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Jessica DiLaurentis is A.D. Theory (Long, TL;DR Included)

Okay, I really didn't want to put it in writing, but I feel like if my theory turns out to be true, I cannot have an "I told you so!" moment, so here goes. Some of this may not make sense because honestly it's not a very well thought out theory, so you'll have to excuse me if there are glaring holes in my theory. I might add more points later, but this is what I have so far.
A.D. is Jessica DiLaurentis.
TL;DR: Jessica is Arcturus and A.D. She has been helping young Rosewoodians get revenge on the common enemy - the Liars. She has Alison, Jason, Charlotte, and Lucas on her team, her "children". The woman we see as Mary Drake is actually Jessica. Jessica killed Mary. She built the dollhouse and the game board with help from her team. It's all funded by her Carrissimi money. She stopped after the main game (dollhouse) but came back after Charlotte was killed. She made Mona and Charlotte confess because they could be sent to Radley/Welby and not jail. Jessica did not want Alison hurt, so she constantly kept her safe by making her fake her death and run away at the beginning, then get her imprisoned before the dollhouse, and at Welby before the board game (but had to let Alison get out because Archer was violating their rules and hurting Alison). The texts and Snapchat Aria both line up with Jessica's personality and tone. She has been running this game all along and is back to make the Liars uncover who Charlotte's killer is while simultaneously incriminating themselves.
Long Version:
Ashley said her reaction was thinking how it could be possible. Tyler said we haven't seen this person before, but we kind of have. Shay couldn't believe it. Janel was shocked, and then completely impressed with Marlene. Ian said he didn't believe it at first, then he was like oh that makes sense.
We think they are pointing towards a twin, and maybe we're right, but an existing twin we already know of. If one tells me "A.D. is Paige", I wouldn't be asking how that's possible because why wouldn't it be? The cast would only react that way and then understand if they were told it's a dead person who is still alive, but the how is the fun part. Mary is Jessica!
The cast have said it's not one of the parents, but keep in mind Jessica is assumed to be dead, so she doesn't count.
The A.D. Team, Jessica and Her Children:
A.D. has been in charge since the very beginning, and has had four of her children as helpers - Alison DiLaurentis, Charlotte DiLaurentis/Drake, Jason DiLaurentis, and Lucas Gottesman. Lucas is not Jessica's biological or adopted child, but is a mother figure influential enough to make Lucas do things for her. She considers Charlotte her own and not Mary's. Alison and Jason don't even need an explanation.
Jessica is Arcturus. In Lucas' comic, we see a woman named Arcturus comes to help a little boy. There have been several such "little boys" in Rosewood. The first two boys she helped were Lucas and Charles. Eventually she helped many other teenagers in Rosewood get revenge, and realised the common enemy were the Liars. Here are the "little boys":
  • Mona: Had Hanna stolen from her.
  • Jenna: Blinded by the Liars.
  • Noel: Rejected by Aria.
Whenever a "little boy” didn’t listen to Arcturus/Jessica, he or she was punished. Mona refused to do something, and Jessica ordered Noel to break up with her and be with Jenna. This was how she reeled them back in.
  • Shana, Garrett, and Sydney: Wanted revenge from the Liars for blinding their girlfriend/ friend Jenna.
  • Sara Harvey: Was best friends with Bethany (theory, not confirmed), and Bethany died because of the Liars.
  • Lucas: Alison taunted him by calling him Hermie, and the Liars didn’t stop her. Hanna did not reciprocate his feelings and even made him help her boyfriend Caleb.
  • Charlotte: Wanted revenge for her best friends Lucas and Bethany. Wanted the Liars to suffer for being happy Alison is gone.
  • Wren: Lost his fiancee thanks to Spencer, who then rejected him. Rejected by Hanna as well.
  • Melissa: Lost TWO of her fiances because of her half sister Spencer. One was the father of her child and that loss was unbearable.
The fact that we have had so many red herrings doing shady things can be explained by all of them being part of the whole A.D. circle.
Now I know this all means Alison would need to be punished, so Jessica started sending her A messages to scare her and make her run away from Rosewood. But Alison found out. Jessica then told her about the game she was about to start, and planned out a fake death for her. Then Charlotte was brought in to act guilty, and Wilden was paid off so he would actually think Alison is dead and Charlotte killed her. Before the biggest part of the game (dollhouse) was about to start, Alison was sent off to jail on purpose to keep her safe and away from the Liars, so they could be brought in and tortured. She also made sure Alison was safe in Welby while she was setting up the game after Charlotte's death, but didn’t know Archer would turn out to be such a scum. Archer did not impregnate Ali, however. Jessica did. Read the Emison baby section for more.
Being helpful to others, Arcturus also helped the girls out a little (forging Emily’s exam, getting Spencer to visit and comfort Toby, etc). But she also has her mission in mind. This is why A.D. has come off as helpful sometimes.
Some of the "little boys" know Jessica is A.D. while others don't.
The motives for wanting revenge are probably a little too "light", but there may be more we don't know about.
Jessica-Mary Switch:
We have seen Mary dressed head to toe as Jessica once. Maybe she did it again, and that’s when Jessica struck. She then went into hiding, and came back with an agenda.
Charlotte wasn't faking her crying. She knew Mary was her biological mother and when she found the body, she knew it was Mary. Jessica told Charlotte Peter killed Mary, which fueled her hatred for Spencer, and that is why Spencer had blood all over her in the dollhouse.
Jessica's Lair:
How would A.D. know Jessica had a lair and kept records? Jessica remembered the files she kept (which in itself is very A-esque), and needed blackmail material, and likely remembered something interesting she had on Aria.
Emison Baby:
Why would Jessica want her own daughter pregnant in such a way? Jessica knows Alison loves Emily and vice versa, knew Rollins is a bitch, and also knew Emily could choose another girl over her. She didn't want her daughter not to have her true love. Alison was in on it and said she wanted this (which now makes the reproductive rape not rape, but consensual artificial impregnation).
Fondness For Vintage Items:
Jessica has a fondness for vintage items, and Alison even points this out in the sneek peak for 7x16, holding in her hand those lamp dolls. Be it dolls or a handmade board game (board games are considered old fashioned, it's the app and technology that makes it seem modern), A.D. has a penchant for old world items. Another user pointed out A.D. is likely from a different generation, likely 30 years older than the Liars, that's why there are so many old wooden horses and vintage memorabilia.
The use of masks has only been shown before Mary Drake was revealed as far as I remember. Makes sense that she would need to stay hidden for a while. This also ties in with the whole "shapeshifter" thing from Arcturus. The others may also have been using masks. I believe the choking Alison scene was staged so two Liars would go dig Archer's grave up, and A.D. would have a video of it.
Dirt in Spencer's Sheets:
In 4x22, Jessica said “Nothing beats a good night’s sleep on fresh, clean sheets.” to Spencer after Spencer went into her home, grabbed her by the arm, and wanted to know if Jessica saw her with a shovel that night. Right after, Spencer finds dirt in her sheets.
I believe Jessica and the four others built the dollhouse. The "tasks" were set by the kids. Alison decorated their rooms like they are in real life, which would be easy for her. Jason wanted Aria to have pink hair, which he liked. Charlotte and Lucas put up the psychological torture boards, but didn't actually shock anyone. The other "little boys" like Noel and Sara were there to help. Charlotte and Lucas/Jason were physically present, with Charlotte being Red Coat and Lucas/Jason being Black Hoodie. Both were monitoring the happenings in the dollhouse.
Charlotte had to do the fake confession because of her Radley history; she was the only one who would end up at Welby instead of in jail.
Mona's Confession"
Jessica genuinely wanted to recruit Spencer to have an insider, but when things went south, Mona was made to take the fall as she could play a crazy person and go to Radley instead of jail, like Charlotte. This is why the first batch of anti-psychotic drugs were too strong for her.
The End of the Game, And The Beginning:
The game ended with Charlotte's confession because the dollhouse game was over. But once she was killed, Jessica decided to start the game again because she lost one of her babies because of the Liars.
Who Killed Sara?:
Jenna wasn't lying when she said Noel killed Sara. Sara tried to play for both teams and was going to tell Emily, so Jessica ordered Noel to kill her.
"The Lady In Black Is Endgame", Tweet By IMK:
Jessica was dressed as the Black Widow in a Christmas episode. IMK initially called Black Widow "The Lady In Black", then a Twitter user replied she liked the name Black Widow more, so IMK said let's keep that. The other Black Widow, Sara Harvey, is DED.
Those Emoji-laden texts looked like someone who was much older and was trying to come off as younger was typing them. Youngsters don't use emojis this way, but a much older person would think they do thanks to Mayor Boss on FB and Trendmood on Instagram. The texts quickly turned straightforward. The concise nature of the texts match the tone of "Mary's" wine bottle notes to Spencer.
Jessica is taking help from Lucas when it comes to things that involve technology, like the board game app and Snapchat Aria. But keep in mind this woman is the great Charlotte DiLaurentis' mother, so she may have a few tricks up her sleeve.
Jessica owned the Carrissimi group. She is no ordinary woman, she is a genius. She used some of the Carrissimi money to buy all this technology and materials to build the dollhouse, computers, the board game, etc. She also paid her four allies/children. Jessica needed Archer to get the money for her, as she was assumed dead and couldn't have access to the money herself, so she had Alison sign the money over to Archer, but Archer was going to run away with the money and had to be killed. Isn't it funny how Mary just shows up and has enough money to buy the Lost Woods?
AvatAria/Snapchat Aria:
I know the general consensus is AvatAria looks and sounds like Paige, but on rewatching it very much seems like it is Jessica/Mary. The deeper voice, mouth and jaw movements, the sharp stare, everything points at Andrea Parker to me. I know Lucy acted it out, but there would be some A.D. clues, so she was likely instructed by Andrea what to do to appear as her. That evil laugh at the end of 7x15 seems very Jessica/Mary. AvatAria also says she has EVERYTHING to gain from making the Liars play, which fits Jessica’s need for revenge, seeing her children finally avenged, a granddaughter, and finally finishing the game.
Manipulating Spencer:
Jessica had a "little boy" shoot Spencer so she could go tell Spencer she's her mother, and continue to make Spencer pine for her thinking she's Mary. This is part of her plan to punish Peter for never caring about her or Jason. That letter to Spencer from Mary Drake was written by Jessica.
Marlene said the person who plays A.D. had to go back and do some research. Andrea would have to research her previous scenes to be able to have an essence of that in her new character Mary, while still being convincing it's not Jessica.
Jessica's Nature:
Jessica was always a ruthless, manipulative woman. We have seen her lash out at the other moms, especially Ashley. I believe she's the one who locked the moms in the basement. She's scary, intimidating, vicious, evil. She's the scariest older character in all of PLL, period. All in all, a great candidate for Uber A.
So this is my entire Jessica DiLaurentis is A.D. theory. I know most of it seems "not right" and most of it is me knitting up a story, but I wanted to get this possibility out here. Hopefully my theory will not piss too many people off!
submitted by CeCeIsNotCharles to PrettyLittleLiars

Foolcraft 3 Crash

I was playing with AA Atomic Reconstructor easter egg - Lens of Disruption. I have a lot of random items in my AE system. When I type anything in the Crafting terminal - it crashes always with this error.
The game crashed whilst updating screen events Error: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: morph/avaritia/recipe/AvaritiaRecipeManager 
AFAIK there's no Avataria in this modpack...
What item could be causing this crash? And how should I remove it from my AE system?
submitted by snejkyy to FeedTheBeastCrashes

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