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[Table] IamA Locksmith, AMA!

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Date: 2013-12-27
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Questions Answers
I saw your name in the "dumbest rule thread" and came immediately to see if you delivered on your promise of an AMA. Good on you OP! Happy to oblige!
How many times have you had to open a door for people who dressed either lightly, or not at all, ie Towels? Is that something that happens a lot? It's never happened to me, but I've heard stories.
Also- with the towels thing, any hotties? As for the hotness levels... I've heard the range is 9/10 all the way to -50/10.
Answering the important questions realistically. Bonus points to you for knowing there's no such thing as a 10. My wife's the only 10 I need.
What took those guys so long to open that safe? Safes are delicate and easily damaged on the inside. Many of them have relockers that spring out if the safe is mishandled. So a professional should be the one doing it. If I remember correctly, OP didn't want to pay a professional.
That and he didn't want to release that spider out into the world. One less spider is reason enough.
Who are you, and how did you get in here?! I'm a locksmith, and I'm a locksmith.
Here's a question I've always wondered. Say a nuclear apocalypse happened today and I somehow survived. With no knowledge of lockpicking, how would I be able to get into peoples vaults for medicine/gold. And what about those really sophisticated vaults in banks and such? Would explosives work or would I be screwed? In an apocalyptic situation, you would be best to leave safes alone. Mythbusters tried explosives, with little success. Besides, who wants gold when the banks are all dead?
People would still probably trade your for gold because it's shiny, Humans like shiny. Bullets are shiny and useful. Look for those instead.
Armories in police stations are usually behind locked doors. Yeah, but they're always full of guys named Rick with a bad attitude and a horse.
Toilet paper isn't shiny but it is useful. Might want to look for that, too. Leaves work for this, as long as you use the right kind.
Gun Safes!! True.
What if Rick had his attitude and horse locked up in a safe and you wanted to steal those ? Heavens, no!
Would the water trick from Heist work? The horse would drown!
Leaves of three for wiping pee. Gah! Imagine the itch!
1 what is the craziest call you ever went on? Druggies banging on a door at 10:00 at night.
2 did you always want to be a locksmith? Nope, I wanted to be a linguist.
3 what is your lock picking level at? I'm as good as or better than my bosses at most locks, but they lack imagination. I was picking before I was smithing, and I'll be learning more about picking until I die.
As a would-be linguist, what are the coolest words you've learned from the grammar of locksmithing? Eh, I never got much into the etymology of our technical terms. I've largely kept those two areas of my brain separate.
Since this is AmA, do you have any favorite etymologies? Niggardly. Makes people cringe, but is Norse in origin and completely unrelated to anything it sounds like in modern English. In fact, claiming that there is a link implies some racist subtexts in the accuser.
In fact, claiming that there is a link implies some racist subtexts in the accuser. This is a great AMA, but let's not get TOO clever here. They could just be unaware of the word's etymology and hear the phonetic similarities, right? Oh, definitely. It's just fun to know that the people who get really offended by its use and try to take legal action are making those of us in the know laugh.
Have you ever had a door that did stop you? If so, what was the technical reason? If not, what was the trickiest and why? Thanks! I didn't open someone's trunk once because it would have required drilling, and he didn't want that. Otherwise, no. I'm very persistent.
Have you ever been asked to open someone locked out of their home? what is the weirdest thing you've opened the door to? We open houses all the time.
I've had to open a bathroom before.
No handcuffs? As a kid I got locked in them twice. I wasn't very smart. First time my parents called a locksmith. Second time the police came and they had the same key. I keep a standard American handcuff key on my keychain at all times, just in case. But it hasn't come up yet.
Hello, fellow locksmith! I'm currently slacking off on reddit while pinning up locks for a bakery. Luckily, I work for myself and the customer is a friend of mine. First off, come visit us at /Locksmith!
What brand of code machine do you use? I have an HPC1200. I know some who use the Fraymon and prefer that over the good old 1200. Thoughts? HPC Blitz.
What do you do for bike locks? I use a circulating saw with a carbon wheel. Sometimes I bust out the dremel for tight spaces. Haven't done one yet, prob use angle grinder.
Are you involved or registered with ALOA? Any other locksmithing organizations? If not, I'd highly recommend it. You get access to loads of industry education and opportunities to network with lots of fellow locksmiths. I am licensed with ALOA through my boss. Going for independent certification this coming year.
What is your service vehicle like? I drive a Dodge Plymouth minivan. I've got enough room for a bench, vice, my 1200, and an inverter. It's prefect, and much better on fuel efficiency than those big white vans. Chevy HHR. Surprisingly roomy.
Be honest. How often do you reach for the bump key? The drill? I open about 10% of my doors with a bump key, rarely do I have to drill. I've encountered a couple medeco locks that ate up a few drill bits. Ugh. Rarely bump Kwikset unless I'm in a big hurry, sometimes bump Schlages. Have drilled a few, but it's rare. Often just skip to bumping Y1/Y2 keyways.
What do you charge? I charge 40 for a service call and 60 an hour after that. I've got a few standard prices: 5 for a car lockout, 10 for a house or business, 35 to make a key for a Honda. 120 an hour for safe work. We don't touch car keys, yet, but otherwise our pricing is nearly identical.
What kind of transponder key programmer do you use? I have a Silca TKO. That's my bread and butter nowadays. I wish I could originate sidewinder keys, but alas, I'm much too poor for the fancy code machines that do that. If you can cut sidewinders, what do you use? My boss is saving up for a machine so we can start doing cars, but I don't know which one.
I'll probably have more questions later, but for now, I'm happy to talk to another locksmith! Good luck to you. Just as an update, VadersSpy also answered your question below my response.
I remember a few years ago the whole "bumpkey" thing went viral. Have you seen a shift in lock technology lately to prevent this sort of vulnerability? Has that made your job more annoying? I'm a bit new to have experienced the changes, but there are definitely a lot of brands trying to make it harder to bump. Basic residential locks do not.
I'm sorry, do not make it harder to bump or do not bump? Sorry, most residential locks bump easily.
another big point is, be sure it isn't too easy to just bust a hole through the wall. A lot of people tend to overlook this, except some high end burglars in Las Vegas from a few decades ago I saw a documentary about. Yup. I recently heard from a man who had his gun safe stolen. It was mounted to the wall. The thieves cut through the siding and outer wall around the safe, and tipped the whole mess outward and onto a trailer.
They're not picking the lock, they're trashing the parts where the latch and the strike plate go together. Ah. Well that has nothing to do with the KeyMark bits.
Do tumblers really work like how they're depicted in Skyrim or Oblivion? Never played either one, but I've heard they are fairly true to life.
Well considering I am a level 100 in those games at lockpicking, I just got myself a new job! Holland locks, HERE I COME! Best of luck!
If you found a safe on a lonely highway at around 3 p.m covers with blood, would you dare to open it? Depends on the size. If it was small enough to take ho- I mean no of course not!
Have you ever been asked to open a lock and refused to do so? If so, why? Yes. If the cost (in time) to open a lock is much higher than the cost of replacement, I will suggest drilling. If they aren't cool with that, there's not much I can do.
What is the oddest situation you have been in on the job? Opening a house for somebody who had hassled me in a previous career was gratifying.
Also, we do eviction work. I've had heroin junkies banging on the door before.
I have a combination lock which has been locked for months for which I can not remember the combo, as well as some bi-curious laid off locksmith fantasies I would like to play out. Can you help me with either of these? Yes and no.
Pls Op, elaborate. I need to know this too. I can help with the combination lock, and I cannot help with the fantasies.
Couldn't you just fiddle with the pins to my heart? Sorry, but I've already picked another.
in the US. This is the most used lock in Argentina: Link to www.trabex.com. Link to www.pacificrimcamera.com. This last model, many say, is unpickable. I've never seen either of these before, but here is what I could find about the first. Looking at the second key, it looks perfectly pickable, but I'm just not sure. Thanks for the pictures, though! At least now I will have heard of them if it ever comes up!
This something I've always wondered. As someone who grew up in Finland, I assumed everybody in the world was using Abloy style locks, as they couldn't just be picked like regular pin locks. The only way anybody with the fire department or the police is going to get inside a Finnish apartment is with a key or a chainsaw. So why are Abloy style locks not common at all anywhere else in the world? Cost, well-established markets, and cost. But seriously. Cost.
Link to mgrmaquinasyherramientas.blogspot.com.ar Link to manualcerrajero.com. Low quality and spanish, but enough to make sense of the lock's mechanism. Oh, I'm keeping this. I've been trying to learn more Spanish lock terminology. Never came up before, and it's a real blind spot for me when I'm helping un cliente hispanohablante.
What locks are unpickable or nearly unpickable? It all depends on context. Almost all locks can be picked, given enough time. In a hurry, it starts to depend a lot on the picker's skill level. For example, it is almost always cheaper to have me drill off a patented-keyway lock than to have me charge hourly to try to pick it sight-unseen.
How does one learn to pick locks? For emergencies and such. I started with youtube.
Ok, then what would be the best lock types to deter a low-medium skilled thief? So for an example scenario, no amazing expertise, no fancy tools, and they don't want to attract attention. They're quite nice. But in reality, most breakers and enterers are going to break something rather than learn to pick locks. A back door window is sooo much easier and less noticeable than spending 20 minutes or an hour fiddling with a new lock.
I've heard good things about disc tumbler locks, what do you think of those? A decent Schlage with a few security pins thrown in should be enough to deter a novice lockpicker. Just make sure that the rest of your house is also hard to get into. Or at least harder than your neighbor's house.
When I looked into lockpicking someone from /lockpicking suggested that I should watch this youtube playlist and read this guide. Those are excellent resources. Good luck!
I am currently laid off, by no fault of my own or my boss's, and will be back to work in the spring. So there's a seasonality to locksmithing? What's the busy season? Our particular company slows down in the winter. Not all have the same busy seasons, it has a lot to do with who your biggest clients are and when they spend their money.
Who are your biggest clients? Property management groups, for the most part. Apartments and rental houses.
We also have a couple of hospitals.
Don't those places have backup keys? How many calls do you get in a busy week? They often do, but most of what we do for them is rekeying locks and repairing them. In a busy week, I'm usually doing 5 rekeys a day with a handful of unlocks sprinkled in.
Ohh right I hadn't thought of that aspect, of course. Thanks! No problem!
Is it true that a lock that can be opened with any key is worthless? Not worthless. Just... not very discerning. Perhaps this lock doesn't value itself enough.
How many locks could a locksmith lock if a locksmith could lock locks? Most, if not all, of the locks.
Thanks for doing the AMA and for answering my previous question, very cool. Does adding keycard access to an existing door lock do anything to make the lock either easier or more difficult to pick? Not if there's a keyhole. A lock is only as secure as its least secure component.
If you could only have sex with one lock for the rest of your life what lock would it be? The Lock sic Ness Monster. I would give her an allowance of tree-fiddy.
Can you advice what kinds of locks are the most safe? I know that many locks are really easy to lock pick. I also wonder if you know some locks models / types that are impossible to be opened by professionals. I don't know of any off hand that cannot be picked by anyone, but many are difficult. In general, sidebars, security pins, tight keyways and odd cylinders are the best deterrents.
How does one become a locksmith? In my case, luck. I was at the right place at the right time with some basic skills I'd picked up in my spare time, and a locksmith found me and offered me a job.
I am ready for a career change. What are my odds of getting a job if I complete the ALOA basic locksmithing course? I have a squeaky clean background and stable employment history in healthcare (administration not patient care). Should I pursue an alternate course to get to the same goal? If you want to start your own business, go for it! If you want to work for a locksmith, I would definitely ask around locally before dropping the cash for the courses. See if any are hiring. Don't want to become another American with more training than job prospects.
But if money is not object, the class would be worthwhile anyway. Many of them include a lot of useful tools in the cost of training.
Assuming there are some, what kinds of locks can you not pick, and why? There are several I can't pick, but I'm getting better all the time. Usually, it has to do with time constraints. But security pins and sidebars also give me trouble, along with not having the right tools for every situation.
Are you ever tempted to use your powers for evil, and do you? I've been tempted, but I like my job way too much. And I like guns. I'd lose both if I aggro the law enforcement too much.
I'd definitely want to work for someone else to learn all I can. I'm prepared to pull up stakes in my current living situation at a moments notice, but I'm sure that someone in the family knows someone in the business. They know someone in every business. Definitely ask, then. Good luck!
Mind recommending a high-quality beginner's pick set? Don't worry...just for playing around with at home and escaping ninja captivity. Try /lockpicking. They have more experience with that than I do.
But to answer, my first set was a Southern Specialties set.
What is your favourite music genre?Very young reddit user, amazed by the quickness of this system o_0. It's probably a toss-up between EDM and Bluegrass.
Hi! Thanks for doing this AMA! I was wondering, are there any locks you CAN'T open? What would be the next step? And perhaps the most important question, can you unlock the mystery of "what do the fox say?" I await, breath caught in my throat! Thanks again, OP! I've run into a few I couldn't open fast enough to be cost effective. We drill those.
This is what the fox says.
Do you have to have a licence to carry locksmith tools? Not in my state. Then again, in my state you don't have to have a license to carry a loaded pistol. I like my state.
What's the weirdest situation you've been called out to? Somebody was locked in a bank's bathroom once.
I chuckled a bit.
Has to be asked, what is the coolest thing you have ever seen in a safe? So far, just guns. But I like guns.
What is the funniest locksmith situation you have been in? This crazy lady who harassed me at my old job called me out to unlock her house. Fortunately, she didn't recognize me. But I got to see where crazy lives, and it is a fearful place.
Is locksmithing on call anything like playing thief in skyrim? maticulous guess work until SCHWING you hit the sweet spot? Not really. More just sitting around waiting for someone to call the wrong number, most nights.
Ever had to turn a job down because it was illegal? Not yet. Been close, though, with house-sitter calls. It's a tough call, sometimes.
Followups: As an industry, are there particular ethical standards locksmiths are bound to abide by? How liable are you if someone abuses your services? As far as industry-wide standards go, I'm actually not sure. My boss has kind of left it at, "Don't be dumb." If a locksmith does something shady, they can lose their license or certification.
Have you ever been unable to crack a lock/safe/etc.? What happened? I've run into a few locks I couldn't open. I usually suggest drilling, as it costs less to replace a lock than to pay me by the hour to pick certain ones.
Have you ever been approached to do something less than legal? how did you handle it? Never propositioned for "a gig," but if we aren't sure that we should be letting someone into something we have a lot of paperwork to fill out.
Do you have to 'unlock' electronic mechanisms, like the ones on hotel doors or electric gates? If so, are they much different to 'fix?' I haven't had to yet. I don't think the company I work for has gotten many calls for this kind of work. Sorry.
What kind of locks should I put on my house? In the US, Schlage are plenty good for residences. Kwikset are ok. Both are pickable, but theives rarely pick locks, preferring to instead smash windows. Get good windows.
Is this an accurate depiction of how to pick a lock? Yes. But it is only one of the plethora of different types of locks and methods for opening them.
So uhh is there a lock even a locksmith can't unlock? As far as I know, there are no locks that nobody can pick. But your average locksmith is less of a picker than a TOOOL competitor. It's like comparing a police officer to a championship pistol shooter. The officer has to know a much broader range of skills, and cannot dedicate the time necessary to become the world's best shooter. Likewise, locksmiths have to install, repair, maintain and open locks. And we do it by the hour. Sometimes it's just not worth picking on-site.
Have you ever seen a film or a TV show with a really accurate depiction of lock picking? When they don't jump-cut into the middle of the process, Elementary seems to get it right. House did not.
Rorschach picking Adrian Veidt's lateral drawer file cabinet in Watchmen was pretty dead-on. He even had his picks in an HPC zipper case. This movie actually predates my lockpicking experience, but I'm so happy you posted this.
Who was the shadiest guy/girl that ever requested your services? Did you provide them? Haven't had too many shady people. Actually, the closest thing to that was a commercial rekey that I did. I had a customer paying me to rekey his new storefront, and a previous tenant telling me I couldn't rekey it until he was done with it. Both had proof of possession. In this case, I went ahead with the work because the person paying me had legit paperwork. Law here is that if it was rekeyed in error, the person paying is responsible, not the locksmith.
What would you do if someone asked for a duplicate key, but the key had the words "DO NOT COPY" or something along those lines engraved on it? Would you still do it? It would depend on the type of key and who's asking for it cut. Certain ones require paperwork and specialized key blanks, others do not.
I've tried lock picking on a padlock of mine (for no particular reason, just because I could) and I simply couldn't get the top part of the pins to get stuck above the tumbler. Any quick tips? Try /lockpicking. And use less tension than you think you need.
Just to let you know, I just picked a Master padlock with a paperclip and a fork. I now have a new hobby... Thanks! Awesome! Keep at it!
How does one become a locksmith? Is locksmith-ing/lockpicking a legitimate hobby? See here. Lockpicking is an awesome hobby. Check out /lockpicking.
Do you see electronic locks replacing existing physical key locks anytime soon? Probably not entirely, but it is something we locksmiths have to keep abreast of.
Thanks. Another question: Do you know why doors (such as house and apartment) in the US open inward? I mean, is there some building code that mandates this? In Finland they all open outward thus making it near impossible to kick in and also easier to get out. Well, the biggest reason is, once again, cost. The typical hinge on an American residence is held together with a pin that is easily removed, so the hinges must be on the inside to protect the home from an intruder simply disassembling them. They are cheap hinges and usually effective, so it's no big deal to use them.
Meanwhile on public buildings, doors need to swing outward to accommodate the mass exodus of the large potential number of people inside during an emergency. They will often use much more expensive types of hinge that provide security while allowing the door to swing outward. It's just not cost effective to put them on most houses.
One of the top comments was "Could possibly be some kind of old lock tumblers. Interesting stuff..." Do you perhaps know what they could be? Or can you confirm they're lock tumblers maybe? Looks like a very old locksmith's rekeying kit for wafer locks. Cool find! Edit: spelling. Check out vaderspy's comment below. He knows more about this type of lock than I do, so you might ask him more questions.
Sorry to ask, but do you have an estimate how old we're talking here? And do you (roughly) know how they were used? Like, why are there so many of them, wouldn't a few be enough to work with? Or is it just a big collection? I have no idea how old it is. But a locksmith needs many of each size of pin or wafer, so that he can rekey (change which key works) locks. I keep dozens of each size I use on hand, and hundreds in stock at the shop. When you rekey a lock, you take out the old wafers or pins (which correspond in size to the depth of the cuts on the key) and replace them with new ones that match the target key. Hope this helps!
Do you have any tips for a brand new somewhat experienced firefighter when it comes to forcible entry? In the kind of hurry you're in? Kick the door as close to the deadbolt as possible as hard as you can. If you have the option of a door with no deadbolt, go for that one because the hardware that is likely holding the door closed is fairly fragile. Hope that answers your question.
Training gave me some insight, but I would love some tips from a professional locksmith. I have some experience with lockpicking (on my own locks of course). If not, let me know.
Have you ever met any other smith that was involved in a heist or was asked to join a heist and turned it down? If so, story? Edit: spelling Nope. But I once sat around a campfire with a blacksmith and a gunsmith. It was a good evening.
EDIT: so many people already asked this, but my point still stands. Okay, one lady loves me. But that's enough. She's awesome.
That sounds like the opening to a good joke and an even better evening. A gunsmith, a blacksmith and a locksmith walk into a bar. They don't say a darn thing, because they're all just happy to not have a know-it-all customer opening their mouth-hole at them for just a few minutes of the day. The end.
*Edit: Just kidding, customers. I love you! Please keep paying me!
Why do locksmiths always take forever when you lock your keys in your car and is 17 degrees out? When our hands get cold, it gets harder to work fast. We don't want to be out in it any more than you do.
I guess the better question then is, why do I only lock my keys in my car when it's cold out? Not sure you can answer this. I'll have to do some soul searching... I actually have a theory about this: cold weather makes us hurry towards warmth, and in our haste we leave behind all such petty things as keys and wallets.
What are your thoughts on the purprorted Israeli locksmith "scams" popping up around the country? There are many scams out there. Check to see if your locksmith is part of ALOA or the BBB (US locksmiths, I don't know about international standards).
What was your absolute best day on the job? Your worst? Really hard to pick a best day. They're mostly pretty great.
Worst day? Unlocking cars in a torrential downpour. Or getting fleas from a vacant house. Well, almost vacant.
Hi there! Amateur lockpicker and member of TOOOL here! What should someone look for in a "pick-proof" lock? There's probably no such thing, but check out Abloy locks. If any lock is unpickable it's that brand, probably.
Thanks! :) I'll have to see if I can't track down one of these for the lock-picking challenge my security club puts together during our yearly hack/defend competition. I'm sure the alumni on the red team'll have a fun time with it. I want to go to a hack/defend competition! That sounds like fun!
Why does it cost so much to get a copy of my 2002 F-150 key? It has a transponder in it, and requires special (expensive, usually) equipment to duplicate.
What's your favorite flavor of ice cream? Cherry vanilla.
What's the best lock for a residential home? In the U.S., Schlage is a perfectly serviceable lock for most residential purposes, but there are better (significantly more expensive) locks such as Abloy and MulTLock.
Ever read Donald Westlake's Dortmunder books? Is the lock-picker (Andy, iirc) believable as a character in terms of his skills? Never read it, sorry.
Have you ever had someone try to get you to unlock something that wasn't theirs? Did they try to play it off as their own? Generally a piece of mail is enough proof of residence, depending on local laws, of course.
When my ex and I broke up I changed the locks, but he had a locksmith help him get in. I still don't understand how that was legal since he had no proof of living there. Do people have to show proof of ownership for whatever they want you to unlock? We have a huge form to fill out for situations like that, but for the most part it's a judgement call.
Could someone please explain the safe thing going on in Reddit? I'm that someone. Basically, a user here claimed to have a safe in his basement. He said he would open it and show the whole wide Reddit world what was inside, but for various personal reasons could not. Some redditors were not pleased with this, and harassed him about it, and OP never delivered. Last week (or so), a new user posted pics of the safe being opened. It contained... a spider in a web, and nothing more. This disappointed many redditors. The end.
What did you have for breakfast? Sausage McMuffin.
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MAME 0.222

MAME 0.222

MAME 0.222, the product of our May/June development cycle, is ready today, and it’s a very exciting release. There are lots of bug fixes, including some long-standing issues with classics like Bosconian and Gaplus, and missing pan/zoom effects in games on Seta hardware. Two more Nintendo LCD games are supported: the Panorama Screen version of Popeye, and the two-player Donkey Kong 3 Micro Vs. System. New versions of supported games include a review copy of DonPachi that allows the game to be paused for photography, and a version of the adult Qix game Gals Panic for the Taiwanese market.
Other advancements on the arcade side include audio circuitry emulation for 280-ZZZAP, and protection microcontroller emulation for Kick and Run and Captain Silver.
The GRiD Compass series were possibly the first rugged computers in the clamshell form factor, possibly best known for their use on NASA space shuttle missions in the 1980s. The initial model, the Compass 1101, is now usable in MAME. There are lots of improvements to the Tandy Color Computer drivers in this release, with better cartridge support being a theme. Acorn BBC series drivers now support Solidisk file system ROMs. Writing to IMD floppy images (popular for CP/M computers) is now supported, and a critical bug affecting writes to HFE disk images has been fixed. Software list additions include a collection of CDs for the SGI MIPS workstations.
There are several updates to Apple II emulation this month, including support for several accelerators, a new IWM floppy controller core, and support for using two memory cards simultaneously on the CFFA2. As usual, we’ve added the latest original software dumps and clean cracks to the software lists, including lots of educational titles.
Finally, the memory system has been optimised, yielding performance improvements in all emulated systems, you no longer need to avoid non-ASCII characters in paths when using the chdman tool, and jedutil supports more devices.
There were too many HyperScan RFID cards added to the software list to itemise them all here. You can read about all the updates in the whatsnew.txt file, or get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page.

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

  • 00434: [Graphics] (gaplus.cpp) gaplus: Reverse scrolling background moves too slowly. (sasuke)
  • 00480: [Graphics] (galaga.cpp) bosco and clones: Background is not erased correctly during title sequence. (hap)
  • 00783: [Misc.] (nycaptor.cpp) nycaptor: High score initials entry times out too quickly. (GoldS_TCRF)
  • 01731: [Graphics] (atarifb.cpp) atarifb, atarifb1, atarifb4, abaseb, abaseb2: LEDs are connected incorrectly. (hap)
  • 05148: [Misc.] (ht68k.cpp) ht68k: System hangs when attempting to boot from floppy. (AJR)
  • 05766: [Documentation] (armedf.cpp) armedf, armedff: Correct title is Armed F, not Armed Formation. (J.J.Boy)
  • 06456: [Graphics] (seta2.cpp) mj4simai: Missing pan/zoom effects on scene transitions. (David Haywood)
  • 06559: [Gameplay] (apple2gs.cpp) All sets in apple2gs.cpp: System 6.0.x freezes on boot. (Peter Ferrie)
  • 06833: [Misc.] (einstein.cpp) All einstein.cpp sets: Buffer overrun on DSK image file with more sides than drive heads. (MetalliC)
  • 06898: [Documentation] (8080bw.cpp) spclaser and clones: Space Laser and Intruder appear to be hacks of Space War. (GoldS_TCRF)
  • 07171: [Documentation] (megadriv.cpp) genesis [babyboom]: Release year is incorrect. (ArcadeShadow)
  • 07198: [Documentation] (slapfght.cpp) tigerh and clones: Title should be hyphenated. (AntoPISA)
  • 07269: [Graphics] (seta2.cpp) penbros and clones: Incorrect scene transition effects. (David Haywood)
  • 07369: [Graphics] (namconb1.cpp) machbrkr: Character sprite animations display incorrectly. (cam900)
  • 07536: [Graphics] Prescale option does not work properly with D3D renderer. (Ryan Holtz)
  • 07551: [Crash/Freeze] (nes.cpp) nes [galivan]: Game freezes after selecting start or continue. (girosintornillos)
  • 07591: [DIP/Input] (pacman.cpp) crush, maketrax: Coin counter increases continuously. (Ivan Vangelista)
  • 07620: [Gameplay] (tubep.cpp) tubep, tubepb: “GAME OVER” and stage clear screens are skipped. (hap)
  • 07629: [Documentation] (ladybug.cpp) snapjack: Release year is incorrect. (jkburks)
  • 07634: [DIP/Input] (subsino2.cpp) mtrain: “Double Up” DIP switch settings are reversed. (joepublic)
  • 07635: [DIP/Input] (subsino2.cpp) mtrain: Big/Small button functions are not labeled. (joepublic)
  • 07640: [Graphics] (armedf.cpp) armedf and clones: Vertical blanking interval is incorrect, truncating screen vertically. (sasuke)
  • 07648: [DIP/Input] (dkong.cpp) dkong3: DIP switch settings use different terminology to game manual. (xelnia)
  • 07651: [Documentation] (warpwarp.cpp) sos: Title, manufacturer and release year do not match earliest advertisements. (jkburks)
  • 07652: [Documentation] (m10.cpp) andromed: Title, manufacturer and release year are incorrect. (jkburks)
  • 07653: [Documentation] (galaxian.cpp) galaxiani: Game appears to be officially licensed, not bootlegged. (jkburks)
  • 07656: [Known Issues/To-Do's] (atarisy1.cpp) Two BIOS ROMs are bad dumps. (hap)
  • 07657: [DIP/Input] (selz80.cpp) selz80, dagz80: Keyboard auto-repeats when it shouldn’t. (AJR)
  • 07663: [Graphics] (gaplus.cpp) gaplus and clones: Star field drawing area is incorrect. (sasuke)
  • 07664: [Crash/Freeze] (skylncr.cpp) All machines in skylncr.cpp: [debug] Assertion failure in tilemap code. (AJR)
  • 07667: [Crash/Freeze] (pengo.cpp) schick: [debug] Assertion failure on palette initialisation. (David Haywood)
  • 07668: [Crash/Freeze] (seattle.cpp) sfrush, sfrushrk and clones: [debug] Assertion failure on start. (AJR)
  • 07671: [DIP/Input] (atarisy1.cpp) roadblst and clones: Steering does not automatically return to center. (Tafoid)
  • 07673: [Sound] All: Recorded MNG and WAV files are out of sync. (hap)
  • 07674: [Media Support] (bbc.cpp) bbcb: Solidisk DFS (8271) *CAT command returns Diskfault error. (Carl)
  • 07675: [DIP/Input] (gaelco2.cpp) wrally2, wrally2a: Analog steering control doesn’t work. (Ivan Vangelista)
  • 07676: [Sound] (gaelco2.cpp) wrally2, wrally2a: Audio channels do not match default screen positions. (Ivan Vangelista)
  • 07678: [DIP/Input] (btime.cpp) btime3: Bonus Life DIP switch settings are labeled incorrectly. (Tafoid)
  • 07686: [Documentation] (sms.cpp) gamegear [shinobi2]: Title is abbreviated. (ArcadeShadow)

New working machines

  • Black Hole (EFG Sanremo) [f205v, Ivan Vangelista]
  • Fidelity Electronics Mini Sensory Chess Challenger (1982 version) [hap, Berger, Achim]
  • Fidelity Electronics The Gambit (1989 version) [hap, Berger, Achim]
  • Game & Watch: Popeye (Panorama Screen) [algestam, Ryan Holtz]
  • Grant Searle Simple 6502 Machine [Frank Palazzolo]
  • Grant Searle Simple 6809 Machine [Frank Palazzolo]
  • Grant Searle Simple CP/M Machine [Frank Palazzolo]
  • Grant Searle Simple Z-80 Machine [Frank Palazzolo]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Junior (1982 version) [hap, Berger, Achim]
  • Micro Vs. System: Donkey Kong 3 [algestam, Ryan Holtz]
  • Millennium 2000 GmbH Millennium M505 Arcade Neo Portable Spielkonsole (Family Sport 100-in-1) [TeamEurope]
  • Millennium 2000 GmbH Millennium M521 Arcade Neo 2.0 (Family Sport 220-in-1) [TeamEurope, David Haywood]
  • Morrow Designs MDT 60 Video Display Terminal [Bitsavers, AJR]
  • Saitek Kasparov Simultano (ver. C) [hap, Achim]
  • SciSys Chess Champion: Super System IV [hap, Berger, Achim]
  • SciSys Mini Chess [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • Radica / Capcom / Sega Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition [Ghouls'n Ghosts] (Radica, Arcade Legends) (USA) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Kev (FBN), anonymous]
  • Radica / Sega Genesis Collection Volume 2 (Radica, Arcade Legends) (USA) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Kev (FBN), anonymous]
  • Radica / Sega Super Sonic Gold (Radica Plug & Play) (USA) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, Kev (FBN), anonymous]
  • Speed Racer (Senario) [Sean Riddle, Kamaal Brown, David Haywood]
  • Super Motor (prototype) [Mirko Buffoni, Roberto Fresca, Retromaniacs, Recreativas.org]
  • TwinBee (Bubble System) [Raki, The Dumping Union, David Haywood]
  • Vs Power Plus 30-in-1 [Sean Riddle, Kitsune Sniper]
  • Zudu-go / 2udu-go [Sean Riddle, David Haywood, anonymous]

New working clones

  • Air Duel (US location test, M82 hardware) [halowarrior40]
  • Circus (bootleg) [f205v, caius]
  • Cleopatra Fortune (Ver 2.1O 1996/09/05, bootleg) [Jorge Silva, White_Spot]
  • Dirt Dash (Rev. DT1 Ver.A, Japan) [Guru]
  • DonPachi (Japan, Satsuei version) [PEG]
  • dreamGEAR My Arcade Gamer V Portable Gaming System (DGUN-2573) (set 2, older) [Sean Riddle]
  • DTK Group PC-XT-Clones with DTK/ERSO-BIOS [rfka01]
  • Fidelity Electronics Mini Sensory Chess Challenger (1981 version) [hap, Sean Riddle]
  • Gals Panic (Taiwan, EXPRO-02 PCB) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • Golden Par Golf (Joystick, V1.0) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Hegener + Glaser Mephisto Portorose 32 Bit (v1.04) [Berger]
  • Hot Blocks - Tetrix II (set 2) [jordigahan, mariorq, ClawGrip]
  • Hot Blocks - Tetrix II (set 3) [Victor Fernandez (City Game), ClawGrip]
  • Jackie Chan - The Kung-Fu Master (rev 4?) [coolmod, The Dumping Union]
  • Karate Dou (Arfyc bootleg) [Retromaniacs, ArcadeHacker, Recreativas.org]
  • Matra & Hachette Alice with MCX-128 [Tim Lindner]
  • Novag Super Expert (version A, set 3) [Berger]
  • Pit Boss Superstar (9221-12-02, Minnesota version) [David Viens]
  • Police Trainer (Rev 1.3B, Rev 0.3 PCB) [Brian Troha, The Dumping Union]
  • Prebillian (bootleg) [Kevin Eshbach]
  • Raiden II (Spain) [Jorge Silva]
  • Road Fighter (set 3, unencrypted) [Porchy]
  • SciSys Superstar 36K [Berger, Achim]
  • Shuffleshot (v1.35) [Phil Bennett, Aaron Giles, FactoryDavey, Bri Hefele, Joe Drilling, runwhiteboyrun, Christian “Ferris Bueller” Deitering, Justin Khan, ColdPie, Joe Boyd, Vitorio Miliano, JFlow @scrapbrain, Darkstar, Tom Summersell, Ryan Holtz, Brian Troha]
  • Shuffleshot (v1.38) [Phil Bennett, Aaron Giles, FactoryDavey, Bri Hefele, Joe Drilling, runwhiteboyrun, Christian “Ferris Bueller” Deitering, Justin Khan, ColdPie, Joe Boyd, Vitorio Miliano, JFlow @scrapbrain, Darkstar, Tom Summersell, Ryan Holtz, Brian Troha]
  • Street Fighter (Japan, bootleg) [f205v]
  • Tandy Radio Shack MCX-128 [Tim Lindner]
  • Trivia (Questions Series 12 Alt Question Rom) [Brian Troha]
  • Trivia (Questions Series 14 Alt Question Rom) [Brian Troha]
  • Trivia (Version 1.03a Sex questions, Alt revision questions) [Brian Troha]
  • Vampire Savior: The Lord of Vampire (Brazil 970519) [Renan Eler, Roberto Louzada, Filipe Nascimento, CPS Raptor group, SHVB]
  • Varth: Operation Thunderstorm (bootleg, set 2) [gmx, The Dumping Union]
  • Video Pinball (4 ROMs version) [f205v]

Machines promoted to working

  • Bingo Time [TeamEurope, Ivan Vangelista]
  • Excalibur Electronics Ford Racing [David Haywood]
  • GRiD Computers Compass 1101 [usernameak]
  • Kick and Run (World) [dink, David Haywood]
  • Ritam Master Monty [hap]
  • Ritam Monty Plays Scrabble [hap]
  • Tetris + Cherry Master (Corsica, v8.01, set 2) [Ioannis Bampoulas]

Clones promoted to working

  • Kick and Run (US) [dink, David Haywood]
  • World Class Bowling Tournament (v1.30) [Phil Bennett, Aaron Giles, FactoryDavey, Bri Hefele, Joe Drilling, runwhiteboyrun, Christian “Ferris Bueller” Deitering, Justin Khan, ColdPie, Joe Boyd, Vitorio Miliano, JFlow @scrapbrain, Darkstar, Tom Summersell, Ryan Holtz, Brian Troha]

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Crazy Balls [TTL] [f205v]
  • Dardomania (v2.1) [Juan Romero, ClawGrip]
  • Densha de GO 3! Tsukin-hen (V2.03J) [andynumbers, The Dumping Union]
  • dreamGEAR My Arcade Go Gamer Portable (Family Sport 220-in-1) [Sean Riddle, Kev (FBN), anonymous]
  • GNAT Computers GNAT System 10 [Don Maslin Archive, AJR]
  • High Roller [malcor]
  • Indra / Amper Consola EMT [ClawGrip]
  • Jackpot (Ver 16.16L) [f205v]
  • JoMoX XBase 09 Midi Controlled Analogue Drum Module [DBWBP]
  • Korg DVP-1 Digital Voice Processor [DBWBP]
  • Lexibook Compact Cyber Arcade - Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man [Sean Riddle, Kitsune Sniper]
  • Matthew Sarnoff Ultim809 [Robbbert]
  • Micro-Term / Kurzweil Computer Products ERGO 201 (Special #9233) [Bitsavers]
  • Novation BassStation Rack Analogue Synthesizer Module [DBWBP]
  • Novation Drum Station [DBWBP]
  • Novation Super Bass Station [DBWBP]
  • Roland Boss GX-700 Guitar Effects Processor [DBWBP]
  • Roland Boss SE-70 Super Effects Processor [DBWBP]
  • Roland Boss SX-700 Studio Effects Processor [DBWBP]
  • Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer [anonymous, DBWBP]
  • Trebol [PinMAME]
  • TV Learning Station (VTech, Germany) [Sean Riddle, TeamEurope]
  • Yamaha DX11 Digital Programmable Algorithm Synthesizer [DBWBP]
  • Zenith Data Systems Z-22 Terminal [Bitsavers]
  • Zone 3D [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

  • Corona Data Systems, Inc. Corona PPC-21 [rfka01]
  • FreeWay (V4.31) [Cristiano-MDQ]
  • G2 Systems MasterPieCe 800 Series [Ian Bradbury]
  • G2 Systems MasterPieCe 900 Series [Ian Bradbury]
  • G2 Systems MasterPieCe 900GX Series [Ian Bradbury]
  • International Business Machines PS/1 2011 (international models with ROM DOS) [rfka01]
  • International Business Machines PS/1 2121 [rfka01]
  • International Business Machines PS/1 2121 (international models with ROM DOS) [rfka01]
  • International Business Machines PS/1 2123 [rfka01]
  • International Business Machines PS/1 2133 [rfka01]
  • IQ Unlimited (Germany) [Alexandre]
  • Jackpot (Ver 1.16L) [f205v]
  • JUKO NEST 8088 and V20 [rfka01]
  • Konglongwang - D-Kids VS Alpha Yaosai (China, Ver 2.501) (MDA-C0081) [tenyuhuang]
  • Magic Bomb (Ver. A3.1A) [Cristiano-MDQ]
  • Magic Bomb (Ver. AA.72D, 14/11/05) [Cristiano-MDQ]
  • Magic Bomb (Ver. AB4.2, 11/10/01) [Cristiano-MDQ]
  • Magic Bomb (Ver. AB4.5A, 07/10/02) [Cristiano-MDQ]
  • Magic Bomb (Ver. L3.5S) [Cristiano-MDQ]
  • Monotech NuXT [rfka01]
  • Monotech NuXT v2 [rfka01]
  • NCR Class 3302 Model 0110 [rfka01]
  • The Raid (alternate set) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG 386SX System 40 (VGA) [rfka01]
  • Schneider Rundfunkwerke AG Tower AT 201, 202, 220, 240 and 260 (286,EGA) [rfka01]
  • Sergey Kiselev Micro 8088 [rfka01]
  • Sergey Kiselev Sergey's XT [rfka01]
  • Sergey Kiselev Xi processor board [rfka01]
  • Shinobi (Datsu bootleg, set 3) [hammy]
  • Star Wars (1.01) [PinMAME]
  • Super Six Plus II English Mark Darts (Spanish) [jordigahan, ClawGrip]
  • Torch Computers Torch Model 301 [Nigel Barnes, Centre for Computing History]
  • Torch Computers Torch Model 725 [Nigel Barnes, Jules Richardson]
  • Twilight Zone (L-5) [PinMAME]

New working software list additions

  • apple2_flop_clcracked: Animal Watch: Tracks (cleanly cracked), Animal Watch: Whales (cleanly cracked), Animal Watch: Wolves (cleanly cracked), Deutsch: Aktuell 1 (Second Edition) (cleanly cracked), Deutsche Grammatik: der-die-das (cleanly cracked), Dinosaur Construction Kit: Tyrannosaurus Rex (cleanly cracked), German Word Order (cleanly cracked), German Word Order (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Homonyms I (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Homonyms II (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Jabbertalky (cleanly cracked), MECC-A757 Computer Generated Mathematics Materials Volume 1: Problem Solving (Version 1.3) (cleanly cracked), MECC-A816 Electronic Money (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), MECC-A816 Electronic Money (Version 1.1) (cleanly cracked), MECC-A824 Classification (Version 1.0) (cleanly cracked), Pronouns I (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Pronouns II (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Rhymes and Riddles (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Sentence Combining (cleanly cracked), The Wizard of Id's WizMath (cleanly cracked), Verbs I (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked), Verbs II (Revision 2) (cleanly cracked) [4am, Firehawke]
  • apple2_flop_orig: Ace Detective, Algernon: An Introduction to Programming Logic, Amazing Arithmetricks (Version 1.0), Animal Hotel, Asteroids in Space, Backyard Birds (Version 1.0), Bag of Tricks (Version 2.1), Ballyhoo (Release 97 / 851218), Barron's SAT: 1st Edition, Barron's SAT: 2nd Edition, Behind The Wheel: Blue Level, Bluegrass Bluff (Version 1.0), Bounce!, California Games, Cavity Busters (Version 1.0), Championship Golf, Cleanwater Detectives (Version 1.0), Colossus Chess IV, CommuniKeys (Version 1.1), Conquering Decimals (+, -) (Version 1.0), Conquering Decimals (×, ÷) (Version 1.0), Conquering Fractions (+, -) (Version 1.0), Conquering Fractions (×, ÷) (Version 1.0), CryptoQuest (Version 1.0), Decimal Concepts (Version 1.0), The Demon's Forge, Deutsche Grammatik: der-die-das, Dr. Livingstone, I Presume? (Version 1.0), Dunjonquest: The Datestones of Ryn, Eerieville Library (Version 1.0), Electrifying Adventures (Version 1.0), Estimation Activities (Version 1.0), Estimation Strategies (Version 1.0), Estimation: Quick Solve I (Version 1.0), The Executive Secretary (Version 4.2), Exploring Chaos (Version 1.0), Exploring Gas Laws (Version 1.0), Exploring Sequences and Series (Version 1.0), Fish School (Version 1.0), Five-Star Forecast (Version 1.0), Fossil Hunter (Version 1.0), Fraction Munchers (Version 1.0), Fraction Practice Unlimited (Version 1.1), Fraktured Faebles, Garbage Gang, GFL Championship Football, GraFORTH, Grammar Gobble (Version 1.0), Grammar Madness (Version 1.0), Grammar Toy Shop (Version 1.0), History Makers (Version 1.0), The Incredible Laboratory, Invisible Bugs (Version 1.0), The Last Gladiator, The Legend of Blacksilver, The Living Cell (Version 1.0), Lunar Greenhouse (Version 1.0), Magical Myths, Matterhorn Screamer, Measure Works (Version 1.0), Micro-LADS 1: Plurals and Noun/Verb Agreement, Micro-LADS 2: Verb Forms, Micro-LADS 3: Prepositions, Micro-LADS 4: Pronouns, Micro-LADS 5: Negatives, Micro-LADS 6: Deictic Expressions, Passive, WH-questions, Micro-LADS 7: Prepositions II, Miner's Cave (Version 1.0), Money Works (Version 1.0), Moving Museum (Version 1.0), Murphy's Minerals (Version 1.0), Number Munchers (Version 1.3), Nutrition Nabber (Version 1.0), Odd One Out, Paper Plane Pilot (Version 1.0), Path Tactics (Version 1.0), The Personal Secretary (Version 1.1), Phonics Prime Time: Blends and Digraphs (Version 1.0), Phonics Prime Time: Final Consonants (Version 1.0), Phonics Prime Time: Initial Consonants (Version 1.0), Phonics Prime Time: Vowels I (Version 1.0), Phonics Prime Time: Vowels II (Version 1.0), Picture Chompers (Version 1.0), Picture a Story (Version 1.0), Pizza To Go (Version 1.0), Poker Parat, Problem Solving with Nim (Version 1.0), Rocket Factory (Version 1.0), Science Toolkit Plus (Version 2.0), The Seven Cities of Gold, Snooper Troops and the case of The Granite Point Ghost, Stoichiometry, Sun and Seasons (Version 1.0), Take a Chance! (Version 1.0), Those Amazing Reading Machines I (Version 1.0), Those Amazing Reading Machines II (Version 1.0), Those Amazing Reading Machines III (Version 1.0), Time Navigator Around The World (Version 1.0), To Preserve, Protect and Defend (Version 1.0), Treasures for Sale (Version 1.0), Tycoon (Version 2.1), A View To A Kill, Weeds to Trees (Version 1.0), Wild West Math Level 5, Winnie the Pooh in the Hundred Acre Wood (Sunburst Communications release), Wonderland Puzzles (Version 1.0), Words at Work: Compound It! (Version 1.0), Words at Work: Contraction Action (Version 1.0), Words at Work: Prefix Power (Version 1.0), Words at Work: Suffix Sense (Version 1.0), World Games, Writer Rabbit (Version 1.3) [4am, Firehawke]
  • bbc_flop_z80: Z80 Winchester Utilities [Nigel Barnes]
  • bbc_hdd: Master 128 ADFS Hard Drive Image V1.03, Master 128 ADFS Hard Drive Image V1.05, Model B ADFS Hard Drive Image B1.06e, Model B ADFS Hard Drive Image B1.31 (Retro Software), Model B ADFS Hard Drive Image B1.42, Model B ADFS Hard Drive Image T1.07 [RetroClinic]
  • bbc_rom: 512 FastBoot 1.00, 65C02 Assembler 1.60, AJS Fortran, Acorn DFS 2.45 Rev 1191, Advanced Disc Toolkit 1.71, Amcom E-Net 5.18, AMPLE Nucleus (patched), AMPLE Nucleus ID 108801, AMPLE Nucleus ID 57315, AMPLE Nucleus ID 73863, AMPLE Nucleus ID 80327, AMTOR MkII 3.05, The Artist 1.00, BeeBASE-1 1.02, Bitstik Service ROM 0.51, Chameleon ROM 1.0, Colour Dump Rom, Commstar 9003, CPFS+ 1.20, CTS Palette 1.10, Hierarchical DFS 1.05, HKR Utilities 1.00, HKR Utilities 1.10, HKR Utilities 1.20, HKR Utilities 1.30, Instat B00741, Master ROM 1.05, MasterPieCe 1.10, MasterPieCe 800 Manager 2.40, MasterPieCe 900GX Manager 1.20, Maxim 1.0, Meta Assembler 3.30A, Opus Challenger 1.00, Opus Challenger 1.01, Opus Challenger 1.03, OrthoCAM 0.02, Pen-Friend 1.21, Plotter 1.0, Prisma-3 1.30, Prisma-3 2.30, Pull Down RAM Driver 1.00, Quest 2.1B, RAMDisc 1.01, Sciways 2.01, SJ Control ROM 0.23, SJ Control ROM 0.30, System Delta 2.017, Text To Speech 1.01, U2 2nd Processor Utility 1.5, VideoNuLA 1.03, View A1.4, View A3.0 pms (Hack?), Workstation 1.4 #0135, Workstation 1.4 #0148, Workstation 1.5 [Nigel Barnes]
  • cgenie_cass: Megapede, Pole Position [Jürgen Buchmüller]
  • compis: Action1 Glosprogram (nät/skollicens), Coulombs lag (nät/skollicens), Datorn i kommunikation (enanvändare), Datorn i matematik (nät/skollicens), Får dataregister skvallra? (enanvändare), Får dataregister skvallra? (komplement), Internationella ord från grekiskan (nät/skollicens), Internationella ord från latinet (nät/skollicens), Jorden skiftas, folket skingras (nät/skollicens), Kinetik (nät/skollicens), Matematikverkstad I (beta, nät/skollicens), Millikans försök (enanvändare), Mät energi (enanvändare), MätEtt (enanvändare), RitEtt (enanvändare), Räkna lätt, räkna rätt (demo, version 6175), StatEtt - Analys, Stava rätt på nytt sätt (version 8481), Stil-Plus (alfa 1.0, nät/skollicens), Video-butiken (enanvändare) [FakeShemp]
  • eti660_quik: Music Maker, Pong, Wipeout [Robbbert]
  • excalibur64: Boot disk [Robbbert]
  • fidel_msc:
    • Challenger Advanced Chess [hap, Berger, Achim]
    • Challenger Book Openings [Berger]
  • fmtowns_cd: Dracula Hakushaku - Bishoujo-tachi no Chi no Shitatari, Hyper Planet, Lemon Cocktail Collection, Märchen Toshokan - Grimm Douwa - Bremen no Ongakutai, Nihon no Rekishi - Ishin-hen - Kurofune Raikou, Phobos, Towns Chiri - Jigsaw World [redump.org, r09]
  • ggm: Capablanca Edition - Master Chess Endgame [Berger, Achim]
  • ibm5150:
    • The Amazing Spider-Man, Eye of Horus [ArcadeShadow]
    • Centipede, Ms. Pac-Man [r09]
  • ibm5170:
    • Alone in the Dark 2 (France), Cruise for a Corpse, Formula One Grand Prix (Euro), Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards (EGA release), Leisure Suit Larry 1: In the Land of the Lounge Lizards (VGA release), Police Quest in Pursuit of the Death Angel (VGA release), Roberta Williams' Laura Bow in "The Dagger of Amon Ra", Silverball 2 Plus, Speed Racer in the Challenge of Racer X, Subwar 2050 - The Underwater Combat Simulation [ArcadeShadow]
    • Chuck Yeager's Air Combat (Gravis Ultrasound version), Dune (5.25"), Frontier - Elite II, Gravis UltraSound (GUS) Installation - V2.05 [r09]
  • msx1_cart: Ink - Exxon Surfing [anonymous]
  • pc98: Eimmy to Yobanaide (Demo), Ekispert, Ekudorado - Kagami no Naka no Oukoku, Elm Knight - A Living Body Armor (Demo), Elthlead Senshi, EO System 3.0 (v1.10 installer), EPSON Jiko Shindan Program, EPSON MS-DOS 2.11 (Rev. E22), EPSON MS-DOS 2.11 (Rev. R15), EPSON Nihongo Disk BASIC v2.0, Estate, eXOn, eXOn (Demo), Expert-98 [Neo Kobe Collection, r09]
  • qx10_flop: CP/M-80 R2.2 for QX-10 & QX-16 1983 [Carl]
  • saitek_schess: Strong Play Module [Berger, Achim]
  • sgi_mips:
    • Barco Creator 7.2, CATIA V5R16, Diagnostics 5.3, Hot Mix 4, IndiZone, IRIX 4.0.2, IRIX 4.0.4B for IP4, IP5, IP6, IP12 and IP17, IRIX 4.0.5, IRIX 5.3 Current Patches December 1997, IRIX 5.3 Recommended/Required Patches September 1997, IRIX 6.0.1, IRIX 6.1, IRIX 6.5.22, IRIX 6.5.30 [archive.org, Davide Cavalca]
    • IRIX 6.5.15 [archive.org, fsck.technology, Davide Cavalca]
    • IRIX 4.0.4 [archive.org, jrra.zone, Davide Cavalca]
    • Ada95 Compiler 1.2 for IRIX 5.3, 6.2 and 6.3, Ada95 Compiler 1.3 for IRIX 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5, C++ Translator 3.2, Compiler Execution Environment 7.3 for IRIX 6.5 through 6.5.4, Cosmo Software for IRIX 5.3, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4, Cosmo Suite, DCE 1.2.2 Base Executive/Client for IRIX 6.5.2, Digital Media Dev Option 1.1, Documenter's Workbench 4.1.3, ENlightenDSM 3.1 for UNIX and NT, Hot Mix 18 - Explore Tools and Technologies for Silicon Graphics, Hot Mix 19, ImageVision Library 3.2, ImageVision Library 3.2.1, IRIS Development Option 4.1.1, IRIS Performer 2.2 Friends Demo CD for IRIX 6.2 and later, IRIS Performer 2.2 Yosemite Demo CD for IRIX 6.2 and later, IRIS Performer 2.2 for IRIX 6.2 and later, IRIS Inventor 1.1.2, IRIX 4.0.5H, IRIX 4.0.5H and 4.0.5IOP R4400 Patch, IRIX 5.1.1, IRIX 5.2, IRIX 5.3 for Indy R4400 175MHz, IRIX 6.2 Development Foundation, IRIX 6.2 Development Libraries, IRIX 6.3 Development Foundation, IRIX 6.3 Development Foundation 1.2 for IRIX 6.3, IRIX 6.3 Development Libraries, IRIX 6.4 Applications August 1997, IRIX 6.4 Development Foundation, IRIX 6.4 Development Libraries, IRIX 6.4 for Origin, Onyx2 and OCTANE, IRIX 6.5.1, IRIX 6.5.6, IRIX Development Foundation 1.2 for IRIX 6.2, IRIX Development Foundation 1.2 for IRIX 6.4, IRIX Networker 4.1.3, IRIX Patch, MineSet 2.0.1 for IRIX 6.2 and later, MIPSpro 7.2, MIPSpro 7.3, MIPSpro All-Compiler CD May 1999 for IRIX 6.5 and later, Molecular Inventor Development Kit 1.1, NetWorker 4.2.5 for IRIX 5.3, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4, Networker 4.2.5 for IRIX 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4, O2 Out of Box Experience, Open Inventor 3D Toolkit 2.1.2, Origin and Onyx2 System Disk Patches, Origin/Onyx2 Patch Supplement for IRIX 6.5, Performance Co-Pilot 1.3 for IRIX 5.3, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4, Performance Co-Pilot 2.1 for IRIX 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5.5, Performance Co-Pilot for Oracle 2.0 for IRIX 5.3, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5, Performance Co-Pilot for Web Servers 2.0 for IRIX 5.3, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5, Performance Co-Pilot for WebServers 1.1, ProDev Developers Suite, ProDev Workshop 2.6.5 for IRIX 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4, SCSL Scientific Library 1.2 for IRIX 6.4 and 6.5, Silicon Graphics 1600SW Flat Panel Monitor Owner's Manual, Silicon Graphics MultiLink Adapter Documentation, Visual Magic Tools 1.0, Wavefront Composer 3.5.1 Visualizer Paint 3.5.1, WebFORCE February 1998, WorkShop Pro MPF 2.7 for IRIX 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4 [Bitsavers, Davide Cavalca] Desktop Special Edition 1.0 for Support Customers, European Language Module 1.3, Freeware 2.0 - Unsupported Software compatible with IRIX 6.2 and later, Hot Mix 18, IRIX 6.3 and 6.4 Recommended/Required Patches October 1997, IRIX 6.3 Applications August 1997, IRIX 6.5.13, IRIX 6.5.5, IRIX 6.5.7, IRIX 6.5.9, Insignia SoftWindows 95 4.0 for IRIX 6.3 and 6.4, Network File System 5.3, O2 Demos 1.1.1 for IRIX 6.3 including R10000, O2 IRIX 6.3 Recommended/Required Patches August 1997, ONC3/NFS Version 2, for IRIX 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4, Patch SG0000466, Support Advantage 12/95, Support Advantage 9/95, SupportFolio 5/96, SupportFolio June 96 [ClawGrip, Rampa]
    • Alias|Wavefront Advanced Visualizer 4.2, Alias|Wavefront Maya Composer 5.5, Alias|Wavefront PowerAnimator 7.51, Alias|Wavefront PowerAnimator 8.2, Common Desktop Environment 4.3, Cosmo Compress 1.1.1, Database Accelerator 3.0, Desktop Special Edition 1.1, Discreet Effect 6.1.3, Discreet Flame 4.0.2, ENlightenDSM 1.1 for UNIX and NT, European Language Module 1.2, Gauntlet 4.1 INTERNATIONAL for IRIX 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5, Hot Mix Volume 11, Hot Mix Volume 12, Hot Mix Volume 17, Hot Mix Volume 8, I-DEAS Master Series Release 6, IMPACT Demos CD 6.2, IMPACT Digital Media 2.1, Indigo2 IMPACT Video for IRIX 6.5, IndiZone2, IndiZone3, Insignia SoftWindows 95 5.0 for IRIX 6.5, IRIS PERFORMER 2.0, IRIX 5.2 for Indy R4600SC/XZ and Presenter, IRIX 6.2, IRIX 6.2 Applications August 1996, IRIX 6.2 with Indigo IMPACT 10000, IRIX 6.3 for O2, Including R10000, IRIX 6.5.2, IRIX 6.5.26, IRIX 6.5.29, IRIX 6.5.4, IRIX 6.5.8, NetWorker 4.2.9 for IRIX 6.2, 6.4 and 6.5, Open Inventor 2.1.5 for IRIX 6.2, 6.3, 6.4 and 6.5, Patches for IRIX 6.2 with Indigo2 8/96, PRISMS 6.4, Samba 2.0.0 for IRIX for IRIX 6.5 and later, SGImeeting 1.0 for IRIX 6.5.2, SupportFolio 10/96, Teleffect 1.0 for IRIX 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.5 for Microsoft NT 4.0 [Davide Cavalca]
    • IRIX 5.3, IRIX 6.5 [Davide Cavalca, ClawGrip, Rampa]
    • Adobe Illustrator 5.5, Adobe Photoshop 2.5.2, Adobe Photoshop 3.0.1, IRIX 6.5.10, IRIX 6.5.11, IRIX 6.5.12, IRIX 6.5.14, IRIX 6.5.16, IRIX 6.5.17, IRIX 6.5.18, IRIX 6.5.21, IRIX 6.5.23, IRIX 6.5.3 [fsck.technology, Davide Cavalca]
    • Indy IRIX 5.1.1, IRIS Development Option 4.0, IRIS Development Option 4.0.1, IRIS Development Option 5.0, IRIS Development Option 5.1, IRIS Development Option 5.3, IRIS Development Option 6.2, IRIX 4.0.1, IRIX 5.0, IRIX 5.2 Beta II, IRIX 5.3 All Indigo2 IMPACT, IRIX 5.3 for Indy including R5000, IRIX 6.2 Applications May 1996, IRIX 6.2 Auxiliary Applications, IRIX 6.5 Beta, IRIX 6.5.19, IRIX 6.5.27, IRIX 6.5.28, IRIX Update 4.0.4, IRIX W4D Update 4.0.1, Network File System 5.0, Network File System 5.0.1, Network File System 5.1, Network File System 5.2, NFS/ONC3 for IRIX 6.2 Version 1.2, O2 Demos 1.0 for IRIX 6.3 including R10000, O2 Demos 1.3 for IRIX 6.5 and later, O2 Out of Box Experience 2.4 for IRIX 6.5 and later, OCTANE Demos 1.3 for IRIX 6.5 and later, Silicon Graphics General and Platform Demos 6.5.12 [jrra.zone, Davide Cavalca]
    • Discreet Flame 7.6 [unixfiles.org, Davide Cavalca]
  • super80_flop: CP/M boot disk, Super-80 DOS disk, Super-80 DOS disk with games [Robbbert]
  • vgmplay:
    • Joe Montana II - Sports Talk Football (GEN/MD), Lotus Turbo Challenge (GEN/MD), Madden NFL '95 (GEN/MD), Teddy Boy Blues (GEN/MD), Urusei Yatsura - Dear My Friends (Sega CD) (GEN/MD) [Project2612, Tafoid]
    • 8-bit ADV Steins;Gate (NES), AntZ Racing (Nintendo Game Boy Color), Arkanoid - Revenge of DOH (ZX Spectrum 128), Batman (Arcade), Battle Gorilla (Music Mode) (NEC PC-8801), Battle Gorilla (NEC PC-8801), Bob the Builder - Fix-it Fun! (Nintendo Game Boy Color), Bonanza Bros. (ZX Spectrum 128), Commando (Atari 7800), Gauntlet (ZX Spectrum 128), Gauntlet II (ZX Spectrum 128), Gauntlet III - The Final Quest (ZX Spectrum 128), Golden Axe (ZX Spectrum 128), Hyper Olympic 1 (MSX), Hyper Olympic 2 (MSX), Hyper Sports 1 (MSX), Hyper Sports 2 (MSX, PSG), Hyper Sports 2 (MSX, SCC), Hyper Sports 3 (MSX, PSG), Hyper Sports 3 (MSX, SCC), L.E.D. Storm (ZX Spectrum 128), LEGO Island 2 - The Brickster's Revenge (Nintendo Game Boy Color), Mickey's Speedway USA (Nintendo Game Boy Color), Missile - Ground Zero (ZX Spectrum 128), Off The Wall (PC Engine), Puyo Puyo (NES, FDS), Road Runner (Atari System 1), Robot Construction R.C. (Sharp X68000), Sky Jaguar (MSX, PSG), Sky Jaguar (MSX, SCC), Solar Invasion (ZX Spectrum 128), Spawn (Nintendo Game Boy Color), Tetris (Fujitsu FM77AV), Tetris (NEC PC-88VA), Tetris (NEC PC-9801), Tom & Jerry - The Ultimate Game of Cat and Mouse! (NES), U.S. Classic (Seta 1), UWC (NES), Wild Gunman (NES) [vgmrips.net, Tafoid]
  • vsmile_cart: Bob le Bricoleur - Les P'tits chantiers de Bob (France), Lil' Bratz Au Top de la Mode - Complices, Cools et Class' (France), Mission Pilote (France) [DisizDream]

Software list items promoted to working

  • amigaocs_flop: Budokan - The Martial Spirit (Euro), Dragon's Lair: Escape from Singe's Castle (Euro), Dungeon Master (Euro, v3.6), Dylan Dog - Ritorno al Crepuscolo (Ita), Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (Euro), Escape from Colditz (Euro), F1 GP Circuits (Euro), Fred (Euro), Graffiti Man (Euro, 5th Anniversary), Great Courts 2 (Euro), Journey to the Center of the Earth (Euro), Knight Force (Euro), Little Computer People (Euro), Loom (Euro, v1.2 19900510), Major Motion (Euro), Moebius - The Orb of Celestial Harmony (USA), North & South (Euro), Omega (Euro), Over the Net (USA), Ports of Call (Euro, v1.1, A600 Smart Start), Seconds Out (Euro, Budget), Shadow Warriors (Euro), Sim City (Euro, v1.2), Skrull the Barbarian (Euro), Strider II (Euro), Sword of Honour (Euro), Terramex (Euro), Thexder (Euro), Wonderland (Euro, v1.27i 19910422) [Angelo Salese, Dirk Best]
  • bbc_rom: Solidisk ADFS 2.1 11/10/85, Solidisk ADFS 2.1S, Solidisk DDFS 1.5, Solidisk DDFS 1.9, Solidisk DFS 2.0 (Feb 85), Solidisk DFS 2.0 (Jan 85), Solidisk DFS 2.0A (8271/1770), Solidisk DFS 2.0J (8271/1770), Solidisk DFS 2.0L (8271/1770), Solidisk DFS 2.0m (8271/1770), Solidisk DFS 2.1 (Mar 85), Solidisk DFS 2.1A (1770), Solidisk DFS 2.1J (1770), VideoNuLA 1.02 [Nigel Barnes]
  • jaguar: Attack of the Mutant Penguins, Troy Aikman NFL Football [Angelo Salese]
  • pc98: Eimmy to Yobanaide, Elvira - Mistress of the Dark, Engage Errands - Miwaku no Shito-tachi, Engage Errands II - Hikari o Ninau Mono, Es no Houteishiki, Escape!, Eteris, Etsuraku no Gakuen, EVE - Burst Error, Exceed Jack - Casinopolis [Barry Rodewald, Angelo Salese, r09]
  • x68k_flop: Ajax, Dai Makaimura, Nemesis '90 Kai [Angelo Salese]

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

  • apple2_flop_orig: Wortgefect [4am, Firehawke]
  • bbc_rom: ADDER 1.01, Artist Plus (Palette Pad), Artist Plus (Userport Pad), Futures 2.0a, Replay System WD1770 1.11, Richardson Hard Disk (306) 2.0, SEHK Terminal 2.00, SEHK Terminal 4.01 [Nigel Barnes]
  • eti660_quik: Maze 2, Space Invaders [Robbbert]
  • fmtowns_cd: Lip 3 - Lipstick Adventure 3 [redump.org, r09]
  • gmaster: Space Invader, Tank War [Sylver BRUNEAU]
  • ibm5150: Wizzardz & War Lordz [LGR]
  • mobigo_cart:
    • Disney Fairies Explore Your Talents (USA), Disney Jake and the Neverland Pirates (USA), Disney Princess (USA), DreamWorks/Nickelodeon The Penguins of Madagascar - Mission Madness (USA), Thomas & Friends - Really Useful Engines (USA) [TeamEurope, Sean Riddle]
    • Disney La Casa de Mickey Mouse (Spain), Nickelodeon Bob Esponja - Defendiendo la Fórmula Secreta (Spain) [Sean Riddle, ClawGrip]
  • nuon: Ballistic, FreeFall 3050 A.D., Iron Soldier 3, Merlin Racing, Space Invaders XL, Tempest 3000, Toshiba Sampler (11-1-2000) [incog]
  • pc98: Eisei Meijin II, Elysion (2DD version), EPSON Software Installation Program (v2.17), EPSON Software Installation Program (v2.23), EPSON Software Installation Program (v2.27), EPSON Software Installation Program (v3.02) [Neo Kobe Collection, r09]
  • st_flop: Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Euro) [Mikerochip, FakeShemp]
  • tvgogo: Baseball (US), Whac-A-Mole (US) [Sean Riddle, David Haywood]
  • vsmile_cart: DreamWorks Monstres contre Aliens (France) [DisizDream]
  • vsmileb_cart: L'arche de Noé - L'aventure des animaux (France), Les découvertes de Mickey et ses amis (France) [DisizDream]
  • vsmilem_cart:
    • Disney La Princesse Et La Grenouille - Le grand rêve de Tiana (France), Disney Manny et ses outils (France), Shrek 4 - Il était une fin (France) [DisizDream]
    • Disney Meister Manny's Werkzeugkiste (Germany) [TeamEurope]
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