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Like us on FB. Popular Post. Free Winamp 5.666 Full Build 3516 Full Latest Update 2020 is a music and video player application with multi-format media player. It is compatible with Winamp 2 Plug-ins and has full support for classic skins. Fast, flexible, high-fidelity, skinnable audio/video player for Windows. I have already found software which is latest version so if you like latest version with new pro feature then, click on MP3 Audio Mixer software for Windows and download it. The skins are literally bitmap files which change the looks-and-feel of Winamp.

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Winamp 5.666.3516 Screenshot. Download Winamp Free for Windows 10, 7, 8/ (64 bit or 32 bit) today! Refer to the Winamp Forums for full info and changelog. Winamp 5.666 full build 3516 keygen. Winamp 5.666.3516 is available to all software users as a free download for Windows 10 PCs but. Beta A collection of codecs and related tools.

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Audio and Video, Media Player, Players, Winamp 5.666 Full Build 3516 Free Download 10: 46. "Winamp Pro 5.66 Build 3507 Final RePack ( Portable) By D. ITunes is an audio player for playing and organizing digital music files, and purchasing digital music files in the FairPlay digital rights management format. Hope they improve it and also think its about time that we see newer updated Codecs, Plugins and DSP Shoutcast. Winamp 5.666 Released (Build 3516) - Page 11 https://ya-pilot.ru/download/?file=3700. Software Winamp supports a wide variety of contemporary music formats, and special files, including the format of the MIDI, MOD, MPEG-1 song layers 1 and 2, AAC, M4A, FLAC, WAV, OGG Vorbis, and Windows Media Player.

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Karawin Pro Crack The files can played with Windows Media Player or Real Player etc. Winamp 5.666-full-b-3516; Winamp 5.666; Winamp 5.621; Winamp 5.66; Winamp 5.58; Older versions. Full Version with Crac. You will need to manually create a shortcut on your desktop for easy access to this program. Release-Date: 2020-12-12 OS-Support: Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 (32bit and 64bit ) Languages: Multilanguages License: Freeware.

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Tips & Tricks for a better roll

Not original. Stolen from another site. Please add tips you might have.
The E-Tards Bible Version 1.0​
Ingredients: (Some essential items to use on E)
Vicks (Vaporub, inhaler, cream, steamehumidifier, etc)
Mints (Eclipse, Ice Breakers, Smints, Altoids, etc.)
Candy (Blow Pops, Ring Pops, Pop Rocks, Jolly Ranchers, Candy Necklaces, etc)
Gum (Ice Breakers, Eclipse, any gum with a strong minty flavor that has ice crystals)
Lotions, Rubs, & Oils (Cinnamon Oil, Spearmint Pulse Point Cream from Bath & Body Works, Tiger Balm, Bengay, Peppermint Oil, Deep Heat, IcyHot, any fruity or minty lotions)
Pacifier (If you feel you have to be chewing on something)
Toys: (Things to play with on E)
Holographic Glasses (The glasses that have many prisms similar to a Kaleidoscope, great for light shows)
Glowsticks (An essential for light shows and tracers) (Can also tie to strings or tie to ceiling fan)
Feather Dusters & Feather Boas (Soft touch is nice on bare skin)
Fuzzy Gloves/Slippers (To either wear or touch people with)
Vibrating Massagers
Things that glow
Strobe light and black light
Kaleidoscope (fun to look through)
Computer Visuals from Windows Media Player or Winamp or Gate to the Minds Eye videos or cartoons
Whipits, Nitrous (Great to do at any interval of the roll, will bring back your peak)
Poppers (Same as nitrous but be careful if on ED meds)
Recipes: (Things to do on E)
Airplane/Walk In The Clouds/Cloud 9 (2 or more people) Two people need to stand back to back, and interlock arms at the elbows. The person giving the Airplane slowly begins to lean and bend over forward, causing the other person to raise off the ground so that he is laying close to flat on the lifters back. At this point a 3rd person, if there is one, grabs the feet of the person receiving the Airplane keeps them from touching the ground for the duration. The person giving the Airplane and the person holding their feet should try things like bouncing, raising yourself up and down, shaking, standing straight up, turning side to side to the music so the person receiving the "Airplane" gets a surreal flight. During the lifting up and down of the receiver, a 4th person can be blowing Vicks into the receivers face. To the person receiving the Airplane: Trust the person you get it from, and make sure to just relax, close your eyes, and enjoy this blow up.
Superman (2 people) Lay on the floor on your belly. With your arms straight out, like you are trying to look like Superman flying- Have another person pick your arms straight up in the air till it brings your face off the floor....have them hold your arms up for about a minute with your eyes closed till you are relaxed. Then have him/her slowly, (I mean REAL slow) bring your arms back down to the floor....Its the best sensation in the world....feels like your slowly falling through the floor...you can even feel a breeze!
Hand Orgy/Foot Orgy (2 or more people) With a few people, get everyone to put their hands together and have someone pour some K-Y Jelly, Motion Lotion, or any real good lotion over the hands and have everybody start rubbing their hands over the other people hands. It's really cool.
Rising Sun (2 people) Close your eyes and have someone very slowly move a glow stick closer and closer to your eyes (horizontally) until it is right against them- then keep pushing them back, it gets really bright and you cant stand up, you have to lean back.
Rolly Polly (2 people) While you and another person are standing up, have the person who is rolling hug you close by putting his/her arms wrapped around your neck- get them to lean on you.. hug them back by making fists into their back, turning and pivoting them... work your way from the bottom of their back up to their shoulders (be sure to do it hard and deep) then drop to the bottom again and work your way up with your fists... When you reach their upper back for a second time, give them a huge hard hug and let go. This is by far one of the most intense massages… Chances are this person will want to collapse after you are done. Guaranteed to floor you.
Elevator (2 people) Squat down and inhale as much Vicks as you can. Then when you stand up, another person puts your arms around their shoulders and picks you up and gives you a good hug. It feels awesome but you may end up on your ass!
Roller Coaster (2 people) Have the person that is receiving the roller coaster sit on the ground and pull their knees up to their chest. Have them take deep breaths for about 30 seconds, relaxing them. Then, sit down with the person between your legs and wrap your arms around their knees and lift. Lean back and slowly roll back and all around. Don't let any part of them touch the floor. It’s insane and really feels like a roller coaster!
Seabreeze/Blow Job/Blow Up (2 people) Using a Vicks inhaler (or any mentho inhaler) - put the inhaler in your mouth deep enough so that you can blow out of it. Find someone that wants a blow job and blow it softly on their face going to from ear to ear, into their nose, mouth, and lightly over their eyes if they like it on their eyes. Start speeding up the process and blowing a little harder moving from side to side or in circular motions. While you are doing this pattern on their face, start rubbing their cheeks, neck, scalp, and shoulders. Finish with a hard rub and set them down somewhere, they will most likely fall backwards. If you know how to do this, try it by running a lighter over the inhaler very quickly to warm it up then blow on the person.
Hellbreeze (2 people) You need a Vicks inhaler and then (I’m sure many of you have done this part before) to make it hellish heat it up with a lighter not to much as to melt it but just enough so you can still hold it in your mouth then take a hit off a cigarette and blow that hot ass Vicks tingling smoke all over someone’s face, kind of hurts your eyes a little but incorporating into a light show is awesome, and you have to play the part too like you are the devil or something but not too scary.
Shit Lift (5 or more people) It requires 5 people to lift and one person to be lifted. Now, what you do is, start off like you are doing an elevator, but when you stand up, fall backwards into the 5 lifters arms. Then all at once, they lift you up into the air and just start shaking you around in the air so that your limbs are flailing around everywhere. Then one of the lifters counts to three, and, all going the same direction, rock the person in the air back and forth, kind of like a swing, to the ground. When you hit the ground, it feels like you are still swinging. It's a trip!!!
X-Bed (3 people) Have someone lay on a bed on their back with just their head hanging off the bed, have them close their eyes and tell them to take deep breaths for 20 seconds. Then have someone (of the opposite sex preferably) wet their hands in cold water, but not too wet, and massage their bare stomach with only their fingertips while the bed laying person is taking their breaths, after the 20 seconds tell the person to raise their head and open their eyes then have a third person blow the hell out of them with Vicks, while the third person is blowing the Vicks have the person who was doing the massaging drag the bed laying person by their ankles completely onto the bed. This should glue that person to the bed for a while. It is the shit.
Random Things To Do:
Massages of all kinds
Pour hand sanitizer on your hands, rub them together and take a whiff (must have alcohol in it)
Ride a bicycle
Menthol Cigarettes (Minty goodness if you smoke or don’t smoke)
Play on swing sets, slides, jungle gyms
Put Ambesol/Oragel on your gums, try to eat a pixie stick, don’t bite your tongue off.
Stretching (any way shape or form, especially Yoga)
Spin around and make yourself dizzy (or lock hands with someone and spin in circles)
Crack someone’s back or have them crack your back
Rub Vicks Vaporub in a dusk mask or medical mask it and wear it
Put Vicks on a washcloth and put in the microwave for a few seconds
Walk on the beach barefoot
Run up and down stairs/Slide down stairs
Get in a hot tub or Jacuzzi
Take a bubble bath or hot shower.
Ride in a convertible with the music up really loud
Try rolling during the day
Let rain fall on your outside
Suck on someone’s fingers or toes or have yours sucked
Play with your pets
Jump on a trampoline with a friend but be careful
Smoke weed (can intensify your roll or mellow you out)
Give a shotgun to someone using a Vicks inhaler
Brush your teeth
Go take a walk in Wal-Mart in the middle of the night
Ride a rollercoaster
Rub ice on someone’s neck and back, also suck on ice.
Have hot candle wax dripped on you
Share a deep, passionate kiss with someone
Put Vicks on your nipples
Get a notepad and pen and write in it and have other write in it
Kissing with Blow Pop in mouth (join lips with the Blow Pop between them)
Play Truth or Dare...or spin the bottle. It is actually more fun if you play by the rule of "whoever it lands on you MUST kiss"
Have a deep, thoughtful talk with your loved one or best friend and make sure everything is great between the two of you. If its not, it is the perfect time to talk about things and work out any indifferences.
Have someone wash your hair and massage your scalp- After drying it, comb or brush through your hair.
Rub mint stress reliever on face instead of Vaporub. It smells better, feels awesome on your face and doesn't break out your skin.
Let a Listerine strip dissolve one on your tongue and blow into the eyes and face of your E-nhanced friends.
If you are at home, put someone in a chair (a sturdy kitchen one), get them to close their eyes and relax, then stand behind them, holding the backrest of the chair and tilt the chair backwards (so it's balancing on 2 legs). Now move the chair up and down in time with the music. An amazing feeling!!
Have someone lay down on the bed on their stomach first. Lay flat on top of them and lift yourself up like you are doing a push up with both of your hands pushing on the top or center of their back pushing your entire body weight into them. Then flip them over and do the same thing to their chest and shoulders.
Take a little spray bottle of water, and make sure the bottle sprays a gentle mist. Spray it in the air tons of times, close your eyes and let the mist fall over you like a cool, light sheet. It's so refreshing.
When giving a skull massage, slowly grab hand full of hair and SLOWLY and GENTLY pull and release - do this all over their head... heaps of my mates love this.... great blow up! Sorry to the members of the bald community - this one isn’t for you!!
Have a person lay on their back face-down. And have 3-4 people pile on top of that person and drop your dead weight. Don’t worry, you wont hurt anyone. Then the person on the top of everyone will start swaying back and forth to make the tower of people wobble. It sounds silly but is definitely a rush of dizziness plus the closeness of the people around you.
Get lost in a party. Separate from the people you know and be with total strangers. The almost instant bonding is the greatest thing and the effects of new friends last long after the come down...
Get in a showebathtub combo and fill the tub up with HOT water. Don’t be stupid and burn yourself. Then when the tub is filled up pretty well, turn on the shower but make the water COLD.
Get a Newport and some Vicks....dip your finger in the Vicks and coat the white part of the Newport with a thin layer of it....holy shit...you won't know what hit you!!!
I remember doing this trick when I was a kid...but it is three times cooler when you are rolling...get into a doorway...close your eyes...press the back of your hands (back of wrists) into the doorframe for as long as you can...then relax your arms and step out of the doorway...your hands will lift up automatically and it feels so weird...blows up us hard every time.
If you're at someone's house just boil some water in a pot, place your face over the steam (don't burn yourself!) and just concentrate on the way it feels over your face. To me it feels like a zillion little fingers giving me a face massage. Also, take a few deep breaths while doing this...its very nice.
Try the Triaminic Menthol Patch. It’s sort of like Vicks Vapor Rub on a band aid. You apply the patch to your forehead or chest. Leave it on for 10 minutes. You will begin to feel the tingly sensation after 3 minutes & it only gets stronger. After 10 minutes or so, take it off. Your skin will feel amazing for about 5 minutes. It totally blew me up at a party last month.
If you're at home or having a party, try this, it will toast you. You need to stick one Vicks pad or wash rag (I prefer peppermint oil extract, but it won't matter) in the microwave for a few seconds if you want to be hard-core. Then run your dishwasher on empty with NO soap for 10 minutes or so. Cover your face with the Vicks pad and then open the dishwasher. Wait for the steam (it takes a second longer than you think to hit you) and inhale on your pad. You will fall down.
Take a Vicks inhaler and stick your head in something cold- like the very back of the freezer, preferably when the freezer kicks on and the cold air's blasting out… Take HUGE, deep breaths of the cold air for a couple minutes. Then, while keeping your head in the freezer, start snorting the shit out of the inhaler. Take a couple more big hits of the cold air & right before you take your head out, hit the inhaler again & hold your breath. Take your head out, close your eyes and enjoy! INCREDIBLE! You should have someone with you because it will put you on your ass.
Kneel on the ground (about 6" to a foot away) in front of someone who is sitting in a chair. Kneel forward to the ground and have them press down on the tops/back of your neck and shoulders. Try pressing your body up, feeling the pressure of them holding you down for a little while. Then have them press really hard one final time before quickly releasing you. You will fly up and feel like you are floating/flying as if there are no bones in your spine. You may curl all the way backwards to the floor behind you as well. THIS IS AMAZING.
Stand up with your legs shoulder-width apart. Bend over at the waist and shake your head around while you're upside down to the beat of the music. Girls, you probably get what I am saying here....it's like when you flip your head upside down to dry your hair. Do that for 30 seconds to 1 minute and then stand up real fast....Have someone behind you to catch you or a bed/couch to fall on...I guarantee that you that you will fall backwards!
Take your bf/gf/other and start to kiss, then start breathing in and out of each other. Meaning, when you exhale, the other should inhale. Keep doing this and soon you will both start to fade away, and eventually pass both yourselves out… its great, it totally chills you out, and when you come back its a wonderful feeling.
When your rolling hard, get in your car (with some friends is better!), start blasting techno and turn the heater on full blast. Take a hit of Vicks every now and let it get MADD HOTT in there. Stare at glow sticks hanging from the rear view mirror or somewhere. Then all of a sudden, flip on the cold air at maximum. (If your driving down the road, do the same, but roll the windows down at the same time you turn on the cold). I guarantee you will blow-up hard!
Get a blinking red light if you can, close your eyes, have someone hold the light against the top of your forehead and have it slowly brought down in between your eyes. You should start seeing a trippy white light, then have the person move the light left to right in a rhythm. After at any point open your eyes slowly and it'll give you the weirdest feeling.
Pick up Johnson's Soothing Vapor Bath (the stuff for babies with colds) from the store and just smell it, then use your imagination. I have a bubble gun and I mixed a little bit of that stuff with the bubble liquid and made menthol bubbles for hours. It's also not bad when you use it for its intended purpose (in the bath) and it's even more fun with more than one person in the bath.
I have only seen this done on females but if you are a smaller guy and have big friends it could work. Pick the person rolling up by the ankles, and grab his/her wrists. Start to swing the person in a cradle rocking motion. Slowly lower the persons arms until he/she is hanging completely upside down (keep holding his/her wrists and swing faster)- have the person bow her back so that she goes past vertical (keep swinging her). Then raise his/her arms back up so that he/she comes right side up again. When you set the person on the floor, they will be amazed!
If you are at home and have a decent sized ottoman...have someone lay on the back across the ottoman and hold out their arms. Tell them to close their eyes, pick up their feet and slowly start to push them around. WOAH! It felt like hovering over the ground...killer
Find someone that’s pretty strong and have them bend down and put you on their shoulders... then they stand up and you're sitting on their shoulders... then they can walk around and spin... or whatever and you can close your eyes with your arms out...feels like you are floating. Incredible!!!!
You need pixie sticks and a partner (significant other, friend, someone you're open with!) Put half of the pixie stick in your mouth, half in your partner's mouth, and don't do anything to it, just let it sit on your tongue. Without swallowing, french kiss each other and let it melt in your mouths. It's sticky, but it's NICE. Just kiss with it in your mouths as long as you can... you'll end up swallowing it gradually but it's great while it lasts!
Mass-rubdown. Takes like 5-6 people, but well worth it. Have the person getting the rubdown stand in the middle of the group. Assign each of the other people to different parts of the body, 1 to each leg, 1 to each arm, 1 to the back, and if you want you can put someone to the chest as well. Make sure the person on the back can hold the dead weight of whoever is getting the rubdown because they can and will pass out. At the same time have everyone just start rubbing like crazy, nice and fast, but don't hurt anyone. Watch as the person receiving falls into a trance and passes out. The feeling is just amazing, like a sensory overload.
Egg crack on head. Make a fist, put it on top of someone’s head with their eyes closed, then tap your fist with the other hand, then slowly drain your fingers down their head.
Lie face down on a rug on the ground (normally do it outside because you need a fair bit of space) and spread your arms and legs out so you look like a star. Then get 4 of your buddies to hold you by each of your limbs and slowly pull your arms and legs outwards from your body (don't worry, this doesn't hurt, it just feels like a big stretch) and then they lift you up and walk around in a full circle and then put you back down. You need to do this slowly; it feels like you're flying! It’s wicked! You must try it!
Wet your face, neck and arms with some water (your chest if you are in the nude) and stand in front of a huge fan or under an air vent!! This is the best!
Get someone to let their head go limp in your hands. Lean their head back and take your thumb and push it into the back of their head right in between the base of their head and their neck. You should feel a groove that your thumb fits into. Keeping your thumb pushed in, hold their forehead with your other hand and start rocking their head back and forth in circular patterns against your thumb. Do it for about 30 seconds and let go. A definite blow up!
Hold your friend under their arms, like you're trying to pick them up. Tell them to start jumping, higher and higher. You may have to start yelling it, to enhance the effect. The whole time they are jumping, you help "push/hold?" them up higher and higher. When they are really high, raise them up in the air and hold them up for a good few seconds then throw them on the bed if you can. It's so awesome, like you're flying!!!
Butterfly kisses: Stand with your eyelashes on someone's cheek and then blink rapidly. It tickles so beautifully... The longer your eyelashes are the better it works...
Get Spearmint Pulse Point Cream from Bath & Body Works, rub it into your temples and you can feel the spearmint absorb into your head, it’s very relaxing even if you are not rolling.
Blow some glow in the dark bubbles in a room with a black light, right by the black light. The bubbles are amazing. They are so beautiful. They sparkle and have rainbows coming out from them. It's awesome. You can get the bubbles at Spencer’s.
Go to the GNC store and buy some peppermint soap. Take a hot shower and wash with it and when you get out it feels like Vicks all over your body!!! It’s great!!
If you are at a rave, go around the rooms and make others happy...this in turn will make you happy. It doesn’t matter if you really know them or not. Great way to make new friends by sharing these tricks with people you just met.
If you have access to a pool, get yourself a raft big enough to lay on. Lay face-up on the raft with your arms folded across your chest. Position yourself at one end of the pool with your feet up against the edge of the pool (tile). Close your eyes and imagine that you are standing straight up and you are about to jump straight up off the ground. Once you are relaxed and have visualized this, push off with your feet. As you glide across the water (sometimes the raft spins ever so slowly) you will feel like you are floating through space. Even when the raft comes to a stop- you will still be going. Just make sure that you have some people around, not so safe to be out there alone.
Go through the drive-thru carwash. Put in some banging music and turn it up as loud as you can. You will not believe how intense it is when the bubbles are hitting the windows.....talk about eye candy!! After the wash and rinse cycles are finished and it's time for the blower to come on, roll the windows down and enjoy the air blasting on you.
Meltdowns. Have someone stand on their tip toes as high as possible. Start rubbing (as hard as possible) the top of their head and move down as if you were trying to squeeze the last part of the toothpaste out of the tube. End up rubbing down each of their feet. You can use more than one person. Very good blow up!
Get some Tiger Balm (muscle relaxer) from the drugstore, get your rolling victim...take a small amount and rub it into the back of their neck, massaging as you do it. Then after it is rubbed in... gently blow on the back of their neck. You will see them start to tremble, they might even fall over, so be careful...you can also have them take off their shirt and do it down their spine.
Have your spine adjusted by a real chiropractor or massage therapist. It makes sense at even under baseline conditions; a chiropractic manual treatment- i.e. manipulating the joints and neural tissues causes a cascade on endorphin release and serious mechanoreceptor stimulation!
Sit in front of someone, and if they have a fleece jacket, have them put their arms through it, keeping their hands inside. They should, with their covered hands, put their hands on your temples or cheeks, and start rubbing, then go a little faster, then almost shaking or vibrating. Make sure your eyes are closed. It's especially cool when someone else uses glow sticks in front of your closed eyes or blows a Vicks inhaler on your face.
Get some medical shampoo, like Denorex or Selson Blue, and scrub your head with it very hard, make sure it lathers really well. Then put an adequate amount around your face, but obviously keep out of eyes. This will feel awesome because the amount of menthol in it, but there is a way to make it feel 10 times better. Get away from the water, but still have your head covered in the shampoo, put your head in front of a fan or a blow dryer if you can set it to just blow cold air. It'll make you blow up every time!
The best combo is good pills, good weed, a few beers and the secret ingredient....white zambucca, if you get it right... mix 2 big shots of white zambucca in a strong black coffee... preferably 3 quarters through your roll or towards the end or at comedown, it makes you messy, brings back the eye wobbles, not drunk but VERY messy, its the only thing apart from more pills which will do this, its like having another pill but with a difference. Now I know people will say "oh I only drink water when pilled up cause alcohol brings you down"....crap.....German scientists tested this theory and come to the conclusion that drinking moderate amounts of alcohol while on a pill increases the strength of the pill by up to 30%....true fact......BUT do this with caution and try the steps above with white zambucca.....this combined with good company, good music and laughter has kept me coming back for more.
This works great if you are little. Have two people, preferably tall (the higher you are the better); pick you up- one at your knees, the other at your shoulders. Hold your arms out like you're an airplane. When one person goes down, the other one goes up and when that person goes back up, the other one goes up. You feel like you're in a wave, and with your arms out, you feel like you're floating.
Lay a strong sheet on the ground and lay the person who is peaking on top of it. Have two people grab the ends and lift (And possibly third person on the side blowing Vicks). Have both lifters make waves with the person and swing the person around. Do this to music it’s awesome. You really don’t know what is happening. By the end you’re blowing up too.
One word - Missions! The bigger the better. If no one will go on a mission with you, go by yourself. Whether you want to go get a drink of water or catch a train interstate, you should always be up for a mission. When your mission is complete, it is the best feeling ever, and getting there is half the fun. You will most likely get lost or forget your mission, but it’s all good. Trust me, next time you're partying, and you get half an urge to go somewhere completely inconvenient, DO IT!!! Nothing beats a mission, and if you're at a rave, you will meet the best people. Don't do more than one thing for more than 20 minutes, keep moving, you will get the best out of your night.
Have a friend lay on their back on the ground and take off his/her shirt and pull their shorts/pants whatever up their leg as high as they are comfortable with (completely naked is the best). Take a towel (can be dry, wet, cold, hot, whatever) and lay it over that person covering as much of them as possible (must cover their head). Let it sit on them for about 10 seconds or so, then slowly, very slowly (usually slower the better) drag the towel up their body off of them making sure it stays in contact with as much of their skin as it can. It works dragging it either way but most prefer dragging it up over their head. You can also do it with 2 towels and 2 people and drag each towel the opposite way.
Fill a skink or bucket up with cold water have someone stand behind you with a big towel. Stick your head in the sink/bucket and blow into it for as long as you can, as soon as you raise your head from the water have your friend wrap the towel around your whole face really hard, you will feel completely refreshed and awake and it will bring you back up if you’re coming down a bit.
Take the palm of your hand and center it on someone’s chest. Move your hand all around very fast (you will just really be moving their skin) while still having your hand planted on their chest. When you see their eyes roll back immediately switch your hand from their chest to their forehead (NOT TO HARD) and continue moving your hand fast but leaving it in one place. Don't tell them what you are going to do just tell them to lay down. Works well after a Vicks blow up.
If you have blinking lights, like photon lights, this is a cool and easy trick. Tell them to close their eyes, and put your hands over their eyes. Then say in their ears " imagine you're in an airplane, and it's going down, down, faster, faster, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1". At "1", you remove your hands and start blinking the lights really close to their eyes. They may still have their eyes closed. I can't really explain the feeling, but while the person was counting for me, my mind was so focused on that, and when they stopped, the light got me totally STUCK!!!
Place one hand firmly on the forehead of the person who is peaking; place your other hand at the base of their neck. Now, keep your hand pressed tight on their forehead and slide your other hand FIRMLY up the base of their neck till half-way up their head then back down to the back of the neck again. Keep stroking up and down their neck/head for about two minutes. Now on the last stroke keep one hand hard on the forehead and the other hand hard on the back of their head, now, very slowly, release your grip, take about 30 seconds to slowly move both your hand away so that gradually, after about 30 seconds your hands are only just faintly touching them, continue to very slowly move your hands away until they are about 15 cm away from their head, then slowly move them all the way back in so your touching them again. This is the best mind flip if done properly!
Grab a rolling buddy, get him/her to stand on a chair and inhale Vicks rapidly (be sure to hold them on the chair so they don't topple over!), then get them to get on your back (works best for heavier people) and spin around, dip them down, bounce...whatever you feel like! Not only will it blow up your buddy, but since you get hot doing it, you will too! Also, if the person you are picking up weighs a good bit...when you put them down you will feel like you are going to float up to the ceiling! You can also do this carrying the person like a big baby (legs around waist). This works best for lighter people.
Put a Vicks inhaler in each nostril, start inhaling and have your friends spin you. Once your body relaxes you will start to lean forward and fall out. - make sure someone is there to catch you. When you stop, have the person that is facing your back put as much pressure as they can from your neck all the way down your spine to the bottom of your butt. The person in front of you will grab you and lay you down while this is all happening, very fun!
Just stand there with your eyes closed relax every muscle in your body, focus on happy thoughts and have one of your friends stand behind you. While he/she stands behind you, have them just rub your arms legs, neck, whole body, while they are doing this to warm you up, have them say to you, " ok your all relaxed, were going to get all the bad feelings and stress out of you, no worries, nothing. Think good happy thoughts, just relax and enjoy. Ok were going to start by building up all the stress, anger and everything else you want out. It's building up slowly, can you feel it? (still rubbing, messaging) ok now were going to build it up and take it all out, are you ready? ok here we go," you can say something like that just if you get the idea. Your friend takes their hands and puts them on your head and drags them down every inch of your body with a strong grip, he starts at your head, then works down to you neck, then your arms and fingers, goes up to the waist, bringing his hands down, slowly, hard to your legs and then finally your feet and out with toes, and when he gets to your feet, have him bring his hands out to where your toes are pointing and do that part with your toes about 3 times. It's so cool; it actually feels like something left your body through your toes.
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