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With the aid of two mathematical models the influence of heat extraction on early solidification and billet quality has been elucidated. SAMP 0.3z SA-MP 0.3z terutama update keamanan yang kami. SAMP command list - Stoned freeroam https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=371. Shop your ideal creation. The giving the possibility to save in menu or by repeated replacement and specifying the number of times of the DOC file to extract. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. Enter just the number (no dollar sign), as a positive number, rounded to the nearest dollar; e. Suppose cell B1. 0 contains the price of a stock in 5 months.

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[Advertisement] Next Generation Gaming Roleplay.

SAMP: samp.ngg.network
FORUMS: ngg.network/forums/
E store: shop.ngrp.co.uk/
Discord: https://discord.gg/88dsa2v

Next Generation Gaming was launched recently, and we're currently under development and working on many new features for the server and community. NGG's old community might be known in the past but we're currently under a whole new Administration Team, as well as many new members in the community. If you are the roleplay type of a player our server will be a great fit for you, live the real-life experience in New Generation Gaming, we have a huge amount of features you can enjoy, get to know new people, join us today! For more information please visit our website!

Player Experience
Staff Team
Dedicated Staff Team to watch over the server and prevent rulebreakers from ruining the players experience. As well as a Dedicated Helper team to help players in need of assistance with server related or roleplaying questions

Forum Complaint
Forum Complaint System that is easily accessible and can help punish rulebreakers whether they are players or staff members, we have a list of rules that we obligate our players to abide by

Roleplay Experience
We have an Organized Faction, Gang and Businesses system to allow players interested in enrolling to have an in-depth roleplay experience.on our server, players also have the ability to create their own gang or faction by submitting an application on our forums

Referral System
Brand New Referral System which rewards players that are interested in bringing members to the server and helping it grow. Referral System also allows the player to be able to easily start their own Gangs/Organization.

Server Features
Job System
A Job System with a huge amount of jobs that can be found below, by continuously working in the job you choose, you are able to boost up your job skill, which allows you to do more in your job

Legal Jobs
Detective: This job is helpful for Law Enforcement Agencies, or players who like to roleplay as detectives, the job is used to find criminals as the job allows you to locate people around San Andreas
Lawyer: This job allows you to defend criminals, remove their wanted level, reduce their jail time or even release them from jail with a trial
Mechanic: This job allows you to repair totaled vehicles, add nitrous and hydraulics to the vehicle
Bodyguard: This job allows you to give players a vest, you can even roleplay being a bodyguard and guard houses or people
Taxi Driver: This job is used to drive people around the city for a price
Craftsman: This job is used to sell crafts to the people (screwdrivers, tires, crowbars, blowtorches, and explosives)
Shipment Contractor: This job is used to deliver items around the city using a truck, this job can also be illegal if you deliver illegal substances or firearm
Pizzaboy: This job is used to deliver pizza to the houses around San Andreas
Garbageman: This job is used to collect garbage from around the city

Illegal Jobs
Whore: This job is used to give pleasure to any client who may be interested in having some fun
Drug Dealer: This job is used to sell illegal substances to people (i.e cannabis and crack)
Drug Smuggling: This job is used to keep the Crack Lab filled with Cannabis and Crack, players can also try to steal them from you

Faction System
Factions System contains roleplay groups, mostly legal governmental groups filled with members, each faction has a different duty, leaders, and members

Los Santos Police Department: is a local law enforcement agency, their duty is to fight crime around San Andreas, they have the authority to arrest and give speeding tickets
(Divisions include: Detectives Bureau, SWAT Team, FTO)

Fire Department of San Andreas: is in charge of fire fighting and treating injured civilians
(Divisions include: EMS, Fire Battalion)

Gangs System
We have a very large number of gangs which are constantly growing, each gang has its own headquarter, turf and locker, you can even create your own gang and choose its type: mafia, motorcycle club, street gang whatever you like! If you are a gang member you can help your gang capture more turfs or even fight their enemies

Advertisement System
In order to earn money, you have the ability to sell and buy items, we have an advertisement system which allows you to post an advertisement to sell or buy items

Players have the ability to own an infinite amount of properties, which includes houses, garages, and headquarters, if you cannot afford to purchase a property you are able to rent a house
You also have the ability to store firearms and drugs inside of your house

Businesses System
Players have the ability to own a business, we have plenty types of business which include but not limited to Gas Station, 24/7s and Dealerships, you choose the prices of the products you sell, you can make a good profit out of it
Recent Business updates -
* Three new business types, Chop Shop, Legal Gun Shop, Illegal Gun Shop.
* Chop Shop employees have access to mechanic commands.
* Chop Shop's receive money when a player delivers a stolen vehicle to the business.
* Legal gun shops are a way for players with a firearm license to easily buy a legal weapon without interacting with an employee. You may also purchase Pistol, Shotgun & Rifle ammo.
* Illegal gun shops have a locker inside the interior of the store. Employees can use /gslocker which allows them to deposit and withdraw weapons and ammunition which they can then sell to a player inside. You may deposit any weapon, e.g. spas 12, ak47 and even an RPG if you have it.
* Legal groups can purchase ammo from legal gun shops if they use /loadammo at its supply point and then use /deliverammo at their crate point.

Backpack System
You can purchase a backpack which you can store drugs and weapons inside of it, you can hold it anywhere you go which means that you have your guns and drugs stored and ready to be used anytime you like
submitted by dannelitoftw to samp

[Diplomacy] UAE State Armament Plan 2025

To The United Kingdom

The United Arab Emirates would like to procure the following equipment...
80 M777 Howitzers modified with the following additions, the weapon must receive the ability to fire Vulcano Guided Long Range munitions, the weapon must be upgraded to incorporate features from M777ER system(most notably the longer barrel), the weapons' fire control system must be made able to communicate with our systems, and the weapon must have its fire rate improved to 7 rounds per minute using better loading systems. Due to the unique nature of desert combat, the system must be modified to deal with sand more effectively and to accept the desert as a stable firing platform, the systems must also be able to be networked with each other over short ranges(3km) to allow our forces increased coordination and allowing them to coordinate fire to the second at long range, ideally, this would be accomplished with a LED display of some fashion allowing the crews to see the battlefield along with allowing them to see targets submitted directly from HQ, the system would also allow guns in batteries to select specific targets much quicker improving reaction times. Finally, due to the increased heat in our environments, we would like the guns cooling systems to be improved to prevent either damage or decreased accuracy due to barrel heating.
36 AW159AH1 helicopters with the following modifications improved protection to allow body hits of 7.62mm at close range, along with engine and cockpit protection aginst several 30mm rounds, improved countermeasures against MANPADs and other SHORAD systems, updated and upgraded sensors across the board, reduced radar cross-section via limited shaping and limited RAM paints, Improved Stub wings with the ability to carry Hellfire and MANPADs missiles on the aircraft and the ability to integrate effectively with all current UAE aircraft and combat systems.
12 AW159HMA2 helicopters with similar upgrades to the AW159AH1 systems however with improved sonars along with increased stub wing capacity for 28x LMM missiles, improved sound buoy capacity and performance and integration with UAE ASW and ASuW assets.
We are interested in procuring 3 of your Type 31 Frigates with the following specifications for the modular design. Our version of the vessel will receive the standard naval gun on your parents, the maximum load of 32 VLS(A70) cells, 4x Bofors 40mm guns, 2x Phalanx systems from the united states, 4 Boat bays, full hangar along with its helicopter AW159HMA2. due to our needs, the vessels will need to receive more powerful engines to achieve higher speeds, along with cooling systems being retooled for our warmer climate. Due to risks from swarms of Iranian fast-attack craft, the vessel must also house 20 launchers for the LMM missile allowing it to defeat a massed swarm attack. Combat management systems should be updated every other month rather than the current 6-month schedule to frustrate cyber attacks. Sensor systems must be upgraded to allow for all current and future threats to be detected, tracked, identified, and eliminated rapidly and efficiently
We would like to procure the Starstreak and LMM missiles without any modifications as they currently meet needed objectives
We are interested in procuring 86 Ajax systems with the following modifications, Improved AC Cooling and wider tracks for improved desert performance, APFDSP rounds allowing improved penetration against armoured vehicles along with proximity fused ammo for use against ground targets, Starstreak missile integration into the RWS of the vehicle allowing it to down helicopters, Improved IED protection via the use of underfloor armour, improved sensors more adapted to desert combat, improved armour via the use of the Ares additional armour, and integration with UAE combat net systems.

To The French Republic

With Iran having a large submarine fleet we believe it is time for us to begin countering this fleet as such we would like to procure 4 Scorpène-Class submarines, optimized for conflict in warmer water along with minor upgrades to systems and the ability to network with UAE assets. The vessels would also receive your second-generation AIP system to allow for increased endurance along with modifications to increase availability to 300 days per year. stores must be increased to 60 days along with an increased weapons load to 24 weapons.
We are also interested in procuring 10 of your SSK Andrasta Littoral Submarine's for use in our navy, these submarines will be only modified for usage in warmer waters.
We would like to order 400 TITUS MRAPs, these vehicles would be modified for improved desert performance with the addition of improved cooling and larger wheels for increased surface traction, the vehicles would also need to be fitted with an RWS armed that can integrate with MILAN ER missiles to provide an Anti-tank service along with a 20mm cannon, the vehicles must also receive additional floor armour to lessen the effects of IEDs on our troops finally the system must be able to integrate with current UAE combat systems. The system should also contain a top-mounted drone to provide long-range surveillance reducing the odds of a successful ambush
4 SAMP/T batteries will be procured with modifications to reduce set up and tear down times to reduce the effectiveness of SEAD missions, the system must also receive upgrades to its fire control and detection radars to improve performance over desert and water, missiles must receive modifications to improve performance in very high-temperature environments along with being able to ingrate with current and future UAE systems.
With Leclerc in french service due to an upgrade, we would also like to ingrate the upgrades of the vehicle into ours however keeping in mind the unique systems and previous modifications, however some additions, we would like side armour and rear armour protection to be increased to increase resilience to RPGs and tank rounds, we would also like the bottom armour to be improved to withstand IEDs and AT mines commonly found across the middle east. We would also like a modular ERA system to be developed for the vehicle exceeding the performance of Kontakt-5(ideally of comparable performance to the newest Russian systems). The RWS must incorporate a 20mm cannon along with a 7.62mm MG and 2 MILAN ER missiles.
Finally, we wish to procure 4 A400 aircraft, with modifications for improved desert performance.

To The German Federal Republic

We wish to procure 36 Panzerhaubitze 2000 modified for use on a Leclere chassis along with improved armour protection for protection from a 1 meter away 155mm artillery round, along with the ability to network with our M777 systems and with current UAE systems.

To The United States Of America

We wish to order the following aircraft, 36 F-15EX,30 F-16V, and 24 AH-64E, 8 C-40, 2 P-8 and 2 737 AWACS. All these aircraft must receive modifications for improved performance in our climate. These aircraft will be paid for upon delivery, and contracts will be guaranteed from oil revenue
submitted by Covert_Popsicle to u/Covert_Popsicle

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