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I thought I'd distract everyone from leak week for a few minutes. Here's "Tonite" re-mastered by yours truly.

Soundcloud link
I'm mostly just messing around, but I have been fiddling with this track (and a few others) for about a month now, and feel as though I've managed to pull most of the sound out of the vinyl recording (which I have 4 different versions of, so I'm positive this is the best) and brought it back to life.
Please, please, please give me tips, criticism and pointers as I would love to re-master the whole album, but want to make it as good as possible.
I'm using iZotope RX 3 for most of the grunt work, but I'm also using iZotope Ozone 5 and iZotope Nectar 2 for EQ and compression (among other wizardly things)
Here's before
And after
submitted by Amsterdom to Eminem

[Table] IamA dubstep/electronic producer named J.Rabbit, I've toured and worked with some of the best in the edm industry, ask me anything

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Date: 2012-03-30
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Questions Answers
What's your favorite show that you ever played and why? Any favorite festivals/locations overall? I played a show in Paris on my honeymoon, that was pretty rememberable, but tbh, whenever the crowd is great and I'm a little buzzed I always think it's my favorite show hahaha.
Oooh, good question tbh, 3 parter - 1. schoolboy, I think his writing style is amazing and I think we could crush some shit together 2. Kill the Noise, I know jake, but not that well, and some of his bass noises are so0o good they make me gag and 3. Koan Sound - I just saw these guys last night and they're set was mostly 109 (but not moombah, more like what I do at 109) I was really impressed and I do believe in 109 bpm (to me it's proof that tempo is simply a variable)
Would you consider this a sick first drop? I also like the loop after the drop. Hahahahaha! I got my headphones out and everything lolz.
What kind of people do you dislike? Jews - hahaha jk. I wouldn't say I 'dislike' any group of people but entitled drunk people piss me off pretty good, when I get drunk I always try to be overly polite hahaha. OH! bad drivers are number 1, especially men who can't drive, it's like bro, I might expect this from a woman, but you sir... no, you drive like a bitch.
You sound like kind of a jerk for someone who always tries to be overly polite... I was asked 'who I dislike' kind of hard to answer and sound like tolerant person... not a misogynist btw, happily married I promise :)
WUB WUB WUB MWAAAA WUB WUB WUB BOOM WUB? WUB MWAAAA WUBWUB BOOMBOOM WUB!? LOL WUB WUB MWAAA? EEE-errrrrrrrrrr EEE-errrrrrrrrrr booom boom cra-crack boom crack!
Thoughts on the term "brostep?" Check my tunes! Link to soundcloud.com. Brostep I don't really look at as an offensive term, obviously it implies that only dudes like it or that it doesn't appeal to women, and there is dubstep out there that is rougher than most, with little to no melody... not saying it's bad or not good, my wife actually loves it, but if you look at the crowd, it's mostly guys... even my stats show my music appeals to men more than women, I guess it's just the context of how you use it... if you say it trying to be a dick, then it'll sound like a harsh term, I guess it's like the 'n-word' of dubstep lolz.
No it doesn't mean that just men listen to it. It means that the venue is filled with popped collars and only finding satisfaction in a drop every 2 minutes. That's brostep. Stereotypes of bros. I mean I'm just going off of what me and my friends have always joked about, we use to call like sounding drum & bass, 'beard' hahaha... i could be wrong tho.
Roughly what percentage of your income comes from album sales? What percentage comes form live shows? I don't get really any money from sales... when you get money from sales you have to split it with the record label, the distribution company, the site it was bought from and maybe more. Sometimes I'll get paid for remixing but remix offers are too few and far between to support me financially probably about 98% of my income is from live shows... which is good and bad at the same time.
That's pretty crazy! So can producing ever pay off (income wise, not fulfilling wise) or do you basically have to tour? Also just want to say huge fan, when I heard Sexy Party I immediately jumped on the internet and found you and have been a listener ever since. :) Nice man I appreciate it! glad you I won you over... but yea man, I mean maybe at some level you could support yourself through sales, but I'm pretty sure even skrillex and deadmau5 have to tour yanno?
Do you know what time it is? TOOL TIME!
Why? I asked a direct question, he gave me a direct answer. I didn't slap the cocks out of your mouth and ask how much you make. Hahaha, if someone asked me in person I might feel odd, but I just figured the point of an ama was to be asked anything :)
Well, glad you are honest then lol. I just find it rude when people ask that. but anyway, good work on A Shot of Bruschetti (sp?) and your Fresh Prince remix... i'll be keeping an eye out for when you make it to Seattle :) love the northeast... lowtech still has to finish my tattoo from the last time I was in portland lol.
I've heard some rumors that your next album/EP is being ghost written. How do you feel that there's talk like that circulating? Yea, that's completely not true, in fact, I'm usually at home stressing out over mixdowns, and wondering if my shit is too 'squirely' hahaha - but that's kind of cool that there are rumors like that tho, guess it shows they think my stuff's too good, too good for me to have written it :)
I met you in st.louis this past summer. You played at 2720 Cherokee and then came to the Upstairs Lounge afterwards. You were whispering to your friend while pointing at me, and then when you noticed me staring you came by and said i looked like your buddy Porter Robinson, and showed me a pic of the two of you. ANyways thats all, it was a good show. Any chance of you being at electric forest this year? Also....after the recent buzz about the Madonna incident at Ultra and Deadmau5's response.....whats your take on the drug usage in the edm scene? O nice man I think I remember that, I remember you being like 'oh yea?' one kid somewhere I met looked like Borgore to a T, I mean like, freakish, i kept looking at him and then before I could say it he said "no I'm not borgore" hahaha - but yea man, I don't know about electric forest, where is it? i know I'm doing nocturnal in texas. but yea man, I totally supported deadmau5 on that, it's like we all know drugs are apart of our scene, and that's fine, most scenes have that, but for her, being a major superstar, to say something open like is like re-opening an old wound, we're just starting to get past that ugly stereotype, and then she starts hollerin' about Molly *ugh, I guess she had a reason and her and deadmau5 resolved it... and I don't think she's a total bitch or anything, just a bad move on her part...
Not a big dub step fan...but into a lot of house, techno, electro...whatev. The rave scene kills me. I think it is great that people want to have fun, I have had some myself...but I respect your thoughts on drugs. moderation and respect. Good man. Ps-Can you spin vinyl? Yea man, I started spinning when I was 18 before there were cdjs (I'm 28 now) or atleast before they were popular, and even when I switched to serato a couple years ago, I was still using the vinyl discs, but after playing for a while I realized most clubs/venues don't have decent tables, so now I just mix on serato and cdjs
How much money did you net in 2011? Hard to say, I'm actually still waiting for my booking agency to give me my breakdown of how much I made and how much I spent on flights, sometimes they're covered, sometimes they're not, it all depends on the booking... but if I had to guess I'd say prolly around 40-60 or something like that
How do rappers make so much money? do they tour a lot or does their record label buy it for them? Hard to say tbh, I don't know much about the rap game, but I'm sure it's a slow process in the beginning, but it is a much more popular form of music (atleast in america) so maybe the breaks are bigger?
How did you promote your music well enough that you got noticed? Basically, what did you do to get where you are today with your music popularity? For a long long time no one noticed, but I will say dj support is crucial. Basically I would make music and give it anyone who would take it, reidspeed, kastle, terravita, then they would give it to someone else, then they'd show someone, and more or less you get your name in dj's mouths first before the fans... or atleast in my case that's how it seemed, I remember wondering how do I get kids talking about me rather than just djs - then it'll get to someone who is willing to put it out, and then you just start putting out as much as you can, the rest comes with time and lots of mistakes get made as well lolz - just enjoy the ride ;)
What were the first pieces of equipment/software/whatever that you used to DJ, and same for producing? I had a drum machine/sampler that I thought I was going to be able to take over the world with back when I was 22 hahaha. But then a friend introduced me to Fruity Loops 5 I think it was, I still use FL studio to this day :)
I'm 22. Bought a launch pad about 3 months ago... realized it doesn't make music. Went back to FL Studio. I always say it's not what you use but how you use it, however it should also be said, it's also how much power you have as well ;)
Also, Voxengo Span looks cool but its behaving weirdly, I looped one of your snares and looked at it thru Span and the level of the fundimental changes every single time +/- 3 db. weird. and also did you change the 'slope' of the display range any from the default 4.5db/octave? Yea man tbh I've been at friend's houses and dl'd voxengo and I can only find this NEWer version of what I use, and I didn't have time to figure out how to turn the signal to infinite so I could see what I was doing... I bet if you pick it apart you can sort it out but yea man, that slope thing, is just for aesthetic purposes... it's still the same signal... I put the slope at -3 cause at 0 it looks all fucked up... ya know, if you're on mac, I also use a PAZ analyzer - voxengo is an FFT spectral analyzer and PAZ stands for Pyscho Acoustic Analyzer (or something like that) - long story short, voxengo shows you what exactly what is coming out of your monitors, however, paz is more built around the human ear, they actually do look dramatically different when put side by side even when analyzer the same song or sound... use what you're comfortable with yanno?
But also, tbh multiband compression would seem pointless on a screetch noises, cause theres no dynamics so basically its just becoming a 4 band EQ. So i guess this is only for very dynamic wobbly noises, and your just tryin to smooth out the peaks. what about drums? You are correct, there is no real point to multiband compression on just a simple peak, but usually the sound has more than just 1 really dynamic part yanno? but more or less use it where it's needed, and with drums I usually parallel compress my kick and snare and each gets their own multi-band compressor (only 2 bands tho) split at like 300hz, so I can play with fundamentals and the timbre's seperately (both bands are very similar and only seperated by slight differences - slightly different ratio's or thresholds yanno?
At what age did you begin producing? I started spinning records when I was 18 but only have I had moved to nyc and met matt from terravita in boston did I start to really 'produce' - matt began teaching me in the summer of 2008 (the only reason I know this is because there are posts from me asking questions on different forums and they're all around aug, oct of 08) but I would say a year before that is when i got a computer and started 'trying' - but only after I had more direction did I really sit down start getting better.
Is John Davis really as big of a dick as everyone says? Tbh my interaction has been limited, I've seen him out, but only spoken with him via twitter. He wrote me and told me that he really dug the remix, and we should speak, but we just haven't gotten around to it I suppose. also, I haven't heard the rumor that he's a dick, maybe it's the circumstances of how we met, but he seems like an alright guy to me.
Did you have any kind of music background before you started making dubstep? Read/write music, play any instruments or any of that fancy shit? I've always played instrument in school I played trumpet, clarinet, saxophone - on my own I use to play piano (kind of) but I did play bass for 8 years before a tweeker stole it when I was 20 :( I remember I use to be able to read music and all that shit, but I forgot it all over the years...
OMGWTFBBQ U TOTALLY RUINED DUBSTEP. Nah just kidding, I'm more of a fan of old-school-style deep UK Dubstep, but hey, big ups to anyone who's out there living the dream. How do you perform live? Do you spin wax? CDs? Do you use Ableton? Keytars? MIDI-enabled motion controllers attached to your privates? How was it working with Skrillex, I hate dislike his music, but he seems like a pretty cool guy in general? Ever feel like branching out a bit? Release some obscure shit on an unheard-of label? Is Steinvord actually Skrillex? Hahahaha pretty sure borgore ruined dubstep lolz, thanks buddy, it's all good, I appreciate all kinds of music as well. When I spin I use seratos and cdjs, I use to use vinyl but meh, times have changed, and most clubs don't even have working turntables. Working with sonny is amazing, he really is a genuine great guy, he cares about people and is doing his best to merge all music together, that's why owsla will put kill the noise & the m machine... and even on tour, besides myself there was nadastrom (moombahton) two fresh (downtempo/glitch) forgein beggars (grime/dubstep) and many more, not just a dubstep tour yanno? but yea super nice guy, wether you like his music or not:) and yea I'm actually considering releasing some ambient dubstep tunes I did, either on a label or for free! who's steinvold? lolz.
What program do you use to produce? How long does it take you to finish a song? My first show, I tagged with my friend mark at a bar in long island, no wait, I use to have a residency where me and my buddy brought our turntables every week and would play the back room at an underage club in long beach, ca... I always played drum & bass :)
I use FL Studio, it takes me about 3 - 7 days to finish a tune typically.
What programs do you use to make your sick beats? Do you have any tips for beginners wanting to get into the EDM game? If you have any tips for DJing that would be great too. The edm game? as in, stuff other than producing? I would say remember that first impressions go a long way and the more professional you are the easier it will be to be taken seriously (not saying don't party or act a fool, just be respectful and responsible). As far as djing goes, just start matching those snares (that's how I looked at it when i first started) but think of it like tuning a guitar, when you hit two notes that are off on the guitar, you'll hear a "woo-woo-woo-woo" and as you tighten (or loosen) one of the strings the indifference or the "woo-woo-woo" begins to slow down and then matches, it's kind of like that when mixing records, if I know the record I'm bringing in is too fast, I'll start slowing it down and as it gets closer it sounds better and better, then when I think I'm close, I que the record or again (start it from the beginning) then I'll start mixing again with it on beat and just adjust it as it starts to slide off (you're not a computer, it'll never be 100% on, you're always gonna have to 'keep it on beat').
Got any VIP remixes or huge collabs in the pipeline? As far as new shit, I'm planning on collabing with some new people this year, schoolboy, helicopter showdown, maybe more I just hate collabing from different locations, tremourz (or matt from terravita) and I always worked best next to one another yanno? Also, hopefully this ep for owsla will be ready soon for approval ;)
What are your thoughts on young/amateur dj's using some or any of your songs in their mixes, without you making any royalties off of it? Well most kids that are making mixes aren't really making any money off of em, just trying to get bookings or get noticed as DJ... however, I've seen some people try to charge for a mash-ups, that's not right tho, you can't charge for that, mash-ups need to be free...
You remixed asking alexandria? You got a DL link somewhere? Do you see hardcore music and dubstep getting more of a future? I actually don't have a link for it other than beatport.com and itunes unfortunately. and I think hardcore music and dubstep do have a future together, but i think the dubstep fans are more accepting of merging genres... korn fans seem really pissed for no reason at times over the influence of edm into their music... I guess that wouldn't be 'no reason then' lolz.
Would you be able to contact Skrillex for the April fools day prank? Contacting sonny is easier said than done (especially since his number has changed a whole bunch of times) we have the same management but I'm not sure what "the" april fools day prank is? ...so maybe?
What do you use when perform live? What software/equipment/setup do you use? Also, are there any remixes others have done of your tracks that you like more than your own? It happened to me so I'm curious to know if a big name like you ever steps back and says "damn, that sounds... better than the original." Related: How do you feel about ego in the electronic music scene? Also, how do you feel about people who pirate your tracks? I try to buy as much as I can afford, but I'm curious what your take on it is. Related: Care to share a preview of what you're working on for your adoring Reddit fans? Nice man, massachusetts? I love MA! Terravita's based out of there, they showed me everything I know, stellar guys :) I use serato and cdjs - then just simply mixing tbh, I haven't had a whole lot of remixes of my own tunes, atleast not same genres, I was really impressed with Obsidian's remix of OG Fresh, but that was an electro tune, and when terravita remixed sexy party, well tremourz is a member of terravita so essentially he was remixing his own song as well, so of course I thought it was bangin' yanno? Ego's in the music scene? I think it has no place, having a healthy ego is one thing, but making other people feel bad or uncomfortable is not ok yanno? I mean, I know how it is because I've pirated my favorite artists before too... tbh, I don't make money from sales, they only thing it hurts is chartings yanno? I guess I would like to think that my fans would buy my music to help me out when they could, but if they're broke, I'm just glad they like something i've made yanno? oooooh, a sneak peak for reddit, that's actually a very good idea... I'll do it post in dubstep & electronicmusic ;D.
Who is your favorite producer in the edm community? And which dubstep produceproducers, in your opinion, is/are the best in the genre? I've listened to edm for so long, to name just one name as my favorite is impossible, aphex twin, crystal method, dj clipz, original sin, pendulum, subfocus, square pusher, daft punk and others all made huge impressions in my life and in my music. As far as dubstep producers that are the best in the genre, I have to mention skrillex, he changed the way people think edm should sound, and in the same breathe I will say Knife Party, cause Knife Party is just Rob Swire(Pendulum) again... they were huge game changers in drum & bass, and they're doing it again with dubstep.
I have a bunch of small, random questions but I first just want to say that Mr. Balloon Hands got me into your music and it is still by far the best track I've seen anyone give away for free :) So questions! Nice man thanks! ok cool on to the questions,
What's your favorite/most used DAW? I use FL Studio as my DAW, I think it's intuitive, and plus I've kind of always used it I suppose.
Do you prefer using sampled drums or using drum machines? I've had a lot of issues with this dilemma just trying to produce for fun as a hobby and it'd be great to hear an expert's opinion! As far as drums go, I usually write them out in midi triggers, I'll layer 2 or 3 samples, eq them accordingly then make my low end with a sine wave from 3xosc or by bending a sine wave in soundforge then I layer all of em together, and multi-band compress them together (snare and snare samples, and kick and kick samples, not kick and snare together, they each get their own lolz)
Any plans on coming to the Chicago area soon?! I've been to chicago once, can't wait to come back again, it was freezing there but the mbar was uber classy :) - anytime man, it's the least I could do ;D.
How long does a song usually take you to finish? Usually like 3 to 7 days depending on much time I have... sometimes there are ones that write themselves and there are some that are like pulling teeth. I also have some projects I'll start, forget about, find again months later and then finish.
What songs in particular were difficult to produce? On the same note...which ones 'wrote themselves?' Hmmmm, well the Fresh Prince remix took way longer I thought it should've... also mixing down my last EP was a bit more painstaking that I felt it should've been... but when I remixed satisfaction, I did it in a night and I actually just remixed Flinch's light it up, same thing, finished it in less than 2 days and am very happy with the outcome... I guess there's no rhyme or reason to it... just the way the wind is blowing that day yanno?
J RABBIT! It is me, @The_Spriteman! I asked if you would come back and answer more, and I hope you f*ckin do! First track of yours I ever heard was Rockafeller, and then Sex Crimes... Pretty sure Sex Crimes was the expression of your desire for Skrillex, right? Its very rarely these days that I hear a new dubstep producer and feel blown away, but you've done it. When I picked up DZ's Various Badmen, I was really excited to see that you were on the tracklist with Drop Top (ballin track)! The DZ compilation isn't your usual style, what brought you on board to do that remix? I also picked up the AA remixes. Not The American Average is rockin! Did you get to meet the AA guys in preparation for this? Just picked up the OG Fresh EP too. Fucking right! So good! So Fresh! I mix on a weekly online radio show and have been playing the shit out of OG week after week! A few other questions... I am also a DJ & Producer, although I still have a lot to learn, even after a year of production. What geasoftware do you use in the studio, and on decks? What synths do you use in your tracks, and where do you get your drum samples? If you had to choose, would you bang, kill, or marry Skrillex? What do you do in your free time? Have you been out to St Louis? Would you like to come to St Louis? I am buddies with one of the promoters here in town, I can have him give you a holler! Would be AWESOME! I also have this great taco spot next to our big dub-venue. Lets do it! Obviously you're into dubstep... what other genres/artists/bands do you like? Thanks for doing this AMA! Hope to chat soon! Nice man, yea actually I wrote sex crimes before I knew of skrillex, infact I first heard of skrillex when sexy party got to number 4 on beatport and 1,2,3 where skrillex (who the hell is this guy) - but it was me wanting to make something dark yanno? - dz and I met a couple years ago and he asked if I would do a remix for this project and I did... it was fun. Glad you dig the AA remix man, but no I didn't get a chance to meet them, it was more a contracted deal through management at the time. Stoked you like the EPs mang! In the studio i use flstudio and I make my noises with massive, fm8, albino3 and others, then I mix everything down with izotop's alloy and ozone I'll also use other vst for effects and what not depending on what is needed. My synths are made with massive for the most part, and my drum samples I've gathered over the years, I do have vengeance but my favorite is called like en718 or something weird, but basically I make my fundamentals in soundforge or by using a sine wave with 3xosc and layer and compress them together using alloy. I love skrillex to death, he's the best kind of people mang, honestly, he's helped me out professionally but he's also been there for me personally yanno? so... marry I guess #nohomo - in my free time I make gif images and rage comics and post them to my tumblr or to reddit (and get no upvotes lolz) I have been to st. louis before! definitely down to come again, let's rage! and tbh, when I'm just driving around I like to listen to boards of canada and royksopp... I'm really of fan of anything made on a computer tbh.
Thought of one other... favorite 420 strain? Im more a sativa man tbh, but I usually just ask the clinic what's new then grab what looks pretty or smells nice :D.
Arg you fucking bastard. Im in court diversion right now for posession of marijuana in VT so that stings lol. I MUST MOVE TO THE PROMISED LAND. I thought VT was legal? a bunch of new states are doing it, AZ, NJ, etc.
Very much illegal. it sucks. No shit, well I've only been to burlington and it just seems so heady up there... kind of surprised...
Where do you, as an artist, get most of your inspiration from? I wish I had a more concrete answer for this, like bird watching or ice blocking or something... but tbh I'm kind of space cadet and in my head most of the time, I'm always thinking about what to try next or what would be a creative idea...
I've never actually composed anything but I am always coming up with little tunes and beats in my head. They are usually variations of something I heard on the radio or wherever. Pretty much where I'm at too mang :)
"but only after I had more direction did I really sit down start getting better" I'm looking for some kind of "direction" too. How did you go about achieving this? I really want to become as amazing of an edm artist as you, but I feel like I'm still such a noobie... Does it just take practice to become good? Or is there more to it than that?? Sincerely, DeFalco. Practice is essential because you are literally training your ear, it takes time, songs that I thought were amazing a year ago that I did, sound like shit now because I hear things differently... I acheived direction with the help of a friend who was an edm producer, but your questions can all by answered online essentially, and don't worry about being a noob, we were all noobs once and even now, there's someone worse than you and there will always be someone better :)
I love you moombahtonish work man, ever plan on doing any more around that tempo? also you probably get asked this A LOT but, any tips on mixing down tracks? Thanks man, yea actually my next ep has 2 moombahish tunes... writing at that tempo is definitely fun as well... tips for mixing down, make sure it sounds good in mono and without a limiter on the master ;)
Yo j.rabbit! you released one of the best mixes i've ever heard on maddecent. what happend with that label? have you gone independent? and also, you were slated to to come to toronto for a bassmentality show. what happened to that man? i was super excited to see you play ... I'm not sure, mad decent is still poppin' isn't it? They put up my mix but I was never really signed to mad decent, they never released any of my music or anything. and even when I do sign to a label, it's just whatever song I'm signing at the time, i've never been exclusive only one label, I don't know of anyone who is really...
How would you describe dubstep to someone who likes normal music? I use to describe it to ppl with no idea, as hip hop with no words and a unique, non-ending bassline. If they have a little knowledge, then I'd "slow drum & bass" lolz (that's what everyone was calling it when it first came out hahahaha)
Why don't many electronic musicians incorporate real instruments? also why does it seem the majority of the genre is made up of music for the sake of getting fucked up, rather than musics sake? does this problem fall on the fans or "musicians"? Well incorporating 'real instruments' is harder than you'd think, you either have to have someone play it, or play it yourself... people can sample instruments, but if you're going to 'showcase' em in the song they have to be original. And as far as the drugs in the scene, I would say that most kids seem to be about the music and the drugs are just for the party, but with any scene, there is going to be drug use...
How did you originally get signed to Play Me Records? Matt from Terravita was a good friend of mine (who showed me how to make music on the computer) and he ended up showing my tunes to reid and flinch way back when she was first starting Play Me. She hit me up and said she liked my stuff and wondered if I wanted to do an EP for her new label, It think "i'm so happy ep" was like Play006 or something like that, reid's always been a huge supporter and good friend since the jump :D.
Hey, I really enjoy your stuff and I've got a friend couple questions for you. Tbh, I think most music scene have people getting intoxicated at live shows. And I think if kids can be responsible and respectful, and not hurt the scene by getting clubs shut down or things like that, I think it's about personal responsibility yanno?
What is your opinion on the association between the EDM scene and drugs? When people say i'm not a 'real musician' i say i'm not just 'an analogue musician' just because it's being created digitally doesn't mean it doesn't have artistic or musical merit yanno?
What would you say to someone who says you aren't a "real musician"? I also like recommendations, sometimes ideas are better concepts than actually songs, but if were to remix never gonna give you up, I would just have it play by itself at the breakdown, but it's hard to say how a crowd would take getting rick rolled.
Do you dislike people asking for you to remix certain songs? If not, I think you are one of a select few artists who could do a remix of "Never Gonna Give You Up" justice. What's Lolla?
Thanks for taking the time to answer! I hope to see some great stuff from you on your next EP. For the record, Lolla is Lollapalooza. I was hoping to get an inside scoop on some of the lineup :) Oooooh, yea I don't have any inside scoop with lollapalooza unfortunately, but the new EP comes out tomorrow, so yaaaa! :D.
Hey! thanks for doing this AMA. I am trying to become a producedj but am having trouble breaking into the industry. Whats the best way to do this? Should I put together an album then send it out to all labels im interested in or is it better to try to get a job at a recording studio and work up from there? thanks again! Best move is to start making music on your computer and trying to get it to dj's to play and to hype. Atleast that's how it happened for me, and keep in mind, I work in a mastering studio, which is the 2nd bedroom in my 2 bedroom apartment, a recording studio with the giant analogue mixing board and recording booths are the ones in like hip hop videos and what not... getting a job in a place like that would be fun, but wouldn't necessarily make you a better edm producer...
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