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PC Stable Update 1.05

PC Stable Update 1.05
Read the announcement on https://dayz.com/article/game-update/pc-stable-update-1-05

Hello Survivors!
The PC Update 1.05 of DayZ is now live. It brings you an expansion on the disease system and introduces an advanced vaulting and climbing system. On the combat side, we've added two new pistols and one assault rifle. Furthermore, we've expanded our language support with Polish and Japanese.
Get all the details and full patch notes below!

New Weapons

The Mlock-91 is a semi-automatic pistol, fed from a detachable magazine. Affordable and compact, it is commonly used by the Chernarussian police forces. It uses 9x19mm rounds.

The MKII is a semi-automatic, integrally-suppressed pistol, fed from a detachable magazine. Using .22 LR rounds, it is considered both silent and lethal against short range targets without armour.

The KAS-74U is a shortened version of the KA-74 assault rifle, usually equipped with a side-folding metal shoulder stock.


New & improved weapon attachments
  • New .22 LR Rounds

New Vehicle

Sarka 120



  • Players can now vault over fences and walls.
  • Players can now scale objects up to 2,30 meters height.



Medical Changes
  • Introducing food poisoning
  • Balancing of cholera and salmonella diseases
  • Balancing health regeneration and bleeding
  • Improvements and fixes to the medical systems and items
  • Players can now switch between shouting, speaking & whispering for different voice ranges.
Dead Body Decay
  • Dead player bodies persist longer and decay over time.


  • Consider using the Steam client option to verify the integrity of the local game cache to avoid corrupted data after downloading this update.
  • Consider de-fragmenting your HDD after downloading large updates.
  • In case of problems, please check the Bohemia Interactive support F.A.Q., DayZ F.A.Q., or BattlEye F.A.Q.
  • You can help us to further improve the game by posting your feedback on the Feedback Tracker.
  • Added: New pistol Mlock-91
  • Added: New pistol MKII with its integral silencer
  • Added: New rifle KAS-74U
  • Added: New vehicle Sarka 120
  • Added: Vaulting and Climbing enable players to pass obstacles up to 2,30 meters high (exception for base fences, gates, and watchtowers)
  • Added: Polish and Japanese languages
  • Added: .22 LR Rounds
  • Added: Food Poisoning
  • Added: Tutorial screens in the main menu
  • Added: VoN whispetalk/shout voice levels
  • Added: Infected are attracted by talking players
  • Added: Quick reload weapon option for PC (hold R for reload)
  • Added: Ability to animate P3D attachments on creatures
  • Added: Possibility to set hidden selections for wearable models (e.g., bandana or belts)
  • Added: The name of the missing PBO file (compared against the server files) is now displayed in the error message
  • Added: Collision response of thrown items with character controller
  • Added: Smoothed the movement of thrown items from the thrower's point of view.
  • Added: Warning when playing a modded game.
  • Added: Foley sound for the base radio
  • Added: Window destruction sounds for vehicles
  • Added: Suicide functionality for bayonets
  • Added: Bleeding effect on melee suicides
  • Added: Infected wearing a headtorch now have it switched on
  • Added: Torch can be soaked up with gasoline, but only if it's not ignited yet
  • Added: Camera shakes when getting hit
  • Added: Dead bodies decay over time
  • Added:The Stamina bar now blinks when the player doesn't have enough stamina to perform an action
  • Added: Cholera has a chance to appear in water bottles and canteens when initially spawned
  • Added: Localized texts for Tutorials
  • Fixed: Several animation clipping issues
  • Fixed: Creation of dynamic physics for objects which contains proxy objects
  • Fixed: "Collision refresh" when a "dynamic body" is removed after item throw
  • Fixed: Animation applied on items in inventory view
  • Fixed: Attachments LOD
  • Fixed: The countdown was missing during the respawn.
  • Fixed: The VoN was staying active even when the game is minimized.
  • Fixed: Putting an item from your hands into inventory when inside a car could make it invisible when putting it back into hands.
  • Fixed: Player couldn't use the VoN while using the inventory.
  • Fixed: Movement on a ladder when the parent entity is moving (e.g., if the ladder is part of a moving vehicle)
  • Fixed: door collision after rotation change
  • Fixed: Black screen occurring when using hardware Anti-Aliasing
  • Fixed: backtracking correction of velocities
  • Fixed: Thrown items could fall through the ground
  • Fixed: character's physics speed
  • Fixed: Grenades couldn't be thrown through windows
  • Fixed: IV Saline Bag and IV Blood Bag didn't have any effect
  • Fixed: The consequences of giving blood of an incompatible blood type were applied to the applying person instead to target
  • Fixed: Rapid switching of items in hands could display incorrect items in hands to other players
  • Fixed: Spamming emotes could display, to other players, an incorrect item in hands
  • Fixed: Bayonets couldn't be used to cut off bark or cut down bushes
  • Fixed: A weapon used to commit suicide could become inaccessible for other players
  • Fixed: Items in the quick bar could cause issues while restrained
  • Fixed: The player could not move after spraying disinfectant spray on another player
  • Fixed: Switching a weapon in hand with a helmet via quick bar had the character stuck in an animation
  • Fixed: Dry bags were displayed with hard edges
  • Fixed: When reloading, magazines could fly next to the player
  • Fixed: The duct tape quantity wasn't displayed in the quick bar
  • Fixed: An untranslated string for the Blood Test Kit
  • Fixed: Items could be looted through walls using the inventory vicinity.
  • Fixed: Smoke particles on the bottle suppressor and USG-45
  • Fixed: Hesco boxes would get damaged during deployment and folding
  • Fixed: Dropping a wooden stick was player a wrong sound.
  • Fixed: Items in hands could disappear if the player was saved in the vehicle
  • Fixed: Magazines could not be detached via quick bar
  • Fixed: Misplaced/unnecessary collision above a ladder at the cement factory
  • Fixed: An issue preventing players from picking up items dropped from a player that had died while swapping items
  • Fixed: A client error when adding items to the inventory without having sufficient space
  • Fixed: It was possible to plug a Power Generator into a Cable Reel as an unintended reverse connection
  • Fixed: Grenades were dealing much less damage to players browsing their inventory
  • Fixed: Attachments weren't damaged by explosions
  • Fixed: The animations were incorrectly applied to the items in the inventory
  • Fixed: The player weapon could disappear from its hands when climbing a ladder
  • Fixed: Swapping items with the quick-bar could reset their rotation
  • Fixed: Various localization errors
  • Fixed: Quantity indicator for the magazine items
  • Fixed: The state of doors could get de-synchronized upon server restart
  • Fixed: The item in hands was disappearing when the character was in a vehicle and saved in the database
  • Fixed: Water hit effect on piers and other places along the seashore
  • Fixed: VSS sounds were very loud to other players when heard from a great distance
  • Fixed: Flashbang grenades weren't flashing the players' screens at night
  • Fixed: Grenades did not affect players from within a fireplace
  • Fixed: An animation glitch causing the player character to collapse into a ball
  • Fixed: A burlap sack on the head would not hide other head-wear
  • Fixed: It was not possible to manipulate with a restrained players inventory
  • Fixed: Items looted from incapacitated players got returned to their former inventory on quick bar use
  • Fixed: A client error when placing a spotlight on a scaffolding
  • Fixed: Barrel bottom clipped through the ground it was standing on
  • Fixed: It was possible to wear the great helmet with other headgear
  • Fixed: It was challenging to open and close vehicle doors in 3rd person
  • Fixed: Cancelling the resuscitation action could create invisible weapons
  • Fixed: A client error when switching two-handed ranged weapons
  • Fixed: Motor starting sound of the Gunter 2 would not play
  • Fixed: An exploit to stack containers into each other indefinitely
  • Fixed: The logout menu did not hide when cancelled
  • Fixed: De-synchronized rotation of flashlights after dropping them
  • Fixed: Corrected the direction of the fuel station explosion and the following smoke
  • Fixed: Rear lights on vehicles did not switch off when the engine was switched off
  • Fixed: Gas lamps and gas stoves were making undesired sounds when they were put inside a cargo
  • Fixed: Missing unpinning sounds for grenades
  • Fixed: Car headlights not changing their material when being switched off
  • Fixed: Car headlight lights did not change when the head-bulbs were destroyed
  • Fixed: Multiple head clipping issues
  • Fixed: Grenades did not explode after shooting them
  • Fixed: Belts with attachments could be put into cargo
  • Fixed: Activating the Steam Overlay with Ctrl+Tab could cause a stuck Ctrl key
  • Fixed: Issue when a player was killed while switching between seats in a vehicle
  • Fixed: Redundant animation was played while entering cars
  • Fixed: Stamina handling while sprinting
  • Fixed: Amount of bullets in a magazine is still shown after swapping it with the Handheld Transceiver (https://feedback.bistudio.com/T143768)
  • Fixed: 3rd person camera collision during leaning
  • Fixed: Unable to turn on the Field Transceiver after throwing/dropping it.
  • Fixed: When (un-)chambering certain rifles, the ammunition would disappear.
  • Fixed: A server crash related to electrical systems
  • Fixed: Item got stuck in the hand slot if changed with a smaller item
  • Fixed: Random amount of water in canteens
  • Fixed: Body parts were not rendered from a certain distance
  • Fixed: Infected are now chasing only non-dynamic targets
  • Fixed: Stuck hand-slot with tents
  • Fixed: Cholera only triggered vomiting once per session
  • Fixed: A client crash when adding a pot with boiling water to your inventory
  • Fixed: Weapons dropped from killed players hands would become ruined
  • Fixed: Infinite bleeding from corpses
  • Fixed: Player was mumbling after respawning, if gagged before dying
  • Fixed: It was not possible to equip bandanas as clothing
  • Fixed: Exploit for continuous night vision
  • Fixed: A server crash caused by repeated throwing
  • Fixed: An animation issue when carrying the sea chest or metal plate while crouched
  • Fixed: Audio of distant gunshots could be delayed or merged
  • Tweaked: Despawn time for dead bodies and animals increased
  • Changed: Updated credits to reflect the recent changes
  • Changed: The saline bag is faster to apply and now increases the blood replenishment (visualized through the medication (pill) indicator).
  • Changed: Giving the wrong type of blood can now cause the character to go unconscious and trigger a hemolytic transfusion reaction
  • Changed: The hemolytic transfusion reaction is faster and more severe
  • Changed: The item rotation is now considered when looking for an inventory position
  • Changed: Sights misalignment configured for weapons and their attachments
  • Changed: Ambient loot can now also spawn in "rotten" and "dried" states
  • Changed: Randomizing fruit and mushroom spawning
  • Changed: All restraining items now receive a certain amount of damage when removed from hands, even without a tool
  • Changed: Car crashes now decrease the player's health
  • Tweaked: Bullet damage is reduced with longer bullet travel time
  • Tweaked: Lowered regeneration rate of the character health
  • Tweaked: Adjusted the injured stance thresholds to allow more mobility at lower character health values
  • Tweaked: Increased the amount of blood loss from bleeding sources
  • Tweaked: Quantity in UI is now hidden for the Saline Bag, IV Saline Bag, Epinephrine and Morphine (single-use items)
  • Tweaked: Reduced damage and shock value received from infected
  • Tweaked: Slightly increased chance for a bleeding source from an infected attack
  • Tweaked: Fist-attacks now cause less health damage and shock.
  • Tweaked: Drinking from wells and ponds should no longer get the player replenished so fast
  • Tweaked: Global lighting config tweaks (overall brightness during day, less prominent shadows during clear days, less blue in shadows)
  • Tweaked: Interiors for certain bunkers and the control tower
  • Tweaked: Increased chances of low-tier pistols to spawn with weapon attachments
  • Tweaked: Spawning of LAR attachments and VSD parts attached at spawn
  • Tweaked: Volume for falling tree and bush sounds
  • Tweaked: Throwing animations
  • Tweaked: Non-absorbing items don't get wet any more
  • Tweaked: Added rotation to normal map particles
  • Tweaked: Slightly prolonged the range of car headlights illumination
  • Tweaked: Growing a beard now takes 4x as long as before
  • Tweaked: Melee impact particle effects are now rotated randomly, not always up any more
  • Tweaked: Refueling a power generator does not require precise looking at its fuel tank
  • Tweaked: Prolonged the action of shaving to make it fit the animation itself
  • Tweaked: Parameters of the rear lights of the Olga 24
  • Tweaked: Reverse light fades out quickly now
  • Tweaked: Player landing sounds are now quieter
  • Tweaked: Drastically reduced unarmed attack damage to worn clothing
  • Tweaked: Removed the crafting attachments from the barrel
  • Tweaked: The Leather Sewing Kit can no longer be used for treating injuries
  • Tweaked: Treating injuries using the Sewing Kit now takes 20% instead of 1% of the item's quantity
  • Tweaked: Spawn orientation of the Gunter 2 parts
  • Tweaked: Salmonella (lowered the stomach volume threshold for vomiting, increased the vomiting chance, added removal of water and energy when vomiting)
  • Tweaked: Cholera (over-time water drain added, lowered the stomach volume threshold for vomiting, increased chances of vomiting, added water and energy removal when vomiting)
  • Tweaked: Eating a multivitamin pill now shows a UI notifier (pill icon)
  • Tweaked: Fresh spawn player loadout (road flare switched for chemlight of random color)
  • Tweaked: Increased blood loss from bleeding sources
  • Tweaked: Bandaging using a rag or bandana no longer causes the wound infection, because wound infection had no effect on player characters
  • Tweaked: All pants can be wrung out now
  • Added: Curl context API
  • Added: A script callback Object::OnPhysicsCreate
  • Added: A model (p3d) property "canClimb" to enable climbing the model (default is 1, 0 is disabled).
  • Added: Way to detect night using GetGame().GetWorld().IsNight() (returns true when the sun is below the horizon)
  • Added: Retexturing selections for the LAR
  • Added: Retexturing selections for the wooden crate
  • Added: Possibility to disable the enlargement of the inventory bbox view via a new config parameter "enlargeInventoryView"
  • Changed: HumanCommandMelee::IsOnBack and HumanCommandMelee2::IsOnBack (preferred) are now accessible from the script API
  • Tweaked: Default food poison and salmonella agents added to the meat stages (burned=food poison, rotten=salmonella+food poison, raw=salmonella) and guts (salmonella)
  • Fixed: GetStomachVolume() on PlayerStomach was not reset when ClearContents() was called
  • Fixed: A null pointer in 'SlotToAnimType'
  • Optimized: Command start/finish events
  • Added: Priority queuing for the login queue
  • Fixed: Server config related issues weren't logged in the rpt and crash files
  • Fixed: A crash occurring when an infected was updated without a valid network object
  • Fixed: A server crash caused by a player disconnecting after an item was thrown
  • Fixed: A server error caused by a player committing suicide being simultaneously killed by another player
  • Fixed: A server error when entering and exiting vehicles
  • Fixed: A server error when starting a vehicle
  • Fixed: A server error when a player touched a barbed wire
  • Changed: Launching Survivor GameZ now ignores the startup parameters that could prevent from joining a game
  • Changed: "Play DayZ Experimental" on Steam now starts the DayZ Launcher by default
  • Certain player models don't have textures in their decayed status
  • The PAS radio is not visible in the inventory UI
  • Wolves can hit a player inside cars through closed doors
  • Cholera modifier might not disappear until relog
submitted by ImpulsVisuals to dayz

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Will check lists -- please don't offer Paypal etc, not interested
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submitted by LKMarleigh to indiegameswap

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