it is a balcony, kitchen cooking or bathroom bathing, even when the outdoor picnic or home power outage, you can freely move to the desired location wireless use. The Chimi Natural Wind Fan weighs only 3.6kg and is easy to lift and move.
The Chimi Natural Wind Fan is spray-coated with a lightweight aluminum alloy post surface for superior texture and comfortable hand. The step-less damper shaft that controls the pitch of the fan head adopts the same structure as the notebook shaft, and the pitch angle can be adjusted at will according to his own needs. In addition, the molded parts of the fuselage shell are all made of UV-resistant ABS material, which is not easy to turn yellow and age after exposure to sunlight for a long time.
Best Design Award: Meizu Gravity Suspension Speaker
More than two years ago, Meizu proposed a floating speaker concept design called Gravity, which attracted everyone's attention when it was unveiled. However, due to various reasons such as design difficulty, the speaker repeatedly jumped until August of this year, Meizu Gravity speaker finally mass production. For sale.
The Meizu Gravity speaker was jointly designed by Meizu and Japanese young designer Hirai Hiroyuki. Based on the design concept of “Missing Design”, the aluminum alloy material is very harmonious and natural in any position in the home, without any sense of contradiction.
Gravity is equipped with a 10.0-inch display Laptop Bangladesh that subtly reflects the image and songs onto the mirror through the reflection of light, achieving an incredible suspension effect, as if it were a product from the future.
Gravity is not big, but has long-stroke custom speakers and Rubber Edge dual passive diaphragm design, low-frequency dive 50%, while using Texas Instruments professional power amplifier chip TAS5754M, to ensure high-precision sound reproduction, THD distortion rate is less than 0.007%, There is also Dirac Power Sound audio enhancement technology that radically enhances the sound.
The overall size is 262×112×58 mm, and the weight is about 1033 g. The audio access supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AUX, the signal-to-noise ratio is higher than 80 dB, and the frequency response is 70-20 kHz.📷
Best Design Award: LEVEL 8 Business Travel Bag Ultimate
I have seen all kinds of suitcases, built-in 20000mAh large power supply, can I see the aircraft boarding the aircraft?
On the evening of November 6, Hammer Technology held a new product launch conference in Chengdu and launched the LEVEL 8 suitcase. LEVEL 8 is a famous American luggage brand, founded in 2008, its main business is to design and produce bags for Apple's MacBook. In 2018, the LEVEL 8 team worked closely with Hammer Technology to combine their mature product experience with the outstanding design capabilities of Hammer Technology to create a new luggage product.
The LEVEL 8 suitcase is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy rods. The logo of the cabinet is made of nickel-lithium, and the anodizing process is used. The humanized design is numerous, including:
Smooth over-handle design, avoiding the jam when the backpack is pulled away from the lever, the four-speed height adjustment lever, free to choose the comfortable use height; slow rebound handle, quieter and more elegant; eight-wheel 360-degree rotation, smooth roads Still high-precision steel bearings, the heavier and smoother; ultra-quiet universal wheel, made of high-rebound TPE rubber; convenient front door design, double-door interface, faster security check; TSA customs password lock, US traffic The Transport Bureau officially authorizes the design and manufacture of the container to ensure that the suitcase is not subject to customs violence.
Among them, the flagship version of Horizon 8 Business Suitcase adopts five-line aluminum case, six-line aluminum frame, metal corner, and the price is 1999 yuan. At the same time, it has a built-in 20000mAh mobile power supply, and it belongs to the range of “no more than 100Wh, no need for airline approval”, and can be carried directly to the aircraft through security inspection.
Best Design Award Dajiang "Yu" 2 Series UAV
On the evening of August 23, Dajiang Innovation held a new product launch conference in New York, officially releasing the Ma Yu 2 Pro ("Mao 2" Mavic 2 Professional Edition), which is priced at 9580 yuan.
Mavic Pro is the first compact drone launched by DJI. The folded volume is only about the size of a small bottle of cola. The problem of portability is solved perfectly, and for the first time, the balance between performance and portability is achieved in the field of drones.
In contrast to the previous generation Mavic Pro, the new Mavic 2 Pro focuses on taking photos. It is equipped with a 1-inch CMOS, 20-megapixel Hasselblad lens and a 28mm wide-angle lens with equivalent focal length. The aperture value can be adjusted freely between F/2.8-F/11, and the ISO reaches 12800. Support 4K 30FPS, 1080P 120FPS video capture, and add 10-bit Dlog-M color mode, which can retain more details of highlights and shadows during shooting, providing space for post-production.
And Mavic 2 Pro supports 4K 10-bit HDR video recording with bike bd and can even output still photos up to 14EV (note that 4K 10-bit HDR video and 10-bit Dlog-M color mode are required in video encoding H.265 Completed below).📷
Best Interactive Experience Award: Apple Watch 4
At 1 am on September 13, Apple held a new product launch conference in Cupertino, officially releasing a new generation of smart watches Apple Watch Series 4, starting at 3,199 yuan.
Compared to the previous generation Apple Watch Series 3, the new Apple Watch Series 4 has a larger screen ratio. At the same time, it has the largest Apple Watch display to date, equipped with a new electrode heart rate sensor, re-creates the digital crown with tactile feedback, and once again defines the new standard for watches.
The Apple Watch Series 4 display area is increased by more than 30% compared to the previous generation, and the dial size is available in 40mm and 44mm. In addition, the Apple Watch Series 4 crown incorporates vibration feedback, and the sensor on the back of the smart watch becomes a concentric design.
In the core configuration, the Apple Watch Series 4 is equipped with a new S4 chip. The official introduction of its performance doubled compared to the previous generation, and the response speed is faster. In terms of functionality, the main enhancement of the Apple Watch Series 4 is in cardiac monitoring. It provides three monitoring methods: tachycardia, arrhythmia, and electrocardiogram monitoring.
As for the battery life that everyone cares about, the Apple Watch Series 4 remains at 18 hours.📷
Best Interactive Experience Award: Huawei Watch GT Watch
On October 26th, Huawei held an annual conference in Shanghai, bringing new products of Huawei Mate 20 series, and also brought a new smart watch - Huawei Watch GT.
The Huawei Watch GT smart watch is designed with a round dial. The screen size is 1.39 inches, OLED material, and the resolution is 454×454, which reaches the retina level. The thickness of the watch is only 11.8mm, which is thinner than the 13mm of the Apple Watch Series 4.
The core specification line uses a dual-core architecture to save 80% energy consumption and has a long-lasting performance of 14 days. Compared with the Apple Watch Series 4's 0.75-day battery life, the former has obvious advantages.
Huawei Watch GT smart watch supports real-time continuous heart rate monitoring, which is comparable to professional heart rate. It also has full-day pressure tracking and professional advice, breathing training, innovative bio-feedback games, support for 50 meters waterproof, and stroke recognition.
It also supports Alipay scan code, Huawei Pay bus card, and supports 165+ cities. The sports price is 1288 yuan, and the fashion model is 1488 yuan.📷
Best Interactive Experience Award: Mi Jia Xiaobai Smart Camera Plus
Under normal circumstances, smart camera products can only be controlled through the mobile app, but with the "small love classmates" who can see and speak, the experience is very different.
On September 28 this year, the Xiaomi Mijia Xiaobai camera enhanced version was officially released, priced at 399 yuan. The biggest feature of the new product is equipped with a small intelligent assistant, a smart assistant, a smart device, smart socket, sweeping robot, air purifier, TV and so on.
Mi Jia Xiaobai camera enhanced version equipped with Anba S3LM main chip, ON Semiconductor 1/2.7-inch CMOS image sensor (3μm large pixel), Texas Instruments TI motor driver chip, dual digital noise reduction microphone, support 2.4G/5G dual-band Wi -Fi. Support 1080p HD resolution, upgrade to H2.65 new encoding, support infrared night vision (9 infrared fill light), 360 ° PTZ and AI humanoid detection alarm and other functions.
After carrying the small love classmates, the Mi Jia Xiaobai camera enhanced version also supports voice wake-up "calling the phone", the elderly and children can easily operate.
In terms of storage, Mi Jia Xiaobai Camera Plus supports three storage methods, including local MicroSD card (maximum support of 64GB), NAS storage, and cloud storage.📷
Best Interactive Experience Award: Dajiang Lingbi OSMO Pocket PTZ Camera
In the early morning of November 29, Dajiang released a new handheld PTZ camera, the Lingbi OSMO Pocket PTZ camera, for 2,499 yuan. After the new product was released, the screen was quickly swept.
This is the smallest three-axis mechanical stabilization pan-tilt camera in Dajiang. Lightweight, portable, smart and equipped with a separate screen, it's easy and fun to shoot and record your life.
DJI said that the traditional image equipment will shake the screen when it is hand-held, and the electronic image stabilization will cut the frame and reduce the image quality. The mechanical stabilization and pan/tilt real-time control of the brushless motor, high-precision adjustment and compensation according to the camera attitude, achieving a large lossless anti-shake, and a film-like smooth and stable picture can be obtained by hand shooting.
Core specifications, Lingbi OSMO pocket PTZ camera with 12 million pixels 1 / 2.3 inch sensor, shooting 4K / 60fps ultra high-definition video, code stream up to 100Mbps, single pixel size up to 1.55μm, 80 ° wide-angle lens, F / 2.0 large aperture.
Lightweight anti-shake and outstanding image quality, the Olympiad OSMO Pocket PTZ camera is a subversion of the traditional camera form, especially suitable for the popular outdoor short video shooting.📷
Technology Innovation Award: Small at home
Smart speakers are all done, but the smart speakers with screens, only a small degree at home, its appearance, let the smart speakers get rid of the experience limit that can only be heard, expand to audio-visual integration, and the price is only 299 yuan.
On March 26 this year, Baidu released the first smart video speaker in China, “small at home”. The new product is equipped with the latest Baidu DuerOS conversational AI operating system. It is a smart speaker that can listen to songs, watch movies and make video calls.
Core configuration, equipped with a 7-inch screen, resolution 1024x600, equipped with 78 ° wide-angle 5 million pixel camera, 10W high-fidelity sound unit, built-in 6 microphone ring array, support 360 ° pickup, automatic echo cancellation and intelligent noise reduction processing , can achieve easy dialogue within 10 meters.
In terms of functions, the small smart speaker at home supports listening to songs, video calls, early education, life assistants and smart homes. At the same time, it has 30 million short videos, 14 million encyclopedias, 500,000 children's stories, 1 million comic dialogues, 1 million recipes, and hundreds of millions of mothers and children's knowledge.
At home, based on the DuerOS platform, I have integrated a wealth of third-party developer skills such as Blueport, Nutshell, and Ping An Doctor. In the future, Xiaodu will support more features at home.
Technology Innovation Award: Huawei B5 Bracelet
The Huawei B series bracelet has created a bracelet and a Bluetooth headset. It has all the functions of the bracelet and can be used as a Bluetooth headset to make calls. The B5 bracelet is the latest work of the B series. It was launched in July this year, with three versions starting at 999 yuan.
Huawei B5 upgraded the full-color touch screen with 1.13-inch touchable AMOLED screen and 2.5D curved glass design. The display area is 2.4 times that of the previous generation. It can display WeChat, QQ, schedule, SMS and other news.
"Wristband Bluetooth Headset" is still the core selling point of Huawei B5 bracelet - the screen wristband adopts a separate design, and the main body is a Bluetooth headset, which can be used at any time. In addition, the Huawei B5 Bluetooth headset function also supports caller ID identification, which can be automatically recognized by both important and harassing calls.
On the sound quality of the call, Huawei B5 has also been upgraded. The bracelet has a built-in triple-core audio chip that supports dual MIC noise reduction. It has a built-in 108mAh battery for 6 hours of continuous talk.
It is worth mentioning that Huawei B5 supports HUAWEI TruRelaxTM technology. By analyzing heart rate variability, it can accurately assess the wearer's stress status and provide biofeedback breathing training service to help users release pressure regulation status. HUAWEI TruSleepTM 2.0 sleep monitoring is also built in. Through the principle of cardiopulmonary coupling dynamics frequency analysis technology, it can monitor the complete sleep structure including sleep dream (rapid eye movement), identify 6 typical sleep problems, and provide 200+ improvement suggestions. Personalized sleep services to improve sleep quality. At the same time, Huawei B5 provides HUAWEI TruSeenTM 2.0 heart rate technology, which supports 24-hour continuous heart rate and real-time heart rate monitoring.📷
Technology Innovation Award: Tmall Elf Fire Eye
On March 22nd, at the spring 2018 Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, Ali released the "Tmall Elf Fire Eye" equipped with the AliGenie 2.0 system. It only costs 49 yuan to buy the Tmall Elf XHolder, and the user of the Tmall Elf X1 can be upgraded to the Tmall Elf.
Through the "Elves Fire Eye" feature on the Tmall Elf mobile app, and the Tmall Elf XHolder, the Tmall Wizard has realized visual recognition with little increase in hardware equipment costs.
To put it simply, under the support of AliGenie 2.0 system, Tmall Elf has visual cognition and interactive ability, and will add “every object recognition” and “face recognition” skills in the future.
For children, Elf Fire Eye can identify 117 sets of books, through image recognition, combined with intelligent voice interaction, sound reading, to help children read and literate.
For the elderly, Elven Fire Eye can identify 40,000 kinds of pill boxes, covering the common drugs used in Chinese families. As long as you use the elf fire eye to sweep the pill box, you can use the voice to broadcast the drug name, efficacy, expiration date and other information.📷
Technology Innovation Award: Dyson curling iron
The appearance of Dyson Airwrap, let female friends know that the original curling stick can still be made like this.
On October 10th, Dyson held a new product launch conference in New York, officially unveiled the new hairdressing product - Airwrap hair styling device. The biggest selling point is that it can also curl, smooth, and dry hair at low temperatures, creating a heart-shaped hairstyle without damaging the hair. As a new series of products by Dyson, Airwrap was screened by the younger sisters when it was released, and its national bank price was 3,690 yuan.
It is understood that Dyson Airwrap built a ninth-generation digital motor, using high-speed, high-voltage drive to produce an aerodynamic phenomenon known as the "Kanda effect." The water and temperature are properly combined to achieve curling, smoothing, and dry hair without excessive temperature. Based on this, this curling iron realizes the magic phenomenon of automatically absorbing hair to the curling iron.
In order to better serve the different hairs of the younger sister, Dyson also deliberately produced two suits, respectively for the soft hair and hairy users to launch a targeted gift box set.
Dyson Airwrap's built-in V9 digital motor, through the top air outlet and airway design, can be tightly attached to the styling head, and will not be knotted and entangled during use. Airwrap offers three sets of styling heads with seven styled heads for different hair styles.
When the Dyson hair dryer replaces the lipstick and becomes the new generation of straight men's gifts, who will replace the Dyson hair dryer? It seems now that Dyson’s Airwrap curling iron has become the next possibility.。
Technology Innovation Award: Aqara Gateway
Apple HomeKit is one of the most mature smart home systems at the moment. Siri can control smart devices in the home, but smart products that support HomeKit are very expensive and very difficult to popularize.
And an Aqara gateway launched by Xiaomi Eco-chain Enterprise Green Rice Lianchuang, as long as 299 yuan, can use Siri to control your smart home.
The Aqara Gateway is the control center of the entire smart home. It communicates with other Aqara devices through the ZigBee protocol. Even if the router Wi-Fi is hung up, the accessories can still work normally.
The gateway can connect up to 32 Aqara smart devices. After accessing Apple HomeKit, you can control Aqara products through Siri built into iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. For example, open the living room lights, open the curtains, ask about the temperature of the living room, and so on.
In terms of design, it adopts a simple and compact compact body. The CPU is NXP i.MX6, equipped with 256M memory + Apple certified encryption IC, and the PCB has a flame resistance rating of FR-4.
Aqara gateway also comes with RGB night light, the color and brightness of the light can be adjusted with the human body sensor, and someone will automatically light up at night. It can also work with wireless switches, door and window sensors, wall switches, and flooding sensors to create a smart home environment.📷
The most cost-effective award: Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version
199 yuan can buy a full-featured NFC bracelet, but also a bicycle?
After the release of 4 months, in September this year, the 3 NFC version of the long-awaited Xiaomi bracelet was officially launched, priced at 199 yuan, the first batch of support for Beijing, Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other national 164 cities public travel services, and support the city continues Increased. Support Xiaomi, non-millet Android phone, Apple phone. There are also more functions such as bracelet payment, smart door lock and so on (for subsequent addition), so that the bracelet can become a portable ID card, travel, payment, etc. are more simple and convenient.
In terms of hardware configuration, the Xiaomi Bracelet 3 NFC version uses the industry-leading NXP PN80T secure NFC module with a 0.78-inch OLED display with a resolution of 128×80. Up to 24 high-resolution large Chinese characters can be displayed on one screen, which can be fast. Browse the message content of WeChat, SMS, call, etc., and when using the public travel service, you can lift the wrist and brush, which can reduce the burden on the user to pull out the mobile phone.
In addition to displaying the basic functions such as current time, number of steps, heart rate, weather, heat, etc., Xiaomi Bracelet 3 NFC version can also allow users to keep 15 days under normal information browsing, travel bus, alarm clock, etc. The long battery life, the performance is good.
The Xiaomi Bracelet 3 NFC version has 5ATM waterproof rating, which can be worn by swimming and surfing, and expands more application scenarios. In addition, a sports secondary screen has been added. In the sports mode of Xiaomi Sports APP, any of the four types of outdoor running, indoor running, outdoor riding and walking can be opened, and the user can display the movement during the movement. Data, such as the sports center rate exceeds your set value, the Xiaomi bracelet 3 NFC version will also vibrate the alarm.📷
The most cost-effective award: small smart speaker Pro
In June of this year, Baidu released a new smart speaker - a small smart speaker, the main sound quality, configuration and rich features. In November, the small smart speaker ushered in a new generation of products - small intelligent speaker Pro, known as "big" different artificial intelligence speakers, priced at only 169 yuan, the same price invincible.
The small smart speaker Pro adopts all-aluminum top cover and high-quality custom mesh (optional gray and black), built-in high-sensitivity ring 6 microphone design, with active noise reduction, beamforming and far-field pickup technology, easy within 5 meters Wake up voice. The speaker has a built-in large-size internal magnetic horn with a clear bass level and a 360° sound field.
It is understood that the small intelligent speaker Pro based on the original more than 20 million music music library, deep integration of QQ music massive genuine resources, and support the import of external songs, greatly enhance the music experience. At the same time, support for songs through Wi-Fi voice, you can also control playback on the small speaker App, support Bluetooth and DLNA wireless music projection multiple playback methods.
The small smart speaker Pro is equipped with Baidu DuerOS voice system, with more than 400 skills, check messages, voice memo, schedule management, alarm settings, etc., can be operated in one sentence.
At the same time, full access to Haier U+, Bolian, Lifesmart, Ou Ruibo and other well-known smart home products, without hands-on, wake up a small degree, you can voice control smart home products.
In addition, the Mini Smart Speaker Pro has been upgraded with the new Kids Mode 2.0, which differentiates children based on voiceprint characteristics and recommends different content and games in stages depending on the age of the child. In addition, the geek mode optimizes the wake-free ability of the 8-second multi-round dialogue and increases the emotion recognition. At the same time, it can judge whether the user wishes to continue the conversation, guide the communication, and improve the user's fluency.📷
The most cost-effective award: Mi home Internet air conditioning level energy efficiency
On July 23 this year, Xiaomi released its first air-conditioning product, Mijia Internet Air Conditioner, as always, the main cost-effective. However, the three-level energy efficiency rating has become the only slot for Mijia Internet Air Conditioning. In the case of mainstream air conditioners with 1-2 energy efficiency ratings, the third-level energy efficiency is obviously somewhat outdated.
On December 20th, Mijia Internet Air Conditioning Energy Efficiency finally officially released, 1.5 split wall-mounted machine, equipped with full DC frequency conversion technology, supporting Mijia APP precision control and Xiaoai classmate voice control, the official price is only 2599 yuan, the same The average product price is about 4,000 yuan, and the Mijia air conditioner once again penetrates the industry's reserve price.
The first-class energy efficiency of Mijia Internet Air Conditioning adopts advanced full-DC inverter technology. By optimizing internal circuit design and advanced performance management algorithms, the APF value is up to 4.75 (the national first-level energy efficiency standard is APF 4.5), which is the most common in the market. Energy-efficient air conditioners are better, not only are cooling heat more efficient and comfortable, but all DC motors are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly, allowing users to have a more comfortable experience with less electricity.
As the second product of Mijia Internet Air Conditioner, intelligent control is the advantage of this product. Mijia APP supports 0.1 degree fine temperature control, and can also be used for temperature, wind speed, dehumidification switch, volume switch, brightness of display and air conditioner. Full-scale adjustment control such as swaying angle ensures that comfort will not be achieved. In addition, it also supports the voice control of Xiao Ai's classmates, which will be used by both the elderly and the children.
The first-class energy efficiency of Mijia Internet Air Conditioning continues the design concept of “G-Mark Gold Award in Japan”. The simple and fashionable suspension design and the fashionable modern home style are very versatile. The "Big Eyes" round LED in the lower right corner greatly enhances the overall tonality of the product, and supports LED brightness adjustment, which can be adjusted according to preferences. The appearance material is made of high-quality weather-resistant ABS material, so you don't have to worry about yellowing.📷
The most cost-effective award: Mi home smart door lock
On December 5th, Xiaomi officially released the Mijia smart door lock, which is mainly integrated with live fingerprint recognition, multiple unlocking methods and smart home linkage. This time, Xiaomi has made the price to the extreme - the crowdfunding starting price of 999 yuan (package installation), retail price of 1299 yuan (package installation).
The Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock embeds the fingerprint module on the door handle and holds the handle to open the door in one step.
Using a financial-grade live detection algorithm, the recognition rate is as high as 98.7%. At the same time, the fingerprint area uses a sapphire cover, which can be accurately identified for long-term use.
In addition to fingerprint identification unlocking, Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock also provides flexible and easy to use password unlocking to support remote creation. 20 pseudo-passwords, face-opening anti-peeping; one-time temporary password, friends and relatives do not have to wait; periodic temporary, nanny is more convenient. In addition, Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock also provides a variety of unlocking methods such as Xiaomi mobile phone NFC unlocking, mobile phone Bluetooth unlocking, and spare key unlocking.
It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock adopts the real ferrule C-class intelligent lock core, comprehensive electromagnetic protection, effectively resisting the total of “small black box”, and adopts the Mijia security chip, and the Bluetooth communication content is fully encrypted.
Another highlight of Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock is to support rich smart home linkage, such as going home at night and automatically turning on the lights when opening the door.
After-sales, Xiaomi Mijia smart door lock provides a 3-year free warranty.
Editor's Choice Award: Mijia Photo Printer
Xiaomi's first photo printer, the price of 499 yuan, mobile phone instant photo, only these three points, Mijia photo printer is enough to become one of the editorial choice awards.
Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer is a compact 6-inch desktop color photo printer that uses sublimation technology, 300×300dpi print resolution, support for WeChat applet, and Mijia APP. The price continues. Xiaomi has always been a cost-effective route.
Xiaomi Mijia photo printer and color photo paper set will open crowdfunding at 2:30 pm on December 19, Xiaomi Mijia photo printer is priced at 599 yuan, color photo paper set is 59 yuan, photo paper set is 40 sheets The cost per sheet is 1.48 yuan, and the price is 499 yuan during the crowdfunding period. A box of color photo paper sets is presented.
Many users will care about whether the photo fades and turns yellow after saving for a long time. The Xiaomi Mijia photo printer is automatically coated with a colorless transparent protective film at the final step of photo printing, showing excellent scratch, anti-fingerprint and splash-proof properties, while the photo dye factor is protected from gas, light or moisture. While fading, the color of the photo stays longer.
In addition, Xiaomi Mijia Photo Printer provides the most comprehensive wireless access method for devices, giving full play to the advantages of Mijia. Print photos with one button in four ways: Mijia APP, WeChat applet, Airprint, and computer wireless printing.
What's more interesting is that you can share your other friends and family with your photo printer device, even if you're not at the printer. In addition, the ID printing function has been added to the APP, and all commonly used passport photos are printed at home, such as high-definition printing multi-national visa documents, one-inch photos, two-inch photos, and the like.📷
Editor's Choice Award: Luke T1 Pro
Compared with the Mijia smart door lock, the Luke T1 Pro's workmanship and grades are even better, and the door is not closed, the alarm is a major savior of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
In May of this year, the Luke Smart Lock T1 Pro was officially released, priced at 2,699 yuan. Prior to this, Luker had a Touch for the high-end crowd, priced at 3,299 yuan, and entry-level, Classic price of 1699 yuan, the mid-range price range of 2000-3000 yuan has been absent. The launch of the T1 Pro is now filling this gap.
In design, the T1 Pro overall panel is visually extended by the shape of the streamline, and the front and rear panels are all created using the PVD vacuum coating process. The PVD film layer gives the T1 Pro a more textured surface and feel.
The Luke T1 Pro supports 5 unlocking methods: fingerprint unlocking, mobile phone Bluetooth unlocking, password unlocking, physical key unlocking, and independent Bluetooth key unlocking.
In terms of fingerprint unlocking, the Luke T1 Pro uses a circular living fingerprint recognition chip and incorporates the fingerprint recognition module into the keyhole position of the traditional door handle. It only takes 1 step to enter the door: naturally hold the handle, the thumb touches the handle head, and the fingerprint recognition is completed in 1 second.
Most smart door lock fingerprint recognition covers the crowd from 14 to 55 years old. The Luke T1 Pro is based on a deeply customized fingerprint recognition module, which is optimized for wet and dry and defective by means of artificial intelligence algorithms, and extends the identifiable age range to 7-70 years old.
The Luke Smart Lock T1 Pro is designed with the most powerful C-class lock core in the industry. It is designed with anti-tailing, anti-cat eye unlocking and intelligent detection of the door without alarm and alarm.
The anti-cat eye function button is integrated on the inner door handle. When the door is opened, the button is pressed to open the handle at the same time, which not only prevents the person outside the door from removing the cat's eye tool to unlock the door, but also prevents the child or the pet from opening the door. Go out.
Editor's Choice Award: Stone Sweeping Robot
Strictly speaking, the stone sweeping robot is a product released in 2017, but throughout the industry, the same price of products, the stone sweeping robot is still ranked first in the list. In 2018, the stone sweeping robots successively promoted and launched various special editions and new gameplay, which is worth recommending.
The stone sweeping robot is built by the stone research and development team of the Mijia sweeping robot. It has four advantages: sweeping and unloading, zone cleaning, super performance and sensor upgrade.
In terms of products, the stone sweeping robot realizes the sweeping and unloading, adopting a new plant bionics wet dragging system. The filter core is the root and the mop is the leaf. The water is controlled autonomously like the life, and the water is evenly distributed when sweeping, that is, dragging and drying. It can be wet for 45-60 minutes.
The continuation of the best solution for the Mijia laser planning, equipped with a self-developed high-precision LDS laser ranging sensor, for the first time to achieve the cleaning of the zone and where to clean.
The performance has also been improved. The maximum suction is upgraded from 1800Pa to 2000Pa. By optimizing the wheel suspension system, the obstacle height is increased from 1.5cm to 2.0cm.
On December 12th, Mijia APP was updated and ushered in a new and powerful function – supporting Siri shortcut (Siri shortcut). Now it is possible to control the Mijia sweeping robot through Siri, and of course the stone produced by Stone Technology. Sweeping robot.📷
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