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[Translation] Old Dragon's Tale Chapter 11. Demon Dragon King

There was an ancient man-shaped dragon living on a mountain, and by his side a girl who looked after him.
One day, the girl asked the dragon, "Please tell me more about you."
The dragon answered, "Okay, but it’ll be a long story.”
— A Spin-off Work of Mushoku Tensei by Rifujin na Maganote
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Chapter 11. Demon Dragon King

With the criminal handcuffed I carried him back to Dragon Roar Mountain.
He woke up on the way back but couldn’t escape.
These cuffs were designed to bind the Dragon Race.
It had the power to suppress and disperse power.
Even a demon could do nothing but calm back down with such handcuffs.
Surrendered, or swirling in another emotion?
I don’t know. I was happy to have fulfilled my mission.
Anyways, it's a triumphal return.
It was Szilard who welcomed me with enthusiasm.
Leading a row of Dragon Warriors lining up before the large, center entrance of the eight entrances of Dragon Roar Mountain.
No, it's wrong to say that.
They weren’t warned of the approach, the Dragon Warriors were simply standing guard at the entrance.
Guarding Dragon Roar Mountain was also part of his job.
Since I was on a special mission, I didn’t forewarn of my return.
That's why only Szilard came to greet me.
Just like when Dragon God-sama first brought me here.
"You caught him?"
He looked in amazement at Saleyakt, myself, and the one we brought with us.
"Well done!"
And he welcomed me back with a look of joy.
Indeed, a warm welcome.
The other Dragon Warriors emotions boiled over when they heard that Five Dragon General’s murderer had been finally captured.
So many Dragon Warriors shouting with joy together was a scene I have seldom seen.
"Laplace. Thank you."
"Thank you. Szilard-sama. However, how he came to the Dragon World and his motives for killing Crystal-sama…”
I was confident that he did it.
However, when I thought about it, I realized there was a lack of evidence.
Lacking proof of his crimes.
When I realized that, my voice slowly faltered.
Coming back so triumphantly, but what if I brought back someone totally innocent?
What if it was just an unrelated case of random teleportation between the worlds?
Not only that… becoming a victim of my sneak attack.
"Oh yeah... That right, you could only speak Dragon God Language. That’s fine, I’ll take care of his interrogation.”
I gladly handed him over.
After so long and expending so much effort, even destroying an entire mountain to capture him
I was wondering what to do if I was told that I caught the wrong person.
Moreover, I was tired.
I was relieved to hand over the suspect to someone reliable.
It’s embarrassing to say, but I just wanted to get home quickly and rest.
The mission was complete.
If it was no good, no good. For now, I just want to sleep.
The Dragon Warriors took him away.
His face was full of anxiety.
I even thought that he was looking to me for help.
A friendship that sprouted through the heat of battle?
I didn’t feel that… but it was in the Demon Race culture to befriend through battle.
That was the last moment I saw him.

I slept three days and three nights.
After waking up, I ate.
The meal with Lunaria-sama was particularly delicious.
Probably because it was a meal after completion of an important mission.
After that, I visited Maxwell first.
He was at one of Dragon Roar Mountain’s training facilities, scouting for new talented young men.
I informed him I had captured the suspect.
As well as the passing of my important subordinates.
"Hey, you've accomplished your mission, so they probably are at ease now." he said, patting me on my shoulder.
After that, I visited Dora-sama.
To be honest, I expected her to be angry and yell at me.
Dora-sama told me to come back with his head, but that didn’t happen.
The suspect’s head and body were still one piece when I handed him to Szilard.
I entered Dora's room, anxious but resolved.
But I was surprised.
Dora-sama's belly had recovered nicely.
Looked like she had finished spawning safely.
A face of serenity.
Now that pregnancy has passed her.
I walked up to her and gave her the utmost salute.
"The aftershock of your battle has reached even here."
Dora-sama said calmly.
“Maybe due to the shock of the battle, I suddenly felt the premature sign for spawning.”
As she said, she patted an egg beside her.
Dragon Race eggs are the size of human babies.
The pain of giving birth was shared.
“He was delivered safely, but premature. He may grow up immaturely.”
Despite her words, her hand strokes on the egg were gentle.
The Dora-sama before me was not the fierce and prideful Dora-sama of old.
It may have been a rude thought.
Until then, I'd only seen Dora-sama as strong and loyal.
Even Dora-sama had a gentle-side.
But leaving that aside.
"So, how are you?”
“Good, I managed to find the criminal and captured him after a long battle.”
"I see... Well done. Although someone already reported that before you came.”
Perhaps Maxwell had also heard it in advance as well.
No matter how much Dragon Race disregards the passage of time, I had slept for three days straight.
Maxwell was probably humoring me with his response, if only Dora-sama could do the same.
But that obtuseness was part of her charm.
"I am sorry for the delay in my report."
"Don't worry. I heard you fell into a deep sleep. It happens to everyone when their Dragon Touki is spent. It must have been a fierce battle.”
"And apologies for not bringing you his head…”
Dora-sama smiled wryly when I said that.
"It’s fine. His head won’t bring back the one we lost. It’s a meaningless gesture.”
Dora-sama stroked her egg again.
She laughed abruptly, as suddenly struck by an idea
Dora lifted up her egg and presented it to me.
The egg was wrapped in a soft cloth, looking so fragile.
"If you don't mind, please give him a name?"
"Eh...? But isn’t he Dora-sama's?"
"Who else?"
"But I...?"
"Who else is here?"
Dora-sama repeated herself and heaved the egg to me.
Rather than me, wouldn’t it be more appropriate to have Dragon God-sama or the Five Dragon Generals name him?
I was hesitant to hold it.
My hands quivered.
"Don't worry. Dragon Race eggs don’t break so easily."
Only after Dora-sama said that did I finally take hold of the egg.
The egg was warm.
When I held it in my arms, I heard something like a heartbeat.
I'd eaten many dragon eggs, but they were cold.
I felt completely different from this one.
So this is life, how surprising.
"Have you decided?"
"... Normally, shouldn’t we wait until we see the child? I don’t even know whether it’ll be a boy or a girl.”
"It's a man. My child is a man."
"How certain...?"
I tried to think through my confusion.
A name.
I had it.
I was a man who could do as promised.
That was the name that came to my mind.
Yes, Perugius.
"It's a good name. Feels like he could grow up to be a strong, smart, and generous child."
His name was Pergius.
It was decided that day.

Afterwards, I returned to my leisurely everyday life.
Wake up, visit Szilard to hear his progress, feed Saleyakt, and go back to bed.
As if I was out of work.
My future depended on Szilard’s interrogation of the prisoner.
If the suspect was really Crystal’s killer, I would have accomplished my mission.
After that… I’d probably go back to work for Dora-sama.
If he was judged innocent, my search would have continued.
Rather, in that case, I might be judged incompetent and dismissed from the assignment.
However, I was ordered by Dragon God-sama and accepted Dora-sama’s request as well.
I would have liked to see it to the end.
No matter what people thought, I wanted to follow it through to the end.
So like in a daze, I passed each day for the judgement.
Those were peaceful days.
Sometimes I visited the training ground, but I didn't do any work.
My mood was like a death row inmate.
A bad premonition.
Perhaps I just wasn’t used to spending time waiting.
Those days were the first and last time in my long life I spent just waiting.
No, there were other times… For what reason?
Basically, when I was on a mission.
Even now, I’m here waiting for my instructions.
With those feelings swirling in my heart, time slowly passed.
One year later.
The moment came a year after I caught him.
After visiting another world, Dragon God returned.

A meeting was held.
The agenda was, of course, about the criminal that killed Crystal.
Dora-sama and I both were in attendance.
Spawning season had ended.
She was not responsible for hatching the egg.
Although she did want to guard the egg until it safely hatched…
Her loyalty and dedication to attend an important conference of the Five Dragon Generals won out.
With all other chairs occupied by their owners, I was seated on Crystal’s old chair.
Under Dragon God’s instruction, I stood up and gave the utmost salute.
A report of everything I had done.
“Thus, while I was traveling around the world, Human God appeared before me and granted me wise counsel. There’s a magic eye within me, and I could trace the suspect with it. Using the magic eye, I was able to find a trail and after a long battle, capture the suspect.”
As briefly as possible, explaining everything that happened.
I thought any more would be a waste of everyone’s valuable time.
“I see, you received advice from Human God?”
Dragon God-sama had a broad smile when he heard those words.
Showing how high regard he held for Human God.
“After bringing him back to Dragon Roar Mountain, I handed him over to Szilard-sama to take care of the rest.”
After I finished, Szilard stood up.
“My investigation is complete.”
Szilard picked up a piece of dragonskin parchment and began reciting from it.
"According to my investigation, the suspect is Necrolia Nacrolia, a blood relative of Immortal Demon King Necross Lacross and one of the Eight Great Demon Kings.”
Those words immediately raised a commotion in the meeting.
“Under the order of Demon God, he teleported to the Dragon World to stop the progress of our Teleportation research. That’s how he caught aim of Dragon General Crystal and plotted his murder. However, due to a flaw in planning, he wasn’t able to return to the Demon World and was forced to stay. Since then, he had kept hiding while collecting various necessary materials for his return… until the aforementioned situation.”
It was Chaos that first grew agitated.
Chaos stood up, slamming his fist on the conference table.
The table made a tremendous noise but did not shatter.
Maybe he held back a little.
“How dare the Demons! If they had a problem with us, fight us openly, the gall of ordering an assassination...!”
Chaos’s anger was plain as day.
A boiling rage.
I was too.
Although not as overt as Chaos, I was burning with rage.
"War! We will hit the demons where they live and show those Demon Kings their true colors!”
Chaos exclaimed, but the other three were as cool as expected.
“Szilard... is he still alive?"
Maxwell asked.
His glare was murderous, but his speech was calm relative to the hotblooded Chaos.
"I killed him. He was so cheery that it tested my patience.”
"Well, then, just as well."
Maxwell relaxed.
But I understood.
Reading between the lines, he probably intended to say “If he’s still alive, let me put a stop to that.”
Dora-sama stayed silent.
However, the rage boiling from her body was not second to Chaos.
It felt life-threatening to approach her at the moment.
“Dora, could you swallow what the demons have done?”
"Chaos. Shut up... I feel the same as you."
"...No, surely your rage is greater than mine."
Chaos stayed quiet.
Dora-sama's anger at that time was such that even Chaos yielded.
Her hair-trigger temper was ready to explode.
Szilard looked at them and said.
"Dragon God-sama, we are of one will, let’s invade Demon World immediately and let them receive the just reward for what Five Dragon Generals have suffered.”
However, Dragon God-sama was wise.
No, even he was troubled by the situation.
Holding his mouth, he was deep in thought.
There might be something more far reaching to this current conversation.
Something that a fool like I was could not fathom…
No, it may not be foolish.
Even the Five Dragon Generals did not know much about the Demon Race.
While Dragon God-sama was quite familiar.
And particularly with the Demon God.
That’s why Dragon God-sama may have had a different opinion.
After a long silence, Dragon God-sama said:
"We’ll not go to war..."
His conclusion left the Dragon Generals stunned.
“What’s the concern?”
“If we join forces, even they…”
With a simple raise of hand Dragon God-sama silenced the others.
He said with a stern tone.
"One of the Five Dragon Generals and one of the Eight Great Demon Kings, it’s a wash.”
An even trade.
I couldn't agree.
First of all, Crystal died because the Demon Race attacked.
If I didn’t find him, or if he made better preparations for his return, the criminal would have escaped scot-free.
Leaving the Demons to laugh at the Dragon Race’s pain.
How could it be a fair trade?
“If war breaks out, we will not go unscathed. The Demon Race is not an easy opponent, wait. Practice patience.”
“I’ll negotiate with Demon God about this matter.”
However, we were all servants of Dragon God-sama.
If Dragon God ordered it, we could only obey.
Everyone was reluctant.
Even Dora-sama, a paragon of loyalty, seemed dissatisfied with the decision.
But no one argued in open.
"Dragon God-sama."
"What is it, Szilard? Dissatisfied?"
"No, I don't have any complaints. Dragon God says, we obey… This is about Laplace, who had exerted great efforts to bring the criminal to justice. He deserves to be rewarded for his effort”
I jumped on those words.
Those words were unneeded.
Rewards were unnecessary.
For me, doing Dragon God’s bidding is a matter of course.
Rather, I wanted to apologize for taking such a long time.
But the Dragon Generals all simply responded with “well done.”
It took a long time, but as a result I was able to uncover the demon’s plot.
There was no reason to decline.
Dragon God thought for a moment.
And came to a simple answer.
“Well then, Laplace, I hereby grant you the title of Demon Dragon King and status among the Five Dragon Generals. Thereafter, follow me and assist in our negotiation with the Demon Race.”
The decision was a shock to the Five Dragon Generals.
But there was someone even more shocked than the General Generals.
With this I would be included as the most junior among the Five Dragon Generals.
I couldn’t believe it.
It was too much to joke about.
I couldn’t fathom why Dragon God-sama suggested it.
“I… I’m against this!”
It was not me who raised the objection.
It was Chaos.
Going against Dragon God-sama’s judgement was a serious act for a Dragon General.
However, even he may have reached the limit of his patience.
I could understand that feeling.
But I didn’t concur with his objection.
Even though if I could do it again, I certainly would.
"There are others more qualified!"
Chaos hated the Demon Race.
Even though he did not doubt my loyalty.
He could tolerate me as long as I worked for Dragon God-sama’s sake.
However, for a member of the Five Dragon Generals to have mix-blood of the Demon Race was intolerable to him.
The same demon blood that plotted the murder of a former member of the Five Dragon Generals.
Even if I could help with negotiating with the Demon Race.
"Please… reconsider."
Chaos looked to the other Dragon Generals for support…
But contrary to Chaos’ expectations, and mine as well, the others responded more positively.
"Isn’t that fine? Certainly, he’s young, but his loyalty to Dragon God-sama is beyond reproach, and he has accomplished his missions.”
"And the strength to defeat one of the Eight Demon Kings.”
Szilard and Maxwell said.
Then Chaos looked at Dora-sama.
Surely you oppose this, his eyes were asking.
“For a long time, I had watched him develop… While he still lacks the strength to be worthy of the title Dragon General… we were once inadequate as well. Dragon God-sama’s battle banner needs new blood if we’re to grow our battle strength.”
Dora-sama said, turning to me.
"Laplace. It's an honor. Work harder now, more than ever.”
Accordingly, Dora-sama didn’t object.
No, Dora-sama never disliked me in the first place.
As Dora said, it was a tremendous honor.
My effort and dedication was recognized, and at the same time, it may lead to "improvement of the relationship with the demons" as Dragon God said.
Of course, becoming a Dragon General would benefit Dragon God’s unborn child as well.
All of the reasons why Dragon God-sama brought me here would be achieved.
"Although it may be beyond my abilities… I’ll do my best”
I stood up, crossed my arms before my chest and said,
Unable to refuse.
“Thus, I became one of the Five Dragon Generals… and became Demon Dragon King Laplace.”
Having said that, Laplace sighed.
Some subtle emotions, of weakness and regret.
Rostelina grew anxious when she saw him that way.
She asked Laplace to tell her his life story on a whim, but maybe she asked for something she shouldn’t have.
Laplace may have told her something he didn’t want to talk about.
"Laplace-sama... you didn’t wish to be one of the Five Dragon Generals?”
"Hm? No, that’s not it. Otherwise I would have refused even at Dragon God-sama’s displeasure… It’s just that in reflection, I was overeager for an honor that I didn’t deserve.”
“Why? Didn’t Laplace-sama catch the perpetrator, and others recognized your strength?”
“Yes, but the tasks of the Five Dragon Generals aren’t accomplished by strength alone.”
Laplace's words were vague, and Rostelina didn't understand what he meant.
From Rostelina’s perspective, Laplace was a god-like existence.
More than just power.
He's a great and honorable man without equals.
"But Laplace-sama is great. You even helped me."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes. I have been saved by Master. It is thanks to you that I can live with my curse. I don’t know the other Dragon Generals, but I thought no one deserved the honor of Dragon General more than Master.”
Rostelina certainly grew up in the Long-eared Village.
However, Rostelina was a strange child.
Her magic potential far exceeded others.
In her childhood her power repeatedly ran rampant, destroying the village and killing villagers.
So she was cast out of the village.
She was abandoned on the edge of a large forest, crying alone.
She didn't have the ability to survive on her own.
What awaited her fate was being attacked and eaten by monsters.
It was the mysterious Laplace who found her.
He uncovered the mystery of Rostelina’s body and embedded a magic circle in her, nullifying its overflowing magic.
Thanks to that, Rostelina was able to live a peaceful everyday life.
“I’m pleased to hear that. But as the last of the Dragon Generals, I do not wish to leave that name in disgrace.”
Laplace said with wandering eyes, focusing on something far away.
The last remaining Dragon General.
Rostelina thought about the meaning of that phrase… but couldn’t appreciate it.
She didn’t understand.
So the only thing she knew to do was ask.
But Rostelina couldn’t ask.
For Laplace, it must be a painful story to tell.
The story up until now had mostly gone well.
A wild child of the Demon War, educated, found gainful employment, gained recognition by his peers, and became one of the chiefs of Dragon Race.
It was mostly painless.
Thus, she was sure there was only a difficult and painful ending laying ahead.
Rostelina wanted to know.
No matter how painful, she wanted to know more about Laplace.
But if remiscening caused Laplace to grimace, she would rather put up with not knowing.
“Master… if there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. I’ll do anything in my power to help Master.”
"Ah, in that case… No.”
Laplace stopped himself mid sentence.
Then, with a wry smile, he shook his head.
"Well, I do have one request.”
"What is it?"
With a gentle smile, Laplace stroked Rostelina's head.
"Go to bed for today. You have work tomorrow."
Without realizing, it was already midnight.
Rostelina had lost her drowsiness while listening to his stories.
"...Yes, Master."
Maybe I don’t have any ability to help.
Rostelina stood up from her chair and left the room, full of loneliness.
She left the room, returning to her room and slept.
After seeing her off, Laplace headed back to his desk.
The talk just now reminded him of something he had previously forgotten to write down.
There laid a single book.
A book that summarized the most important things.
He didn’t put everything he knew down in writing, but it wasn’t necessary to either.
Just a record of the most important things.
Laplace added new pages to the book and wrote:
A name he had to write down.
The description he wrote included details he didn't mention in his story.
Not wanting to see Rostelina saddened by what happened, he kept mum on the subject.
"I have a request for those who read this book.
There is a child of Dragon Race who does not know his name in this world.
Please tell this child his name.
I have forgotten many things that happened, but this too was one of my missions.
This child has silvery hair, and must be a nameless man by now.
Please tell him,
“Your real true name is Perugius.”
Perugius, son of Dora-sama, the Great Dragon King Dora.
Thus I recorded here, in case I die before completing my mission.”
Laplace said as he filled another page of the book.
Afterwards, placing the book in the center of the bookshelf, in the most prominent position.
If he was to pass, then whoever that came after him would certainly find it.
It is Laplace's mission to convey his name, but there is no reason for Laplace to do it personally.
Of course, as his godfather, Laplace did wish to convey it directly.
When he muttered the name, the figure who was like a mother to him appeared in his mind.
Dora-sama, a teacher, a boss, and a mother.
Her last moments were full of remorse.
Just remembering that moment gripped his chest tightly.
A hatred sprung from the depth of his heart.
It was a murderous urge that makes one want to start rampaging.
Laplace lived only to clear that remorse.
He had to fulfill his mission.
Laplace closed the book and sat back in his chair.
He felt exhausted, whenever he went down the mountain and traveled, he was reminded of the time he fought as one of the Five Dragon Generals.
Perhaps it’s time to sleep, after a long absence.
"Good night, Rostelina."
Laplace said, closing his eyes.
It was the first time in decades where all the members of the household fell asleep together, atop Dragon Roar Mountain.
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Brought to you by the Mushoku Tensei Discord https://discord.gg/888Ef8T
  • Translator: Onii-sama
  • Editors: Kermit Purple, Speedphoenix
submitted by homu to mushokutensei

Lore and Main Quest differences between classes.

I just completed the main quest of my sub Warrior and it was amazing.. Red Dragon arc was one heck of a journey, probably the best arc in the game. interesting drama and events that i thought were confusing first but were answered in the end. and the lovable Geraint jr lol.
so yeah, i want to create another sub that has interesting story to follow. and im thinking of creating Assassin because of Lunaria and all, i wont spoil too much. so my question is, does Assassin and the spin off class Bleed phantom have different storyline?
submitted by crisgrid to DragonNest

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