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Travelling to China and the 14-Day Mandatory Hotel Quarantine: My Story and Advice

I take it you have exhausted all of your efforts on Google trying to find any information that will be helpful for your upcoming trip to China? You are now praying this article will shine some light on your situation? How do I know this? I was in the same boat as you only a month ago. Hopefully, I can answer a tonne of your questions and relieve some of that pre-travel anxiety by sharing my nightmare of a story.
This will be a semi-informative, semi-experienced based article on the entire process of travelling to China and what to expect from your mandatory 14-day quarantine. I will detail every step, starting from the eureka moment to eagerly walking out of your quarantine hotel in China. I personally found the pre-flight steps the most overwhelming of the entire experience. Once you touch down in China, everything is very organised and efficient. Although other travellers have had differing experiences, which I will touch upon later. I wonder how your own experiences will unfold? For now, sit back, take notes and/or revel in my disaster story.

Travel restrictions

Before you can even think about flying to China, you need to check if nationals from your country are allowed entry. For the better part of the year, China has had its borders closed to almost everyone, except a select few who were crucial to big industry. This widespread lockdown went as far as including Chinese nationals stuck abroad. China wasn’t messing about in a bid to keep a lid on the spread of Covid.
In mid-August, to my surprise and delight, an announcement went out over Wechat (Chinese messaging app) that China was re-opening its borders to a select group of European countries, adding them to an already small list of Asian countries that could travel to China under certain conditions. My country was on that list. I was ecstatic. My wife was still in China when restrictions were put in place. We hadn’t seen each other in months. I was finally going to see her and I couldn’t wait.
My advice for any would-be travellers is to check the Chinese embassy website for your respective countries. It wouldn’t hurt to check any .gov websites for your country too which might have some useful information on travel restrictions. There will be sufficient information on those sites to inform you of your ability to fly to China. NOTE: Regularly check these websites as updates and/or new restrictions can be put in place in the blink of an eye. For those only going to China for a short stint (which is unlikely but possible), it might also be useful to be aware of any quarantine rules that are in place for your return trip.

Chinese Visas

I mentioned above that there were conditions for those wishing to travel to China. Well, those conditions are focused solely on your visa or ability to get one. If you’re planning to visit the Great Wall or the Avatar inspired mountains in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, don’t bother. China is not open for tourism. You can only travel to China if you fit the following criteria.
  1. You held a valid “Foreigner’s Residence Permit” before lockdown (expired after 28 March 2020) for work, private matters or family reunion purposes and are returning for the same intention.
  2. You are invited by the provisional government for economic, trade, scientific, technological, culture or sport purposes and have the relevant documentation.
  3. You are invited for work, private matter or family reunion purposes in China and have obtained a “Notification Letter of Foreigners Work Permit”, “Invitation Letter (PU/TE)” or “Verification Confirmation of Invitation”.
  4. Humanitarian reasons, including visiting family and looking after sick or elderly family members.
  5. Crew members
Luckily my spouse visa was still valid. Barely. So I booked an appointment with the China Visa Application Service Center (global website) in London. China tends to out-source visa applications for large cities to this specific company. This offloads some of the workload. Makes sense, but adds extra cost to us. Frown. This may not be the case for your country, you might just need to visit the local Chinese embassy. Once again, check those websites. Whilst booking my appointment online, they required me to fill out an extensive online application. It was exhausting. Comparable to applying for citizenship. After reluctantly typing out my family history blah, blah, blah, I was finally allowed to choose a timeslot to visit the centre. Depending on how busy your embassy or local China Visa Application Service Center is, this could be anywhere from a couple of days wait, up to a couple of weeks. So plan accordingly. Luckily for me, two days later I hopped onto the District Line Tube, and off I went into London. I’m not familiar with other countries, but because of lockdown and restrictions, the visa centre in London was only open Tuesdays and Thursdays and was limited to morning hours. The whole process went by quite smoothly. I picked up my passport with a new visa the following week. NOTE: I had to put a 99GBP deposit down while they verified my existing visa. Once verified they reimbursed the money. Which was a massive relief, as the costs for going to China just kept piling on. For those applying for a new visa, you will be charged as per usual. I strongly recommend double-checking, triple-checking that you fall within their guidelines, otherwise you will lose that cash. Once again, this was my experience in London and it may vary globally. Always revert to the Chinese embassy website and/or .gov websites in your country for up to date information. Heck, even call them up if you find the guidelines vague or contradictory (which I did on numerous occasions).

Booking flights

This is where my nightmare truly set in. For starters, flights to China are exorbitantly expensive. Tickets were going for USD2000–5000. Yeah, exactly… WTH! To my surprise though, I found an incredibly affordable flight. This was in the realms of what I could afford. Only USD600 (one-way). A glimmer of hope at last. This was with an airline I had never heard of, and I travel regularly. I noticed it was partnered with a global and recognised alliance group, so my inklings of doubt quickly subsided, despite worry from family and friends. There was a 23-hour layover, which explained the price. In the grand scheme of things, 23-hours sitting in a dingy airport lounge, or a terminal hotel (which had shocking reviews), was nothing compared to seeing my wife again. Bring it on! I do, however, recommend flying direct if it is within your means. My 23-hour layover caused a lot of anxiety and trouble in terms of timing, specifically with the Covid-swab test. There is another key reason I recommend booking direct which I will touch upon later.

Covid-Swab Test

This is where things started becoming problematic. Travelling to China requires a mandatory Covid-swab test (not to be mistaken for the antibody test). To make things more delicate, you need to have your test administered 72 hours before your flight to China. Emphasis on your flight to China. If you have a multiple leg ticket, it only counts from the flight which is departing to China.
With my 23-hour layover, this left me with less than 48 hours to receive my results before embarking on my journey. Not ideal. To make matters worse, the only options for Covid-swab tests (with specific documentation for flying) in the UK are through private health clinics. And boy do they know their supply and demand. Prices are extortionary. Most clinics will offer a 48-72 hour window for returning your results, albeit denying liability if you miss your flight as a result of late test results. This made things troublesome. Few offered 24-hour results, those that did happily doubled their prices. Those costs just kept piling on.
I’m sure costs and timing may vary from country to country, but it still leaves a tight window. Plan accordingly. Make sure you leave yourself with enough time to hand in your health declaration form to the embassy and receive your signed form before your flight.
As for the test itself, boy oh boy. For someone who has a sensitive gag reflex to put it lightly, this test was not my cup of tea. For starters, the clinic I used insisted I administer the test myself. Secondly, it was via nose, and wait for it… throat too. I’m sure for most of you this won't be the case. Testing will be done via nasal passage or by throat and administered by a medical expert. I gagged for the entirety of the test and sneezed about 20 times. I probably scared the bejesus out of the patients waiting in line. Fun times.
One last important piece of advice regarding the swab test: Ask your medical practitioners to date it and put your passport number on your test results. This is crucial in obtaining a signed health declaration form.

Health Declaration Form

This is a must for getting on the plane. A printed out version to be specific. The only problem… it requires you emailing your Covid-swab test results to an embassy issued email address and then waiting for the reply. How long will it take? Will they reply in time? Will I make my flight? Those were the exact questions whizzing around my brain. I emailed the embassy enquiring about said questions and all I got were vague responses, or departments offloading the burden onto another department. Not helpful at all. I decided to take matters into my own hands, partially. I was still racing against the clock. The embassy website gives a list of email addresses you can email your Health Declaration Form and Covid-swab test to. The website suggests writing a specific subject header in your email to speed up the process. I decided to go gung ho. Email each address twice. Once following protocol. The second adding URGENT in the forefront of the subject title. And voila, success. Funnily enough, I received 4 different Health Declaration Forms in a matter of 20 minutes. This tactic may or may not work for you, but I suggest trying it. Fingers crossed my young padawans. Next stop, Heathrow Terminal 5. It’s the final countdown!

Airport Departure

Advice from a weary traveller: Constantly check for changes in your flight status, and updates on flight paths being cancelled. Read on for why this is critical.
Oh it was meant to be a joyous occasion. I was finally on my way back to my significant other. Documents in hand. How I was wrong. Again. My cab was pulling into Heathrow Terminal 5 and immediately I sensed something was off. There wasn’t a car or person in sight. It quickly became apparent the terminal was closed. I asked the cab driver to politely stay put as I investigated. All flights from terminal 5 had been re-allocated to different terminals. Great! I wish my airline had informed me of this. I know some of the blame falls on me too, I should have been more vigilant keeping up with my flight status etc, but I still feel this is something they should have made their customers aware of. As I hopped back into the cab, I see a couple arriving in their taxi. I quickly told them to keep their cab, “The terminal is closed! Don’t let your cab leave, you will be stranded!”. I’m not going to lie, I felt like a superhero saving that couple from disaster. For those who don’t frequent Heathrow often, the terminals are miles apart. It would definitely put a damper on your day. Although, I'm sure it wasn't that dramatic.
Eventually, I arrived at Terminal 2. The diversion had subsequently left me short on time. Naturally, there was a monstrosity of a queue to get into the terminal. Single file lane for every passenger entering the building, with one officer checking everyone's boarding pass. Typical England. Eventually, I made it to the check-in desk. Hallelujah. Pleasantries aside, the check-in assistant got to it. Seconds went by, seconds turned to minutes. “What's happening now”, I sighed under my breath. The airline couldn’t seem to find me in their system. I also noticed the flight number and departure time were slightly different from my booking info. Alas, they found me in their system. There’s just one teeny-weeny problem. The second leg of my ticket had been cancelled. It had been for 7 days already. All flights from that specific destination to China had been cancelled for the foreseeable future. I started to get agitated. Why had the airline not informed me of this? Why was I only finding out about this now? Why was there nothing on the airline website mentioning this? For my troubles, I received a standard-issue apology, no explanation and a voucher. No refund. Back home I went dejected and heartbroken.
If you happen to run into a similar situation, depending on local regulations, you may be legally entitled to a refund. Subsequently, I have taken the airline to small claims court via an online agency that handles such matters.
I mentioned earlier in the article to fly direct. This is why. It saves you having to worry about cancellations across multiple leg journeys. I’m just thankful I wasn’t sitting in that poorly rated terminal hotel in the middle of nowhere when the flight path to China was cancelled. Count your blessings.
Thanks to my lovely family, we can fast forward 24 hours, and I was off to China again, direct to Shanghai this time around and minus a small fortune. Before I carry on, I think it is important to note a few things regarding check-in: First, they ask you to scan and fill out a medical questionnaire using Wechat. You will need to show this on arrival. If you don’t have Wechat (Which the Australian next to me didn’t), they do have workarounds, albeit slow. So don’t fret. Secondly and of even greater importance, is if you have a second leg within China, you need to make sure it is for two weeks time. My ticket was for London — Shanghai — Beijing. The Beijing leg was on the same day as the Shanghai arrival. You will not be able to make same-day connections, let alone 2 or 3-day connections. The port of arrival is where you will quarantine. The airline unbeknownst to this factor, still graciously changed my Beijing flight to the appropriate date. Last but not least, prepare for the unexpected, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. I fear a lot of people missed those local connecting flights for fear of asking.


The flight itself wasn’t as uncomfortable as I was expecting. Despite a lack of hot food and wearing a mask for the entirety of the flight, it was just like any other flight. Staff weren’t wearing hazmat suits, there were no temperature checks, no strict enforcement of protocols. This will vary by country and airline. I had friends flying on Air China and it was exactly what you would expect. Limited food, hazmat wearing flight attendants, temperature checks, the whole shebang. If you are risk-averse and don’t want to roll the dice on your health, maybe flying on a Chinese airline will be your best bet.Note: Don’t forget to bring some snacks, water, hand sanitizewipes and several masks. After a few hours, the masks get really damp, which is not pleasant, but more importantly, time impedes the effectiveness of the masks. Medical experts recommend changing them every three hours.

Airport Arrivals

After 10 agonisingly long months, I finally touched down in China. I was so close, yet so far. I still had to endure two weeks of isolation. What would my hotel room be like? How much was it going to cost? Would the food be edible? How long would the process in the airport take? These are all questions, that cannot be answered. They will differ from person to person. It really is a roll of the dice. I can draw upon my own experiences and those of friends to give you a rough idea of what to expect. The highs and lows. Best to worst-case scenarios.
Let's start off with the airport experience. After disembarking the plane, I was fed through a one-way system. I wanted to bypass long queues so I power walked past anyone I had my sights on. This method proved extremely helpful in the long run. I highly recommend you adopt this advice. You really don’t want to be queuing behind hundreds of people.
The first pit stop, is your Covid-swab test. Staff are fast and efficient. They didn’t waste any time sticking two swabs up my nose. Each nostril for around 10 seconds. It was brain tinglingly brutal. The next pit stop brings me back to the questionnaire I had to fill out at Heathrow via Wechat. Airport staff scanned the QR code I received upon completion of the questionnaire. This downloaded my answers/information into their system. I also had to hand over my Health Declaration Form and Covid-swab test report. Next stop, immigration. The end was nigh. Or was it? After immigration, I collected my bags and joined a queue for the buses that would hurry me off to an unknown location. This queue, moved at snail pace. I was comparatively at the front, yet it still took over an hour. This is why I recommend power walking past anyone or anything. Skipping 50 people will save you an hour. Have your documents on hand, walk fast and you may save yourself significant time. After a significant wait, I finally boarded my bus. To where? No idea. I just hoped and prayed.

Hotel Experience

The anticipation was killing me. Would I score lucky in the hotel lottery? Would I be able to have a nice hot shower after such a long journey? The bus started pulling into a side road and…Cha-ching! It was the Holiday Inn. That's a win in my books. From arriving at the hotel, I was swiftly sent up to my room with my luggage, a toiletry bag, a few A4 papers with Chinese writing and a single pot of pot noodles. The most important of those being the A4 papers.
This contains all of the answers to your questions. If you can read Chinese. If not, I highly recommend you have a friend or colleague on hand to walk you through the form. It will differ from hotel to hotel as they each have their own policies. My hotel, for example, forbid ordering any food that didn’t come pre-wrapped. So McDonalds was off the menu. It also banned the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. If you don’t think you can last the two weeks, I recommend pre-packing some in your suitcase, otherwise use the opportunity to detox.
It also goes into detail about how to pay for your hotel stay, the food they provide for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and also your covid test which you will take a few days before your departure. All payments have to be done via Wechat, Alipay and Chinese bank transfer. Alipay accepts foreign cards, although I haven’t personally tested it myself. If you don’t want to risk it, you could ask a friend to cover the payments and pay them back. They are all done via QR codes except for the covid test, which I had to pay via bank transfer. Either way, you have time in isolation to sort out a payment method which suits you. Time is not scarce in isolation!
As for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food I ate daily was actually pretty good. I was surprised. I had heard horror stories about the food being served in some hotels. This once again, comes back to the luck of the draw. You can opt-out having the food, but once you opt-out, it's done for good. You cannot pick and choose which days.
As for the cost of the hotel and food, it will say on your A4 sheet. The costs can vary dramatically from location to hotel. I had a friend stay at a horrible hotel, and he paid the same as me. Whereas I had some friends stay at a lovely hotel and paid 25% of what I paid. Generally, you won't pay more than 500RMB per night (excluding food). If you are lucky, or unlucky in the sense your hotel is a dump, you can be paying as low as 150RMB a night. Based off multiple accounts, the food seems to be a constant 100RMB a night. The food also comes ridiculously early. Breakfast at 730am (which isn’t so bad), but lunch and dinner come at 1130am and 430pm respectively. Some hotels do allow ordering from outside restaurants, so you can opt-out of the 100RMB a day and eat at your own expense and time.
As for my hotel room, it was clean, spacious and even had a bathtub. Once again, this may not be your experience. But this gave me the space to exercise daily, which I did to keep my mind busy. Time will be your enemy. So I recommend having a plan of action by the time you arrive. Set up a daily routine and stick to it. I read a lot, worked on some programming and exercised religiously. Without the routine, I think time would have stood still. You are alone, by yourself, with only your thoughts, for two weeks. It’s solitary confinement with a bathtub. Figure out what works for you, and you will be fine. Your only connection to the outside world will be your hazmat wearing food delivery man, knocking on your door to leave your food outside, or the nurse coming to collect your twice-daily temperature checks (self-administered).


I wrote this article to highlight some of the pains I went through in getting to China and ultimately back to my wife. But specifically to highlight how you can avoid those pains and make your trip less stressful.
To condense it all done to a tee, I highly recommend being vigilant in regards to your timing, your flight status, making sure you have the appropriate documentation, and dealing with isolation by being productive and letting go of the small details in life. Your bed may be uncomfortable, or the food sucks, but the time will pass, and you will move on with your life. It’s just a small blip in an otherwise fruitful life. Enjoy your travels and enjoy China. Most importantly, stay safe!
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