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(Bedrock) I used the kick command on my freind and it said that I banned him, how do I unban him?

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An in-depth analysis of the Banlist.

Hello, I decided I wanted to go over the commander banlist and explain why each card should or should not be banned. I have played 100’s if not 1000’s of games of commander spanning from jank to cEDH (I will state most my games have been cEDH as that’s who goes to my locals.) I have a pretty deep understanding of the game from multiple years of experience playing this and many many other TCG card games. I have played a wide variety of decks and deck types. My personal favorite type of deck is stax and Control. I state that as a personal bias towards those decks as I believe they are the fundamental backbone to fair gameplay. For my analysis I will be using a few standpoints and ones that the rules committee should consider and I hope they read this.
 This assumes you play at a store. The banlist has no bearing on established playgroups and kitchen tables. They should not be considered for evaluation on cards for a banlist. Money should play no factor in banning cards. If a card breaks the format then it should be considered for banning. If a card is too hard to overcome in standard power level (5-8). If a card needs special interaction to break or stop then it should be considered. This is assuming you are building decks correctly and with the correct amount of interactions. A card should be able to be able to destroy a deck type. cEDH also has no bearing on the banlist. The highest and lowest ends should not be considered for the banlist. It should only pertain to the mass majority. Some cards cEDH can show are beyond broken and should be banned. [[Flash]] is the best example: if it is simple, easy and cheap it will trickle down to regular edh. Humans will always follow the path of least resistance and if something is as simple as playing 1 card and winning people will do it. CEDH is how you break the cards, people should take notes on what we are doing and building. Rule zero should NEVER play a factor into banning a card. Rule zero is an excuse not to do something. Rule zero is a facade that hides the fact that commander is a broken format. Players should be allowed to play what they want in this format. Under these emotions and feel bad plays will not be considered. MLD and Stax are valid strategies and should be played. If a card is strictly better it should not be considered for the banlist. [[Cyclonic rift]] is a card that finishes the game. It is fine just like [[craterhoof behemoth]] is fine. This is because they are at a mana cost that can be interacted with. Flash is not ok because you can win with only 2 cards that can counter it turn 0-1. 
With that out of the way let’s begin:
Ancestral Recall- this card gives too much advantage early. It leads to having too early of card advantage which can snowball into a win early on. This card should remain banned.
Balance - this card can be abused and will be abused in combo and stax decks. While powerful, there are other cards that are not played at a higher cmc. I would consider testing the waters with this card with a potential rebanning if it becomes a problem. Personally I cannot see this card being a problem in any ranks besides cEDH. I would unban it with a potential of rebanning.
Biorhythm - Unban it. It’s a finisher with a high cost. This is why people think the rules committee is a joke.
Black Lotus - Fast mana is dangerous. This card can lead to game ending plays turn one. It gives a huge mana swing and can be repeated multiple turns in a row. It should remain banned.
Braids, Cabal Minion- Braids did nothing wrong. Unban Her.
Coalition Victory - Again high cost mana finisher. It shouldn’t be banned.
Channel - this card is too powerful. Up to 39 mana turn one. It’s too good. Stays banned.
Chaos Orb- Dexterity shouldn’t be a mechanic in this format. It should be banned.
Emrakul, the Aeons Torn- This one is tricky. On one hand it is 15 mana and colorless. On the Other hand you probably win when you play her. I don’t personally think she should be banned but I can see a perfectly fine argument into why she should stay banned. I would want an unban with possibility of rebanning.
Erayo, Soratami Ascendant- This one is tricky. It’s a powerful stax piece in the command zone in a powerful control color. I personally think this card would make for an interesting gameplay at the highest level, but would most likely cause issues in low-high powered gameplay. I would keep it banned on the merit it is too powerful stax piece that can’t really be interacted with because it counters the first spell. Personally love the card but should stay banned.
Falling Star- See chaos Orb
Fastbond - Land ramp, is already stupid in commander, keep it banned.
Flash- This card is too easy to win out of nowhere with little ways to interact. This card is stupid and should remain banned.
Gifts Ungiven- This card should not be banned in a world where [[intuition]] is allowed. Ban both or neither. IMO ban neither.
Griselbrand- Life for card advantage is too good in the command zone. Keep it banned.
Iona, Shield of Emeria- Emotions and feel bad moments shouldn’t be considered for a banlist. This card in no way should be banned. Stop looking silly.
Karakas - This card is powerful and should be considered for unbanning. This is a repeatable Control piece that helps keep problem commanders in check. Though I would also put it on the possible reban list of cards. This maybe too powerful for mid tier decks without land destruction. (Every deck should have spot removal for lands.)
Leovold, Emissary of Trest - This is a card that is super fun in high level edh- cEDH and a nightmare everywhere else. As much as I think he shouldn’t be banned I agree he is too disruptive for mid-power commander. Keep it banned.
Library of Alexandria- this card is no stronger the [[Bazaar of Baghdad]]. Should not be banned. This is a simple price banning. If you're going to ban cards on price then anything over a grand should be banned. Since that’s not the case, unban it.
Limited Resources- This card is super powerful stax piece in edh. In casual metas one person could ramp so aggressively that it locks 3 people out of the game before they can interact with it. If this card was 3 or 4 mana I think it would be fine, but at one it’s a low opportunity cost to just win the game on its own. It’s simply too powerful for casual man.
Lutri, the Spellchaser - I don’t believe auto includes should be banned but because it cannot go into every deck it should be banned. If it was colorless i would say it wouldn’t or shouldn’t be banned.
Mox Sapphire - this goes for all mox- mana crypt is arguably stronger. Again this is a monetary ban. Unban mox or ban crypt. Mox Ruby Mox Pearl Mox Emerald Mox Jet
Paradox Engine- this is a card that I feel is again not strong enough to break the highest end edh but leads to unfun turns in mid powered edh. Again imo unfun cards shouldn’t be banned because they are “unfun” but this card doesn’t outright win the game. If it did then it would be fine, like for example [[Gitrog]] his loop will either lead to a hand that wins the game or wins next turn. This one can drag out the game for an undetermined amount of time. Imo it should be unbanned but I can see why it’s banned.
Panoptic Mirror- I can see why this card is banned but I personally don’t think for 5 mana then another X mana to imprint something even if that something is [[armageddon]] is not worth a ban. It’s 9 mana to win the game, in that case. It’s a fine value engine.
Primeval Titan - They say this card warps games around this card. I don’t see a need for it to be banned, it’s powerful but it’s 6 mana. While I personally don’t think it should be banned I can see why they would want to keep it banned.
Prophet of Kruphix - it shouldn’t be banned. It’s a powerful value engine but is a creature and is the easiest permanent to remove from the board. It’s easy to remove and interact with so it shouldn’t be banned.
Recurring Nightmare- this card is banned because it’s confusing. This card can be abused but it shouldn’t be banned. It’s not strong enough to be banned.
Rofellos, Llanowar Emissary- this card shouldn’t be banned. It’s weaker than other green commanders and doesn’t do anything that can’t be accomplished with other commanders. Unban it.
Shahrazad- I rather not play a 15 hour commander game. Keep it banned.
Sway of the Stars - it’s 10 mana reset the game. It should be fine imo because it sets everyone life to 7. It makes the aggro deck in a better position so I’m all for this unban.
Sundering Titan- it’s a creature that can be flickered and destroy a lot of lands. It’s a game ender, so I think it should be fine. Cards that outright make it so you are so far in the lead that you're going to win, is fine.
Sylvan Primordial- 7 mana win the game. Should be fine imo. I will note something for everything that can be flickered and cheat into play, it has merit for the banlist. So this and sundering Titan have valid reasons to stay banned.
Time Vault- abusable extra turns. Sounds like a bad time for everyone who can’t destroy it. It’s pretty cheap and easy to get into play. Keep banned.
Time Walk - The opportunity cost is way too low for an extra turn. I agree with 5 mana being the baseline cost for an extra turn. Keep it banned.
Tinker - This card is a powerhouse. I would love to be able to play with this card as I can sac a mana rock to get [[Winter orb]] or [[Stasis orb]] into play with Urza but it maybe too back breaking for lower powered decks. I would say keep it banned but I could see a world where it is unbanned.
Tolarian Academy - if you’re going to ban this ban cradle too. The white version of this card is not nearly as strong but cradle and academy are on the same power level. You can’t have one on this list without the other. Unban this or ban cradle. Inconsistency like this is why people don’t have faith in the committee.
Trade Secrets- it’s in a commander deck (2011) it makes wizards look silly that they put a card that’s banned in a deck. I don’t know if it’s a card that should remain banned or not. Personally I would unban it but that’s just me. EDIT: In mid to high powered games this could cause a huge imbalance where one player would come out on top. It should remain banned for that reason.
Upheaval- This card resets the game. It’s not strong enough to be banned but if this is banned cyclonic rift and all cards that “reset” the game should be.
Worldfire- See Upheaval. It’s a game ending card. It’s fine.
Yawgmoth’s Bargain- Again this card is too powerful. Life for card advantage is way too good. If [[necropotence]] is considered too powerful then this one is even more powerful. At 6 mana it’s worth the cost to win the game.
That’s a lot but since a lot of cards shouldn’t be on the list I’ll go over cards that should be on the list: 
Mana crypt: most powerful rock next to sol ring. This and sol ring should be considered for banning.
Timetwister: this card is too powerful for its effect. It doesn’t exile itself and newly printed cards that do the same thing and does not exile, cost 6. Does too much for little cost. I find it weird that this card is the only power 9 not banned.
Thassa’s Oracle: This falls into the category of too much for too little. Jace and labman needs 4 mana and can be removed before they win. This card can win even if it gets removed. You need a counterspell or stifle to stop the win. Imo it’s too narrow of interaction to be safe for the format.
Mishra’s Workshop: The only reason this card isn’t banned is because it is very hard to obtain. But being about to have enough mana to cast blightsteel by turn one is crazy. Again rarity and real life cost should not factor into bannings. You allow this card but have all the mox banned. Doesn’t make any sense.
I’m sure there are cards we all want banned and unbanned but we need to look at the list from an objective standpoint. I don’t believe the banlist is very well thought out or consistent. They need to sit down and look at all the cards and think if it’s fair for LGS not the kitchen table. They also need to forget about rule zero for the banlist. Rule zero doesn’t exist for most games. I don’t know where all these kitchen table players are but the majority of player, I know, play at locals and a lot of us do not have a standard play group. I’m not going to sit down and talk about decks with people when I don’t know the people. It’s hard enough to ask for a game, never mind talk about decks. Take this article as a thought experiment and not law. I’m under the impression people want less and I agree. Commander is a broken by nature format but it does not mean they can just say “just rule zero it” it’s silly and quite frankly immature. They took the role to run the format and they need to do so. Feeling are not meant to be a deciding factor for bans, it's where do we want the power level of the format? Is this too easy to abuse quickly? What does this banlist say about the format? What can a new player expect from this banlist?
What do you guys think of the banlist? What should be banned in your opinion? Am I completely wrong? Let’s have a discussion.
TLDR: Stop using your experience for banlist or what you “feel” should be banned. Rule Zero is lazy, ban the correct cards, unban the incorrect cards.
EDIT: I’ll add an edit here just to make it easier to understand my points. This is a discussion piece only, I’m not here to sway things one way or another just giving my thoughts. If I sound arrogant or aggressive that is not the intention. It’s a simple debate of why certain cards are banned why some are not. I would like the committee to go in-depth about the banlist for each card. This is by no means a demand but a suggestion or ask. I believe the committee has done a decent job of adding cards to the list with some exceptions. I believe a lot of the expensive cards should not be on the list because they end the game. The lower cost the card is the stronger it is overall.
I would like to have transparency for the list since of late they been doing a good job at it. Sheldon takes a lot of heat from all sides and he has been portrayed in a lot of different lights. I for one think all of the committee loves commander and wants the best for it. I want it to be easier for people to judge their decks as well. If say for example [[Tolarian Academy]] is banned but [[Gaia’s Cradle]] is not, when both are similar in power level why not explain it? Imo both are strong enough to be on the banlist and I can see reasons why each should not be.
I don’t mind getting downvoted, everyone is entitled to their opinions.
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