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TL;DW 361 - The Year Ahead Q&A

  • Chance to get the Loot Cape from Lootscape chests
    • Ironmen won't receive the chest but will roll a chance to get the Cape.
  • More mobile news in a week or two.
    • Looking to do more small group play tests once we'd made changes to the UI that have been suggested from feedback.
    • This will lead onto larger group playtesting.
  • Treasure Hunter Rework
    • What was going to be a small change, we decided to make much bigger and broader - make a better job of it.
    • Decided to also look into the keys that you get; the loyalty programme; there are a number of things just looking at the stuff we give particularly surrounding TH and daily engagement.
    • Take a look at the what the rest of the industry is doing right now.
    • Will look to communicate something within the next few weeks-a month.
    • The current promo is something we're pleased with.
    • February we're going to experiment with promo lengths, frequency of promos, the types of promos that we do like cosmetics. Just playing around with it and seeing what that does.
    • We wanted to do an aura change earlier but now loyalty rework is tied with TH rework. We won't be selling auras. So now we're thinking, what about the smaller changes, do we break that away and do it earlier.
  • Penguin Space Musical Raids
    • Still want to do it.
    • Probably won't make it a Raid, rather a silly quest.
  • Burthrope Games Room Rework
    • Ability to play games from the Games Room while skilling.
    • Initially may only be possible for players on the same world to challenge each other.
    • Some big technical hurdles which might have stopped it's development.
  • God Wars Dungeon Generals graphical reworks had such negative feedback that we decided not to release them.
  • Seers' Village and Camelot graphical update
    • Will release eventually.
    • Been talking about whether we want to release it with an event, like Falador and Port Sarim. Also doesn't have to be temporary.
  • Floor 61 and Raids II
    • Backlog
    • The mods that want to work on them are working on a lot more other projects.
  • Rusty Chest step 2.
    • Completed, needs localising.
    • Want to release it alongside Deep Sea Fishing.
  • Not the biggest priority, but a fan of making quests XP rewards into lamps. Mod Stu is slowly going through them where he can.
- -
What are living games? Jagex has been looking for an identity for itself. What kind of games we make, what kind of games we'd like to make, not just now but in 5 years time. And the term we've come to is Living Games. We want living games to constantly grow and evolve as you play them. That isn't just that we'll add content and escalate it over a period of time. But we'll have events, be very much in touch with what players want, survey-work etc. All our games will share this brand of living games.
With Bank rework beginning after mobile's Q3 release, does this mean it could potentially be released in 2019? We don't know, with projects as big as mobile and bank rework we can never tell. We will try our absolute best.
Another Ninja Survey? Not too much longer until all the fixes from the first one are completed. However, we want the Survey system to be used by other teams and we will and should be polling a lot of things for Minigame Hub.
Character model rework? We are making a number of improvements to our tools and the way we're making models before we get to the point of doing a character graphical remodel. It's definitely something we want to do. The first we've taken is moving away from our archaic animation system.
Will Reaper be removed before Solak? We don't want to delay Solak until after the Comp rework. The Comp Rework will entail things we can't rush, and things that should be polled properly.
Why has Pet Park been forgotten? Not necessarily forgotten, quite low on the list. Also not been a great deal of enthusiasm.

Poll Results

  • What was your favourite update this year?
    • We are a little surprised Menaphos was the most favourite.
    • Since Menaphos was an expansion encompassing several pieces of content, we're interested in knowing what specifically was players' favourite.
  • Which updates have you enjoyed this year? Tick all that apply
    • If we take out Menaphos, the rest of the top 6 aren't content that you play through but rather content that enriches the gameplay that you've already got.
    • Although it's a little damning to content that you actively play through, it shows that we don't always have to drag you away from your usual gameplay.
    • Also worth noting that they're either a passion project or initiated by players.
  • Which of these do you feel should be our priorities in 2018? Tick all that apply
    • 'Weirdly, we've stopped making like, a rock, or a tree, or like a farming patch and things like that. We've feature creeped a lot of our content which is quite large and really we can inject stuff that changes up routine and 2018 is when we're really goiing to try putting that in.'
    • We haven't been doing enough Quests as we'd like. One thing we've been speaking to players is about a change from the really large, development consuming qu ests to (and there seems to be a hunger for it) smaller, personal, story-telling quests. Lore as a reward seems to be something people are interested in.
    • Including Pieces of Hate, we're looking at a minimum 6 quests this year. When we did the Survey, 6 was the sweet spot.
  • What was your favourite quality of life update this year?
    • New elite skilling outfits will not be released through promos.
    • So instead we can think about what projects will be released with the elite skilling outfit as a reward.
    • The remaining TH released outfits will eventually make it into the game.
    • 29 Jan - Skilling head add-ons (from the same pieces of content you can get the rest of the outfit) + Elite Divination outfit (from the fragment system).
  • Which Ninja Fixes have you enjoyed this year? Tick all that apply
  • What was your favourite event this year?
    • Perhaps recency bias with Christmas event.
    • We'd like to do more with the Raffle rather than just re-run it seeing as people do enjoy it.



  • We're looking at how it turns out.
  • We don't want to have a knee-jerk reaction to what has been said. For example, with overcrowding.
  • We were trying something we haven't done in a long time, where a really good niche item is given through Slayer with a high rarity.#
  • Update is going really well.
  • The gland is not one of the 4 VIP exclusives. It's a side-perk. We haven't really decided what the 4 exclusives are but they'll be bespoke elements, could be cosmetics but we haven't began talking about it yet.

Sliske's Endgame Replayability

  • The original quest was made with replayability in mind. Hence the alternative paths etc but because of technical limitations at the time we couldn't release it with the quest.
  • Quest replayability isn't worth the effort for most quests, and would be better to do alongside reworks.
  • Replay interface.
  • Second canon playthrough (can only do this once)
  • Adjust past choices through non-canon playthroughs.
  • Added a 'lore' maze for non-canon playthroughs (skips the maze and just takes you through interactions).
  • Choose the interactions you'll encounter in the lore maze, and in which order.
  • Ability to skip the final fight.
  • Ability to skip the opening god bit.
  • XP Reward if you don't skip but if you get it even if you play the lore maze.
    • Not good XP/h.
    • Nowhere near the initial quest XP.
  • Agent of the Eldest outfit reward as an apology for it taking longer than we'd have liked.
    • Originally the idea was to have a hidden NPC that you could see if you had the camera the right way. And if you spotted him enough times you'd unlock the outfit.
    • Reward as a non-canon playthrough.
  • Easter Egg dialogues for non-canon if you have Ravensworn title.
  • Deliberately not put it on any cape requirements.
  • Fixed the clickout bug for interactions so you can see them if you've missed them.
  • Tweaked endscene dialogue if you win the stone so you can pledge the stone to a god of your choice.
  • Adjusted Zaros's dialogue if you are a loyal servant.
  • Allowed you to skip straight to the maze if using the lore maze and interaction choices.
  • Added Akrisae to the final scene.
  • Updated Sliske's model to have the staff at the stone scene.

Bakriminel Bolts

Bank Rework Taster

Temporary Updates

Hati, Sköll, and Fenrir

  • Based on precedent, this update is usually released between 14 and 19 January. This makes it the likely update for 15 January.
    • 2011 - 17 Jan.
    • 2012 - 16 Jan.
    • 2013 - 14 Jan.
    • 2014 - 16 Jan.
    • 2015 - 19 Jan.
    • 2016 - 18 Jan.
    • 2017 - 16 Jan.

Vic the Trader

  • Will be released alongside Hati and Skoll update.

Aura Management Interface


  • This is about 60% of the updates for Feb-April.
  • Lots of good ninja fixes as well as a few larger projects which we aren't comfortable talking about right now.
  • Giant Mimic will be P2P.

Pieces of Hate (Pirates Finale)

  • Looking for release early 2018 - February-ish maybe [21 Nov 2017]
  • Pirates quest series finale.
  • 'Judges' team (Raven, Rowley, Chaose) working on Pieces of Hate (with the help of Ells/Clumsy/Viktor G)
  • Investigation into horrificness, crazy puzzle-solving, jokes, packed full of nautical action.
  • It seems the Krassian creatures have been roped into Rabid Jack's plans and you'll find yourself exploring ex-dragonkin temples underwater using your trusty diving gear and more besides.
  • Reunite the pirate captains and take down Rabid Jack forever.
  • Why Pirates if it was third on the list?
    • Slayer quests are not really a storyline and OSRS are looking to go down that route with Dragon Slayer II.
    • Mod Raven had a design for Pirates which was just spot on - one of the best quest docs Mod Osborne has ever seen.
  • Invasion of Mos Le'Harmless to conclude.
  • Spiritual successor to A Clockwork Syringe - high on humour with action.
  • More of a Rabid Jack finale since we can always do more pirate quests.
  • Rather than a fetch quest or a talky quest, this is a much more get involved quest.
  • Mi-Gor is one of the worst models we have (alongside Slagilith, Glod and a few others).
  • Mi-Gor's model will be graphically updated.
  • Mi-Gor's model animated.
  • Upgrade to the Pirate spell sheet as a reward:
    • More locations
    • Rechargeable with Rum
  • Gathered a list of suggestions from the players which we'll be running by the player base comparatively soon
  • Madame Shih will be as a bridge character to link the pirates with the Eastern Lands
    • Eastern lands pirate
    • Owns a big fleet
    • Plays an important role in the quest
  • Captain Izzy No Beard visual upgrade (will have the agility skillcape in the final version)
  • All the main pirates will be visually upgraded
  • Early Hi-res version of Barrelchest
  • Not all characters will be graphically reworked due to time restrictions.
  • Not looking to graphically rework any of the areas. Maybe a lighting change or some textures if we have the time.

Minigame Hub

  • Quick strawpoll to see which people would like to have removed (this is just for an idea, it means nothing)
  • Survey system will be used.
  • Maybe we won't poll every single minigame, maybe only the 'endangered' ones.
  • Really difficult to make polls exclusive for 'those who have experienced and interacted the minigame sufficiently'
  • Location
    • There's a lot to consider.
    • A surface world Gamer's Grotto feels to amusement parky.
    • Ideally we'd have it accessible from various points in RS so does this mean we dump it into F2P area? Shattered Worlds already felt like it tacked on.
    • So if we're not doing that, what are we doing? Is it off-world accessible by lodestone? Accessible through portals like holiday events?

Treasure Trails


Trailblazer Outfit:
  • Completing clues gives you points (points will be given retroactively for previous clues completed).
  • Spend points unlocking the outfit.
  • 1K per piece; 5K for full outfit.
  • The more pieces you own the more points you earn.
  • Each pieces has its own active
    • Earn charges by completing clues (5 clues per charge)
    • Each piece on purchase will have 1/4 charges.
    • Boots: Activating these boots will give you the energy to run for miles without tiring (same as Oog'log pool buff)
    • Gloves: Lets you use your teleport scrolls directly from the bank.
    • Shorts: Performs the correct emote for your clue.
    • Backpack: Swap your active clue for another of the same tier.
    • Body: Teleport to the location of your active clue.
  • Outfit passive:
    • Acts as hidey hole outfits for emote clues (still need your hidey hole stocked with the items)
    • Acts as Luck of the Dwarves when looting a casket (doesn't stack with LotD)
    • Owning 2 pieces gives you 1 more reward reroll storage per tier (4 total)
    • Owning 4 pieces gives you 2 more reward reroll storage per tier. One less clue is required to earn a reward reroll and ability recharge. One less step is required to complete a clue scroll.
  • Effects are subject to change.

Dailyscape Reductions

  • Dailyscape is now something that for the next 5 years, every update we make we will have Dailyscape in mind.
  • We don't want to add to it.
  • So we've shifted towards this approach rather than a project.
  • The idea of a project for Dailyscape has hit a backlog. We've got too many projects going on to be fair.
  • Dailyscape means different things to different people, for some it's shop runs etc. while for others it's Cache and Warbands.
  • Part of the plan is to, where possible, make changes with other content (i.e. retroactive changes) which more than likely be polled.

Giant Mimic Boss

  • Giant Mimic will be returning permanently.
  • P2P only.
  • Drop table rebalanced:
    • Previous cosmetic rewards will be made rarer.
    • Scrimshaws will be made rarer and dropped in lower quantities.
    • Ironmen will have an alternative drop table.
  • Mimic kill tokens will be required to kill the boss (tradeable).


  • 'Clans to feel more competitive'
    • Not direct competition; more like comparing hiscores and more etc.
    • Maybe even 'this clan owns this world because they do the most work on it'
  • Avatar rework and removal of orts
    • QA testing.
    • We don't know when it'll be released.


  • Sits in the middle of Elves and Pyramid Plunder.
  • 'Elder trees for Thieving'
  • Perk unlocking system like Aquarium.
  • Mod Shogun began development on 13 November.
  • Expansion to the Thieves Guild.
  • Targetted towards levels 65-95.
  • Travel across the world to the most lucrative castles and keeps, looting their valuables and dodging their security and alarm systems; returning to the guild with your loot (currently at 15 including the top of Varrock).
  • Safes also carry legendary items - things so precious to the thieves guild, they want to display them for every up-and-coming rascal to see.
    • XP and Hanky points.
    • Each legendary item acts as a perk to thieving much like prawn perks (fishing) and memorial of guthix (divination).
  • Brand new tier of Hanky points and reward shop items available
    • Optimise your thieving training further with additional loot bags and better safecracking techniques.
    • Thieves kit: Lockpick and Stethoscope on the toolbelt.
    • Stun protection (consumable): Stun immunity for X seconds (currently at 30s; only works with thieving).
  • Those with 99 will get an immediate boost.
  • Obtain a looting bag from the guild to store your safecracking loot.
  • Cracking a safe is pretty AFK.
  • Once looted you can't loot that same safe for X amount of time (currently 5 minutes)

Needle Skips

  • Didn't think it would've been possible: essentially seeing if RS could handle being a search engine. Turns out it can.
  • Following feedback, it's a little complicated.
  • Needs a little bit of stuff at the start to help people get on board.
  • Mod Osbourne's GameJam project.
  • Worked on by Mod Krista in her TAPP time.
  • Murder mystery style quest akin to 'One Piercing Note'.
  • Will involve only female characters, and will be based around solving the murder of a beloved character.
  • Will have a unique mechanic where the player investigates the environment and enters text into a "search engine" interface to receive more clues; this will allow for its events to be played out of sequence.
Click here or on the side bar to see a list of future updates.
submitted by imsuity to runescape

Had an idea for an archaeology minigame.

So hear me out, randomly generated First, second and third age burial grounds, tombs, and fortresses. There are potentially hundreds of areas waiting to be unearthed that we could use to make into a fun little minigame. so, without further delay, a basic skeleton for a potentially fun archaeology minigame.

The main Objective.

my main goal with this is to make a fun little skilling minigame that employs the best of what dungeoneering and shifting tombs had to offer.

The Lobby

The lobby can be accessed by taking a new portal we'd construct inside the archaeology guild, this will transport you inside a dwarven-cave goblin built "tunneler", basically a giant metal box designed to teleport to detected digsites buried all over Gilenor (and perhaps beyond.) Here you'll find 4 npcs, Chief dwarven engineer Aindir and Chief cave goblin engineer Ziak. as well as Guild leison Marcus, and Zarosian leison Anise. You will also find a control panel, bank chest, sifting station, and restoration bench as well as the exit portal and "airlock."
Each will feature similarly to the heart a "reputation system" allowing for unique perks and unlocks, you do not need to commit to one at a time, all will gain reputation naturally as you play, but one will gain reputation at an accelerated rate by offering to "support them" while excavating. As a brief overview (to be gone more indepth later) here's a quick peek at the unlock themes for each.
  • Aindir - A practical forward thinking man hailing for a multi generational line of blacksmiths, Aindir will offer blueprints and recipes to restore weapons found in your digs to practical use
  • Ziak - An up and coming cave goblin engineer, she offers unique invention related items and blueprints that can be found nowhere else.
  • Marcus - A timid claustrophobic professor of archaeology and youngest in his family of archaeologists, Marcus offers in exchange for restored artifacts found in the minigame Chronotes and other base archaeology related rewards
  • Anise - a secretive robed woman hailing from the bandit camp, Anise's magic from an "unknown benefactor" is what allows the tunnelers to function without completely destabilizing the surface above. As a result she will offer you rewards relating to the ancient spell and prayer books.
To enter a game, players simply need interact with the control panel after speaking with all 4 npcs about the minigame (or just one if you wish). They will then be prompted to set a left click option to prioritize finding groups or going solo, this can be changed later with a right click.
Players may spend reward currency with any representative, which im thinking will be called expedition notes

How the game functions

Fundamentally this minigame would be Dungeoneering and the shifting tombs together, players are given 30 minuets (there are ways to extend this but we'll get to that) to excavate up to 15 rooms or sectors (depending on theme) and stash as many artifacts and as much loot as possible. When time is up players will
  • Each room will feature 1 entry and exit door with the exit door having a 50/50 to have a puzzle alongside the room puzzle
  • Each room will have 6-10 hotspots allowing for material gathering (between 10-20 soil and 1 artifact every other hotspot) as well as a chance for "Special loot"
    • special loot will be either a "unique metal/ore" "unique magical residue" "unique tool" or "unique technology" which can be handed in to Aindir, Ansie, Marcus or Ziak respectively for either 500-12,000 archeology xp or 5000-50,000 gp each. They will come in 4 qualities, damaged, passable, exquisite, and untouched, with untouched being worth 12k exp or 50k gp, and damaged being worth 500/5000 xp/gp.
  • Each room can spawn monsters they have no combat level and can only be slain with provided blast boxes
  • under ground but not underwater digsites can spawn flooded rooms that require specific items to traverse, torches will still work on these rooms for simplicity's sake
  • Each room will have a 1/15 chance of spawning a "unique interactable" which will be one of the following
    • Anima shard - the most common, anima shards add +5 minutes for your groups expedition
    • ritual altar - rarer, ritual altars guarantee your next excavation attempt will yield an additional artifact when interacted with
    • Stonelocked weapon - A rare spawn, featuring sword, bow, or staff locked in stone, interacting with this artifact will grant players 1000 bonus xp in any skill, or 1000 expedition notes
    • time anomaly - an extremely rare interactable, transports players who touch it "Back in time" for 1 minuet, any hotspot interacted with while back in time will instantly be cleared and grant an artifact
    • Unique animal bones - an extremely rare interactable, grants scaled xp in 2 skills or 5000 expedition notes
    • OR A puzzle interactable (guaranteed in puzzle door rooms)
  • one or multiple players in the group will have to solve a puzzle door before proceeding to the next room in some rooms, here are my suggestions but the sky is the limit
    • rube goldberg - players will have to change a serise of pipes in the floor to guide a metal ball from A to B to hit a pressure plate to open the door
    • broken pully - players must repair 5 rope pullies to proceede
    • Ravine - players must repair a rope bridge by excavating wooden planks and fixing the bridge, agility xp and construction xp are gained for this
    • translation lock - one wall will feature pictographs and the other when clicked on will be a rosetta stone, requiring players to translate and punch in the correct combination to continue
    • Restoration lock - similar to dungeoneering the tomb is in shambles, repair the tomb to proceed.
    • color wheel - players will have to rotate 3 color wheels to create the desired color on the exit door.
  • Rooms without a puzzle door must be excavated to proceed, the more players the faster the door is cleared, each door (solo it's a flat minuet) takes 1 minuet with all players helping to excavate.
  • Lastly some rooms will feature "Hazards" such as the following
    • foul air - wear a breathing cloth to avoid the toxic fumes
    • Submerged - the cavern has flooded, underwater digsites will not feature these
    • Frozen - the room has frozen solid due to magical interference, players will slip and slide in these rooms without ice boots
    • Volcanic - magma is present and has potential risk from heat damage and flying rocks.
    • Turbulent water - only found in under water themes, these miniature whirlpools will hurt very badly if you touch them.
    • low oxygen rooms - caves only, the room has insufficient oxygen without a breathing apparatus
    • Fungal infestation - puzzle doors, door excavations, and hotspots go 50% slower but grant 50% more xp.
    • necromancer lairs - the dead walk these rooms, they must either be slain or their graves blessed before the rooms puzzle or objective may be fulfilled, they will attack if you attempt to ignore them.
    • Dragonkin instability - magical instabilities will randomly teleport players in that room from time to time around that room.

After time expires all players will be teleported back to the start and receive reward currency, expedition notes, but remember, this isn't some simple rush to the end as each room has an objective to proceed.

Room objectives
That all being said each room has an objective to complete beyond their door requirements to move on, hotspots are not instanced as well, so if one player fully excavates a hotspot that spot is open and have a 10% chance to award players who didnt excavate that hotspot an artifact, players who stack hotspots are guaranteed an artifact making it a choice depending on room objectives if you spread out and push excavation, or stack up for loot.
here's a list of suggested objectives
  • Slay 60% of reanimated dead or cave monsters
  • Excavate 80% of hotspots
  • Perform X emote on specific tiles in the room marked as such
  • Use a specific item on an offering shrine
  • replace torches for the empty torch holders
  • "prove" bravery by unequiping safety items like the breathing apparatus for a time
  • use soil you've dug up to rebury exposed remains
  • have a party member use a gatestone to teleport back to the room on a spesific spot
  • drain water from a flooded room by excavating drainage outlets
  • flood a room by mining out support beams
  • solve a provided riddle to shut off toxic gas traps
  • solve a provided riddle or 3x3 scrambled image puzzle to extend a bridge/dam up a underground river.
  • have a team member reach inside a ferret hole and hope the ferret of doom isn't home.

Excavation site "themes"

Now that the basics are out of the way, when a new game is started one of 10 different themes will be selected with various historical pinpoints, players may set preferences which sites they prefer by talking to any of the 4 representatives prior to a match. Each theme barring the 10th listed will feature unique rewards to hopefully add incentive for doing them all. Further bonus xp is awarded to those on the "random" setting. Each theme will be based off the culture and region, so for example Eldritch would be gothic ruins at the bottom of the ocean, and menaphite would be crypts like pyramid plunder.
the themes are as follows
  • Zaros - 2nd and 3rd age zarosian forts and city sections
  • Bandos - 3rd age warcamps devoted to bandos
  • Guthix - 1st and 2nd age guthixian temples and
  • Eastern - Early eastern settlements and shipwrecks from the 2nd age
  • Eldritch - Xau-tak temples and mass burial sites dating back to the 2nd and 3rd ages
  • Menaphite pantheon - 2nd age Menaphite villages and tombs
  • Dragonkin - Abandoned laboratories from the 3rd and 4th age
  • Seren - Lost settlements from the Civil war and godwars (3rd age)
  • Zamorakian - Hidden spy bases from the 3rd age
  • Agnostic - Mass burial sites, destroyed villages, and crypts created during the godwars height in the 3rd age


Starting Room

Lastly the starting room, players upon signing up will be given a random expedition and theme in a randomly generated underground digsite upon matchmaking. Here you may pick up supplies from crates provided similarly to how dungeoneering works in its starting room. In this room will be a site supervisor who will allow you to deposit artifacts, loot, etc.
From here players will be given 1 minuet to connect, ready some starting supplies, and prepare before the first room opens similarly to sinkholes. The starting room will contain the following utilities
  • "hasty gatestone portal" (for use with a consumable described below)
  • a soil dropbox for depositing excavated soil this soil will be converted to random soil types from the 4 digsites upon completing the minigame, and serves only as storage until you can pick it up.
  • a screening station which will let you identify artifacts while in the minigame
  • and a donation bin, so you may rid yourself of unwanted artifacts, you wont receive xp for this but donated artifacts will grant additional reputation with the representatives
In this room you'll be able to pick up the following items, as well as their uses inside the minigame
  • torches - The most fundamental tool you can not advance and will be sent back to the starting room if you fail to have another to light on you for saftey reasons. you may carry 3 at a time and last 5 minuets each. Rooms with torch or lantern holders will not require torches to be in and act as checkpoints you can teleport to without a gatestone.
  • Marine lantern - fundamentally a torch, for underwater digs.
    • marine lantern oil - lanterns need to be refilled periodically as they do not burn out like torches do
  • Rope - required for puzzles, crossing ravines, and other tasks. one is consumed per use
  • Excavation box (minigame)- stores up to 500 soil, soil in this box will be auto banked and converted at the end of a match.
  • Ice boots - usable only in frozen rooms, prevents sliding
  • antivenom - many venomous creatures dwell underground, if you're poisoned this may just save your life
  • "Blast box" - magic catalyst used for combat inside the minigame, it deals 1/3 of enemy hp each tick and benefits from no abilities or levels.
  • breathing cloth - some rooms have toxic fumes and will corrode and destroy breathing apparatus, these heavy cloth masks will help mitigate damage, but it is not perfect.
  • Holy water - sometimes the dead have trouble staying dead, holy water expunges undead and allows one to bless coffins and doorways allowing entry
  • Fungicide - some rooms and doors are covered in fungus that impede excavation progress greatly, this fungicide is strong enough to easily remove it, but costs you potential xp gains due to it harming the artifacts and doors underneath
  • Emergency Ration pack - healing item, heals you... enough said
  • Imported gatestone - imported and produced as a means of trade from those that raid daemonheim, they'll function just like they do in DG
  • Portable Shield generator - Some rooms are dangerous, volcanic, or in general filled with nasty things, these generators when clicked on in inventory would deflect attacks back (killing the monster instantly) awarding no combat or archaeology xp for post mortem survey of the remains, but in a pinch will keep you alive.
  • Breathing apparatus - Oxygen recycler, Air rune catalyst, and carbon dioxide transmogrifier. this pocket slot held mask is required for all underwater runes, and for "low oxygen" caves.
Once you have your equipment and the game official starts, it's time to head on in. you can come back here via home teleport or via a "teleport to tunneler" spell provided.


As stated above, there are 10 different themes, 9 of which will have 2-4 different artifacts devoted to each of them that can be aquired via excavation in the rooms
  • Zaros - Shadow anchor, small punch blade, magus staff, portable camp shield pylon.
  • Bandos - Warforged goblin spear, Ourg breastplate, goblin caltrops, Ourg Greatbow
  • Guthix - Ancient herbal recipe, sheperd's crook, ornamental staff
  • Eastern - Tachi, bamboo staff, Shogun's crest, Hankyu
  • Eldritch - Unknown statuette, Warped robes, corrupting longsword, "marked" mask
  • Menaphite pantheon - Brass Khopesh, Intricate compound bow, Pharaoh's head dress, burial akh
  • Dragonkin - Dissection tools, magical amplifier, Blood transfuser, ornamental dragon egg
  • Seren - Shattered crystal sword, Broken harp, elven burial gown.
  • Zamorakian - Listening orb, demon trident, hidden poison knife pouch
  • Agnostic - a mix of all of the above
Each artifact can be turned in as is to the representatives but can be "enhanced" using set quantities of 3rd age base archaeology materials to increase their values, or be used for certain unlocks.

Weapons, armor, and pocket slot items

In addition a set of new unique weapons dropped at random from specific digsites varying in levels but all being (i think) worth while. All weapons armor and pocket slot items are random drops from excavation hotspots, and very rare.
t87 - these items will be powerful but, require restoration to be used in combat
Yumi - a powerful eastern bow, it has the special attack precision, which increases the bows accuracy (But not damage) by 50% for each activation up to 3 times, (50% adren per use lasts 5 attacks before resetting 1 minuet cooldown between uses) reforging a yumi will require 60 bamboo bundles and 60 soapstone and 20 samite silk to restore to functional use.
Magus staff - a battlestaff for zarosian mages, it requires one enhanced ancient staff, 300 ancient vis, 30 zarosian insignias, and 50 white oak to restore, it features the same passives as the ancient staff with the special attack "ancient grasp" which makes your next 3 abilities or auto attacks stun and bind foes, opponents immune take extra damage (60% adren to use, 1 minuet cooldown between uses)
Crystal longsword - a prototype weapon abandoned in favor of daggers and halberds, It requires 2 dragon longswords + 2000 harmonic dust and 100 white oak to restore, and features the special attack "honed edge" which will make your next 5 attacks deal increasingly higher damage before the 6th attack deals a guarenteed to hit, critical hit. This effect is broken if the user is stunned or repositions for any reason, and does not stack with blackhole or similar effects (80% adren to use, 1 minuet cooldown)

T50 - these are granted "As is" they feature no special attacks but passives, and are available to f2p, and degrade till broken or out of ammo in one case
Poison throwing knives - granted as is upon finding, these knives are pre poisoned with p+ poison and are granted in sets of 50 (25 off and mainhand) each time they're found, they naturally are from zamorakian sites.
Ornamental Khopesh - a supposidly "ornamental" burial khopesh, years in an unforgiving environment have made this blade wicked, it cuts unevenly and thus inflicts bleeding procs at random.
dragonkin amplification unit - an offhand level 50 orb, grants the passive "amplify" which enhances the users mainhand magic weapon by 40% at random as well as boosting how much health regenerate gives outside of combat.

T87 - following the theme of weapons, these armor peices will require specific pre existing or archaeology items to restore, and offer passives, they like all weapons over 80 degrade and you must wear all 3 parts to get their passives.
Refitted Ourg armor - The thickest and heaviest of armor around, forged for ourgs to tank even the mightest of blows like they were mere petals, this unforgiving armor features the double edged sword of a passive "heavy metal" granting the wearer 15% less damage from oncoming attacks, but move 10% slower and have a 50% slower recharge on mobility abilities. it requires 100 3rd age iron, 100 warforged bronze, and a corresponding bandosian armor piece (helm legs chest) for each part,.
Elven Gown - a wonderful elven robe, helm and skirt, it is not designed for combat, but never the less the magic woven within it allows it to be used for such ends. It features the passive "mending song" which boosts all healing effects by 15% BUT, leaves the wearer 10% more vulnerable to all damage types. Requires 1500 harmonic dust per part + a crystal armor seed + 100 samite silk
Defiled Leather - dark leather armor sourced from an unknown creature, stained forever from the corrupted brine of an eldritch site. This set provides the effect "essence" which increases the damage and passives of ranged weapons by 10% but, the wearer receives 15% less healing from food.

Pocket slot - rare and from two sites, agnostic and guthixian
Indeterminate figure- An indeterminable figurine from an agnostic site, It decreases prayer drain by 2 when powered and requires 1000 soapstone to initially charge, consuming 1 charge for every 10 seconds in use. and may be recharged with prayer restore potions adding 20 charges for every dose.
Guthixian idol - a rare surviving icon of guthix, it requires 20k pure essence to charge granting 1000 charges in the process and once charged increases the effectiveness of potions while active by 5% taking one charge for every dose used, or 4 charges for timer potion like overloads.



So we've got the basic idea for the game, some loot ideas, but what about rewards? well I'm thinking we do this a little differently from normal minigames, Rewards from the representatives will require you to have reputation with them, as well as excavation notes from the minigame.
Calculating reputation points
Reputation points should be (imo) calculated like this;
  • 10,000 reputation for each group for max standing (all rewards unlocked)
    • rewards are tiered into 4 tiers at 2500, 5000, 7500, and 10000
    • players would earn 50 reputation for every 5 rooms cleared, and 5 for every objective completed normal, all factions rank up at the same time
    • players may "side" with one representative to gain 2x reputation with that person
    • players may donate artifacts from their digs for 15 repuation for every artifact, and 50 for rare unique artifacts
    • enhanced arfiacts will grant 100 reputation each + 1000 notes
That's how i think it should go, might be too stingy but hey this is more of a suggestion outline as opposed to a design doc.
Excavation notes
Excavation notes as referenced numerous times are granted at the end of each game, if you leave early you forfeit these notes. and are calculated as such
  • 1000 notes for every 5 rooms completed, a bonus 6000 notes if you clear all 15
    • 100 notes for every puzzle solved
    • 200 notes for standard artifacts donated
    • 1000 notes for enhanced artifacts turned in
    • 10,000 notes awarded for completing each site at least once, 20,000 for 50, and 50,000 for 100
    • and you can randomly be awarded notes while excavating any hotspot inside the game
Rewards by representative
Now the moment you've been waiting for, what can you buy exactly with these notes? well each person as teased earlier grants specific benefits, items, and passives for your work.
*note, prices pending on all these, i was not sure what would be a fair price for each*
Anidir - to prevent weapon flooding, Anidir has secondary requirements for each unlock to prevent alt farming, all weapons are untradeable till restored.
  • Weapon blueprints (t87) - Sells the blueprint to restore weapons from the minigame, to restore the Yumi you must have completed the curse of blackstone or clear Seryiu solo, To restore the staff you must have completed children of mah, and to restore the crystal longsword the light within is required.
  • Armor blueprints - sells the blueprint to be able to restore the armor you find, to buy the Leather you must have completed pieces of hate, to buy the gown blueprint you must complete Mourning's end p2, to buy the ourg armor blueprint you must complete mighty falls.
Ziak- offering to help you in your archaeological, hunter, and mining pursuits, Ziak offers a unique aray of invention blueprints to those who earn her respect *note part requirements pending, not sure what would be balanced*
  • stamina injector mk1 and mk2 - level 50 invention, consumes a reserve of energy potions to automatically put your stamina up to 50% while mining may hold up to 100 charges at once. Mk2 requires level 80 invention and can hold 300 charges instead of 100.
  • Scent mister - level 100 invention, consumes scentless potions to give you an extra chance while hunting if your trap fails or you're spoted
    • provides a 45% chance to catch hunter creatures that set off traps but are not caught
    • provides a 10% chance to not reset a dino encounter in BGH if your prey notices you, 50% if the creature is at 35% hp or lower at a cost of less loot/lock out of d mattock drops
    • provides automatic scentless application once every 6 minuets
    • requires 50 doses to fully charge 100 charges, consumes 1 dose per action. can be toggled on and off scentless application
  • Sprite capture jar - 115 invention, requires divine energy to power, prevents decay of time sprite focus below 60% once activated and reached, and consumes 1 divine charge per % that would have decayed when afking dig spots.
  • Material compactor -level 20 invention stores and compacts archaeology site materials, uses enchanted and magic notepaper to compact, will automatically compact all archaeology materials in your inventory by consuming notepaper and stores it inside the machine, it may store up to 150 of and 4 different types of materials at any given time.
Marcus - Marcus offers to help you out with your standing with the guild and sells a variety of goods related to archaeology
  • Chronote boost I,II,III, IV - provides a 5, 10, 15, and 20% boost to chronote gains when handing notes into collectors
  • Research cost decrease - decreases the costs of research by 3%
  • Restoration kit - allows you to instantly restore any artifact but only gain 35% of the xp you would have gotten for doing it yourself
  • Portable archaeology assistant - small gatestone that summons an archaeology team assistant that allows for in the field checking and sending of research teams.
  • mattockompa - a chinchompa bred for mattock excavation, sold in sets of 50, they act like a mattock 2 levels above what you can use, these are untradable and you are limited to buying 200 per day.
  • Museum boost - boosts museum donations payout by 10%, as well as a 1% chance to return materials for that artifact to your materials storage
Anise - Anise has little interest in what the others do, but due to a mysterious benefactor has learned some quite powerful magics, and is willing to teach what she knows... should you impress..
  • Curses boost - increases the effectiveness of the amulet of souls deflect curses by 5% (only in pve) prayer potions will also restore more prayer points IF on curses
  • Miasma - not quite the miasma you may know from zuriels, miasma when cast creates a powerful corroding effect that makes the target 20% weaker to all damage types for 8 seconds. costs 15 blood and 20 smoke runes to cast
  • Ancients boost - boosts the damage of ancient spells by 2.5% and their passive abilities by 5% (does not apply to pvp)
  • Vis overload - pocket slot item that is charged with ancient vis, once activated and a certain damage threshold is hit 10 charges (max 500 charges 10 per vis) are consumed to enhance your next attack by 100% (works for all 3 styles)
  • ancient teleport network - allows for local teleportation in the wilderness, players may use in wilderness teleports to other in wilderness teleports HOWEVER, there is an hour cool down when used, ie, you could tele to Ghorrak, and tele down to the graveyard of shadows with no problem, but only once per hour to prevent escape tele spam.
  • Ancient warrior repair patch - one time repair patch that will let players repair any wilderness pvp warrior equipment to 100% (enhanced or regular) one time.
  • imbuing vapors - costs 30 blood runes and 10 death runes to cast, works somewhat like group vengeance where upon taking your next hit an effect activates, in this case your damage output is increased by 10% for 30 seconds up to a maximum of 30% if hit multiple times within a short period after casting (maybe 5 seconds?)

And... that's about it, a skeleton for a potentially good idea. it needs a lot of work but, hey, it'd get the idea ball rolling at least.
submitted by dark1859 to runescape

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