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Our clients have said they have not discovered anyplace Nuendo 7 split like our own. He covers setting levels, and monitoring. Cubase Artist 6 Quick Start Guide.

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Cubase Pro 10 condenses almost three decades of Steinberg development into the most cutting-edge DAW anywhere. Web data suggests this may be the most popular DAW on the planet, thanks to Windows and Mac support, over 25 years in the business, and the absence of any particular hardware requirements. Moreover, many artists are using this exceptional software throughout the world.

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Project export to Cubase requires Cubase Pro 10/Pro 10.5. Now Cubase 6, 7, 8 series are NON-compliant. Matt begins with an exploration of the digital recording process.

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An outstanding range of effect processors and. Export to Cubase, Google Drive, external hard drives, wireless flash drives, Dropbox and more; A brand-new Cubasis: The next generation mobile music creation app; Universal handheld support: A feature-rich DAW which runs on your smartphone and tablet; Cubasis for smartphone: Make great music in the palm of your hand; Group tracks: Easily combine individual tracks to groups; Full-screen mixer. Cubase Elements 6 comes with an impressive arsenal of high-quality VST effect processors, including EQ, Dynamics, Modulation, Reverb, Filters, Distortion and special effects.

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There are so many details you need to know to do it right! While recording a song or an audio track you will need the best features and tools to make it sound even and pleasant without any noise. Cubase 9 - CNET Download.

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Logic Class; Home; Articles. Cubase 6 full cracked apps. The New Cubase 7 Color Space 6. Double-check your Audio Interface 7. Enabling Auto Save & Other Preferences 8. A Word on the Control Room and Click (Metronome) 9. The Cubase Mixer is now the MixConsole 10. Full Screen Mode 11. MixConsole Signal Flow 12. Using the Windows Layout 13. Visibility and Zones 14. Searching for Channels 15. Searching for Tracks 16. Searching for PlugIns 17. Using the.

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It is the most famous apps in the music industry which give the whole function of music production. Cubase: Your guide to music production. Explore Website, Patches.

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This lite version is called Cubase LE which is enough for an indie composer. Or even an audio export tool into Cubase.

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Steinberg Cubase 6 - Sound on Sound. Cubase 8 Pro Plus Crack Free Download Full. There are incredible tools available in music software which helps the person to edit music and create a new music.

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Install and uninstall other apps. Supports Cubase / Nuendo, Live, Logic, Pro Tools, Sonar, FL Studio, REAPER, Reason, Studio One. FL Studio 20 (Easy interface, great to start off with, good core plugins, ok for vocals); Logic Pro X (Professional crisp sound, harder to learn, best for vocals, mac only); Audacity (Great for vocals, easy to learn); Pro Tools 2020 (Easy interface, great to start off with, good core plugins); Ableton Live 10 (Great for recording and mixing vocals, easy to learn, mac only).

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Its refined new interface offers faster access and more intuitive control than ever before. In-app purchases for Cubasis LE. Easily extend Cubasis LE with great in-app purchases. By Sana Rehman Audio and Video 4 Comments.

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Users of Cubase seem to be a kind of silent majority. Option of 4 no-interest payments. There are several feature that make it a great DAW in 2020.

[Table] IAmA: I am Hans Zimmer - Ask Me Anything!

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Date: 2013-06-11
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Speaking of simple songs, do you listen to a lot of popular music? What is your favorite current pop song? I am a YouTube junkie. Yes, really. I find you can discover incredible musicians all the time. I listen to anything; in the words of Duke Ellington, there are only 2 types of music, good and bad. I'm working on my psychedelic, country-western heavy metal album.
I'm surprised that after 7 seconds of sugar pouring, there was room for any coffee! I agree, it was disgusting.
Hans, do you ever get goose bumps listening to your own music? That's a great question - it's actually more breaking out in sweat of fear of other people hating it.
What's your studio setup like? I found the post! Here is my humble little den. If you have to spend 98% of your life in a room without windows, you might as well have some fun with a decor. It was modeled on the interior of a turn-of-the-century Viennese brothel. But don't call me a musical whore.
When I was a wee lass and saw the Lion King, I became most addicted to "This Land." I loved it so much that when I was 10 I taught myself by ear how to play it on the flute. What was your inspiration for this piece? Or tell me something about your experience creating this piece? For "This Land" - the whole Lion King soundtrack is really me dealing with my father's death, which up to that point I had never really done, because children suppress things, and I was rather surprised that, in a cartoon with fuzzy animals, I was suddenly confronted with my past. The other thing is, because I wrote it for my daughter, it connected the generations over time through music.
Of all of your work on film, what is your most favorite composition that you wrote, and why is it your favorite? My favorite composition that I wrote...I find fault with all of it, nothing is ever finished, that's why I carry on writing, and part of what I like is influenced by the people I am working with. So some of my favorites have more to do with process than the actual end result. So a Zack Snyder or a Chris Nolan seem to bring out some pretty good things in me.
What can we expect from the music in Man of Steel? For Man of Steel you can expect hope. Hope and no cynicism. The opposite of The Dark Knight. Trying to celebrate hard-working, simple, blue-collar people in the Midwest who never get celebrated.
If you would had the chance to score for one movie which has already been released, which would it be? Blade Runner. But I love what Vangelis did so much, so not really.
You're literally one of my biggest inspirations ever. I just wanted to say that. You're one of the reasons I dropped everything in life to pursue music to finally make myself happy. Thank you. I wish more people would realize that to follow their dreams is the only way to live a life worth living. Nobody on their deathbed wonders if they've done enough work and should have had less fun and playtime. The magical ingredient in music is the word "play," so I think on my deathbed I will still wonder if I could just go and jam with a couple of musicians and just carry on playing. I wish you all the best.
Regarding your Facebook pic you just posted, anything planned for Nintendo ? Any (new) projects ? I'm actually in a dedicated Nintendo room, but not at Nintendo. Although I'd be open to doing a project with them, nothing is in the works right now... although Batman, Superman, Super Mario...
Which composition of yours took the longest to complete? I love your work! Notes per minute? Probably the Clark Kent theme from Man of Steel because I was procrastinating for so long, trying to shake off the enormous shadow that John Williams' Superman theme cast.
Hello Mr Zimmer. I've done quite a lot of music production and would be super interested to hear some of the specific software you use. Like whats your go to DAW? What are your go to plugins? Do you use many virtual instruments or mainly track real instruments? I use Cubase; all the UAD plugins; and Zebra, which is to me the greatest software synth ever built. We build a lot of our own technology at RCP, so our sampler and touchscreens are custom-built. One of my greatest ambitions is to keep orchestral music alive, so I try to use as many live musicians as I possibly can. For example, I just had the honor of employing 15 of the greatest drummers in the world for Man of Steel and using 8 pedal-steel players at the same time. I think it was a world first.
Any other recording/tracking tips and tricks you'd like to share? For tips, I'd say write a good piece... I spend forever getting the arrangement right. Find the best musicians you can, and leave it up to a really good recording engineer.
Dear Mr. Zimmer, If there was one composer from any point in history that you could go back and meet, who would it be and why? Beethoven, because those first 4 notes of the Fifth are so simple and how did he know that he could create such magic with them?
Dear Mr. Zimmer, My formal training was 2 week of piano lessons. I was thrown out of 8 schools. But I joined a band. I am self-taught. But I've always heard music in my head. And I'm a child of the 20th century; computers came in very handy.
Did you attend a music conservatory or university? And what was your major if so? So far, I'm glad to be here!
Have you ever thought of making music for video games? It is a growing market after all. I did do Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. I think that videogames are going to become the movies of the future; it's a very different way of writing. I'm still trying to figure out how to make the player the main character in the music. I will absolutely score more games in the future.
Hans, what do you do when you're stuck on something? How do you 'clear out the cobwebs' to gain insight? I read a book, or look at a Gerhard Richter painting. Have a heated discussion with my director. Talk to a great chef about great food. That's always inspiring.
Dear Mr. Zimmer. On your average score, how much % of what we hear are synth orchestra, and how much of it is real? What's the relation? I just tweak around until it sounds good to me. It never sounds as good as it sounds when I first think of it, so a lot of fiddling with synthesizers goes on to get it a little closer to my first sonic vision. The live orchestra gives it an energy and a humanity that you just can't get out of the electronics, so trying to strike a balance. All musical instruments are technological devices; it doesn't matter if it's electronic or if it's made from a tree with bits of dead cat attached.
bits of dead cat attached. Well, we have moved on...we now use silk and nylon as strings instead of catgut.
ಠ_ಠ. I on purpose didn't give Catwoman a violin theme in The Dark Knight Rises because I like cats.
What's one unexpected place you've found inspiration for some of your work? 3.) Unexpected place? One of the great guilty pleasures of working on movies is that you get to go to places that other people sometimes can't go to, so being alone at the Louvre at night, in front of the Mona Lisa for The Da Vinci Code made that one worthwhile.
Lastly, I just wanted to say that you and your work is such a profound inspiration for me, Mr. Zimmer. Please continue to be the amazing artist you are. You are awesome. Thank you, thank you- what else can you say to that? Thank you for the compliment.
Dear Mr. Zimmer, Of Nolan's Batman films, which was your favorite to score? The third, because it brought everything together - after all, it was nine years of our lives, and I think we became a very good family in that time. It was hard to say goodbye to that character.
Mr. Zimmer, How many times would you generally watch a film during the composition process of a Score? I'm like a cat, I have 9 lives. After 9 complete viewings, I find it difficult to feel anything new, so I usually work from the first impressions and try to hang onto those for dear life.
Mr Zimmer, I found out about the Aurora shooting in the middle of an interview, and the journalist asked me to comment, and all I could come up with were the word "devastated and shocked." And I suddenly realized that my language was music. And I wanted to write a piece of music that would show the people in Aurora that the whole world was there with them. It was the only response I could have, to put beauty against violence, and that we are all alone in this together.
Your Aurora piece was beautiful and a great tribute to anyone affected by the shootings. Can you talk a little bit more about the piece? Do you use music to cope? I wanted the music to bring everybody together. Because you can only set art against violence. Nothing else seems to have worked so far.
Edit: Spelling. I want to continue to create art that makes people think, and talk to each other. Use your words, not your guns.
You did the soundtrack for the Simpsons movie. What was it like to work with the Simpsons staff? It seems like they would be a fun group to work with. I really liked how you incorporated the fundamental Simpsons themes in almost every track. Being the "new kid" in a family that's been together for 25 years was fairly daunting. But they needed somebody who was forever going "What if?..." and I love Danny Elfman's theme.
What's your favourite food? Italian food. I just don't think they can get it wrong.
Mr.Zimmer. What in your opinion is the next step in the evolution of the music-technology nexus? User interface. We have so much CPU power at our fingertips now, and don't actually know how to have as expressive an interface as a simple bow on a string.
Mr. Zimmer, Time puts me in a special place, a place of solace and acceptance that allows me to absorb and process the sometimes harsh reverberations of life. Thank you for the piece, really.. but what the process in making Time? Where did the inspiration come from? Even though I never told him, it was really a thank you to my friend Chris Nolan for letting me work on this incredible movie. That made me think about time and our existence and dreams and love for a whole year - what a luxury to have.
Dear Hans, I have noticed that you use some pretty unusual sounds in some of your scores. What is your process for creating some of these sounds? Anarchy - but seriously, I start every project off by trying to figure out what my color palette is, and I spend weeks programming sounds and going out and recording strange instruments. For The Lone Ranger, we just took a sledgehammer to a train recently - you don't get to do that every day. We're going to use that as a percussion element.
Why do you love playing truth or dare? Are you more likely to pick Dare or Truth? Or does it depend on who you are playing with...? Because I will always tell you the truth, so I will always win! And I always pick truth over dare.
Dear Hans Zimmer, why is your music so epic that it turns every movie I watch and every game I play intro an experience to remember? To give you an example, I've watched The Inception four times now and twice for your music only. As for the more serious question, which of the upcoming project areyou the most excited about? Can you spill some beans? Regarding epic - I don't know why my music is so epic, it's just how I hear things in my head. I use very simple devices and tunes. It's usually not the size of the orchestra or the production that makes things sound epic, it's usually the commitment of the players. A great string quartet can sound louder when they play with fire and heart, than a boring orchestra, and a single note by Jeff Beck can slice right through your heart.
For upcoming projects, I am really excited about Rush, which was just really fun to work on, and I think that it's the first race car movie that really got it right. And I was honored working with Steve McQueen on 12 Years A Slave, which is a phenomenal, daring movie with a story that needed to be told. And I'm starting to have a little fun with Chris Nolan on his next project, Interstellar.
What is your favorite thing for breakfast?? Eggs benedict.
Hi Hans, I love all of your work on Inception and the Call of Duty Games. Do you find there is any difference between composing for a video game as opposed to movies? Is one more challenging than the other? Yes - i find that not knowing who the player of the final videogame is very difficult because I'm trying (and I still haven't figured it out) how to not generalize. In a movie I can always be specific about the character. Glad to hear you enjoy the music, thank you!
I just want to start off by saying a huge thank you for all the amazing movie soundtracks you've put out for movies all these years, it's been a real joy to listen to the things you arrange. How does the creativity come about? How do you manage so many instruments, producing the sound you want? In regards to managing so many instruments, with the help of a good conductor. But I'm a synthesizer geek, so I like making my own sounds, and I can get lost for days trying to make the perfect bass sound. I have heard that a photo of my studio by Trey Radcliffe has been very popular on reddit in the past; I actually assembled my collection of Moog synthesizers when everybody was embracing digital and throwing out the old analog stuff. God, were they wrong. The thing that pins you to your seat in Dark Knight or Man of Steel is Professor Moog's 40-year-old invention.
I love your work! My question is, do you like electronic dance music, like house or trance? Trance has really complex harmonies that reminisce of classical music and film scores. You also use VSTs like Zebra etc. that are the grounds of electronic music today, so that's the reason I ask. I work very closely with my friend Junkie XL on Man of Steel - I come from electronic music, and have always tried to bridge the divide between classical and electronics.
As for a question, if you could compose a theme for any person - historical, alive, dead, fictional, real - who would it be? If I could compose a theme for any person - I love Elgar's Enigma Variations, where he wrote a set of symphonic pieces, each one depicting one of his friends, including a dog. I always loved that idea. I would write about the people I love, except I don't ever seem to have the time to write anything! But one day I'll get around to it.
since you mentioned you love truth or dare, what is the best dare you can come up with on the spot? Best dare I can come up with on the spot - for me, it was such a dare to even tackle Man of Steel because i didn't want to ruin it for a whole generation! I grew up with loving the John Williams' score to Superman and the greatest dare is always to get over my own paranoia, neuroses, and all other insecurities a composer suffers every moment of the day. It's a little bit like standing naked on a cold day on the beach in front of the most beautiful girl.
Hey Hans, do you look forward to teach someone the art of producing film music in the future? I was an assistant to the great composer Stanley Myers, and I learned through his mentorship how to become a film composer. I try to do the same now with my studio, with young composers.
HZ, What do you feel has changed the film scoring industry over the course of your career for the better? For the worse? (Just bought the MoS soundtrack today... great stuff and thanks for being you in the retelling of this story) Who's changed the industry? The writers and directors giving us great stories to write to. Remember, we've been in 3-D forever, because we've had 5.1 - the visuals are only just now catching up! And it seems music is not the ugly stepsister of cinematography anymore.
Hello! I have found that your music works excellent for getting my energy up when I'm at work. Do you ever consider or think about how people listen to your music when you compose or are you 100% going for the feeling of the movie? Many thanks for doing this AMA! When I write the score, I only think about the characters and the story, but when I try to put the soundtrack album together, I try to actually make it a good listening experience. I actually work very hard to try to be responsible at delivering a decent soundtrack album, and not just make it an afterthought to the movie. I try to write music that can stand on its own two feet, apart from the picture.
Mr. Zimmer, After hearing the Man of Steel soundtrack, a couple of my friends have become convinced that this is the best soundtrack you have created sofar. Do you agree with this assessment, or do you have another personal favorite? I'm far too close to it to judge. We had our premiere last night, and at the afterparty, I and some of my musician friends got to play the music live. And towards the end of it, I was actually thinking "This is fun to play." And that's always a good sign.
Dear Mr. Zimmer; Hi, I'm Giggimish. I've been a fan of your music since day one. My dad and I absolutely ADORE your music, and we just got the Man of Steel soundtrack today. It's phenomenal, you did a really outstanding job on it. Anyways, I have one simple question for you: If Zack Snyder came back asking you score a sequel to Man of Steel, would you ever consider doing so? Thank you for your kind words! But right now, I'm still far too worried about what people are going to say about this one - maybe i can just have a moment to enjoy this one before thinking about rolling up the sleeves again.
Hello Mr. Zimmer, I really enjoy all of your work, it's an inspiration and a joy to listen to. Two quick questions! What is your motivation/drive to create? Is there a deeper meaning to your music and projects? Do they generally reflect characters and emotions? I don't know how else to get through the day. I wouldn't know how to survive without music. In regards to your second question, there's always a deeper meaning, but sometimes I keep it hidden and keep it my own personal secret.
Do you record with a full orchestra? Or do you do most of your music from synthesizers and digital instruments? On that note, what about the vocals in your arrangements? If you bought the soundtrack, go and download our free DTS app here. I write my music in surround, and I always feel a little cheated when I have to reduce it down to stereo, so we worked really hard at making this soundtrack actually be full surround on anybody's headphones. And the app is free so you can experience it the way I do. They measured my ears and how I hear it in my room, so it's as if you are actually listening through my ears, in my room. I think I have answered about orchestras and synthesizers previously, but I love working with singers because I think it gives the music an unmistakable personality. And it becomes a very personal bit of storytelling then. I loved working with Lisa Gerrard, Ofra Haza, Pharrell Williams, and Dave Stewart from The Eurythmics.
Do you have any favorite musicians when hiring for an orchestra to do a recording session? Horns, Strings, etc.? I hand-pick every player; the individual contributions are really important to me. They're musicians not sheep. And I write specifically for the players. I usually have a mental image of who I write for as I'm writing the line.
Truth. What was the craziest thing that happened to you in your career? Alright - I owe my career to Diana Levinson, Barry Levinson's wife. She saw a small independent film I had done in England, and bought him the soundtrack CD. That led to him hiring me for Rain Man - some days, you just are lucky.
Have you ever tried tuning tone A to 432 Hz instead of the default A 440 Hz? It sounds so much better! And... calmer, in my opinion. We have a different tuning in Continental Europe, and most instruments won't actually resonate properly at the wrong frequency. That's part of the secret of a good Stradivarius.
Who was your favorite artist/composer when you were a kid? Mozart, The Rolling Stones, and Lightning Hopkins (*great American Bluesman).
Which film score that you composed are you the most proud of? Say, if someone (for some reason) had no idea who you were and they asked 'show me your best work,' what would you have them listen to? If they had no idea who I was, I would ask that they listen to the score from The Thin Red Line.
Dear Hans, First time on Reddit after a friend told me about it and couldn't have picked a better time to join. I'm a film composer in the UK and a big fan of a lot of your soundtracks. I actually wrote my Master's dissertation on the use of music in Christopher Nolan's films back in 2012, including at the time Inception, Dark Knight, The Prestige and Batman Begins. I am currently working on a score for a parody western film for my final project and am finding it difficult to avoid cliched writing whilst still responding in an appropriate way to suit the film. With the Lone Ranger, how did you respond to writing a western in a contemporary style whilst still keeping some of the key elements associated with the genre, or were you asked to write something new and inventive? All the best and thank you for your time. Rango was the parody of the western, which we did before we did the serious one, which is The Lone Ranger - so in a funny way, we got our parody out of the way first. But ultimately, Lone Ranger gave me the opportunity to go and write a wonderful, old-fashioned western score. I'd love to see your dissertation, because I always find that I can't be objective about my music and I'm always interested to see what other people read into it. And just so you know, there is a plan when I start writing - there is structure, and there is some intellectual framework.
If you could travel in time, which era would you like to make music for the most? If I could travel back in time... I'd just like to hang out at the Bach house, and learn a thing or two from the man and all his talented children and the incredible wife who managed to raise I think 17 kids? And write music? But I'm actually quite happy in this time. I keep looking forward to the future, because I think technology is letting us get more and more adventurous in our music.
Hello Hanz, thank you for composing awesome music for all the movies we love! How many drummers did you bring in for the Man of Steel soundtrack? 15 drummers, including Pharrell. And Sheila E. giving it a sense of elegance... kept those boys on their toes.
That's a great question - it's actually more breaking out in sweat of fear of other people hating it. But no, I can't listen to my own stuff without being critical all the time.
Not a question but I just wanted you to know that you've made driving feel so much more epic. Don't crash!! And wait until Rush comes out - then you'll really have a driving soundtrack. On the other hand - you should try flying with Superman.
David bowie or frank zappa. Both were hugely influential at different points of my life, but ultimately, Space Oddity is one of the song that just moves me more than I care to admit.
It's my wife and I's Anniversary tomorrow. We had the True Romance theme playing at our wedding. Just wanted to say thanks. Your music is beautiful. One of the great things about my life is that I seem to become part of other people's lives without having to do the dishes. Happy Anniversary.
I don't have a question. I just wanna say I love your music, and I think you're fucking awesome. "Fucking awesome" works for me!
"you do great music, my favourite is from Sherlock Holmes. You're really cool" (he looks for your name in credits!) It makes me feel good that I am still relevant to 10 year olds. It means I'm not over the hill!
Hi. Huge fan from India. Could you say a few words about A.R.Rahman and working with him in The Dark Knight Rises. AR is a good friend of mine; I just hope that one of these days we'll actually get to do something together.
Mozart, The Rolling Stones, and Lightning Hopkins (*great American Bluesman). And Kraftwerk.
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[Table] IAmA: I am Tim Stevens, CNET Editor at Large. I'm typing this on a Surface Pro 3. Got any questions about it? AMA.

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Date: 2014-05-21
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Does the Surface Pro 3 and/or the box it came in serve as an adequate shelter? Can you get enough charge out of it for the ~15 minutes you occupy a Starbucks before staff asks you to leave, as patrons complain about the "creepy homeless guy" charging his laptop in the corner? Wireless connectivity is seamless, but make sure you turn down the volume before connecting to YouPorn. Speakers are 40-some percent louder than before.
Does it connect seamlessly to your local library's wireless so you may surf YouPorn without librarians asking you to stop that activity on the publicly visible workstations? Recharge is quite rapid, and only requires a two-prong outlet, making it easier to sneakily grab some juice while you count your change on that espresso.
Tim, are you sleeping and eating okay? Have a roof over your head? We're worried about you. I'm getting by, thanks to your love and support. And that of Sally Struthers, too.
How does the new stylus compare to the old Wacom stylus? I heard there were issues with the Wacom stylus near the edges of the screen, any such problems with the Pro 3? Seems like a nice improvement, though I'm not a fan of having to swap batteries in here, nor can you apparently re-configure what that button does, sadly.
YEs, still gets a little weird at the very edge of the display, curiously.
How does it compare to the Note 10.1? Feels more precise, except for that edge issue. And I like the additional buttons -- or will when I can re-purpose them, at least.
How long do the batteries last? No clue, and MS hasn't given any indication. I'd guess a fairly long time. It's a single AAA battery.
With this being touted as a laptop replacement, how is the heat management? Can the device being easily handled after intensive Photoshop or 3D editing work? I've not had a chance to do anything too intensive just yet, but in the past the Surface has gotten fairly warm, but since the warm part isn't resting on your lap it isn't a bother. MS spent a bunch of time talking about the new fan, so I'm curious to see how it performs.
Is there any way to clean the fan out yourself without voiding the warranty? Short of squirting some compressed air in there and hoping for the best, I doubt it.
How is the office (word, excell, etc) experience compared to the Office for iPad? No office installed on this thing, believe it or not. But, it'll be the standard experience as on any other Windows device.
Tim, that's a really interesting perspective. Do you think Microsoft's changed this strategy from the previous Surface, or do you believe that they've wanted to compete against the Air and other lightweight laptops since the original Surface? No real strategy change, just a continual refinement -- not sure how effective that will be.
The only proper new strategy I saw was having Adobe up on stage with a customized Photoshop. I think that's the sort of thing that might actually capture the hearts and minds of users.
Do you think the top end model at around $2K is a worthy competitor to high end touch laptops such as the Lenovo X1 Carbon or the Asus offering? Not an unbiased question. I have an X1 and went with it after considering the Surface Pro 2 and the Asus model (I forget the exact model number). From a usage experience, the Surface is still not as good a laptop as a good laptop, and the X1 is a very good laptop. Primarily it comes down to the typing experience. But, if you're looking for a laptop and a tablet and are willing to compromise a bit on both ends, it's worth considering.
Edit: Sorry, I did not see you have the i5 model before posting. Still, any ideas would be interesting. Rather than the X1, I'd put this more in comparison to the Lenovo series, honestly.
Can you run the Final Fantasy XIV benchmark on it for us? Okay, 1,932 running at 1,280 x 720 which it quantifies as "slightly low". Should this have run full-screen? It ran in a window by default. How does this rate with what you'd expect? I'm honestly not familiar with this benchmark. Ran it again full-screen and got 1,978. Also, I can hear the fan!Just barely, though.
Since Microsoft name-dropped Adobe and Autodesk, as well as touting the SP3 as the holy grail for creatives, are you planning on testing it against applications like Adobe's Creative Cloud suite and Autodesk's 3D offerings? I confess I'm not much of a Photoshop guru, but I definitely plan on trying that out to see how it goes.
Are you also doing any sort of touch-gaming testing on it? Games like Civilization V and Hearthstone have touch-friendly controls, so it would be interesting to see how the SP3 competes against the iPad in that area. And any excuse to get a little Civ V time in!
Thanks for doing this! How crappy is the keyboard? I considered the Surface but that rubber keyboard was worthless for my work. Do they offer any way to make this a real laptop where you could write on your lap? I'm using the Type Cover, which is the one with physical keys, not the Touch Cover, which has the membrane stuff.
How's the speed? How quickly does it wake up, turn off, open programs? It's hugely better than before, and I'd say quite good, but still falls well short of my MacBook Air, the latest Lenovos, etc. Mostly because there's still a bit of flex and the keys pivot a bit, if that makes sense. A big improvement over before.
Does $800 get you 8G ram or is that an upgrade? Performance is very good. Boots in < 5 seconds, resumes instantly. Very snappy -- but I did just get this yesterday and haven't filled it with too much junk yet :)
How awkward is this thing on your lap? I've heard the previous versions were bad, wasn't sure if the new kickstand and/or size helps at all. It's better, but if you have short legs you will struggle to have it at a somewhat more reclined angle. I'm also guessing it will be a challenge on airline trays.
What are the specs of your loaner? It's a Core i5 Model with the 4300 CPU (1.9GHz), 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Core i7s apparently won't be available for a little while.
What can I do with an i5 laptop with 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage that I couldn't do with this new surface? Not much, honestly. It's mostly a question of ergonomics. The typing experience here is improved, but still worse than a high-end laptop. Same goes for the trackpad experience.
What is the MSRP for the unit you are using? $1,299, plus $50 for the pen and $130 for the type cover.
Thanks Tim! I also asked a question about editorial independence since the hopper incident, and I'd love an inside take. Has anything changed? Just responded elsewhere. tl;dr There's no issue of independence at CNET today, and it's part of my calling here to make sure that we're totally transparent about things. If you have any doubts, please feel free to message me.
The $50 is only for an additional pen. A pen comes standard with all units for free. Ahh, thank you for the clarification. They didn't get into the details of pricing yesterday.
Does it feel worth it? A windows laptop with an i5 and 8GB or RAM costs around $700. Is this literally twice as useful to you? You have to be someone who was looking to buy a tablet and a laptop for it to make really solid financial sense. For a frequent traveler it starts to make more sense, too. I'm struggling to call it a general consumer device, though.
Isn't it priced similarly to the high end ultrabooks and MBA that Microsoft wants it to compete with, though? It is. You need to compare this to laptop plus tablet for it to come out ahead.
Bluetooth, NFC, any other wireless standards? Also, how good is the microphone for video calls? Bluetooth yes, NFC no, haven't had a chance to call anybody yet, sorry to say. A/S/L?
Hi Tim, How does the multitouch compare with other devices? I ask as I'm thinking of getting one and running something like Sonar or Cubase and think it may be useable for faders and controllers on the go. Thanks in advance. It seems quite good so far. Palm rejection is great, and I'm able to scroll with one hand while pinch-zooming with the other in IE. Is there a specific scenario I could test for you?
Hi Tim, If you have any audio software with multiple faders or control wheels. I'm thinking of building a studio 'in a bag'. Sorry to say I don't have anything like that. But, every thing I can try that uses multi-touch, even with both hands, the thing is handling without issue.
Can you guys not talk about this at your company meetings? Or is this supposed to be innovative marketing? I don't follow...?
What would you say is the biggest difference between the 2 and 3? Have you ran any games on it? How would you rate it for students? Thinking of using my best buy warranty to upgrade my pro 2 to the pro 3. The display is the big change, plus the thinness and the weight. Unless the size really bothers you I'd say it probably isn't worth the upgrade.
Assuming that the launch will soon result in the Surface Pro 2 dropping in price, do you think it's worth it forking out more for the updated version? I'm curious to see what the price difference will be. If you have the $$ it is a considerably nicer device -- thinner and lighter with a better screen. Big question is battery life, and it's too early for that.
Functionally, though, the difference is minimal.
Hi Tim, I wonder how it feels to write on the Surface? The tablets I tried so far somewhat sucked in this regard. Microsoft claims to addressed both parallax as well as response time, but how does it stack against paper? I've only done a few quick doodles. Initial impressions are quite good, much better than my Note 3, but need more testing time.
Any issue with tiny text on the desktop with legacy apps, because of higher res screen? Text is a bit on the small size, but okay for me. Oddly it's a bit blurry in Chrome on the desktop, like when the first Retina MacBooks came out. But, seems fine elsewhere.
Do you think the screen size increase means that it will be LESS effective as a tablet? I don't think so. I've often wanted a larger iPad. But, to be fair, I've mostly been using it as a laptop so far. Will do more tableting later today.
Can you play video games on it? when put under exhaust stress, how much heat does it generates? Yep, it gets quite warm at the top, but didn't hear a fan.
Why the hell has cnet sent a devout Apple fanboy to review a Windows product? The people who will be interested in this device run windows software, they couldn't care less that it doesn't have GarageBand on it. Nor do they want to hear that it isn't as good as a MacBook. With this in mind, will you promise not to mention any Apple product outside of the iPad in your review? Gosh I do love it when people who don't know me accuse me of being an Apple fanboy. I've been a PC user since 1992 and use a Note 3 for a phone. I do use a MacBook Air as my go-to laptop.
And for the record people elsewhere in this AMA are accusing me of being a Microsoft shill, so you should get your conspiracy theories straight.
Anyhow, I won't be writing the review, just thought y'all would want my impressions of this thing as I experiment with it.
Just have to say you're awesome and made me want to get into the Tech Journalism field! Did you go to school for journalism or just happened to get into it for your love of technology? I did not go to school for journalism, though I did have a focus on writing. I split my studies between writing and computer science and, as I graduated at the peak of the .com boom, going into software was the natural choice. After working my way up to enterprise software architect over the course of a ~10 year career I made the switch over to journalism.
Edit: I realize this AMA is primarily about the surface, so if you don't reply I won't be mad, nor will I shave my beard (which is getting close to your level of fullness btw). Aww shucks, you know I can't get mad with an intro like that.
Do you think that Microsoft has finally got it right with the Surface Pro 3? I don't think they necessarily got it wrong at the beginning, but for sure each iteration has been continually better, and this one is the best yet. It is quite good.
Am I the only one questioning whether this is a marketing ploy for either CNET or the Surface Pro 3? Probably not. But it isn't. I've done this in the past for other devices, and before I worked at CNET. I thought y'all might have questions about the Surface.
As an owner of an original Surface Pro 128GB model what would be the biggest selling points to get me to upgrade to the Surface Pro 3? Thinness and biggebetter display are the big improvements in this generation. Plus a better typing experience. The other stuff is pretty minor in my estimation.
Also, how long is this model supposed to run on a single charge vs. how long does it actually run? We were told a very general "nine hours" of casual usage for battery life. We'll be giving it the full run-down as part of our review.
Does it have a reason to exist? Do you feel compelled to give it extra attention because of the dramatic introduction and the company behind it? Seems like a slightly improved version of the Surface 2, which didn't find an audience. It is definitely an iterative improvement. Nice improvements for sure, but nothing revolutionary. I actually wasn't going to do this but I tweeted about using one and immediately got a zillion questions, so figured I'd start this up.
Do you think people will choose to not buy this because of the price or because they want an ultrabook/laptop and tablet? I guess what do you think will ultimately deter people from buying a Surface Pro 3? I'm guessing the big turn off for most is that the laptop experience here is not as good as a traditional laptop. People seem like they'd rather pay more for separate devices that are better at their discrete tasks.
Hi. I'm wondering if you have gamed on it yet? Or run any benchmarks etc. If so, did it get hot? Just the Final Fantasy benchmark I ran elsewhere in this thread. It did get quite warm, yes.
Have you installed any video games on the Surface 3? How's the game performance? About what you'd expect from a similar laptop. It's not a gaming monster, but it's capable.
Would you rather be given a free Surface Pro 3, or likewise, an excellent-condition 2010 Honda Civic? Hmm... standard or automatic?
Simple question... Would you buy one and if so whats the main reason? I don't think it's a better laptop than the MacBook Air, which is my daily driver, so no, I wouldn't. If I were looking to buy a new laptop and a new tablet, I'd seriously consider it.
My wife, however, is considering buying a Lenovo Yoga. I think this is solid competition to that. I'm curious to get her impressions.
Would you rather work on the Surface, or a conventional laptop? Depends on what I'm doing. In general I would find myself wanting more of a traditional laptop, but I'm planning on spending some couch time with it tonight to see whether it can really do the lean-forward and lean-backward experience.
Why should I buy a Surface Pro over a new Macbook Air? And despite the aged display, the Air is still awfully hard to beat.
I know that one big complaint from IT professionals and the Surface 2 is that you couldn't use a use to serial cable with the device. Is that possible with the new device now? Or have they not mentioned anything along those lines. There's certainly no serial port on here... Serial -> USB adapters don't work?
Hi there :) I’m not sure whether to get a surface pro 3 or 2. I am a digital artist and I would be mainly using the pro to create artwork. My main concern is that apparently the n-trig pen and screen only have 256 levels of pressure sensitivity. Do you know how sensitive the pro2 is? I don't... is there a utility that will check or test this you can recommend?
Is the Surface 3 better than the Surface tabletop?Link to i.imgur.com. PixelSense 4 lyf.
Does it have cell capability? Nope.
Seahawks or 49ers? Former Giants fan, not one who follows ball-related sports any longer, sorry to say.
How about puck-related sports? In that case, Rangers FTW -- who are actually worth cheering for this year.
What has been done to improve CNET's editorial independence since the scandal surrounding the hopper? What's the plan to ensure integrity of future reviews? First of all, the Hopper shenanigans never involved the integrity of CNET reviews, just the inclusion of that product in the awards program itself. Secondly, in my opinion, the issue there was largely one surrounding communication. The team able to be particularly forthcoming with what was going on, and everyone knows that was not the way to handle the situation.
If I ask a set up question, do I get paid well or does this just go towards brownie points? Ahh, I get it, you're implying I'm a shill.
Not you so much, Tim Stevens of CNET, just the other commenters that are obviously setting up the pins for you to knock them down. Hey, it's pretty rare that people hit me with easy questions, so I don't mind :(
For what it's worth, CNET is a respectable publication, but at times the writers can be too in-bed with the manufacturers of the products they are supposed to be reviewing. And having worked with a number of different pubs, and having had interactions with journos from plenty of others, I'm confident in saying that we do a really good job of keeping PR folk out from between our sheets. Other pubs, particularly smaller ones, get their hands much dirtier.
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