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The Cryopod to Hell 251: Swift Soul Searching

Author note: The Cryopod to Hell is a Reddit-exclusive story with over three years of editing and refining. As of this post, the total rewrite is 1,055,000+ words long, and we are all caught up to the main sub on HFY! For more information, check out the link below:
What is the Cryopod to Hell?
Join the Cryoverse Discord server!
Please support me on Patreon! Every dollar helps, as I have no job outside of Patreon currently!
Here's a list of all Cryopod's chapters, along with an ePub/Mobi/PDF version!
(Previous Part)
(Part 001)
Mind, body, and soul. These are the three components that make up a living body; a being with intelligence, self-awareness, and the ability to contemplate their existence.
And as of now, I am only two of those things: A soul with the will of a mind guiding it.
The universe flashes past me as I rush toward my destination, guided by my overriding command to 'Locate Phoebe Hiro.' Light-speed, warp-speed, and other such technical measures of velocity don't even begin to comprehend the blinding pace of a Wordsmithed flight. The power of magic surpasses reality, allowing me to race across the galaxy within seconds, traveling a ludicrous distance faster than any other non-magical method could ever allow.
All of a sudden, the stars whizzing past me at blistering speeds disappear. My soul-form lurches to an abrupt stop before a ball of blue and green hovering amidst the blackness of the void.
Tarus II.
I stare at the planet for a moment, deliberately halting my advance to gaze at its splendor. Oceans cover some 80% of the planet's surface, with wild badlands far beyond the reach of Hero City, and another continent to the west, just at the edge of my vision. Humanity has yet to explore 5% of the world we reside upon, and someday, we will cover it with our population and turn it into a second Earth.
That notion assumes we will first survive whatever attack the demons have foisted upon us.
I resume my course and rush at the planet's surface, heading toward the blinking pulse of mana indicating my wife's position.
The moment I break through the cloud cover, I slow my descent. The darkened night-time surface of Tarus's surface might normally be impossible for a pair of physical eyes to envision, but when I sweep my soul-vision around, I easily make out tens of thousands of pinpricks of light.
To the west, an undead army floods out of two colossal teleportation gates, while not far from them, countless demons surge from the Tarus II Warpgate as well. These enemies spread to the north, west, south, and east in droves, forcing the resistance fighters to envelop them to prevent leakage.
However, what truly catches my attention are the 'soul glimmers' under the soil, deep beneath Tarus II's surface. Thousands of demons and undead swarm under the feet of the humans and monsters, my friends, all headed behind the back lines of the battlefield. Based on their positioning, it won't take the demons long before they can catch my friends in a pincer attack and prevent their escape!
My gaze hardens as I comprehend the devious plot of the bastards attacking my world.
I gave Ose a choice. I extended a welcoming hand and offered her a chance to coexist with humanity. She replied with a backstab when I wasn't here to fight back.
And why would she do such a thing?
Because she's a coward. She doesn't dare fight me head-on. Only by resorting to tricks and deceptions can she hope to brutalize humanity.
I tried to play nice, but she repaid me with a slap to my face.
With rage clouding my vision, I zip over to Phoebe's position, only to come to a halt some distance away. To my shock, I find my wife battling alone against two insanely powerful magic users! Their mana burns a thousand times hotter than any other source nearby, making them appear to my soul-vision as twin suns irradiating the battlefield.
After more than ten seconds of squinting, I finally recognize them.
The Battle Brothers! Kar's worst enemies, the bastards who murdered all of the crocodiles!
Yet what shocks me the most isn't that they've shown up, but that Kar isn't anywhere in the vicinity! Could it be? When Phoebe left a message, didn't she imply that the Battle Brothers somehow defeated Kar?!
Impossible. Kar is extremely powerful, while the Battle Brothers are only Barons! Something else must have happened.
As I examine the battlefield, it occurs to me that, even without a real frame of reference, the Battle Brothers seem far stronger than any Barons I've seen before. Phoebe's armor, a heavily augmented exosuit Solomon helped her design several months ago, shreds the ground around both of the Battle Brothers with a triple-barreled minigun. The weapon fires countless bullets without cessation, its power stemming from the fact that its energy source is magical, not electrical. The bullets, comprised almost entirely from densely packed mana, get generated on the fly by a powerpack attached to the exosuit's back. This allows Phoebe to fire tens of thousands of bullets without so much as warming up the gun's barrel!
I stay in the air and observe for a minute as the Battle Brothers dodge Phoebe's hailstorm of death and fury. They leap from left to right, backflip, and jump into the air, all while summoning ethereal weapons from an unknown dimension. Swords, axes, hammers, and maces smash and crash against Phoebe's armor, but not even so much as a scratch appears on the demonstone-infused nanites.
"You'll have to do better than that," Phoebe yells, taunting the Barons. "Don't think you can leave here alive, you filthy mutts! All of you who attacked my world will die!"
"Stop running your yap!" Zamiel, the older Battle Brother, yells. He grabs a one-ton warhammer from his back and rushes at Phoebe, intending to bash her armor with all his strength.
Suddenly, right before Zamiel can land his attack...
The Baron disappears and reappears half a foot backward, throwing off his aim. The Battle Brother misses and stumbles awkwardly, the weight of his swing sending him stumbling forward.
"Gahk! Shit! Fucking fairy! She's still here!"
I blink in surprise.
Does he mean... Blinker? Did she teleport him?
The moment the question pops into my head, I notice a flicker of mana not far behind Phoebe. A tiny but bright ball of mana hovers behind her back, the majority of its light concealed behind an illusory barrier.
Zamiel disappears. He teleports right into the path of Phoebe's minigun and gets blasted fifteen times in the blink of an eye, sending him screaming backwards, where he crashes into a massive puddle of drying blood. "Aaargh!"
"Bro? Bro!" Duriel yells, shocked by this new development.
I breathe a sigh of relief. With one Baron down, and beaten so easily, at that, it seems Phoebe won't have much issue dealing with the other one.
My wife seems to have the same idea. She turns to fight Duriel, only for Blinker's voice to speak from all around her. "No! That Baron isn't dead, Phoebe! These Battle Brothers are weird! They can instantly heal any wound if they touch someone else's blood! I've never seen anything like it!"
Too late, by the time Blinker explains, Zamiel has already jumped back to his feet. The older Battle Brother breathes hard and glances at Duriel.
"We can't win, little bro! If it was just the human, this would be a piece of cake, but she has the Fairy Queen helping her! Let's get outta here!"
"What? No! We can't run away, Zammy!" Duriel guffaws. "What'll the other demons say?!"
"Screw the other demons!" Zamiel howls. "I don't give a shrakh what they say! Besides, we ain't running away! We're, uhh... we're executing a tactical retreat to return with reinforcements!"
Phoebe aims her minigun at Duriel and squeezes the trigger, but Duriel sees her attack coming and leaps straight into the air, narrowly avoiding death. With a quick flick of his fingers, he summons a gigantic flying greatsword beneath his feet and rides it like a surfboard.
"Shit! You almost got me! Alright bro, I'm gonna, uh, attack in the other direction! Yeah! You coming?"
Zamiel replies by leaping onto the head of a massive flying hammer. He soars up to his brother and nods. "Let's go!"
Before the two of them can bail, a formless pressure suddenly grabs hold of Duriel.
The giant younger brother once again teleports into Phoebe's range, with his back directly in front of her minigun.
Before Duriel can react, Phoebe squeezes the trigger. A hail of bullets rips through his body, sending him staggering forward to collapse into the dirt.
Zamiel, still flying above, screams in rage. "You bitch, that's cheating!"
I can almost hear Phoebe's smile through her voice. "Haha. I told you... I won't let either of you leave alive. I always keep my promises!"
She aims the barrel of the gun at the back of Duriel's head and squeezes the trigger.
Right before the bullets burst his brain like a water balloon, Duriel's body turns into a shadow, as does Zamiel's.
Both Battle Brothers disappear, making Phoebe's bullets rip up the ground where Duriel laid only a moment before.
"What?! He vanished? How?!"
"Stinky demon magic!" Blinker chirps. She flies in front of Phoebe and sweeps her gaze around the area, but doesn't see anything.
"Who did that?" Blinker mutters. "Was it the Battle Brothers? A different demon? I don't know! Come on, Phoebe, we can't let them get away!"
Blinker, ready and rarring to go, starts to fly toward the horde of undead being kept at bay by the human commandos a few hundred feet to the west. However, Phoebe holds up her palm.
"No. Let them go for now, Blinker. I'm still injured and in a lot of pain."
Blinker turns to look at Phoebe's giant, menacing exosuit. "You are?"
Phoebe nods. "After the Battle Brothers shot down my plane, I injured my leg pretty badly. I've temporarily patched it up with a nanite injection, but it still hurts like hell."
While Phoebe and Blinker chat, I float a little lower to hear their conversation better. At that moment, Blinker suddenly flinches in fright and jerks her head upwards. She looks directly at me.
"Aaahh! A ghost! What the heck is that thing?!"
My heart skips a beat. "You can see me?! Blinker! It's me, Jason!"
Blinker starts to conjure magic, but she pauses mid-movement. "Huh? Jason? What the heck! How can that be you? You're just a blob of light!"
I nod my head, only to feel strange about the motion, given I apparently don't have one.
"It's complicated. More importantly, I'm surprised you can see me in the first place. That's great, though, it helps me a lot. Can you tell Phoebe that I'm here? I want to get an update on what happened while I was... away."
Blinker nods slowly, as a sparkle of light appears in her eyes. She turns to Phoebe and quickly relays everything I've said, making Phoebe raise her head to look in my general direction.
"What? Jason's here? Did you hit your head, Blinker? I don't see anything."
"He's in a soul-form for some reason," Blinker says, shrugging. "I didn't even know I could see something like that!"
"I, err, cast some extra magic on my soul before I left my body behind," I explain. "It's complicated."
I spend a few minutes catching up with Blinker while Phoebe stands guard, swiveling her minigun around to look for enemies. She continues guiding the allied army while I get the lowdown on the current situation, just so she isn't wasting any time or effort.
Eventually, Blinker nods.
"Wow, that's incredible. An artifact from the Primordial Era, and you even fought the Volgrim! What the heck, Jason? We thought you might have died, but instead, you were off having fun adventures! Meanie! You should have taken me along!"
I sigh. "Sorry, uh, maybe next time. Look, I'm going to teleport back here in an hour or two. My body is currently constructing a device that will allow me to control Camael's Cube. Once it finishes, I can send it on its way and teleport back here to help. Until then, I'm just going to perform a little reconnaissance."
Blinker nods, but her gaze darkens. "You have to be careful, Jason. If I can see you, then it's possible someone among our enemies could, too. You can't Wordsmith in your soul-form, right? Don't risk your life all willy-nilly!"
I nod. "Don't worry, I won't. Tell Phoebe everything I've told you. If Belial can't heal her, I will. I have more than enough mana to completely overwhelm the demons, now."
I gnash my teeth together. "I'll make those bastards pay for coming here. They've killed too many of my friends! Once I show up, they'll rue the day they crossed me."
"Yeah!" Blinker yells, while pumping her fist. "That's the spirit! Alright, I have to help Phoebe manage the situation. Kar's still being healed by Sammy, so if you could check on him for me, I'd appreciate it."
"Sure," I say. "Oh, and one more thing..."
Blinker listens intently as I tell her about the demons burrowing beneath our feet.
"Thanks for the heads-up, but we know! Phoebe has a bunch of mines buried around the battlefield. Whenever one goes off, it usually kills a Burrower, but more importantly, it tells us where those poopy-doops are digging! We've been able to follow their movements pretty well up to now."
"Great, glad to hear it," I say. I start to float upward, only to pause. "Uh, can you, erm, tell Phoebe I love her and I'm sorry I didn't call for... however long it's been?"
"Haha! You're so awkward!" Blinker teases. "Little lovebird wants me to tell his wifey that he loves her! Hahaha!"
"Oh, shut up," I reply, blushing hard enough for my whole soul to turn red. "Just tell her! Geez."
I levitate skyward, leaving Blinker behind, all while her cackling laugher embarrasses me to no end.
When I get back, I'm gonna give that bratty little fairy a 'noogie.'
Minutes later, I begin darting around the battlefield at high speeds. With my Wordsmithed goal of 'locating Phoebe Hiro' complete, I regain full control of my soul's movements. To my astonishment, the speed of my soul is unbelievably fast. Unlike a physical body, with its biological limitations, my soul can travel across the galaxy in an instant, let alone any distance involving a mere planetary scale.
I jump to the southern battlefield, where the undead flood against Lieutenant Samuel's force of 30,000 soldiers. The first thing I discover is that, unlike living demons, Mephisto's undead don't show up in my soul vision at all. A very small number do; the elites among elites, but the vast majority of them appear to be soulless, puppeteered bodies running on pure instinct. It makes me realize that Mephisto's forces are probably only a tenth as strong as when they were alive. Without a mind and soul to guide them, the river of undead are little more than drooling, angry bodies hellbent on killing and eating.
After examining the stability of the southern situation, I jump to the west, where Mephisto's undead-summoning warpgates stand. Countless creatures swarm out, their type and strength a mixture from weak to strong. The western wall, now collapsed from god-only-knows what attacks, is little more than a pile of pulverized stone and steel. Demons and undead swarm over it to attack 20,000 exosuit-wearing soldiers, all of them firing ceaselessly with rapid-fire weapons into the fray.
Finally, I flit over to the northern front. Here, a surprisingly firm defense of more than 50,000 soldiers, featuring a huge mixture of monsters as well as humans, hold firm against the demonic onslaught. Remembering the King Cannons atop the northern mountain range, it doesn't surprise me that Phoebe would put so much effort into defending the north compared to the south and west. Among the troopers, what catches my eye is Brunhilda's contingent of Felorians, all of them practitioners of a secret magical power known as Chi.
Brunhilda's warriors rip through the demons and undead as if they were lava golems rampaging in the arctic. Her spear stabs, smashes, and pulverizes the heads of any undead that dare wander into her range.
As I fly overhead, for a brief moment, Brunhilda flicks her vision upward to look directly at me, making my heart jump. She lowers her gaze a moment later, making me wonder if it was simply a coincidence.
Afterward, I disappear from the battlefield, my thoughts churning like crazy.
Not only a high-ranking Volgrim, but a fairy and possibly a human can see my soul-form. That realization makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I'm not a purely ethereal being, but instead, something with tangibility that certain other beings can perceive. That means I have to be extra cautious in the future.
With merely a thought, I zip to the east, toward Hero City. Luckily, I don't spot any Burrowers underneath the city's limits.
In less than a second, I arrive at Hero City's western side, where the hospital stands, built at the edge of a two-hundred-foot cliff. When I fly inside, I spot hundreds of injured humans and monsters, some of them badly wounded and in critical condition. Almost mechanically, I try to Wordsmith and heal them, only to realize my efforts are futile.
While flitting about, I spot one particular hospital room where the most critically wounded appear to be lined up outside. I slip inside to find Samantha pouring healing energy into a female soldier's body. The woman chokes out blood and coughs weakly, then offers Samantha a faint smile.
"Don't... don't blame yourself... you did the best... you..."
Her words cease, and her head lolls to the side. The woman passes away, and Samantha stops her healing magic.
The succubus stares silently at the dead soldier, a look of emptiness in her eyes. "Rest in peace."
Exhaling deeply, Samantha nods at a morbidly obese demoness next to her. "Rosalia. Bring in the next one."
"Yes, Emperor."
I hover in the air and slowly wave my hand to try and get Samantha's attention, but she gazes stonily at the far wall and doesn't see me.
Suddenly, a voice speaks up from the corner of the room behind me.
"Huh? Daddy?"
My heart nearly jumps in fright! I turn to the side and spot Daisy sitting on a chair, looking directly at me with stars in her eyes.
"Daddy! It's daddy! He's here!"
Daisy jumps out of the chair and points at me excitedly. Her words shake Samantha out of her stupor. She looks at Daisy, then follows her finger to my general position. "Huh? Daddy? Do you mean... Jason?"
"Uh-huh!" Daisy says, excitedly hopping up and down. "He's right there, aunt S'matha! Can't you see him?!"
Samantha looks in my general direction, but her eyes pass through me. "No, sweetheart. Maybe you need to get some sleep. You've been awake for almost two days."
I'm not entirely sure why the heck my daughter can see me, but I'm still glad. I float down to her level and try to touch her face, only for my hand to pass through her cheek. "Hey, sweetie. How are you holding up? Are you doing okay?"
Daisy nods excitedly. "Yeah! Yeah! Me and aunt S'matha are healing all the hurt people! We just wave our hands and WHOOSH all the boo-boos go away!"
Suddenly, Daisy hesitates. A look of horror appears in her eyes. "W-why are you a ghost, daddy? Did... did you die?!"
"No, no," I say quickly waving my hands. "Daddy has magic, remember? I used my magic to make a ghost-body, just so I could say hi to my little girl. Right now I'm really far away, but I'll come back very soon, okay?"
Samantha watches with a puzzled expression while Daisy babbles at the air, but her only response is to slowly shake her head. It's clear from just one look that she thinks Daisy must be hallucinating my existence.
After I finish reassuring Daisy that her daddy definitely isn't dead, I say, "Oh, and tell aunt Samantha that daddy says hi, okay? Uh, tell her that mommy is fine, too. She got hurt a little bit, but daddy will definitely take care of her."
Daisy nods furiously. "Okay! I love you, daddy! Come back soon!"
"I love you too, sweetheart."
I try to kiss Daisy's head, but my face awkwardly melts through her skull, allowing me to see her brains. Ew!
With a shudder, I fly into the sky and disappear through the roof, leaving Daisy and Samantha behind.
Another few minutes later, I zip around the eastern side of Hero City. After scouting the area, I ready myself to return to Blinker to let her know about the situation outside the battlefield, only for my stomach to flip-flop in alarm!
Only a mile away from Hero City, several 'blips' of soul energy show up within my vision range. I fly closer and gasp as I spot three glowing beacons of demonic mana standing around, talking to one another. The moment I get close enough, I listen intently to make out their conversation.
A demoness clothed in long, gray robes, growls at a male nearby. "-the signal. I think we should summon the gates now. We've already got the city surrounded. Once we build up our forces, we can rush the barrier all at once."
"Ose's orders are absolute," The male says, his garb a green-colored bunch of robes. "We're only Warpers. We don't have the authority to override Emperor Ose. Do you think you're smarter than her?"
The female's expression crumples. "...No."
"Then shut your trap and wait for the signal."
My heart skips several beats as I gather that these three demons must have somehow skirted around the battlefield and slipped into our backlines! They're waiting to open portals so they can attack us!
While I listen, my gaze falls on the third mana signature belonging to the demon who hasn't spoken yet. To my surprise, not only is their mana signal far brighter than the other two, but the Warpers don't look at the other demon for even a moment, as if that demon's presence were invisible.
I draw a little closer and blink in surprise.
The third demon stands with their back to me. However, what surprises me the most is that my gaze pierces through part of their body!
With a start, I suddenly realize the other demon isn't really there! Whoever they are, their presence is almost holographic and immaterial in nature, like me! They might be a fellow errant soul!
The moment I have this epiphany, the third demon suddenly stiffens. They turn around to look at me, revealing the face of a very familiar woman.
The Emperor of Infiltration stares at me for a moment and blanks out. "Hm? Another Astral Body? Who the Devil are you?"
In the blink of an eye, she rushes toward me, a look of venomous murder on her face. She soars into the sky and balls her hands into fists, aiming to pummel me into a bloody pulp. The instant before Ose arrives, she suddenly stops and reverses direction, her angry expression turning to shock and horror.
"What?! The Wordsmith?!"
My heart explodes with hatred and rage. I've suddenly stumbled upon a prime opportunity I never expected! Ose, now in a soul-body like mine, hovers mere feet away, clearly alarmed by my presence.
"Hello, Ose. Seems you've been up to no good."
Ose gnashes her teeth. "Tch! How dare you step within my domain, the Astral Realm! Now that you've seen my Astral Body, you've sealed your fate, Wordsmith!"
I shake my head.
"Oh, I don't think so."
Next Part
submitted by Klokinator to HFY

Should I take it as an insult or as a compliment?

Should I take it as an insult or as a compliment?

But it was a "nice post" according to the mod, so... If I make a nice comment, filled with nothing but respectful wording towards the game, but I made a few digs at Saint Yan-dev-senpai holy emperor of Koreddit, I get banned? Yeah, because that is going to make me and other people more positive, right?
I made the original post on korredit, because u/rar-ita suggested it. I revised somethings and made the wording a bit more positive, but I suppose I should have posted this on an alt account.

Just to give reference to what I posted, I'll copy-paste it down here. (It's kind of long for readability it will be an actual copy paste, not an image. (the chart is part of the quote, Reddit just doesn't allow a chart to be part of the quote.)
Hey, first time posting on here, but well, I have something of an idea for Yandere-sim. A replacement for the bodyguard difficulty and the atmosphere system, with a scaling difficulty based on your actions, instead of making the later rivals difficult by default, byways of bodyguards or other gimmicks. This system would also allow Yan-Dev to not block off elimination techniques, since the player will be "punished" for their actions.
Let me explain.
In the coding, the game marks elimination tactics as violent, semi-violent and non-violent and adds a counter system, for security (replacing atmosphere)
- Violent would be an actual murder. (Student +2 counters, faculty member +4 counters)
- Seen bloody by 5 students. (+1 counter)
- Semi-violent would be bullying, spreading rumours or blackmail. (+1 counter)
- Non-violent would be, befriend or matchmaker. (removes a counter)
- No violent action take for a week in the entire school. (removes a few counters)
- No violent or semi-violent action for a week taken in the entire school (halves counters)
Murder or fake suicides would be the easiest (in theory) and can be pulled off in the first day, with map and schedule awareness so they would add the most counters.
Being seen with blood by a few students would mean you did a sloppy job, but should not directly lead into a game over.
Semi-violent elimination tactics also need some time investment and could probably not be pulled off within the first day and thus they get just a few counters.
Non-violent elimination tactics need a time investment since you need people to like you and trust you and thus you need to do fetch quests for them and all that, meaning that this is the hard way of dealing with a rival. and thus they add no counters (I'll be getting to the counters in a bit).
These counters would go towards a security meter, the more counters you gained, the more security measures will be taken for the rest of the game.
As an example, I just made this graph, but it needs some balancing. I've tried to keep the "punishments" within the realm of things that would already be in the game or easily added.
The titles are bad jokes, they do not represent any actual positions I hold.

counters + Title of the level measures
Safe Space no measures
4 Paul Blart, school cop 1 school cop that patrols the school. (school cop dies/vanishes +10 counters). If seen bullying or spreading rumours, gives a time penalty of 1 hour. Seen with a body or covered blood, same action as a teacher.
8 Bue likes matter 3 school cops.
12 I spy with my little eye cameras in some good murder spots. They can be disabled alone or can be hacked by info-chan for payment
Orwellian nightmare cameras in most good murder spots.
20 Honour system Honour students carry pepper spray as a to keep order. (Honour students are now "experts" in martial arts.)
30 If teachers have guns, there won't be any Yandere killings Teachers and faculty have stun guns. (faculty and school cops are hyper-aware and care long-range stun weapons.)
45 + 3 or more rivals passed You dun diggedy fudged up Sempai had been found out as the reason for the suspicious actions and is now being homeschooled. Game over.
This all is in addition to the unique patterns, strengths and weaknesses that the rivals will all have. And it allows for 1 perfect murder in case that the challenges of one rival are too hard for your pacifist run.
And if you decide to kill a rival, I think it would be a cool idea to give Yandere-chan a bonus for her classes, since her mind is no longer clouded by the rival.
If DLC-rivals are added, the system will have to be rebalanced for the challenge.
This also brings more replayability, due to the possibility of a pacifist, neutral and a genocide run that are different enough in the gameplay.
But then again, this is more something for after the demo, since the demo will have only one rival, this system will be basically useless.
Thanks for the awesome game Alex, just some things I'd like to see in the game.
And I'll also like to hear your ideas, how would you guys create difficulty while keeping as many options open for the player?
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