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Completed Commander Ironman: Thoughts and Details (this turned into a mini LP)(it got longer, don't read) [SPOILERS]

I just completed my first vanilla Commander Ironman.
I love this game.
This was a great experience and I'm energised enough by it that I find myself wanting to share my thoughts, feelings and details about my run. A lot of this stuff may seem obvious to experienced players or incomplete to the Chosen or Long Warriors
This game is INCREDIBLY well balanced, I'm in awe of that fact alone. There are many viable units/skill builds/loadouts, Build order for the Avengeresearch order is somewhat flexible and even how you prioritise missions/scanning sites and communications has some give. Check out Adam Millard's video on this on YouTube if you haven't already.
I'll give a quick shout out to the story, it's a fantastic premise that's very easy to get on board with. It serves very well as a vehicle to experience the tension laid on by the game design. I even like the red herring of Tygan, and Shen's suspicion of him. It's basic but in great service of the gameplay.
My campaign went a little like this:
I skipped the tutorial and lost one rookie on the first mission, fine. I opted for early plated armour over magnetic weapons thinking it would help if I wanted to tackle the black site a bit earlier and otherwise keep my squad alive more consistently. I didn't go for early black site but neither did I regret the choice. My first facility was GTS for squad size plus & rookie training, followed by AWC for the bonus skills. I focused on getting a really solid squad early on and worried about avenger power and communications later, though I had been scouting for as many engineers as I could find and had them clearing towards a power coil so I wouldn't get stuck in this regard.
I generally like to build two of each unit to see what synergies present themselves but I also find there are better early game or late game choices respectively for the way I play.
CRASH the ranger was a full scout build with the exception of untouchable. I used her for the entire play-through. Every mission apart from the final two. She would scout ahead with her speed PCS to allow me to engage pods on my terms. She carried scanners and a mimic beacon to give her utility without breaking concealment and occasionally struck hard with shadowstrike plus chain shot from the AWC, acting as an early rapid fire. She sometimes swapped in a proximity mine for an explosive way to open encounters. Laser sight and expanded mag for weapon upgrades
FLATLINE the sharpshooter was the MVP of the run, hands down. This was a full sniper build and very strong for it. Many will know the synergy of squadsight with a scout, enabling you to hit targets that don't know you're there, providing a great preemptive option that hard-counters turrets. She rolled rapid fire as her out-of-class skill which was as good as it sounds; this gave a more reliable alternative to deadeye and obliterated machines when paired with bluescreen rounds. For those wondering: rapid fire doesn't work with squadsight, which is pretty balanced IMO. She rocked the spider suit for easier access to high ground and a movement option that didn't prevent her from firing her rifle. Later she swapped to AP rounds giving a better array of one-shots on enemies with full health for greater results with serial. I think it's awesome that serial also allows you to move and reload if you killed all your targerts. Killzone was monstrous mid-game, always fun to use and often ended encounters as soon as they began. Perception PCS helped a lot with shot reliability and when combined with a scope gave me many 100% shots despite cover in the second half of the campaign. Autoloader for the other slot and later expanded mag for more shots with killzone.
I'll talk about my two specialists here together. BLACK WIDOW the battle medic and SHRINK the combat hacker. The exceptions here were that both picked up threat assessment which I believe to be superior to covering fire always and they swapped trees for the final skill so I could cover for more situations; capacitor discharge meant that my medic wasn't stuck for an option against robotic enemies and restoration gave my hacker an emergency support option if things got hairy. I never used restoration but if the final battle had have lasted one more turn I would have, though it also could not have been considered an emergency. They somewhat operated as expected but where they really shined was the powerful combination of guardian and threat assessment, which offers a minimum of two overwatch shots up to four with some luck. Add to this their exclusive perk from the GTS and you have very reliable overwatch especially since I'd also opted for a perception PCS and scopes for both. I finished them off with hair triggers for a small bonus chance when taking their very reliable shots and had them carrying venom or dragon rounds to get the best odds of there being no activated enemies left on the alien's turn. My medic inherited the blue screen rounds later from my sniper and had also rolled rapid fire from the AWC; great versus robotics despite opting out of most of the hacker tree.
ALL IN the grenadier was a demolitions expert build. I think shredder is a possibly a better way to go on all builds but I figured I never really wanted him to fire his cannon with its awful base aim. I think this is a good example of a unit that is really strong early and mid-game when all units struggle with good ranged options, reliable ways to hit enemies behind cover, have limited access to AoE for maximising damage & opening up pods.. not to mention destroying armour and breaking cover. My favourite way to use the grenadier is making my own entrances and exits to facilities since crossing the threshold of buildings are, for me, the times you are most vulnerable to a surprise encounter. Saving a grenade to put a hole in the base to give you the shortest dash between the objective and the evac works so well and allows you to circumvent the blind-spot issues that come with tackling the more complicated structures. An autoloader allowed for freer use of saturation fire which is great for offsetting low aim and taking out cover whilst saving on grenades.
I had struggled get a second grenadier going and this is where most of my bad luck was concentrated in the run. My first heavy gunner missed an evac due to having been poisoned by a viper on the last turn. He lost enough movement range that he just couldn't make it. I managed to save him later in the campaign only to encounter a bug where a rescued unit cannot move or take actions. Like with many bugs in XCOM 2 I explained it away into the ludonarrative, suggesting to myself that he must have developed PTSD after being captured and just couldn't face the aliens again. His replacement got crit-sniped out of cover on his first mission, dying instantly from full health. I went on without a gunner for a while until a grenadier popped up at HQ, it's really great being able to spec a unit from scratch and I was late enough in the campaign that I picked her up as a major.
HURRICANE was a beast! If a demolitions expert is an example of a great unit in the first half then heavy gunner is THE example of a great unit later on. Shredder doesn't care about your armour, holo targeting doesn't care about your cover or dodge and chain shot does not care about your health. I learned this campaign that you can achieve exceptional aim on a grenadier with a perception PCS and a good scope, even against closed Gatekeepers. I can see the appeal of hail of bullets but I did go for salvo because I've always found it so useful to have potential for multiple actions per turn. Autoloader to help with the ammo hungry abilities.
VIKING the assault ranger was a solid unit. I've always enjoyed using the blade but overall I felt there were just too many impotent turns waiting for the right situation. The main weaknesses here are not being able to run in through fear of pulling a second pod and their damage falling off late-game. I did get one good reaper sweep off and he did see some use after I built the shadow chamber and could identify maps with many organic units or Chrissalids. Bladestorm was useful in a couple of situations and can be setup in a couple of ways, too, such as standing the unit in the middle of a reinforcement spawn. He rolled rupture as a bonus skill giving him a niche in the absence of a good gunner and as such he used an autoloader to help with ammo plus the obligatory laser sight. He came on the last mission in place of my scout because concealment wasn't going to be reliable for long and high enemy numbers called for more offense anyway. He switched between carrying an extra grenade for the squad, an armour piece or the talon rounds. Only one slot because he used the wraith suit, though I don't think it ever came into play except the odd grapple for positioning. PCS speed.
I had tried to get a gunslinger going but it just didn't find its place on the team, probably because it was a later addition, though I do think they are good.
ECTO was the only psi operative of the run. I love psi operatives and how versatile they are. Inspire, stasis and domination are the kind of abilities that can turn the tide of a battle by taking options away from your enemy or expanding your own. Add to this, various options for guaranteed damage. She would normally try to position for an effective null lance while looking for a good domination target. Void rift to open up a pod could lead to some instant kills as damage ticks twice if rupture takes effect, allowing other units to spend actions moving or reloading instead. Domination is excellent on the final two maps when you're so outnumbered and the expendable alien makes for a great scout and decoy. A great strategy for the last map is combining stasis with mind control; you can stasis them on the last turn of mind control and re-establish it on the following turn, essentially making it infinite if you keep track of it and take the turn to do it between pods. Speed PCS for better positioning for null lance. Scope and repeater for weapon mods
The Commander Avatar is an interesting case; I didn't like it on my first ever playthrough. I hadn't used the similar psi operatives and didn't appreciate being handed a premade unit that I hadn't built myself. I was convinced I hated the final mission.. but I really don't. He is a fantastic unit if you're open to using him to his potential. Mind control is one of the most powerful abilities in the game because it can be used multiple times to take a unit out of action and give you a scout/decoy for your squad for a few turns, which can be refreshed with the aforementioned stasis combo. This time around I was better at looking for null lance set ups and the range and area of affect on dimensional rift is unparalleled.
I'll just mention that I never relied on repeaters, hair triggers or other other low chance effects but pressed my advantage when they would proc.
Back to the bridge. I learned through numerous playthroughs not to be overly scared of the Avatar Project progress meter. Actually in testing the limits I let it get down to about a day when I finished the scan for a facility. I was worried that I wouldn't get on top of it but, after a bit of a scramble to fill out the network, I got it down to two and it pretty much stayed there. Facility missions went smoothly partly due to having a strong, full squad and early GTS investment. I used the black market more than ever because I didn't see the use in sitting on Intel when they could be put to use and managed to get the upgrades and PCS I wanted much more reliably this way. I built the proving ground a little late, also. I didn't account for getting such bad luck with the experimental ammo and had three venom rounds before getting anything else. In the end I ran out of elerium cores before I had all the items I wanted. I ended the run with fewer heavy weapons, AP rounds and one less wraith suit than I would have liked.
Region bonuses were really nothing special. Hidden reserves in my starting region was decent and quid pro quo saw some use on the black market, though it came a little late. I got fortunate with engineers and scientists, they were never a problem.
Regarding mission types: I love the variety of them and the tension of the time-based ones. Retaliations were some of my favourites. Having a kind of timer built into the fact that you were losing a resistance member per turn, giving an extra reason to use scanning protocol & battle scanners and forcing you out of position to rescue people. All the missions with a timed evac have you looking at the entire map, thinking about how you'll move across it and where you need to end up, culminating in some clutch sprints at the end. My attitude towards supply raids was always relative to how much I needed the supplies. I lost one guerilla op due to a Sectopod walking through the objective, absolutely nothing I could have done to avoid that (I didn't know if it was even possible that it could happen) but again I spun it into the narrative "well it makes sense that you would walk over it and destroy it if you could" I told myself.
On the topic of the timed missions: being forced to advance makes the missions much more tense and makes for some excellent stories emerging from the gameplay. I've seen people complain online about this but I think it's one of the strongest mechanics in the game. I also enjoy not having the timer, I do understand why people would say they don't like the timer but I wouldn't change it. The game would simply not be as good without it. Even more, I could have used a late game timer on the bridge to drive the suspense even more. Once I was over the curve the Avatar timer was a non-issue and I racked up about 3000 in supplies using up the last of my cores and waiting for the results. I also wanted to see if there was a trophy for getting all region bonuses, so I did that, too.
I was prepared for the final mission this time. The tower is a cool spin, small squad with the Intel bonuses. I picked squadsight for the whole team and vision range plus two. The team was FLATLINE since she has the best potential for taking down multiple enemies, ECTO for the great variety plus domination for adding a friend along the way. And BLACK WIDOW for healing scrapes and other good options like rapid fire and capacitor discharge. We recruited an Archon and made use of squadsight as he scouted ahead for us. Everything went pretty smoothly. On the the main operation.The first section went well with a friendly Andromedon and Beserker along the way, using everything I had learned until now. I managed to pull what must have been two pods in the same spot: two Gatekeepers and four Mutons. Things looked a little rough until void rift killed one Muton outright and mind controlled another. Rapid fire plus BS rounds and shredder chainshot destroyed the two Gatekeepers and my sniper picked off another Muton while our pet Andromedon went forward to bait the last one. Picking off the last Muton, I was warped into the final room. I didn't want to spread my units thin so I took them all right around partition. I struggled to get into position quickly, not knowing which gates would activate when. VIKING helped finish one of the Archons from the first group and got mind controlled for his trouble. After seeing the hit-rates on the Avatar I was pleased that I'd focused so much on boosting aim. I took out the first Avatar turn two with HURRICANE's chain shot as FLATLINE and the Commander's Avatar took out a couple of Sectoids that had come in from the left side. A third Sectoid mind controlled HURRICANE, the only one who had eyes on it. I couldn't see the Sectoid and I didn't want to end the turn with the threat from my own unit. VIKING ran forward to an open spot to see the Sectoid as FLATLINE grappled to the closest right tower to get the squadsight shot, freeing my heavy gunner and activating death from above. She chose to reload rather than take cover as she really needed to keep up offensive pressure the following turns so I had ECTO stasis her to protect her on the enemy's turn. My other units took out the second Avatar who had run right in and stood near my squad as our Commander mind controlled an Andromedon that had spawned with it. The third Avatar was already around with two Codices in tow. At the beginning of the next turn a group of Vipers came in the closest gate. FLATLINE opened up with possibly the single most satisfying serial sweep of the run, picking off the vipers one by one before using deadeye to one-shot a Codex and even reaching 100% hit with it. She then ran off of the open spot on the tower for cover and to reload with her refunded actions. The next turn the final Avatar teleported in and took a shot at BLACK WIDOW, dealing five damage with a critical hit, and two Heavy MECs came in the second right gate and went into overwatch. SHRINK tickled the last Avatar with combat protocol to get him to teleport to a better spot; he teleported right in the thick of my squad! Here I could feel the end of the run, finally, with no units lost on the finale. I got excited and forgot the MECs on overwatch and ran toward the avatar with ECTO who was also the wrong unit. I had an Andromedon still to soak up those shots and I forgot. She took eight from the first shot and I thought she would go down but the second shot missed. I moved in HURRICANE, the correct unit, to pin holo targeting on the last Avatar and shred his armour. Chain shot had good hit and would leave him in range of something reliable like soulfire so she went for it. Then something fitting for the final action took place: she landed two crits with the chain shot and finished the campaign on behalf of the team. Phew.
The last thing I want to acknowledge is that this game can be pretty janky, but I think it's part of the learning curve. This playthrough I was able to mitigate most of the things that frustrated me the first times I played the game or maybe I improved in accepting and working around them. Call me an apologist if you like, but I honestly don't mind this aspect anymore.
TLDR I love this game. It has fantastic balance, fun to use classes and multiple routes to success, allowing for player expression. Story is unobtrusive and gives the perfect premise to tie the gameplay systems together in a great sci-fi action movie setting. Time-limit mechanics in individual battles and throughout the campaign add tension and reward strategy & decision making. Incredible variability in gameplay makes for memorable and unique moments. All of this offers superior scope for replayability.
Thank you Firaxis for this masterpiece of a game Thank you XCOM2 and Xcom redditors for all the helpful posts, questions and answers.
I don't know why I stayed up all night and spent all my phone battery writing this. I think it's because I wish I had someone to experience this game with. You probably shouldn't read it but I hope you liked it if you did.
Lots of love, J
submitted by conquestisbest to XCOM2

Are there any USB-to-Disk-II Controller bridges?

While using a serial cable is a reasonable way of exchanging data between a PC and an Apple II, on machines with only one floppy drive, the floppy controller interface would seem to have a number of advantages:
  1. Faster data rate (2.5x to 3x the speed of a 115,200-baud serial cable)
  2. Faster direct boot ability than serial bootstrapping via ADT-Pro
  3. Ability to capture detailed information from copy-protected disks, and perhaps also disks from other systems like the Atari 8-bit or Commodore 64, by sampling the read line from the floppy drive.
While I am aware of SD-card-to-Disk-II bridges, I was curious whether anyone has designed any devices that would be designed for direct interfacing to a PC. From what I can tell, such an interface should require literally nothing more than a PSOC-5 prototyping kit ($10), a DB-19 or 2x20 ribbon connector (depending upon the type of controlledrive), and some hookup wires. Has anyone built and programmed such a thing?
submitted by flatfinger to apple2

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