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Thoughts from my last 3 weeks of using Cavalry

Hey there fellow Cavalry users, nice to see there is a sub dedicated to this program and looking forward to learning and growing with everyone here!
Firstly, hats off to the entire production team to bring the app to life. It's astonishing to see the level of stuff that you can do, and I bet that it's just the start.
So my only reservation regarding using Cavalry full time thing is probably more to do with me than the software. I am predominantly a video and motion graphics editor and only use the Adobe suite, and do not really come into contact with much 3D editing softwares (something I'm working on).
I've read through the documentation on the website that explains the Elements, Connections etc countless times, but it still doesn't''t seem to gel with me and I am struggling to get my head around this specific workflow. Are there any resources/planned resources you are making that would help me/my team better understand this?
Secondly, at the moment when I go to export it gives me the option to create PNG's, which I then take into After Effects and stitch together as a frame by frame animation. Is this the correct way of using the software to export to a video? (Please tell me if this is wrong!)
There are some crazy fun features for experimenting that I love using like the duplicator, and messing with behaviours inside of behaviours which is always fun. The google sheets to animation feature is genuinely game changing in terms of the corporate infographic stuff that I do, and can see real world scenarios where I would use this day to day.
Keep it up!
submitted by ProTharan to CavalryMotion

Full Cavalry

Full Cavalry
I would like to play this variant with someone at vchess.club:
Opening setup for Full Cavalry variant
It would be played using a FEN I've saved from the variant on vchess.club called EightPieces. You can still castle, but we start with lancers instead of rooks. A lancer must move in the direction it is facing, but after it moves you may re-orient the direction (8 directions if not on the edge of the board). It can jump over any number of friendly pieces, but it does not have to jump necessarily. The lancer must move before turning (it may not just re-orient as a move in itself, and there are good reasons for this). Lancers are worth about 4.75 each and a single lancer + king can deliver checkmate against a lone king.
More details once you reply. Hoping someone would be interested! (or would like a game of Eightpieces itself)
submitted by ChessVariantDemos to chessvariants

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