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Guide to all of the achievements

I recently completed Dark Souls Remastered 100% by earning the "the dark soul" achievement. Since I found it very hard to find a complete guide online, I took it upon myself to create one. A few things right off the bat though:
  1. I will not be including the location of all the titanite chunks (colored as well as regular) needed. They can easily be farmed from the Black knights in the Kiln of the first flame.
  2. I suggest you get all of the spells in new game + since you'll have far more souls than you'll have in new game.
  3. In total you'll require 216 titanite shards, 163 large titanite shards, 27 titanite chunks, 3 titanite slabs, 17 of every colored titanite chunk, 2 of every colored titanite slab as well as 31 green titanite shards. Look at this page to learn all about titanite farming as well as all of the locations of the slabs you'll need.
  4. You'll have to play through the game 2 1/2 times to get all the boss souls required for all of the boss weapons. I will add a chart to what weapons you need for ascencion to boss weapons at the end of the guide.
  5. For the sake of this guide I'll assume that your weapons are upgraded as well as they possibly can be from the point you meet Andre on. I will also assume that you have enough souls to purchase all of the items required to get all of the achievements.
Without further ado, let's get into the guide!
New Game
  1. Wake up in the Undead Asylum, get your starting equipment and your estus flask. Wether you kill him or not is up to you, but if you do I want you to know that you're a monster.
  2. Whoop the Asylum Demon's ass.
  3. Arrive in Lordran and enter the Way of White through Petrus of Thorolund. Buy all of his Miracles. (Heal, Great Heal Exerpt, Homeward, Force)
  4. Make your way through the Undead Burg and beat the Taurus Demon, but not before purchasing the Residence Key from the Undead Merchant (male).
  5. Trigger the Drake on the Bridge and shoot it's Tail off with a Bow to get the Drake Sword.
  6. You can try to get to the Sunlight Altar now if you want, but I'd recommend attempting it later when you have a bit more hp. This can easily be done by staying near him but out of his line of sight for a while. He'll fly onto the bridge and stay there for a few seconds if you're lucky. This is when you make a dash towards the Sunlight Altar.
  7. If possible, enter the Warrior of Sunlight covenant to receive the Lightning Spear miracle.
  8. Make your way through the Undead Burg and meet Andre. Make sure to grab the Mystery Key. Alsp grab the basement key on the steps in front of the church.
  9. Free Lautrec.
  10. Beat the Bell Gargoyles while making sure to cut off the Tail off the first one that spawns to receive the Gargoyle Tail Axe. If you just can't do it, don't worry, you'll get a third and fourth chance later on.
  11. Ring the Bell of Awakening. After that, purchase Karmic Justice from Oswald of Carim.
  12. Speak to Lautrec to receive a Sunlight Medal. He'll kill the firekeeper after a while, but don't worry about it, you can revive her later. Just make sure to grab the Black eye orb you get from her corpse. Killing him at Firelink Shrine won't have any bad impact on the run and prevent him from Killing Anastasia (The Firekeeper). The only things you gain from not killing him is Anastasia's Armor set and a Souvenir of Reprisal. Anastasia will also regain the ability to speak after returning her soul to her.
  13. Revisit the Undead Asylum. Kill Oscar to get the Crest Shield.
  14. Get the Peculiar Doll (this item is required to enter the painted world) and kill the Stray Demon. He'll drop a Titanite Slab for you. You can do this at any point in the playthrough after leaving the Undead Asylum, don't worry if you're not strong enough yet.
  15. Leave the Undead Burg and enter the Darkroot Garden. From there, go to the bonfire next to the door that can be opened with the crest of artorias. Kill the Moonlight Butterfly to get it's soul. This can also be done later in the game when you head there to kill pet sif.
  16. Farm the Stone Knights to get the Stone Greatsword and the Stone Greatshield.
  17. Head back to the bridge with the Hellkite drake and use the Basement key to enter the lower Undead Burg. There you can free Griggs of Vinheim.
  18. Kill the Kapra Demon.
  19. Purchase all of Griggs' Sorceries at Firelink Shrine. (Soul Arrow, Great Soul Arrow, Heavy Soul Arrow, Great Heavy Soul Arrow, Aural Decoy, Fall Control) Your intelligent must be at least 10 for him to teach you sorceries.
  20. Enter the Depths and get the Large Ember.
  21. Free Laurentius of the Great Swamp.
  22. Farm so many Basilisks until you have 7 eyes of death in your inventory.
  23. Kill the Gaping Dragon. Cut off it's Tail to call the Dragon King Greataxe a weapon of your own.
  24. Enter Blighttown (don't worry, you'll only have to do this once.)
  25. Fetch the Pyromancy Power Within from under a gross Leech-thing stuck to a wall.
  26. Kill Chaos Witch Queelag to receive her Soul and ring the second Bell of Awakening.
  27. Meet the Fair Lady and Eingyi (the egg carrier accompanying her). Make sure to say YES when he asks you wether you're a new seervant.
  28. Get yourself infected with an egg by one of the egg carriers in izalith. Wait until the Egg replaces your head, then buy all of Eingyi's Pyromancies. (Toxic Mist, Poison Mist) He'll sell the item you need to remove the egg.
  29. Offer 30 humanity to the Fair Lady after joining the chaos servants covenant to receive the Pyromancies Great Chaos Fireball and Chaos Storm.
  30. On your journey back up, grab the Remedy Sorcery, which is near the exit of Blighttown.
  31. Return to the surface and enter the Valley of Drakes. Fetch Astora's Straight Sword and the Dragon Crest Shield from under the Undead Dragon's nose.
  32. Open the shortcut that connects Firelink Shrine and the ruins of New Londo.
  33. While your in Firelink Shrine, Buy all of Laurentius' Pyromancies (Fireball, Fire Orb, Combustion, Iron Flesh, Flash Sweat) and upgrade you Pyromancy flame to +10.
  34. Head to the Darkroot Basin and Kill the Hydra that lives there.
  35. Reload the area and find the golden Crystal Golem. Kill him to free Dusk of Oolacile.
  36. Find Dusks summoning sign where you killed the Hydra to summon her and buy all of her Sorceries. (Hidden Weapon, Hidden Body, Cast Light,Repair, Chameleon)
  37. Enter Sen's Funhouse. Make sure to talk to Siegmeyer while you're there.
  38. Free Big Hat Logan and meet him at Firelink Shrine to purchase all of his spells. (Homing Soulmass, Soul Spear, Magic Weapon, Great Magic Weapon, Magic Shield) Your intelligent has to be at least 15 for that.
  39. Kill the Iron Golem to receive his Soul and make your way to Anor Londo.
  40. Perform a balance act in Anor Londo. Cut the chain of the chandelier while you're up there.
  41. Enter the painted world of Ariamis after Grabbing the Black Iron Set and the Black Iron Greatshield.
  42. Make your way through the painted world. You should farm at least eight Souvenirs of Reprisal by killing the Crow Demons.
  43. Get the Bloodshield from the bridge with the undead dragon.
  44. Pick up Velka's Rapier and Vow of Silence.
  45. Fetch the Pyromancy Acid Surge in the area where you're invaded by King Jeremia.
  46. Kill an unmoving toxic zombie behind an illusiory wall down a well in the area with the Phalanx. He drops the Pyromancy Fire Surge.
  47. Kill Crossbreed Priscilla to receive her soul, but also cut off her tail for Priscilla's Dagger.
  48. After returning to Anor Londo, make your way past the infamous Anor Londo Archers. Farm the Silver Knights that guard the halls of Anor Londo to earn the Silver Knight Straight Sword, Silver Knight Spear and the Silver Knight Shield. Help Siegmeyer with his little problem in the process. In addition, you can fetch three Sunlight Medals from a chest.
  49. Discover Havel's secret chamber to grab the Dragon Tooth and Havel's Greatshield from the chests down there.
  50. Kill Ornstein and Smough. But watch out: You'll only receive the Souls of whoever you kill second. Make 100% sure to kill the other one next time around. To gain more control over who dies first, try not summoning anyone for the fight.
  51. Purchase the Giant's Halberd from the Giant Blacksmith.
  52. Farm the Bat Wing Demons long enough to earn yourself the Demon's Spear.
  53. Drop out of the Window above the main entrance of Anor Londo to get to the Dragonslayer Greatbow.
  54. Use the Black Eye Orb to invade the world of Knight Lautrec and kill him to get a new Souvenir of Reprisal and the Firekeeper's soul back.
  55. Receive the Lordvessel and enter the Princess' Guard, but shoot Gwynevere after you've done that. Do NOT talk to Kingseeker Frampt anymore after receiving the Lordvessel.
  56. Challenge Gwyndolin to get his Soul and the miracle Sunlight Blade that lies within a chest at the end of the Darkmoon Tomb.
  57. Purchase the Crest of Artorias from Andre and open the gate to the Forest Hunter area. Run past all of the Npc fighters and enter the Forest Hunter Covenant by talking to the Alvina the white cat.
  58. Pet Great Greywolf Sif to get her Soul. Sif's souls is the only soul you'll need three times, she is the only reason you'll be required to play halfway through new game +2.
  59. Quickly run through New Londo. Don't forget to purchase the Sorcery Resist Curse from Ingward, the guardian of the seal of New Londo.
  60. Put on the Covenant of Artorias and Kill the Four Kings. Grab the Very Large Ember along the Way.
  61. Since you haven't talked to Frampt yet, Kaathe will appear. Let him transport you to the Lordvessel Chamber and enter the Darkwraith Covenant afterwards to receive the Dark Hand.
  62. Meet Siegmeyer at Firelink Shrine after you've helped him in Anor Londo. Upon meeting him, he will ask wether you were the one who helped him in Sen's Fortress as well. Say YES to receive the Emit Force Miracle.
  63. Teleport to the Daughter of Chaos Bonfire and head to the Blighttown swamp. If your Pyromancy flame is +10 already, you'll find a new Npc, Quelana of Izalith. She'll teach you various pyromanciey, all of which you have to buy: Great Fireball, Firestorm, Fire Whip, Great Combustion, and Undead Rapport. She can also enhance your Pyromancy flame up to +15 with her help.
  64. Meet Siegmeyer In front of the Giant Tree in the Swamp and give him a purple moss clump to progress his questline.
  65. Walk through an illusiory wall in the giant tree surrounded by Leeches to find the entrance to the Great Hollow. Descend within the Great Hollow and arrive at Ash Lake.
  66. Proceed to explore Ash Lake and find Great Magic Barrier within another tree.
  67. Find the last Everlasting Dragon at the end of Ash Lake, enter the path of the dragon covenant and cut off his tail to get the Dragon Greatsword. Don't worry, he won't mind.
  68. Teleport back to Izalith and shove the Ceaseless discharge gently to his death.
  69. Run past the Capra Demons and fight the Demon Firesage. (it should be mentioned at this point that the Demon Firesage as well as the Centipide Demon technically aren't mandatory. They can be skipped by Becoming a +2 member of the servants of Chaos and activating the shortcut associated with that covenant.)
  70. Kill the Centipide Demon and make your way through Lost Izalith. Quelana will now ask you to kill her mother ( the Bed of Chaos).
  71. Either kill Solaire or save him by using the shortcut I previously mentioned before the centipide demon. Pick up the Sunlight maggot.
  72. Help Siegmeyer defeat the Chaos Eaters in the a pit, but make sure that his hp don't sink under 50%. I recommend killing most of the Chaos Eaters with a bow before talking to him.
  73. Pick up the Pyromancy Chaaos Fire Whip near the entrance of the Bed of Chaos bossroom.
  74. Defeat the Bed of Chaos.
  75. Go talk to Quelana. She'll give you the Fire Tempest Pyromancy.
  76. Teleport to Anor Londo and make your way to the Duke's archives.
  77. Die in an unwinable battle to Seath. Put on a ring of sacrifice to avoid losing your souls.
  78. Escape your cell and kill all of the Pisaca to earn Bountiful Sunlightand Soothing Sunlight.
  79. Talk to Big Hat Logan in the Cell he's now Stuck in.
  80. Escape the Dungeon and farm the respawning Channelers in the rooms with the shifting staircases until you pick up the Channeler's Trident.
  81. Fetch Strong Magic Shield from a chest in the very same room.
  82. Get the Archive Tower Giant Cell Key and free Logan. He can now be found in the room next to the one you found the key in. He'll sell some new Sorceries including Homing Crystal Soulmass, Crystal Soul Spear and Crystal Magic Weapon.
  83. Kill the golden Crystal Golem in the Crystal Forest to free Sieglinde, Siegmeyer's Daughter. Answer YES to anything she'll ever ask you.
  84. Kill Seath the Scaleless in the Crytal Cave, but cut off his Tail at all costs to receive the Moonlight Greatsword. Wearing the Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring will make this task easier.
  85. Big hat Logan can now be found in the room where you first met Seath. He'll only spawn once you opened the chest that is now in there though. Kill him to receive the Sorcery White Dragon Breath.
  86. Make your way through the graveyard next to Firelink Shrine and enter the Catacombs.
  87. Grab the Darkmoon Seance Ring. It's inside a stone coffin. Near the the ring is in there is a room with a ladder on the wall. Climb the ladder to enter a room containing the miracle Tranquil Walk of Peace.
  88. Grab 3 more eyes of death that lay on the ground behind a titanite demon.
  89. Lay down inside an open stone coffin neaar the same titanite demon and wait for a bit. Walk to Nito's coffin, enter his covenant, the gravelord servants, and give him the 10 eyes of death. This will give you the Gravelord Sword, the Gravelord Sword Dance and the Gravelord Greatsword Dance.
  90. It's time for the most powerful boss in the game! That's right, it's time for Pinwheel! Overcome that challenge and move on into the Tomb of the Giants. Wearing the Sunlight Maggot on your head will help you very much in this area.
  91. Hidden somewhere in the Tomb is the Effigy Shield. Don't miss it.
  92. Once you've arrived at the Tomb of the Giants bonfire, you can get yourself kicked down a pit by Patches. Kill Nico and Vince and then talk to Reah of Thorolund. She'll give you the miracle Replenishment.
  93. Return to Firelink Shrine and kill Petrus. He is not relevant to Reah's questline anymore. She can now be found in the church of the Undead Burg, praying at the altar the corps with the Firekeeper soul lies on. She sells the following miracles: Force, Wrath of the Gods, Heal, Great Heal Exerpt, Great Heal, Homeward, Magic Barrier and Seek Guidance. Buy all of them.
  94. Return to the Tomb of the Giants, forgive Patches and return to Firelink Shrine.
  95. By now Sieglinde should be at Firelink Shrine. Tell her that you found her father.
  96. Buy all of the spells Griggs has left to sell, as well as all of his rings.
  97. Patches should also be an available merchant in Firelink Shrine by now. Buy the Crescent Axe from him. Edit: Killing Nito is required in order to turn Patches into an available merchant.
  98. Griggs can now be met in his hollow form in Sen's Fortress . Kill him to receive the sorcery Hush.
  99. If Sieglinde has returned by now, she'll tell you that she finally got to tell her father her mother's last words.
  100. Go back to Ash Lake to meet Sieglinde standing above Siegmeyer's dead body. She'll give you a Titanite Slab.
  101. Proceed to explore the Tomb of the Giants and let yourself get invaded by Paladin Leeroy. Kill him to receive the Grant and the Sanctus.
  102. Defeat Gravelord Nito after entering his Tomb.
  103. Make your way to the Kiln of the first flame. Farm the Black Knights until you're holding the Black Knight Sword, the Black Knight Greatsword, the Black Knight Halberd and the Black Knight Greataxe. While you're at it, farm all of the colored Titanite Chunks.
  104. Finish off Gwyn and either Link the Fire or become the Dark Lord. Regardless of what you do, make sure to pick the other choice in new game+.

New Game+
I will only list the stuff you'll have to do differently, or additional stuff you'll have to do.
  1. You won't have to kill the Gaping Dragon and Crossbreed Priscilla.
  2. You will not have to follow Siegmeyer's Questline.
  3. You will not have to do any of the merchant's questlines since you won't need any of their spells.
  4. This time, grab all of the embers.
  5. The Large Ember is in the depths. (Give it to Andre)
  6. The Very large Ember is in the ruins of New Londo. (Give it to Andre)
  7. The Large Flame ember is in Lost Izalith. It's near the entrnace to the bossroom of the demon firesage. Just go left, were two Taurus Demons are standing around. The chest that holds the ember is protected by four large centipides. (Give it to the Skeleton Blacksmith Vamos)
  8. After getting the Orange Charred Ring from beating the Centipide Demon, head to the start of Izalith, where the Taurus Demon Army is. Defeat them and look through the lava behind them to find the Large Chaos Ember. (Give it to the Skeleton Blacksmith Vamos)
  9. The divine ember can be found at the top of the tower behind the boss arena of the Moonlight Butterfly. (Give it to Andre)
  10. The Dark Ember is located in the Painted world. It's in the area that is unlocked by using the annex key. (Give it to Andre)
  11. The Large Divine Ember is inside a giant coffin near the Tomb of the Giants bonfire. It's protected by a horde of giant skeletons. (Give it to Andre)
  12. The Enchanted Ember is near Sif's boss arena. It's inside a chest in a small puddle of water, protected by two mushroom people. (Give it to Blacksmith Rickert)
  13. The Large Magic Ember is inside Seath's original boss arena (the one where he kills you) after you've defeated him. (Give it to Blacksmith Rickert)
  14. Last but not least, the Crystal Ember is inside a chest in Duke's archives. It's in the same room the Channeler's outfit can be found and is hidden behind a bookshelf. (Give it to the Giant Blacksmith)
  15. Make all of your infused weapons and upgrade them to their maximum strength. If you have trouble remembering how infusions work, click this link. (Andre: Raw (Large Ember) Divine (Divine Ember & Large Divine Ember)) Occult (Dark Ember) (Rickert: Enchanted (Enchanted Ember) & Magic (Large Magic Ember)) (Vamos: Fire (Large Flame Ember) Chaos (Large Chaos Ember)) (Giant Blacksmith: Lightning (Naturally) Crystal (Crystal Ember))
  16. Defeat Ornstein and Smough, but kill the other one first this time, depending on who you killed first the first time around.
  17. Trigger a different ending then last time, depending on wether you linked the fire or not in new game.
New Game +2
Here I will also only list the things you'll have to do differently.
  1. You don't need any of the embers this time, except for the Large Ember.
  2. Kill Sif (for the third time) before going to anor Londo.
  3. If you have enough Sunlight medals by now, enter the Warriors of Sunlight covenant and offer ten Sunlight medals to receive Great Lightning Spear. Now you have the ability to offer the Soul of Gwy, Lord of Cinder to get the miracle Sunlight Spear.
  4. Do not Kill Gwynevere. Instead, put on the Darkmoon Seance Ring to get to the Darkmoon Tomb without robbing Anor Londo of it's sunlight. DO NOT enter Gwyndolin's boss arena, but instead kneel on the carpet in front of the boss arena and take the covenant of Blade of the Darkmoon. Offer ten Souvenirs of Reprisal to receive the last miracle needed: Darkmoon Blade.
  5. It's time. You now have everything you need to create all of the boss wepons you'll need. Note that all of the weapons required for ascension have to be upgraded up to +10, not including the Catalysts since they cannot be upgraded. Here are all the Boss weapons you need and what you need for their ascension:
Soul of Chaos witch Queelag:
  • Chaos Blade (Ascend a +10 Katana. The Uchigatana is recommended since it can easily be obtained by killing the undead merchant (male)).
  • Queelag's Furysword (Ascend a +10 Curved Sword, for example a scimitar or a Painting Guardian's Sword)
Soul of the Moonlight Butterfly:
  • Moonlight Butterfly Horn (Ascend a +10 Spear. The regular Spear is recommended since it's frequently dropped by undead Soldiers wielding it in the Undead Burg. Pikes can also be purchased from Andre.)
  • Crystal Ring Shield (Ascend a +10 standart shield or buckler. The Large Leather Shield can be bought from Andre for a relatively low price.)
Core of the Iron Golem
  • Golem Axe (Ascend a +10 axe. The Battle Axe can be purchased from Andre.)
  • Dragon Bone Fist (Ascend a +10 claw or fist weapon. Andre sells Ceastus' for a low price.)
Soul of Gwyndolin
  • Darkmoon Bow (Ascend a +10 bow. The Longbow can be found on tthe path between the Darkroot Garden and the Darkroot Basin, alongside the hunter armor.)
  • Tin Darkmoon Catalyst (Ascend a Catalyst. The Sorcere's Catalyst can be bought from Griggs or Rickert.)
Soul of Ornstein
  • Dragonslayer Spear (Ascend a +10 Spear. The regular Spear is recommended since it's frequently dropped by undead Soldiers wielding it in the Undead Burg. Pikes can also be purchased from Andre.)
Soul of Smough
  • Smough's Hammer (Ascend a +10 Hammer or Great Hammer. The Large Club can be found in Blighttown, guarded by two Infested Barbarians with boulders that they hold above their heads.)
Soul of Priscilla
  • Lifehunt Scythe (Ascend a +10 Scythe Halber, Scythe or Whip. The Great Scythe is located in the upper levels of the Catacombs.)
Soul of Gwyn, Lord of Cinder
  • Great Lord Greatsword (Ascend a +10 Greatsword. The Greatsword can be purchased from the Crestfallen Merchant in Sen's Fortress.)
Soul of Great Grey Wolf Sif
  • Greatshield of Artorias (Ascend a +10 Standart Shield or Buckler. The Large Leather Shield can be bought from Andre for a relatively low price.)
  • Greatsword of Artorias (true) (Ascend a +10 Broken Sword, dropped by the Hollows in the Undead Burg. The name doesn't indicate that it is the true greatsword and not the cursed one, but you can tell regardless. The true Greatsword inflicts magic damage in addition to physical damage and has higher faith and intelligence requirements to wield. MAKE ABSOLUTELY SURE that you don't ascend the same Greatsword two times. If you do this, you'll have to enter New Game +3 to get the remaining greatsword.)
  • Greatsword of Artorias (cursed) (Ascend a +10 Dagger, Sword or Greatsword. Make absolutely sure you ascend the right one.The cursed sword does not inflict magic damage, has lower faith and intelligence requirements than the true greatsword and can attack the ghosts in New Londo Ruins without requiring you to be cursed or use a trancient curse.)

And just like that, you've done it! You now have the "The Dark Soul" achievement! Thank you for reading and following this guide I worked really hard on. This guide is also dedicated to u/xxedgelord42069 since they were the one who asked for it. I hope I was able to help some of you struggling with obtaining all achievements! Don't give up Skeleton, and don't you dare go hollow!
Edit: Thanks to u/SophiaBestGirl for showing me this very detailed and well-made guide. I'd be a hypocrit if I wouldn't recommend it to you as well. If you need an extremely detailed (long, but still) guide, you can find it here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1393232553 .
submitted by Magius1954 to darksouls

Southampton Career Mode Part Five: Season 2 Review

Southampton Career Mode Part Five: Season 2 Review
Hey everyone, had to take a few days off to recharge but here's the finale/recap of season 2! Hope everyone enjoys, and leave suggestions/criticisms/whatever in the comments below!

Southampton Career Mode Part Five

Previously: Southampton once again are pushing for the last of the European places, and by the end of December have nearly closed the gap with their rivals. Sebastian Keller's newly reconstituted team has thus far maintained their new tactical identity, pressing well and achieving some notable victories. As January begins, the club once again targets glory in the FA Cup and begins to steel themselves for the barrage of fixtures in the new year...

The Winter Transfer Window

A number of big-name players had already left the club in January, and the biggest incoming transfer (that of Ademola Lookman) had already been outlined in the previous update. However, that was not the only action of the window. One significant departure and two big name incoming loans made this transfer window another busy one for Keller and the Southampton board.
Outgoing transfers
  • Pierre-Emile Højbjerg, 25, CM/CDM, joins Liverpool for 40 million pounds
  • Dan N'Lundulu, 22, ST, joins SK Sturm Graz for 700,000 pounds
  • Hugh Price, 19, RM/LM, joins Hertha Berlin for a 1-year loan
  • Gordon Johnston, 17, RM/LM, joins Sheffield Wednesday for a 1-year loan
The biggest transfer story was that of Højbjerg, who finally departed the Saints after a tumultuous year and a half; despite getting a short term contract renewal and the chance to play, the Dane failed to impress Keller. He was in the heavily involved in a swap deal plus cash with AS Roma that would have brought Saints target Amadou Diawara to St. Mary's, but at the last moment Liverpool pulled the trigger and met Southampton's evaluation. The Danish midfielder departed on deadline day for Merseyside. The other transfers were pretty routine-two academy products got loaned out, and N'Lundulu was sold to Austrian side Strum Graz for a small sum in search of gametime.
Incoming Transfers
  • Óscar Rodríguez, 22, CAM/CM/RM, joins from Real Madrid on a short-term loan
  • Dejan Kulusevski, 20, RW/CAM, joins from Juventus (Piemonte Calcio) on a short-term loan
  • Tino Anjorin, 19, CAM/CM, joins from Chelsea for 430,000 pounds
  • Ademola Lookman, 23, RM/LM joins from RB Leipzig for 15.2 million pounds (release clause)
The signing of Ademola Lookman added another pacey, tricky attacking player to a talented Saints roster, providing additional pace to either flank. Additionally, the loan signings of Rodriguez and Kulusevski were a statement of intent to try and go the distance this season. Keller mandated in negotiations that no buy-clauses were to be implemented, in the case that either player didn't settle. The signing of Anjorin was another player for the future, to be integrated over the summer alongside several YA products.

Season 2 Review: Matchday 22-38, plus Cup Results

Southampton arrive at their 4th ever FA Cup Final appearance
League Position: 8th
Carabao Cup: Semi-finalists
Points Total: 66
Wins/Draws/Losses: 18/12/8
Goals FoGoals Against: 73/52
Goal Difference: 21
Teams Relegated: West Bromwich Albion, Cardiff City, Sheffield United
Despite being plagued with the same problems as last year, Southampton were able to arrest their mid-season decline and firmly secure themselves an eight place finish. The team suffered heavily in January, February, and March; coinciding with an injury to our starting goalkeeper, the team was unable to hold onto leads and dropped several key points in the race for Europe. It was a run of draws in January that slowed forward momentum; but shortly afterwards our form burned red hot, equal to our Europa League rivals in Wolves and Manchester United, but that late push collapsed with a terrible trip to Wales. But despite becoming unable to reach the Europa League spot through our league performances, a sole hope remained. Keller led Southampton to their fifth-ever appearance in the FA Cup final, the first since 2002/03. Facing 8-time winners Chelsea at Wembley, the odds were against the Saints-and in the biggest game of his career, Sebastian Keller led his men to victory. Southampton won the FA Cup for the second time in their history, the first cup win since 1975, and the Saints got themselves into Europe. As usual, a couple games stood out on the road to this historic victory at Wembley:
  • Southampton 1-1 Manchester City (2-1 aggregate): The Saints had fought extremely hard to earn a draw in the first leg, but an extra time header from Sergio Aguero put City on top 1-0 in the first leg of the Carabao Cup semifinal. At the reverse fixture at St. Mary's, Keller's men clawed their way back into the game, but yet again a late goal from Aguero settled the affair with 10 minutes to go, leading to our exit from the cup.
  • Arsenal 1-0 Southampton: The Gunners finally calmed themselves down long enough to grind a victory at the Emirates, with a great performance from Bernd Leno to preserve a clean sheet. A major loss during a 4-game winless streak in January.
  • Southampton 3-0 Liverpool: With the title race separated by only a handful of points between City and Liverpool, the Reds came to Saint Mary's determined to get a result-instead, they self-destructed. Two penalties and some horrible defending gave Southampton a comprehensive, if totally surprising, home victory.
  • Southampton 3-1 Wolverhampton Wanderers: A fantastic home performance yet again, we finally defeated our bogey team and biggest rivals for seventh, and came with two points of catching up.
  • Cardiff 2-2 Southampton: This was the game that really ended any hope of catching up to Wolves. Saints took an early lead, then threw it away with some awful set-piece defending before conceding again to some decent play from Cardiff. Luckily, our own Welshman David Brooks bailed us out from an embarrassing defeat with a late goal, but the damage was already done.
  • Brighton 1-1 Southampton: A late season draw against the Seagulls mathematically confirmed what we already knew; there was no catching Wolves this season, and our best chance of Europe remained in the FA Cup.
  • Southampton 2-0 Chelsea (FA Cup Final): a match for the ages; Keller's Saints went in as massive underdogs despite having beaten Chelsea earlier in March 2-1, and kept that mentality throughout what was ultimately a supremely tense game. Kepa Arrizabalaga made a number of incredible saves, as did Angus Gunn; the game was essentially on a knife-edge for 90 minutes, and that was before extra time. Finally, the decisive moment came in the 100th minute-a strike from Danny Ings was parried away by Kepa, but straight into the path of Che Adams, who scored easily. With the momentum shifted, Keller made the decision to press for the second, and was rewarded when Chelsea were caught off-guard; the game was sealed in the 117th minute by this goal from Danny Ings. The glory was all ours.
Danny Ings puts the FA Cup final to bed with 2-0 against Chelsea in the 117th minute

The team lifts the Cup at a shaking Wembley

A year to remember

Player Reviews

The Starting Eleven and bench by the FA Cup Final 2020/21
Once again, good progression was made by the team's young stars; the defense continues to grow on an upward trajectory, and the surprising improvement from a number of players who were thought to be on the outs helped this pretty unassuming roster to become Southampton legends. Keller looks to improve upon some areas of the squad in the upcoming off-season as the club prepares for European football.


Alex McCarthy makes a brilliant reaction save against Leicester City
For most of the season, Angus Gunn was the undisputed number 1; yet near the end of January, he suffered an MCL injury that ruled the 25-year old Englishman out for two months. Veteran Alex McCarthy, who had played excellently in as our starting Cup keeper, was forced into action. He was a great deputy, and made a number of crucial saves. He did ship a few extra goals, but that was more due to a defensive frailty that appeared in midseason that directly as a result of him. Then, around the very end of the season, McCarthy also picked up an MCL injury, ruling him out for two months and explaining his absence from the FA Cup bench. Lucklily, third-choice Jack Rose only had to deputize for one league game (4-1 victory against Newcastle) and Gunn was able to be restored to the starting eleven for the trip to Wembley, where his abilities were tested by Chelsea. He held firm on his injury return, and earned himself and his teammates FA Cup Winner's medals.

Central Defense

Marash Kumbulla makes a key block vs Manchester City
The new-look backline continues to impress. Ben Godfrey remains a consistent and able number 4, who distributes the ball extremely effectively-he rarely misplaced passes, and often made runs into midfield while under pressure that were just as silky as any midfielder. His usual partner was Jack Stephens, who has continued his good form and leadership at the back. He has made a few high profile errors, however, namely in the game against Cardiff City, where he was bullied by striker Robert Glatzel. Marash Kumbulla, the 20-year old Albanian, has proved himself to be the ideal partner for next season, however. He has been excellent in the air, clearing away most every cross with relative ease; his passing needs a bit more work to be the equal of Godfrey but remains effective; and his lack of pace is concerning, but given his defensive prowess in pretty much every other capacity, it can be overlooked. The only thing these CBs could really improve upon are set-pieces-they have yet to score a goal from a corner.


Aarón Martín added goals to his game this season, scoring his 3rd against Tottenham
The fullback situation has been well-and-truly handled. Aarón Martín has locked down the left-sided fullback position-the complete package, he has been great on defense as well as attack; this year he added 3 goals to his 4 assists in 39 appearances in all competitions. His forward runs have been critical to our buildup, creating space for the forwards and wingers to advance into and disrupting the oppostion defence. Kyle Walker-Peters and Nordi Mukiele have also been in heavy competition with each other-KWP brings a bit more agility, while Mukiele brings a bit more physicality and height. Both players, however, are exceptional in attack and can cross the ball beautifully. It is always a tough decision for Keller to make, but both players seem very happy with their continued minutes in the team. Mukiele finishes his first PL campaign with 3 assists, and KWP with 5 in his first campaign as Saint. Ryan Bertrand deputized well in his cup appearances, but doesn't seem to have the pace or physical prowess to keep up in the PL-the same can be said for Sam McQueen and Jake Vokins. The Saints will need a backup left-back next season, Keller has reportedly told the board.

Center Midfield

James Ward-Prowse converts from the spot vs Everton
The deeper midfield players have also really begun to show their talent as creators and defenders. Club captain James Ward-Prowse has 8 goals and 4 assists on the season, most from the spot. His midfield partner Stuart Armstrong has been less effective this season, scoring only 1 goal and registering 4 assists from the center of the park. Off the bench, Adam Lallana has been sensational-while only scoring 4 goals and 4 assists on the season, he has been a game-changing sub who drives the team forward with his passing, technical ability, as well as his ability to score from distance. Real Madrid loanee Óscar Rodríguez has been unable to make a real impression from his few starts, managing only 7 appearances and an assist in his short-term loan. Youngster Alfie Hughes also made a decent impact, but still needs more training to really fit into the demands of the role. The midfield situation is going to need some work in the off-season, namely an improvement over Stuart Armstrong, but that will be discussed later. In the meantime, enjoy this bit of skill from our number 8.

32-year old Adam Lallana shows he still has some tricks in the locker vs Watford

Wide Midfield/Wingers

Ademola Lookman had a tough start to his Saints career after his January arrival

Juventus loanee Dejan Kulusevski's biggest moment-a vital goal against Cardiff City
The winger position has been arguably the area of the team that has been addressed the most in Keller's revamp of the Saints' offense. The additions of David Brooks and Eberechi Eze have been influential-both players have contributed to the improved creativity and goal threat of Southampton's midfield. Eze recorded 8 goals and 4 assists in his first full PL campaign, showing some great improvement in his decision-making. David Brooks' first campaign with the Saints saw the Welshman record 6 goals and 7 assists from the right flank, one short of equaling his best ever campaign with Bournemouth. Veteran Nathan Redmond scored 7 and notched 5 assist in 24 appearances, making a strong case for his continued presence in the team. The biggest story of the season, however, was that of Ademola Lookman's search for a goal-he had a difficult adjustment period to his new club, and struggled against the more physical PL defenses. But his perseverance paid off, and he ended the season with 3 goals and an assist in 7 appearances. Keller strongly believes in Lookman's abilities, and is looking to improve his strength over the summer. Juventus loanee Dejan Kulusevski was decent in his limited appearances, but outside of a crucial goal against Cardiff failed to impress Keller. His work rate was disappointing, and he likely will not return next season. Josh Sims also played a key role in the first half of the season as a supersub, but the arrival of Lookman has threatened the 24-year old's position; he finished the season with 4 goals and 2 assists.

Lookman finally breaks his duck with a brilliant solo effort against Leicester City

Strikers and Center-Forwards

Che Adams celebrates his brace against Manchester United

Kudus became our Cup talisman, leading the comeback against Peterborough
Once again, the forward line was brilliant for Southampton. Keller has consistently gotten the best out of his starting strikers, and that trend continued this season. Che Adams led the line throughout the year, picking up 20 goals and 10 assists in all competitions, including a goal and an assist in the FA Cup final against Chelsea that earned him the Man of the Match award. Danny Ings recovered his form in the second half of the year and finished strong with a respectable 15 goals and 7 assists in all competitions. The two Englishmen made a great partnership, and barring any unforeseen injuries or transfers will be the starting duo going into next season. Mohammed Kudus also played a key role this season-starting in almost every cup match, the Ghanaian international scored 7 goals and 4 assists in all competitions, with 4 goals and 3 assists in the FA Cup (including in the comeback against Peterborough) making him the FA Player of the Competition. The progression of Kudus has been somewhat detrimental to the progress of Michael Obafemi, who managed only 4 goals and 7 assists this season. Obafemi may be loaned out next season in order to continue his progression, as Keller views him as the long-term successor to Danny Ings.

Player of the Season: Che Adams

This season it was difficult choice. With such huge improvements through every facet of the team, it was difficult to pick a single player, as none stood out as strongly as Ings had last season. Ultimately, though, both the fans and Keller were in agreement that Che Adams was the player who most deserved the commendation. He led the club in goals and assists in his sophomore season, and his extra time heroics against Chelsea secured Southampton's first silverware in over a decade. He improved dramatically from his first season, and has been subject to offers from other teams but refused them to continue with the Saints. He is blossoming into a talented forward who has a promising future, and Keller is glad to give him the chance of European success next season.

The Summer Transfer Window

Once again, Southampton arrives at a summer window that promises even more change. Several players are already on their way out of the club, having agreed pre-contract deals during the second half of the season. These players are:
  • Ryan Bertrand, 31, LB/LWB, signs for Sheffield United
  • Sam McQueen, 25, LB/LWB/LM, signs for FC Famalicão
The departure of both players, especially McQueen, who had been with the club since the age of 8, signaled even more of a huge shift in mentality. It also necessitates the need for the signing of a quality left-back deputy to be behind starter Aarón Martín. The club has two targets in mind:
  • Ben Osborn, 26, LB/LWB/LM, Sheffield United
  • Antonee Robinson, 23, LB, Wigan Athletic
Additionally, the club has identified two midfield targets as priorities for the European push, though even with the major influx of cash from the Cup win, strong league finish, and outgoing transfer revenue they are not willing to make any massive purchases, so only one can be signed. These players are:
  • Amadou Diawara, 23, CM/CDM, AS Roma
  • Suat Serdar, 23, CM/CDM, Schalke 04
Finally, the club will look for the addition of at least one player with European experience to add to the club, likely an attacker. These players may not end up being bought, but are being extensively monitored and scouted in the case that one of our attackers departs the club in the summer. These veterans are:
  • Nicolae Stanciu, 27, CAM/RM, SK Slavia Prague
  • Andrej Kramarić, 29, ST/CAM, TSG Hoffenheim

And that just about covers it! Thanks to everyone who read this far, and the next update will be out as soon as I can.

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