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Depending on the kind of game mode you're playing she can be a key character. Tara is considered as one of the popular works of Mahesh Dattani. And the happy couple, both 36, were spotted for the first time since. Sonos individual speakers like those in the PLAY series (PLAY: 1, PLAY: 3, and PLAY: 5) start at $150 for the most compact model and get as expensive as $500 apiece as each model gets larger and more powerful than the last. Disney Frozen Forever Friends Jewelry Activity Playset 4.5 out of 5 stars 167. Key hair stylist (5 episodes, 2020) Angela Peralta.

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A novelisation of this serial, written by Terrance Dicks, was published by Target Books in May 1980. AG327 Answer Key - MS. H'S 7TH & 8TH GRADE MATH AND. Tara Toys Ariel Necklace Activity Set - Amazon Exclusive (51394). Season 5 of Doctor Who ran between 2 September 1967 and 1 June 1968. Tara From Satara: Latest News, Photos and Videos on Tara. Sophisticated Android Spyware Attack Spreads via Google Play.

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News and information from The Hague, compiled by the radiostation Den Haag FM. Listen live to our programmes. Hikvision Password Reset Tool. How to Write a Lesson Plan: 5 Secrets of Writing Fantastic. Paying forward was used as a key plot element in the denouement of a New Comedy play by Menander, Dyskolos (a title which can be translated as "The Grouch"). Free Scope Template & Examples - The Tara AI Blog. Buy Tara Toys STEM Projects Fish Generator: Craft Kits - [HOST] FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Replays: How to Use, Understand & Learn

Replays: How to Use, Understand & Learn
Replays are perhaps the most underrated aspect of Brawl. The goal here is dissect each and every aspect of it here in the post. Ultimately, the end goal is to influence players to start cultivating the habit of watching replays, in order to better themselves at the game.
Table of Contents:
  • The Importance thereof
  • Setting the Mentality
  • When to Utilize It
  • Focal Point of a Replay
  • Common Mistakes

The Importance thereof:

In a competitive match, a player should always strive to get better. The key to winning is to exceed the quality of your opponents. Before we start, it is crucial to address some underlying problems or questions:

Why not just play?
This is an extremely flawed way of thought. By continuous playing, one is merely improving their stamina at the game. However, without finding and understanding the player's shortcomings, it is impossible to improve. The result thereof is a repeated cycle of making the same mistakes, thus the player is not getting better at the game. Perhaps he makes the wrong trades, or perhaps he does not switch to his lane preemptively, these are just a few examples.

I don't have enough time to watch replays.
While this is a common query by semi-competitive players, some potential competitive players start off with this mindset. The appropriate retort would be "If you don't have enough time to watch replays, the chance of you entering competitive is null". Similar to how a relationship requires love from both individuals, replays and playing the game goes hand-in-hand.

Consider this video. Despite being League of Legends related, the points are nevertheless related.

This second video helps to put some perspective behind the "why" of watching replays.

Why watching replays are of paramount importance:

  1. Find out what went wrong with your gameplay. This will be elaborated on later, but focus on what went wrong.
  2. Maintain what went right, find alternatives to what you should be doing if it went wrong.
  3. Noticing mistakes you have never noticed before.

Setting the Mentality:

It is extremely easy to blame teamates, bad matchmaking, & others, but that is not the right mentality a player should have before watching his replay. One does not want to remain the same after watching from a replay, after all.
Consider this video. Again, Brawl does not have many guides for replay, so I had to sift through other gems from various competitive video games.


  • Be critical of yourself.
Linking back to earlier points, continually focus on your part first. What could you have done better, not why your teamates are utter trash.

  • Be open to critical feedback.
While constructive feedback is good, occasionally players need a nudge in the right direction. Take note that this is not the "Get Out of Jail" card to spew vulgarities at your teamates. This point was placed as the second point as players should reflect on themselves first, then watch the overall game again to figure out the mistakes of your teamates. This is of course taking into account that humans are sometimes blind to their own missteps, and require guidance from others.

When to Utilize It:

Perhaps the most straightforward of all, there are usually 2 circumstances one should watch the replay. The first, being that you have lost the game, and the second, being that the team has won a close and narrow game. Undoubtedly, the best case scenario would be to watch as many replays as possible.
The amount of times a player should watch a replay may vary too. If the loss is a great one, in addition to noting down your mistakes, it would be wise to rewatch the game from your teamates' perspective, seeing what they could have done better and relaying the message to them.
The following has been contributed by u/Obsidian297.
Of course, simply noting down the mistakes isn't enough, implementation is key. Understanding your and the enemies mistakes will allow your game sense to develop exponentially, and implementing them thoroughly will allow you to dominate the opponents.
However, there's merit in seeing games where the outcome was quite tense. In these cases, observe not only yourself and the enemies, but also your teammates - remember not to blame them for no reason. By doing this, you shall be able to see what the turning point of the match actually was.

Focal Point of a Replay:

As a new player, one might be overwhelmed by a replay. Humans possess 2 eyes, so there is only so much we can focus on. This would contain the bulk of this post's content, as such this would be split into multiple parts. As this is the most important part of this post, I cannot stress this enough, but this requires your utmost attention.
Again, this is from a later part from the first video.


  • Positioning.
Unlike League of Legends, Brawl is quite very much simplified, however there are some things to take note.
Taking lanes. 
Lanes are currently the most important subject of positioning. In the future, as new mechanics are introduced, I hope that lanes are not the only contributing factor to positioning. This is still a broad topic, and can be broken down further. The general rule of thumb questions are listed as:
Mid vs Mid?
Did the Supports take their appropriate matchups?
Did the Assasains provide enough pressure?
When the enemies switched lanes, did you switch lanes too?
To elaborate on the last question, players do not want to become "reactionaries". Playing passive will result in a handicap of making plays. Hence, a preemptive switch of lanes is necessary. This entails the anticipation of the enemy switching lanes, and the fitting action thereof.
Like a game of chess, read the opponents' minds. For new and aspiring competitive players, watching replays is a great way to gain and cultivate the mindsets that professional players adopt.

  • Decision-making
In a real match, split-second decisions can cost the game. Even professional players do not give much thought into their decisions while playing, rather focusing on dodging, attacking, and other micro-scale interactions.
Hence, watching the replay should be focused on macro-scale interactions. While micro-scale interactions have been discussed, macro-scale interactions are a little harder to define. However, examples of such decisions can be listed down below.
In Heist, was rushing the base the best decision, or was playing control the superior choice.
In Siege, should you have conceded the second bot in order to win the third bot? Or did the enemy possess superior DPS to obliterate the IKE if they had won the second bot?
Should you have abandoned your lane to help a struggling teamate?
It is important to memorize the answers the moment such a scenario is recognized. Waiting for the exact scenario to reenact and reacting, would be too late and cost the game.
Half the battle has been won before it has even started. 
Any incompetence from any player would be a loss in a competitive game. Teams are presented with the choice to play 4D Chess too, by anticipating such decisions from opponents, and countering them appropriately.
There is no formula to winning. Brawl, as much as I hate to say this, does not possess enough similarities to math. There is no definitive answer. The popular case study of 3BS' fate is detailed in Brawl Stars World Championships 2019. They had played Poco Double Tank throughout the entire championship and had found relative success. However, upon the ban of Poco, they had failed to adapt. No team wants to end in the same dire situation. Therefore, despite memorizing a 1000 scenarios, a team should not get complacent.

  • General Mistakes.
There will not be much content covering this, as the video has ample and sufficient coverage of this. To summarize this point, it relies heavily on common sense and logical deduction, which every competitive player must have.
Some examples are given as:
  • Mispulls (as Gene / Tara).
  • Wasting ammo to "help" other lanes. General rule of thumb, if your shots aren't hitting, it would be best to focus on winning your lane.

Common Mistakes:

Detailing each and every mistake players make is daunting, hence the word "common" in the heading. This does not require much definition to it, and elaboration will be added sufficiently, if any needed.

Watching replays after playing with randoms.
There is not much to improve when watching a replay with randoms. Even in scrims, I would usually watch if it is my competitive team. Any criticism would fall on deaf ears, and it is better to save breath for worthwhile scenarios.

Questions pertaining to "Why did you not hit your shots / dodge".
Micro-scale interactions are what playing the game is for. Best trained in 1v1 battles (hint: this is what Purple Paradise was made for).

Questions similar to "Why did you not hit a pull (as Gene or Tara)".
Again, aiming properly is not the goal of watching replays. Game sense, as the term implies, is best learnt by playing the game.


It'll be greatly appreciated if you follow my socials on Insta & Twitter.

Sources (in chronological order):

submitted by zeibb to BrawlStarsCompetitive

Slightly off topic but very relevant. Quick PSA on how "information warfare" works, with respect to viral and false rumors, vs truthful information.

Apologies for how long this post is and that it's not directly related to election integrity, but I think it's important to try and explain the full concept of "information warfare" at least once so people can gain a heightened confidence in their ability to sort through information for themselves.
With that being said, "Information warfare" is the current establishments weapon of choice, even moreso than "hard power" (ie military, police restrictions, visible laws).
This battlefield involves manipulating the spread and amplification of pieces of information across a terrain.
I used to mostly post my theories about this stuff on the wikileaks sub, before my less-directly-wikileaks-related submissions started getting raided by shills, hence I started posting primarily on wayofthebern, where Fthumb unapologetically doesn't give a shit. So any shills angry I post in these left-wing forums despite not identifying as left should really blame themselves, it is 100% their own fault.
Back on topic: "Falsifiable" rumors going viral very quickly should itself be a red flag that something going on with "info-ops", I'd compare it to smoke in the "where there's smoke, there's fire" expression. Such things are commonly done in information warfare when a side wants to avoid criticism by promoting falsehoods to discredit critics.
When an organization defends itself from critics by casting doubt (and attacking the evidence) of their wrongdoing it's called retaining "plausible deniability". A closely related concept with communication networks in letters/etc was called "steganography".
I am of the opinion, and this is backed by my observations, a new evolved form of steganography has emerged via shills, carefully contructed forgeries, and "fact checkers".

How it works

The first case I'll cite is something I've spammed more than enough already, but it is still an important read.
Greenwald's now-deleted-by-Salon piece, which some ingenuous bastard managed to restore an archive to:
FEB 11, 2011 05:12 ET
The leaked campaign to attack WikiLeaks and its supporters
...The leaked report suggested numerous ways to destroy WikiLeaks, some of them likely illegal -- including planting fake documents with the group and then attacking them when published; "creat[ing] concern over the security" of the site; "cyber attacks against the infrastructure to get data on document submitters"; and a "media campaign to push the radical and reckless nature of wikileaks activities."...
Emmanuel Macron's tech team claimed (but didn't) do a variation of the same thing when his email team was hacked as a defense.
They didn't even have to point to a single forgery before getting the MSM greenlight to insist that "many of the emails were fake", despite them being taken by surprise, and Wikileaks finding no forgeries.
OMG. The Macron campaign planted fake emails for WikiLeaks to leak. Then made WikiLeaks look like idiots.
  1. NPR falsely claimed that WikiLeaks published inauthentic #Macronleaks during the French election when WikiLeaks published authentic leaks after the election. Other media falsely claimed the French government attributed the leaks to Russia. Retracted.
A bunch of idiots who tried to minimize discussion on Hunter Biden's emails did the same thing, claiming (without evidence) that there were forgeries pushed inside of the content, despite that not happening.
I absolutely despise this sort of MSM gas-lighting, which is why I made an older post trying to point out (and rebuild credibility) around the news with Tara Reade, and the DNC primary rigging in this post:
...Why does this even matter? The rumor of CNN removing the clip from google play store is potentially disinformation, information that is intentionally false (but closely resembles something that's true) with the goal of discrediting a group.
...Something happened to Sanders supporters as the valid vote-rigging claims in Iowa (February), which was largely covered up and forgotten thanks to the Illinois disinfo distraction in March:
WATCH: Illinois News Airs Biden-Sanders Primary Results Day Before Election
By Stephanie Dube Dwilson Updated Mar 16, 2020 at 6:49pm
WATCH: Illinois News Airs Biden-Sanders Primary Results Day Before Election...
The reason a hidden character would intentionally spread a rumor like that is BECAUSE it is falsifiable, and thus is expected to discredit fact-based similar appearing claims
Not a great look: Failed Iowa caucus app is deeply linked to self-declared winner Buttigieg… and Hillary Clinton
4 Feb, 2020
A similar attempt was made a while back when John Conyers had leaks about sexual assault allegations by a political activist Mike Cernovich, he was targeted and given a (false)/[forged] disinfo piece about Schumer...

The key point

When analyzing new information there are usually clues as to whether or not something is based in fact, or if it is self-discrediting nonsense.
Pay attention and look into the structural details of "falsifiable" information going viral, and consider the after-effects. The "fact-checking" industry does not serve a pro-social purpose anymore than MSM does, and often exploits false information going around to benefit itself. When analyzing a rumor always consider the specific details for the possibility of it being easily falsifiable.
One case in point was the "Jacob Pederson undercover cop". From a left-wing point of view for people criticizing police abuses, this sort of meme would discredit legitimate criticism by infecting the landscape.
I think I did a favor to the "left" by pointing that out, rather than letting it continue to snowball, or weaponizing it myself to prove that "these idiot protestors are full of lies", without even attempting to explain why to anyone. A lot of left-leaning anti-establishment people (some that I liked and followed on Twitter) got suspended or banned for retweeting this rumor. I'll spare the ranting, but the worst part of this rumor to me was the potential falsifiability: the accusation could be objectively debunked with a quick timestamped alibi for the guy in question.
Update on the undercover cop mystery: time-stamped footage proves innocence


As an added bonus: Once you understand this part of information warfare, you will be able to understand the popular but very misunderstood movie Inception, a movie based around information warfare.
I started keeping my information-warfare (and psychological warfare) theories to wayofthebern, because my posts at the wikileaks sub kept getting me harassed by shills, and the mods removed some of it. That was a real thing that I referenced in this older post, so the shills that are angry I ever post in that forum really only have themselves to blame, they shouldn't have mass reported me in the first place, it is 100% their fault.
I was thinking about the OPCW the other day with respect to information, credibility, and political consequences.
I was thinking about this quite a bit, and I realized that the OPCW (ironically) actually serves to provide a platform incentivizing for chemical attacks to occur, rather than objectively trying to prevent chemical use on civilians...
Therefore they need some sort of tangible spectacle of a WMD in action, and they need a "science authority" to confirm that, hence the (corrupt and bought off leadership) OPCW comes into play.
...A historical comparison would be the Japanese Epidemic prevention and water purity department, a group that on paper was focused on PREVENTING outbreaks of diseases, and I'm sure most of the affiliates actually thought that's what they were doing, yet some hidden compartments of that group were the ones intentionally deploying weaponized diseases on civilians
Pay attention to the fact the group wasn't named the "murdering civilians with diseases organization", but instead claimed to do the opposite, it was literally called the "Epidemic prevention" department.
"Disinformation prevention" groups function the same.
False information is a thing. Notice how groups claiming to fight it are hesitant to go into details and relevance of it, they keep discussion in terms as general as possible.
Are they really there to help debunk false information? Or are they there to use the spectacle of "informatic weapons of mass destruction"?
...I'm posting this rant here, other than the wikileaks sub, because the wikileaks mods keep getting spammed reports about my musings as "conspiracy spam", and I figured some of you may find the ideas useful, especially since /Fthumb has actually been singled out by "disinformation hunting" groups.
...I find it so much easier to deal with idiotic/manipulative BS like this when I understand the motivations/agendas of people promoting it.
Psyops nonsense is certainly annoying, but it's not even close to being all powerful.
I like to think of "Lucid dreaming" as an analogy to post-Psy-ops thought. In order to build awareness for lucidity within a dream, people learn how to test their environment for congruence. Disinfo and psyops pushes are like a very poorly designed, un-creative, boring excuse for a "dream". Except this "dream" is designed to indoctrinate people into believing smears on a target.
Understanding how it works is essential to collapsing it.
The information warfare/dreams connection is coincidentally enough also made in the plot of Inception, though I arrived at my own analogy in a divergent manner and noticed this after the fact. But this "dream collapsing" scene is pretty cool.
submitted by MarquisBoniFace to WOTBelectionintegrity

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