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To be continued...
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MCOC from another Game Developer's perspective. boycott Kabam again.

I do not post on reddit often, here is a link to the doc with better formatting that is easier to read.
I have been making games with major publishers and developers for nearly 15 years, that doesn’t mean I know everything, but I know a bit.
While this was a great game at the core (the fighting mechanics when working are second to none on mobile, top quality graphics, fairly interesting content with some of people’s favourite Marvel characters) I think myself and a lot of players are fed up with Kabam.
A lot of this came about as I am sure like many other players are experiencing the game is just flat out broken and completely unbalanced right now, which has been ongoing for far too long.
Personally I have had 10 longtime top players in my alliance quit the game entirely in the past month and I am not far off myself. I feel this needed to be said as it could perhaps help the player base as Kabam seems to be completely useless in this regard.
I have tried to keep this concise and without going into too much detail, broken down the issues in major sections.
MAJOR BUGS and KNOWN (but long outstanding and unresolved) ISSUES
General Unresponsiveness -Block not behaving as expected, user’s block randomly drops, opponent attacks through block -Evade not responding, user is frozen -Dashing, user’s champ dashes in unexpectedly on their own randomly -Special Attacks not activating when user hits Special Button -Ai movement and speed has been increased significantly since 17.1, therefore the Ai recovery has also been increased to counter attacks well before the animation has even finished. Let’s not pretend this is not an issue, like many other players I have a Legends Badge and have completed the hardest content in the game. Beyond that I studied and work in 3D Animation, so I caught these thing right away. -Camera Animation at the beginning of fights is jerky, I am guessing the animation curve has 2 key frames close to one another or is linear -In game chat is completely broken. Besides the extremely long delay, could you fix the profanity filter? This has been broken since I started playing the game well over a year ago, when I cannot type in the words “my” or “line” or pretty much anything, it’s extremely frustrating. I need to type those words to get people to add me on Line chat. -Game telling user to check connection when connection is fine. The message stays displayed during core fighting game and is disrupting the view of the power meters. -Spinning wheel followed by Connection message after fight is over and before Victory screen. -UI menu disappears completely after switching through Menus, app needs to be restarted. -These are not minor bugs, how does your QA or Producers not catch or ignore stuff like this?
I am also on iOS using the latest iPad Pro 10.5” from 2017, which is arguably the best standard device this game could be running on. If the game does not work well on this, it probably does not work well on anything else. It barely runs on my phone an Android Samsung Galaxy device.
Useless Champs While this is debatable, there is just way too many champs that have no place and are completely useless in the current state of the game. I am not too quick to give Kabam a round of applause for buffing Luke Cage as he was useless and a joke before I even started playing this game over 1.5 years ago.
Here is my list that make for a bad user experience when pulling them as the player cannot use them for clearing or helping with any of the new or harder content. I was even being generous, so omitted a few, this thread is not meant to be a debate how champs can be useful, but more to highlight and give a rough idea how many ancient unbalanced champs there are in the game. Roughly 1 / 3 of the playable champs are useless, which is a lot in my opinion, every champion should be meaningful and help the player in some way. -Antman -Black Bolt -Carnage -Civil Warrior -Colossus -Cyclops -Deadpool XForce -Doctor Strange -Falcon -Gambit -Groot -Howard the Duck -Hulkbuster -Iron Fist -Iron Man -Iron Patriot -Joe Fixit -Karnak -Magneto -Moon Knight -Kamala Khan -Old Man Logan -Sentry -She Hulk -Superior Iron Man -Thor Jane Foster -Venom -Vulture
Alliance War What used to be one of the most interesting modes of the game and what initially got me more into the game when it was first released is just a complete utter mess right now. This mess could have been avoided if the developers / community managers just listened to the players and what they were asking for with a few simple changes. -Remove unskilled and unavoidable damage nodes such as Thorns, Slashed Tires, etc. from the game and replace them with more skilled based nodes such as Bane, Flare, etc. -Change dexterity to a passive buff to fix the interaction with Mystic dispersion. -Diversity. This is by far the worst addition to alliance war, this would have been great if all the champs had some defensive abilities, but we all know that is far from the case. The User experience of organizing diversity and losing to diversity is awful. There is absolutely 0 tools in the game to help alliances manage this, how is using external spreadsheet tools a fun experience? I could see how before when there was no real counters to Magik, NC, Spiderman, how it could get tiresome and annoying fighting them, but now an alliance that would place only them risk another alliance running through them with Iceman, Gladiator Hulk, etc. If all the champs were more balanced and had a use, diversity would automatically be part of the defense, currently all diversity does is highlight how unbalanced or how useless a lot of champs are.
Rewards and Resources (need to be updated) This is pretty much throughout the entire game. -Players need more Gold. There was an excellent suggestion made many times on the forums to change the Sunday Free for All to the Gold Realm, I remember playing the Free for All early when I started the game, it seemed like a useless event then, so it is even more useless now. -Tier 1 Alpha Shortage. I actually changed my alliance to Map 2 and 3 to resolve the T1A shortage, it made me realize how much of a chore and boring Map5 is, with no update in almost a year. My entire alliance full of veteran players really enjoyed playing Map 2 and 3 as it is far less demanding and the difference in rewards is not much at all if you are uncollected. -I am sure there are many other places in the game where the rewards can be updated, which I am sure people can leave in the comments.
In recent times, I cannot recall a mobile game where the players and developers / community managers have so much tension towards one another.
As somebody who makes games but is also a player of this game, I see both sides.
From reading the forums, a lot of times players do not understand why certain things are in place, for example “Why can’t we trade Champions, Catalysts and Rank Up Gems with other players?” Well because that is not how a Gacha system works and would completely break the monetization of the game.
However I have also never seen such Community Managers that are so disliked, which is really bad from a customer standpoint. I have to say, a lot of the responses (if the players get one) that people like Kabam Miike give are just useless, illogical and disappointing, I have to say that the backlash from players towards the community managers is deserved most of the time.
If you play another Top Grossing Game like Supercell’s Clash Royale which is far more successful monetization wise than MCOC. How Supercell interact with the community is night and day compared to Kabam. Supercell give full transparency when ANY of the balancing is changed and the players love them because they keep their games and community events fun and give so much back to the players. Kabam’s community managers constantly disappoint with their responses (if players even get a response) Going for months on end with no response for major issues is unacceptable.
What can we the players do?
  1. Stop spending. Why would anybody want to continue spending time or money on a broken product?
  2. Give a low rating in the app or play store. The ratings drop will make the game show up less on ranking lists and therefore the games CPI (Costs Per Install) will go up, this actually costs them quite a lot of money.
  3. Flood their support with tickets. Since no bugs are being fixed, I encourage everybody to flood their support team asking for bugs to be fixed and also ask for new community managers. The players need a new voice between them and the developers. Posting on their officials forums as most of us know will fall on deaf ears, get you banned or thread closed.
  4. Boycott the game. Oddly enough 1 year after The anniversary of 12.0, Kabam has released several patches of pure broken garbage.
Here is the link to make a support ticket with Kabam.
I am done with all the content and see no reason to continue on further, so I am actually quitting the game or I would have more spirit to organize a boycott, but whoever organized it before if you are still around, you know what to do.
Thanks for your time.
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